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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  December 22, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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2% what are you looking at? >> i'm looking at peloton, also looking at deals with fitness cente centers. >> watch square. we got target price increases today. this name was $32 in march closing in on 238 today. let's get to the judge >> carl, thanks so much. welcome to the half time report. front and center this hour, apple's new frontier as the company says it is on the way to producing a self-driving vehicle in the years ahead joining me for the hours are stephanie link, josh brown, jim
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leventhal. the dow now down by just about 150, s&p's red russell is green. john najarian, let's talk about this apple news. it's your biggest position that's why i want to come to you first. this is the report targeting 2024 to produce a passenger vehicle, could include its own breakthrough battery technology. it remains unclear who would assemble the apple-branded car what do you just think about this on its face >> well, scott, on its face, we've chatted forever, heard rumors about apple perhaps getting into this space but that key phrase that you just cited, which is their own unique or breaking new ground with this battery, that's something people will pay attention to. you're no longer then just talking about an also ran, whether it's an ev or
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self-driving vehicle, you're talking about a potential game changer in the battery space that's what everybody is focused on right now everybody from leeand neo and of course tesla as they develop better and better batteries. if apple indeed has some sort of intellectual property and/or some sort of module that they've already been working on that could fit that moniker of a game changer, it would change an awful lot of things, not just for apple. >> everybody owns it on the desk today, which is a good thing stephanie link, you're an apple investors. does this make sense >> well, i think parts of it make sense pt ev total addressable market by 2027 will be $800 billion last year it was $165 billion. so there's clearly growth. but there's also a lot of competition. i would actually be surprised if they actually make a car because the profitability is so much less, but i think what they may
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be more after is enhancing the trying experience, using hardware, using software, using services they can do this because they have just brought in five core technologies in house. so they brought in processing, brought in batteries, they brought in cameras, also sensors and displays so they can package it up and then sell it perhaps or partner up with an oe. but that's the way i would look at it and i would think that would be better for profitability. as a shareholder, that's what i'm interested in. >> josh, you have a provocative thought on what apple should do. i'll let you say who should make this car >> just buy ford why wouldn't you ford is a shelf its former self. they don't even make cars anymore. all they make are pickup trucks, which are a great business for them and suvs. they have a dead or dying business in europe, however you
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want to describe it and no mind share whatsoever as far as where autonomous is going and electric is going -- i understand they have electric cars, coming, so does everyone. apple hasn't made mass, so i don't expect it. first of all, immediately retire all of ford eaves debt, second, renegotiate with the auto union and say we're go to make a ton of money, let's make you guys not only hourly workers but shareholders in this new venture. somebody bold could come along and do that. apple has more cash than you could spend in a lifetime. you're either going to do the cars and really do them or it's going to be another apple tv where you're sort of doing it. now is the time. google and waymo is not sitting
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back, ub ser is playing offense. tesla will never do anything >> jim, you're the car guy what about josh's idea >> well, certainly of course i woke up this morning and said what about gm? i think there's one point that josh kind of glossed over but this is where it's like starting a land war in asia, which is the auto union they are decades of experience of the auto unions wrecking companies and wrecking management maybe the auto unions would say we'll get paid in apple stock but it feels like getting into a land war in asia, not one you would win. i'd love it and if they did it i think you pick gm over ford because they have the battery technology already there
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the bigger point to me as an apple shareholder, i could not care less about this news. first off, it's four years away. that means there's a ten-year head start for guys like elon musk the fields are already guantanamo bay to be overplowed -- >> so what apple didn't invent the phone. they just arguably made it better than the one who is did >> okay, maybe that's going to happen you think elon musk isn't doing the same thing, waymo isn't doing the same thing the list goes on and on and on when you say that -- >> it's the apple -- don't do it first, just do it better >> let me finish, scott. this is the same thing of what's happened over the last few years is any time somebody says amazon is coming into an industry, all of a sudden that industry gets sold off and falls apart the truth of the matter is if you look at amazon and things like getting into health care, they really haven't done anything just because apple or amazon comes into an industry doesn't
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mean that it's dead, particularly this industry where there are already so many disruptors whether it's waymo, tesla, neo, the list goes on and on. this is not low hanging fruit. >> jim, the car is not the business the car is not the business. the business is the services that you're selling. >> i know, it's the connectivity >> josh, first of all -- make your point >> hold on, hold on. josh, make your point. jim, let him make his point and then we'll debate. go ahead, josh >> i mentioned the unions. i don't have any good answers, jim. i agree with you it probably the linchpin of whether or not you can actually do this right. but tesla is manufacturing cars in the united states and they're making a lot of them things are starting to change in the mindset of the traditional automakers and i have to believe that trickles down to people working in the gm geo emission
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factories. they were making filthy cars and they've been retrofitted to make clean cars and i think there's just been a shift in the mentality over fighting what i can make per hour versus fighting over potentially having ownership of something that becomes a much larger business i think you're seeing that in young people and i doubt young auto workers or even middle aungaunmiddle-age auto workers are immune to the allure of being part of something growing fast put that aside the car doesn't matter it what you're selling to the operator of the car, the passengers of the car. that's really what the game is about when you're talking about the next hundred years of automotive, not the last hundred years. so from that standpoint, i don't think it will be a big part of apple's like revenue in the next ten years, burr i thit i think be important strategically to have user in an apple
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something. >> we love organic moments on the show phil lebeau was listening to the conversation and emailed me phil, i'll let you talk. >> tell them what i said in the e-mail >> bill said it's nuts, that there's no way that apple's buying ford. it's not happening >> why >> >> it's not happening for a whole host of reasons. i don't think apple would want to do that i don't think bill ford and the ford family are sitting around saying, hey, let's sell to apple? that company will be run by the ford family for the foreseeable future let's throw out the hypothetical -- do they buy some other legacy automaker there's enough capacity out there if you're apple, if you truly want to get into manufacturing, which i personally do not believe that's what the end game is here, if
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you want to get into manufacturing, there's enough capacity out there you first go to a company like magna. that's why the shares of magna are up they've had conversations in the past according to reports and they're likely going to be the first company that will work with apple in terms of at least initial manufacturing and then if apple says, yeah, we want to go down this path further, apple can find capacity. there's capacity all over the world. and you can find it if you want it or you can just do a green field somewhere and say this is what we're going to do so just to get to this point -- i hear this all the time, why doesn't apple buy xyz, gm, ford, fiat/chrysler. now the merger of peugot will be getting through. >> what about the idea and some of the panelists, jim leventhal included, these companies already have a big head start,
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tesla and waymo. how much of a hindrance is that? you know more about this industry in your pinky than i do in my whole hand how hard will it be for apple to try and get into this game >> to get into the game of let's make an autonomous vehicle, they can catch up relatively quickly. it's not like tesla has such a huge head start. i can't put a time frame on it, but in terms of the technology that they're developing and, by the way, the battery aspect of this is the most interesting thing in the world i talked with tom jaffrey, his exact words is apple is hiring battery technology researchers like crazy and they've been doing it for a while that element is perhaps the most interesting one here and whether or not that applies to the ability to build a car i have no doubt they can catch up, especially when you're looking a the this future technology, whether it's
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autonomous or better development of electric vehicle. >> jim leventhal >> let me start by saying this i like where josh's head is. i'm on the other side of this from him as a gm shareholder, but i like that josh is waking up and saying where's the pin action, where's the derivative of this? i think in the analogy of selling picks and shovels to people who are going out and mining for gold, i think you got to look at the albamarles, the cat pillars of the world the companies are going to be building the infrastructure and building the supply chains that apple will be using if they're going to actually do this. i just want to bring it back to apple to are a second. i'm very happy with apple but i don't care about the car business four years in this business, notwithstanding what phil just said, is like a lifetime i'd much rather be in apple because they're selling iphones like hot cakes, the ecosystem is expanding. maybe in five years that
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ecosystem plays out in the cars but it's lalready playing out there. i plug my iphone into my cadillac and everything comes up on the screen. it's a good system already >> how do you counter what farmer jim says? i'll put the word in his mouth it's irrelevant. that's basically what he's saying >> just as phil said, though, if they have a breakthrough battery technology, which is what the releases have said, if that is indeed true, that is a game changer. that company alone, the battery side of that business alone drives apple to 160, 170 bucks at least and, scott, we've had speculative buying for the last several days in apple. they're buying huge amounts of the 139 calls that expire next week they're buying the 143 calls
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that expire next week. so when i get all excited like this, it's because i see institutions, not individual investors. individual investors trade ten lots, 20 lots, things like that. when i see 500 lots, a thousand lots going across the screen, i say somebody believes they really might have that game changer. that's why they're saying it could be 140 plus by the end of this year, just two weeks from now. >> josh brown? >> i would take what the industry's experts, auto experts, have to say about whether or not apple can, will or should be heavily involved in this industry with a huge grain of salt. they missed the battery revolution it was led by an outsider, led by a guy whose last thing he built was a credit card processing software company. number two, you don't have to look far to find examples of
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apple entering into areas where the incumbents mock them what do they think they know about making phones? the guy that ran palm in 2007 when apple first put out a press release that it's launching the iphone said there's no such thing as a toaster that makes coffee so why would a computer company make phones? steve ball mmer said they you should shut the whole thing down before they go bankrupt. that's the most popular consumer technology in the history of planet earth and it looked very unli unlikely and improbable from the inside of the phone industry nokia was battling to be on the cover of "wired. so calm down when you talk about apple can or can't or should or shouldn't do and look at the history of them doing pretty much whatever they want when they set their mind to it.
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>> phil, that's a perfect place to come back to you on maybe some of the nay sayers are saying forget about it, what do they have to play here >> he brings up a great point. i can't argue with that. i cannot argue with that point the only thing i would say is that immediately people will say, well, that's it, apple's going to build a car and we're all going to drive around in apple cars the apple ecosystem, i'm in it, i love it. i know millions who would love it people would love that aspect from an automobile but we're a long ways from that happening to today, whether it's 2024 or further down the road. i agree with what stephanie said earlier. i don't see them ultimate lily building a car i do think they'll be leveragin their technologies, with batteries or other aspects of their business, they'll leverage that in the auto industry. >> phil, i love that you were watching and reached out and taking part of you are debate. that's phil lebeau in chicago.
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steph, i'll come back to you you have a bit of a split on the street today morgan stanley says apple has the key ingredients to be successful in this history barrett says icar rumors resurface. the skeptics, citi say they're very skeptical they'll actually produce a car. evercore isi says there's little reason for them to enter the space. as an apple investor, how do you look at this moving forward for a business and a company in need of growth engines into the future beyond the iphone >> i do not want them buying a car. as i said before, the profitability is so much less and i care about profits, especially on a company like apple. i do think -- you have to look at it short term and then long term short term, this is not about a car or anything inside of a car. this is about 5g and the super
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cycle, about services, expanding margins. it's also about free cash flow of being just enormous the longer term, if they want to get involved in ev, the reason i cited the total addressable market, $800 billion, that's a huge number in my mind so of course they're going to look to try to get involved. but i think they're going to stick to their competency of putting technology inside the car and making the experience for the drivers and the passengers to actually benefit from that. so that's my take longer term. i wouldn't be buying this stock today on the car news. let's just say that. >> i want to talk about what you guys are buying and selling today. jim leventhaleventhal, you allu it i trimmed caterpillar and bought more boeing. tell you are viewers why you did that >> let's focus on what's going on with boeing there's an announcement today that alaska airlines is up sizes it's 737
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max order. these planes are most certainly selling for peanuts but that's not the point. you'll here more about the inventory of the 737 maxes declinin declining. as people start flying again, this inures to boeing's benefit caterpillar has done fabulously. i give it no knocks. i'm still retaining my shares and have a position in it so what i was saying about supply chain onshoring or maybe an infrastructure bill next year, i'll play that with the remaining position in cat. if cat goes above 190, i might have to trim it more >> and, steph you own cat and boeing
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>> yup i wouldn't touch either but i just added to my boeing position when they got approval for the 737 max. boeing, orders translates into free cash flow for boeing. to are this stock to really work and to go much higher, you have to believe these orders are going to start coming in and i do believe they will in the meantime they've got 25 billion in liquidity caterpillar, i wouldn't touch it, not with copper up 75% since march, aluminum up 40% since march, steel up 65% since march. these moves will benefit caterpillar in a big, big way. great cef, good coo, too, really managing all of the moving parts. >> all right, jim. steph says bad move, you're trimming cat >> listen, steph and i do a lot of things in sync and what steph knows is that i have some stocks
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that she doesn't have, which is fine but if you look at the cleveland cliffs on iron ore, everything she's saying about copper is being felt in the iron ore industry if you talk about cyclicals in general, look at the greenbriar. i've got so much cyclical and industrial exposure that for me to add to boeing without reducing it somewhere else is a little bit foolish it's classic buy low and sell high >> throw up, guys, if you could in the back cliffs again because i saw something on that chart that made me want to come back to you with a bit of a debate point. i think i saw and i did. that stock is up 125% in three months why not trim that back -- >> yes >> why not trim that one back and put that money into boeing rather than sell cat in. >> it's a good question. the short answer is i think
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cleveland-cliffs is going a lot higher than cat will cleveland-cliffs is up 125% i would expect a correction at any point in the next three months if you know the ceo, i can tell you he's not playing for $14 a share. he's playing for $20, $25 a share. i know what his strategy is. his business plan is exquisite i'm going to stick it out and not try to time any correction by coming in and out >> even though the stock is up 125% in three months, that doesn't make you nervous you're still all in? >> it does make me nervous this is a business that is supposed to make you nervous i think this is going to be above 20 in a year and i don't want to miss out on that by trying to time a correction that could happen at any point in time >> josh brown, maybe it was a week ago we talked about schlumberger i'm paraphrasing, i think you've
12:23 pm
said it was the worst stock you've ever owned or worst trades i've ever made. >> the worst stock i've ever owned. >> you sold slb. >> i'm even having the slb tattoo removed by the way, what i've done here is what investors all over america are doing. i know it sounds shocking. there aren't a lot of losses that you can take in portfolios as an investors. we do tactical harvesting throughout the course of the year the energy sector has been a pretty reliable place to find those losses to offset massive gains in almost every other sector so i think that that's just like the way that portfolio management should be done. let's talk about merck i haven't had a single stock
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position in a pharma name in a very long time i along at merck as the optimal fapharmaceutical giant two out of three of their medications a doctor's office visit to administer. this as the up side in the reopening trade, unless this new strain in the u.k. wipes us all out, in which case it doesn't matter what i own. >> in my experience watching berkshire hathaway for years, i've never seen him take a small position and stop there. usually it the beginning of a larger position. this is a company that has the flexibility to continue to make acquisitions they just sold their stake in moderna, that stock went up 600%
12:25 pm
this year. i view that as a wise sale independent n i'm not sure there's that much more to go the cancer franchise is dominant i think above 85 it's a technical breakout, which is a ways from here but that's the next catalyst. >> steph, i come to you for a word because you just bought schlumberger, didn't you >> i was actually just about to mention that i did just buy it. i've owned it in the past. >> i think she bought mine >> sold to you from josh brown >> and i totally understand josh i really do. i get it take the loss, move on and clear your head. but i think this is the number one company in the industry. they have the best margins and i think they're going higher and they have this digital franchise that's only 13% of their total revenues that is going to double over the next couple of years, which i think will also help on the margin side. with oil prices kind of stable
12:26 pm
iedsin -- stabilizing, it's all i need for this business to do better it down double digit on the year and kind of washed out in my opinion. >> steph, i think one of the biggest trends in both active and passive management is virtual live all of the new flows coming into stocks are now going into portfolios, funds, strategies that are managed to an esg mandate i happen to think that's one of the big reasons why energy companies like schlumberger, even well-managed ones like schlumberger really are permanently at a disadvantage. they just aren't going to get the same share of dollars coming in because of how many people are excluding this sector. now, that could be a huge opportunity for someone that says i care about money, not esg, so i will stipulate that. but don't you think that just permanently depresses the multiples for these stocks for the foreseeable future or do i
12:27 pm
have that wrong? >> no, i think that you have it right. i do think there are opportunities, especially for someone like schlumberger, which i would argue in a couple of years we might even call it a technology company some people call it that right now. on the flip side, i think people are all loaded up on tesla because of esg so i'm trying to figure out where there are extremes if i can get the number one company with the number one management with a good balance sheet and a strategy to grow, i'm going to take that i'm going to take that, especially at these valuations and especially because i think you're at the trough in terms of their earnings and earnings power. this is a company-specific thing and i get what you're saying and i don't dispute it >> great conversation. i love the debate about apple, what it should do and maybe who it should by and this to end our first segment of the show. coming up, the bitcoin trade back up.
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anthony scaramucci is getting into that game with a new fund we've back with the mucc next.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm sue herera white house officials this morning discussed the
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possibility of a federal requirement that passengers coming from the u.k. get covid screenings, but they decided not to take any action right now that's according to reuters. earlier new york's governor said he had deals with three carriers to test passengers before boarding flights to the state amid concerns about a highly infectious mutant strain of the coronavirus identified in southern england >> the second u.s. authorized covid vaccine from moderna is being distributed throughout the country. here's what it looked like as the shipment arrived at the cox medical center in springfield, missouri >> and white house adviser jared kushner arriving today in morocco on the first direct flight from israel after the two nations agreed earlier this month to establish full diplomatic relations you are up to date that's the new update. back to you. >> sue, appreciate it. you can add anthony scaramucci's
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sky bridge fund to those betting on bitcoin >> thanks for putting my high school picture up before the commercial break my family appreciates it >> your hair was a little big but we won't go there for right now. we'll talk about that some other time why bitcoin? is it obvious, it's just on fire lately so why not? >> i think it caught fire. listen, we would have loved to have deployed the fund three, four months ago. i think it caught fire but we're still in very, very early innings, scott over the last two years of doing research on bitcoin, getting comfortable with bitcoin and doing a ton of talks with people like michael saylor, it became clear we needed to create a client-friend live produly prod $50,000 minute number or iras could access and the rest at 75 basis point. it in an lp structure, which
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makes it easier for iras and until there's an etf or a customer account where people can hold bitcoin, this will be a way for us to democratize bitcoin. it started trading to with $25 million of the firm's capital. we're going to go live on january 4th for outside investors and we're super excited. you either have to accept that bitcoin is a store of value or not. there are still skeptics out there and that's why i think we're in the first inning, but after doing the research that we've done, we believe it is and given the monetary supply and the global central banking coordination right now this will be a very strong asset class over the next decade >> i know you said you wish you would have done it four months earlier. you don't feel this is a little late i'm sure somebody is watching this and saying that now that
12:34 pm
skybridge is launching this, maybe that's the top, that it's a little late after it's rallied as far as it's come. >> or we could be at the precursor of an avalanche of institutional investors heading in, not wanting to put it on their balance sheets in 2020 but orders indicating and orders building up from a large swath of institutions for the first quarter of 2021. i think that's the more like live snalikely scenario this is something that has crashed upwards in the last two and a half to three weeks. not to say there won't be volatility we have a three-month holding period on this, we're trying to target investors to think about this long term don't trade it there's an expression called hot all. it just basically means buy and hold it. this is an asset that could go up two or there x in our opinion. you can put one penny in
12:35 pm
bitcoin, 99 cents in cash, it would have beaten every asset class, specifically the s&p 500. for us i don't think it's late if anything, it's the first inning you're about to see that wave of early adoption by the institutional community. i'd like to get our investors involved before that goes into full throttle. >> on that note, look, frankly your optimism is matched by some pretty interesting data. i just got my hand on this fidelity survey, results released on june 9th a survey of almost 800 institutional investors across the u.s. and europe, 36% say they're currently investing in digital assets and six of ten believe that digital assets have a place in their investment portfolio. bitcoin was trading at a different point in june than it is now but your point is well taken about the growth opportunity that you see existing >> yeah. and fidelity will be our back office for this.
12:36 pm
this is a buy on bitcoin the net asset value of the fund will be the book value of bitcoin. fidelity will be our storage mechanism. we we got top flight accountants like ernst and young overseeing the product. stan druckenmiller has phone favorably, the winkleweis brothers i would encourage people to look at that salt talk that him and i did about a month ago and basically he suggests and i believe it's true, any time you see a structure get to a market capitalization of billions, and we've learned from the tech
12:37 pm
giants once you get to the 100 billion number, it goes up exponentially from there it's for those reasons and many other reasons we're excited to launch the fund and looking to take in new money on swrajanuar 4th. >> john najarian, you're my bitcoin expert you want in? >> love it, scott. we've been teaching crypto currency trading over at market rebellion. we're a big investor in a brokerage called voyage, the brokerage, scott is up that's how massive the appeal is for individuals to get in here we're launching a fund in 2021 that won't be like anthony's, it will be a private fund, a hedge fund, if you will, scott but the paperwork is already there. we're very excited about the space. anthony and i have talked a number of occasions about trying
12:38 pm
to get a bitcoin fund up and going between us, but i applaud him for getting this one up here, anthony. so there will be a lot of companies, scott >> let me ask this, too, anthony. before you answer that i was curious if i was going to bring josh brown in, how do you feel about digital currencies, josh, and bitcoin as investment opportunities for the types of people that your firm advises? >> well, i think that, look, there's an opportunity for sure. i just don't know if it's more on the trading side as opposed to the stored value side and i don't think anyone definitively can answer that question until a lot more time elapses. so the way that we have been about digital currencies is telling clients to do it away from us. no ria in america wants to be the first test case when bitcoin gets cut in half and high net worth investors sue them for being negligent or whatever.
12:39 pm
so those court cases will be more important actually than the launch of the etf. so there are some smaller firms that are doing wealth management that are going to be the pioneers that get the arrows in their back and i wish them well and somebody has to do it. it's not going to be us. we are not discouraging people from bitcoin we just don't want to be at the forefront of taking that risk. it doesn't make sense for us it's not necessary we don't have tons of clients asking us our advice on that a lot of them are very savvy, they work in figured out what they want to do. why is a hedge fund structure superior to the current standard, which seems to be the bitcoin trust but it's pretty easy for people to get exposure that way, at least easier for nonsophisticated people who don't want to trade futures. why is your structure superior to that?
12:40 pm
>> well, listen, i don't want to knock gray scale we have a full node at sky bridge, technological node for bitcoin. gray scale has been one of the top pioneers i'm looking at pricing they're at 2%, we'll be at 75 basis points you mentioned the premium. our partnership will trade at its net asset value and sometimes gray scale gets as highs a 30% premium to where the underlying currency is traditrading. we're trying to avoid that for clients. one point on the high net worth case, i want clients to stay wealthy, no question about that. i want them to be defensive. and i don't think a half a% t a percent or 2% exposure to bit coin will be a problem for them but if we're correct, they could
12:41 pm
get a high are retuer return. you're right that it goi's goin be volatile. we're expecting investors to start small. we have 25 million in and so we'll be eating our own cooking. not trading to a premium i think will be compelling to a product like hours >> 75 versus 2 is a big difference, i agree. >> anthony, thank you. happy holidays to you and your family we'll talk to you soon >> god bless >> speaking of crypto currency, the ceo of ripple will be on "power house" today at 2 p.m. eastn meerti >> straight ahead, the stock that is being called the stock to own in 2021 it's already surged over 75%
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visit today. (music) anncr: give customers access to precisely what they want, when they need it the most. with adyen, the payments platform that delivers convenience for all. adyen. business. not boundaries. . so what is this big call we talked about before the break? rahel solomon has the answer for us >> if you're still working on resolutions and need a resolution stock, bernstein suggests uber as the one to own in 2021, expects positive ebidta
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by 2021. sees positive momentum with the vaccine. uber also up almost 80% year to date as you mentioned. and banks of america says they'll bullish on what they're calling the most unloved mega cap, at&t. they note that at&t has been good at paying down debt, refinancing at lower rate and they did not increase a dividend for the first time in 30 years, they did maintain its hbo max strategy >> i don't have any ownership on the desk of at&t but i want to go uber. the new resolution stock to own in 2021. that could have been written by josh brown, right? >> yeah.
12:46 pm
this stock is going higher this is one of the toughest average downs i did in the march/april period but one of the ones that rewarded me the most when we get into 2021, people will be thinking about 2022 numbers. that's the wave they these stocs trade. if you think uber will do 20 billion in revenue and 23 billion in 2022, it's one of the cheapest it like four times 22 revenue. you got companies much bigger in terms of market cap trading at 20 and 30 times sales. so i know we're grading on a curve, but i think the stock can absolutely work in the reopening. they needed the vaccine. now 'rgeinwee ttg it >> john's got calls there, too speaking of jon, his latest unusual activity trades coming up next right here on "the
12:47 pm
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okay, dr. j. you're up. what you got >> i have two generational expiration stocks. the first is general electric.
12:50 pm
they've bying the 1150 call, steph, in ge they're only 20 cents, why not take a look at canadian solar, csiq they're buying the double nick . man. the all right. >> yeah. >> we'll take a quick break and come back. >> real quick. >> send us to break. send us to break. >> no, no, i was going to say i'll take anything at this point so i'm happy to hear it. >> now just say we'll be right back >> we'll be right back. >> there you go. don't settle for silver #1 for diabetic dry skin* #1 for psoriasis symptom relief* and #1 for eczema symptom relief* gold bond champion your skin gold bond ♪ ♪ digital transformation has failed to take off. because it hasn't removed the endless mundane work we all hate.
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and start trading today. time for the futures outrook. watching the nasdaq 100. nasdaq hitting a new intraday high earlier let's bring in jeff kilburg of kkm financials good to see you. >> hey, judge. having a hard time hearing you now but i'll go with it here because it looks like the nasdaq 100 continues to -- >> we can see jeff but we can't hear jeff. >> every time it pulls back, i want to be a buyer of the nasdaq 100. want to be a buyer at 12,650 looking for a 250 higher move, an all-time higher move. i'm being mindful and want to look for a stock, 125 handles lower, but, remember, this is a safe haven asset are and you're going to continue to see assets flowing into the marketplace from now and new year's eve. >> apparently everybody could hear you but me had. i thought maybe it had to do
12:54 pm
something about my comment to you about the crimson jacket ahead of the big game. >> yes, look my vote will be for trevor lawrence he deserves the heisman. look, three is a charm in ireland. we'll beat alabama and work up to play trevor lawrence and clemson. e. we know where your loyalties li jeff kilburg, thank you. >> happy holidays. >> to you and your family, too final trades are next. ♪ on the 9th day of croodsmas my neighbor gave to me ♪
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final trades farmer jim, you're up first. >> going back to apple because in addition to everything else the technicals are fabulous here it's breaking out of a three-month consolidation. >> okay. good stuff brings it full circle for us, too.
1:00 pm
steph, what do you have, then josh and then jon? >> the match group it's a spin from iac and the total addressable market, 600 million global online singles out there so there's market share to be had. >> josh and then jon. >> jpmorgan is going higher. >> coty, the stock has nearly tripled since the september low. >> good stuff. thank you, guys. "the exchange" starts right now. and thank you, my end from i'm tyler mathisen in today for kelly evans, and here is what we have for you on "the exchange. stimulus done. the vaccine being distributed, but the virus still dealing a blow to consumer confidence. stocks looking for direction today and we look ahead to what could be the next catalysts for the markets in 2021. plus, existing home sales drop for the first time in six months, but don't get too worried.


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