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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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back to greens boots >> guy >> psx look at these leveraged names, going higher psx continues to rise higher >> all right thanks for watching "fast money. see you back here with my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm trying to make you money. my job is not just to entertain you but educate, teach and put this in context. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. s&p edging down and nasdaq
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declining but this is starting to feel a little bit like a kenny loggins market. the highway to the danger zone overly dramatic, i know. i watch froth. froth really matters to me in a frothy market stocks have rallies that are disconnected from the underlying fundamentals you get enough moves and you have to take something off the table because like when you pour yourself a beer, the froth doesn't last it's a sign that people are getting too greedy remember, i always have said it from 16 years now, bulls make money. okay bears make money but hogs they get slaughtered. and right now this market is starting to stink of pork. what's got me so peeved? let's go over it first of all, is it really that
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hard the spacs. the celebrity spacs. the chairman of market investment strategy at jp morgan wrote a devastating critique of the group about the economics of these special purpose acquisition companies. if you start a spac, you're gold if you buy as an insider, you'll be fine. as it kicks down the road, the food chain, it's less and less valuable aside from superstar like virgin galactic and draft kings, they aren't getting good returns and it's going to go bad those are the good spacs these merge and raise cash and become public but the best merchandise is snapped up. there are only so many great electrical plays like the ipo cycle, the best ones come first and get steadily worse and worse and worse and i got to tell you, there is in break in sight like i told you last week, the whole spac complex feels like
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one, big bad inside joke where celebrities are pulling down big bucks hunting for targets to keep the froth meter spinning. i heard about a spac for flying cars hey, guys, pigs can fly, too second sign of froth, cannabis here we go again didn't we watch this over hyped industry blow up once already? sure, it could be legalized and maybe the financial regulation would get less punished. none of that is a sure thing and these stocks are ridiculously valued overnight i have been right. i still believe in canape growth only because it has a terrific parent in constellation brands and can make great taste in filling cannabis drinks to scale. most of the plays are destined to be nobodies but it doesn't matter because they're all connected by the same etfs and heavily shorted and it's one after another flying crazy and that's part of what is the next cohort that i don't like
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the short squeeze stocks ones that get pushed out because we got a whole new exciting generation, exciting of orders out there looking for any stock with a high short interest, even if it's part of arbitration, meaning it's not going to work the pot stocks qualify for the treatment, too if they can turn into a meme, they think they can take it to the moon yes, it's novel. it's interesting except for i've seen it a lot. it's not novel it goes bad. what's causing the froth i can blame the fed. everyone wants to do that. all the free money from the stimulus and blame and excitement about reopening once everybody is vaccinated. i got vaccinated today i thank the great people of staten island to allow me to get vaccinated it doesn't matter why it's happening. acknowledge some parts of this market are at insane absurd levels i didn't want to do this piece this is a great day and i didn't want to tell you i'm getting nervous. what do you got to do? we've had nearly 11 months of
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incredible gains and nobody wants to leave the tables when they are this hot. nobody wants to hear someone like me tell you profits don't count until you ring the register or these returns are an ano anomaly. you don't want to hear that. the thing that sucks you in and never lets you go because it's intoxicating and you don't want to leave because it's a money tree and you want to climb it. you don't want to be yanked from the money tree i can practically hear someone saying he wants me to leave? he has money himself that guy and he wants me to crash out what's his angle there is no angle. i've been in this game for 40 years. they are impossible to resist and last longer than veterans thought possible i think this is going to keep going on but eventually it does end and you got to be ready. you know why so many people lost money in collapse and never came back? because there were new merchandise created every day that is sizzling and exciting and went up because there were companies with no earnings or
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sales, just eyeballs i call them the wonders because a huge part of that market had divorced itself from the fundamentals or no fundamentals to begin with. at the height of the .com period between 1999 and 2000, 333 companies became public and only half survived. i know, i started a survivor company during that period i was stunned something like 97% of my colleagues who did companies then failed for stuff that was loved just a few months before so you got to be careful when it gets this frothy i'm not saying get out now i'm begging you to exercise discipline and sell somebody because nobody got hurt taking a profit don't sell everything because first of all, it's an excellent setup as they like to say. sure, the unemployment rate is way too high and covid is out of control even if numbers are coming down and doing better with a vaccine rollout but those negatives are the reason the
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federal reserve won't raise interest rates the tape and action are on the side of the bulls. it's not even worth fighting yet. i'm just trying to say that you're not a genius if you made 50% in a month or week or even a day. you're simply participating in one unsustainable moment of part of this stock market it's not you, people, it the beast making the money, which is why you got to take something off the table. second, just like in 2000 there is another market that's not reasonably, let's say it's reasonably valued. let's do that. not cheap. but good when i got my second shot today in staten island, fabulous operation. it was my birthday the staff broke out with a happy birthday song. the tears of happiness were this close about to flow. hey, cramer, i never miss you. what do you think of mirk? 12 times earnings. 3.5% yield he said you want me to stick with j and j i said how about the bristol myers? he said i don't know
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i said how about walmart walmart? i got to get some walmart. that's okay. that's still a good conversation it's reassuring when people ask me about steady eddie drug companies and not the froth that it hasn't gotten too insane. that's a good conversation but when they tap me and say hey, cramer, how about the flying car stocks and space tourism, we're getting out. the reason the market is still in charge right now but sooner or later at that pace it will change, too. bottom line, yes, you have to make hay when the sun shines i want you to do that. stocks are pieces of paper and wall street will pirint them ou until the buyers are running out of firepower we're not there yet. we're not. if there is one take away from the froth meter, we're most certainly headed in that direction. i need to go to rob in pennsylvania, rob? >> caller: boo-yah, jimbo coming at you from pennsylvania i want to talk to you about stock utz, good old pennsylvania
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brand. potato chips and all that great stuff -- >> here is the deal. utz is one of the few spacs that's a real company. it a regional brand. i like them. you like them. i've been recommending since they came on the show at 13. it's a double and i'm not leaving because that's a good one. i need to go to carl in michigan, carl >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i recently bought a position that closed 2.5 up i want to know your thought on the company and what do you think about the recent acquisition of v 12? >> i thought mack did a great job on the show. i think he has a terrific story. i like porch very much that's why i bought it back -- we had them bump they wrp befor public zillow had a great number today. that product is useful we'll stay tough on these guys because a lot of stocks moved up a lot but i'm determined to keep
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you in view of and the danger zone because we are on a highway to the danger zone not yet, not yet you can keep playing but how about taking money off do it for me and the great people of staten island that got me my second moderna. on "mad money" tonight, i'm sitting down with the ceo to find out what that's about and the latest social media sensation, silver. why the merry men missed the mark don't crunch me. when it comes to precious metal and with more people getting vat n -- vaccinated, people are outlining the work plan. can it have a lasting impact on the data center? i'll talk with a ceo of the stock that stalled, juniper. you might like it. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jicramer on twitter have a question? email or give
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last night we got a terrific report from mattel money managers found it hard to get excited. they're too ready about the reddit crew bidding up cannabis stocks make no mistake. mattel is doing great. the ceo orchestrated a magnificent turn around here and we got another confidence inspiring quarter. they had a top and bottom line beat with guidance for 2021 and spiked 3%. getting dragged down by the rest of the market. so could this really have more room to run?
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let's take a closer look with the turn around chairman and ceo of mattel with better read on the results. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim, great to be here. >> you're a man of your word when things weren't doing well, you said it. when things got better, you said it this is the finest quarter in 15 years despite a worldwide pan pandemic how did you do it? >> yes, jim, exceptional quarter from mattel with the best performance in years with strong consumer demand and another monster year for the company. for a second year in a row with double digit sales growth, we outpaced the industry. our results exceeded expe expectations on many levels with the highest fourth quarter growth with a significant increase in profitability with a full year operating income that was 2.5 times higher than last year, but this is not just about the quarter or the year.
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it's about a multi year strategy that is tracking very well, which puts us in a strong position to continue to increase profitability and accelerate our growth in 2021 and beyond. >> what i liked about it, these were all fantastic numbers but you told me one day, jim, this company which has terrible cash flow can make forantunes on everything it does put out when barbie has a plus 18% quarter, number one toy property globally in 2020, not doll, but boy, you're making a lot more money off each barbie even though they are more interesting in every lineup i've seen. >> that's right. we made significant progress in impro improving the profitability. the increased margin increased for the tenth consecutive quarter and only getting better and stronger in terms of cash flow if you look at the journey we've achieved over the last three years, the gross margin improved by over 1100 points.
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our cash flow improved by millions of dollars. very strong performance on the bottom line and we are making good progress on the top line, as well. this is the second quart ner whe we improved by double digit. >> making it look easy there was a time we met and looked at your balance sheet and i questioned your -- not your visibility, your viability the viability certainly is taking off the table the visibility is taken off the table. at this point i have to wonder, you have this great balance sheet now. it is. you have the number one products in the industry and turn around. is it time to do something even more huge, something the entertainment industry you used to be king of? come on. >> well, free cash flow has steady improved over the last three years. we're going from a negative $325 million in 2017 to a positive, $167 million this year
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going forward, we'll be focused on converting and even increasing percentage of our ebitda into cash flow and as we previously stated, we intend to utilize excess cash to improve debt and balance sheet further given the expectation for higher ebitda and cash, we expect to continue to reduce our leverage ratio and make our way towards an investment grading. >> i want the 11 films in development. i want the 17 shows in tv production i want grandkids, first of all and grandkids to watch your stuff. >> this is very exciting we verecently made exciting announcements and an action film, not a motion picture there is an uno game show, a whack a mole game show, thomas and friends engine go and series we launch on netflix to a network this year.
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to date, we made announcement for 11 films under the mattel films banner there are 17 television shows in production and 25 shows in development. this is part of our mid to long term strategy these projects take time given the scale and ambition but we're well underway putting them in place and in success, this can be transformative. >> one last thing, i want you to tell people how important you told me you would do this, you had barbie look like the world, not the world you and i grew up in but the world. >> that's right. barbie has done phenomenonly well on many levels but it's about brand purpose, innovation, active demand and relevance. barbie is on a multi year journey. it's about diversity, inclusivity and purpose and play involving body shapes and all the things that we care so much about. what is important to say is that
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when you look at the success of barbie, there is a lot to be proud of but this is about the mattel playbook because the same approach, the same capabilities in many cases, the same people that the working on barbie, all of these capabilities are being applied across our entire product offering and we're very confiden confident about the overall proposition of mattel and the portfolio. >> you've done a remarkable job and exceeded everything you said you would do i doubted because i thought that balance sheet was too difficult and the project too hard i was wrong. you've been right and you stay right. chairman and ceo of mattel fabulous job. >> thank you so much, jim, thank you. this is a winner and "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, this week's artist might have a silver bullet that might make your portfolio famous. cramer goes off the charts, next
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look, i know you've heard a lot about these mem stocks, game stops and amc and reddit posters sent into the stats stratospher. i got a lot of texts and emails about this the meme commoditicommodities. younger traders try to do the same thing with silver something that's an asset for old people that want to hide their money under their beds you expect millennials and social media to push the cryrpt return currency to bid up the price of silver yes. the other precious metal but it
6:25 pm
doesn't work silver spiked from $25 an ounce to $30 at the peak a week and a half ago and pulled back now it at 27 so why couldn't they pull it off with silver if they did it with game stop and what the heck do you do with this precious metal now? we want to get a hand on the silver situation we'll go off the charts with carly garner, the brilliant technology that's the co-founder of the trading and author of an easy book called higher probability trading and the expert so first off, why couldn't the merry men of reddit engineer a short squeeze in silver because that only works under certain specific circumstances like we saw in cannabis today, game stop, amc. those were forgotten in stocks nobody believed it they had a set of numbers, shares, tons of shares have been shorted in game stop and amc silver is nothing like that. it's a global asset. when prices go up, the minors increase production.
6:26 pm
more importantly, you can't get a short squeeze unless the asset in question is heavily shorted when there aren't many short sellers, nobody is squeezed for heaven sake. look at the monthly chart with the cft commitment of traders' data on the bottom that's called the cot report okay garner loves this commitment of traders. made us a lot of money it tells you how major categories of market participants are positioned. you have the commercial hedgers, companies and business that deal with silver and jewelers so they buy or sell futures to protect themselves and you have the small speculators and those are in blue, okay? not really consequential but home gamers, reddit people, it's okay to be a home gamer. you're a home gamer. i'm a home gamer there is what matters to the price. the green line this green line -- this is what we're going to be talking about. that's large speculators they are the ones who are in control of the market. they're big money managers with
6:27 pm
positions in silver as a profession garner knows these money managers were net long the silver future when this kicked off. net long they had it. you can see it they owned it. same goes for small speculators. you're not going to see a short squeeze in an asset that is well liked. you're not betting against anybody. even though the short squeeze thesis fell apart, garner says the spike reeked havoc on traders who were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. if you saw for instance call options on silver, the weekend pr prior, you were put in a tough situation. the call option gives you a right to buy something at a given price. when you sell that, you have to sell it at that price. that's why it's incredibly risky to sell call options i urge you not to do that. if the price takes off, you'll be forced to buy it at higher levels when silver spiked to $30, some option sellers decided to hedge by buying silver so when the price came down, they got burned there. some people made a lot of money
6:28 pm
if they had the right options and got in and out exactly at the right time but that's not what "mad money" is about and i'm about. that's too risky we're not going to do that stuff. what is next for silver? check out the daily chart. the precious metal broke out above the 45 degree trading range. that's channelled here during the big rally over the summer. this was a huge breakout for silver and listen to me, by the way she told you silver was due for one last lag, remember that at the end of july, there it was. she said you had to sell that was another great call she made exactly right. when silver became a mean trade, the price revised the summer peak got you, and garner wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't happen again some point the trading range points here higher okay the relative strength index and important momentum indicator is still pointing higher without being over sold territory. so the rsi is in good position if it were, you know, if we don't want it to get too crazy
6:29 pm
but it's okay and she thinks this together adds up to make it so we will see 31 in the not too distant future 31 for silver. garner doubts the bulls will have the firepower to break up out. she does expect one last spike to the mid 30s more likely, though, she thinks you get a double top formation between 30 and 32 and then follow it by a retreat to 22 so here is what we're going to do let zoom out to the monthly chart. this gives you a little more perspective. in the covid collapse last march, silver went all the way down to 12 and that's where it started the rally and it climbed all the way to 30 in august, a remarkable run before cooling off and dipping to the low and mid 20s last month somewhere on the daily chart, the strength index is pointing higher again, garner believes a retest of the $30 highs could be in the
6:30 pm
cards. your followers, silver's third trip to 30 in less than a year could see a good amount of breakout buying, probably be talking about a lot which is why she's still using the $31 price target we had on the other page. if the resistance at 31 holds, garner expects silver to retreat sharply. sharply. if we get a breakout, the monthly chart suggests to go to 35 or 36 before running out of steam but unless something crazy happens, it's hard to imagine silver under 36. before the debt crisis ceiling problems, the u.s. treasury got downgraded because they were deciding whether to default the silver futures did spike to $50. this was that whole debt ceiling, s&p downgrade problem but she doesn't think we'll see that again on the flip side, garner notes the silver is not just a value of a component for joy used in technology and in electric cars. thanks to that demand, price may
6:31 pm
never revisit the lows around ten but 20 could be in the cards, maybe sooner than expected one last point, the dollar has been hammered but garner sees it rebounding given u.s. treasuries are back to being attractive that's a contrary position if she's right a stronger green back is bad for silver the bottom line, let silver teach you a lesson the merry men can engineer a short squeeze when there aren't enough shorts but can play havoc. the charts are interpreted by carly garner and silver may have a little more room to run and then you know what you can forget about it. move onto the next let's go to robert in texas, robert >> caller: hi. what do you think about lithium america's corporation, symbol lac? >> gee, you're the second person to ask me in the last 24 hours about that company and i came back and said look, it is -- it's just still one more way that people want to play elon
6:32 pm
musk and e.v., decide that from chile. simila same thing it's a commodity and i don't trust them because neither you, robert nor i can have an edge on it so i'm saying in this particular case, i don't want you to -- buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell do nothing the charts in silver may have more room to run this was good work unless maybe it changed on the dollar but don't over stay your welcome here, please there is much more "mad money" ahead. is juniper designed to route profits on your portfolio or can it route or what do you do to confront two a high unemployment rate at the same time. listen to me because i got the plan to tackle it. what universe? i know what i'm talking about. rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round so stay with cramer. >> announcer: is the global chip shortage putting the brakes on 5
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how can juniper networks get the group back they have been stuck in the 20s for a long time now. juniper spent years struggling with one thing after another, slowdown and it happened to cisco, too the trade war and many others had that and general uncertainty and supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic lately juniper is turning things around and stabilized the service provider business and growth opportunities business thanks to the 5 g buildout and need for hardware to support the cloud and the company made a
6:37 pm
series of software as a service acquisition that is lucrative, to give a competitive edge when juniper reported late last month, they gave you a modest top and bottom line beat management believes they can grow again this year, something we should hear about more on the analyst meeting friday i got to tell you, i like juniper's score and the stock sells for 15 times earnings and 3.15% dividend shouldn't take much to get rolling but it hasn't been let's check in with the ceo of juniper network to get a better sense of story before he talks to the professionals on friday nice preview welcome back to "mad money." >> great to be back, jim especially on your birthday. happy birthday to you. >> thank you, thank you so much. i think you can layout a story i think will get a lot of peeoples attention because you're going towards software business that is reoccurring because we love that and because of 5 g and you got products proving to be incredibly important in an augumented reality and artificia
6:38 pm
intelligence way that i think our audience doesn't know about. maybe you can share the preview what you'll be talking on friday. >> absolutely. first, i want to say that we wrapped up a really solid 2020 our enterprise business was a record year for us q 4 grew 7% year over year despite the challenges the 3 pandemic posed for us and the fighter business grew for the year and our service provider orders were up we're firing on all cylinders now. we've created a really solid base with our worldwide service provider and built two additional growth sectors for the company. the data center and a.i. driven ente enterprise i think our difference in the technologies we have here is honestly second to none and very excited about this year and the years to come. i think as a preview of what you're going to get with the analyst on friday is sustainable growth as a result of this experience for strategy that
6:39 pm
we're excecuting. >> our viewers are familiar with service now through a series of ceos you loved and had on the show you had an incredible performance to explain to people why your products would be essential. >> service now is a fantastic customer and great partner of ours if you think about the real value that a.i. can bring to the end user, service now is a wonderful example. what we're doing with the solution is having the network run itself, leveraging a.i. to make the experience of the network operator and the end use r er far better. we're able to crush it by 90%. and the delight of the end users that are using the variety of of
6:40 pm
people. >> okay. so all these are good and they're exciting and i really do love anything you do that is software with better margins but of the mbusiness, some is not living up to what you would like it to. there is big issues going on what would give a sustainable division to make it so if i read a morgan and a few vehicles meaningful earnings acce acceleration i suspect you agree with that analysis. >> i do. so we have to stabilize our worldwide routing footprint and we've done that. take a look at the last three quarters where we've grown market share and we've stabilized that business now it's a matter of the growth for our company and the collaborating data and the market team that's ready
6:41 pm
we have best in class technology recognized by customers around the world as well as industry analysts as an example, zoom, zoom is leveraging the first collaborating data center and structure technology to essentially provide the services that are absolutely essential today. so i think we're firing on all cylinders as i said and i think we can achieve sustainable revenue growth starting 2021 and beyond. >> how about the environment i'm sure -- we met with chuck robins this morning. doing good and moving aggressively in enterprise and the enterprise itself seems a tad shaky because of covid. >> yes, but i think we're executing remarkably well in the enterprise space i actually believe our en enterprise business would be better if not for covid but the team did a fantastic job of pivoting quickly to subsegments of the enterprise that are most
6:42 pm
resilient to covid related head winds and the innovations we're bringing to market around automation of private cloud and hybrid cloud around the enterprise with our end to end cloud solution are in and of themself proof and i believe once we start to emerge from the covid pandemic and economic issues as a result those subsegments will be growing the fastest and we'll capitalize on that. >> all right that's what we're looking for. that's a great preview your stock is not extensive. i hope it gets to breakout you have terrific products and i really appreciate you sharing them with us on "mad money" always great to see you, sir. >> great to see you, too. >> thank you for the birthday wishes "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up. >> it is time, it. >> announcer: cramer takes your calls. rapid fire the lightning round is next.
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[ laughter ] oh, come on, don't i'm too old for that it is time, it is time for the lightning round. buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell and then the lightning round is over are you ready, ski daddy time for the likghtning round. let's start with j.j. >> caller: boo-yah, cramer. >> boo-yah, j.j. >> caller: electronic clarification for banking. >> eye why didn't someone buy i? it's okay. it in the right place. fin fin tech i call it let's go to bob in missouri, bob? >> caller: professor cramer, thank you for taking my call. >> pleasure. >> caller: i bought a stock in november that's run up well and i want to know if it's time to ring the register. grow generation. >> here is the problem, when grow generation came on the stock was at 14. management, i really liked them
6:48 pm
and some short sellers against them and the next day, you got to buy this stock. may be the stock for cannabis. 14, 15, 63 no, i'm not going to recommend 6 63 i recommend 14.50. take it out tomorrow tomorrow morning let go to clay in montana, clay? >> caller: hey, happy birthday young man. >> thank you, sir. >> caller: hey, after buying spot x and they have a $70 price target, is mgni a buy or hold or sell >> i love the rub icon guys. they put the property with denver such a good idea this is going to be an absolutely terrific combination and even though the stock was down badly today, i'll tell you, buy, buy, buy. i need to go to bill in kansas bill >> caller: hello, jim. i got a story for you and you're 100% responsible for it if you want to hear it. >> all right
6:49 pm
i got time where am i going >> caller: i don't know. where are you going? >> i don't know. i'm having chipotle for dinner wife is out of town. what's going on? >> caller: three years ago on vacation listening to your show you talked about qualcomm. next morning i pick up a few contracts and four days later, i'm checking my portfolio. it it's up a couple looking at the news, it's upgraded make a long story short, in 15 minutes it was up $9 and change and i got out of the contracts and it's 100% due to you. >> you're very kind. >> caller: it's been three years but i want to thank you. >> you're very kind. qualcomm is a great company. i like it very much. they are hostage to this problem with the founders. they can't get the chips and because of that, they have to be in the penalty box for a full quarter. they will come out of it but you go with the sky works solutions, not them because sky works
6:50 pm
builds their own boundaries and would never let themselves be hostage, that's why i like liam griffin so much. fran in pennsylvania, fran >> caller: hi. hi, fran. >> this is -- oh, thank you. >> okay. >> caller: you're awesome. >> thank you. >> caller: i want your thoughts on -- >> all right so get this. literally nine years ago this week i was meeting with a group of truckers and asked why didn't they go to west port and switch engines from dirty fuel to natural gas? there is not enough juice. the deal will never work nine years later finally happened because we reached a tipping point where people are sick and tired of really dirty oil. that said, i think it's short term and i would not get too greedy because it's just cummins driving it and a couple big companies that want the trucks the stock had a big run. i don't recommend buying it at this level the let's go to tim in missouri, tim
6:51 pm
>> caller: boo-yah jimmy chill happy birthday. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm a first time caller with many people continually dumping satellite subscriptions for new stringing platforms, i want to hear your thoughts on the entertainment company with their q 4 earnings coming out in early march. the company is called fubo >> i dropped it immediately. i don't think -- a lot of people like that. i don't think -- there are so many better stocks so i'm not going to be against it if you actually own it and that is not -- oh my this is like my -- this is like the best birthday i ever had i got the moderna. thank you very much and stick with cramer. [ cheers ] >> announcer: the lightening round is sponsored by td
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as this pandemic gradually draws to a close, we still got two national emergencies that we have to talk about a high unemployment rate and semi conductor shortage. we need more chips and more jobs why not kill two birds with one stone? time to invest in the biggest and most complex semi conductor factories in the world and e
6:56 pm
wit - we can do this this went out of style but we know it works and the government did it with operation warp speed. the covid vaccine program that got us two terrific svaccines n a year keep it up why not have a massive backed program. we heard from general motors they have new in demand vehicles but can't make enough of them because of semi conductor shortage ford said the same thing it cost them 1 to $2 billion this year. believe me, you'll hear about this shortage constantly, daily. the users reeking havoc with industries and making a much less competitive and hostage country. hostage to a bigger chip customer, the prc. we got to get ahead of this. now some of this shortage is natural, thanks to covid that has homes that require hardware, we're eating chips like doritos at halftime.
6:57 pm
thanks to globalization, the semi conductor companies are outsourcing and huge asian operators, samsung, these are incredible amazingly well run and get production capacity they can't, they have to split the entire world including demand from china that hits american companies extra hard because the business is run on just in time ordering. they don't want to sit on extra time components, make money, save moneywith the shortage like now that's where we find ourselves our companies can't get enough chips because there is not enough production worldwide and it's hurting manage manufacturing including the mentioned gm and ford. there are two ways to approach this throw up the hands and beg samsung and taijuan to build more, that's been our strategy or roll up our sleeves like operation warp speed, remember today, had to put it because i want everyone to get tested.
6:58 pm
roll up my sleeves i got jabbed here. we can roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves. we need to be able to manufacture our own semi conductors let me tell you what needs to happen, the most intellectual property is the semi conductor equipment space. that's applied materials and they have machines we need to make chips meanwhile, building gigantic factories could more people to work, much more than a highway, than a bridge. why stop at roads and bridges when we reestablish ourselves as a whole new kingpin in a manufacturing industry that we used to dominate hey, biden's pick for commerce secretary, she was a venture capitalalists and governor of rhode island she would be the perfect champion for this project. we can take advantage of low interest rates to issue semi conductor savings bonds to raise the money for this project,
6:59 pm
partner up with a private sector and these businesses can pay back uncle sam when production gets rolling, auto chips, defense chips, internet of things chips that should be able to make this stuff come met titick -- domestically and the best in the world. it's amazing we outsource when they are within spitting distance of china. i love taijuan and south korea but if we get in a shooting war, they will be in the middle of it hopefully it never comes to that why are we taking a chance how much would this cost they are spending up to 21 billion. let's borrow $100 billion in savings bonds to make the u.s. more semi conductor independent over the next few years but we have to start immediately to alleviate the shortage people intensive national imperative blueprint ready, customers dying for the product and suppliers ready to help. soon to be secretary rimando, you've been on the show. let's get the low interest chip
7:00 pm
buying and save tens of thousands of jobs and give the economy a huge boost this is industrial policy. it worked for vaccines and i know it can work for chips, too. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer se reliving the capitol insurrection five weeks to the day later. can the prosecution convince any republicans to convict i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc this we've never seen. previously unreleased riot video that house prosecutors are using to help make their case. >> he didn't just tell them to fight like hell. he told them how, where, and when a federal investigation. millions of bogus n95 masks distributed to hospitals tonight, scrambling


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