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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> that does it for us this friday options action will be back. do not go anywhere, "mad money" with jim cramer starts now . my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you some money my job is not just to entertain but educate and teach you so-c so call me or tweet me we're in the grips of an inflation scare that's put a choke hold on the growth stocks and it's been a nightmare for
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tech this morning felt like we would have another ugly session for tech and we got reprieve when interest rates took a breather with the dow finishing 470 and s&p declining 4.8% and nasdaq rebounded 6.5% and that's important. not everything can rally when rates tumble like today big industrials lose their momentum but the cloud, semi stocks can climb out of the hole and lead the nasdaq into a rare patch of green. in other words, we rollback the inflation trade for another day. however, after a crazy year full of unprecedented the action, we're dealing with something normal here. i've gone over the last half dozen of these inflation scares and i think the closest analog is from december 2015 to 2016. the economy was heating up our previous fed chief treasury secretary janet yellen let us know it was time the economy was too strong
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had to raise rates had to raise that is now the most highly valued stocks that traded on sales and not earnings got annihilated on weeks emphasis on weeks. we're on week two. our current fed chief up ended 40 years of monetary policy. the fed is ruthless about krukr crushing inflation but under estimating the risk of high unemployment and inflation that was true before the pandemic and doubly true now to a lot of people on wall street, they don't trust the man, you have bond sellers betting powell will have to change his mind because the economy will get strong. we're about to get a huge stimulus package that will hit as america reopens for business because of the vaccines. they think the economy must over heat therefore we must have serious inflation. inflation is a nightmare for people who own bots.
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who wants a paper that has 1.5%. you're losing every day. these people have been dumping bonds and whole sale selling smashes the stock market remember, stocks are valued based on their future earning streams and inflation erodes the value, which leads me to my game plan for next week normally, you know, i'm mr. chronology i like to do it chronologically but we'll go right to the chase. on friday, we get this the labor department's payroll report and this shows a big uptick in unemployment rates will shoot higher up and challenge jay powell and say you know what? we don't believe you you're going to have to raise rates and we're selling bonds and therefore stocks will go lower. it's a new month that's positive for money coming in it's a light earnings calendar but what matters is that 8:30 friday numbers i'll ask you to be careful trying to play the earnings next week you can get all of these numbers
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right and get this wrong and well, let's just say you may not get the returns you'd like with that giant cav yeat in monh we get earnings reports from zoom it's up 10% for 2021 i bet zoom can deliver one more blowout quarter. they have a lot of different things in the pipeline but will it matter? will anyone care i mean, zoom is a welcolockdowny and lockdowns come to an end they give you a road map to the future that shows there is a lot more to zoom than the lockdown will anyone care i'm not sure the wall street crowd is on the hunt for the heavily shorted stocks to engineer a squeeze isn't that the m.o. in a company called lemonade as 11% of this artificial intelligence broker are sold short that's not enough for real squeeze but certainly not for the wall street bets for people to diversify from game stock, gamestop, amc, gamestop --
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gamestop tuesday morning we hear from target and this market hasn't been kind to the big boxes they have non-essential chains forced to shut down because they put up year over year completions but if they can pull away from the pact, it will be brian cornell and target because the stores keep getting better and better after the close we get the retailer homebleded last year reopened nordstrom the stock is too much to ignore. wednesday kicks off with a stock that caught a double downgrade i'm talking about dollar tree. i happen to like going to dollar tree and like target, this is another essential retailer up for very tough comparisons dollar tree, remember you have a huge share of stimulus coming. they had a nice percentage of them last year so i don't want to bash it too much. maybe it's come down enough. let's be careful, the dollar
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stores are all for sale. wendy's reports, too that stock is drifting lower despite what i expect will be good same store sales, not just because my wife loves that double bacona ttro. i happen to think it has too many calories. she's been fooled. wait until you see the whites of the seller's eyes. this is the talk of them all yeah, american eagle outfitters. i bet it has excellent lift. i would actually take a swing at this one this is the one. if l brands can get to 70 this one can do it. here is one that might be the test to the bond market. one of my favorites snow flake this smart data warehousing play is the fastest growing company right now that i follow but it won't mean a thing if it doesn't have the bond swing. pretty good, huh you have to take your kqueue frm
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bonds. if bond yields start soaring again, snow flake can shoot the lights out and that might not matter and i think it's an amazing company. thursday morning kroger reports skepticism about whether it can deliver a good quarter and downgrade the other day positive to the competition labor cost might be too much for them so i think you should sell kroger after the close, we hear from costco this is tough because everyone is selling this. we own it for the travel trust it been clobbered. i feel awful when i look at it because it a great company but the stock has not had an ounce of momentum. plus it has the habit of swooning after reports so here is what you want to do you want to own costco, wait until they report. the cfo is my fav. for the record, if you don't own costco and it gets hit, would you buy a little for me when we get to friday at the employment number is wrong because then yoe if we get strength brace yourself for another tsunami of
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selling as interest rates go higher and stocks go lower the growth stocks are in trouble. okay here is the bottom line. i don't know if the growth names can with stand the pain but today's session did give us a glimmer of hope they can rack up gains in the mi midst of an inflation scare. it fine. you might want to use moments like this and the nasdaq and take profits and get ready for a swoon friday and be ready to buy stocks like costco okay i want to go to amen in washington. >> caller: boo-yah, jimmy chill. >> boo-yah my friend what's happening >> caller: i was calling with bynd i had a couple questions for you. >> sure. >> caller: not too long ago, they had a partnership with pepsi co the stock surged and i bought shares the past few days the stock price is mellowing out and i wanted to ask should i hold my position -- >> i want you to buy some. here is why. let me give you the brief.
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they happen to have a substantial food service division and when the economy reopens, that business will do well let me just be really clear. they don't have gmos and this younger generation, they're not like us. they're not fooled if they see gmo they don't like it i like ethan brown i want to go to brian in new jersey, brian? >> what's up, jim? >> not much. a little rehab how about you? >> caller: first time caller, first time boo-yah, jim. >> i like that initial boo-yah. >> caller: i need your help, jim. >> i'm here. >> caller: my broker is spitting out kidney stones as we speak. i'm stuffing my face with sloppy joes you know what i'm talking about. i need your help. >> that line is -- you know, when i was with hailey last time in the line, i didn't get the sandwich right and everyone looked at me like what is he doing? i get that what's the stock >> reporter: alibaba
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>> it's come back down who did he find?alibaba? >> it's come back down who did he find? it was 212 and then it went to 267. it's in your sweet spot. it's good as the sloppy joe. blam i'd like one and want extra pickles.i'd like one and want e pickles. >> caller: boo-yah to ya i've been watching since you started. i love what you do for the small investor. >> when i started the show, we had rabbit ears. go ahead. >> caller: i remember it it was great my question is in regards to eb box group. the charging specialist that agree to go public. >> yes. >> caller: emerging with a spac ppgy i like playing it because it's playing the ev craze which hasn't gotten loud yet but since you last recommended it as one of your favorite spacs, there was news that coach investment is announcing a partnership with
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them because they think they can be a global leader in the charging station. >> i think it's good remember, this group is for sale everything is for sale we were trying to put these in the context that everyone wants ev and this one has come down and we said as they come down, if you believe in ev, pick one we picked that one we really like it. there is a couple others we're looking at remember, the market is unkind to all the spacs except for by the way, did you see fister after he had henry fister on winner, winner, chicken dinner. after a crazy year of unprecedented action, we're dealing with something normal. an inflation scare and getting what always happens when stocks go lower as interest rates go higher on "mad" tonight is it nothing but net with a risk that networks i'll sit down with the ceo of six years of not seeing here and boy, i think they will have a great 2021 and what is working with workday stocks dropping but maybe a buying opportunity
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don't give up on everything and under the radar winner in the fight against covid-19 that i really like. i'll reveal the name when i sit down although i've never sat down since i started the show with the ceo so stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jim cramer on twitter. send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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bring your own device, or trade in for extra savings. stop in or book an appointment to shop safely with peace of mind at your local xfinity store. now that so many tech stocks pulled back high, there is incredible buying opportunities especially ones we can double
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down on if they go lower i like that. last week we got a stellar quarter from the up and coming network equipment company that's been an excellent performer in 2015 yesterday the stock surged to a two-year high of 326 since then no risk has been hammered with the rest of tech great quarter pulling back to under 280 as of today. this is what we're looking for does this belong on the shopping list it's been a little while with the president and ceo of the networks that learned about the networks welcome back to "mad money." >> the time i've seen you you dominate in the cloud titans and they don't just spend more one quarter. they spend for multiple quarters is this the tourmoil you admitted, is this the moment we
6:17 pm
have real visibility in terms of the cloud titans >> boy, that's a loaded question like you always ask. i think we're at point where our growth is back and i'd say we always get good visibility and we really are a preferred partner with the cloud titans and at this point, i would say we're also looking to diversify our business beyond cloud titans so the beauty of the quarter i think is diversification we saw our sales firing on many cylinders, service providers, enterprises and financials we're looking forward to coming back across three segments as well as three product lines and definitely the cloud titans are a big part of it. >> it does seem that you're infrastructure is much bigger than the cloud titans and i didn't want to include it. haven't been on for awhile who does business with amazon.
6:18 pm
it's you i like these last acquisitions because they say security is something that it's an odd you're making the company far bigger than what people used to say is a white box for amazon. >> i think you hit it on the nail -- the nail on the head, jim. no one company can do everything and we set out on our first decade to really cloudfy and our next decade to bring cognitive client networking to partners and customers. what is being done to protect the network we take seriously. you got to protect the network and applications and each one of us has our responsibility in being best of breed in our function we'll do everything we can to protect the network and work with best of breed networks. >> let's talk about things some people might think are not
6:19 pm
proprietary. merchant silicon, you're merchant switching silicon, isn't that just something anybody has? >> no, it's tougher to do than you might think. i grew up in the semi conductor industry and you probably heard of the shortages as dit's changing from 100 nanno meters to 5 nanno meters si silicon, i think of it has human hair and building some of the world's most complex chips is really a thing of engineering and art and we're working with some of the best vendors whether it's broad com or intel. this is an expertise that is too good for again, just us to do. what we do is to power that silicon with the right software and it's substtandard space wite
6:20 pm
right software. >> at the same time you mentioned shortages and said in the conference call the real issue for the entire supply chain. you got products with extremely long lead time and i feel confident you're able to get supply to others because you've been more planning you're doing just in case and that's what i want, just in case where are you in terms of what is now becoming a national pro problem? >> this pandemic goes beyond family and friends and health. we've seen waves of shortages. if you asked me this last year, i was recovering from it and we had a second wave in december and i hope there is not more waves. the best we can do and my management team is prudent planning for the worst cases and the worst cases got worse. my belief now is we're one or two quarters away from recovery
6:21 pm
assuming there is no more phases but what we've really done with customers is work with them intimately, planned for the worst case, hope for the best case and give them the best delivery timelines we can. i'm hoping my summer this year we can recover better. >> okay. i know we could say and i don't for people who are just like the stock now, it doesn't matter the history a bit of a hickup last year we had jensing wrong last night. it's going to grow very big. it doesn't matter where, your combination of being the data center and to what you're doing with the wide area network edge and what you're doing with security tells me that i have to feel -- 2021 can't be in the bag. i understand that because of the pandemic
6:22 pm
this has got to be the best you've felt in a couple years. >> i think so. i'm not known for superlatives but the heart of the data center is about centering your data that sounds obvious but centering your data is much more complex today because you got workloads from the cloud and internet of things and enterprises, video work flows, collaboration. the data is plentiful, it's a greater magnitude than even the applications that carry it and we are networking with jensing and have a responsibility and wisely and protect it and provide the right an knialytics automtomation for it. the data and number of locations is what the data center is
6:23 pm
becoming not just for the cloud providers alone and the cloud titans but all the distributed data from the client and the user to the cloud. >> i'm so glad you pointed that out. it's dazzling you have great clients. that wasn't bad you dropped frank's company snow flake they are doing well. this is your year. i'll say it. you don't have to. i see the setup and i like it. she's the ceo of arista networks "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: could one crowd kingpin put in work for your portfolio? the ceo of workday joins cramer fresh off earnings just ahead.
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i keep telling you growth for the moment, no matter how good it is the highest flying they have been great during the pandemic as more people get vaccinated, some investors are gravitating to the reopening plays in many cases, i'm telling you they are throwing the baby out with the bath water. how do you tell which cloud stocks could be worth buying on the way down take workday that takes finance and human resources. last night reported big earnings beat management's full year guidance, they are conservative for heaven sake in response the stock got slammed down 2.4% like sales force, workday has fallen close to $40 from the peak i have to ask, is this the buying opportunity you need. let's check in with the co-founder to get a better read on the quarter welcome back tomoney." >> good to be with you, as
6:28 pm
always. >> i'm attacking it head on. your co-ceo says i'm pleased to say trends continue and accelerated in q 4 with record pipeline generation across all three regions and in other words, this is the quarter that if you're looking to see how you're going to get huge numbers in 2021, it's now. the stock is not telling you that the stock is looking at the ten-year treasury. wasn't this the quarter where things accelerated >> in q 4 it did taking a step back, the first three quarters during the pan d -- pandemic were challenging. the vague subscription models, that's a lag indicator but we accelerate and expect new bookings growth to accelerate this year and that is our primary indicator and the way we run the business so very excited where we're headed and that acceleration will probably take at least a year to show up in subscription accounting numbers because of the way the model works.
6:29 pm
>> but i also look at the logos and i think that probably i would say one of the top five companies in the world is nike why? because their the most directed consumer in asia, in europe and united states. they're the market leader by far. there isn't a number two and you won nike how do you get nike in a pandemic >> you know, what's been interesting about the pandemic is for companies in the cloud, they figured out how to thrive and adjust to the new world. for companies that weren't in the cloud they realized they needed the flexibility, agility, you know, the ability to plan instantaneously and needed the capabilities and in many ways for companies like nike that are just such great market leading companies, by the way, that's by one of my very close friends and mentorsjohn, they recognized they needed to move this to the
6:30 pm
cl cloud. digital transformation will come out. >> i was critical of the bottleneck with covid but they weren't. it's a laboratory corporation of america. now, this is a company that is working 24/7 to solve the pandemic how did you find time and i get their time and be able to be in front of them to win them over during a quarter where they are swamped every second >> again, it comes back to the flexibility and agility cloud solutions like workday provide we're fortunate and happy to have the laboratory corporation of america become a customer j and j is a customer. pfizer is a customer astrazeneca is a customer. i feel honored to support the companies who are doing the best they can to save our lives and are just doing amazing work with the vaccines and testing so we've always had a strength
6:31 pm
in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics rolling so it continued and so couldn't be happier. we'll do everything we can to make sure they are successful because they're taking care of all of us. >> they sure are they're a remarkable company and we use it. it is a great product. you mail it in and get results instantly. there is a m co-pan knee we ha -- company we happen to be fond of because internally they are so good at what we do, caterpillar is at the forfront what are you doing for cat >> we're doing that same transformation around capital management and engagement. you know, in the pandemic, people were having a hard time, ceos were having a hard time we're not in the office. we're such a large part now we're remote working and so they
6:32 pm
felt a need to embrace work. they were a very loyal people saw a customer and we're thrilled to have them join the workday family an amazing company that continues to just do amazing things for so many years it's hard for companies to be that great for that long. >> you got to tell us what that means. we'll hear a lot about it all year. >> so coming back to the pandemic, it rose to the top and had a charge list and remote work orientation was harder to really understand how do employees think about the company they work at and their engagement level and comfort with their manager and are they feeling fulfilled at work? we were down the path with
6:33 pm
surveys recognizing that this emerging trend would be critical going forward and so said hey, we got to get in this market now. the market is happening now and pecan is the well-known category in the u.k. based company. amazing management team and, you know, we kind of fell in love with the product and the management team and made them part of the workday. they're one of the new generations of companies with machine learning first and used machine learning in the right way to guide decisions and really give you insight into how were employees thinking about the company they are working at. >> that's the future not just to be able to say hey, how is everybody doing? that's the old way this is the new way. neal, i hope you're enjoying your co-ceo role you look well. great to have you back on the show. >> i will just say, he's a rock
6:34 pm
star. >> he led the call and had good stuff at the beginning he took it from you. he's co-founder and co-ceo of workday and this was a great quarter and it is going to be a strong year and "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, they're helping to power an eletric boom will investors melt over this performance materials player cramer has the ceo next. we see increased efficiency connected to more comfortable homes. emerson's energy star™ certified sensi™ smart thermostat uses geofencing to simplify how homeowners manage comfort and costs. emerson. consider it solved. here's aj! when are you going back into the office? i don't know dad... ♪
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cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. right now the market is having an identity crisis. the reopening stocks soared and covid winners got hammered and today we caught a counter trend rally where the covid winners got their groove back for the moment what if you didn't have to
6:38 pm
choose what if there were a stock that was pandemic and back to normal play a thermal insulation and filtration and separation materials including the ones used in n 95 past masks this company rallied 46% but the stock continued to run because they benefit from a stronger economy. they reported an excellent quarter and predicted they keep seeing strong demand for filtration solutions because they are looking at a structural shift for cleaner energy let's go to the president and ceo. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you for having me back. >> so sarah, during our mass competition that you were kind enough to participate in, what i learned from the foremost expert i believe on this entire pandemic, which is the doctor from the university of california san diego that filtration is the issue. not necessarily touch and
6:39 pm
surfaces but filtration and then i think of filtration, i think of lydall. >> as you should we came together and covid put the spotlight on lydall. it's been around for 150 years and our focus because of our deep material science expertise has been on specialty materials and specialty filtration solutions and today, yes, it's all about ppe and masks but precovid and long after covid, how do we improve indoor and outdoor air quality? i can tell you, jim, the demand for higher performing filtration will demand what we're seeing for ppe. >> who orders it honey well doing it for buildings or individual companies that realize they got to fix filtration? are the customers? >> all of the above, jim
6:40 pm
when you think about last time we talked we talked about capacity expansiexpansion, one s three lines are running. those other two lines will be up and running full production here no later than the beginning of the third quarter and fully with customer contracts and those customers include, jim, not only large global ppe makers but the largest most respected filtration makers because as we think about coming back to work in a post covid world, there is about a $3 billion market to get us back to work and about a $15 billion market to ensure we get the buildings up to the new regulations and stricter codes governments around the world are setting so that we can ensure going forward we have the protections we need against covid and whatever might come
6:41 pm
next. >> in the meantime, we learned the countries that handled the pandemic best had stockpiles of the materials that you make. are we going to have a strategic stockpile made in america by lydall under this new president? >> well, i will tell you this administration is actively pursuing efforts to ensure we do today, though, we're still working hard to meet the current demand so that all of our front line essential workers can have the best armor they need to protect themselves and that is n 95 respirators and surgical masks from materials made in america and we fully anticipate national stockpiles around the globe including here in the u.s. will need to rebuild and replenish, which is why we expect strong demand for well made ppe through the end of
6:42 pm
2022. >> we did not get to speak last time about solutions, this has captivated wall street like nothing i've ever seen and if you want to know a company deeply involved and talked about, it's lydall >> you're right. we briefly touched on this last time and there is more announcements coming out not only here in the u.s. as president biden talked about electfying the federal fleet but around the world in europe and china and lydall is deeply embedded partner with almost all of the large global automotives from combustion engine to hybrid to electric vehicles and you might ask yourself how again, it goes back to that deep materials expertise engineering capability and manufacturing flexibility. so let's break it down when you think about an electric vehicle, right you think about heat from batteries. well, the products that we make help address the thermal runway
6:43 pm
that needs to be addressed when designing. you might think about all the wires and the technology and the batteries and how all those interact with each other there is a significant shielding. silence, i'm sure you've been in an electric vehicle. what do you notice no sound. >> it's the greatest a big part of making sure it says that way is through management products. the single biggest thing that's keeping rapid adoption occurring in ev is the concern around range. right? >> right. >> and all of the products that lydall makes help with lightweighting, which helps increase that range of electric vehicles so we're working with them every day, and that's why you see us announcing platforms as they come out and we're really excited about being a big part of supporting that trend. >> i'm so glad you pointed it out. it's clear the winner will be
6:44 pm
the one that has the lightest. the one i'm keying is the one with the lightest battery because it's the fastest charging i didn't know how deep you were involved in this particular aspect but you're involved in a lot of things i keep learning when you're on president and ceo of lydall. thanks for all you're doing to make the country safe. >> thank you, im. >> absolutely. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up. >> it is time. >> announcer: cramer takes your calls. rapid fire the lightning round is next. does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars.
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i am looking for a dr. cramer education here. >> long-time listener, first-time caller. >> mr. cramer, it is an honor. >> i've been watching your show for about ten years. >> long time first time love you show and time to write another book, jimmy. >> want to give a big shoutout to my dad that turned me on to you long ago. >> thank you for everything you do. >> to be a great investor, you need to break the wall street code and i'm here to help you crack it it is time, it is time for the lightening round buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell, and then the lightning round is over are you ready, ski daddy let's start with nater in new york. >> caller: jimmy, how are you doing? thanks for taking my call, buddy. >> of course how about you? >> caller: good, man i was wondering what you think
6:49 pm
about nk >> that's a terrific one every one of the companies i believe in them if they have one good drug gets bought by another major company. so i'm going to say yes but it's a spac and i'm fine with it. tom in new york, tom >> caller: hello, cramer and boo-yah! >> cannot quit his day job what do you got? >> caller: an outlook in 2021 and rock solid balance sheet, what's your take on first solar? >> if i want solar, i'd say i want e lon lon musk ben? >> caller: if i learned anything you've taught me in the last three years, fully trust means a like solutions, feels like great
6:50 pm
value and i look at the fundamentals but my professor told me i was a slow learner so what do you think? >> really? slow learn. >> caller: slow learner. >> which stock are we talking about? hello? i feel bad ben trashed himself. seemed like a nice guy don't feel -- you're fine. we're all. i took that class and did badly, too. i have to go to jason in minnesota. i don't know what happened to my friend ben jason? >> caller: hey, jimmy, i'm out walking my dog and i know you changed your dog's name to nvidia should i change my dog's name to fico >> like fido, fico i think you're fine with fair isaac. the stock is go good with fin
6:51 pm
tech michael? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? >> good, how about you >> caller: i'm good. you're a tough man to get ahold of >> really? >> caller: my question for you is ticker msgs, madison square garden. >> we looked at this and it's actually worth a great deal. worth more in the 4, $5 billion. great idea i can't believe i said that because i don't really go there anymore. stop it. i need to go to daniel in florida. daniel, my brother >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how are you doing? >> having a descent day. how about you? >> caller: doing well. doing well i've been looking att ticker plby what do you think about their long term success and brand revival? >> i know pbj than plby. that's eluding me.
6:52 pm
cool name. juan >> caller: hey, is this the chill man? >> yeah, it's the chilly. >> caller: how are you doing, man? >> i'm good. i'm taking on everybody. i was on spaces last night i gave everybody a beat down that's what i'm going to do all weekend. i'm not stepping on ants. >> caller: we'll see you on twitter this weekend action alerts member and happy to see you helping. >> thank you, buddy. thank you. a little down there for awhile what's up? >> caller: hey, jim, this company just reported a solid quarter. we got solid numbers from them we got a share buy back, special dividend you kind of been hesitant on this company before. >> we're talking rocket mortgage with that dollar special dividend. >> caller: yes, correct. >> i think jay is terrific i don't -- i think rates are going up so therefore that makes me bias against but i listen to jay. they have done well when rates have gone up and gone down it's an inexpensive stock with a great quarter. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning
6:53 pm
round. >> announcer: the lightening round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, as the revolution crossed without a path to profits? cramer takes you on a walk down wall street you won't want to miss, next ♪♪ ♪♪
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rebels without a cause have become rebels without a clue that's what i saw when i saw the glitz in gamestop. they have one play many embrace the paranoid style in american investing. they think the system is rigged so they want to smash the tyranny of the hedge funds there is a crusade against a shadow of elite money men. that's not really true sure, wall street is absolutely tilted in favor of the rich. that's not some conspiracy
6:57 pm
it capitalism. everything is easier tin this country when you have money. i may not like it and i don't. i like william jennings brian and the speech in 1896 someone ever so tries to do something about it a reeve lvolution the people that came in at once and bought game stop furiously at the bell yesterday don't care about the company. they were trying to stick it to the man. the buyers think they can crush hedge funds sending the stock flying like last time before it crashed back do earth. they see cohen from chew y like the ice cream cone he posted yesterday. brilliant. a hand full of bearish hedge funds protected from everybody from the u.s. government to the financial industry to commentators like me i told you to ring the register
6:58 pm
on the stock at 350. so now the more extreme reddit revolutionariry want me to get an all expense makeover. i spent decades encouraging people to participate in the stock market i like the young ones getting involved in robinhood. i walked away 20 years ago from hedge funds. i wanted to help regular people trying to get rich that's the point i've done hundreds of shows and written books and articles in service to the mission if i want to sell out, i'll buy management money i'm not a wall street stug my family says i have a deep seeded psychological issue we don't need to get into the original gamestop trade was brilliant but a brilliant trade has to end at some point because you don't have a profit until you ring the register. when i saw the stock had run
6:59 pm
from $17 to $350, i told you to sell i wasn't trying to bust the short squeeze. i was giving you my honest assessment, i'm going to do it again if it happens. it insane not to sale something up 2,000%. i don't fear the haters. perhaps it should be the other way around now you got to take profits when you have something something that i have been saying for decades there is no conspiracy of hedge fund managers here there is a disciplined approach to trading and better start figuring out if we put all of that aside, what is the point of running the game stop play again last time was set up for the mother of all shorts that was cool. that's no longer the case. the levels have been pushed out and the interest is much lower than january listen, i understand wanting to beat the hedge funds that's an unsatfying way to invest make money for yourself because when you make it about fighting someone else, you're cutting off your nose to save your face.
7:00 pm
it's one thing to stick it to the hedge funds but gamestop but another to trade that way when there is no thesis except a tweet of an ice cream cone of all things there. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer se the news with shepard smith starts now i'm scott wapner in for shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc a third vaccine one step closer to approval. johnson & johnson says it's ready to roll out 4 million single-dose shots. how soon can they reach american arms air strike backlash. >> the defense's operation to protect our troops and our coalition partners, to send a strong signal about our resolve. >> the administration defends president biden's use of military force the annual meeting of conservative activists kicks off with t


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