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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 19, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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away everything going forward other than real robust earnings growth which is another way saying the move got so much power there is always a bull market some where i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i am jim cramer, i will see you tomorrow.cramer. i will see you tomorrow. "the news with shepard smith" starts right now \s. i'm shepard smith on cnbc, and this is the news. >> we seems to be in very good shape. >> we could do so much better. the final sprint, where the campaigns are spending the most time and the most money, with just 15 days to the vote. the next 6 to 12 weeks will be the darkest of the entire pandemic. >> hospitals struggling. icu beds running out in some places should we shift the treatment plan. a new consumer alert yelp offering a new feature.
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and tourists returns to the islands after months of pandemic restrictions. >> announcer: live from cnbc global headquarters, the facts, the truth, the "the news with shepard smith." 15 days to the election members of the same russian intelligence agency senior charged with some of the morse cyber attacks to date around the world. a federal grand jury in washington charging six russian hackers in connection with crimes over the past four years. today's charges include hacks that the feds say led to nearly a billion in losses for a health care company in pennsylvania, plus a blackout in ukraine and computer problems for the 2018 olympics pete williams is with us we knew russian intelligence agents were involved, but now
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they have charged individual. >> right, individuals they have attributed these 'tacks to, and they used some of the most damaging computer malware ever unleashed. fbi says all six are intelligence officers in the russian military who carried out the cyberattacks to sport the russian government's goals starting in 2015, knocked out electrical power in ukraine during the winter leaving a quarter of a million people shivering in the dark. targeted the opening ceremony of the 2018 winter olympics, and deleted data from thousands of computers that supported the games, which fouled up reservations and ticketing, making it seem like the attacks were coming from thenoic hit the u.s. by shutting down the computer system of a pennsylvania hospital, making it difficult to get patient data, and targeting a fedex subsidiary, and large u.s. pharmaceutical maker, totaling nearly losses of $1 billion.
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they're also accused of trying to interfere with the french election in 2015, hampering the uk's infection into the pois poisoning of a russian dis dent and his daughter these are part of the same unit known in the cyberworld as the sandworm team charged by robert mueller's prosecutors with trying to meddle in the u.s. election in to 16. john demurs said he has seen nothing to question what he has been saying, that a vote cast for a candidate will be accounted for for that candidate. shepard? >> it's one thing to charge them it's another to bring them to justice. any chance of that >> no chance of that they charges mean they can't travel internationally the government says these folks wanted to do something when they get out of the military. it makes it hard to ever be
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hired with anybody who has a connection with an american company. pete williams, thanks. the vote and the final sprint is on with election day two weeks from tomorrow. the candidates are on completely different pathing. we're following the travel and the money. right now president trump holding his second rally of the day. he was in prescott earlier this is live in tucson joe biden off the campaign trail entirely, his campaign says preparing for the final debate kamala harris made a swing through battleground florida she's rallies voters there on the first day of in-person voting there here's a look where the candidates have been over the past few weeks biden and harris have made two dozens stops president trump and vice president pence -- without a win
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there in florida, the road to reelection is much tougher here's how much they're spending in some key battlegrounds see here the top one is florida they have dropped a lot of cash. earlier today during a call with his campaign staff, president trump admitted he had doubts weeks ago about his chances of winning, but he says now he'll win arizona, pennsylvania and michigan, despite trailing in the polls. >> this is all i'm telling you we're going to win i wouldn't have said that two, three weeks ago. i'm going to arizona today for two rallies. those two rallies will put arizona away. >> in that same call, the president attacked dr. fauci, called him a disaster and other health officials idiots. eamon javers is live in washington for us tonight. >> reporter: shep, that's right,
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the campaign continued to be dominated by the ropes, as both sides sought to place blame. the president had the call with his own campaign team, he took the opportunity to bash anthony fauci. >> people are tired of hearing fauci and all these idiots, these people, these people that have gotten it wrong fauci is a nice guy. he's been here for 500 years he called every one of them wrong. >> reporter: meanwhile, joe biden dialing back campaign activities, as he prepares for the next debate. late in the day he did issue a comment -- you're right about one thing. they're tired about this virus, they're tired of watching more people lose their jobs and more die because you refuse to take this pandemic seriously.
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shep >> the trump campaign already criticizing the debate commission for a debate that hasn't happened. >> they issued a letter blasting the commission, calling into question the choice of topics for the debate coming up on thursday shep, we have already seen one debate blow up in a dispute over the format we'll see whether that happens here so far both sides say they're going, but it's still only monday. floridian hitting the polls today. these pictures from early morning, crowds in the rain to cath their ballots in person florida cis a key state for president trump. early voting also started today
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for north dakota in fargo, people wore masks and shields. like many other states across the country, covid has been surging, and the virus putting more people in hospitals than ever before, according to data from the state's health department josh letterman is live in bismausines bismarck >> flip a couple hundred dollars lined up this morning. over the next week or so, early voting will expand the one key quirk is you don't have voter registration. anybody who is eligible can show up and cast their ballots. >> all new highs for north dakota they've been on the rise for a long time. >> reporter: that's right, north dakota leading the nation in terms of the rate of new covid
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cases as well as deaths. at the hospital behind me, they only have one available staff icu bed left, but the issue of masks and covid restrictions still controversial here take a listen to what the public health officials and local re s residents told you had. >> we have large events, people but out, just not taking the precautions they need to take. >> reporter: what do you think when you still people still not wearing masks even as this is becoming such a problem here >> i think they're being pretty selfish. >> reporter: selfish >> yeah, they're just doing what they all want to do. they're not respecting anybody else. >> reporter: there is no mandatory mask mandate here statewide, but in the last few
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minutes the mayor of fargo is putting in a mandate immediately. >> reporter: thank you, josh cases are up, america averaging more than 56,000 positive tests per day over the last week. that's up more than 30% this month. hospitals and icus are filling up, both up close to 20%. the numbers are painfully high one state hit hard is wisconsin. it added 30% of the total cases over the past three weeks. hospitalizations tripled over the past month nbc's gabe gutierrez is live for you in milwaukee >> reporter: local authorities calling this a five-alarm fire about 85% of the hospital beds are full right now the state saw a record number of cases on friday.
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behind me is a new drive-thru testing site shep, we have seen cars here for pretty much most of the day since it opened for the first time this morning. this drive-thru testing site is in the parking lot across the street from miller park, the home for the brewers the state has also opened a new emergency field hospital not far from here. today, we spoke with several people in line at a distance here is what frank lock locket had to tell us. >> this ain't no joke. it's killing people. all you have to do is look at the numbers. >> reporter: a bit hard to here. he was experiencing symptoms, bus his basket appoint is he wanted people to take it seriously. there was breaking news today that a wisconsin judge had ruled
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the governor's order restricting capacity, bars and restaurants at 25%, the judge ruled that order could stay in place despite a lawsuit. but shep, here is the intersection of politics and the pandemic early voting begins here in wisconsin tomorrow. >> gabe gutierrez on a cold night in milwaukee where are we, big picture? scott gottlieb is with us. hearing dire predictions for the weeks ahead, what is yours >> we're facing a tough circumstance right now we're going to see accelerating cases into the next four to six weeks, probably to the end of the year i think we're about two, three weeks behind europe, about a week away from starting to enter a period where we're going to see a rapid acceleration i think november and december will be tough months we have no
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therapeutic backstop and the fall and winter season is whether this coronavirus is going to want to spread. >> we were just live in north dakota and wisconsin, cold in both that brings people indoors thanksgiving is ahead. what are you telling families who just haven't seen each other in so long and would love ten people around the dining room table. >> when you talk to the governors, when they do their tracing and trace back to the source of the infection, over times it's family gatherings, gatherings at local social clubs, elks, not people going into bars and restaurants per se, so we need to be careful when we think we're safe we're coming into the seventh inning we've been through a lot we've managed to protect the vulnerable, and i think we can't led or guard down. thanksgiving will be a tempting
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occasion, but when you have older individuals, people who are vulnerable, i think you need to figure out how to protect them in 2021, the risk will start to recede hopefully we'll have a vaccine for vulnerable populations, and we can look to happier days, but these will be tough months for us. >> you mentioned a vaccine hopefully. there's so much talk, that it's just going to happen by the third quarter of next year there's a vaccine can you handicap whether that's a real thing or not? >> if people are optimistic i'm on board of pfizer, one of the companies doing a large-scale trial. remember, even if these trials are successful, the first tranche of patients who get that
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vaccine will not have protective immunity into to 2021 it probably will be february or march before the full benefit of the vaccine. even when the applications get filed in december, if the trials are successful it takes two to four weeks to vaccine, it will take a month to vaccinate the initial population then you have to wait about three to four weeks to get a second shot. not everyone will get that exactly on time. so you're putting the schedule towards february or march when people will have the ful benefit of the vaccine, even if it's on schedule and things go right. >> you wrote appear op-ed you referenced briefly, but getting treatments to people who need them, but obstacles that stand in the way. >> these are the antibody drugs.
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we always thought a bridge to a vaccine could be these antibody drugses, the drugs that governor chris christie and the president receive. they basically give you an immune system in a bottle i think they should be authorityized in a matter of weeks, but right now the system the federal government has designed to distribute the drugs envisions infusing them in emergency rooms. these need to be given to people who aren't very sick, but there are people who are at risk of having a bad outcome it's going to be hard those individuals to come into a busy emergency room and sit for a three-hour infusion, so i think the government has to think about a home-based service the other things is you have to get the people to the hospital someone will have to drive them
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to the hospital. >> it's a complicated world. thank you so much, dr. gottlieb. we're dealing with covid in so many different parts of life. >> the teachers are responding it's been good everybody is trying. battling a pandemic and the destruction left behind from a hurricane. we're on the ground. from chef to carpenter. >> it just makes sense for me to survive. the shift in careers that covid is forcing many americans to make. and about 30 million americans have already voted, but when will those ballots be counted? >> announcer: the facts, the truth, the "the news with shepard smith", back in 60 seconds. how can i become a congresswoman? what do i need to study to become a senator? could i change things more at the state level or the federal level? do i have to be mayor before i become governor?
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why aren't there more women in government? change begins with a question. so citi foundation is supporting girl scouts as they empower young leaders through civic education to help create a better tomorrow. before we talk about tax-s-audrey's expecting... new? -twins! ♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan. it's not just a sandwich, far from it. it's a reason to come together. it's a taste of something good. a taste we all could use right now. so let's make the most of it. and make every sandwich count. with oscar mayer deli fresh yelp is taking a zero-tolerance approach to racism it flags businesses accused of
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egregious behavior can one bad review turn into a cascade of bad press here's cnbc's contessa brewer. >> reporter: in small towns and big cities, yelp reviews can make or break a city now it can also carry a warning label, this business accused of racist behavior. yelp says since it launched earlier this month, only a couple businesses out of millions have earned the rating. they capture the artwork that earned the restaurant one-star reviews going back years. >> the first thing you see is a giant sculpture of a black man with oversized lips, and bugged out eyes, and really dark skin
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black and brown people would surely feel uncomfortable, unable to enjoy a space with those sorts of things explained. >> reporter: but the complaint got expos are you ready. >> what the hell is that >> she's like, what? >> that statue is insanely racist >> reporter: he first tweeted the scathing complaint, and then he posted a comprehensive review on yelp. yelp didn't have the warnings of racism then, but a spokesperson said at that time our team placed an unusual activity alert on the page fost foster's removed the artwork and
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agreed the owners say they're committed to providing an inclusive atmosphere and workpalace. the management has removed the antiquated imagery the management strong le rebukes racism the current management truly regrets the inclusion of the imagery and recognizes the decor has no place in today's world. >> i think what happened on yelp really moved this. >> reporter: we decided not to include the full range of photos, but they're still on the yelp listing the spokesperson said the priority is to customers to have all the information they need to
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make a decision on where they spend their money. a man dangle from trump tower in chicago for hours and a shark attacks a dockworker in florida, in this trip "coast to coast." florida, that thing attach to do this man's food, that's a shark. the victim says it grabbed on for more than 15 minutes he eventually pried the jaw open, and he needed 16 stitches. authorities say the standoff went like this the suspect bar indicated himself, pulled out a knife, one officer shot at him. sometimes during the standoff he stabbed himself with that night. illinois, a man dangling from trump tower chicago he suspended himself with a rope and harness from the 16th floor
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landing. police said he threatened to jump unless he could speak with president trump. they eventually got him down the groan monster transformed into a voting venue. >> it's always fun to be at fenway in october, whether it's for the world series or coming to vote. that's this cnbc trip "coast to coast." when two hurricanes hit louisiana, the landscape was ravaged. here is cnbc's scott cohn. >> reporter: the has should be buzzing with students right now. in the school auditorium, they might be holding auditions for the spring musical.
7:24 pm
>> between the two hurricanes, all of our facilities had damage. >> reporter: that's 76 campuses in all what hurricane laura started in august, hurricane delta finished this month >> the companies were picking up debris, contractors were putting shingles on. then you get hit by another hurricane. we can't forget that our students haven't been in school since march 13th because of covid and then these hurricanes. we have to find away to get ou students back in the school buildings with our educator. >> reporter: this is the principal's first school year at la grange. she says they had a plan, with most students on campus, but many opting to go virtual. >> there were a lot of things we were going to do, but we're going to modify to have students and staff all together again. >> reporter: easier said than
7:25 pm
done with one third of families displaced. and others without power or internet tarika is a special-ed teacher and the softball coach. >> my role is to be a leader, to let them know that i care, we care. >> reporter: remarkably some schools are set to reopen this week long term, the situation is less clear. they're still waiting for word on a request for fema to cover 90% of the damage, when it often does, versus the normal 9% >> when your school district can't recover, that's not good >> reporter: a spokesperson for louisiana governor john bel edwards, says the administration is working with the white house
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to streamline the process. an answer can't come a moment too soon. we checked in the mayor of lake charles he says the power is back on finally and people can drink from the tap water again, and we thought we had problems. returning to normal will take years, or at least months. you can go back to hawaii. a 14-day mandatory quarantine is over just how hard is it to follow all the new testing rules. we're live on the big island. a new threat to watch out for when you're voting armed men who call themselves poll watchers? coming up, our reporter llfoows one man as he trying to recruit people to help him protect the vote
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cvs is preparing for the collision of covid and flu that's what's topping cnbc on the money. the drug story chain plans to immediately hire 15,000 workers, most to be full and part-time licensed pharmacy techs. a bigger workforce could help them prepare for a crow individual vaccine. you can now rent an entire theater, and have private screenings for up to 20 people
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it's designed to bring movie-goers back into the hall, locations shuttered, major films delayed. the price? just $99. all music vehicle i don'ts all the time started today with the countdown of the most 100 streamed songs it's a flash back to the '80s really on wall street, the dow down 410, the s&p and nasdaq even down over 1.5% traders selling at congress does not appear anywhere closes to a disaster relief bill it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news more than 30 million americans have already voted, but different too its have different rules on when to start counting.
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florida started early. the governor gave the green light 30 days before the general, so we'll likely have a decision that night. different story in pennsylvania. they could touch the ballots until the polls open, and they're facing a massive backlog. out of pennsylvania, just moments ago the supreme court ruled that pennsylvania can count ballots up to three day after the election that rejects a plea from republicans there. the thing is, it will take longer to count, so pennsylvania will be delayed, but the chaos will likely be much less michigan is another battle gowned state it can start -- election officials say michigan will likely be one of the last states to report results, likely not until friday after the tuesday vote. there's new concern for law enforcement on election day. a number of police chiefs across
7:32 pm
the country tell nbc news they're worried about the threat of armed men at polls places lately president trump has been calling for an army of poll watchers nbc's dasha burns is learn in grand rapids for us. you've been following one activist who wants to recruit, as he puts it, others to protect the vote. >> reporter: he figured he would find some folks who are eare to participate. he was right he was a pretty popular figure with that crowd. it was clear the president's repeated calls to go and watch carefully are resonating deeply with his supporters. many folks we met were pretty skeptical of the election system, and they wanted to take it upon themselves to try to ensure a safe election listen to what we heard. >> when we get people outside
7:33 pm
the system of political power that keeps them afraid, i feel truly we'll have people uncovering wrongdoing that has not been uncovered before. >> i want to protect the integrity of our election, make sure there's no cheating going on. >> watching, making sure they're voting correctly, you know, that they're going through the process. >> shep, michigan is an open-carry state, but on friday state officials announced a ban on that at the polls i asked smm peeve -- some people about their take on that, but they were unhappy with the ban they called it overreach on the mart of the state government. the polls show trump trailing pretty similar to last cycle he trailed hillary clinton on
7:34 pm
this date four years ago steve kornacki, a bit of deja vu >> 8.9% is the average lead when you look at the national polls same exact day four years ago, what did the polls look like then wasn't quite 8.9, but a 6 1/2 point lead this was the time, mid-october 2016 when trump was hit with the "access hollywood" tapes, and his numbers started to bottom out. these are the battleground states now this is what the battleground states looked like on that day in mid october 2016 trump did cut the lead, the polls got closer in the end, the question is will there be similar momentum can trump get the late push like he did in 2016 >> this rule we just got from
7:35 pm
the supreme court, steve, they a rejection of the republican proposal and allows more time to get your ballots in. that could be a difference maker. you're right and in terms of the timetable, pennsylvania was already one of those states where it could take some time to get the results out there. we've been looking at the possible sort of factors that could complicate the picture another one in pennsylvania was this, voter registration statistics these are net new voters registration just in the last few months in three big battleground states. this is something that republicans have been talking about. look at this in the last couple months, on the net, they have registered more new voters, more voters than the democrats in those three big swing states that's something the trump folks have been talking about. they think they have folks that
7:36 pm
aren't being picked up on right now. for the democrats, that court ruling, that get to what they're looking for. >> a massive get out the vote is joe biden making any inrecords here's the biggest shift trump won the white vote trump won that by 17 points in 2016, on average now trump leads among white voters by just four points biden's gains have been among white voters in fact he's gained. biden is actually not keeping pace this is how hillary clinton did with black and latino voters biden is underperforming, where biden's made his gain has been among white voters >> steve, thanks. are you in the market for a used vehicle
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the tsa is reporting agents screened more than a million people in one day at u.s. airpor airports traffic is increasing. it's the best week since mid march. hawaii is seeing an uptick on tourists jane wells is there. how did it go? >> reporter: well, um, i'm here. look, hawaii has to battle with two things, a 12.5% unemployment rate and 2.2 positivity rate. basically the last seven months, nobody could come in unless they were willing to stay home. they were hutting up violators
7:40 pm
so here's the economic impact, back on january they had an average of 28,000, that went to 700 in august, and then thursday's reopening, that was a huge snap back it caught airport officials. so many arrived that hadn't followed the rules officials became a little overwhelm overwhelmed. look, you have to first go on to the state website, you get a qr code before you come here, you have to get a hawaii-approved covid test at a sanctioned trusted site on the mainland before you can even come here, and that has to be done 72 hours before you land. >> that sounds like a lot. >> reporter: yes >> how did it go >> reporter: well, it wasn't easy by the way, you have to pay for that covid test.
7:41 pm
9 closest one we could find was 80 miles away at a walmart in palmdale we didn't get the results until we were in the air when we landed on sunday then you have to check out this video. we came to the big island. only on this island you have to get a second test, and you can't leave until you get a negative test people were taking hours for us, it was pretty good, but once you're out, if you like at my drive videos the i'd is wide open the beaches are open there isn't any traffic. many hotels, shep, are not open yet, but hey, it's hawaii. >> yes, it is. what happened to all the people that got there on thursday, but didn't follow the rules?
7:42 pm
>> reporter: yeah, there were a lot of people who didn't the state was so overwhelmed, they started accepting any negative test, it didn't have to be from a trust the partner. that waiver ends today if you didn't have that, you were supposed to quarantine, but i think a few people probably slipped through the cracks. >> aloha and mahalo. a deadly bomb in afghanistan, as we go around the world in 80 seconds. afternoon, a suicide car bomb killing at least 13 people the head of the hospital says he expects the death toll to rise the explosion near government buildings in the country's western province it comes as taliban and afghan leaders hold their first face-to-face peace talks in qatar. chile, protests turn
7:43 pm
violent. masked vandal put two churches on fire. church leaders calling for an end to the riots this marks a year since the deadly demonstrations over inequality that rocked chile hungary, a fancy meet on a theme park right for around $150, you can enjoy a four-course meal on the ferris wheel. the owner says it's a great way to keep social distancing while enjoying the views of the capital. germany, this daredevil balancing his way to the record books at 240 feet off the ground he walked on a thin rope he said the hardest part was keeping his concentration on this trip "around the world in 80 seconds."
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time lambsed video on the march in boulder county, colorado
7:48 pm
would you look at this plumes of smoke growing through the day. the calwood fire they call it. that's when the boulder county sheriff's office, about an hour north of there, the cameron peak fire is still burning. it's now spread to 318 square miles larger from the side of new york city, for a fire that's been burning more than two months. the nation's home builders are on a tear. they could build houses fast enough, but there's a problem. the builders need more workers cnbc's diana olick who has the story of a chef, in the era of covid decided to give homebuilding a high. >> reporter: the 38-year-old chef recovered, but was laid off from his restaurant job. >> i got put in a tight spot
7:49 pm
up employment was helping for a while. >> reporter: so copeland needed a new plan he saw an ad for the colorado homebuilding academy. >> the construction industry is doing as well as it is, why not jbeil jump on that >> we're getting more calls than we ever have. >> reporter: because high unemployment from covid has workers looking for something safe. >> this is maybe a job that's steady, going forward i can depend on it, and something you want to get into long term. >> demand for housing is soaring. sales of newby built homes are outpacing. the industry is short about 57,000 workers, according to the nahb the academy is planning to expand nationally, joining others like the homebuilders institute, youthbuild usa and
7:50 pm
others he landed a job immediately at taylor morrison, one of the nation's largest home builders. >> it's a huge breath of fresh air, honestly. not having to worry about my bills anymore. it's a night-and-day difference, coming from an industry that struggling to deep people hired, to an industry that's like, come on in, let's get you to work. >> reporter: he's making more money as a builder than a chef, and why builders are paying so much for workers like him? in august the numbers of homes sold but hadn't been built yet was up nearly 70% with all the construction and movement from cities and suburbs, there's been a run on used truck, add to that the covid shut down the assembly
7:51 pm
lines. in all of 2020's weirdness, pickups can be hard to find. phil has the story. >> 1500 miles across five states seems like a long way to go, but that's what many are willing to do for a used truck. last month the jump in prices was the biggest since 1969 >> used pickup trucks now selling for record prices. >> it's as hot as i have ever seen it, almost anything that has a pickup bed, even rusty, is popular right now. >> reporter: so popular, buyers are paying about five grand more for a used pickup today than in january, before the pandemic covid-19 forced auto plants to shut down.
7:52 pm
more americans wanted their own vehicle to drive around. those working for a specific model are gladly going across the country to buy a truck chuck schmidt went to kansas city >> at least two or three times a month, we have customers that come a long way away we sold a truck about two months ago to north carolina. we sold the truck into laredo, texas. we're selling this one into washington customers seem to be able to find things on the web more than they used to, and they'll come a long way to get what they want. >> one more indication of just how hot the pickup market is right now? dealers are saying some used models are actually selling for more than new models of course, it depends on what the used model has, if it has unique features, it has high demand. murder hornets now
7:53 pm
it's time. scientists report they are concerned that murder hornets could wipe out the honey bee population in north america. they've been trying to track them a recent effort went very poorly they said they used dental flog to attach a tracking device, but he flew faster than they could run. they had they'd use one with a longer range they hibernate in the winter they came from asia, they're not supposed to be here. they don't have natural predators. they need to find them and destroy the nexts before they hibernate and pop up next season. the dodgers closing out the braves just a day after the rays punch their ticket it wasn't just the players d u e the highlights reel
7:54 pm
diyosethis, game 6 we'll show you hang on. ♪ not much, how about you? are you answering my text in person? i am, yeah. lol come on in. this is tech that helps you be there. the nissan altima now offering the most tech-advanced engine in its class the nissan altima how can i make change in my cacommunity?he planet be my job? how can i become a congresswoman? what do i need to study to become a senator? could i change things more at the state level or the federal level? do i have to be mayor before i become governor?
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did you catch any baseball over the weekend what about braves/dodgers, game 6, a fan making a big league snag, right there. did you see that check it out in slow mo. here we go no leather needed. straight bare hand somebody needs to give that man a contract he beat his buddy to the catch, and nobody spilled their beers that was game 6. now the one that really mattered, game 7, l.a. clawing back into the series cody bell inger's shot gave them the lead they never looked back l.a. going for the first world series title in more than three decades. it won't be easy they'll have to deal with the
7:58 pm
tampa bay rays world series gets under was tuesday night. morgan chesky, how are they preparing? >> reporter: this time tomorrow we will be witnessing a world series unlike anything we have seen before. it won't change the protocol, but fans can expect a significant difference as they enter. when they come up to that door, they're going to pull out the phone, scan a digital ticket and walk through doors that have been propped open to make sure nobody has to grab it, eliminating as much contact. no bags allowed inside, and then they'll walk to the seats sectioned off in the area of four seats in a row. the other seats are zip-tied from that point 11,500 fans will
7:59 pm
be able to watch game one, and hopefully cheer their team to victory. all of the concessions are prepackaged, and they have hand washing stations everywhere. cash is not allowed. to allow for that, they have installed what they call reverse atms, you put in cash, you get a card out that you can use at the field, or anywhere for that matter all of these things have the officials confident they can pull off a potentially thrilling series. 50 seconds on a race to the finish the feds say a russian spy unit that interviewed in the 2016 presidential election is also to blame for move worst cyberattacks around the world. a grand jury indicted them today. 15 days out from the election biden campaign is outspanneding the trump campaign nearly $30 million more in
8:00 pm
florida. the commission has just announced it will mute and cut off candidates' microphones in they interrupt their rival and now you know the news, for this monday october 19, 2020, i'm shepard smith at cnbc global headquarters "shark tank" is next they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ when you're standing there? you're going like this? probably put them in my pockets. you can't. don't do pockets. -like this. -no, no. whatever you do. -side. do the side. -okay. [announcer] first into the tank is an innovation in personal transportation.


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