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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> go ahead. >> i'm not a scoff law like tim. that's a "fast money." good job, tim. oracle very quietly all-time highs there, melissa. >> first for everything. thanks for watching "fast money. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market come where and i promise to help you mind it. "mad money" starts now i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i just want to educate and teach you. call me at 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. after today's terrific rebound with the dow gaining and s&p
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surging 2.83% and the nasdaq pole vaulting 3.10%, this market's keen eye for the obvious may have run its course. i'm talking about let this run the reopening play and the stocks that will thrive when america is fully vaccinated now that j and j entered the fray. johnson & johnson's is easier to distribute and there was a fabulous timetable this morning with hundreds of millions of viles out there in just a few months that makes me think we're closer to the end of the nightmare so time to reveal the opening plays because the ones in your face feel over played the ones running the companies are not dummies. we saw aggressive buying 355 to 415. the cruise line that reported another week quarter no kidding great forecast for 2022. the ceo raises $1.5 billion of
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stock by selling 17 million shares at 91 why not? they need the money. still, it's harder to recommend the plays when you know you can get hit with an equity offering at any minute even as you did okay when you brought on the deal, which is amazing the other obvious group is the airlines i expect any one of them to issue at any given moment. i want no parts. i'm recommending boeing and disney boeing got a huge order for 25 now 737 maxes from united airlines that was a gigantic surprise but people yawn. hey, you know what united airlines is anticipating a boom in air travel that's smart they know more than you. if that's the case, you need united, not boeing disney is earning more tonight unveiling a brand-new list this is a less in your face but possibly more powe ttent reopeng plays since they are being ignored even though they had a great year none of these stocks is low. okay i'm just saying they are not
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considered reopening we'll start with one people think is a closed economy stock and that's not true. it's square. it's a popular peer to peer cash payment system and tied into the small business lending platform and tonight breaking news they're seeing they are opening their own bank to more whole list experience and that's gigantic news i have to tell you. i think analysts will crawl about it tomorrow. about 150,000 restaurants have gone under because of the pandemic, but for the first time in ages big cities have reasonable rents and rent was the killer for the restaurant industry people grumble about food costs but with someone with two resta restaurants, it's the rent that's the killer. i bet we'll see a restaurant remenaissance with people eating out rather than eating in. using hardware and can also lend money, the ones with the best prospects and say people will bank with this new square bank
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i'm talking about rather than the current bank one piece of the buzz l. square bought a bundle of bitcoin for $10,000 and now it's closer to 50,000 huge home run and bought more. they are using what i say it should be. you should have cash if you're running a company and have bitcoin. i know only square seems to agree with me. they are smart guys. everyone better square's cash app platform is the easiest place to buy the platform. they got on this bandwagon in 2018 people are buying a dollar, buying $100 and using the square app. maybe you should, too. okay i'm probitcoin thousands of younger people are doing this second, less obvious, this is an idea i haven't talked enough about. ralph lauren granted this is in the 52-week high list but has more room to run. ralph lauren closed under performing stores and took advantage. while betting heavily on digitizing advertising the big pivot toward ticktock,
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instagram brought a teademo to stores i know the stock has run but can you imagine how well they will do when people shop in person again? l brands is up 50% and rl is up 16%. i got another one we just had and haven't talked about enough lately all t a ulta beauty. they crafted an app that shows you how you look with certain colors and pivoted hard commerce but this is the year ulta moves into target. a store within a store starting with 100 locations nationwide i'm telling you this move is not in the numbers as they have a partnership with estee lauder. if ulta can make this much money crippled by the pandemic, think what you can do when you go to the stories and try on makeup. reality, the company never cut dividend after the conference call they challenged the ceo don
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wood and everyone pretty much said come on, come on. he would not say uncle wouldn't believe the mixed use shopping center he'd get, eventually he'll be the last man standing in the shopping center business not too late to buy federal reality. finally, i'm a big fan of ford motor. now, i know there is -- everyone knows there is a semi conductor shortage you know, everybody. there is -- is there anyone -- walk down the street and talk about semi shortage. it will limit production the good news is once everyone knows this, why do i like four year i'm predicting a small business remenaissance coming out of the pandemic thanks to penalty up demand and much lower rent for commercial properties. if we get a small business renaissance, we need pickup trucks and the best selling pickup in the world is ford's f-150. next year will be electrifying i'll get a couple of them. just kidding this far flung auto company couldn't seem to get out of its
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own way. they would be dragged down by weakness in europe but the jim farly no longer tolerates misused money as part of world domination you're getting the opportunity to own the stock of ford without having to worry about big chach charges with some company they had no business of operating think of it as the ultimate small business comeback story the bottom line. at this point, the in your face reopening stocks, cruises and airlines, can we start swapping out of those and go to less obvious? going to square? ralph lauren, ulta beauty, ford. these aren't stealth reopening stocks they are hidden in plain sight and will seem more obvious as they go higher in the next few months gerald in alabama, gerald? >> caller: hello, jim? >> what's going on >> caller: i really enjoy your show it's informative.
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>> thank you t thank you. >> caller: i wanted to ask you about kimberly clark the dividends thursday look weak going into the close what are your thoughts >> the quarter is okay but nobody wants a stock when the economy is accelerating if it fields 3.5% it's doing fine. i think you can buy this one and put it away at 3.5 i was -- the quarter wasn't that bad but people hate this they hate all the stocks they hate clorox i like clorox. now gerard in connecticut. >> caller: good evening, jim. >> good evening. >> caller: big boo-yah from the great state of connecticut. >> you got the 55. you can get the shot there i love that. >> caller: good news for us. what do you think of macy's? they had great earnings and beat estima job. the credit card is doing well and people talk about buying out pay late issue here is that the stock has roared and is now up 36% but when you see how high
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kohl's has gotten, macy's can go higher macy's is more fun to shop at than kohl's, i think i shop at both chris in florida, please, chris? >> caller: boo-yah, cramer, thanks for taking my call. >> absolutely chill. what's up. >> caller: thermo fisher scientific -- >> it's coming down nicely see, what you have to look at at th thermo fisher it's down. that's when you pounce a lot of people think because the pandemic is running the course, the machines, manthe pc machines won't be making money look at zoom everyone said zoom was done. right? is zoom really done? is thermo fisher done? no it may be too late to invest in the obvious reopening plays. they use that thing at 4:00.
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they love it i watch them to see what they are doing because they are really interesting people that trade at four because i have insomnia it's important to recognize there are other stocks besides royal caribbean. royal caribbean isn't up there i like square, ralph lauren, ulta beauty, federal reality and ford on "mad money" tonight the biden administration is laying the ground for an infrastructure bill, what it could mean for the biggest play in the world and we saw bond yields rise but today is singing a different tune. how should we approach the average? time to sail away with sail point, come sail away with me. i'll sit down with the ceo and find out if digital can be good news for the stock i like the way the british talk. so cool. didn't they win a lot of awards? stay with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets.
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what do we do with simple stocks catapulted in the at most fear the supplier building. the stock up nearly 40% since the election making a brand-new all time high as wall street bets to the democratic majority in washington i get that that's what the president wants. the company reported a blowout quarter thanks to the booming housing market and benefit the economy reopening. the stock is far from cheap. they held an analyst meeting so good, management laid out the
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long term case for owning the stock. this is a very consistent company. let's go to the source with the chairman and president to get a better read. welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, delighted to be here good to hareear your voice. >> the first thing you want to tell people, this is -- even though it's agates, you have one of the most consistent companies in any exchange in the world. >> you know, it's a very resilient business it performs well in up cycles and down cycles and one thing that performs well in our business is pricing. we tend to get good pricing all the way through cycles including in downturns but part of what we're seeing now and i think what people are excited about, jim, is i think we're entering a period of time where private construction and public construction may both be moving up into the right at the same time we haven't seen that for a long time and keep in mind, we haven't seen a significant increase since federal
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infrastructure investment for almost 15 years. so what you seen is record performance in a business that really has been doing it without a big shipment volume lever that we typically have had through prior scycles that's what is ahead of us. >> it's important for people to know your idea, which i absolutely love going after where the growth is. you have mega regions and if the mega regions work out without infrastructure help, you're going to have a big next three or four years. >> jim, what's important is the decade so what we've been focused on is if we're looking where growth is going to occur in the united states between now and 2050, 70% of that greowth is going to occr in a dozen different mega regions and the aim is strategically to position our business in those mega regions and not just in them but leading positions in the mega regions. if you look over time, what's
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happened, we've gone from a one or two position in about 65% of our markets a decade ago to a one or two position in 90% of our markets but what we think is important, as well, jim, there is wide space in a number of mega regions to continue growing our business and consolidate the industry and our balance sheet is a position we can do that. >> look, i was stunned there is a moment you're talking in the analyst meeting about i-35 i'm not aware of i-35. this is a great tutorial it's in texas and bigger than the state of pennsylvania and there is more business being done in that one area than there might be in pennsylvania. >> that's a striking number, isn't it to think of i-35 running down the country but bisects that bi triangle starting with dallas-fort worth and south of san antonio back to houston but i-35 is running down the middle of the corridor and to your point, there are more people that live on that corridor in
6:18 pm
texas than live in pennsylvania and of course, what you're seeing is great housing growth and non-residential but then texas has a very impressive infrastructure program. >> when i look at the states, the colorado thing was a great ftutorial and north carolina. let's say the federal government commits. will they read you the interstate tunnels? maybe they are worried about climate change and what happened with texas and they want to spend there. i don't know what the federal government's role will be ward and they need you because i don't think they know. >> i think you're right, jim in many respects, i think the other thing is no matter what they do, they need our products. if they're building major highways or bridges, they need crush down if they are improving secondary roads that need considerable improvement if we look at accident rates across the united states, the highest rates are occurring on secondary roads here is an important one to note if we look at what happened last year as tax credits for when
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farms went away, we actually saw volumes down in the midwestern united states to the tune of 1 million tons over the course of a year simply because people weren't building as many wind farms. so on the green initiatives that we think could well becoming, we see those as actually coming, we see those as actually incentive and as we confront climate change as a nation and world, resilient construction is going to be an important part of that and the aggrigates in concrete will be important elements of the construction. >> i want the federal government to be involved but it's incredible there are three companies that felt to me like states google, facebook and microsoft when it comes to wind. these are gigantic users of your product, aren't they >> they are in so many respects because what we're seeing, the data centers that we seen in the mid midwestern united states are significant. the other thing i will offer to
6:20 pm
you, jim, is they don't just build a data center. they build phase two and phase three and phase four and the other thing that's notable they are incredibly intensive number one, they are just big and number two, they tend to be in many respects almost a concrete envelope. so big trucks are coming in, and they're setting these buildings up for a very durable run over a long period of time. >> well, ward, look, it's great to have you on the show. the amount of things i learn from your analyst day, you know, your company thinks you know something. i felt like i was in your fight. you told it all and everyone interested in infrastructure, this is it this is the tutorial ward and i chairman and ceo, really great to have you on the show, sir. >> jim, thanks so much. >> absolutely. >> guys, you have to go through the day. you'll learn so much and learn who is creating the jobs in this
6:21 pm
country. it's the private sector. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, what can the market's fear index tell you about where your portfolio is headed? cramer serves up a vix fix next. ♪♪ these days, it's okay to do some things halfway... but taking prescriptions shouldn't be one of them. so cvs works to make them affordable with a proprietary search tool that looks for savings.
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last week we saw bond yields rising inflation. stock market got hammered. they sold the growth, they wanted the value today bond yields pulled back. how do we chart a course through the moment you try to figure out the macro. what kind of inflation are we looking at copper lumber where are interest rates headed? letting the economy over heat because they want jobs created but very hard to get that assessment right this macro stuff is too political and politics to start
6:25 pm
with, i hate it. i'd rather figure out gme than politics if you nail every particular, it won't give you much insight into the stock market short term guy ra giration i want to remove my emotions and take a quantitative approach i turn to the charts and we're going off the charts with this guy mike sebastian he's really nailed this. he's a brilliant technician who is the founder of option and writes with me i blog there i've written 40,000 pieces to get a better read. sebastian is the resident expert on the volatility index, the vix for short we explain is the fear gauge because it rises when investors freak out. that's what happened when averages are rolling overall though with stocks rising in today, the vix pulled back for sebastian, whether we're
6:26 pm
dealing with a volatility spike or a volatility swell. spike, swell a vix spike is what happened when the fear gauge makes a hard move up out of nowhere and gives it away as fast and represents a moment of panic you got to buy because it quickly subsides. the swell is when it slowly rallies over two to three week period usually while the market is rallying, too, oh that's all most always a bad sign because the vix and s&p 500 are moving in opposite directions whether you see them go the same way, it's about to course correct. in a swell, the stock market peaks which sends the index spiking higher if you want stocks to go higher, then a vix spike, well, that is great news we've seen a bunch of these in the last year and they tend to trigger some pretty substantial rallies like today okay, so let's look at this in a dispassionate ay i want you -- how about that was that a great chart i hope you took a picture and
6:27 pm
snapped it anyway, or maybe to your parents. got a lot of younger people watching now the s&p and volatility index going back to late may last may there was a volatility spike in early june see this boom when the market experienced one final moment of covid panic. a hedge fund probably came on. rich hedge fund guy trying to keep you and your chains and comes on and scares people and you have a magnificent run what happened? we saw something similar, that's what that spike is we like spikes in november we saw the same thing. see the spike and boom we have a nice run that's why sebastian is confident a vix spike needs to be treated as a buying opportunity. we buy we buy because they're spikes what about a vix swell where the volatility builds and builds as the market chugs higher before everything blows up in your face check out the same pair of charts with a different area of emphasis okay sebastian points out that we got
6:28 pm
a miniature vix swell in august and september. the index creeps higher, right even as the s&p continues to go higher and then boom stock sell off hard and spend the next three weeks rolling over all right? before that there was a huge vix swell last february right before the covid crash. was this ever a tell this is incredible as we saw terrifying developments out of china, the s&p 500 kept climbing but half way through the volatility index starts rising. a week later the volatility explodes and we spent a month getting obliterated. swell. not spike. swell. the first pickup in volatility, the market gave you a chance to bail from february 28th to march 4th, the s&p 500 rallied 175 points however the vix kept rising and that's what told you that this rebound was temporary. if you were there, that was a
6:29 pm
great moment i went back and looked at this piece i wrote for "mad money." i can't believe how bullish people were. you were supposed to ring the register and swap back in a few weeks later but right here, everyone was like don't worry. it's like the president was like hey, it's all good, forget china and wuhan and all the verb from wall street was buy, buy, buy. sebastian brings this up because it's been chugging higher. it surged from 22 to 3 1 that's at the highest on thursday so the question is, are we dealing with a bountiful vix spike or a terrifying vix swell? take a look at this chart, the vix and s&p 500. sebastian thinks last week was a classic vix spike. meaning today's rally is the real deal and that we could have more upside. look what happened here. the volatility index had been
6:30 pm
running for more than a week ahead of the pop on thursday but the market was going down during that period. let's move on. that's okay. the vix and s&p are not moving in the same direction. the dangerous sign is dealing with a volatility swell. we didn't want to get in the period where the market went up, that's a nightmare on top of that the vix closed down on friday and closed down do you remember how bad that close was? that close was not real it turns out because the vix tumbled 16.6 today. this quick pull back is what you expect from volatility spike a short term panic that vanishes overnight and the volatility index is back to the levels it was trading before it took off what does it mean? based on the actions, sebastian thinks we're coming out of a benign vix spike we're not in the early stages of a big sell off if anything, we had a short term shakeout and sebastian believes the s&p could be running get this all new time high headed our way. bottom line, don't let last week's inflation scare freak
6:31 pm
out. the charts are according to mark suggestions that the panic is over and the market is beginning to roar. i want to go to jeff in california, please, jeff >> caller: hey, jimmy chill. i want to thank you so much for recommending roku a few weeks ago. i bought 30 k more last week the stock i'm calling about now is pinterest it's on the very young 64-year-old and jim, i had no idea what the heck pinterest was and then my son said buy it, buy it so when i researched it online, jim, pinterest grew by 97% in 2016 and now has almost 200 million active users making it the fastest growing social network. so question is, jim, with the huge pull back last week should i buy pinterest on the dip? >> i like pinterest so much.
6:32 pm
it's the international people all over the globe love this thing it's kinder. gentler. it is. i'm not trying to make fun of that stuff y you know jimmy chill cares about that pinterest is a placed a vertvertize -- advertisers love there is not a zuckerberg. who fights with australia? leaves me cold pinterest does not fight with australia, not going to fight with canada or greenland denmark is okay with them. that's who they are. they like the norwegians pinterest is sweet i like sweet john no mi in michigan, john >> caller: hello, jim. >> hello john. >> caller: thanks for taking my call my question is about ticker tdot -- >> crushed thatbad boy, didn't he holly cow, people said they got competition and pricing going to
6:33 pm
be causing a problem buy it this is the way people will get health care. it's too expensive i went to the hospital recently. i think it was like $989,000 for a catheter those don't even feel good >> last week's market action took investors on a wild ride. can it continue? not likely according to sebastian. the s&p could be eyeing a new high more "mad money" ahead it will benefit as we rethink the way we work and called last week's lineup featuring twitter and sales force and nvidia the night of the stars but are they in an atmosphere all their own? take a closer look have the show and throw it away. i'm not doing that one in a can stuff. i'm leaving that to string beans and all your calls, rapid fire on tonight's edition of the lightning round. stay with cramer
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text stocks have come roaring back this is a cybersecurity company business has been booming. business is forced to embrace remote work leaving them open to vulnerabilities. mattress solutions is like artificial intelligence to make sure the right people have the access to data this company started transitioning to a cloud based software and you know we like cloud more than on premise it is going well because sale point had a terrific quarter management rolled out new met tricks for the business and working hard for revenue up 40%
6:38 pm
year over year software is service with 58% and then on friday the company held the first ever analyst day i liked it clearly went well. stocks surged 7% can it keep climbing let's talk to the co-founder and ceo to get a better read on the quarter. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. such a pleasure to be back thanks for having me on. >> great you're here, mark one of the things that really struck me when i read through your analyst day, i was worried -- wait a second, they got oct is there and ping is there. there is so much business on these old legacy systems that seemed to not be able to handle the bad guys. >> you're so right what customers are experiencing are old solutions they liched around with for awhile as the world is rushing through digital transformation and cloud and that's driving a lot of business our way. >> this worries me, a lot of
6:39 pm
companies are banks and big corporations that have information that i don't want bad guys using against us. we saw what happened with solar winds. how can these companies actually believe in this day in age that they aren't going to be broken into >> well, i think that's a great point. there is a sense of the old realm we talked about a mote i got a perimeter around me protecting the data. the data is everywhere and the cloud, amazon, azure, whatever identity i know you talk to the folks at ping, identity is a new central control point that people frankly hadn't paid enough attention to and companies are rapidly grappling with how to get their arms around identity and i think the initial focus is as i enable apps and get my business set up to connect stuff from the cloud the first thing was how do i enable that and get people access, which is how do i ensure it's jim knocking on the door
6:40 pm
that i should let in and there is a whole multifactor authorau author authorau authen authentication i let jim in the building. where can jim go what can jim do? we worry about a true security of the identity and what data can or can't you see, change and that's where we see so much interest from the market now. >> you have very savvy clients i like to think who does g.e. use? t-mobile, such a smart company obviously, humana they are very drilled down on this i mean, these companies is it a bake off against other companies or switching who they currently have >> sometimes it's a little bit of a bake off. sometimes there is legacy players, oracle, coming in we're displacing sometimes looking at a couple other alternatives we have a strong position in the market as you rattled off great
6:41 pm
names there. we're fortunate to have a lot of very, very high end customers around the globe they can quickly cross reference us with someone like them and they feel good about the progress those companies have made in their identity security journey and that often is a quick path for us. >> let me ask you, george has been on the show a number of times and outspoken. co-founder and ceo of crowd strike when he was in washington, he said weaknesses in microsofts are identity and authentication processes. you have a good relationship with microsoft i never heard microsoft being cascaded like that fair is that fair >> i tell you, to the credit of microsoft, they obviously have done a tremendous job resdoing their business toward the cloud. fa no great progress in a great time. they are a little more dated so i think again they are rapidly moving to secure the initial signing in and authentication
6:42 pm
but often that's where they turn toward sale point as well. that's the relationship, hey, can sale point help me govern and secure that access so i know that when jim logs in, jim is getting to the right stuff and being kept away from the stuff he shouldn't ccess. >> that's what you need to do to protect yourself here is what i'm looking at. say you're a bad guy in a, parking lot and who has buttons down, who is locked. you don't go for the locked guy. you go for the guy with the car door open. i'm thinking you know what that car door is open. that's the guy i'm going to hit. i'm not going to hit the sale point guy. don't these companies know that is happening >> such a good point more and more companies are trying to figure out how do i discourage bad guys from attacking me versus someone else do they think you're an easy
6:43 pm
mark when they work with us, they really are sure that they know that the right people have access to the right things let's extend your parking lot, jim. let's go to a badge analogy. one of the worst things that happens, i'm in the parking lot of the building and i find a badge on the ground. if that badge just lets me into the building but i can't get past the lobby, i can't do much damage but if i can get in the building and get through to the data center, maybe the special room where they keep the most important servers, that's pretty bad. if the badge of any employee could get them anywhere in the building, that would be very insecure from a physical access stand pound. same concept i want to make sure people that have access have what they need to do their job. only a few people should get access to the server room, right? >> right. >> that's what we do it's like the autoten case process, we're making sure oneself you're in the building, you can't go to the server room you're supposed to virtual concept here not a real server room
6:44 pm
that's what customers are figuring out, a layer of security that ensures we know exactly who is trying to get to what information if the badge does get lost, we're not over exposed. >> we got to hope -- we want total truth and authentication we don't want people posing because we see what happens, the chain reaction ction is maiserae mark mcclain thank you for coming on "mad money." >> thanks, jim, appreciate the opportunity and look forward to talking to you again. >> absolutely. sale point doing so well look, i got to tell you, crowd strike doing well and palo alto doing well why? there are so many legacy systems that are not built for the current state of the bad guys who are so smart versus the good guys who are using old legacy systems. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up next. >> let's make money together what do we got >> cramer is bringing the thunder and answering your burning questions in today's
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. it is time, it is time for the lightening round buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell and then the lightning round is over are you ready ski daddy? dave in florida, hit me, hit me, hit me >> caller: yeah, mr. cramer, i want to talk to you about your boy, david the brightest and
6:49 pm
smartest marketing brain and pin national gaming. >> i thought you were going to say me now i'll really down it been a tough day. people have been trashing me on twitter. pin n penn national is a great story let's be honest. who called this thing? who said even more than jay sno snowden. i said triple down when i thought he might be losing hope i said no. it's going higher and it's not done couple states around the corner will prove now i'm going to jack in ohio, jack >> hey, thanks for taking my call, jim. >> of course. >> hey, you brought it up a couplemonths ago with the buy and x dividends coming up. is it a good time to add to my holdings. >> you know, they bought crisco. my wife uses it to make -- she's out of town.
6:50 pm
it's okay. my daughter doesn't use it now here is the deal with b and g, they have to come on dave has to come on he used to come all the time and then his ceo came on and i liked him and i don't know, he went away so winter come on. we're good to you. let's go to david in illinois, david? >> caller: dr. cramer. >> it's ave. >> edward life sciences. >> you don't have to crack the chest cavity open to work on a heart. the stock is down because of the reopening trade. hey, sowas zoom. let's go to guy in pennsylvania, guy? >> caller: jimmy chill, hope you're doing well. >> the chill, the chill is upset. i've only bought 40 people i got just a few hours to block another 60 i'm letting people trash me. you can trash my mom, one time
6:51 pm
only. >> caller: okay. fair i bought the stock a few months ago with the hopes they would be able to monetize in the same way facebook has. >> okay. >> caller: so far up 31% tell me your thoughts on snap. buy more, hold or sell >> no, no, evan, i thought he was a poser. he's the real deal he is and that company is doing well and people want 50 billion, 5 billion pictures he's good. he's good. i got my picture with him and my daughter said dad, he's great. that was it, though. we're not done let's go to michael in georgia michael? >> caller:chill man, how is it going? >> chill man be king what's going on with you >> caller: better than yesterday. what do you think about the company tattooed chef? >> it's good but come on, if we do that industry we got to go
6:52 pm
with the man you got to go with ethan and beyond meat and by the way, speaking of posers, anybody with gmo is a poser you got me and that is impossible for me. [ laughter ] and that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> announcer: coming up cramer breaks down a cavalcade of winners so you can decide which is best for your portfolio, next i'm searching for info on options trading, and look, it feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter, so do its recommendations. so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor
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you know what we did we called it the night of the stars thursday fister, invadenvidia and airbnb. they tend to blend together like
6:56 pm
a super bowl halftime show so tonight i want to take them one by one because these are very important companies and they impact your portfolio and your thought process so let's start where the market got wrong with nvidia and sales force the market got it wrong. invideo reported a superb quarter. the company got hit with a slowdown and demand from crypto currency mining and the data center the data center quickly bounced back, the business got hit hard and left nvidia with the notorious inventory glut this moment is nothing like 2018 data center spending is accelerating and the crypto business is on fire but it can't be considered nearly as meaningful as 2018 so the market was wrong on both counts nvidia is even introducing a new line of specific graphic cards to avoid the over supply issues in 2018 and memo, that's what game stop should be doing is selling crypto cards come on. general sherman please listen to me the only -- that's the george
6:57 pm
sherman, the ceo the only thing up in the air is whether nvidia can close on the acquisitions if not, the whole dominant foothold the doubted the ability to close on the deal he pulled off. i won't make that same mistake twice. i think the stock is too cheap which makes it a buy how about sierra the insanity of this decline is hard to put into words and anyone that run as subscription business knows deferred revenue is the key met trick ric is muc better than expected there was worry about the slack acquisition but nobody integrates big deals like mark and mule soft. just imagine what happens if dell and hp decide to load up products with slack rather than microsoft teams. cross selling. next up, we've got the stars that just won't quit fister up 20%
6:58 pm
it was good. 27% good i don't know that said, i liked the concept fister has the best designer in the world with great electric vehicle technology and an asset like business model and partnered with manufacturers, magna and fox com to build the cars, the electric suv is one of the most beautiful i've seen the price is right for the car and in the electric vehicle space that means the stock might be under valued. twitter and airbnb the cfo of twitter is sitting on the biggest raw gem, the dark horse contender after facebook, al amazon and google. they got a billion and a quarter to spend the company is finally doing right about subscription in direct adds and within a few years, i believe those businesses will be so huge they will push aside the revenue stream it's hard to value but twitter is growing rapidly at the same time it's ads are becoming
6:59 pm
essential. sure, the stock had an amazing run and seems absurd so i want to recommend waiting for a pull back but without a broad market sell off, i don't think you'll get a chance they are rerated upward the same as facebook is downward. twitter is a c student getting bs which is more exciting for wall street than an a student that keeps getting as. finally, there is brian chesky, the ceo of airbnb who said the business model has maybe the best leverage. i mean that. he monetizes something he doesn't own, your house and he does it on a single platform that doesn't cost much to operate. they generate -- you generate facebook but they have to do this other stuff airbnb is cheaper than a hotel and you have to expect travel will come roaring back and go with friends this time, staying in a house, not some expensive hotel. no wonder the stock surged on friday a night of stairs, airbnb and the standout i think all five are buys but with fister, pull back, please
7:00 pm
two of them are on sale right now and that sales force and nvidia those are my favorites followed by airbnb, twitter and fister in that order because fister had a big strike i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you i'm ji see the news with shepard smith starts now. now, another vaccine to help protect america and the world, but the covid trend lines are raising concerns of another possible surge i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the decline in covid cases appears to stall johnson & johnson rolling out its single shot vaccine. tonight, its benefits and when americans can get shots in arms. scandal deepens in new york. two former state employees accuse andrew cuomo of sexual harassment the new york governor issues


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