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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  February 4, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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and he will be joining us in a cnbc exclusive after earnings that are coming up this afternoon and we'll have that interview tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern right here on "squawk alley". >> yeah that will be huge, julia. along with ford, we'll be watching the f-150 production cut as they face a chips cut, and jobs tomorrow. let's get to the half. >> welcome to the halftime report i'm scott wapner how high could an apple car drive that stock the street is weighing in on that question today and so, of course, is our investment committee. we'll discuss and debate that big news that our verien phil lebeau broke, john brown, jon najarian, steve weiss and brenda nagelo >> take a look across the board there and the dow jones industrials 30,980 a little more than .75%. s&p, nasdaq, pretty good as well
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and we are watching the ten-year and we are watching the yield on the ten-year because it is at 114. steve weiss, that has a lot of people focusing on the banks which has gotten off to a real good start this year how about that trade right now >> the trade's looking good. i would add it a day early in the week and everybody loves j.p. morgan and i do, too, but b of a is understated and i hadn't been a big believer in the financials because they've taken a hit by companies like pay pal and from regulation, but they're well positioned to a rising, steepening yield curve and so i think they'll do quite well and b of a is in the esg space and the way they look at it and the way they walk the talk is phenomenal so that's why also on goldman it keeps going and i don't get worried about rates until they're 3% unless, of course, they get there tomorrow and they're the rate of change and
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the market can handle 2% and it can handle 2.5% so i'm fine with it. >> what i find so interesting is a lot of people would agree with you, although jon najarian, you're urging people to lock in profits on the banks >> yeah. i don't think -- first of all, i love steve, but i don't think the market could tolerate 2% at all, steven. if we get to 2% before june of this year, katie, bar the door it would be a bloodbath, steve that's my opinion. obviously, we'll see how it plays out, but what i'm doing, scott is i think we're going to be bouncing around a range from roughly 95 bases points in the ten-year to maybe 125. so as we get to the upper end of that band, scott, i am of a mind to lock in the profits that we've made since the election on these bank stocks. everything from j.p. morgan which i sold at the money calls on today, capital 1, sold at the
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money calls today. key bank sold at the money calls. you get the idea i'm putting my money where my mouth is saying i don't see a lot of upside if indeed we do what i say and that is perhaps reverse back down to the lower end of this range, scott, rather than breaking out to the upside. >> it sounds like you're making a broader market call that the market itself will not handle rising rates well so why not take the profits in the banks and then i'm wondering should you be looking elsewhere, too. is that your message to our viewers? >> no. no i just think, scott, that we'll trade in that band, you know, call it a 30-basis point band or whatever from 95 on the ten-year up to about 120, maybe 125 on the upside, scott. y is so i think if we're up on the upper end which we're approaching right now i want to be more aggressive on sellingsoe upper end which we're approaching right now i want to be more aggressive on selling some of the very steep ends on
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the yield curve and maybe it tops out there and then it starts easing back down. it doesn't mean banks are a sell, it just means the outside is capped for some period of time at least in my mind for a period of stocks broad market no i think we're still seeing a lot of that $1 trillion that's going to get spent as soon as we hit that, whatever it is, probably, scott, 50% and i know that's not herd immunity and once we get past the 8% or 10% vaccinated and we get to 50%, scott, i think you will see so many more businesses reporting better numbers that need people coming into those businesses and not just the online and then that trillion dollars starts getting tapped. >> finally, cases are trending in the right direction so, finally, is the vaccine rollout, as well your point's well taken, and it plays into, josh, why you've been looking quite heavily, i would say, towards those re-open trades that you've talked about whether it's madison square garden, live nation, alphabet
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which is right in that alley, too. >> yeah. i don't know why you had to add heavily in there i do my best i have two kid, full-time job. i'm very busy, but let me just tell you i think the world has kind of lost its mind a little bit. i posted a tiktok video suggesting to people that pump and hold is not a good strategy. in the meantime, i had to take comments off of that video it seems that there are 100 million people in the markets that have forgotten what it means to get rich slowly and why that's a much less dramatic and much more enjoyable way to do this so now all of the meme stocks are down 70%, 80% and you have this undercurrent of large-cap reasonably valued growth stocks making new record highs. it's not that hard to do this the right way.
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you just have to not get distracted by shiny objects or gaslit by millionaires posing as heroes it's not that hard let's look at the banks. i'm not suggesting they're all buys j.p. morgan is an interesting buy. i've been in the stock a long time and doing very well with it and it's about to break the december 19th high and at its lows it got down to the 80s, believe it or not, but 143 is a meaningful level, it is, i think, one of the only mega-cap banks that will make an all-time high bank of america, citigroup they did these massive dilutions to survive 12 years and they're nowhere near record highs and j.p. morgan meaningfully will take out the record high if it continues and they don't need to rise, and gradually rising rates as the vaccine is distributed and it should be very, very
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positive and rates are not rising at the short -- at the short end. powell's probably not raising rates until the first quarter of 22 and that's if a lot of stuff goes right and so i think you've got the setup where you can see treasurys 2% plus and overweight at zero and these large caps do well in that environment and they're still cheap. 14, 15 times earnings and it's not like you're buying tech stock that have risen this much. that's where i stand on these names and i like paypal better than all of the banks and i'd rather be in that if i had a gun to my head and i had to pick one. >> brenda, it's thintech for you over thin exclusively, is that a way to say it, brenda? >> we have j.p. morgan and we do like paypal, although i will say with the paypals of the world the one thing that we're concerned about specifically with that company is comparisons start to get tougher in the first quarter because their
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business just exploded at that point. so, yes, things are going incredibly well for them and they've been very innovative and that's certainly a positive, but i would agree that for the financial, i think are an interesting place because rates -- we haven't had a steeper yield curve for a long time, and i think it depends on whether or not why it is steepening and if it is steepening for the right reason and recovering and i don't think it will be disruptive as many expect it might be and in that sort of environment the financials can do a lot better and suddenly they have more spread to deal with and we're in an environment where the investment banking business has been incredible and nobody would have expected that a year ago, so i think there are some good reasons to consider some of the financials. >> i mentioned at the top of the show the apple story, too, for obvious reasons broken by our
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own phil lebeau joining us now before we kick off that conversation he has a news alert on ford. phil >> scott, this is not going to be a surprise to people who have been watching what's been happening with the automakers when it comes to the chip shortage it is now hitting ford where it really hurts and we're talking about f-150 production, and pickup production. for one week, and for only one week, and this is a painful cut, they're taking the deerborne plant from three shifts to one shift, and the kansas city plant from three shifts to two shifts. they'll be cutting the f-series production to 50% next week. that's basically what it comes down to and this is for one week and this is because of the chip shortage we can't emphasize this enough this is a global problem i've heard from people and gotten e-mails, why don't they just tell the chip companies to make more chips. it is not that simple! ford is in the boat with
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everybody else gm announced cuts yesterday. >> during the program we went to you for the general motors news, so yeah, your point is well taken and congrats on the story you broke on apple it sets us up, phil, for our next conversation. we'll see you soon and that's phil lebeau there. >> thanks. >> how do you like them apple, mr. steve weiss, is the car okay for you, steve weiss has that reached your bar of innovation, steve? >> yeah. i don't think anybody's manufactured a car before. it absolutely fits right in with it and they're following and not leading, and that's okay, and i'm guessing their cars will have round wheels and they're not going to invade with square wheels to me -- >> hater >> it's another source for them to sell into number two, it will be done the way apple typically does it which is they're not going to assume the high capital costs for building anything. >> i thought you were going to say -- i thought you were going
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to say it's going to be done the way apple normally does it, better than everybody else it's not first mover, it's best mover and if you're talking about autonomous and an apple-branded car, why shouldn't they get the benefit of the doubt that they'll do it better than others? >> well, you're making that leap i'm not making that leap that they do things better than others they follow others is their camera better than the camera on the samsung? did they come out with a folding screen that works? no, so theirair pods are great >> you were there before. >> it doesn't matter >> what they're doing is they have a phenomenal brand and they'll use the brand to extend the product launches into work, and it will absorb the capital cost and apple will sell and get the profits. so i think it's a great thing for the car and there will be a couple of years at least before we realize as shareholders and there's nothing bad with it at all and i don't find anything
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bad whatsoever it's all positive. >> production will not even allegedly begin until '24, 2024. it's not exactly a moon shot, but it's not tomorrow either it will be developed by a team at apple, manufactured according to the sources that phil talked to for his story in georgia. dan ives of web bush, josh brown, says we'll add another 30+ dollars per share to the apple story. we believe apple will eclipse the $3 trillion market cap by year end with price target 175, reformed broker, weigh in. >> i've been in this stock for a long time, and one of the things that was pointed out by the analysts looking at the automotive story in addition to the fact that they'll be late to the game which is fine with them, is that they tend to expand the markets that they come into. the markets they come into get bigger and better as a result of apple being there. so that obviously was the
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situation with itunes. they didn't invent mp3s. they just did it better than anyone else and the same goes for smartphones. obviously, they were ten years late to smartphones. it didn't matter and we invented the whole category so the connected car that -- that they come out with even if the first version isn't amazing, it's going to completely change the category in a myriad of ways so that's the way i've always thought about apple's efforts in these areas. we don't know that they'll get it right, but what we do know is there will be a lot of attention on it and certainly they have as good a shot as anyone of being a part of the connected electric autonomous future for autos. i'm not saying that i'm going to buy the stock right now, but it's another thing to be excited about if you're already in the stock as i currently am. >> so jon najarian, pete's favorite analyst katie huberty says investors are likely to underestimate the financial impact of a potential apple car
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especially when considering that the apple's entrance in other markets has had on the opportunity, exactly the point that josh is making. she has overweight rating just for those who don't follow her research every day her price target is 164. again, dan ives is 175 evercore sticks with their price target of 160. what makes sense to you today, doc? apple is 136 >> i think it's where it should be today, scott, based on how far out into the future of this car is, and i do agree with the other comments from josh and steve as far as that this is going to be something that of course, they didn't invent the car and they didn't invent the connected car either and to the extent that apple makes all of this better, that's going to be something that's a differentiator and it will be great for hyundai/kia, and i think it will be great for apple
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and all of the billion plus apple users. that's not lost on the folks over there in kria, scott, i'm sure that there are a billion installed apple users on this planet already any nudge of that indicator over those cars as a decision maker versus another car is huge so look for them to cut a very tough deal as i'm sure we would all anticipate anyway. they'll cut a tough deal with these guys much like they did with the app store taking 30% of the upside of somebody else's work is nice work if you can get it, scott, and i think similarly, getting a piece of somebody else's sweat and equity and brand and building out what it took to be that car is something that's going to be huge for hyundai/kia and apple will be making money on somebody else's sweat yet
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again. it's a brilliant business plan. >> everybody is, you know, rightfully giddy, i think, at the prospects today of apple potentially doing this i don't hear too many people considering or talking about the potential risks to apple though our own josh lipton has been thinking about that. he's as plugged in as anybody in terms of what apple's up to, not only now, but what they may do in the future. what do you think about that, josh it's a great discussion scott, and apple has dipped its toe in the auto market already, right you think about car play and you think about them building out technologies for apple map, but if you're telling me that apple is really considering pulling the trigger here and mass producing a car, i would argue that is its biggest, boldest, most ambitious bet yet and you are way past phones and wearables. you aren't just putting a brand on the line in a way you never have before and a lot of money
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on the line, and tim cook i don't think is doing this unless he thinks he would be able to develop some type of product here that really is unique and special and different and category redefying i think that's the only way that cook really does this. he would want to see it kind of up end and disrupt the car market like the iphone did for the hand set market and in terms of what that could be, i thought phil lebeau's own reporting is interesting there. what apple is thinking here is it's got to be itautonomous that technology is not here yet. you are years out. maybe it's '24 or '25, but that seems to be what you're looking for here i think one interesting thing to keep in mind, though, too, as we talk about this story. apple is talking to different people and phil's told us about that, and i'm sure tim and his lieutenants there, luca, jeff and eddie are all talking to these folks and trying to gauge what makes the most strategic
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sense and the most financial sense? when you talk about apple, they have a kind of financial flexibility that few companies on earth do. they have a net cash position, $84 billion. so it's also possible that they experiment and they throw a lot of money on this and build a bunch of prototypes and ultimately decide, walk up to the line and pull it back. they can just afford to do that and it's a flexibility that not a lot of other companies do have >> they're sitting on a mountain of cash and they've taken advantage of debt markets and the other judge wants in on the conversation, too, mr. lipton. here's josh brown. >> yeah. i just want -- i don't disagree with what the lesser josh just said, but the greater josh just wants to make it clear apple is not planning to mass produce cars that's what the relationship with kia is about. apple's going to be the intelligent part of the car and they'll have a lot of manufacturing involved, but they
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don't make the phones either >> yeah, but that, i think, is actually -- i think there is a risk there, though, you know that's another headache that cook may have to decide do i want to take on? >> you get to a certain -- >> foxconn does, right if you're going to make cars in georgia, do i want to deal with all of the scrutiny that i'm going to get for the autoworkers, laborers, bennys, and wages? i'll take all of that on and that's another headache whether it's worth getting into. >> i agree >> the key with this is that when you get to the size apple is it's very hard to move the needle like, if they announce that they'll start building smart homes i wouldn't be surprised by that either because at a certain point what else can you do that's not just incremental at the size they are and the cash balance, josh that you point out, but i think there's a con tinge end of apple shareholders that rightfully say, when are
12:20 pm
you guys going to swing? when will you take a risk? we love the air pods and it's a huge success and what is the next, next thing quantum computers and autonomous vehicles and people want to see apple take that swing. i agree, it's not a layup, but that's what the cash is for. that's what the financial flexibility is for soy it's a long time before we can judge the results and that's the debate. >> josh lipton, for a company that's been pretty risk averse to josh brown's point, if you can be to the degree that you can be with the kinds of products that they've developed, right? they haven't done big deals. they've been sitting on that cash waiting for the opportunity, last word to you on this, maybe this is it >> the biggest deal ever $3 billion for beatz scott tells you a lot about the culture. i can sit here and make a really strong case of why tim cook should make this move, right because to josh's point, it's a
12:21 pm
really big market. he's got the deep pockets and 84 billion net cash he's brought a lot of the technologies inhouse that might be helpful if you were developing this product, think cameras and batteries and he's clearly proven that his team knows how to integrate hardware and services in ways that are popular products that people want i'm curious if he weighs it all and decides to make that move. remember, in the past we have been here before when you've had rumors and reports and speculation and remember apple television was all over the place and high-profile analysts on cnbc were talking about it and ultimately that didn't launch. >> i'm getting an e-mail will the apple car like the long-awaited apple tv? good to have you in the east josh lipton there. just sum it up, brenda, because we didn't hear from you. gist give me your thought.
12:22 pm
>> this is an interesting opportunity for apple and over the shorter term looking at this year, what we're worried about is that people spend a lot of money on consumer electronics in 2020 it was a necessity and we are a little concerned that some of the business and some of the growth could soften as we look into 2021 and 2022 when we are consider how much buying happened this year we continue to like apple and glad that they're becoming more innovative and willing to take a big step here so i continue to like the stock and we are slightly underweight with the stock. >> i'll come back to you in a few minutes. i know you own the next stock we'll talk about, too. the big story is the move that ken frazier, the ceo of merck is making to become executive chairman our meg tirrell has a news alert regarding merck. meg, i think you just got off the phone with mr. frazier, is that right >> i did, scott. i sent him a note this morning saying i'd love to talk with you about your career and
12:23 pm
reflections on that career and my phone rang. it was ken frazier we had a 20-minute long conversation on what he accomplished at merck and public service is in his future there's been speculation that he'll run for office and he said that's not in my plans on running for public office. his passion have involved equity, justice and education. he, of course, is a co-founder of the 110 initiative to close the opportunity gaps for black americans. so these are things that he has focused on even as being ceo of merck. i asked him why now is the right time to resign as ceo of merck, and he noted of course, that they extended the time over the time ceos have stayed and he's over the age of 65 and they allowed him to stay. and merck's plan looks very strong >> one of the things he wanted to emphasize how the employees
12:24 pm
of merck have been to the company's success, and we talked a lot about keytruda he said, quote, it is the people of merck, their commitment and dedication and perseverance that led to a number of important products coming to the marketplace. my role, he said, was to get out of their way and give them the resources, peace and quiet to do what he did. he was one of the last employees, if not the last to be hired by roy vangeles, the ceo of merck the most important things are how many people can you help and how much can you help them i asked him, how did he feel about that he said i did all right. >> he's been an important corporate voice. no doubt about that, megan it's good news for everyone that he's not going too far he'll still be executive chairman for the time being. meg, thanks. appreciate you bringing those commenteds to us brenda, i'm coming back. does this have any bearing in the investment the ten-year stock performance
12:25 pm
is great, up 121% for stocks that don't move all that much. >> right we're sad to see ken go, but i don't think this impacts the reason that we own merck this company has been more impacted than others within the pharmaceutical space and within the covid environment because so much of their vaccines and therapies are administered in person so we expect that to continue to recover and more so as the year goes on and things reopen more meaningfully and we also feel positively about things like keytruda which continue to grow more meaningfully and we think about the industry overall and the farmer space and the banter about drug pricing and so on the fact that they are creating drugs that are important -- when you're creating a cancer drug, i think there is a reason why you can charge a premium like other
12:26 pm
pharmaceuticals out there. so we continue to like the same. o it's not undiscovered, but relatively overlooked and relatively inexpensive and we like it here. >> we'll take a break. up next, we have the investment committee's latest moves and we'll talk qualcomm, too because steve weiss owns it and the stock as i see it is down 9% and we have to get weiss' take on that for all of you that own it, too. plus jeffrey currie will join us we'll get his take on oil surge, silver and whatever else he thinks you can make money in the commodities complex. we'll do that in two minutes
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back, everybody i'm sue herera here's your cnbc news update at this hour. president biden is halting u.s. support for saudi arabia's offensive in yemen which has been blamed for humanitarian crisis there biden also stopping the withdrawal of many u.s. troops from germany which had been ordered by former president trump. >> the head of a private equity fund and two associates have been running with running a ponzi scheme that raised $1.8 billion from thousands of investors. new york's attorney general says victims were defrauded out of
12:30 pm
more than $700 million >> the associated press says roman catholic diocese and institutions received $3 billion of the paycheck protection program. >> they are some of the thousands being held for protesting the arrest of alexey navalny. they say the arrests were a necessary response i will send it back to you >> thanks, sue herera. right now pacing for the worst day in ten months since march 2020 they got their earnings. revenues were amiss and the stock is down 8% and you own it, downgraded to neutral from buy the target goes to 65 to 194 at citi are you staying in or are you going to get out
12:31 pm
>> no. no i'm not getting out. first of all, it's a terrible, final trade on monday's show, but here's how i look at it. they will earn $7 next year and that's up from $4 this year and that's dirt cheap and as you heard with apple and autonomous cars they're now going into everything including your peloton, cars, the chip shortage that's qualcomm. as i said in the call they fell short on refervenues and supply constrained like ford or gm, and the quarter would have been better and i'm staying there and citi downgrades and to me that's just an asenine call corvo blew it out and they beat estimates by 80%
12:32 pm
they'll earn 7+ this year and 10ers in year. earnings grew at over 50%. so you've got to be crazy to sell these stocks. so, no, my core positions and they're my trading position. >> sounds fired up you win some or lose some. >> very fired up you got me fired up on apple >> i knew it, that's why i went to you first >> you win some and you lose some, and that's what happens sometimes. >> absolutely, scott, and we're right down at a somewhat critical support level so for steven, you know, getting in at this 145-ish level which is where we traded down to this morning is some support we traded down in several months so if someone wanted to follow steve and perhaps me because i still like the stock, as well i
12:33 pm
would be willing to establish some trades right around that 145 level, scott and sell perhaps a 155 against it it doesn't mean it has to rebound. we know stocks don't have to do anything, but this is a level that has looked pretty good on the chart. if it doesn't hold 145-ish level then it could be heading to 122, but i don't really think so given the demand side and the outlook that they offered last night. >> okay. let's pivot and talk commodities because from silver to crude oil, those markets have been full of activity, as you know lately after some big runs so where is the best place to put your money now let's ask goldman sachs' global head of commodities jeffrey currie good to have you >> thank you for having me >> the handle at such a long time, 56, .75% higher. are we going to be talking 60 bucks in the near future >> very near future.
12:34 pm
these market, oil and metals and all of them are much higher than what anybody thought was possible six months ago and oil in particular is the one that's the most exposed to the vaccine rollout because you get that uptick in demand there's no supply and opec came out yesterday showing their willingness and there's a high probability to market types further as you get into the second half of next year our target is 65 and there's a high probability to shoot that. >> pre-covid we had a supply/demand imbalance that we were producing too much here in the united states and elsewhere that that imbalance was already an issue why wouldn't it continue to be >> negative oil prices, number one. esg, number two, great returns in tech, number three and no capital, and that's essentially the problem. you look at capex in oil it's down 40 to 70% depending on
12:35 pm
where you are in the world remember, oil has decline rates meaning if you don't invest it begins to deteriorate and the decline rates are beginning to set in, and then you have to ask yourself who's going to invest in oil when we now have a blueprint in the u.s., china and europe for energy transition so even if the prices spike it's unlikely that you'll see a significant amount of capital to run in and start investing in future oil supplies. >> i mentioned the other day as silver had become this story because of the short squeeze attempt that it was already your favorite metal market, at least precious, i think we're talking about across the whole complex why so >> it has two components it has everything that gold has. it has that debasement story in terms of when we printed a lot of dollars in terms of fiscal policy, monetary policy. however, what silver has that
12:36 pm
gold doesn't have, it goes into solar panels so you get that added boost that a lot of that spending, fiscal policy will be the green capex and that green capex goes into solar panels and solar is the biggest benefactor it is a turbo charged version of gold josh brown is on my panel and he has a question for you and he bought into slv and pan-american, as well. josh, go ahead >> i want to push back on something, not because you are wrong, but i want you to clarify it you thought it was investors to force a squeeze in something like silver and the differences between cornering the commodity versus squeezing the stock, but i remember ten years ago there was a moment when gld, the gold etf, had more assets in it in dollar terms than the spy and i do think that gld was moving the
12:37 pm
price of gold. i can imagine a similar situation with silver and the si silver etf if people get excited enough about it where what happens in the markets ends up influencing what happens with the actual metal in real life. you're saying you don't think that's a possibility >> i mean, you're talking 900 million ounces in the etf versus a 25 billion ounce market. >> but those billion ounces don't move. >> the silver market -- >> they just sit >> go on >> they just sit those other ounces just sit. they don't move. >> right but the vast -- you look at the flows going in and out of these etfs and they're not that big. i guess my question is forget the etf. in terms of thinking about how you're going to create a squeeze. the shorts are the etfs and the etfs buy the physical, they turn
12:38 pm
around and sell on the comex to be able to hedge that physical position like any other corporate. >> right >> it's not a naked start like an inequity and here's one of the reasons why i don't think it's possible to squeeze the markets like what the hunt brothers did in 1980 you have position limits on these markets and they've gotten tighter and tighter. they're 7.5 million ounces right now which means if you were to squeeze it you would have to divvy up the position to get the inventory on the exchange 53 times which each position worth $217 million and then do it in a coordinated fashion. that's why i say it's incredibly unlikely. >> we'll talk to you soon. >> good to be here >> jeff currie, goldman sachs. >> thank you for having me. >> jon najarian has unusual activity trades and in honor of black history month we are honoring contributors and here is tiffany mcgee with her own personal story about taking risks. >> when i was about 5 years old my dad quit his corporate job to be an entrepreneur
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welcome back cnbc has a wellness and financial initiative in partnership with acorn, the saving investment app. andrew whitworth, left tackle for the los angeles rams and the 2012 nfl man of the year nominee. welcome and congratulations on the nomination >> thank you so much, scott. happy to be here >> i watched a video which they'll show on saturday night during the honors in which you say and i quote, as cool as it is for every sunday for fans to come and cheer us on, it means the world to me to go back and pay that back. you certainly are. a $250,000 donation to a food bank in los angeles. $50,000 to save a black-owned business in sofi stadium in
12:46 pm
inglewood. you've been helping people your whole life. >> to me it's the opportunity since i've been given a great life and having an nfl career. every step along the way i wanted to make sure i gave back and tried to make a difference in the community that i played in and the communities that i grew up in because to me, that's the greatest gift i can give is all of the support and the people that have always been behind me to give back to those communities and say thank you. >> we are excited about the steam program, s-t-e-a-m and they're labs funded in schools >> a couple of years ago i was looking for something to do in the l.a. area. i had a couple of chances to visit some of the schools and do some bike giveaways and different things that i really enjoyed and i started to ask myself how can i dig in deeper and do something that's not just a gift, but something that can make a difference for the kids and it can give them an opportunity to level the playing field a little bit in their school system, so i decided that this would be an idea and molly higgins of the rams helped me
12:47 pm
out a bunch with coming up with ideas for different programs and we thought these labs would be a great starting point and it's been cool to see the excitement and how much it's meant to the school system for us to be a part of this >> do you feel we're in a new era of sorts for athlete activism and community involvement? >> i do, and you look at it through time and athletes and the way people look at all of our sports athletes and people play all across the world. you really think of that impact that you have when people are looking at you i think charles barkeley's famous for saying he doesn't want to be a mentor to your kids and everything, but kids are looking at you and they are seeing what we do and the impact that we have on our playing fields and for us to give back in the community and use those voices and use that power for good and for change and for the opportunity to make something better than we found it. that's something we can't take lightly. >> we applaud your efforts, and
12:48 pm
lastly, who do you like on sunday i know you wiley veterans like to stick together. are you a brady guy? >> when you're old like me you stick with the older players and i don't know if you can pick against tom brady these days because it's quite unbelievable what he's been able to achieve in his career and you know what? the buccaneers look like they're playing very well and they'll be a tough team to beat >> you've been doing it 15 years and you're coming back next year, right? >> that's the plan, scott. we're looking forward for the opportunity to come back and as long as everything goes well this off season and i can't wait for the opportunity to go into my 16th nfl. >> we'll see how that goes we wish you well good luck on saturday night. >> thank you so much >> congratulations to you. it's andrew whitworth of the los angeles rams joining us there. to read more about this go to in you we should note nbc universal and comcast ventures are investors in acorns. we're back in two minutes.
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
let's do the futures outlook the ten year treasury yield rising as jobless claims fall to the lowest level in two months where are we going now 114. we talked about it at the top of our show in relation to what the bank stocks are doing. what do you think? >> scott, thanks for having me on i've been mapping this move with you back to october with the ten years at 60 to 70 basis points i think we are going higher in the yields i am a treasury bull meaning i do think yields go lower for
12:52 pm
longer in the long term but this is intermission. i do think we'll continue to see the ten year go lower. yields higher. as inflation shows up. it ultimately pce last friday, 1.5% we saw the unit labor cost pick up pretty big here some data is distorted given the pandemic and what not. overall i think inflation is showing up, presented with one of two circumstances either the economy really improves over the coming months and overall the yields continue to rise because of that or we do need more fiscal stimulus to jump-start the economy and then yields are going to rise from that as well from more supply. i'm sticking with my trade short 137. sell 137 the ten year march. the down side target is 134.5. it's a $2500 profit. >> we'll talk to you again soon. thank you for that trade bill baruch blue line futures. up next unusual activity and final trades
12:53 pm
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welcome back we'll do unusual activity but i'm doing this first because it plays into it perhaps. netflix shares are rising on a report today out of japan from the nikkei netflix to raise prices by as much as 13% according to that publication. i don't have any more details on that you can talk that, what you see, and then do unusual for us, please >> scott, up side call buying big time about 35 minutes ago that started bang as soon as that release came out they're also raising prices in the uk, scott. so japan and the uk both seeing price increases. they bring it here, i think that goes right to the bottom line of netflix. as far as unusual activity, i've got two. both high flyers
12:59 pm
jetblue buying the march 18 calls but the stock is 15.5 so i bought the 15 sold the 17s second one also a high flyer this is agen that is oncology buying the march 6th calls and this is about a $5 stock, scott. so i bought at the money five calls and look to sell higher strikes if it rallies. >> good stuff. thank you for that final trades brenda, why don't you start us off. >> sure. tjx. this is a company i think is well positioned here and now and as well as for a reopening >> okay. thank you for that steve? >> skyworks. stock hit 190 after the quarter. they are not suffering shortages because they have their own so can capitalize on the shortages of others. this should go a lot higher, growing like a weed. selling at a big discount to the market. >> okay. josh brown >> staying long jpmorgan follow me on tiktok.
1:00 pm
>> yeah, okay. john >> i got another oncology stock, scott. maybe there is something going on in this sector. veru big upside call buying i bought that during the show. >> yeah. big move in that stock today 15%. guys, thank you. good conversation today. thanks so much for watching as well does it for us "the exchange" is now. hello everybody and good thursday afternoon i am brian sullivan. your money on the move higher again as covid cases continue to fall fast. and mitt romney comes out with a big stimulus surprise. inside the renter rebellion the story of a -- the reddit rebellion the story of a 23-year-old who turned 500 bucks into 200,000 albeit briefly. don't believe the hype not all socially conscious or environmentally conscious investing is the sam


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