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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  December 24, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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watch. i wouldn't mind getting one for christmas. >> do you want one of the trucks >> no, i would just take the 3, i guess. >> it will be interesting. >> let us know on thursday if that works out for you. >> i don't think it's happening. >> i'm just glad you're staying at the network. >> i'm here. i'm not going anywhere. >> merry christmas, everyone happy holidays let's get back to the "closing bell." >> and welcome to the "closing bell." i'm scott wapner in on this shortened holiday trading session at the new york stock exchange the market closes at 1:00 p.m. eastern and we'll be with you through 2:00 p.m.. we'll see if we can set some new records in the final hour of trading. >> i'm in for sarah eisen. let's look at what's driving the action any close higher for the dow, s&p or nasdaq would be a record with the nasdaq looking for the tenth positive session in a row. president trump says he will ultimately have a trade deal signing ceremony with china's
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jinping. the world sector is leading the charge today while industrials lag. >> joining us for the hour today is barbara duran from bda capital partners what a year it's been. we're on a run we'll see how far the momentum can take us. what do you think? >> it's interesting. if you look back a year, the market was 14.5 and now we're at an 18 pe i think the market can continue. i think you've had positive feedback on what's happening in china. i think with the fed, easing three times when we expected them to raise, and global easing among central banks around the world, you've got great support for next year. and the valuation, if you just exit out the top five stocks, it's 16.5 and with interest rates this low, i think we have more to go. >> we'll see what earnings do in the new year and that ultimately may be the tell on where stocks go from here. >> let's focus in on the big stories. bob is at the exchange and
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bertha is at the nasdaq, which is trying for its length straight day in the green, and less lee joseph is covering boeing and the challenges still facing the company following the firing of dennis muilenburg. let's kick it off with bob at the exchange. >> it's kind of a flat day but we've had a tremendous move. the market advance has been tremendous this year more stocks advancing than declining and that's a big help to overall market sentiment. today we had retail, another good day a lot of the retailers are up. rite aid has been on fire. it's doubled in a week earnings were terrific about a week ago it was $8 a week ago, now it's $16. gold stocks, a little bit of move the last couple of days gold is about a six-week high. it hasn't been a huge performer, except in a few moments of uncertainty. some of the big names like harmony, gold fields, all up today. finally on uber we see travis
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callen nick resigning from the board of directors he wants to focus on new business uber one of the more disappointing ipos of the year. >> nasdaq is looking to close out the day with its tenth straight gain. >> scott, apple has been the core of the nasdaq record run this year and at a fresh all-time high again today. so far this quarter it's added more to the nasdaq 100s gains than microsoft and tesla combined and more than the other four stocks in faang combined the stock of the year is amd, more than doubling as tariff fears have faded and chips have come roaring back right along with apple today we're seeing relative strength in biotech and small caps, which has seen the biggest comebacks in terms of investor sentiment this year. biotechs gaining all of their gains for the most part just this quarter and that is helping nontech outperform with more than 115
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million americans set to travel by planes, trains and automobiles this holiday the newest addition to the nasdaq car auction site car part is leading that group. >> thank you the dow right now at session lows we're keeping an eye on boeing shares following the firing of dennis muilenburg. less lee joseph, welcome beyond returning the 737 max to service next year, what is the biggest challenge for the new ceo? >> he certainly has his hands full number one is really repairing the company's relationship with the faa, with customers. you don't want an all boeing airline coming to look over an airbus they also have problems with slowing orders of wide-body jet liners they've decided to cut production this year that's a big problem and of course there's the china trade question, which has been a really big customer of boeing as we go along. and china was the first country
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to ground the 737 max back in march. >> how should you view as an investor boeing, change of management but not change of story? >> i own boeing and i have added on weakness. and i think the last ceo, mullen berg was very good up to this point. he is not a people person and so this crisis has been mismanaged from the start where they didn't decide to ground the planes right away he just needed to take action. and so i think with calhoun coming in it's going to be positive because he's already made the calls and it's going to smooth the way and investors already expect delays. and this is a duopoly. you can't go elsewhere and boeing has a great reputation and they'll sort this out. >> you haven't sold anything >> no, i haven't the bottom has been put in but i think it's going to be a while obviously cash flow is going to be hit this year we don't know the magnitude, but it's going to be a lot
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the inventory is 400 planes and those planes are sitting there, no doubt weather is affecting them and all this stuff. they've got a lot of wood to chop but it's going to be a much longer time frame than investors were led to believe. >> i imagine beyond the 737, calhoun also has to work on improving mar r improving more al for employees and around the world. >> the pilots are suing boeing saying we've missed out on overtime because this happened boeing needs everyone on board so they can gain the confidence of the flying public once it does return. >> thank you and you can watch her latest article on boeing on meantime, uber co-founder is stepping down from the company's board of directors effective december 31st. that comes on the heels of kalanick selling his entire stake in uber.
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let's bring in ygal aruonian this is no big surprise, is it >> thanks for having me. not a big surprise at all. trevor has been pretty much systematically selling his entire ownership in uber i think you could have seen this coming even from the early days of him kind of selling his shares but especially as he exited his entire stake, i think the writing was on the wall. >> is there any bigger statement in it, though, about what he thinks about uber's prospects over the longer term if he's getting out completely >> there could be. it's hard to speculate maybe he feels that the long-term prospects aren't there. maybe he just feels that the company is not being under his leadership doesn't have long-term prospects. he founded this company and he
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basically created an industry. i would think that he would still have the faith that the industry has a lot of potential and there's a lot of room for it to grow overall. maybe he felt that under current leadership uber wasn't headed in the right direction. but you can't fully blame him for feeling that it's a company he founded and he was on the board, but it was being led by others. i can kind of see how he would feel that way. >> barbara, what do you make of the stock? you've been watching uber and it's down about 35% since going public travis stepping down perhaps not a surprise, but it's certainly not a vote of confidence >> i think on travis stepping down, it is a surprise, not only to step down but sell most of his shares because as the gentleman just said, is it because it's a lack of kchb dense, or who knows? we can't speculate about it. uber i'm not ready to buy yet, because even though i think there's a rationalization in the
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competitive arena, it looks like it will be lyft and uber, and they've been going at it for seven years. it's hard top who know who is g to be the last man standing. >> this thing has been a disaster >> yeah, it's been tough going out of the gate. it's been a tough year for both lyft and uber. investor sentiment has been really negative. but this is a really large global market. there are a lot of things that maybe will take some time to play out i think it's pretty clear that it's uber and lyft in the domestic market. i don't think any other player can really come in and you'll probably see a duopoly between those two over time. the pressure is starting to abate in the u.s. and that's leading to better profitability. ultimately competition is the biggest piece or biggest missing piece to get to a path to
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profitability. that will come over time uber is in a dominant position in pretty much every market on a global basis maybe it will take longer than investors thought when this company first went public, but they've set the target for 2021, and as long as they can outlast competition and do a better job than their smaller competitors, they should hang around there. and then you've got a pretty massive global market and i think that's something investors can buy into >> bottom line, when do you expect uber to become profitable that of course has been a big concern for investors. >> yeah, look, i think that's a harder question to answer for uber i think it's a little bit easier to answer to lyft because they're domestic and ride share only and i know they set the 2021 target, so that's the bogey right now. for uber, i think ultimately it will come down to how the
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competitive pressures in the food delivery market start to ease up. and if they do, they haven't at all. you saw them exiting or there's press reports of them looking to exit food delivery and it's about them rationalizing the markets where they can't get the competitive edge and pushing the markets where they can and that's what will get them to be profitable in 2021 if we cthy can do that. >> appreciate it enjoy the holidays we'll talk to you soon after the break, stocks looking to close out this shortened holiday session near record levels, but it was a very different story this time last year i was sitting here it was definitely different. we'll take a look at the december scare of 2018 and what has changed since then. >> and later, city's chief u.s. equity strategist joins us to discuss his outlook for 2020 and
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at record highs, but it was a very different story last year
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as the market was hit with a barrage of bad news. here's a look back at last christmas eve. >> stocks selling off in the final hour of trade. >> you've got a government shutdown and all of that coming after the federal reserve reduced interest rates. >> the headlines has put a significant amount of pressure on our markets. >> month to date, they are down 14%. pretty much for all three of those indices. >> which makes it the worst december, of course, since the great depression i'm just looking here at session lows with minutes to go before the close, the dow is down 600 points. >> with just over two minutes left to trade, s&p 500 inter-day chart tells the whole story. >> worst close for the markets. >> historic day to say the least. let's dive deeper into the differences between this year and last joining us is paul hicky from
12:16 pm
the investment group what are the charts telling you? >> big difference between this year and last year last year close to 50% of the stocks in the s&p 500 all hit a 52-week low. real a washout we hadn't seen a reading that weak going back to almost the financial crisis we talk about how things are a lot different this year versus last year. right now we have about 15% of stocks hitting new highs we're nowhere near the extreme positive as they were to the negative of last year. turning to valuations, this is a big difference so at the lows last year, the s&p's pe ratio was about 15 times earnings there, so 15. we've gone up to where we're over 20 times earnings now, which is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but in 2000 we saw valuations go much higher here and much higher here preferably, you don't like to buy stocks when they're expensive. but as far as the timing signal
12:17 pm
is concerned, valuations are probably the worst timing tool you can have so turning to the next slide what we're showing is the s&p 500 pe ratio on the x axis the y axis shows next year's forward returns. so if you see high valuations here, you would expect to see lower returns going forward. but we don't necessarily see that here. and if you draw the correlation between the two, it's very low correlation. they're not positively correlated or negatively correlated there's basically no correlation. and another way to show this is if this is the current pe, if we look at the ten times where the s&p 500, that's a rough estimate, has had the closest pe ratio, the five years ahead versus below, the next year the s&p 500 is positive every time so when we've had valuations at similar levels, stocks have actually gone up going forward i'm not saying this is a reason
12:18 pm
to buy stocks because they're expensive, but you shouldn't necessarily use this as a timing signal. >> for how long do they go up typically? >> so this is the next year's return so the average sureturn the s&p was up so the key is at some point valuations are an issue. but we like to say they're a fuel for a sell-off or rally but not the catalyst or the ignition you need something else to get that combustion going. >> the whole reason we're having this conversation whether stocks are too expensive or not relative to earnings, is because basically there were no earnings earnings growth was up a half a percent. so the question is where are they going to be in 2020 and can a market survive on multiple expansion alone, or do you need the foundation of earnings to support the market going higher? >> i think you're exactly right. we need to see some sort of earnings growth because this year we've got multiple
12:19 pm
expansion. the last two years we've basically seen valuations stay still. on the earlier slide, valuations were higher than they are now. we may not see it in tech, but we can see it pick up in energy. oil prices are actually up versus last year even though the energy sector has been so weak and in the industrials if we are to see a global stability and an easing of trade tensions, the industrial should see some better numbers going forward. >> we actually have jim cramer, "mad money" host he wants in on this conversation happy holidays, jim. i don't know what you're doing today, but -- >> i'll tell you what i'm doing. i'm watching your show hello, barbara duran happy holidays to you. >> happy holidays to you. >> i think this discussion is great, because what i really see is a secular growth theme that is taking over technology is being buoyed by 5g and the secular move transcends
12:20 pm
anything and we see that and the other thing is the fact that i need to go into the pepsi and procter & gamble world so these are great themes. meeting income and 5g and that's what i love about this >> i would say that's a great point. when you have long-term treasury still below 2%, yielding about the same as the s&p 500, who would want to hold a ten-year treasury when they can own the stock market for two years and make the same return going forward? >> i cannot believe how many years, and this show shows me exactly what we're talking about. i remember last year, scott, you know we had dunlap on who i totally revere, and i think what has changed is that we have a federal reserve chairman who
12:21 pm
thought the economy was too strong he was a rookie fed chairman, and to me it says you're scaling. >> to that point, if you would say, okay, you look back a year ago today and the market is falling on its face, what has changed? the biggest thing that's changed, jim, is that you had a hostile fed into a friendly fed and you've had that for the duration of the year now and it's no shock in that environment stocks would be up. >> it is a miracle we have it so rarely it's what makes this market go high >> jim, i think you're absolutely right i think the fed is -- we know we have a lag to fed on interest cuts and there's been a big
12:22 pm
debate, do you do cyclicles or industrials. i think you're right on the 5g you've got ai. there's going to be so many companies starting up still in the high-tech year you're probably on p&g because it's not just our fed that's been cutting you're going to see a lot of the companies with big international sales do better. >> as the company continues to strengthen as we've seen over the past couple of months, it does beg the question does the fed stay accommodative or at some point does jerome powell have to raise rates? >> i think he has a president who is hostile and wants to keep raising tariffs and you very much need a fed. i think it makes me feel once again that he is on the side of the bull it makes me very excited about what could happen.
12:23 pm
>> jim cramer, "mad money" host. thank you so much for dialing in barb, last word? >> one question for jim, it seems to me the fed would only raise if there was real hints of inflation. that's not going to be a reason to raise rates. >> merry christmas >> happy holidays. >> good to hear from you. >> the other thing is, you know the fed is not going to do anything early in the year and then you get into the election cycle and the fed is going to e not want to do anything. >> the way we looked at it in our end of-the-year report, we had a december meeting and they were talking about how the fed was giving the middle finger to the market this year the fed is basically we have your back and we're pretty much on vacation. they said that in october. and then in the last meeting
12:24 pm
they reiterated the fact that we're not doing anything unless inflation really gets persistent and significant. we have neither of those right now. so at this point it's going to be hard for them to do something right before the election. >> good discussion thanks for weighing in still ahead, it's been a banner year for the banks with the sector up nearly 30% after the break we'll take a look at whether the rally can continue into 2020 >> plus tesla's record rally hasn't sold everyone on the stock. we'll tell you why one analyst says tesla's true lue ulvacod be much lower than its current price.
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♪ ♪ 34 minutes left in today's shortened trading day. financials one of the best performers this year, up nearly 30%. wilfred frost has what to expect next year. >> it's been a bumpy year for financials in 2019, so here are the key things to watch for in 2020 first, interest rates. bank stocks are always linked to the yield curve because of its direct impact on net interest. this has been particularly the case in the second half of 2019 as it's likely to be next year as investor fears over where we are in the cycle continue to
12:28 pm
rise second, regulation after a decade of ever-increasing costs and restrictions, banks have enjoyed three years of easing regulation the 2020 presidential race will have a huge impact on the direction from here. and as president trump's administration has shown, quite a lot of regulatory change can be made without congressional approval >> tech has led to challenges for the big banks. despite that, the big players continue to get bigger even if their margins are pressured in the process. and more mergers could arise as we've seen with truist and charles schwab >> a rough ride for financials, barbara, but some of them actually came out ahead. >> j.p. morgan is the class act in this group. >> your top pick in the space? >> yes >> why is that >> because they've got such a broad business they have depth in their
12:29 pm
management and they are a beneficiary of all the trends that wilfred just so accuratelily identified. i prefer to have a secular wind at their back, which is the switch to electronic payments. so that's where my heaviest allocations are in the two names. >> do you think rates continue to go up into the new year >> no, it doesn't look like it not into this year, but into next year as things pick up, they could go up a little bit. >> i meant into 2020. >> i'm sorry. >> i was going to say how are the financials then going to do well in 2020 if you don't think rates are going to go up at all? they're so tied as wilfred said. >> exactly i think near the end of the year we'll see what happens in terms of business and as earnings come in but i think the fed is notgoin to be raising rates all that much. >> u.s. versus european financials, actually we're out of negative territory.
12:30 pm
does that perhaps get you excited about looking for opportunity in the financials overseas >> i think a lot of people are looking overseas in general and particularly in the financial space, because as the world re-flates, they will lead. the european banks could benefit more than our banks, which have had a nice run. >> let's look at the things. any close, with the nasdaq looking for its tenth positive session in a row, president trump says he'll have a trade deal signing ceremony with china's jinping at some point. and real estate stocks are leading today while industrials lag. time now for a cnbc news update with bill griffin. >> here's what's happening at this hour. hong kong police fired rounds of tier gas at thousands of protesters as anti-government rallies escalated there into
12:31 pm
chaos on christmas eve the protests in hong kong are now in their seventh month. meanwhile, students took to the streets of new delhi protesting against modi's government authors, lawyers and activists joined the students, all claiming that the act is discriminatory to muslims. grammy nominated rapper da baby was detained in north carolina hours after he gave away toys to children shortly after his concert. police issued citations to the rap for misdemeanor possession of marijuana afterwards the rapper said the police were just trying to make him look bad in front of his daughter. and finally, the rumors are true the seattle seahawks have signed running back marshawn lynch for the final game of the season and the postseason lynch was with the seahawks in 2010 and 2015 and helped them reach two super bowls. no word on how much the deal is worth.
12:32 pm
he hasn't played in 14 months, but he claims he is not rusty. and we will find out if he's still got the legs coming up for the final game of the season. >> beast mode is back. maybe they'll actually give him the football if they get down to the one yard line this time. >> we'll see if they learned anything. >> i couldn't resist bill, thank you. >> see you later. coming up, we've got your last chance trade and barbara is picking an apparel stock that's up nearly 90% this year. we will reveal her call straight ahead. and cara swisher joins us to talk about the board of directors at yuber and her key tech to watch in 2020. >> yields are on bench mark ten-year are currently yielding just under 1.92% we'll be right back.
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skbr. >> three major averages rallying since the sell-off with the s&p on pace for its best year since 2013 can stocks keep up the momentum next year? let's bring in tobias levkovich, the strategist at citi for his 2020 vision. your vision is a little cloudy you are only looking for modest gains in the year ahead. >> let me take off my glasses and see how thick my lens are. >> what are you having trouble seeing through >> i think there are four things that can drive the market. one of them happened this past year, sentiment was so poor entering the year and everyone was talking about multiple expansion. that was the sentiment factor that swung from deep panic into not even euphoric territory today. number two would be money close but we haven't seen that other than corporate buyback activity. we haven't seen that for eight
12:37 pm
of the past ten years, despite the s&p has doubled in the period third would be if you were value waiting really cheap and the fourth one would be earnings so you're really banking on earnings and we think they'll be up about 5% or so. if you get an overshoot is the one question initially and i think the first half you do. the economy is a bit better and people will feel better and earnings will show up and there will be this kind of confidence returning. it's the second half that gets shakier. >> so it's going to be top heavy 2020 >> it's a tale of two halves that the first half is one that's a little bit more rewarding and the second half you run into the elections and you run into data around lending standards getting tighter, means a weaker second half volatility lead indicators and profit lead indicators all of those suggest something more challenging in the second half. >> is there any sector that could withstand the volatility in the run-up to the 2020
12:38 pm
election >> you like to think so, but i think it's going to be a little more cyclical in the beginning of the year. and value, i don't necessarily mean just cyclicles. so health care can participate but then you start talking about the elections and can health care maintain it if people start talking about medicare for all, for instance. >> isn't a lot of it predicated on who runs on the democratic side, if it's elizabeth warren or not >> it's interesting, if you say biden, i think you're fine pete buttigieg is viewed as kind of a moderate. but if you look at some of his policies he's not that moderate. certainly if it's sanders or a warren, you have more problems on the health care side. but i'm giving it at an example. that's one of the issues that's going to come up with the election. >> if you get 5% earnings growth and i will just say what cramer just said, don't fight the fed you have a friendly fed and you get some earnings growth, what's the problem? >> again, i think you can see the market run to 3500 before it
12:39 pm
backs off to 3375. you're still making money, it just isn't going to be a gang buster year that you have this year and i differ a little bit from jim, sorry jim if you're watching, where i think the fed issue last year was the fear that they would cause a recession by going another four hikes. by april, may, we didn't have that as an issue, but we had fears around trade wars causing recession. then summer time we were talking about inverted yield curves causing recession. >> but the market slapped the fed upside the head, if you will, last december. it wasn't so much what they were going to do maybe after that it was the fact that the market deemed the move in december was a mistake and then the fed got friendly. >> the market was falling october, november, december. so yes, december was another 6%. but you already had fallen about 13% before that. so you can't blame it all on the market punishing the fed it was fears that the fed was in this mode and will cause a recession if they went four more
12:40 pm
times. so again, don't fight the fed, i slou absolutely believe that. but we can't say the fed changed in january in terms of their entire mode and yet we've rallied since then >> i guess a lot of this also depends on what happens on the trade front. a deal is expected in early january but the chinese really aren't incentivized to get a phase two deal before the 2020 election without knowing if it's going to be president trump or not. >> the question is how many phases are we talking about. could there be phase 20? we think that if you want to call it, the clash or tension between china and the u.s. are not just going to go away because we sign a phase one deal there's a lot more going on in terms of china kind of challenging u.s. and the world, the belt and road project, building a deep sea navy as part of that. so trade is one element. it's not just about trade. >> barbara, do you want to give a comment? >> a quick question on
12:41 pm
sentiment. you mentioned it's not euphoric and it looks like institutional are more positive. how powerful do you think that will be going into the first quarter? >> if people really want to get excited, we've seen that it is plausible that people do get excited. the problem is that as the market has been going up, the question is why haven't people put more money to work and i think part of this, as the market appreciates, the proportion of people's portfolios already committed to equities are going up and they have to rebalance, which forces them actually to sell some stock, not buy more. so it's kind of a weird situation where, because my portfolio has done so well, i'm still afraid of 2000 through 2002, let me take a little off the table and not be as exposed is still in the mind set the psyche gets damaged pretty
12:42 pm
badly. people mourn their losses more than they celebrate their victories. so i think that still is in the back of people's minds and they're not willing to kind of go there. >> i think you're right. >> i think that's a fair point tobias, thanchlgs. >> thanks. >> happy holidays. travis kalanick is leaving the board of directors at the end of the month ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:43 pm
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right in the wallet app. 15 minutes ag and here is a check on the closing bigboard. in the middle, the biggest dow leaders, home on depo, walmart and visa and the laggards, that's boeing, 3m and cisco. >> 15 minutes left to go barbara, what is your last chance trade >> lululemon is the stock that's up on this, 90%. it's been a big winner and it's also not cheap but i think it has a long runway of growth ahead of it.
12:46 pm
you look at what they're done the last seven quarters, their earnings, their sales, their same-store sales are in the 20s. the margins have been increasing every quarter for three and a half years it's because they have so many initiatives, whether it is increasing their store base, remodeling and growing their stores, international has huge potential. you look at china. they have under 40 stores there. they had just 22 a year ago and the sales are really gangbusters there. and that is the biggest yoga market in the world. digital, they're at 30%. they rolled out categories like men's who would be a third of their sales. and analyst product innovation and the brand. they have such a good brand in terms of luxury and quality before they began the expansion phase. i thie i think they've got a long way to go. >> men's category, very successful for lulu. >> and they haven't started the real marketing on that. >> up next, uninterrupted
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making ice. but you're not mad because you have e*trade which isn't complicated. their tools make trading quicker and simpler so you can take on the markets with confidence. don't get mad get e*trade and start trading commission free today. we have a news alert on boeing >> it's not great. we're getting more details about some of the documents that boeing supplied to the house transportation committee yesterday. a committee official is now quoted by reuters as saying that these records appear to point to what they call very disturbing picture of concerns expressed by boeing employees about boeing's commitment we've heard these reports before during the original
12:51 pm
certification process for the 737 max about some of the corners that had been cut. about some of the games being paid by boeing employees and how boeing really dictated the certification process to the faa. now it's going the other direction of now we're hearing more in detail about that process, and some of the employees who felt it was not going the way it should. we have reached out to the house transportation committee for more comment we're waiting to hear back at this point back to you. >> okay. we appreciate that it's why i asked you earlier that just replacing the ceo doesn't change the story this thing has hair on it. the whole thing. it won't go away any time soon regardless of who is sitting in the corner the biggest office in the corner >> no. it won't go away any time soon i think it's discounted in the stock. when the stock goes down, even this this is not good
12:52 pm
there are other emails but it relates to the same issue of quality control was it being hidden. so i think it's in the stock that's my point. it is going to make, it is already starting the culture change, that there is a culture change needed being more open. the soon to be new ceo said we want to work with you. we want regulation so i think that's a real seed change and i think that was boeing's attitude before. now they're saying, maybe it wasn't through whole company and we'll make sure it is. >> i feel like it is a potential pandora's box. what else will come out and what will happen as it relates to regulators, the board, the whole thing. >> that's a very good point. as you know, it is like any of the me too stuff you have incredible scrutiny you take extra time. it's a very good point maybe it's not totally discounting the stock. i think it is.
12:53 pm
that's why i'm holding it. you don't need to buy it today i think the risk reward is interesting. you won't have a lot of down side but i think you have time over this next year. >> let's get to the closing bell market zone with all the action going into the close >> we'll have a market zone christmas eve. what a present we have barbara duran and paul hickey he's still with us let's kick things off with last-minute holiday shopping here's a look at how shipping companies are performing in this final stretch of the year. >> speaking of presents, with the 99.8% on time delivery rate, ups leads all the major shippers in the final four week before christmas is that hannukkah. they are all separated by tenths of a percent in general, over 95% is considered good but you have to keep in mind every tenth of a% below 100% equals 86 package
12:54 pm
that's did not arrive on time. the shortest would have possible ups is also the leader for on time delivery for the holiday peak since black friday. new data shows deliverries on pace to reach 2.6 billion packages >> paul, take a look at ups. fedex 6% >> of the two, fedex has its problems it is still trying to work through it if i was to pick one of those, i would take fedex at this point because it is more out of favor. both these companies are a major competitor with amazon delivers a lot of its own packages. and that's something to worry about. they're one of the best logistics oriented companies there is just the whole strength of package that's we're seeing. >> yeah. amazon is one of the big threats. fedex saw in its earnings. let's switch over to netflix
12:55 pm
seeing a jump in his 2020 pay package. hi, julia. >> that's right. about a 10% raise in the total compensation next year hastings will earn a 34.7 million. the company disclosed yesterday. the vast majority of that, $34 million worth, stock options up from $31.5 million in total compensation this year now, check out the stocks' bumpy ride over the past year. still, it is up over 40% netflix's number two executive will also get about a $3 million pay bump for the same total compensation as hastings back over to you >> most of this gain has happened in the last few months. stock is ripped over the last three months you own it or no >> netflix yes. i'm a big owner and i have been for years. he deserves every penny. this is a guy who took this from
12:56 pm
a mail order dvd business hxt the brilliant and strategic sense to build it into what it is today and he's known the competition is coming so he has been building a huge contend library that will stand him in good stead for a long time to come. >> tesla that stock is on pace to close at a record hitting the notorious 420 mark for the first time yesterday remember, back in august 2018, elon musk said he would consider taking the company private at that 11. morgan stanley's adam jones is out reiterating his $250 price target on tesla. a significant pull back from these levels jonah says investors should prepare for a surge in sentiment through the first half of 2020 but he is not bullish over the long term questioning whether all of it is sustainable all right. we have less than five minutes to go. or just about. uber co-founder travis callanick
12:57 pm
is resigning josh >> that's right. so travis kalanik saying uber has been a part of my life for the last ten years at the close of the decade, with the company public, it seems like the right moment the fill in on my business. he was also blamed for cultural problems at the company and was ousted as ceo in 2017. this news coming as he has sold his entire stake in uber, roughly $3 billion in stock. saying he was enormously grateful in his words for his vision and tenacity. back to you. >> do you have a take here on uber >> i think you look at uber and it is, the overhang on the stock is pretty much out of the way with him selling his existing stake. i think what tesla is is a
12:58 pm
barometer of risk appetite in the market when that stock rallying like it ha has. >> is it better to own a coil like lyft? less news, less noise? >> they're very different business models. lyft is focused strictly on the ride sharing that's why their share in the u.s. is very strong. uber has uber eats, all sorts of businesses that they have in the last month or so, because of shareholder pressure committed to, either we get them profitability or do something like exit or something else. >> we've got about two minutes left to go let's send it over to rick santelli >> if we had a big auction today and we did, it certainly had a large effect on the thin mark. you see the break when we broke once again from the 195 level?
12:59 pm
i grade it as an a minus another failure in the mid 190's. with these low interest rates, serve going to investment grade. it looks like nasdaq will stick a perfect ten. >> and apple, a big reason why yet another all time high. the stock has had an incredible run. the best of the decade this year when you take a look, it remains underowned on a percentage basis compared to the likes of netflix which has 84% institution alonership peloton, owned by institutions but looks to close just below its ipo price. merry christmas to you >> and merry christmas to you, too. the up trend is still intact we mentioned the industries still moving on the trade news caterpillar, another new high. united rentals, cyclical names
1:00 pm
tending to do very well. a bit different with the banks the banks started moving when the yields came off the lows another new high for bank of america. look at that move. there's the closing bell on christmas eve. last year, down 2.7% this year, flat. totally different situation compared to one year ago and welcome to a special edition of "closing bell." i'm scott walker >> here's how we finished the day on wall street on this christmas eve. take a look at the major averages the s&p 500 is down by less than 1 point. the dow, the dow is down about 35 the nasdaq is the outperformer that's the one that has been on a run. a record close for the


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