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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> i will tell you that once a year karen eats candy, that's tomorrow an early happy birthday. obviously this is all the eddie arnold, for you fans out there >> that does it my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. theres always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts ow. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job is not just to entertain, but educate and teach and put this into some sort of context call me at 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. how do we get younger investors back on track?
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the dow surged 420 points and the nasdaq gained .99% i see the meme stocks flying and i wish there was a better way to manage your money, not play with your money but manage the money. i've been glued to the fiasco andhundreds of thousands of young people, maybe millions are hooked on the idea of beating the big, bad hedge funds at their own gain now, there is nothing wrong with that in theory unless you get so fix ated on sticking it to the man that you forget how to make money. people, that is the point. i can wax on about the crazy last two hours of the session and this afternoon saw a blitz of what looked like coordinated buying of game stop, amc, bed, beth this is beyond the wildest dreams of those behind it or say, you know what it's time to get back to basics. at the end of the day, this is
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not a team sport as the hand full of stocks seems like a well orchestrated team effort instead of getting impaled on a squeeze gone wrong, why not try long term investing? there is something many of these brokerage houses allow, trading fractional shares and that's bad on my part because these are wonderous things for those of you that got started in your dorms or couches or zoom calls and your name pops up before the reveal fraction shares let you buy quilt quality. they are a god send. take advantage in the interest of getting people to do the right thing and not just by game stop at 14 7. i want to present the 500 club, the 500 dollar club. $500 price tags or above if not for the miracle of fractional trading. i'll give you a dozen of them. some are off the highs after today. i say i want you to pick three and start buying so i mean, look, you can do be
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bath, blackberry or amc. you can do these i'm presuming you have game stop everyone gets that when you put the board game down. first and foremost, amazon yes, a fractional share in amazon $3,159 this is not a reopening stock or lockdown stock despite what you may hear with the positive news about j and j's vaccine today, we're about to kiss the vaccine shortage good-bye. that's why money managers dumped amazon and think it's a covid stock. they want no part of it when we reopen they are making a mistake. amazon is a winner because the pandemic changed our behavior. i bet they will have a fabulous year and the costs will go down because they spent so much money on covid second is chipotle at $1,449 they cracked the code. they figured out how to make as much money before delivery and takeout as before the pandemic the stores are about to come back to life and building chipotle, the fancy
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drive-throughs all over the place because malls want to bring in traffic and this c califlower, got to have it now, this company claims 50% of americans cut the cord advertisers can't reach these people officially without the trade desk what a quarter remember what sean connolly said last night 80% of his ad budget is going online that's what you need to be thinking about number four, of course, is tesla. i get them so confused tesla at 742 this stock is so many things to so many people most importantly, you're hitching the star not just to kathy wood, who is the acknowledged guru of this moment but to elon musk i'm betting he's working on something we don't know about that will drive the stock higher still. i'll be the last one to hear about it because he doesn't like me that's okay. i'm chill.
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fifth is intuitive surgical at 758. they make precision surgery machines i became a believer a long time ago and ran a fundraiser for a local hospital and saw a demonstration of this wonderous device machines 1, people nothing with much more to come. sixth, align technology at 573 this is the company that's the maker of invisilign. if estee lauder were in the 500 club, i would pick it over align. facebook, instagram and snap make everyone a potential star and like it or not, your teeth are always on display. one look at the network zoom coverage is reason enough to straighten your teeth. there are many competitors but none of them have align cashe. dentists need money. they got to be invisalighists. nvidia was trading 590s and
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usually goes down during the conference call because people don't understand what they're doing. i accept that. the first amendment says you're allowed to be stupid thank you jeffrey and madison for thinking of us when you want the best chips for gaming, that's nvidia. they have a coin by one of the cofounders of intel named after -- i call it that. named after jenson wong who may be the smartest ceo on the planet he's trying to acquire armed holdings that would give a foothold the stock would double if he's on hold. i'm confident of that. i flowknow there are a lot of pe that don't want him to get it. nvidia and arm would be fabulous without it, the stock could go higher we have a chip shortage now. that means more demand for semi conductor capital equipment from the best of the best, land research i like it here under 597 but i
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like it more on a pull back memoed come on the show and explain to us why you're not giving enough of your chips to american out t auto makers. i'm a fair enough person if you have a good excuse they need smooth work flows to bring in service now one of the favorite cloud stocks at 551 they have been through a series of quality ceos but the company is run by the man with the g greatest rolodex on earth. he's brought service to another level i never dreamed he could get to ten is netflix listen, i don't like to over think things, people this is a $553 stock with a 245 billion market cap they got there by matching your brain with the content you want to see netflix is another company accelerating before the pandemic and now it's so engrained, it's the primary way millions of people watch tv. number 11, here is what you may not know called hub spot this is a $518 stock growing like a weed. hub spot's cloud based marketing software can target you and get
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you things you didn't even know you wanted go to the site and see what they did for the rock 'n' roll hall of fame i was supposed to go to last year but because of the pandemic, no i have to be true to the $500 club it is not yet at 500 finally, there is alphabet, the parent of google with a $$2084 stock. they are barely monetizing most of the businesses and become the number three player in the mexican stand off. right behind amazon web services, maybe a little further than that. when you see thomas curry, he runs google cloud in action you realize it's a contender and alphabet is a reopening play because of a lot of advertising had to do with travel. listen, i'm not telling you to give up on the crusade too push up on game is stop or blackberro whatever caught the crowd. although, if you bought game stop at $40 yesterday and you
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can sell the triple digits, i don't know if that seems smart to me. it seems dumb to a lot of you. ia class, 140 could be higher i could be wrong they are elevated well by whoever wanted them to be orchestrated and higher and i wish you the best of luck. the bottom line, if you want to beat the big institutions at their game, you don't do it with game stop and amc. you do it with these companies, fra fractional shares and the $500 club this, people, is how you make real wealth. walter in north carolina, walter >> caller: boo-yah, jim from walter in north carolina. >> all right >> caller: i watch your show every night. >> thank you. >> caller: and have for many years. thanks for taking my call. >> of course
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>> caller: last tuesday -- thursday walmart reported fourth quarter and year end results, they did not immediate walmart expectations they earned $139 as a result, their stock closed down 9.43 or 6.48% to 137.77 and today is down another $2.26 for a total of 1249 in four days my question in your opinion, is walmart a buy at this low price? >> you need to go back to doug dropping a similar bond and gave people more money, employees and fixed the stores and next thing you know, it goes from 80 to 150. we're in the same thing now. i think action alerts owns it.
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we're waiting for the next level to buy it. sellers will not stop. i think the sellers are wrong and you and i are right and you want to buy the stock. the sellers are there every day. they keep reloading. let them finish around 127 and that's when we had a nation of younger investors that needs to get back on track and you can do that by owning fractional shares in the highest quality names in the $500 club and remember when i said when scott's halftime show this stock has a tendency to go down it goes down for two days and that's when you buy a fractional share. on "mad money" tonight, upward had the best quarter since going public could it company be pushed higher i'll talk to the ceo after earnings and a-rod, shaq, sierra, there are still real companies and they might have some, too. i just know i got ten of them. because you've asked for ten, i'm giving you ten and biden signed an executive order to
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address supply problemsminerals. what does that mean for the ones in the country i got the ceo. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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for just $64.90 a month. and ask how to add comcast business securityedge. call today. what happens to the biggest winners of the covid era when the era comes to an end? look at upward businesses empire freelancers for report work and build in
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collaboration, communication, software to make the process as sh smooth as possible, perfect for the economy up 1,000%. last night the company reported another great quarter, extremely bullish guidance the stock went from 51 to 63 and change i like that. it sold off hard finishing up 3.5% and investors are using this to ring the register of classic covid winner at the market right to hesitate or getting incredible quarter for free let's take a closer look with hayden brown, the president and ceo of upward. welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, thanks for having me. >> here is my thing. there are two kinds of companies. those weren't doing well during the pandemic and then got a temporary boost and the pandemic ends and going right back bad. your company was on a really good trajectory going into the pandemic people now realize it and a lot of people want to work for up work and a lot of people like ge need these people.
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this is really where you can break out as a company. >> absolutely, jim this is not a fly by night situation. this is a trend that was starting way before covid and things accelerated as companies have woken up to the fact not just that remote work is something that they can do in the long term but that remote work enables them to tap into a global talent pool of independent professionals who can give them flexibility, scaleability, efficiency in how they do core operations very differently and that's a lasting change that they can take advantage of even after this pandemic ends. >> so let's dig down i get out of school. i go to goldman sachs. all i want to do is have a job for life i want to be there and if something happens, i can be a hedge fund manager i never thought for years i would like to work sometimes and work others and have a life other than my job. tell me about the new person comes out of school and says you know what? i want freedom, and i'm good at
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what i do so i'm going to work for up work and i'm going to have freedom is that the new person i wish i were >> the paradigm has totally shifted. young people are realizing that number one the employment pact is broken. they saw that in the 2007, 8 rece recession, they are seeing it now and they want more control and flexibility how they build their careers. we've seen that again for years. that's not a new trend but accelerated today with more than half of genz freelancing and 59 million americans freelancing. again, this is a long term trend that's been happening in the work force and companies are waking up to the fact if they want to be working with the best talent, they have to be tapping into the independent economy they cannot be limiting themselves to full-time employees. so every company out there is realizing they need to have a strategy and a tool like upwork for tapping into the best talent that increasingly includes freelancers in the economy.
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>> let's talk about three important things, health care, diversity and inclusion. can you get all kinds of people to represent the united states of america as opposed to what my generation was and can anyone afford health care >> absolutely. these are independent professionals earning high wages. 70% or more on upwork are college educated they have 20% of them have a post graduate degree so these folks are, you know, highly skilled professionals, independent entrepreneurs building businesses and careers and using freelancing as their livelihoods. what we heard through the most economic turndown, they felt more secure as independent freelancers than they had being at the whim of a single employer had they been a full-time employee at a company that might have furloughed them or laid them off they are choosing this as a way to increase economic security where typically they have a stable of clients they are working for and insulated from a client potentially going out of
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business because they have an i independant business. >> i want our people to understand what is a great way to measure how you're doing? how about record net client editions again should we be looking at that me metric >> i think, jim, it's one of the indicators of the strength in the business now and going forward. we definitely had increases in our client spender tension last quarter, you know, over 25% increase in this from existing customers and a 10% increase in spend from customers in q 4 from 2020 versus customers in q 4 of 2019 so i say we're seeing strength from newly acquired customers from retained customers. all segments of our business are really performing super strongly now and we're expecting that to continue through 2021 and beyond because again, this is a trend that has been started well before the pandemic and is going to continue as companies have really adjusted their operating
6:21 pm
models to put independent talent into key roles in their businesses to drive performance. >> and if someone is watching right now and they want to be involved with upwork, what do they do? >> log onto the website easy to get started. one click. shop experiences can get you going with a freelancer now. you can post jobs into the marketplace to get longer terms project based work going it really easy enterprise customers, there is an offering for them with compliance, worker classification coverage, all of it we really serve the full spectrum of customers regardless of the needs. >> you've done a great job with the company. i can't believe how many people are using you and are so satisfied. it's fantastic hayden brown, president and ceo of upwork. thank you for coming on "mad money." >> thanks, jim. >> stay with cramer. >> announcer: one of wall street's hottest investing trends shows no signs of cooling
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off, but with many ways to play it and plenty of speculation, cramer's deep coding this space for investors just ahead
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or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. for weeks now, i've been trying to warn you away from spacs. they raised a pile of money, big splash, red hot startups and big scelebrity names and boom i told you this move would get out of hand and too many new spacs, not enough takeover opportunities. i figured it will collapse it will be later, not sooner because there is so much money involved, i can't happen overnight. sure enough, this week the spac complex is smoke if most of them rebounded today, that's because speculative stocks have momentarily gone
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out. in the last seven minutes, game stock quadrupled i expected pain if interest rates go higher and this is a sir mix a lot buts not all spac stocks are over priced tonight i'm giving you them. i'm giving you them. ten of them. there are plenty of quality spac names worth owning as long as you're willing to be patient and buy them gradually on the way down break out your pencils, papers, ip ipads. i don't know what you use. let me give you ten spacs that belong on your shopping list five we mentioned before and five new ones, okay? again, i'm not telling you to pull the trigger now but watch them on the way down because they break the first one is mp materials. it's the only u.s. producer of rare earth pminerals m.p. it makes a stealth electric vehicle play it is high quality it's got very good management.
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the only problem after sinking to $33 at one point yesterday, the stock snapped back to 43 i want you ready for the next pull back, which is why we're talking to the ceo later tonight. we had them on before. the cash flow is good. good demand. the second one i introduced you to is star peak acquisition starting with stem on smart energy storage something that's essential as we transition to more wind and solar. company also helps d decentrali the grid it was at 50 it's now a $36 stock you can get better buying opportunity once the stem deal closes but if you get it for less than $30, some of you said to me, jim, it's a radar you like it too much there is more to it than that but i like it. here is one we had on when they were private and it's exciting it called porch group. this is the digital home services network for people that need movers or contractors and a
6:28 pm
software company that serves the same movers and contractcontrac. stocks are pulling back falling from $24 to 19 today i actually think you can start buying porch right here. maybe you wait for a dip to buy more fourth, sometimes it's just so tangible it's just right in your -- it's like the pretzel. yes, we've got utz brands, the company that merged with the spac last year they have a strategy to transform from a regional player huge in pennsylvania and making great acquisitions and getting coverage on wall street. one of my biggest complaints about the spacs is they don't get enough coverage. this is behaving more like an old school company than a traditional new spac they are making small acquisitions and i got to tell you, i think this guy roger, he has done a remarkable job. he was at pinnacle foods before. this is the kind of company you're going to look back and say you know what? i love that. i love their cheese balls and
6:29 pm
pretzels why wasn't i buying the stock? it was at 13 when i told you to buy it it's now 25. you're not getting much of an entry point but if it pulls back closer to 20, pull the trigger on utz fifth and final spac we've talked about and i've liked from day one is draft kings this is the one that opened the spac flood gates last year and been an incredible performer i have a programming deal with draft kings to take what i say with a grain -- you can take what i say with a box of pretzels this is a real company generating real revenue growing like a weed. that said, if you like this one, these things -- it's up on spike. it could come down those are ones i've liked and said many times. here is five new names because i'm a slave to our viewers okay and as you see on twitter today where i managed to i think upset every single person, my kind of day. let's start with social capital
6:30 pm
sofia. which trades under ipoe. this is a spac merging with sofi the personal online banking play technically, it's not a bank i'm a big believer in them i had them on many times i trust the ceo and cfo of twitter and if you go back far enough, he used to be an analyst to help me bring public i think he's totally bankable. sofi has great numbers forecasting 58%. i intend to go to the stadium next year. i want to. thanks to the recent pull back, the stock is 19 and change where it was after the deal was announced. ipoe you can buy here. leave room way down. we're in an erratic market second, there is one i should have been talking about all along. vertiv they were a reverse merger set up by dave cody, the retired ceo of honey well. they sell hardware, software and
6:31 pm
services to highly specialized customers like data centers, communications and industrial facilities they help customers set everything up and keep them running. business is good because they reported a strong quarter this morning. unfortunately, the stock escaped the spac sell off. you can put a small percent here and hopes it comes down. they are a real company with real people running it and doing a great job. third new one. all right, we know the electric vehicle spacs are some of the best performers out there but what if i told you, what if i told you the second strongest auto related spac stock had nothing to do with e.v.s i'm talking about open lending which is the software company that helps financial institutions make auto loans we have a bull market in the auto open lending has terrific numbers and report the fourth quarter results from two weeks without much fanfare they went to 43 last tuesday or pulling back to 39 today stock is not cheap but if open lending -- if it hits the
6:32 pm
numbers, well, this will look like a steal fourth is called skilz here a company that allows video game developers to turn into open e sports competitions i was reluctant to recommend this because it had an incredible amount of hype. they got a big endorsement from someone i like and i was having fun with today and kathy wood, arguably the best stock picker around and went higher with the nfl. a few weeks ago, this was 46 since then there isn't that much news and fallen to 33 after briefly dipping to the high 20s yesterday. i think skillz has a great story and kathy woods a great stock picker goes under 30, pull the trigger. we have an incredible staff looking at the ideas app harvest. this is a company that develops sustainable large scale indoor farms. this is the most speculative of the bunch but an intriguing
6:33 pm
play far from cheap stock down 22% from the highs looking more enticing. currently at $33 if it falls to the high 20s. nibble in the meantime, i'd love to have the ceo jonathan webb on the show that's an open invitation. can i invite general sherman from -- general sherman. the ceo george sherman i call him general sherman because i'm reading the incredible biography bottom line, when the spac stocks get hammered, wall street throws the baby out with the bath water so the next time the high quality spacs get hit, you need to be ready to buy. as they roll out, i'll promise you, my "mad money" promise i'll find the best ones that pass the smell test and let you know whether they're worth owning for the long term. i'm going to paula in florida, paula? >> caller: hi, jim. >> paula >> caller: every night 6:00
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while starting dinner, my husband and i just love hearing the excitement in your voice. >> would you tell my wife to watch once she knows i have a show. i think she thinks it comes on at 7:00. >> caller: she just tells you that anyhow, two months ago, you liked and you suggested nga, northern genesis acquiacquisiti. >> yes. >> caller: i bought it. >> good! >> caller: i don't know how good it is. that's why i'm calling you the stock has been losing about one point per day. now, it is supposed to merge by the end of this quarter with lion electric, which should be a good thing. >> yes. >> caller: so my question to you, jim, has anything changed -- >> no, not at all. actually, you know, when you watch, paula, we did a segment the group itself is trading together and bringing down a lot of -- look, we wanted this because we genuinely believe that line electric is a real
6:35 pm
company. one of the few we think when the smoke clears will be very much in the thick of things if i were you, paula, i would buy more northern genesis acquisition. i'm a total believer all right. look, the spac complex -- we just talked with paula and nga they have been smoked. we've been waiting to do this piece until they are completely smoked that was yesterday they are coming back you got a chance because there are quality names here got to be ready. wait for more of a dip much more "mad money" ahead including the sitdown with mp material here a second ago but i'm not fast enough. with the biden administration working to help free up supply chains, what does it mean for the rare earth material company that we have in this country let's talk to the ceo. which stocks are the masters of intention in this market i'm going to reveal and all your calls rapid fire on tonight's edition of the light enning roud so stick with cramer >> announcer: coming up, could
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just before the break, i told you about my top ten favorite spacs, yes, that's what you wanted and i gave it to you. the ones to buy intoweakness the whole time the group gets hammered when the pull back comes, you have to be quick you might not last look at m.p. materials, the only producer of rare earth materials that is a backdoor electric vehicle play that is a reverse merger since then the spac ran from $11 to 43. it pulled back to 33 and that's
6:40 pm
when you have to pounce. m.p. is up 15% after president biden signed the executive order to look for shortages of critical goods including rare earths do not take this from me we got to go to james, the chairman and ceo of m.p. materials to get a better sense of the prospects welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. it's great to be back. it's great to have you back and recovered and back in action. >> thank you diff difficult. it's in a bind because from what i can tell, there is m.p. materials and nothing else has he been in contact and what can you do to help the country >> sure. well, yes, as you mentioned, rare earths were part of that value chain and we've learned our lesson with health care, with ppe and now semi conductors with the auto supply chain and a lot of people don't know is mp represents 15% of global
6:41 pm
content. we're the second largest producer in the world but jim, i would just remind you that we could have all the rare earths in the world, we still have to make the magnets if we have rare earths and still shipping them to china where our producers like tesla, g.m., apple, whoever is buying them, that doesn't do anything for us. we have to get the supply chain further down stream. that's what we're up to. >> you've been totally candid. you lined up different phases. faces do matter. at the same time, you've been conservatively managed i feel confident you have the money to go down the fphases. >> thank you as you know and i'm sure you'll talk about plenty, this is a new gold rush, right whether it's gold rush, railroads, internet, everybody is kind of look around and just see the scale of capital coming to the electric. i think it's pretty much safe to
6:42 pm
say this is happening. what is great about our company, we're profitable today we are in the early stages we're a large player and we're profit able and yet, we have a tremendous opportunity to move stream to continue to grow the business from a profitable stand point and as we continue to tra transfer with opportunity so my expectation is member unfortunate to say but 80 to 90% of the companies out there today trying to benefit from this boom will go bankrupt or consolidate as is the national life cycle and will be well positioned with the upside in the years to come but also as a platform to kind of, you know, continue to be a keyplayer in this movement. >> we're seeing and you know this, some spacs coming. making some claims i'm sure you and i are saying is outlandish from the beginning, you put
6:43 pm
forward estimates for cash flow and production and you've been beating the estimates the whole time is that because demand is so strong or because you're much better than the old guys that used to have that mind >> we're reporting next month. stay tuned on that i won't discuss anything current but i'd say we have certainly turned around this asset, i think, when people look at the numbers they would be truly blown away by what we've been able to accomplish and execute out there. we think we're getting started as you mentioned there is one i know you talked a lot about the other day and you look at companies that have extraordinary products really incredible, but they may raise $4 billion and need another $7 billion to get to precash flow positive so the question is you have to make a decision not just is the product good but you know will a capital market be open for them? i don't know if that changes in three weeks or three years we continue to execute
6:44 pm
we can control our fate. we're trying to manage very conservatively and make sure we execute in advance of kind of being out there and pounding our chest so to speak and so we're doing our best to do that and we make very clear to investors that this is a multi year endeavor and there will be good times and bad times but it does feel good to have a fortress balance speed. >> a lot of times people are getting too excited about spacs. i find that wall street itself not the mechanism of wall street as ocpposed to investors are no excited enough they are using $25 price targets and the numbers are out of date. how do they keep up with mp materials? >> it's a great question i think it speaks to the sector and what makes us a little unique in a commodity business and remember, jim, we've been in a bear market in commodities for a decade now when we look around, look at all
6:45 pm
the technology and capital coming into this space and we believe that access to these materials, access to this upstream is this strategic asset of this new boom and so i think a lot of,i it's a cycle and people throw a number up in the air and think at this price, new supply comes online but really depends on the commodity that may be true in oil but rare earths, it takes years and pain staking and large chemical facilities so we think that like any cycle, odds are that it's going to, you know, the pendulum swings the other way and we think it's just getting started with where penetration is for the electric vehicle not to mention by the way, you had an announcement this morning an your air about air taxis and to the extent that size, efficiency, weight all those things encourage the use of rare earth magnets and so when if it's any kind of motion, wind turbines, drones, robot dogs,
6:46 pm
rare earths matter for those. >> look, i think you're doing a great job. i remember when it first happened, you got forstress, they are good guys you figured it out i hope we get away from the clutches of china, which i know is one of your plans you've been faithful to every sing you said and it continues to go higher james, founder, chairman and ceo of m.p. materials. great to see you. >> thank you, jim, appreciate it. >> thank you you know i like this one, guys coming up, it is time. >> cramer takes your calls, the lightening round is next
6:47 pm
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it is time, it is time for the lightning round. buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell and then the lightenning round over are you ready, ski daddy i'll start with robert in maryland robert >> caller: jimmy chill. >> yo. >> caller: i need help, man. >> what be the stock speak to me. >> reporter: energy -- >> in phase, i really like that company. some thought it moved too much no sun power is the one we don't want i need to go to jim in florida, jim? >> caller: hey, jim, big reopening boo-yah to you from florida. >> i'm liking that what is going on say hello to my wife down there. >> caller: question on a stock that isn't a household name yet but had a good run
6:51 pm
recently kathy woods ark invested and she has the touch. >> i saw she invested in it and i have to do more work because i said all right, you know, i mean, sometimes you just got to know when to do more work. let go to dolton in texas, dolton >> caller: this is dolton down in houston, texas. >> all right. >> caller: my mom and i are big fans of the show and she's tickled i'm calling in she says boo-yah to ya. >> boo-yah back. >> caller: i want to ask about lululemon. >> people are saying at leisure had it sending nike down, too their day in the sun is over and that's precisely when i want to start buying by the way, i'm going to give you a three for. i'll throw in costco people said that's done. costco is not done i need to go to dustin in
6:52 pm
oklahoma dustin >> caller: boo-yah jim >> yo, what's up >> caller: we're out here in wolf f ccreek. i wanted to see with the move from the growth stocks to the cyclical stocks, what are your thoughts on amd? >> traded down to 79 you got to buy the stock enough is enough i know that if they had not bought if they had not bought links, the stock would be up at 100 i say patience i think they have a plan the plan is a good one the demand is strong amd is a buy. >> buy, buy, buy ann in indiana, ann? >> caller: jim, a great big boo-yah. thank you for everything you do for us club members. >> oh, thank you >> caller: however. >> what? >> caller: i'm a little concerned about abbott diabetes franchise not so much because of
6:53 pm
dexcom but the ceo that threatens to come after the diabetes franchise. >> has he? libra is doing incredibly well i think you're wrong i think we're wrong to worry i think abbott can still go higher abbott thermo fisher is the four and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, don't let the markets leave you behind want to profit from the next big wave of american innovation? cramer shares his take next
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6:56 pm
when we look back on this period, i don't think we'll remember this age if that's how skeptics we characterize now no no i think we can remember it as a golden age of innovation there is a new invasion on dis display. i never thought i'd see this in my life. we have a bountiful stock
6:57 pm
market you can raise a lot of capital and fund all sorts of project. this stock had gotten way too hot on rumors of lucid motors. when the terms of the deal came out, churchill capitol came crashing back. anyone that got burned, you got my sympathy. you have to look at it in another direction. lucid motors was able to raise a boat load of money when you look under the hood, they have the potential to reinvent electric vehicle batteries. batteries are the biggest bottleneck if you believe they are bountiful, we have to take the numbers with the grain of salt because spacs are getting away with financial targets to make absurdly positive forecasts. they're ludicrous. if you count the numbers, lucid's technology looks forward to me and that's what matters.
6:58 pm
there is so much money flowing around and while some will get squandered on snake oil, a lot goes to good ideas i have to wonder whether quantom scrape could raise a million dollars stoked by the ceo. i'm so excited about i wouldn't be surprised although they have got so much cash maybe they don't need it what else? i got a little love for lordstown motors because it's a giant gm project i expect there to be bus like workhorse that failed with the contract but there are so many legitimate winners happening maybe not long term but short term, yes. there is a tremendous hunger for anything on wall street. the promegs machine when it gets rolling. it a giant mall. you have to throw everything at it as the public investors in the end on some will be left holding them back. i got the tell you, if 10% of these electric vehicle plays are legitimate, 10%, that could be the biggest technology breakthrough in decades.
6:59 pm
i feel the same way about green hydrogen plug power spent ages trying with fuel cells but it hasn't succeeded. the stock market gave them a ton of money so they can afford to build out a real truck network the stocks pulled back hard but already raised a lot of capital. we might look back on plug power's recent fundraising as the thing that pushed hydrogen over the edge to be viable in the not too distant future look at charles river labs are up to. they are helping pharma and biotech deliver ground breaking drugs. we spoke to charless river they are working on 2,000 new drugs. 2,000. that's because of the stock market, people sure, the spac attack is excessive and most of these preclinical drugs i guess will fail but all this money floating around, businesses are more willing to invest in innovation, innovation can change the world.
7:00 pm
it positive. sure, again, lots of money will be lost but in the end, our country will be better and stronger for the new spac science rush of 2021 i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow money. i'm james cramer and the news with shepard smith starts now. moderna, fighting back against the south africa variant and one of the two most exciting events. and tiger woods. perhaps one of the biggest fights yet. >> he has a shattered leg and ankle and other injuries. >> tonight, the prognosis and what we know about what lies ahead. the first vaccine that would require a single


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