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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  December 6, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 at cnbc here is your five at 5:00. a u.s. economy gut check as investors await the all important november jobs report due out in three hours from now. shocking report from uber addressing concerns over safety and sexual assault allegations against drivers. and it is day two of the opec conference where brian sullivan is live with the latest there. welcome to the $1 trillion club.
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saudi aramco ahead of the market debut and the world's largest ipo. and masa son speaking out. "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ >> good morning and welcome to the show, fs friday, december 6. i'm in for brian sullivan who is in vienna, austria he'll have the latest in a few moments. let's take a look at what is happening with stocks. major averages are lower for the week the dow is on track for the worse weekly performance since mid-august but things are shaping up positively. the dow will open up about 75
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points s&p up by 8 points and the nasdaq up by 29. ticki ticking slightly hire 1.797% two year at 1.59%. the nikkei up a quarter of one percent. shanghai half a percent as well. 1% gains for the south korean kospi. posting biggest weekly events. and in european trade, a big miss in industrial production seeing the biggest drop since april falling 7.7% estimates were calling for 0.3% rise ftse 100 in the uk up three
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quarters of one percent. looking at top stories today insurance giant phoenix group holdings looking to buy swiss re insurance for $4.1 billion and stock. in a rapidly consolidating sector as many insurers hit by capital rules looking to shore up balance sheet and books those shares higher in pre-market trading between the u.s. and china, u.s. secretary treasury steven mnuchin are objecting to plans to offer china between one and 1.5 billion in low interest rate loans saying he wants the bank to, quote, graduate china.
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at the same time, more upbeat headlines ahead of the phase one agreement. china says it will waive tariffs on soybeans and pork being based on applications by individual u.s. firms no specific quantities of overall purchases were mentioned there. >> stocks pointing to a third straight day of major averages as investors await results of november jobs report due out in about three hours from now 3:25 employees adding 187,000 new jobs and unemployment rate should hold steady at 3.6% those are the expectations joining me now capital investment manager, let's talk about the economy for the u.s. and abroad is this a scenario where the
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economy can justify the markets as these near record high levels >> it gets difficult without a trade deal it is a tax on consumers and businesses if that tax goes away. it's like a pile of dry wood but it has been raining. when the rain stops, the fire can get lit and really accelerate next year >> if that is the case, you are saying this could be an event driven mainly on trade is it fair to adjust your allocations, performance, trading around trade headlines it seems as if there has been some whip saws in the action you can't really trust any one headline can you make those decisions based on expectations for trade and should you be based upon those. that is a very difficult thing
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to do. it is written on paper and on your website at palisade c our team has written a strategy piece and what key performance indicators you should zero in on >> so take us through that you've taken the time to put together this report what are the big take aways? how do you position from a strategy standpoint given what we know or don't know. >> we start with companies that generate excess cash you have to start there. if you go into a period where things get really bumpy, you want those companies that can weather and take advantage of an environment where others are denied capital right now, you have high yield and high bond spreads. we are looking at companies that
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are self-funding the best metric that seems to weather through good times and bad times is return on investment capital we show 5, 10, 15, 20-year periods if we focus on companies that have high roitc, they do well. >> are there specific names or industrial groups or sectors you are looking at >> we are really industry agnostic though we have not found real value in the energy space right now because those companies don't cover their cost at capital at this point they are not disciplined in their capital allocation that is another part of the process is to find businesses where there is a culture in the business of allocating capital in a positive way.
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the energy industry has been undisciplined in terms of how they allocate capital. >> all right stay away from oil turning now to oil and that contention day one after talks of potential deep cups wrapped up yesterday with no announcement. brian sullivan is with us from vienna, austria. >> most of the ministers just arriving here. i have to say something. they've done a great job of locking it down. a lot of times, the ministers will come in and give you a couple of words. this year, almost nothing. the iranian oil minister who we've interviewed in the past and gave us one word i said, do you expect we'll get a deal today he sort of looked over his shoulder and said, yes where do we stand?
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the meeting wrapped up at 11:00 last night no signed deal rumors out there about how much they will cut. my sources inside the meeting said iran had left, got frustrated but eventually did come back. it is called opec plus -- it is okay live tv. it is about 200, 250 journalists here no deal yet. russia started now that conversations begin today, no big deal you probably saw the reports right now, the current deal is 1.2 million barrels a day. now talking 1.7 million barrels a day. why hasn't oil reacted more? you have to remember, some countries like saudi arabia are
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overcutting already. they are probably not going to take that many barrels off the market you have this norwegian field that just opened and u.s. shale continues to pump. day two, russia is here. hopefully a firm signed deal likely 1.7 if they can stretch it to the end of the year, that would be the only thing that would be bullish for the price of oil anything else would keep it neutral or down. >> brian, thank you. we'll see you later on when we come back, uber for the first time ever publicly releasing its own data concerning sexual assault concerning riders and its drivers. and what masa son have to say about their animal instincts and how kfc is warming up your holiday yule log with 11 herbs
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after years of being dogged by safety concerns and sexual assault allegations against drivers, uber is going public with what it calls a comprehensive report frank holland joins us with the latest there
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>> the findings are simply shocking uber says between 2017 and 2018, there were nearly 6,000 reported incidents. and 3,000 plus sexual assaults in 2018. >> releasing what it calls a comprehensive safety report. the chief officer spoke exclusively to nbc news. >> i'm not surprised because sexual violence is much more pervasive in society than people realize. first, we want to raise awareness. the other thing we want to show is that we are developing best practices. >> uber and lift which both went public this year have long been criticized facing assaults that happened between drivers and riders
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drivers were accused in 92% of rape allegations taking a number of steps to hire and including hiring and doing a background check and including a 911 button within the uber app both have lost more than a third of their value since ipo debut >> the numbers released, we talk about the context there, is there any indication these companies could see some kind of a positive spin on this. is that going to help? >> it remains to be seen they've long been facing allegations that they've not been doing enough to protect riders the numbers here in 2017 and
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2018, the numbers increased. that is just a scarey situation for people to get into these vehicles from ipo bust and one unicorn making the long trip from wall street darling to dog. and amazon teaming up to create a digital athlete. trending and coming up when "worldwide exchange" retns teth bakur woman: friction points, those obstacles that limit a company's growth. i try to find companies that turn these challenges into opportunities. but by going out in the field, and meeting management, suppliers, competitors. in the end, it's these unique companies with creative business models that will generate value for our investors. that's why i go beyond the numbers.
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that's a live shot of chicago, illinois coming up on 4:18 central time. the chicago bears celebrating after a big win for the city last night let's check on some other big stocks on the move shares of zoom communication plunge despite strong fourth quarter guidance falling on 85% revenue down from the prior quarter. those shares down 8% pre-market. shares of crowdstrike. the cloud based cyber security company reporting a loss of 7 cents per share. they have increased fiscal 2020 outlook. those sharz up 5%.
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ceo of crowdstrike will be on "squawk box" this morning. ending on shares of ulta, surging now on mixed third quarter results. earned $2 a share and revenue fell short ulta matched sales growth. those shares surging 9%. still to come, house speaker nancy pelosi formally calls for articles of impeachment for president trump. that and more coming up after this break with a guy named flip. (ding) but it's more than your phone, it's your business, your customer data, your sales figures. and who can forget, those happy hour selfies? not flip. (honking, gasping) this isn't working. introducing samsung business security solutions,
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that's a live shot of our nation's capitol at 5:23 eastern time a lot of stuff happening there in regards to inquiries of president trump. let's check other top headlines with frances rivera from new york with the latest happy friday >> we start with the american people gearing up for a constitutional show down between the legislative and executive branches speaker of the house has directed her committee chairs to begin drawing up articles of impeachment against president trump. on monday, attorneys will layout evidence for and against impeachment setting up a house vote possibly by christmas
5:24 am
three national guard soldiers have been killed in a hospital crash in minnesota. conducting a test flight when they sent out a may day call about nine minutes to the flight the names of the soldiers are being withheld pending notation to their families. watch this jaw-dropping footage of this car at a car dealer in florida. the driver said they got dizzy and hit an embankment. it hit three cars in the process. the driver received medical treatment. no one else was hurt back to you. >> unbelievable. glad nobody else got hurt. thank you. have a good weekend. still ahead on the show, google facing accusations of firing workers in a bid to curb
5:25 am
accusations. brian sullivan will have the latest at the opec summit in vienna brian, what can we expect? >> dom, listen, people out there may not care about opec but they probably care about more than a million u.s. shale, oil and gas jobs what happens in that building behind us determines a lot about what happens with the u.s. industry we'll speak with a special guess after the break about whether or not these cuts will do anything to help the united states. that's next on "worldwide exchange" vienna, austria edition. no matter what i wore, i worried someone might see
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it is that time, the november jobs report in focus. we are breaking down what we can expect with the latest reen on the strength of the u.s. economy. opec members are back at the table. brian sullivan is live in austria with the latest there. and soft bank masa son going on the defense. his remarks coming up as "worldwide exchange" rolls on. ♪ >> welcome back to the show on this friday, december 6, 2019.
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taking a look at stock futures half way through the 5:00 a.m. eastern hour the dow is on track for the worse weekly performance since august we are seeing slight positivity. the dow would open up by about 57 points if these gains hold. the 10-year note deal just below 1.8% two-year note at 1.591%. looking at asian markets, all in the green. let's take a look at early trade in europe as well. european markets carrying that green, positive theme there. the dax up 0.1%. ftse 100 up by two-thirds of one percent. masa son is standing by his investment style after the
5:30 am
wework offer the soft bank ceo said he miss judged wework's cofounder character. >> he has a great vision he believe in the future he has passion he probably has the biggest guts in the world on doing investment very few people in the world have that much courage >> adding he will continue to invest more and more because, quote, the world needs continue uous revolution. google is being accused of illegally firing employees to keep them from taking part in union proceedings. filing a labor charge claiming it unlawfully fired four employees to stief unionism.
5:31 am
the company is expected to take part in a major investigation to whether google violated rights to raise concerns about working conditions saudi aramco has set initial public offering. selling 3 billion shares for a total of around $25.6 billion giving the company total valuation of $1.7 trillion markets are eagerly awaiting the release of november jobs report in just under three hours from now. expects are for 187,000 jobs and unemployment steady at 3.6%. a return of gm workers from the picket lines increasing that number always great to have you here on a job ises day
5:32 am
let's talk about whether or not this jobs report will be the key. it will be the last one we get from this calendar year. it only cover the month of november can it continue the string to say jobs are powering the economy right now along with the american consumer. >> that hurdle is rather low that brings up an important idea people need to reorient their thinking job growth is going to slow down i'm not talking about the adp report we do think we'll be downshifting close tore 125,000 jobs per month on the coming here that will be slower to the thousands we thousands relative we've done a really good job absorbing on the sidelines so job growth isn't necessarily going to slow down we don't think that report is necessarily reflective of this
5:33 am
gm workers are coming back in after the strike we think that is sort of your base case for today's report is a minimum of 150,000 jobs. i'm giving the influx of gm workers. it is something pretty close to consensus. for whatever that is worth whether this thing misses by 20,000 one way or the other. people fall all over themselves to be worried about this report. in terms of break even, that is about 100,000 jobs >> no real cause for concern about a slow down. even if things do slow down, the job market in america is still healthy. >> it is incredibly healthy. i get it, people come on tv and make these colorful statements that is just reality look at jobless claims jobless claims are the best
5:34 am
early indicator. those are at all-time lows that print yesterday had some volatility to it nevertheless, even excludeing that idea, jobless claims it in to drive home that we are anything but stressed from a labor back drop mess your perspective. there has been data over the past several months that has suggested more softness in manufacturing. not just here in the united states but abroad as well. so is it fair to say the jobs market is healthy but because of concerns, places like manufacturing are showing signs of weakness here >> yes, that is completely fair. we've covered that story so well, i think all of us in this industry manufacturing is a point of softness but why is there something going on under the fundamental surface
5:35 am
where demand is drying up. i think we know the answer to that is, no. instead, what has happened is there is a narrative problem that really stems from this trade rhetoric in the past year and a half you think about the things like isp, they've been squishiy because of trade not necessarily because of the demand >> just a few moments left here. if hypothetically, there were a phase one trade deal or something is done on a wider scope. does that provide a bigger tail wind to the job market is. >> no. one of the things that has been off line if you drilled down a tiny bit more. the one thing off line this year has been capital expenditures. cap x. that provides a boost there.
5:36 am
>> thank you so much turning now to energy and opec, that meeting in austria, hopes to wrap up a deal today but will even 1.7 million a day be enough to move things higher and help out the u.s. shale business brian joins us with a special guest. brian, over to you >> dom, thank you. listen, a lot of hope. we hope we are not here again to 11:30 tonight. u.s. oil and gas industry is hoping whatever happens here will help. well-familiar with opec, this was a very different meeting because we didn't have the media scrum or the press conference. the new saudi minister in your mind, did they screw it up >> the picture you are getting is not great you have to read more tea leaves
5:37 am
now. uncertainty is high. you don't have the routine where you go in and meet with the reps and ministers. the question now is why? why are they building up the barrier? >> what do you think >> i think not everyone is comfortable talking to the media. i think some want to talk and others don't i don't know why they are doing that >> do you think they'll get this 1.7 million barrel deal and for how long >> this is the deal here the first and more most thing is to go through compliance it doesn't really matter how long and how much you cut. the problem is now, you have a cut that runs through march. everyone expect that that is going to be prolonged to june or december now we hear they are going to do a little bit more through march.
5:38 am
it is uncertainty higher all we are talking now is speculation. we don't know yet. and that's the problem when they don't talk to us we only hear gossips and that is not good we need more clarity we need a clear signal out there to manage the market for as long as is necessary. we need to see cuts until the end of next year that's what we need. we talk on the air about what is the only bullish scenario. it ticked up a little this week, which is maybe 1.7 for all of next year. other than that, are we talking neutral to neutral bearish >> if they cut until june, that could be mildly positive if they do it to the end of the year, the market could go up a couple of dollars. >> our viewers don't need to be reminded, a decade of returns have been wiped out.
5:39 am
most stocks are down 50% or more on the year. these are companies with $650 billion of debt total on $71 billion on net income. is there anything the people in this building can do that would help put a floor under the u.s. shale industry >> they are here to rescue the u.s. shale industry. by doing what they are doing, they try to keep the price elevated up above $60. that means they will help u.s. shale. u.s. shale has to be sure they operate under current conditions if prices go higher, see it like a bonus. don't expect prices to go lower. >> wei hope to get a deal today. u.s. shale industry hopes they get some help today. >> big employment industry too there for oil and gas in the
5:40 am
united states. coming up, gather around the old fried chicken scented fire with the return of the yuletide log. and breaking down the hiring streak by retailers as they try baktore the bottom line on the holly, jolly holiday season.
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without getting in your way. ♪ ♪ today's big number 1,670,000 the number of jobs added in 2019. the holiday season is in full swing for retailers kate rogers joins us with more >> good morning. after a sharp spike in 2014 and a leveling off through 2017,
5:43 am
retailers have spent the last years staffing up. approaching 800,000 seasonal workers. you can thank amazon for a lot of that growth adding 200,000 workers twice the amount the company hired last year. macy's adding 80,000 workers and kohls bringing in thousands. target adding 130,000. target says last year, more than 40% of the seasonal team wound up staying on board after the holidays ended gap adding 30,000 workers. half as many as last year. the company aims to make up the difference by offering additional hours to current staff and walmart doing the same the trend has caught the attention in washington.
5:44 am
elizabeth warren released a bill that would require companies to offer their current employees more hours before they hire new workers and giving part time workers access to benefits like pensions and family leave. >> i remember watching your coverage last friday, is there anything we can glean from the hiring and where the jobs are at for retail is target hiring for specific parts of the store >> certainly, there has been a ton of emphasis on delivery and fulfillment. target doubled the paeople working on same-day delivery with shipt and curb side pick up of course, they have a lot of people in the store making sure things are running smoothly. traffic in the store didn't
5:45 am
really pick up until around 11:00 or 12:00 later in the morning you used to see people outside of the store waiting to get in at 7:00 a.m. they are allocating more to those e commerce workers that has become so important. >> let's send it over to brian sullivan with some breaking news out of opec in vienna. >> i hope i do the iranian oil minister minister, from the united states, sir. good to see you, sir how are you? any words you'd like to give to the united states and president trump and the u.s. oil industry? >> everything is going ahead well and very soon, i think during the coming hours, it will be announced by the second general of opec and the leader of the company >> so why are you leaving?
5:46 am
is the meeting over, sir there you go always kind enough to give us a few words. he said the meeting is going well and he thinks we'll have a deal and an announcement soon by the secretary-general. this is his final meeting. you know there is some pressure against him at home and some trying to impeachment at home. a lot of people in iran were killed he's under political pressure at home and kind enough to give us some leaving remarks always fast and fluid here >> brian, let's reiterate. when we talk about a deal getting done, so to speak. that deal is going to involve production up to about
5:47 am
1.7 million barrels a day, is that right >> forgive me for turning my back that is the rumor. hi, dave hi it is all right. been a long couple of days 1.7 million is not the big number everybody thinks it is. you have countries, primarily saudi arabia that are overcontributing to the cut. they are overcutting if they come back to the benchmark level, that will add barrels to the market. it is a lot of weird math going on here. i get it you heard our previous guest say it like this 1.7 million. 1.2 plus the 500 is probably not enough to move the needle for oil prices unless they commit to
5:48 am
all of next year and unless everybody agrees and adheres to that deal. i don't need to tell you that a lot of these members primarily iraq and nigeria will say they'll do one thing and then they pump more oil on the side they cheat so probably not enough to move the needle unless we do a long thing here always excited here at opec. you got to see my back for the first time >> we did and lovely coat, brian. brian sullivan in vienna, austria. we are talking oil but let's find out what else we'll be talking about today. we turn to frank holland and kate rogers is here to give us her hot take as well >> you know what is better than sitting next to a fireplace on a cold night, having your whole house smell like kfc while you you are doing that
5:49 am
bringing back the 11 herbs and spices fire log. sold at walmart. just about $11 they sold outlast year in about three hours. >> what is interesting about this these truly are hot takes. a lot of these restaurant companies are looking to become more lifestyle brands. their fan base is huge you see taco bell with the yum brands people will actually pay that and they do want their houses to smell like kfc and that can smell pretty good >> i'd rather stay at the taco bell hotel in california my house smelling like herbs >> to kate's point, all of this buzz now is from one company yum brands is mcdonalds going to do it?
5:50 am
chipolte >> we know the expression that art is in the eye of the beholder this proves it is true he duct taped a banana to the wall it sold for $120,000 he sold two. he's been working on this over a year and every aspect of this work from the shape of the fruit to the angel of the tape, heavily considered >> it better be. if you give me $100, i'll duct tape the banana to the wall. >> where is robert frank when you need him >> college education and/or a banana taped to the wall same price, right. >> what else do we have?
5:51 am
that's it. bananas on walls kfc yule log sfl coming up. the count down for the release of jobs report coming up in a first on kansas interview, lawrence larry kudlow breaks down that roronept squauc squawk on the street you'll want to tune in for that. wouldn't. e ♪ when work is worth it. work is worth it. work can be closer to home... pay more... make us proud. careerbuilder. work can work. find your work at here, it all starts withello! hi!... how can i help? a data plan for everyone.
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a live shot from 30 rockefeller center it wouldn't be christmas time in new york without that tree lit up time for the recap you need in 60 seconds uber has vowed to take action
5:54 am
amid safety concerns reporting 3,000 sexual assaults were reported in u.s. rides in 2018 alone uber's chief legal officer says in the wake of this report, the company wants to show its developing practices to address these issues >> some potential positive developments it will waive import tariffs for some soybeans and pork being implicated by applications of u.s. firms but no specific overall quantities were mentioned. >> former vice press and 2020 candidate joe biden is weighing in on the president's trade war with china biden offered a mixed take on the president's strategy >> were all the people saying tariffs are creating uncertainty, you think some of them are justified >> example, steel dumping is
5:55 am
justified. it is designed to drive down our steel market and steel production the idea of us making the farmer pay for what they've worked like hell to do provide and make a market in china makes no sense it is not about the deficit. what it is about is what they are doing to unfairly change world trade rules. >> you can get more of the sit down with biden throughout the day on cnbc. for more on what can you expect on the jobs numbers today, i'm joined by global economist and strategist from meet life investments. great to have you here on a jobs day. how important is it to solidify the overall jobs narrative in america? it is still a very good job market, right? >> it still is we are hoping see a little slowing. what you really want to see at
5:56 am
this point is a very sustainable pattern. given the job growth we've been seeing, we are wondering who is filling these jobs there has been a tremendous amount of job growth you combine the unemployment rate, you are seeing the labor capacity becoming relatively tight. we've seen this move down to a sustainable level. >> one of the things we are talking about with regard to jobs numbers it is the effect on average hourly earnings. we have not seen a massive spike in wages is it something we should keep a closer eye on now given that the labor market has seen so much growth >> one of the things we look at are the quits rate we know people who quit their jobs get paid more than people who stay in their jobs for obvious reasons, right
5:57 am
i think what we are still experiencing as an economy is this fear from 2008. i think it permeates people's mindsets if they were in their career in 2008, they remember the fear of the risk of being laid off that makes people unwilling to quit when people believe we are nearing the end of an economic cycle. >> are we at the end of an economic cycle i bring it up because there are so many road signs out there that we are due for one. is there a chance we do see a recession in 2020 or beyond? >> our view right now is that we'll see a recession in 2021. it is not going to be giant. not like 2008. you won't even notice this one everyone is focusing on a
5:58 am
recession to the point if you have ever thought about how many stairs you are walking down instead of just going down the stairs and then you forget one and you fall we've focused so much on it being a recession, we are not paying attention to the basic tackling and what it means is that eventually, we'll see a slowing in job growth. it will be enough to push the consumer into a more conscious environment. with everything else going on, you kind of tumble >> it is the key season for retailers and the consumer as well can the american consumer this time around in the holiday season continue to power the u.s. economy >> yes it will continue through 2020. the u.s. consumer will be the reason they are such a shallow one and probably the reason we have the recession in the first place. >> before we let you go
5:59 am
better or worse jobs than expected >> better. >> thank you that does it for "worldwide exchange" this morning a big day with the jobs number coming out in about two and a half hours from now. "squawk box" will pick up that coverage dow futures pointing to a 58-point gain. good morning china says it will drop the tariffs on some u.s. soy and pork imports >> shocking numbers from uber. the number of sexual assaults, murders and fatal crashes on its platform >> it is friday, december 6, 2019 and "squawk box" begins right now.
6:00 am
good morning welcome to "squawk box" on cnbc. we are live from the marketsite in times square. i'm becky quick along with joe andrew is out today. you'll see the dow futures are indicated up about 60 points s&p up about 7 and nasdaq up about 25 points. you did see losses get shook off toward the end of the day ending with minor advances. climb for the week is pretty far. s&p and nasdaq are having their worse week since december 27 which tells you how much of a sharp runnup we've seen. watching treasury this morning ahead of the jobs report right now, the 10-year note yielding below 1.8%,


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