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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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churchhill company, one spac that has been rocketing over the past few months up about 500% year to date again, confirming that deal to go public. dan, quickly >> yeah, watch out tesla, that's a hot car, that my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm trying to make you money. my job is to entertain, educate and teach. call me or tweet me @jimcramer boom town. yeah, that's what we're looking at it's happened all at once.
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look at today's action dow gaining 27 s&p sinking and the nasdaq plunging 2.46% and do you know that cadence is exactly what you'd expect going into an accelerating economy the turn around should not be a surprise to you. the reopening would be a big deal what is shocking the way it's falling into place at once with analysts and buyers coming out of the wood work calling for the united states to have a roaring '20s moment or post world war ii boom the train is leaving the station and it's going to go with you, without you. i want you on it how do you board a train moving train to boom town? think about what you'll do when the economy reopens and like most americans, your balance sheets never looked better than this that's what happens when you have nothing to spend on that's how you get half the move, the consumer side. it's what reopening means for business and what we do overseas i want to start with the most
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practical ones number one, yes, by the way, i don't care people heard me say this someone on twitter said jim, you recommended disney before. so why are you doing it again? you know why it's good. not long ago disney put together an amazing quarter led by spectacular numbers but the rest of the company, cruises, they have been e hit hard you wonder how i can recommend disney with a staggering run, not if we're in a boom when everything comes together and we see results, you'll be kicking yourself for failing to own this yes, yes, disney went from 1 121 92 think about how far it can go with two arms around disney. second, you want a hotel chain that's been able to get to the pandemic with a loyal staff. mar marriott, marriott international. indulge me for a second. last week, one of the smartest,
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savviest most giving ceos or people i met passed away this guy is a mazing great business person. losing him is a real blow for the country. he was a big think guy, and did so much that was good and yet, the stock didn't skip a beat because if we're headed for a boom, marriott has a lot more upside because arnie was careful to preserve a strong management team and strong culture by marriott third, you need an incredibly well run casino because china is coming back fast and vegas that's wynn reports. the brilliant executive who i think is perfectly poised to handle new traffic he is smart. i've always been championing pin national gaming for the last 100 points and i would buy more weakness, bar stool connection turned this company into an exciting sports book play and that will be all over the country. fourth, one day, not yet, fourth, i want you to pick an airline, any airline i'm going to go with southwest
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because the ceo gary kelly is using to moment to take market share and nail down roots. it's been a super star but the balance sheet is a detriment for me let's just say when you go with southwest, you also get the oil patch getting better that matters. speaking of commercial aircraft, wasn't boeing supposed to get obliterated today after they ground a bunch of 777s do you know the stock spent most of the day in the green before it rolled over but even then it only closed down 2% because the boom is too good to ignore you mentioned boeing before. you don't understand how i do "mad money." "mad money" is to be sure everybody gets it. boeing all right. fifth, i told you these cruises are for real right now they are incredible bargains that can be made safe as more people get vaccinated. royal caribbean went up 9% and seen a big surge in bookings and i'm sure it will be put away
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handlely the credit card companies can come alive two real dogs, visa and mastercard and they do so well for the reopening of the west and you know what? i'll throw in american express, a company that simply will not be denied. millennials love the card. they do. they love it seventh, estee lauder. you may have thought this played out. wrong. a lot of people have a lot of firepower. these were the beginning of the turn that the ceo charted. one that started in china about to spread around the world do not worry about the u.s. department stores. i know you're probably concerned. too insignificant to matter. once we can take masks off, this is about getting made up go outside and posting 5 million snap pictures or instagram or whatever if i'm wrong, what was ulta doing at a 52-week high. eighth, caterpillar.
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good management. really turned around the last quarter was okay but cat has a ton of oil exposure and the price of crude keeps surging thanks to better global economy and a president that is less friendly to new drilling than the last guy, less drilling, higher oil prices. it is america's best steel maker is put through the multiple, multiple meat grinders not anymore. now it's put through multiple price increases. ready to put up staggering numbers. i missed too much freeport i was away i'm sorry. i was recuperating new core hasn't run yet. rotation isn't done. patience now, ten i've been telling you about the simon properties i went to see their malls. people are going to the malls again. huge comeback. the malls are now up scale a lot of simon properties are up scale and beneficiary is a great
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reopening because people have spare cash we can buy things on etsy and shopify but people want to spend and the malls a good place to spend. we know the day will come when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. we knew reopening stocks would jump ahead of time that's happening now you're no longer early with the names but that doesn't mean you're late, either. how about the rest of the market do we kick fang to the curb or the growers red hot? this is what you're going to have to do look, i've read the reddit, wall street bets. i'll cancel something you don't want to hear but i got to do it because it's right you have to accept a level of under performance with these other stocks at least until the reopening trade is done. you may have to absorb real pain, i'm not kidding. >> the house of pain. >> with the secular growth stocks because nobody likes to get hurt these days when you mention the
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forecast is pain, by the way, of course mr. t., most investors say no thank you who needs google or apple or snow flake or roku when you get these stocks here? i say wait a second. by the way, google has the most travel of anything so they will probably do great. wall street is a fashion show and we know these stocks have gone out of style and you're hurting. i know you're hurting. i read you on twitter. do you dump them i say not so fast. see, it's a false one. growth never really does go out of style and the best will come back eventually. when it happens, you might not be fast enough to get in so it's hard to jump out and get back in i say stick with it. on the other hand, you don't want to jump in front of a speeding train, either so pick two. pick two that are getting treatment here i'll give you a couple to pick you can pick microsoft or apple, amazon, sales force, service now. pick one go ahead buy it tomorrow. leave two days between each purchase and only buy more on
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the way down why bother once the return to normalcy is priced into the market, the growth stocks will be ones to own again and you'll have a great basis. here is the bottom line, it is not too late to make a big bet on the reopening stocks but remember to sock away a couple of the better growth names on the way down, too. this rotation won't be any time soon, though, but it will end and eventually you need to be prepared for the other side of the trade. we're going to patricia in oregon, patricia >> jim cramer, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: long time listener, first time caller. my question is about tjmaxx. is it a sell or a hold right now with the stimulus? >> i read an action alert report on tjmaxx. i can't believe how well they are doing. action alerts sold too soon. i'm angry at myself. i think it will be a monster good stock for the spring. you're on to something and i thank you for the great call and i've always loved oregon. we're looking, people, at a
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boom town. this is the roaring '20s and i want you in. you know, oh, pick one on "mad money" tonight, i'm sitting down with the ceo of palo alto networks to see if the company shares profits on a network that doesn't like that stock for the moment and one of the strongest health care stocks this year is eli lilly but could the company live up to the high expectations i'll talk to the ceo and semi conductor shortage, i'll talk to a major player that's involved in the mix auto chips i got to find out what is going on and so do you, so stay with cramer >> announcer: don't misa ss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer #mat #mad #madtweets send jim an email or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss omething?
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what do we do with the stocks look at palo alto networks asecurity play it got hammered after the close and there was also tough during the whole session. why? once again we've got to deal with the reopening trade now palo alto itself delivered better than expected results the forecast met expectations, perhaps that's not enough. your turn in the stock might face turbulence but i think it's still worth owning a couple growth stocks a stock like this. is palo alto the one to earn let's check in with the ceo and president of palo alto
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welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you very much again, jim, for having me. >> a lot of chatter about forecast all i see is blow away reoccurring numbers. i see huge billings. i see a 22% growth in the area where some people look for 18 but most importantly, next gen, i placed you after this as maybe the fastest cloud native cybersecurity company there is. >> jim, i've been waiting for you to say that for two and a half years, thank you. we have 20% growth in billing and i said in an earnings call, before the pandemic we have companies doing well and hurting and what's happening is we're extending billing terms. if you look, our growth in 24, 25 of billing and 22% letting
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people and 25% two years ago, we were talking expectations and started success. >> for the year you raised a date it is very clear to me that the model that you have for the hybrid which we know and you were the first to call is the way the future you predicted a lot of people thought it would go one place together and hybrid means and both and that is when people need if they're going to be enterprise protected certain things. >> well, jim, i don't think this is a wakeup call we had 1,000 customers reach out to us come take a look and tell
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me we're getting this free service with 500 customers and a reasonable number of them impacted so i think solar winds will have sustained tail winds in the industry going forward and we have to rethink how we do cybersecurity in the country and every enterprise to your point about the future, i don't believe everyone is going to the cloud i think we'll end up in a hybrid scenario because whole sell movement to the cloud. we'll redesign stuff to access, we'll see a bunch of data and you need to be able to protect them one consistent fabric across the cloud it's the capability across both sides. we aspire to have a billion one five by the end of this year, which in our mind is the fastest growing cloud or next generation security company in the world. >> when you buy something like bridge group announced last week, is that in mind for what is going on with solar wind or
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is that just something you feel like you have to continue to add in order to have a great sweep >> so, jim, you know, a few quarters ago we talked about acquiring crypsis. we talked about acquiring expanse. you can look and see whether you have exposed assets to the outside or not so in a way, it's like we've been lucky we found the right businesses to go partner with earlier in the year and with bridge crew we're making different bets. when we went down this cloud journey, google cloud, people were saying what is this cloud thing? cloud is one of the biggest movements in technology. we made four bets. first we started betting people would dgo to the cloud and we said people won't end up in one cloud but multiple clouds. it's coming true people are buying capabilities across all stops we're making a bet you have to protect people when they're --
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you got to make sure the developers and applications are putting security in there. by the time they give the application to production, people run and say you have a security problem, you make the developers mad bridge crews figured out you have to look for security as you do development we have a free piece of software the developers can run, if you run it for free, which we provide, when you get in you won't have the security bug. the open source industry for awhile we're embracing it for secursecy that will be the next big shift. we want to be ahead of it. >> what happens if we get the pandemic through more people come back to the central office will it be something that palo alto is ready for? there will be two, three days a week you go into the office and two or three days you go home. is that what it will look like >> jim, you and i talked about flexible working we think two to three days in
6:20 pm
the office and the rest not. the whole point is office collaboration. what we have seen, one of the biggest drivers is network transformation changes in addition to the cloud. so today, you are working from home in the past you can say if i can't access it from home, let me go to the office tomorrow and take care of it. you don't have that choice anymore. you have to make sure everything works in your home we've seen the biggest security capability in the work force and have enhancement we're seeing the biggest usage there and the biggest deal where hundreds of thousands of employees and a certain customer to your point were protecting them across the hybrid in the data center on their campus, in their homes on a consistent fabric that we'll deliver to them yes, we're ready i think we'll live in a hybrid world with technology on the cloud and we're going to live in a hybrid world in the office and at home. >> look, congratulations look, i care about the firm but
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this next gene i that you built company growing faster than everybody that people like very, very much. the chairman and ceo of palo alto networks. congratulations, sir. >> thank you, jim. >> "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, an america pharma titan becoming a beacon of hope for those affected by al tim alzheimer's w covid. cramer digs into the developments with the ceo.
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♪ ♪ so far 2021 has been a good
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til time for select drug stocks, especially eli lilly up 19% they reported a terrific quarter and phase two data alzheimer's alzheimer's afflicts tens of millions of people and there is nothing we can do. on top of that there is a covid antibody treatment selling incredibly well with more in the works. the day to looks good. the formulation may not be as effective against new strains and last week we got excellent phase three data on the cholesterol weight loss drug for people with diabetes that's a huge problem. if it's pulled back over the last few weeks, opportunity i think so let's check in with the chairman and ceo of eli lilly to get a better sense where his company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> great to be with you, jim how are you better thank you for asking, appreciate
6:26 pm
that on march 15th, you will reveal some results but have a small sample about something that i thought you've worked for 30 years on that's just impossible. everyone is giving up. major drug companies away from giving up. the possibility of reducing plaque and making it so alzheimer's is not basically the end of a life sentence how do you feel about how things are going here because dave, this is as big as it gets, maybe the biggest? >> well, jim, we're pretty excited about this data from the drug we announced as the year started and as you pointed out in mid march, we'll release the data and have an investor call we've been waiting for 30 years and we spent billions of dollars looking for something that could change the course and progression of alzheimer's the drug rapidly eradicates plaque faster than anything we've tested and it was always wondered if eliminating the plaque, could that translate
6:27 pm
into better patient outcomes we announced this drug slowed the progression of the disease by 32% in patients with early alzheimer's, that's super promising. we'll replicate the study with another study and, you know, the main thing, though, is we've been working on this for awhile. we see a bpath to see a disease modification, a huge breakthrough for patients. so many people that suffer from this condition. >> two things that i really appreciated what you're doing. one is that hey, you get rid of the plaque and then you stop taking the drug, which we both know is the right thing to do. it's not a manage drug, it's a drug that gets right at it and the second thing is my sense was and i know this is a little selfish but can i start taking the drug can i start taking it ahead? i don't want a plaque buildup. >> exactly this drug is unique. it removes plaque is quickly, it's unlikely, the first drug we know of you won't need to take it for the duration of studies
6:28 pm
likely, you won't need to take it again in your life. it's a one time treatment because plaque builds up over the course of two decades or so. everyone wants to know the answer to the question you're asking including thought leaders in the world which is if it works in early alzheimer's, can it work better if we give it before symptoms? those studies can be tricky to do but a one-time drug like this you take over a short course is better than taking a drug for the rest of your life. those studies i'm sure we'll be doing with experts as we look at the data coming out here in march and get to the next steps in the life cycle. >> why have so many people failed and are you concerned that there have been some small samples of other companies that have tried and then when things got bigger, they failed. the goalpost moved something occurred do you feel more confident >> we do and you mentioned some companies. our company. we had, i think, three failures in late face studies and each
6:29 pm
time, though, this is an example, jim, you covered the covid miracle of a vaccine inside of your therapeutics, this is like the opposite where most drug development works which you circle the problem sl slowly making changes, the patients we look at are understanding of the disease and drugs. here we tested in a very carefully selected population, not using what doctors notice is your symptoms but using what the pet scan counts in terms of protein accumulated in your brain. that's an innovation and on top of that, a drug that rapidly decreases plaque enough to show a difference in an 18-month study. we've been working towards this moment through failure that's how science works it seems fast coming out of covid but usually it's slow and that's the case here we're confident in these results having looked at so many failed studies. >> i want to pressure on this. for those of us that have relatives with alzheimer's, we saw the cognition go away and
6:30 pm
they stopped recognizing us and doing things that are erratic and then do nothing. is there a stage where you could be erratic and come back and be not erratic? >> we're not seeing that in this study so far i don't think that's very likely we think it's a two phase disease, that this plaque accumulates starting in our 60s maybe for 20 years or so and then that triggers a cascade where another protein called towel starts interfering with the way your nerves work and your brain towel matches closely to symptoms but once you have it, it's unlikely removing all and is going to reverse that course. that's why we studied early patients in this study and want to go earlier to your first question separately, we're walking on an antibody to attack the towel. >> i have people watching. you don't understand how important this is.
6:31 pm
anybody else would have given up there were three chances to give up and david didn't give up. ren antibody treatment good thing for lily. regeneron has the edge on variants are you working on a south african variant in the cocktail? >> we're not competing here. we're competing with the virus i wish them the best we launched a therapy because the challenge was getting enough material, getting enough drugs so people could take it on masks and to date globally, we've shipped quite a bit of drug compared to others but we're happy. we have a combo now, as well that works against most very ya - variants, the combo data work against this u.k. variant, the b 117. it's already here. it will be the virus we're dealing with inside f a of a moh people are worried about brazil
6:32 pm
and south africa growing right now there is little spots of that in the u.s. but it's not clear it's growing very fast we also have a program against that it's an earlier stage and we'll likely develop that along, as well it's not a scientifically difficult problem. we need to work on compressing the timeline, though, so you can make enough to be relevant when that strain grows if it does i'm an optimist the u.k. variant strain is the one we'll deal with next and by the time that's over, we'll have enough infected and vaccinated people to have a much more contained concern when it comes to these other variants. >> okay. let's talk about something that i've been actively involved with that you know. i've been the chief spokesperson for the american migraine assoc association. you have an unbelievable drug. it's accessible. there are a billion people, over represented minority over represented women
6:33 pm
this class of medicine, this drug and the one you have has got issues with insurance, non-formula, doctors not willing to prescribe it. what do we do about this it's a wonder drug and giving people's lives back. yours is the best and we can't get it to people what is happening here >> we actually have pretty good insurance coverage now during the pandemic, people stopped going to the doctors for migraines. we want to encourage people. it's a real disease. it can be addressed. we have a drug there is others, too they're really effective they cut the number of migraines in half in the studies, which really can be transformational when you have eight to ten my gran -- migraines a month or more. patients and physicians say i take this once a month to prevent migraines. we launched and had a great first year and the pan ddemic
6:34 pm
happened we need to get the teams to get it to primary doctors. it's major problem for working women and minority groups. we want to work to raise the awareness. >> we'll get that done you and i will get that done this is amazing. any other drug company we've just been talking about body weight for adults with type 2 diabetes this is a terrible condition and you got something for it. >> yeah, next generation what we call gop therapy it's a once a week injury excused -- injectable if you have type 2 diabetes it's shown two amazing things. first, the highest dose 60% of the people, majority of people and that's been consistent across other studies had the measure out diabetes drop below normal, meaning it normalized the condition. fantastic news that shows the power of this medicine and at the same time,
6:35 pm
people lost weight again, in one of these studies, a lot of weight. 28 pounds in one year. >> wow. >> that's a significant shift in not only their lifestyle but how the disease works and probably the long term effects of it. so we need to study the drug more we have a head-to-head study against another medicine in the class coming up with a long er term study this summer and will submit that. >> that's extraordinary. you sound optimistic on many things people are watching now and thinking the pandemic, where are we where are we we have a front line pandemic guy. you sound like there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> i feel that way look, science stood up and worked here and i think we -- a lot of things didn't work. mask wearing you've been a champion of. it's been hard we're getting fatigued the drugs now work extremely well so we see the hospitalizations dropping and vaccination will work. we all just need to encourage everyone we know to get vaccinated because it not only
6:36 pm
protects yourself and others, that's an important message and to my knowledge, there isn't a single death in the vaccine studies when people receive the vaccine. that's incredible. that's the path out and i believe by friday, we'll have more vaccine dosing than people wanting to get vaccinated. we need workplaces, media, everybody to promote the benefits of universal vaccination. if we do that by summertime, this thing is going to be more in the rearview mirror than we think right now and we can get back to normal. >> thank you so much thank you for everything you're doing on so many different fronts dave ricks, chairman and ceo of eli lilly. the golden days of eli lilly thank you, dave. good to see you. >> great to see you, bye, bye. >> "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: how is the chip shortage halting global manufacturing benefitting semi conductor companies? one ceo shares how the dilemma helped the company's top and bottom line, next.
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keeping you sharp for tomorrow. join us, the defenders, in our mission. cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. . the hottest tech stocks got hit again today. this is your chance to buy the ones plugged into unstoppable long term themes provided we take a little pain teams like the semi conductor shortage take it on which makes power management and signal amplifications chips for autos, industri industrial, three weeks ago they reported a fantastic quarter and the stock is up 250% you know what? i think they could do better you know why in december they brought in a new ceo, remember from cypress semis. saved that one and sold for 50% prum premium
6:41 pm
given how the business is doing, this has a lot of to hepotentia. let's tune in with the president and ceo to find out what he has in store for us. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, thank you, jim thanks for having me. >> okay. i don't know which side to start in i can start on the margin side because you're an expert at that but we have to start on the demand side because it's unprecedented. a lot of people are worried about the economy. i'm not. it looks like every single one of your end markets is strong. >> yeah, that's true i mean, driven primarily by the auto motive industry, we're well positioned and it' -- content story for us we're not just going to grow above market but at market and industrial and same across the strength in every single end market, which is a great place to be with the breath of the product we provide and each one
6:42 pm
of those. >> we're seeing really a renaissance of the industrial stocks going on for several weeks. what's behind the strength from industrial that you can see? >> it's a very broad strength. if i focus on sole markets and industrial, you have factory automation that is driven by the other sectors, as well but very important, also, is the environmental side a lot of the renewable energy companies are putting more and more rnd, we play in those power management and our power controllers so we are very well positioned, not just for today but you hear a lot of talk about those segments growing, especially with the new administration so we're just going to be participating and exceeding that market, as well. >> okay. let's talk about autos i've been speaking to mary barra and jim farly. they are not going to make the
6:43 pm
numbers because of certain chips. it tends not to be the highest end chips. who is the shortage coming from and what can you do to help these great american companies >> look, there are hot spots in the industry where there is shortages because of capacity. none of that really when we talk about shortage, the velocity which demand came on and then semi conductor, you have a shipment the orders came on so strong that we're not able to keep up but we do have the capacity especially for on. for the chips we're able to support capacity we started to the new demand and we're going to be through this in one or two quarters that's what we're able to do now, of course, we do have some products that are being used by auto makers and we're directing some customers who may not use our products that we do have some co-apacity we can give them
6:44 pm
if they are seeing shortages and that will increase the growth in the outer quarters. >> that's terrific if i were a shareholder, i would be torn here and the reason why is this i want you to make as much money as possible for me, which means the fab lighter, not fab light, fab lighter, mean style that i know you put through, which is fantastic because i saw it happen in cypress. at the same time, obviously, as a patrpatriot, i want to make se we get the chips we need this this country and don't fall pray to other countries that could be squeezed by china. what do you tell people about how you can straddle both sides? >> look, we have done a lot of investments in the company in order to have north america manufactured we're in the process of acquiring 300 millimeter fab in north america. that will drive a lot of growth. they are high end with a lot of capitals but that doesn't mean
6:45 pm
we can't consolidate and run operations better. we have a worldwide footprint we're able to work with to consolidate and put more strength in the manufacturing and that's why on the call i was specific about saying not fab light or fabless, it is fab lighter because we do for see we will keep the manufacturing footprint because that's part of the competitive advantage but we'll run it better because that is an asset that's able to generate a competitive advantage for us but we have to run it lean and mean. >> do you think it can be -- even though it's a well run company, substantial growth improvement on semi? >> absolutely. i have no doubt about it oh, yeah. >> then the stock that's already been unbelievable after a long period of dorment can go higher. i said this guy has got it you made a fortune from people
6:46 pm
that's president and ceo of on semi "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up. >> it is time. >> announcer: cramer takes your calls. rapid fire the lightning round is next. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement... giving us confidence in our future ...and in kevin's. you ready for your first day on the job? i was born ready. go get'em, kev. well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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6:50 pm
time for the lightening round. i want to start with raquel in california. >> caller: hi, jim, thank you for taking my call i want to get your thoughts on the stock i've had my eye on ca called amberilla. >> it's video compression. they made the comeback and you're okay in it. wow. hey, it's done quite well. let's go to -- wow, garrison in nebraska, garrison >> caller: boo-yah jimmy chill. >> chill man in the house, what's up? >> caller: we've seen weakness in dollar general over the past few months, do you think it a buy? >> yes, i do if we get stimulus checks, i understand it's rolling over a little bit people are worried about retail. let's go to dan in georgia, dan. >> caller: boo boo-yah, jim
6:51 pm
quidel -- >> no. they could do so much with shareholders let me have them on to see what they're saying no, i will say that was not a good quarter on revs and that matters. craig in tennessee, craig? >> caller: boo, boo, boo-yah jimmy chill. >> what is happening >> caller: second time long time. >> there you go. >> caller: i'll calling about a transportation company up 40% in the last six months. in the second half of this year, they're going to split their logistics and transport divisions. the company is xto logistics. >> you want to buy it. jacobs doubled that stock. the doubters may be wrong. i thought the last quarter was terrific and xpo is a buy. let's go to steve in my home state of new jersey, steve >> caller: hey, jim. been awhile but i've been watching and learning. >> thank you >> caller: my stock is bcc i was wondering if you think it's a buy at this level.
6:52 pm
>> no, i think it's a strong buy. i love wood products it's one i should have talked about before you know, i like azek. let's throw it in and that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> announcer: coming up, could the pandemic recovery mean big bucks from your investments? the charts tell the story when "mad money" returns. sure. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪♪
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many of you are worried about what is going on now we had another day the s&p and nasdaq got hit but the dow held up well. what does this mean? where is the market headed we're in a period of uncertainty as the vaccination rollout improved dramatically. the future is uncertain. we have to lean on the charts unemotionally. tonight, and i just am so thrilled again we have larry williams helping us with the legendary technician trading stocks, futures and commodities since i was a kid and creating a slew of ind indicators we used all the time here since the pandemic got rolling, he's knocked it out of the park and probably been the strongest when it comes to the dow jones, he thinks it has more room to run. stocks will do better when we go back to normal i want you to check out this daily chart. this is williams loves to make forecast based on cycles the red line shows you his
6:56 pm
yearly cycles forecast for the dow. these projections aren't perfect. they are about as accurate as weather reports. sometimes they work. actually, most of the time they work and does this forecast tell you? when a security is likely to change direction you're looking for peaks and troughs here the cycle forecast tells hill it's likely to peak in late april. okay or early may and then we start going down in other words, he thinks we could have a couple more months of this upside to prepare for it to end and we always are here on "mad money." we always know that corrections occur. now, let's zoom out and look at the dow going back to 2018 when williams looks at the pattern of highs and lows, he see as clear trend and you get a significant buying opportunity every 240 days look at the red line the red line is the cycle. okay when it peaks, you see it peak in the dow but that doesn't produce a substantial decline. at best, though, prices tend to stagnate until the cycle runs
6:57 pm
the course and we reach the next low. based onnis ihistory, williams thinks we'll see selling pressure again around april but that should pave the way for buying opportunity in july don't fret this is what i was talking about, pain, pain, pain there may be gain. i understand many people want to trade in and i'm not against it. there is another reason the dow average has to do with a different pattern. the one we mentioned before, the linkage with oil prices. it the leading indicator with the stock market based on the historical analysis, they tend to translate into three and a half years down the line check out this chart of the dow from 2010 through 2014 the red line is the price of oil pushed forward roughly three and a half years it uncandid how close it falls can you believe that you can see the same pattern from 2014 to 2018. if you think it's too crazy to be true, believe me, i get it.
6:58 pm
we know the oil market is tightly linked to the economy but that doesn't explain why the price controls the dow average in 2021 but it does. all right. we can try to come up with expla explanations, maybe sustained oil rally takes years to spread through the economy. at the end of the day, the y doesn't matter we know the pattern exists and we know it's been reliable for the last decade. what does that pattern mean? take a look. if this linkage continues to hold for a decade. the dow has more upside. sure, you see the same signs of peak again worried about this april peak, okay the oil link says the peak won't produce a substantial decline and will bounce back pretty quickly. look, i look at oil every morning. it incredible. you can get up at 4:00 a.m. and look at oil and it will say oil is up, okay day. today oil was up $1.90 and i said okay, the market looks down but the dow will not go down
6:59 pm
because oil. bingo. oil goes up, dow goes up speaking of oil, william sees another cycle playing out here when you push the price 500 days, it tends to break the action in the airline stocks take a gander at the chart -- by the way, he recommended american at 12. take a look at the airline index. the linkage is erie. it means the airline stocks can sore from now to late april. consolidation followed by a strong rally i like southwest best. as someone that watches oil like a hawk, this is so spot on you can see it play out all day providing you're looking at the reopening stocks, though, because this is not a chart of how well teledoc is going to do and if you think it is, you got the wrong stock. since the pandemic is rolling, williams has an unbelievable track record and the dow jones industrial average and airlines textbook reopening stocks as i
7:00 pm
said at the top of the show could be a nice run. before they take a breather and come roaring back at some point in the second half i wouldn't be surprised if he's right. i got to tell you i find this stuff fascinating. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it here for you on "the news with shepard smith" starts now a dark day in our struggle against covid. 500,000 americans now confirmed dead i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> today we mark a truly grim heartbreaking milestone. >> one year into the pandemic the president mourns the dead. tonight, a look towards our future and the hopeful numbers on the vaccine front once denied a hearing as a supreme court nominee, merrick


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