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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 20, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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signaling the company is making a slight change and i like ibm based on that change. >> now up 1% after hours thanks fo my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. just trying to make you a little money. my job is to entertain and teach you so-call me at 1800-743-cnbc and tweet me be nice @jimcramer. the market is a child. it's child is in its demands it's lack of discipline. it's disproportionate sense of
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euphoria and in disappointment. and the child is creating monster swings like i've never seen before. the cramer covid-19 index on the news the astrazeneca vaccine, the trial didn't produce something that would save us immediate immediately. the stock got hammered and the stocks that benefit from the pandemic surged. the dow advanced nine points and the s&p gained 4% but the tech heavy nasdaq filled with cramer c covid names. amazon went up tesla up 142 shopfy 81. yeah, i didn't make up -- that's real that's real money. or it can be in an x fund. childish buying behavior but
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that doesn't mean it's wrong there is a lot of money put to work every day based on coronavirus and that made the action binary and the vaccines take so long so it doesn't go by at home stock, go buy amazon like everybody else. what happened today? consider the news about the as t as tra seven astrazeneca vaccine. safety phase one it created a positive immune response meriting further study. these larger trials are happening now. that is good news. that's something we would normally be happy about, yet, somehow it was viewed as negative so what happened i think people that bought the recovery stocks last week and sold the nasdaq were expecting much more rapid process so they threw a temper tantrum dumping cruise lines, hotels, airlines, shopping malls that taking those who profit from the pandemic
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this is not political. this is not about trump or dr. fauci. he's thrown out the first ball i bet he has a good arm. he was a point guard for high school at regis. we don't care who dropped the ball the virus is out of control. you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. i don't care who you blame what matter is it's real with sky high rates, one in five people that get this need to go to the hospital and severe covid cases cannot be minimized. this is not a cold or flu and is serious if it doesn't kill you at least few nor, it's winning in this country. given the scale of the outbreak, we need a lot more tests and much better infrastuk toructure contact tracing. that's the only way things can safely go back to normal america doesn't have the political will to make this happen maybe it the leaders or culture where people think live free or die means give me convenience or
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death. as investors what matters is like every other country in europe and asia, we can't go back to normal without a vaccine. that's the reality unfortunately, you can't force a vaccine. we'll inject hundreds of millions of people if not billions of people so we got to get it right getting it right takes a little time and some investors don't understand that. we're not going to get a study that says while we were checking this for safety, boom. we distributed it to 7 million people not that astrazeneca results were disappointing but many needed a reality check once there was realization there is not a miracle cure, stocks went netflix and google, facebook keeps losing major advertisers looks like nothing they will do
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s s satisfy critics. the small and medium size businesses, the stock keeps climbing who cares about disney alphabet and amazon got a boost from goldman sachs, 3,038 for amazon and sent stocks in the stratosphere it never used to i haven't seen anything like it in ages. i never seen anything like it. microsoft, normally people would be circumspect but that's out of style. that's ahead of the quarter. ibm reported a good number, top and bottom line beats, similar to math. i hear a lot of people warn this action is like 1999 meaning we're headed for a crash of epic proportions. i'm not so sure. money has to go somewhere. it goes to those who benefit from an instant vaccine and rotated back to the pandemic stocks like big tech and investors coming in buying good quality companies, not the junk we saw in 1999
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it includes stay at home names, zoom, palo at alto and so many others that enable you to work remotely without being hacked. they are old hat up 24 story. remember we have developed a roulette point you can bet on black that is a vaccine, the equivalent of passing go and collecting $200 to by pass the fda or you can bet on rent, the shutdown of my economy. you can bet black instant vaccine or put money on specific numbers like the airlines all of which got hit today because they are truly double or nothing or simon properties, the day trader's dream or you can hedge and put money on shopfy. if you believe we're headed back into a lockdown but the government will give us another round of stimulus, you buy walmart, dollar general, dollar tree, target
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lockdown winners that benefit when washington prevents people from going broke and gives you the payroll tax cut. oh, yeah now, if you think this is all fa fancible, 3:30 a.m. watch the coal beneath the screen. you'll see buying of the recovery stock and nothing short of perfect vaccine news. the bottom line, the cramer covid-19 index, ones that do better with covid represents close to half of theimportantlyp financials and health care that don't go down, 77% of the market benefits from the pandemic or works either way well, the beneficiaries of the pandemic and also winning. let's go to oz in texas, oz? >> caller: boo-yah dr. chill.
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>> hey. >> reporter: i'm a 20-year-old investor the analogy from last week, my examples for cannabis is an organic garden cannabis supplier they put on the revenue 152% year over year and turned a profitable quarter same stores sales are up 40% and also boosted the q 2 and yearly financial guidance. >> okay. >> generation sticker grwg it's at 7.50 right now. >> i got to tell you, i thought you were going to say afria. yours sounds interesting i'm not against people buying a pot stock. i call it pot. i don't know i'm old fashioned. i don't know what it is but i call it pot. do you see i have this bottle?
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speaking of being cool how about brian in wisconsin, please, brian? >> caller: hi, jim, happy boo-yah from green field, wisconsin. my question today is in regards to ig sector i added back in march and april on it and wondering what you thoughts are. >> it's okay i'd rather be draft kings going into an nfl season if you stay tuned. i'd rather be in draft kings okay let's go to alex in california alex >> caller: hey, big boo-yah to ya, jim. >> boo-yah back. >> caller: hey, quick shoutout to my store pact jim, my question is micron and tsm reported and have said their datacenter growth was strong and they expected to continue. >> right. >> caller: to the second half of this year. with intel being extremely cheap around a 12 p.e. what are your thoughts >> intel will do five. i'm an advanced micro guy
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because the ceo is taking share from intel and advanced, i bought this from my travel trust had a good club. go to a lot of people go amd is the better of the two the cramer covid-19 index with financials and health care, well, you know what? you take the last two that are hurting and the first really helping. on "mad tonight," the covid-19 news making headlines today, i'm eyeing a biotech hoping to make waves in the race for a cure don't miss my sitdown with sorento, not just an italian city. as covid cases continue to rise, why an investment in the great outdoors makes sense and pro sports are back and i have an exclusive with a company working to keep players safe and announcing very big news tonight. don't miss my exclusive with bio reference labs one, i'll give you a hint, the sky daddies. stay with cramer
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>> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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there is a right way and wrong way to speculate on the smaller cap covid-19 bioteches you might want something like sorento that soared 20% today after the fda cleared the covid-19 treatment for phase two clinical trials. i told you to buy sorento after we spoke to the company early june this is a company that uses antibody based technology for immune, certain cancers and covid-19 they are working on diagnostic testing, vaccinesand treatment that's what i meant by multiple shots on goal. no wonder the stock is up more than 75% since six weeks ago if you got a 75% gain here,
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please don't be too greedy because nobody ever went broke taking a profit. still, i recommend keeping some tips on the table because this company is on a winning streak but do not take it from me let's dig deeper with the chair of sorento therapeutics to get a better sense of the incredible move welcome back to "mad money". >> hey, boo-yah, jim from san diego again. >> thank you please tell us this is very exciting news that you just got about testing an anti inflammatory drug for a part of covid-19 treatment that has gone awry at times. maybe you can put this in perspective for us. >> yes, you know, as a covid-19 when you have the virus, you have a different stage manifestation of the diseases. not including the early stage, you have virus, you asymptomatic and you got the cough and runny nose, all symptom comes in
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one of the biggest issue as you get into icu and get on a ventilator because you have a storm, the virus releasing one of the biggest things you need to do, this product if they just got us into safe to proceed is a product that have the anti cytokine storm this drug is in human treating lung cancer and with 600 patient being treated, it's very safe oral pill so imagine you get into hospital and you have the cytokine storm kicks in. you take one pill or two a day and you got the anti cytokine
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release engine to help you remove the cytokine storms. >> doctor, i think you're being too humble about this. the cytokine storm killed many people in new york -- >> i think that's the problem. >> and people didn't know what to do and didn't feel like they had anything in the meantime, you have something that already is being used so it's not like you have to worry about the phase one safety. >> yes, we have treated about 600 patients oral pill, it's long-term use for the cancer patients with a safety profile and this trial, fda allow us to go forward is to test the safety and potentially look at the effectness shortly. >> you have other drugs involving covid. last time they were in
6:18 pm
preclinical trials anything advanced there? >> we have new trel iutralizingd and making the products right now. so we very comfortable potentially file in the next couple of weeks. that means end of july or beginning of august and waiting for fda give us go ahead we can get approval. >> sir, are you ever concerned there are some companies, eli lily, reagain ron seem to be ahead of you and very big companies. how do you know it's worth pursuing all these different lines against a covid-19 when there are so many big drug companies in there against tiny sorento? >> you know, some of the big drug come from small company as you know and that's why a lot of big companies buying the small company when they have drugs
6:19 pm
advanced we believe we have the infrastructure and viewed this for over ten years of expertise in the neutralizing antibody space and gets into covid-19 where we apply the expertise into this and we very comfortable with our position. we can have the team which we have 500 people, a team that aggressively have tools and a different treatment and for this to combat the covid-19. >> okay. so i know that you've also when you were on you talked about the notion of a cocktail would you be part of a cocktail along with other drug companies? is that how it might work? >> so, as this moment right now, we have the sickle antibody called st 1499 1499 is solve through the works.
6:20 pm
very effectively as we see in it and we very comfortable with going single antibody, however, we're welcoming the opportunity to combine antibody into a cocktail with antibodies meanwhile, we discovering more compounds from our antibody library as well as b cells from recovered patient. you see we have more compounds come together can be a cocktail. >> all right one last question, as between the therapeutic and a vaccine, what is your hopeful time frame that things can happen >> so we believe that neutralizing antibody can be inhum inhin human very shortly and if everything goes well, potentially can be approved by the end of the year. now, the vaccine we are actually looking at the very innovative way to do it and we using the therapeutic antibody platform
6:21 pm
infa sfruk torastructure and pr antibody fc, that antibody like, that is the viral antigen on it that can give 50 million to 100 million doses within a month without existing, you know, production facility. >> terrific. i've got to tell you, very encouraging since the time we saw each other last. many different things working. dr. henry g., president and ceo of sorento thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you, jim. >> many different opportunities and we got to help and stay positive "mad money" is back after the break.
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at the beginning of june, i
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told you we were looking at a bull market in the great outdoors people want to go on vacation in summer but social distancing makes normal vacations borderline impossible. we have a lot of free time on our hands. i through around the football this weekend what else? i wanted the dog to catch a frisbee. if you want to enjoy outdoors, avoid crowds camping, boating, i got that 17-footer. riding an rv around the country, not yet. i recommended four industries since i got behind which makes rv parks, up 19%, that's why buy camping i also like polaris for atvs and brunswick for boats. they are up 4% since we spoke to the ceo in june. it's a buy all this was before the outbreak in the sun belt. the slightest catastrophic new
6:25 pm
case numbers some of the best beaches in america, hot spots remember they are north. we thought they must be like kryptonite no, everybody is human and the disease is national. even if you think we'll get a vaccine sooner than expected, there is no way we'll have one by the end of the summer probably not by the end of the fall, either that's why tonight, i want to give you some more ways to play the great outdoor straight because even though most of these stocks are coming up big moves, they got more room to run as long as social distancing remains the order of the day, social distancing and masks are the only thing we have let's start with pool corp america's leading whole sale provider, supplies and maintenance. this is a double whammy. obvious covid beneficiary. you want to take a chance at a public swimming pool millions of americans are stuck at home and ifyou have the space, there is never a better time to get your own pool.
6:26 pm
second -- yes, i'm conscious it takes and costs a lot of money that's not the point of the piece. second, even though the economy is in rough shape, we have ultra low interest rates you better believe some of those new houses will have swimming pools. pool corp is doing well because they gave us a bullish update with a big demand for maintenance, supplies and pool construction my concern, up 40% for the year and it just broke through $300 making another new all-time high and that's an issue. i do expect a very good quarter, the expectations have gotten high don't own it put a small position on it hopefully pulls back before the earnings with an event, buy more next up, one of my favorites is tractor supply you might not know them if you live in the city but the premiere farm and ranch retailer that is especially essential for gardeners like i am. i am a part time gentleman farmer right now gardeners are thriving because it another covid safe
6:27 pm
hob hobby. pool corp has a big boost from a very positive business update at the end of the may and tractor supply is for specific and bullish. management said they earned 245 to 265 per share in the second quarter and looking for a buck 77 that is huge remember when that was wallowing around 60? 60, 70, like pool corp they report on thursday morning stocks had had a monster run from 111 to nearly 145 and analysts keep raising the price target two more boosts this morning from stevens trying to gain this quarter is a mugs game, the stock up too much but this company has a fabulous long-term record if the stock dips, you need to pounce they have made major digital advanc advancements give you the next leg higher it's a buy you can put a small position on again. i am concerned, i want the darn thing. by the way, they have vets in the tstore and that's great for animal lovers.
6:28 pm
let's not forget yetyetti holdis they make coolers, anything to drink, tumblers. i use the yetti mug on the boat. it fantastic if you go out in real cold weather. i've been recommending yetti since november '18 before the pandemic it surged to high 30s and plunged to 15s in mid march. people hated me then that's okay. i'm jimmy chill. then made a stunning comeback. it had a new all-time high today. this is the picture of resilience just like its divisions. back in may, yetti pulled the forecast and executed not one but two equity offerings for the ipo shareholders hated that stock didn't skip a pebeat it sold almost the whole position that removes a major over hang. i think yetti is perfect fit for the great outdoor season so when you consider the stock nearly tripled and march lows and big
6:29 pm
short position, maybe buy some and wait for a pull back i'm blessing buying some if i bought yetti whether in the teens or 20s, plenty of hugs get slaughtered. no one ever got hurt taking a profit i always say that. longer term. it reports on august 8th if it comes down to it and probably will think about it a new one, newell brands a few years ago, the company merged think coleman for lanterns i like the coleman stuff stoves, tents, sleeping bags bubba, i asked my wife today how about bubba? she didn't know what i was talking about. camping a.c., sterns, rain wear and hunting and fishing equipment and outdoor apparel. they have a ton of appliances for cooking. they have been traded with economic sensitivity the stock tumbled from 20 in
6:30 pm
late february to 10 in march and never fully received mid teens when it looked like they were making a comeback. some make office and school supplies, think sharpie, paper mate and elmer's glue. when they report in may, they said april was wreak and the second quarter will be challenging. however, newell reports in ten days and i bet the numbers will be better. the school related business is baked in wall street is ignoring the strength in the branch it doesn't hurt that newell did a $500 million bond offering the company can simply meet the numbers and maintain the cash dividend that yields 5.75%, the stock would be enticing. i'm giving you my advice to buy it i love the therapy bottom line because there is nothing else to do, bottom line in the summer of covid, it's hard to go wrong with the great outdoor stocks because people are desperate for a safe way to do anything, anything and that's why i like pool corp, tractor
6:31 pm
supply, yetti and maybe a weakness and willing to take a chance with the lagging and some people think terrible newell brands but i said take a chance with ibm and i was there john in new york, john >> caller: hey, jimbo, i got my covid breakout stock callaway stock, i was in the pga store and it was four to six week wait on a set of clubs. big high demand. what do you think? >> buy, buy, buy, buy! >> i like your style, john in new york i think you're very, very right and that one is going higher i need to go to andy in new jersey, please, andy. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? boo-yah to ya. >> boo-yah back at you >> caller: well, thanks. i'm a long-time listener, first-time caller from phoenix south jersey feel free to come down here and fish any time. >> that's nice that's nice. go ahead >> caller: calling to wonder
6:32 pm
about restoration hardware i bought some stock for my ir ara account and i was impressed by their furniture. so rh is really volatile to watch over the years usually a buy and hold kind of guy. it's lately gone up like a rocket but also dropped. >> by andy, it's going up like a rocket because it's really great. every time i buy, i don't buy jack every time my wife buys something, i send a picture to gary freedman because she's an r.h. person and the reason i know the quarter will be good is icy t-- i see the bills i'm a legendary wall street funny man. it's a great company gary freedman is best and the long-term goal is so right, i'm a buyer of gary freedman stick with it. let go to edward in texas,
6:33 pm
edward >> boo-yah, jim. how are you? >> boo-yah, edward, i'm doing fine how about you? >> caller: i'm doing wonderful thanks for taking my call today. >> of course >> caller: i'm calling in about lumber li lumber li lumber ll. i purchased in 2015 after the formaldehyde controversy with the company. since then the stock basically hovered between 10 to $20. it gone up, gone down a little and fell to under 5 now it's rebounded back to 18. >> here is what i have to say about that every dog has its day, okay? i'm a quality guy. this stock just jumps of usually looking like 22, 23. how about the home depot, lowes. those are lifetime stocks. buy some lowes, keep going to the stores, they look good the website is improving
6:34 pm
i know, it's a lot more dollar amount but a lot better. we need quality. >> it is the summer of the great outdoors like i've never seen. i like pool. i like tractor supply and yetti and maybe yes indeed, newell brands. pro sports are back and covid testing is topnotch. what does it mean testing nationwide i'll sit down with a guy that runs the best testing company bar none see what is going on. are we finally seeing differentiation in the bank stocks i'm giving my take on the sector and your calls rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round so stay with cramer
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>> we need to resist the urge to be defeated about this pandemic. that's difficult covid-19 cutting through the sun belt, a lot of people want to give up. i'm hopeful more people are wearing masks but the most important way to stop the spread we should be pulling out all the stops to contain this and that means testing, testing and testing. we're testing more than 7,000 people a day on average. friday it was 850,000. despite what you hear from the white house, that's a good thing. one reason is we have a hot spot many states reopen before they had insta -- infrastructure for testing. i want to talk to a company we spoke to in april. bio reference laboratories a division that's the largest full service specialty laboratory in america. they ran the first drive-through in new york suburbs and expanded through the country.
6:38 pm
bio reference labs performed over 1 million pcr tests with a turn around of six hours once the sample reaches facilities. they can do 50,000 a day with 400,000 antibody tests they are also the private test provider for both the nba and major league soccer, both plan to play modified seasons at disney's worldwide of sports complex. they know better than anyone what needs to happen for sports to come back safely. let's check in with dr. john koe. a better sense of how his company is helping us cope with the pandemic and what our country needs to do to contain it welcome back to "mad money". >> thanks very much. great to talk to you, jim. >> i know you're working 24/7 and i want to figure out what the bottleneck is for other guys that don't seem to be experiencing we have labs that turn around in five to seven days and i don't think that's bio reference's style. >> well, jim, our turn around time now is 72 hours we've been keeping it under 24
6:39 pm
hours for in hospital patients, icu patients, health care workers and of course, first responders we did that at the beginning of march 13th we continue to do that we had a bump in our turn around time quite honestly about four or six weeks ago because we agreed to test 250,000 employees in nursing homes because of the nursing home crisis in new york. that extended our turn around time but then we regrouped and back to about 72 hours now. >> okay. so is this because you have more people working or you have different kinds of machines? are you not sending things out you've got them right on hand? i don't get why you are able to do them faster than very big companies and i'm here, yes, i am speaking about quest and lab core. >> there is multiple different factors that impact on turn around time. so when you get a specimen, it has to be transported to the lab and when it first gets to the lab, you have to isolate the virus and put it on an analyzer. first off, the analyzer is up
6:40 pm
and running and running about 70, 80% efficiency right now and in addition, we have a supply chain issue. some days, a lot of days we have enough supplies but some days we don't have enough to run our capacity then there is the demand side. so we may be ready right now to do somewhere around 70,000, 70,000 pcr tests per day but some days we get more volume than we're able to accommodate so all of those factors figure into what your turn around time will be. what we've tried to do is make commitments to our partners, the people we do business with and try to stick to the commitments and not try to over extend ourselves. >> so the only people who can possibly do this are you doctor, you must have the nfl contract. >> yes i can confirm for you for the first time, you know, on broadcast -- >> you do have it? you have the nfl contract? >> yes, we do. >> holy cow. how are you going to do it are you going to test every day?
6:41 pm
will you be at every training camp this is huge we're all worried that there is no season because we felt they didn't have a tester. >> so, i am not going to discuss the specifics of our relationship right now with the nfl. i will confirm for you that we are the tester we will be testing all 32 teams in 30 different cities around the country. more to come. >> there is going to be a season >> i'm not going to comment -- >> we -- you know you're -- this is the first time we've not heard a peep so we felt that because there hasn't been a peep there might not be a season. we got the word we can't go as fans but the fact bio reference is in there tells me there is a legitimate chance there could be a season. >> you'd have to check with the nfl about that. >> all right fair enough. the fact that you got that and broke the news, i very much appreciate it. can you explain to people the rapid versus the several days?
6:42 pm
because i've been tested several times. one of my tests, i found the results in an hour the next test, the pcr, i didn't get my results for 48 hours. is the first one the hourly as definitive as the two-day? >> so, the one you're referring to is called a point of care test there is different types of point of care tests. they are getting better. they started at a reliability of 80%. that's been climbing over the last several weeks we are actually very encouraged that the point of care technology is getting better, actually week to week and that new technology will evolve so you can get a more accurate point of care test, which is what you're talking about within an hour and then of course, there is the pcpcr test we do in the lab that takes several days. >> the nfl is much bigger than the nba. will you be able to help the rest of the country if you have to test so many different people in the nfl >> so, we have multiple
6:43 pm
different clients i tell people. we still serve our client base of physicians, we serve multiple different hospitals, we serve urgent care facilities, we serve nursing homes. we also serve, as you probably know, a lot of different types of employers so we consider the sports franchises, major league soccer, nba, nfl, they are very large employers and in addition, we have relationships with retailers, hospitality, manufacturing and food service companies. the other of course is coming fast and furious is how is everybody going to deal with the university and colleges and the public school systems and teachers >> congratulations on the nfl. and congratulations to the success you've had try to get some sleep now and then i've seen you around the clock and i know you're working and you are really good. executive chairman of bio reference labs thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. all right. "mad money" is back after the break. as a caricature artist,
6:44 pm
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it is time, it is time for the lightening round, buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. then the rightenilightning rouns over let me start with andrew in ohio andrew >> caller: jimmy chill. >> yo. >> caller: i know you just take a vacation you've been hesitant on virgin galactic, they got big hopes of owning the state tourism industry and point the super sonic travel
6:47 pm
are you ready to get on board the rocket ship? >> there is a great speculative stock. you're going to get like 50 or get like ten i like those odds. let's go to rick in illinois, rick >> caller: sir james of cramer, how are tho? >> fine. how are you? >> caller: living the dream. >> you can't because that's my dream. you're in my dream, man. go ahead like a steven king novel go ahead >> caller: you're now a knight of the round table and sir james, i know you've got your cloud king and cloud princess and i'm hoping you can anoint king soft cloud holdings into that group. >> king soft is a chinese company and i don't really like a lot of the chinese companies other than alibaba and i might as well play ping-pong let's go to megan in florida
6:48 pm
megan? >> caller: hi, jimmy chill i know my dad is watching right now so hi, dad i was wondering if i should hold fastly >> that's unbelievable i wish the stock hasn't run so much we had them on i was blown away how they are democratizing the internet i like that company very much. if i were the president of the united states, i'd reach out to say how do we get this cooking let's go to vincent in georgia. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah >> caller: how are you doing, buddy? >> actually, my daughter is in town pretty good, you >> caller: you doing great i'm doing great. you're talking to a novembst beginning investor i bought some u.s. steel and i'd like to hear your feedback on that -- >> the problem is the bad balance sheet vincent and there is no coming back from a bad balance sheet. i won't say sell it because it all way down there but buy high
6:49 pm
quality companies. companies like the j and js with the best balance sheet on earth. that's where we start. that's the best way. let's go to josh in new york, josh >> jimbo. >> caller: how is it going i'm calling about anheuser-busch i'm calling about the growing pile of debt. >> we used to call those cement heads. beer is going out of style you can own boston beer, i know. it will be a great quarter everybody likes the true white -- i'm more concerned three months from now consolation will be big. we're not going to buy bud i had a flat coors light yesterday. what do you think that was about? let's go to rene -- renado in florida. >> caller: jimmy chill. >> yo. >> caller: from sunny florida boo-yah to ya.
6:50 pm
>> i like your spirit. what is going on >> caller: thanks so much for taking my call i've been a long-time follower since kudlow and cramer. >> let's have a payroll tax cut. don't worry about social security or medicare don't pay attention. there is nothing to see here go ahead >> caller: okay. so i was looking for a speculative play and i found the stock, i pulled the trigger. it's been below i paid for it since i day i bought it. do i pull the plug on zoom info tech >> zoom info is good i think you buy more it's a really good company i think you got horse sense. i'm going to go to mike in florida, please, mike? >> caller: sir jim, how are you doing? >> good. what is going on >> caller: sir, i have a position on shopify and holding next week. i don't know should i lose it -- >> you're the only person on earth not up on shopify at this
6:51 pm
moment i want you to not panic and shopify is the second largest platform for business in this country. i like shopify and canadian. i was going to go to meet them in april but couldn't because of this pandemic and that, ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightening round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade i see an unbelievable opportunity. i see best-in-class platforms and education. i see award-winning service, and a trade desk full of experts, available to answer your toughest questions. and i see it with zero commissions on online trades. i like what you're seeing. it's beautiful, isn't it? yeah. td ameritrade now offers zero commissions on online trades. ♪
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look, i've never seen moves in the big cap stocks like amazon and apple but something happened last week i want to comment on sometimes it's best to look at situations nobody is focused on. are we seeing for instance differentiation in the bank stocks with good ones out performing bad ones? not for big banks trading like the best houses in a bad neighborhood but non-traditional are pulling away from the etfs that dominate the sector that's a gravitational pull let's start with the majors because they are big and do matter j.p. morgan and siciti group and bank of america reported excellent quarters it was wells fargo, the worst of the big banks that's trading the best now that stock has bottomed, i believe, after the ceo cut the dividend and said nothing good whatsoever he did an incredible job of what we call derisking the stock. that's wall street's speak for we are awful but we can get better if you have to own a bank, believe it or not, a large bank,
6:55 pm
wells fargo might be the one to go with as long as we get another round of stimulus. but the other banks that reported genuinely good numbers, nobody cared i was blown away by the consistency of j.p. morgan's business with excellent trading. jamie did an amazing job, didn't matter the company took a big charge for bad loans, $10 billion and it tote he derailed the upside. we saw 7.9 and 5.1 billion the dividends are in tact, you have to let them buy stock that makes it harder to attract new investors yet wells fargo slashes from 51 cents to ten cents. after getting hammered the stock found its footing. let forget about the big money sinners. take them off the table. they are large look, i'd rather have you own tesla. if you want to own a bank here, i prefer the investment banks. the trading oriented goldman sachs took 1.6 billion in charges and morgan stanley set
6:56 pm
aside $239 million god m gold man is getting back to the roots to do anything with much risk they left the banking fray for advising once this e trade deal closes, it will be less of a bank at that point i expect the stock to trade up to a much higher level, again, not amazon or microsoft or ring central or z scale or whatever. but you can't have just nothing but those stocks you can buy morgan stanley, which i expect to have a lower charge in the future, add premium evaluation like charles schwab and money center banks and congrats to the ceo for efforts to move away from actual banking. you don't have to own any financials they have gone out of style on the wall street fashion show united health group conservative about the future but the stock managed to rally but got hit really badly today that was part of the rotation out of health care into the stay at homework at home stocks same with j and j. the stock made money
6:57 pm
pep pep pep pep pepsi co is a push you can start buying morgan stanley as it's transformed itself goldman sachs may have one last charge perhaps to clean up the scandal and then it, too, should be ready to roll at less than ten times next year's earnings, gold man could be a rocket ship which is why we enter for the travel trust and follow our moves before we take them by joining the club. overall, though, the banks failed once again. they just couldn't make money for you. but the future for two of them is better than the past which is why they should be bought on any weakness especially if we hear congress won't pass another stimulus and the money will go out of the traditional banks to these, investment banks don't need a stinking stimulus. the big money centers very different story. stick with "cricramer at the golden opportunity sales event. get zero percent financing on all 2020 lexus models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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i see a new kitchen with a grill and ask, "why not?" i really need to start adding "less to cart" and "more to savings." sitting on this couch so long made me want to make some changes...starting with this couch. yeah, i need a house with a different view. and this is the bank that will help you do it all. because at u.s. bank, our people are dedicated to turning your new inspiration into your next pursuit.
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american greed is back with new reporting and more greed this is going to be really special. tonight, it's where they now on the rick singer's $25 million college admission scam with laurie loughlin pleading guilty. could singer have the most to gain that could be shocking those of us who know people are caught up in this, this is an absolute must watch even if we didn't this college scandal is gigantic i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow
7:00 pm
>> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ a lifelong entrepreneur with a new product to pitch. ♪ howdy! i'm cactus jack! welcome to iowa! this is where my heart is. you know, you might look around here and think it's a little bit much, but in the world cactus jack lives in, too much isn't even a good start.


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