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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  July 23, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> i think the main product you're going to see players that you recognize and the greatest players in the world what goes on in the stands and around that, i think will be different but the reality of it is that, you know, while the issue is the cake is the same, the frosting may be a little different. >> scott, we can't wait for tonight. thanks so much scott boris. have a good one. let's get to the judge >> thank you appreciate it. thank you. to "the halftime report. a stunning call on apple why one major wall street firm says to avoid it we'll debate that today. tiffany is the ceo of momentum and pfizer group
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we begin with the call from goldman sachs to avoid apple, to sell it. john, to you first it is your biggest position. is this the right call from goldman sachs reiterated to get out of apple >> all right we're not hearing jon. we'll work on that the steve, you've trimmed a bit of it what do you make of this call. we see apple's recent stock performance and trading level as unsustainable and will continue to recommend that investors avoid this stock >> i did trim some a number of months ago it's still my biggest position i trimmed it to me, apple is the market right here the stock does not deserve to be where it is but neither does the market and neither do a lot of stocks.
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i believe you're in front of the company's biggest product launch ever, which will be the 5g phone. the market is forgiving lot of the sins if you're looking at purely does it deserve to be here in a microscope looking at apple? no you can make that case on anything i'm not selling anything let me take that back. i may trim a little if next week the earnings blow it away. right now i'm sticking with where i am >> tiffany, you own it as well they cut the price target to 299. that's nearly 100 bucks below where it is now. that's from 263. they think the stock may appreciate to their price target they forecast their calendar
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year 21 earnings per share for apple. 16% below where consensus is they expect late 2020 product demand results to begin to support their thee si. they don't expect the short term numbers to provide much in the way of incremental data or refute their sale call they think the stock is unsustainable. it's such a controversial call for anybody to come out a say avoid what has been one of the market's best stocks for years >> before we get nerdy on the metrics of apple, let's think about who are apple's competitors. nobody they figured out how to create a cult following and connect their customers to every single aspect of their lives there's a reason why warren buffet has a big position in apple. we've been owners fin apple for years and years.
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we really can't rely solely on the traditional metrics we use to evaluate companies. we'll have to consider the time that we're in and really consider the fact that with the company like apple, no one has been a i believe to do what they have been able to do >> jon, we got you back. as i said at the out set, it's your biggest position. sell apple there's a lot of stocks out there, even some of the others of the big five and maybe the big ten, if you will out of growth tech that may be worth taking a look at to sell you don't hear too many people coming out and saying sell apple. >> no. you don't. you don't for exactly the reasons that stephen said at the top of the show. when you have something as big
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as 5g coming out here, scott i can't understand the call. as you and i talk all the time, when people either are afraid of holding onto a stock that can be a good thing when people decide they want to take profits, that's also a good thing. if you're taking the profits, a, where do you go with the cash because cash gives you nothing and what stock in the tech space, which we all agree is still one of the hot spaces, what stock in that tech space do you replace apple with do you go into amazon harder do you go into microsoft harder. fantastic numbers out of there if the call was let's rotate out of apple and over commit some of that apple to microsoft, i get it a little bit more but i don't
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see anybody with that 5g potential out there in future just ahead of them >> what if steve is right. the fundamentals and the stock performance don't match. he said it doesn't deserve to be here no nonetheless, it is there's a lot of stocks people may argue don't deserve to be where they are they the question is this the name that you look on your list and say, i think it's time to get out of apple >> i think this is name where if you've been in it for a long time and experienced this whole run up, you can trim a little bit. you can take some of your winnings this is not name that will have a fundamental break down a lot of other guests have already said, this is something that has a huge competitive mote around it. if you're going to do fundamental analysis on a stock
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or on any of these big tech names, apple is something that continues to have high switching ko costs. it's tough to get acustomer away from apple the fundamentals of it put a floor on it even if there's some softness >> maybe there is softness within the fundamentals that people, jim, just keep ignoring. tony comes on here and says don't ignore the issues that are there even as though he has been run over like a lot of analysts have who have tried to either play the negative side on apple or as goldman suggest to get out of it. what if i say to you, yunit sels aren't what they were. services growth aren't slowing you can't refute that, can you >> well, you're the first person to bring up the services in this discussion so far. i don't know that it is slowing. obviously --
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>> services growth is slowing. we know that services growth has slowed is it slowing to where you need to worry about a substantial growth business for apple going forward at a time when iphone sales have slowed? >> this analyst has the price target at 299 which implies he thinks there's a bear market coming for apple stock i think that's a really hard call to make regardless of what you think about the growth rate of services. it is still growing and high margin if you look at the multiple of this stock, it's in the mid-20s for apple. that gives you a peg ratio right around 2.0 all of these numbers from the interest rate environment that we're in are absolutely acceptable and not at the level
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that would imply you should have a bare market in your forecast for apple. i think this is a too big of a hill that you're going to die on >> steve, jon brings up a good point. are you going to put it in the big five >> i'm not i would put it in taiwan semis you're still getting apple but you're also getting others involved taiwan semi.
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they are the largest out sourced chip manufacturer in the world you have the apple pargs there but not totally depen dent upon it i don't think you have to look at the top ones. i would not look at putting more money to work in microsoft or the others that jon mentioned now. he's right there are other stocks to buy in the tech world chips are doing well today we saw great report from teradyne and it goes on. >> you can make the case if you don't apple, if there's anybody watching that don't own the stock, okay, avoid it. maybe other places to go you get better bang for your buck you'll make more money elsewhere. who knows. the other question is if you're in the name, do you take this advice from goldman sachs and say nied i need to get out. those are two entirely different
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conversations. why if you're in this, would you want to get out. you've been proven wrong most every single time people have done it. >> we're in it we're not selling it i don't have the answer to that question i do not, in the case agree with goldman sachs which kind of surprising i don't see a reason why you should get out of apple now. >> liz, maybe it was a rhetorical question in some respects it's just hard to make the case to get out of a name like apple. >> it's matter of are you an investor or trader as an investor, you expect equities to produce that growth. tech is space that can continue
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to produce that growth it's a matter of in this moment today. it's a good entry point now overall. you could make slowly drip in. to steve's point, there's a lot of other places in tech to invest in if you need that exposu exposure >> wait a minute, you're waivering on whether tech is a good place to be now you think it's too expensive as a group in. >> i don't think it's too expensive as a group i'm going to back this up to what would kill the growth trade. that's really what this is about. tech drives the growth trade what would kill the growth trade is longer interest rates rising. if you're new to the market and looking for things to buy ta are reasonably priced, tech isn't at the top of that reasonably
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priced list. >> jon, what about microsoft does microsoft want to make you stay a part of the high growth momentum trade >> absolutely, scott they plu out earnings on both fronts top and bottom line. microsoft is absolutely killing it here, scott i saw five different analysts all raise price targets today. i realize stock is softer. some people said, oh, cloud not growing as fast as some people thought perhaps but my gosh, the
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numbers here are phenomenal. >> was the quarter phenomenal. you use the word astonishing why is the stock selling off then were they good enough to meet where the stock has already run to into the number the street seems to be voting today they might not have been >> i think you're exactly right. >> i don't see one of their business lines that is not doing as well as anybody could have hoped for inclu ed for. the only one people cited for the weakness today is linkedn. it wasn't that linkedin was a bad acquisition. advertising was not nearly as strong as people had hoped
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that was the only thing looking deep into these numbers that i saw that was even soft if you want to refer to that as soft. i'll give you that 2% sell off, is that really something that people would be wringing their hands over? not me >> i think that's a referendum on the growth trade and where the market has been. wiess, you call the quarter okay >> the cloud did slow down a little it grew at 47% that's great growth. it did slow down.
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you want the make sure the company you're with is secure. their systems will always be on and there's no issues. that's why it's difficult for ibm to make many head waves into the area it's going to continue to be amazon and microsoft i want to go back to something you reference kramer's comments about apple is one that you buy but you don't trade. where i take issue is he sold some amazon from risk control purposes you have to do the same with apple. i would tell you that amazon has performed much better fundamentally than apple if i had to pick one that i wasn't going to cut back on, probably be amazon it wouldn't be apple you have three different companies there that works with three different net ricks. none of that matters it's a valuation holiday
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the stock is going up regardless of what it's worth >> if wie need to have a conversation about a reality check for some of these stocks as much as the they are loved and there's a good reason why they are where they are that they still have potentially gone a little too far too fast and it's time to step back and take a real look at where these stocks are maybe that's what gold mman is doing again with apple maybe it's time for us to do the same thing >> okay. i'll point out the goldman call is more than apple is a little ahead of it. it's a lot ahead of itself your point is well taken and i agree with it. good quarter and it's kind of down 2% today.
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that might be healthy. that might be the consolidation that you need in a name like microsoft. some of them are coming back airline stocks after terrible reports. my point is not that we should go pile into the airlines and sell apple to do it. if you're right, and i think you are. we should have a reality check that reality check can simply be consolidation at the top they move sideways for a while and the rest of the market catches up >> i don't know. >> that's a healthy transaction in a stock market that's about 3% from its all time high. >> maybe, liz, the reality check is the naysayers need to get a reality check and say there's nothing -- there's no reason why these stocks should go down or you should get out the reality is they are better
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positioned than everything else. that's the reason why they are where they are in the first place. there's no reason why that's going to stop any time soon. maybe that's the reality check rather than saying maybe these things have come too far too fast >> i think a lot of the stocks were the recovery trade. are they going to slow down or go sideways, maybe i would argue probably that doesn't mean you exist the trade. i would argue your strategic targets should be overweight tech here. overweight the names that will lead out of a recovery and defense isn't what wins this game you have to have offense on. in order to have offense on, you're not going to fill a portfolio with consumer staples names that are paying dividends.
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>> speaking of the porschs of the market, that thing is running. maybe it's a referendum in some respect on momentum trade. maybe it's its own being >> i have calls at the 1100 strike which a t the time just a month ago were well out of the money as the stock was a thousands dollars. then as it surged here through 1100, through 1700 on tennessee highs, we were selling calls at the 1300 strike.
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that's not because i don't still believe there's more magic that elon, that dust he sprinkles on this stock that causes it to do this on the other hand this one became too much of an overweight i'm comfortable with being overweighted in apple because i'm pretty sure of the numbers that they are producing. i think this factory in texas will be good for them, for tesla. i think that's a couple of years in the making. i don't think you just throw a switch and it's open i was willing to take some of the money off the table. i said 50% i'm taking off. i'll let the rest run a bit. if we start violating the
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downside then i'd look at re-evaluating. right now i'm happy with tesla >> tiffany, it's been hard to find somebody on the program who owns the stock outright. we don't have many people who come on here who do. jon and pete have played it occasionally through options i can't think of another pemrson on the program who has owned it. you own it what do you do with it in. >> i do. let me just level set here for a second we have clients that really love tesla and in our ownership of tesla has been driven by that. for me, one of the highlights of earning season is listening to the tesla earnings call because it's pure entertainment. you don't know what elon musk will say he is a rock star. an obscure rock star but a rock star nonetheless i do know not what kind of
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secret sauce they sprinkle on that stock to make it do what it has been doing it really is nuts. our clients really love the story of tesla they love the esg play yesterday on the call, elon musk was all about innovation and i think he offered up a contract to companies that can sustainablely mine nickel. he put a call out for engineers that want to be on the cutting edge of design it's an earnings call like no other. we do own it we have held onto it it has done very well. s >> you think in. >> this was purely client driven i can't explain it i don't have a formula to figure it out
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>> can the momentum keep going the stock performance speaks for itself he's run over and made fools of people who have bet against him. the question is can this really continue or is this a picture of what will end up being one of the more unsustainable stock stories that we remember in 2020 >> together it produces 60 times the number of automobiles. i'm not saying go out and short this that's krad zi it's like suicide. i do think when you look out a year from now that some rationality will have returned to the stock does it go higher from here? it may well. this is pure speculation this is not investing.
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>> with these high growth companies, it's speculation. it all senses it when you bought facebook or any of these companies, aren't you speculating that the fundamentals will grow into what the stock is trading for at that current time why is this any different? >> to the extent we don't no the future, yes. you have to look at the return potential and say is this worth the risk given how much i don't know i don't know enough about what the cash flows are going to be a will the of the earnings, we know there's a lot of the earnings was the sale of those tax credits to other companies
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it wasn't just pure earnings >> fair point. >> this is very hard for me to get behind >> i'm looking at reaction from the street today piper sandler goes to a street high of 2400 bucks those are the words that matter, street high. the street has just chased these names that have run and run and run all week long. we have seen analysts bump their price target up. maybe it's not the best example to bring up. i don't know it's hard to get in front of this freight train >> look, i think tesla is a good company, a great company i think musk is a unique
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individual, truly a genius to me there's too much hype in it still if it were normal company and they made their money by selling a mission credit to the other auto companies which is how they turn to profit this year, this quarter, then the stock would get crushed. you had company where the ceo says we don't want the make a lot of money we really don't want to go bankrupt i assume that was said tongue and cheek. these are the true believerers they'll get it higher. to raise your price target to that level just seems like lunacy that's part of the lunacy. i'll play along because i don't think it ends any time soon. >> i want to get to a quick break. we have the lows of the day for apple. goldman sachs reiterating to avoid it the stock is down about 2.5%
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we're back let's go to sue. >> here is what's happening at this hour, everybody a federal judge has ordered the release of former trump lawyer, michael cohen. the judge says he believes the government sent cohen back to prison in retaliation for writing a book about the president. cohen is set to be released to resume home confinement tomorrow a cafeteria in the white house has now been closed after a worker there tested positive for coronavirus. contact tracing is being conducted. the white house medical office tells nbc news the risk of transmission is low. taylor swift has a big surprise she's releasing a new album tonight. it's called folklore and she said she wrote the whole thing in isolation there's eight versions of the album. each with a different album cover. look forward to that very much that's news update back to you.
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>> thank you what a comment from jim about what stock to avoid. >> jpmorgan is not the stock the own. i own it because of some silly thing becaused diversification there's a piece of goldman sachs repair talking about diversification and how it could hurt you i have single stock risk in jpmorgan >> he's talking of charlie shark. jon, we saw it's sacrilig to
12:33 pm
avoid apple. i don't remember anybody ever saying that on this program. >> no. >> jim both a friend and a very insightful trader, scott this is not to denigrate jim i think it's stable stock and the best leadership in the business if you sell one month out even if you only do it six time a year, that's an 18% added yield to one of the best stocks and like i say, best financial leadership teams not just jamie but a lot of folks within that bank that's why i own it. i don't own it because i expect the kind of performance you get out of apple or c hhegg or zoom
12:34 pm
i do think it's stable that's why i own it. i like stability and selling calls into this stable stock i use it like a bank account >> i wish stephanie was here to tell us why she thinks wells fargo is better name to be in. i think she would tell you that because she's in that name >> it might be i might be you could make that argument the leadership team, i can't compare those two leadership teams and say this is apples to apples because i don't think it is >> jim says -- he's dead in the water. wells fargo is washed out and crushed with a new leader who can cut costs and turn the company around what about that tiffany? you own jpmorgan kramer says well s the one a stock that's washed out and
12:35 pm
ready for upside behind a good leader rather than one in the uncertainty of the marketplace we happen to be in >> i respect jim and respectfully disagree with his call on jpmorgan we own jpmorgan. we have for a while. we like the diversification of revenue of investment banks even leading with their stronger than expected q2 results the overall balance sheet has been a cushion for the banks especially during these difficult times when a bank like wells fargo is really struggling jpmorgan is still committed to paying their dividend and the story's a combination of scale diversification, sound risk management which really has
12:36 pm
provided competitive edge for jpmorgan historically. from an esg perspective we like their advancing black pathways program. well fargo has a long way to go. >> make kramer is onto something. if you want to pair the two stocks and make a comparison and have to pick one or the other that the greatest amount of upside lies in wells fargo because of where it was and where it's till trying to get to and coming out of the pandemic with lope growth and thian grow. it's just prime for a bigger take off than what you're getting right now out of
12:37 pm
jpmorgan i don't think i misrepresented jim's thinking in the way he articulated it yesterday or thinks about it. >> yeah. i think it's a question of time frame. i'm with tiffany on this there's a long way to go there's only so much you can do. in the meantime, by the way, they have a reputational issue with their customers and with investment advisers which is an important part of thei who really wants to join them. most will want to join jpmorgan before wells fargo >> wells will chapg the esg view look at charlie sharp's team his board, his knowledge of
12:38 pm
tech he's a tech machine. i don't know if jim is in the building we might have to call jim out to further this conversation because we have such good ownership and thoughts about this space on the group. liz, what about the banks? you can talk about these individually or the space as a whole if it's easier for you to do that. >> my entire being is leverage tods the banking industry. it's a diversification play for a lot of investors i do agree that the -- you're looking for upside in a bank, i think wells fargo has a little more room for upside because it's been so incumbent down. you have to look at the banks as a whole. look as it as a diversification play the banking sector is much healthier around than around the
12:39 pm
groeb. >> can you make the case to own a bank the financial is a good place to be if you suggest taking profits out of some of those big five names but one is momentum name and up a lot would you take profits and mutt mon -- put money sinto a financial institution? >> you can just today it was a report that warren buffet bought almost another billion dollars of bank america. i don't think it's a savvy long ter term investor.
12:40 pm
that's more than priced into the market for these stocks. i think you can do it but you'll take a lot of heat, which i'm used to doing. >> jim ran over here to join in on the fun i thaought it was appropriate t include you to discuss what was, i think you admit, is a controversial take >> my trust owns jpmorgan. >> i hear you. >> i'm saying at this very moment, if you want performance and i say this, mean the next quarter or two charlie, every one knows in the business is the most tech savvy of all the ceos. wells fargo is the at least tech savvy bank of all the banks. he doesn't have any regulatory problems because he was at visa. he wasn't at one of these big
12:41 pm
bank heads i know you say the whole thing was a big sham and fraud i disagree they didn't lose nearly as many customers a e we thought it needs a top the bottom make over that was the conclusion. charlie comes in with an unbelievable bank. the stock was at 60 during the second -- the fifth week of february in 2018 there's a lot upside here. more than just jpmorgan. >> tiffany, i give you the floor. >> yeah, respectfully, jim, i still disagree we really just love jpmorgan for
12:42 pm
all the reasons i mentioned earlier. the esg play is great. we're going to continue to hold it >> i know charlie, personally. i love him i like his wife very much. i think they're great people but i met charlie in one of those situations where it was strictly business and charlie e vviscerad me he had to school me about banks. i studied banks for 25 years he showed me the way it works. it was eye opening he's more esg focused than anybody i know in terms of banking. tiffany, i think you'll be surprised at his sensitivity to issues
12:43 pm
i think charlie would reach out to you i can't tell you he will call you right after this that would be too much to ask. he's not that nice >> i'm open to a conversation. it's going be hard to compete with even from an esg perspecti perspective. i think it will be hard. i'm taupe a conversation >> that's all he can ask >> he won't take my call i've been trying to get him on the show since he came in. he will hear about what you said i know charlie enough to know this is water shed for him to here he's got focus on the esg
12:44 pm
too. this was a shocking call for me. i didn't want to make it >> i was shocked >> i didn't want to make it. >> i was shocked to hear you say -- nobody comes on and says what you said about jpmorgan and for that matter, few people come on and say what you said about wells fargo. stephanie does but it's hard to find people to come on and make a credible case that wells fargo is the place to be in financials >> fin tech is different square is incredible i do think that all theeds stocks have gotten over heated
12:45 pm
and i see someone in square taking a look at what happened to tesla today microsoft saying wow fin tech is, you have to have fin tech fin tech means i'm hiding in that one i'm hiding in tech as opposed to real banking i just like -- i like the fact that wells was -- do you remember we used to worship wells. it was not destroyed >> seems like forever ago. >> it was just a couple of years ago. charlie has some oil and gas he'll deal with those. he can set up an international business he can make wells into a worldwide power house. he's got a lot of friends. he is listen and change things he's got a lot of work from that
12:46 pm
bank which had not been a focus. tiffany, i hope he doesn't let you down >> i hope he calls you set the bar up there he has to give her a call. thank you, jim for coming out here >> absolutely. i wish i had makeup on i look sick. jim, you look. what's the matter. what's wrong >> you look great. it's live tv i love that you came out here. thank you for that so much tiffany, i've got to say good-bye to you. i want to get an under the radar pick from you before i let you go >> we love ecommerce it's not just an amazon play in addition to waulmart and target we really like far fetch it's an e-commerce platform for
12:47 pm
luxury goods we think it's positioned to help luxury retailers to sell online in a cool way. stock is up 114% in the past three months, 77 over 77% we really like it. >> good stuff. thanks for being with us today you let us know if there scharf calls. >> i will. up next, a member of cnbc financial wellness counsel is with us. brandon copeland we'll talk about his latest charity efforts during the covid crisis, expanding his financial education platform we'll talk about the upcoming xt a wllo , llnde' dit ne hey, kids!
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any mining companies out there, please mine more nickel where ever you are in the world, please mine more nickel. don't wait for
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12:52 pm
. wr wherever you are in the world, mine more nickel. don't wait for a high point that you experienced five years ago or whatever. that was elon musk on the company's conference call last night. so where better to play the nickel trade than the futures market for that we bring in jiff jeff kilburg. so, jeff, give us a trade? >> tesla is accelerating the transition into nickel in january of 2019, they're at 18,000 i want to be a buyer here. so the trade we're looking at is buying at 13,500, looking for a move higher to 14,250. having this stock down at 13,125 that's a 2/1 ratio i'm risking 22.50 to make 4100 there's two-thirds of all of the demand for nickel goes into stainless steel. the other side is infrastructure what is the third type maybe tesla. >> jeff, thank you very much >> brandon copeland is the leader in another field. cnbc has partnered with orn called cnbc and havined by brandon jeans trying to get ov reat to see you. how are you doing? >> doing well. thank you for being here you never cease to amaze us in our charitable and fillon test test test. we were able to take 500 people 50 -- again, a way to reintroduce myself to the city and not be wearing an opposing team jersey. >> right right. >> i guess just more why do you do what you do i said you continue to amaze us
12:53 pm
inial all of these things that do a lot of people have charitable endeavors. i'm sure many of your professional colleagues do as well what motivates you to do this repeatedly >> yeah. i think when you think about legacy, you think about impact and what really lasts. and for me, i know personally when, you know, when i'm on my death bed that the things and memories and the -- even at my funeral, i know that sounds morb morbid, i would rather people talk about the great things, the great ideas i was able to give them, the times we were able to give them a gift card and stuff like that as opposed to a tackle in a random game on the big stage. that's cool, but ultimately the impact of financial literacy and teaching people those types of things, those have ripple effects that last long beyond my time on this earth >> how has the pandemic impacted
12:54 pm
the way you're able to do what you want to do through your foundation and programs that you have and things that you just can't simply do? >> yeah. i think we had to be flexible like everyone else, like the entire world has been challenged with and try to do events virtually. unfortunately the youth that we impact, a lot of impoverished underserved youth and minority communities, we missed that touch point and that interaction and being able to give them meals, and encourage them and teach them a bunch of different leadership characteristics in person however, again like everyone else, we try to get as creative as possible. if the world was normal, i would have been handing out the gift cards myself in new england today. however, you know, we are trying to make sure we keep everyone as safe as possible >> you have obviously become more financially literate, that's part of the reason we keep having these conversations. you have tried to instill that
12:55 pm
on others as well. whether it's your colleagues within the league or outside i'm curious, because of the stock market doing what it is doing, are you finding more people talking to you about financial literacy because of the performance of the stock market lately? >> yeah. what i've done is taken my class, the life 101 class, we started pushing it online and just teaching people as much as possible so people feel free -- shameless plug, follow atlife101 on instagram -- but a lot of people are trying to jump into investing for the first time, which is great i want to make sure everyone comes to us -- come to other people, seek financial advice so you're learning, not going in without researching and as much knowledge as possible. so that you can make the right investments, the right plays for yourself and your family for the rest of your life.
12:56 pm
>> talk to me about the season i know there are significant economic issues that need to be worked out between the league and the union. can you get to a place where you're comfortable playing this year >> i hope so to be quite honest, it's a complete unknown, like with everything else, you know, i know they're working hard to sort it out. however, you know, i just want to make sure when we go back, it's not just about us as athletes on the field, but also about the coaches, it's about the equipment managers, and the chefs. and then we're going home and potentially exposing our families to this football is not a sport that you can play without contact so, you know, i know that the people are working really hard to try to make sure that we mitigate as much risk as possible and i pray that we have a full season this year and, you know, if not, we get creative. however, you know, i'm glad
12:57 pm
that's not my decision to make i don't envy the decisionmakers on this one. >> yeah. but you're going to report as scheduled when you have to, i think it's the 28th, is that right? >> yep next week i will be reporting. again, we -- good luck, right? we'll pray how that one goes >> we wish you well. thanks for coming back with us we'll talk again i'm sure. >> appreciate you. thanks for having me as always >> you bet that's brandon copeland joining us for more invest in you go to nbc and comcast ventures are veorininsts acorns. final trades are next. this selenite grey is so pretty isn't it?
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final trades, liz young? >> esg stocks. >> john? >> mattel, m.a.t >> steve weiss >> xpp >> jim? >> marathon petroleum. >> kelly, appreciate the extra 20 seconds >> thank you very much, scott. new jobless claims increase for the first time in four months. this as the extra $600 jobless benefit is set to expire in days treasury secretary


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