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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  January 9, 2020 5:00am-6:01am EST

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t the devices on your network. greenlight your business in 2020 with fast internet and voice for $64.90 per month. switch now and get a $100 prepaid card when you add comcast business securityedge. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. it is 5:00 here is your five at 5:00. stocks rising to new records as middle east tensions cool down for now. can nothing keep this market down deal or no deal? china speaking out over the phase one trade agreement. we are live with the details there. speaking of speaking out what ousted nissan ceo told cnbc after more than 400 days of silence. crude oil sinking, what p
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does rbc have to say about the sell off and jp morgan is boosting the annual fee for one of its most popular credit cards. "worldwide exchange" begins right now. >> good morning. welcome to the show. stock futures pointing to more gains at the opening bell following yesterday's turn around the s&p around record levels as well it did set record interaday highs. up another 18 points implied today. the dow up by 153 and 60 for the nasdaq looking at the bond market yields are rising off of the
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lows we saw in the wake of general qassem soleimani's killing. 1.874% two-year 1.58% as well going worldwide. after seeing a rebound innizia you can see a lot of green on the screen nikkei in japan up almost 2.5% nearly 1% gains for the composite index as well. let's spin that over to what is happening in early european trading. i don't see any red on there up 1%. same for the ftse in the uk and for the dax in germany oil sinking 5% as tensions cool off for now. crude oil for u.s. based benchmark, wti up one quarter of
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1% >> joining me now from uk wedge management let's talk about the idea that geopolitical risk really doesn't seem to matter at all. is there a sense that markets have nowhere to go but up? >> it doesn't seem to matter because if things flair up, it will come down again it will matter when it really does matter but by then, it could be a little too late until you get to that stage where it really will matter and the bar is high for that you stay the course for the time being. >> so staying the course also involves looking for every other piece of the market that is not just u.s. stocks there is a sense now for a risk on rally for emerging markets
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and commodities out there. what represents the case where you see the most momentum going to the next few months >> one area where we have started to add to risk is the emerging markets fears about the trade war and fears about how global growth on that level has come down we are not ready to ride a major cyclical train yet from a positioning point of view, base effects and where things can start to turn, emerging markets can find the best reward. both sides on pens and paper next week. the other place we are watching what is happening with the u.s. and china. it feels like forever since we talked about the trade headlines. is that situation going to be one that cat lies further to the upside or has most been priced into the current market
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environment? >> i think most of it is priced in right now we need both sides to put pen and paper to that. the question is what happens next is there going to be a phase two trade deal it really involves a lot of structural changes which they will find difficult to counter at the same time, what the market is looking for if we can get, let's say, a period of 18 to 24 months where they keep the status quo, no more escalation markets will absolutely take that >> let's take about the european continent. looking at brexit negotiations we know they are going to leave the eu boris johnson wants a free-trade agreement with the eu. there is a little push back here how much will brexit and the uk
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play into the market thesis in 2020 >> the new passports don't have the words european union now there was a chat between the prime minister and the european commissioner she did push back the trade deal most of those want to agree that something would take a lot of time the eu/canada trade deal took years to negotiate that framework that set the stage for future deals and something like what japan and the u.s. signed. that is achievable let's not forget, nobody expects boris johnson to come back with that he pulled a rabbit out of a hat this time around >> thank you for your thoughts this morning president trump signaling a
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massive deescalation as both sides appear to be standing down for the time being we'll go to tel aviv, israel things are calm for now. can it stay that way >> it seems remarkable right it was very surprising iranians said this was a slap in the face for the trump administration americans say this looked more like a slap on the wrist everybody is breathing a sigh of relief because they were expecting more of a punch in the gut. it looks like something done entirely for iranian domestic consumption. it seems they meant deliberately not to take any lives or u.s. coalitions at those two bases targeted bio officials it seems that iranians have gone back on their state television and claimed that they've killed
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dozens and dozens of americans >> even eya tolla khamenei posted a picture that looked like donald trump with a slap across the face. trying to demonstrate domestically that they can stand up to the united states. its a tough call maybe this thing is over >> a tough line to stradle for sure let's talk about the action from the middle east. we know there is a lot of parties out there that didn't want to see any kind of escalation let's talk about everybody else out there. is there a sense the middle east can feel more comfortable given this current development >> currently here, they didn't expect to actually see any retaliation coming this way. even though israel is surrounded
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by iranian proxies, including hezbollah led by qassem soleimani who was killed in that u.s. attack on friday. the rest of the region were on tenter hooks this is a region used to feeling that kind of sustain pencpence. all of the conversation with striking back and kicking americans out of the region. none of that happened but expectation that maybe this isn't over >> thank you for that update on the middle east. let's get a look at other top stories. frank holland is here with those. >> good morning. these are the top stories we are following. china confirms vice premier liu he will travel to washington to sign the phase one trade deal with the u.s. expected to cut
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tariffs. no version of the text has been released and china has yet to publicly commit to keep points close to $2 billion over two years. >> russia rushes to secure flight simulators for the max. financial times reports there are only 34 available simulators around the world boeing previously said pilots would only need to train on a commuter to qualify to fly the max. leader of iag will step down he will be replaced by the leader of iberia >> 2019 marked the weakest expansion since the financial crisis and 2020 remains
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vulnerable for trade and political tensions >> thank you for those updates when we come back, the more than two-hour news conference was apparently not enough. what the ousted nissan/renault chief told our own reporter and helimaro o cftn what the future of crude could look like "worldwide exchange" returns after this every new job. and attempt to parallel park. (electrical current buzzing) each new draft of every novel. (typing clicks) the finishing touch on every masterpiece. (newborn cries) it is humanity's official two-word war cry. words that move us all forward. the same two words that capital group believes have the power to improve lives. and that, for over 85 years,
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japan's justice minister launching a rare and forceful public take down of carlos ghosn following the more than two-hour news conference where he said there was, quote, zero chance of a fair trial in japan. the justice minister said there were few statements backed by real evidence. if he wants to prove his innocence, he should face trial in tokyo our reporter was in the room and had a chance to sit down with him. joining us now from beirut michelle, it was probably one of the most curious news conferences i've seen on business news. >> reporter: it was certainly very long. he took a lot of questions
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lebanese investigators met with him because of an interpolish u, red alert notice by interpole, a request for an arrest being done by japan trying to get him to go back the chances of him being extradicted by his homeland, home of his childhood is pretty much close to zero here. they just don't do that. that escape is still very, very interesting to the whole world he was under house arrest as he managed to organize it first question i asked, just how did you do it? >> i did myself, obviously with the help of some people that i got to know. i'm not going to develop this because i'm going to expose them i'm not going to take any risk for people there to give me help to how to leave japan without
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creating any trouble which was the case >> tell me, you are stuck in a box for several hours, breathing through air holes, what is that like >> i'm not going to confirm or say anything i can tell you, obviously, you have a lot of anxiety when you are in a period when you are transiting out of a country but not still out of reach when you go through an experience like mine i've been arrested 19 of november 2018 and been through very, very tough times with a lot of adventure, i would say. you are numb somehow your ability to feel is diminished you protect yourself by numbing yourself i would say it is fair to say
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between november 19, 2018 up to 30 of december, 2019 when i arrived to beirut was a little bit of a period that is a kind of par enthis in my life somehow i am reborn since i arrived here when you tell me, what were your emotion. ied emotion but they were diminished to how i'm feeling now. >> when you got out in lebanon >> it is a rebirth first face i seen is the face of my wife in the house of her parents. i can't tell you the joy i had to simply be with her after spending nine months not being able to talk to her or see her, with absolutely no end in sight for this kind of ridiculous ban that they put on me.
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it had a special taste in a certain way, it helps you put back pry ority in your life about the people that are most important. i'm a different man today. >> how much did it cost? >> i've seen a lot of numbers circulating in the press, i think they are very, very generous in general. >> too high? >> yeah. that's what i can tell you i don't think you need this kind of money to be able to organize. the simpler it is the better it is, the more chance you have to be successful and the more discreet you will be. >> what if you have to spend the rest of your life in lebanon are you ready for that >> it is better than spending the rest of my life in japan >> reporter: he believed if he stayed in japan, he might be there the rest of his life he said he was not going to be a speedy trial it would be years before everything was done.
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we spoke about that and the charges he faces you can see all of that interview on back to you. >> michelle, if i could follow up there as i was watching that interview, one of the things that really struck me is just how much confidence and animation he has a stark contract to what it was like a year and a half ago when it looked like he had lost all of that weight in prison did it seem that he was a different man than what we saw a year ago >> certainly you are referring to a videotape release he put out he was going to hold a press conference in japan more than a year ago that came an end because he got rearrested he put out a videotape saying if you are watching this tape, it is because i was not able to hold a press conference. he's certainly very, very different today.
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he's completely elated to be freed and feels very aggressive about trying to right his name certainly if he's not going to do it in a court of japan, he's going to do it in the court of opinion. >> of course michelle, we'll see you later with more on that conversation as well. like we said, for more on that conversation with ghosn, stay tuned to this and go on line to as well we can see shares off their lows here at bed bath and beyond but sink to at the drain, down it this morning. the story for bed bath and beyond and why is coming up next >> announcer: today's big number, 40%. that is how much on average publicly traded pot stocks lost in 2019. legendary terrain in telluride,
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company. shares of helen of troy rising today. forecasting sales brother up 7.7% and up 6% in extended trade. still ahead, what pioneer natural resources ceo said "worldwide exchange" is back after this imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with!
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stock futures set to surge as investors set to shake off middle east tensions we speak with helima croft who is live in the region in a moment our own brian sullivan caught up with the ceo of pioneer asking him what his outlook is on oil and why iran may soon be playing a growing role in that market. >> if you notice, u.s. production is on a slow down after 18 grew 1.5 million per day. we are slowing down. developing this free cash flow model. where is the extra oil going to come from? more will have to come from the middle east. who will control the middle east oil besides the saudis
5:28 am
it will be the iranians. >> you think their production will somehow come back up? >> no. if you put the 4.5 million a day in iraq. they are going to control as much oil as saudi arabia. >> you really believe it will escalate to that level >> i think it will >> for that full interviewea hd over to "worldwide exchange" will be back right after this.
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stocks looks posed to bounce back to record territory what carlos ghosn is saying about his escape from japan and new details emerging about that deadly crash in tehran and what may have happened before impact. the second half of "worldwide exchange" starts right now >> welcome back. here is how stock futures are looking half way through the 5:00 a.m. eastern time hour. we want to bring your attention to one area of recent outperformance take a look at what is happening with the financials. the s&p 500 financial sector the recent run of the markets
5:32 am
has been matched by the recent run in financials. you can see about equal performance over the past 12 months remember financials have been an underperforming sector take a look at what is driving financials the names that you know. the biggest banks out there. we are talking citi up 41% bank of america up 35% jp morgan chase up 36% and goldman sach as well the large money center and investment centered banks. financial trade certainly one to watch in what is happening right now. looking at some of the top stories we are following today frank holland is back. >> we begin with tesla news. shares continue to run as the stock approaches the $500 mark the company getting a fresh boost yesterday following optimistic commentary saying the
5:33 am
stock could hit $556 per year. stock hasdoubled in the past three months tesla's market cap of $88.7 billion exceeds general motors and ford combined but gm and ford both have large debt loads. more tesla news, the federal government says it is sending a team to indiana to develop gate a deadly crash involving a tesla model 3. that is the second to be invest gated by the ntsb in the past two weeks. occidental petroleum bringing widespread layoffs in the afternoon of the $38 billion acquisition last year. twitter will begin testing new features to let users control the conversation
5:34 am
giving options over who can reply to your post or block replies entirely the move comes after social media has faced pressure china confirming it is sending a delegation to the u.s. to sign that phase one trade agreement. saying vice premier liu he will be here for a signing ceremony >> is this going to be something where the markets can actually hang their hats on it? >> it looks like it. the chinese government has confirmed that the vice premier liu he will be in washington through monday the team expects to have final discussions about this text. he put the certainty of signing the deal at 90%.
5:35 am
separate to that, the commerce ministry said the two sides are in close contact and this is the first time that china has acknowledged that the january 15th signing date after president trump said and tweeted two weeks ago that he was going to be signing this deal with high-level chinese representatives. what is also interesting what i've learned is that president xi's name will not be on that text and won't be responsible for any potential issues that could arise from this trade agreement. the announcement comes when data has been mod rated still points to further weakness prices improved, nearly from base effects from a year ago as for the consumer numbers. prices held steady today commerce announced it will
5:36 am
increase imports of pork and more from the pork reserves ahead of the lunar holiday a time when the chinese love to eat a lot of pork. >> the big holiday coming up thank you very much. that news out of china regarding the trade deal as you can see here, it will open by about 150 points if the futures hold for more, i'm joined by the editor of bear trap report also a cnbc contributor. the bear traps out there all over the place because it is tough to be a bare the bears have been losing out for sure in the past few weeks >> in the fourth quarter, we have historic tax laws selling we expect more of that going forward. stocks that underperformed in
5:37 am
the fourth quarter we are seeing more in that market we are seeing more ahead for the first half of the year >> let's talk about the overall theme. we've heard geopolitical tensions are at play what do you think is going to be the most important factor in trading over the next couple of months we put a word out called global fiscal relaxing. across the world in the united kingdom, united states and asia. you are seeing a real relaxation of controls. the ability of central banks to
5:38 am
deal with deflation we've seen since last year is limited politicians will go in from commodities. the global economy will rebalance and outperform the u.s. on a relative basis that's why you want to belong in global equity. it seems that they sit on global highs. we've sat on the global treasury markets. are there places out there you are seeing perhaps signs of stress about what is happening with the whole financial system on the credit or treasury side of things? >> the united states has massively leveraged up we are probably heading for some type of credit event late this
5:39 am
year, maybe before the election or just after. substantial credit event the deterioration in the loan space is profound relative to other parts of the credit market, in particular with the u.s. and the fed not hiking rates but offering $400 billion in the accommodation, we shouldn't be seeing this type of stress the amount of bonds trading below the dollar in the u.s. a weaker u.s. relative to the rest of the world. sometime in the second or third quarter. >> investors take heed thank you. we always appreciate it. let's get a check on the oil price market they've steadied a day after tumbling yesterday as u.s. and iran looking to potentially defuse their crisis following
5:40 am
the missile strike in iraq brent just below where it was just before the u.s. killed iran's top commander qassem soleimani on january 3 let's bring in helima croft. she is also a cnbc contributor she is right now in abu dhabi in the region things are relaxed now can we expect to see that continue >> i think tensions between the united states and iran are going to remain fraught. yes, the initial strikes we saw on monday as a show of force but to avoid triggering u.s. retaliation. we don't expect anymore formal iranian retaliation in the form of missiles. we are continuing to see iran use proxy groups to put pressure on the united states
5:41 am
iran remains under crippling sanctions. as long as these exist, i expect extreme tensions going forward >> there have been crippling sanctions at play for quite some is time now. president trump announced they are going to put even more sanctions on them. what is going to happen with iran and the economy and oil given all of this stuff is happening. there has to be increased tension. what does that lead to outside of the proxy wars that they've been fighting? >> besides the proxy war, what you want to be looking at is what do they do in terms of the program. they announced last week, they are going to abandon any curves on the agreement how quickly do they accelerate the start. do they start enriching uranium. the biggest move they could make
5:42 am
is if they could move through the nonproliferation treaty. the program remains something everybody has to watch these sanctions have caused protests in iran from the standpoint of the leadership, they don't believe they have the amount of time for sanctions. they'll be looking for relief in the near term. looking for more unrest in the middle east. >> do you believe that time frame now makes them really want to accelerate the ambitions on the nuclear side of things he wants to call on folks like nuclear power to look at the nuclear agreement in place is there any hope there could be a new agreement that gets put into place >> i think if the united states was to put significant sanctions
5:43 am
relief on the table. potentially front loding, they could get them back to the table. in the wake of the soleimani killing, i think it will detour the supreme leader of iran to want to sit down and talk to washington he remains the ultimate authority on the nuclear program. i think he'll be looking for something more full from the united states in terms of economic relief. >> last thing, rising oil prices are good for u.s. producers as well does the u.s. stand to benefit because of the tensions? >> from the standpoint of the shale patch, it has not only been increased commissions it has been the 2.1 million barrel a day cut we do have a situation where u.s. shale producers have been impacted from a certain extent
5:44 am
to what is going on with opec. >> live in abu dhabi appreciate those thoughts. uber makes major changes in california more of carlos ghosn breaking down his decision to flee japan and the details surrounding that escape michelle caruso-cabrera is back with more of her sit down with the former nissan chairman >> reporter: yes, carlos ghosn escaped here to lebanon. it is his childhood home he has citizenship here, most importantly, they won't extradict him back to japan. more on why he felt he had to leave japan coming from my interview after this break on cnbc
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japan launching a rare break down following this more than two-hour press conference where he said, there is, quote, zero chance of a fair trial in japan. said there were few statements backed and if he wants to prove his actual innocence, he should face trial in fair proceedings in tokyo michelle caruso-cabrera was in the room with lihim and had a chance to sit down with him in a one-on-one conversation. >> reporter: good morning. reuters reports lebanese officials have imposed a travel ban with carlos ghosn after meeting with him about a red notice from interpoll. he told me he did not believe he would get a fair trial in japan,
5:48 am
hence why he escaped to his childhood home of lebanon. >> the only thing i want to tell you. some reassurance and if there was a possibility for me to join me in japan. i would have stayed. this is a place where i should have defended my name and reputation when they cut me my wife and don't give me any perspective of seeing her again, again until the trial start which could be two or three years down the road plus i'm facing 99.4 conviction rate, i was very anxious >> you've used the word plot and conspiracy why? >> i saw the decline of nissan
5:49 am
where i became frustrated with management, which i put in place. he was very nervous about his job. me representing renault, i had the power to remove him at any moment that's the first reason. second, there is a lot of people that really don't like a kind of merger with renault. as long as i was heading the alliance, they trusted i would protect nissan i would protect nissan from the fact that french government would interfere. they said why do we have to wait for this guy if we got rid of him and in a certain way, we get rid of renault. they were right. >> the desire to keep nissan was
5:50 am
so strong, they were willing to destroy you and your reputation. >> without any doubt look what they've done look at the statements made after i was arrested look at the corporation, the complexity between the persecutor and nissan. the whole thing doesn't make sense. for me, it was obvious they got what they wanted. nissan today is running to the ground this is the only thing they would think about. would they be able to run the company. the answer so far after 14 months is no the company as operated is going down the growth has completely disappeared. the market cap has gone down more than $10 million. everything has gone down >> japanese are incredibly embarrassed that he was able to
5:51 am
organize this escape even while under house arrest in that news conference you mentioned, he she said, will be something we just cannot explain to our children. >> it seems every car company in the world owns a stake in every other car company in the world in this stake, nissan had a big alliance how much did he feel he was trying to force a merger between renault and nissan >> i asked him very specifically did you ever propose a full on merger he made it clear he tried to get close and yet still provide autonomy creating a holding company which to some degree would try to project nissan from influence. we've talked a lot of about the french government but the japanese government is famous
5:52 am
for the conditions remember, they didn't want pepsi to buy the yogurt company. he said there was never a full on merger but clearly both countries see both of their car companies as national champions and they want them protected >> michelle caruso-cabrera thank you very much. jp morgan chase changing the price for its most used edcrit card "worldwide exchange" is back in just a minute. ♪
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some things are too important to do yourself. get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. welcome back starbucks upgraded over to
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overweight from equal weight at barclays and coca-cola upgraded to outperform at credit suisse to $60. watch those two stocks time for the executive recap that ukrainian airliner that crashed shortly after take off was apparently on fire before going down meanwhile, the u.s. aircraft surveillance firm says it has collected position data involving the jet and is sharing it with appropriate authorities. >> chase is hiking the price for the sapphire reserve card. customers will now pay $550 fee up from $400 they are adding new perks with lyft and doordash to help compensate for that.
5:56 am
>> stock futures are pointing to another record open. the dow would open up by just over 134 points. joining me now, chief technical strategist good morning so many charts to talk about let's talk about two that have been a huge focus, commodities take us through some of the moves you are seeing and what you could see in the future. first of all, gold prices. >> gold here, 1921 down to 1046. i count this a completed five-wave move this is the initial leg down of a much larger climb. here on the way back up is clearly a corrective type pattern. my ideal top tick here is 1,662. yesterday, it hit 1,630.30 and
5:57 am
got whacked. you have the varying divergence. you are into pivotal long-term resistance the implication is an eventual retest of this low so this is an extremely dangerous time for gold up here. >> you refer to this level here, the 1,613 level. they say that was a retracement level that could provide significant resistance does that mean we are topped out in gold for the time being >> i think we've put in the top for the year, if not the next couple of years. my idea top tick target would have been 1,6662
5:58 am
i know i'm wrong if it takes out 1,735. unless this is cleared, we are looking at 1050 minimum. >> that's a huge move lower. let's take a look at oil prices. that is a very big focus given the geopolitical tensions. >> yes okay brent crude oil. 147.50 2710 and 86.74 what i'm looking at is this triangle of congestion here, a smaller version. it suggests when all of this mideast turmoil is behind us, the next major move will be down just like this move was down what i'm targeting is within maybe three years $20 brent to
5:59 am
complete a big a, b, c, d, e pattern. >> all right >> that's a huge move lower for sure >> i'm suggesting people take advantage of this mideast volatility to divest from oil assets >> thank you that does it for "worldwide exchange." "squawk box" begins right now. good morning, breaking overnight, china confirms the vice premier liu he will be traveling to the united states >> dow within striking distance of record highs. >> fall out from carlos ghosn's one-on-one press conference. more of that straight ahead. it is thursday, january 9, 2020.
6:00 am
"squawk box" begins right now. >> good morning. welcome to "squawk box" on cnbc. we are live from the marketsite in time square i'm becky quick along with andrew and joe futures are pointing to a record high indicated up by 143 points it needs just under 128 to hit that new high. s&p and nasdaq both closed at record closes yet. s&p indicated up another 17 points and the nasdaq up another 15 points. treasury markets now, the 10-year at 1.874%. those have improved over the last koucouple of days >> china i


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