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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  March 3, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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if yields calm down again, i'm telling you you're going to hear people say the nasdaq 100 looks did. >> by the way, today a day of selling closing at the lows off the sessions for all three of the averages nasdaq leading down. that's it for us "fast money" starts now. >> tonight's trader lineup, tonight on "fast" we're trading this late day selloff. stocks dropping like a rock into the close. what happens next? we'll break it down for you straight ahead a rocket reversal. reddit crashing back to earth today as investors set their sights on new targets. and why he thinks this stock is an under the radar way to return to the friendly skies. we start off with the toke trade getting torpedoed once again
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today. the nasdaq falling index is having its first two-day stretch since september. the big guys got whacked those names losing a combined 180 billion dollars in market cap in today's selloff check out what happened in the bond market yields they held fairly steady today. so what was this culprit for the tech late in the news? i go to you. i tossed to you yesterday with basically the same setup yields didn't seem to spike into the close. yields were steady so what gives here, do you think? >> yeah. day two of this, right the market is starting to say, wait a second. they're not coming back down to levels where people get a little more sanguine. at 1.5% tenure in my opinion in a world where valuations didn't
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seemingly matter, i think valuations are starting to matter coupled with that, for the first time in a long time you're seeing good news/bad stock option up individual ya is a culprit. i thought nvidia was going to take a run at all-time highs both have done the opposite. in a world where yields are going higher, which i still believe they will, where valuations are starting to matter, where good news is now bad news, you have to ask yourself, is an 8% decline since the high, is that enough i don't think it is. >> yeah. and are the yields, being where they are right now, is that enough to keep higher the sector that has been betting off higher yields and that would be financials fms, 2:00 or so, strong gains, karen. as the day went on, those started to
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in a course of hours >> although i still think it was a very good day for financials, it's been a very, very good run. i still think the setup is good. you have better net interest margins. think about all the other businesses they have that are doing well, right. so you have particularly ones that are capital markets business like a j.p. morgan, for example. the ipo, the sac market, the financing market, it's red hot there's other revenue streams. also, we might see a release of some of those gigantic reserves that they took if credit quality holds up there's a lot to like, as well as we look for stocks with cheap gpes this is the place to go, relative to the high flyers where the gpes are levitating at ridiculously high numbers. >> grasso, you've been the skeptic when it comes to the tech trade and how long that can
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last here we are. is the no-brainer rotation into financials or where else >> yeah. it's a whole value play. you don't want to open growth with a rising rate environment to karen's point, so you have the yield curve as a tail wind you have the reopening as a tail wind to financials you have multiple vaccines as a tail can wind. you see the xsf. it's all acts value. you only want to own value the only thing on my screen that was green were all my value holdings, getting beaten are my spacs, growth. only thing that you could buy in this environment is value. it's underpriced. >> let's fast forward, jim let's look into our crystal balls, if you will >> ok. >> are we going to see this as a dish that will be bought that's what we've seen over and over again we have the tantrum about rates. tech maims in particular, and then we see dip buying
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every single day of the week, went in, added large positions in stock that sold off pretty hard >> so, look, how high can rates go i mean, at some point, the question is what's going to take rates to two and a quarter to two and a half in the short to medium term? come on. this is the same economy that when it comes out of covid and exerts some muscleage gets some stimulus behind it, at some point confronts the same issues that had rates compressing for -- we know for decades, so i'm not terribly concerned that rates get too far away from us at some point, if the feds get so strong, the fed is going to have to reverse. it's going to collapse rates they do pull back. before that, think about some of the key levels for the market that i think, you know, the chartists will look at
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we have some great wurnsz always on the show. it's really when we started to ratchet higher on rates. if we close below the hundred tomorrow, on the tripping qs or the nasdaq 100, it will be the first time outside that move through march 5th, i believe it was, on the way down in covid, which almost doesn't matter or count, i should say. but you get back into the middle part of 2019 we -- triple qs, nasdaq go through this apple has traded more days below the hundred-day moving average than it has really again -- and i don't count that in the midst of covid -- but back since june of 2019. you are starting to get some damage on the charts but ultimately, yes, i think people run back into the safety of big cap tech. i think you have a case where yes, rates are moving higher, yes, this is seemingly painful, yes, you have to reassess which trades work.
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i think the biggest place where the profound damage are in the high multiple tech nails i have a screen, everybody probably has some screen or some box on theirself screens where they've highlighted some of these big, big multiple stocks where they be a covid stock like a peloton or a zoom, all the stocks were down big today the damage is something i think you have to be careful about i think we've seen some highs there for the foreseeable. >> another area in big cap tech or technology as a whole, software you've been taking about, the software etf this has had a tough few days. >> yeah. it really had a tough day. although the biggest -- by slightly biggest component is microsoft. but it also has adobe, salesforce, service now, docusign, crowd strike, those super high flyer names
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that got hit especially hard it took it back from 3880 something to about 343 now that's a big move for an index by still the pd multiples are really, really high. that's my hedge as the maga type stocks i think of alphabet as value apple a little less value-y. i definitely took pain on those. i'm staying with those i think ultimately those will trade higher zoom from 568 to 341, i don't know it still seems expensive the one that catches my eye is pal entear >> you all dwint definitely recall the interesting part of this whole -- tim, a crucial point that tim is making is that rates won't go too high from here, and so i put it to you, guy. is that in your base case
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scenario especially -- the argument before was that rates are so low that they are anchors to u.s. rates but actually we have seen those rates move higher over the course of the past week or so as well slowly. so that anchor is levitating along with u.s. bond yields which will allow for bond yields theoretically to move higher >> you have to be sure if the chain holding the anchor breaks. i think that's what -- i understand what tim is saying without question i get it i think the market seems -- seemingly believes that somehow the central banks can control these things i think it's out of their control at this point. you're seeing a number disappointing today. all the signs were there soft commodities, steel, copper, those things, levels we haven't seen in quite some time. inflation is there as well we just choose not to acknowledge it or measure it i believe if we start the
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ratchet through this one and a half percent they're going to speak at some jobs conference or something i'm sure he'll do his best to jawbone things back to some level of normalcy. i'm wondering if we're at the point they can say all they want, it's not going to matter there's no reason to believe this won't happen again tomorrow as rates creep higher i think people are taking notice that finally valuations do matter >> our next guest believes the tech rec is over tom, always good to see you. you have said the tech trade is done is that what we are witnessing right now? >> yeah. i think tech's leadership which was so astounding for the past decade, i think we're seeing a new leadership emerge and i think that's one of the things that is sort of central to our thinking is what is the market telling us, and the relationship
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of the energy and the financials and cyclicals to us tell us a vigorous economic recovery is under way. these cyclicals could turn into growth stocks. traditional growth stocks aren't as shiny and interesting. >> tom, if you believe these growth v cyclical -- not growth ---y but learning to the growth story, i should say does that mean inflation will go higher as well and so will bond yields >> well, i think we're struggling with what that means and i think the markets is, because inflation has seshlgly been eradicated from the market's thinking the last 12 years. i think that's why there's this hypersensitivity to rates and higher expectations. but i think the fed has been pretty clear if energy rises or commodity prices surge and it causes cpi to rise, what they're worried
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about is a change in how people's expectations are anchored i think you have a period where the economy could run really hot. that's why the cyclicals are really rallying. it's not something that's going to force the fed's hand. i know the markets's been testing the fed, but really a key question >> so tom, i'm in your camp. i've been playing the value trade as well. are you playing -- what i've been doing is playing european-levered value plays, especially in the chemical space. europe has lagged and they have a bigger lenk towards a reopening trade because they're based more on tourism than we are. are you thinking about that dynamic? >> it's interesting because it has lagged we did a little global sort of look-around for our clients yesterday, and the leadership for equities has come out of china, korea, and japan. those have really led the turn we're starting to see chile and
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u.s. cyclicals start to participate. so to me, it feels like domestic cyclicals are really early in turning off and they're not extended but eventually i agree. i think then it would lead to european financials starting to rally, because they're the epicenter of the value trade within europe. >> tom, it's karen let me ask you something if you think this rotation's really happening and tech is going to be sort of a -- somewhat of an anchor on the market, do you think the market as a whole will rise >> yeah. it's a dilemma tech -- tech and growth is 67% . growth stocks are really what the professional money manager trades understands i think there's a chance that growth just does ok. jeff degraph mentioned that,
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because there's money flowing into the market. but for someone to have beat the market, outperform, it's really that 23% or 30% cyclical exposure that's going to do it energy as an example, energy's up 30% this year i would say out of our total client base, maybe 7% have dabbled in energy. most of them are zero weight in the sector most think it's a normal group that's risen >> it's interesting that consensus is now that the economy is going to come earring back i want to go to the contrarian thinking on this and that would be so many states are lifting their restrictions now, and while president biden moved up the time line on getting u.s. adults vaccinated till the end of may, there's still that critical time period and veterans that's out there. is that a possible caveat to this whole forecast of yours >> yeah. i mean, covid's unpredictable.
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it's super dangerous the variants are out there so nobody can say covid's been vanquished but if you look at a state like florida that's been open really relatively open for a while, their economy has actually been quite booming. if you look at states like north and south dakota where the pre-lens of covid plus the amount of vaccinations is over 60%, they've seen a 95% drop in cases. south dakota has like less than a hundred per day. so those economies as they open also have what appears to be a lot less risk. i would say the country would be people aren't -- this isn't -- people aren't bullish enough about the reopening. this is like a post war reconstruction period with government stimulus. that is extremely boom-y for real investment spender, which is the greatest multiplier to
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gdp. >> always great to get your thoughts, thanks >> yeah, thanks. >> people might not be bullish enough, do you, grasso which means inflation, inflation, inflation >> it does we're on the first relief bill of the biden administration and we're talking about -- i've thrown that number out there -- of 10 trillion dollars coming. we haven't even spoken about infrastructure that will probably be coming in the middle of the summer. you're looking at gdp probably of six to 7%, all the street is focused on is about 4% they've underestimated that. inflation is coming and that's why you want to buy value. >> coming up, the rocket reversal the high flying stock grounded today but is there a new reddit target on the rise the company's call is under way. we'll get you the call after this break
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snowflake's conference call under way now. josh >> snowflake had already been under some pressure. it was down about 40% from its all time high. i checked in with da davidson. he said product revenues, so their core software 78 million up 16% rpo remain performance obligations or the dollar amount committed to the company, 1.3 billion, up 213% big whale ads, up from 65 last quarter. why is the stock down? andy's saying the up side did not roll through, meaning q1 product guides did not impress investors. i asked andy the buy rating here he said bottom line, they are growing strong with unmatched technologies in his words. the ceo talked about improving operating efficiency customers know they have to turn
5:21 pm
up their data game they turn to snowflake for that. they sell cloud based software they talked about customers like brack rock, the company's continued push into big enterprises like mastercard. we have the tech to pursue opportunities in front of us back to you. >> thanks, josh. guy adami, what's your trade on snowflake? >> i'll take you back to november 12th, i believe, and if you recall, which i know you do, it exploded from 235 to 429 in december it reminds me of the space we talked about yesterday how do you trade it? first of all, the full year guidance wasn't enough given valuation. number two, if you see this stock trade 20 million shares tomorrow, it typically trades about five, i think it gives you a trading opportunity. i understand the valuations are ridiculous i understand the guide wasn't
5:22 pm
great. i understand the market gives you opportunity every once in a while. a low of 2 35, i think you buy the stock for a trade. >> yeah, i do like, guys, little touch there on the round tripping it. i had a chart up as well i like that november low around 220s this is at then center it's a $70 billion company it's in the wrong space if yields continue to rise. the biggest thing or a tail wind that has going for it, this one can get going on any whiff of good news whatsoever the reddit crew can be all over this in a heartbeat. >> it was down about 9% in the presession, down more now. here's what's coming up next >> a rocket reversal shares of the online mortgage company coming back down to
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earth after a meteoric run at a favorite what stock can get caught up in the action next? we have answers. and gold losing luster today is it time to polish off that trade? we've got that and aot l more when "fast money" returns. [music: “you're the best” by joe esposito] [music: “you're the best” by joe esposito] [triumphantly yells] [ding] don't get mad. get e*trade and take charge of your finances today.
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welcome back to "fast money. the latest target in the reddit rewell on. check out shares of rocket company. shafrs falling more than 32% today after yesterday's huge run. read about it on our website mean time let's bring in the
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co-fo co-founder justin, great to have you with us >> thanks for having me. >> you track the number of mentions stocks have on wall street how do you use that data how is that useful >> yeah. well, so let me start by telling you what we do in general. we track alternative data on the web. we can track where they're opening and closing door, who they're hiring, social media is a big part of that what investors want to know are what are these stocks people on reddit are talking about and they use that to essentially know when a stock could run. if i have a portfolio and one of my stocks get talked about, i want to know about that as soon as possible. >> when you observed the chattering, you observed this activity on social media, justin, do you make a judgment or do you analyze the data to prove if it's positive or
5:27 pm
negative if you're a portfolio manager, the people at reddit could be there. >> we provide kind of a number of occurrences for a stock on reddit and we provide the comments we don't like say, hey, this comment is positive or negative because that can be arbitrary, but our investment, our investor clients and some of the corporations that use this data, they have a lot of tools to do that analysis on their own lot of the -- most people on reddit tend to go long they're used right now i'm short a stock that i once know because it's like a lot of these run-ups are on the long side, not the short side >> let's talk about the latest
5:28 pm
stock you've picked up in terms of chatter that would be pal entear what are you seeing there? >> it's a b to b company rather than a b to c company. we're seeing the amount of chatter is expanding about yeah, it's i think it's going to be interesting to see what that does. >> i think i asked you this but i'll ask you again so you see this chatter. is it predictive of unusual activity or is it coincidence? >> so in many cases it's predictive in some cases it's coincidence we don't claim to analyze it and say everything is predictive, so
5:29 pm
we don't make that call. >> all right justin, great to have you with us hope to have you with us again >> as jump mentioned palantir looks like it might be next. mike, you spotted some unusual options activity in that name today. what did you see >> yeah. first of all,i'm big fans of justin and his co-founder. i know these guys. they're smart guys and are doing some smart things. one of the things he said that there's been a buildup in the chatter. he didn't indicate that that happened today but he indicated it had been going on that's would we're seeing in palantir overcalls outpaced puts about three to one and the most active options were the 26 strike calls at the end of this week. this is a pattern we've seen many times in these cases that people are trading very short
5:30 pm
dated, up side in a lot of these names as justin was mentioning most people are making bullish bets, not bearish. it had a run-up, fell back shortly thereafter >> yeah. so guy, i'll go to you on this one. you've been watching palantir. you piece this all together and what does this give you, if anything >> an opportunity -- i mean, i hate using the word "opportunity," i really do, but i think that's what it is. the three and a half level karen mentioned, that's support. goldman sachs upgraded the stock. cathy wood has been speaking about this they signed a deal with 3m, palantir and by the way, i think they'll be able to scale down some of these msbs, midsize businesses i can't speak to exactly why but
5:31 pm
in terms of trading the stock, risk reward, it fits really well >> it's not the same kind of squeezy action probably here in palantir the percent short is about 7%, karen, so not a gamestop playbook, but certainly that could be a factor, too >> right well, actually, just as we're talking, the stock's now 24.75 so it's -- maybe it has bottomed i think it's sort of interesting. i think it has come a long way down it is nowhere remotely approaching anything like cheap. but i think the growth story is clearly there. just one thing i want to add about your question to justin about is the chatter indicative. his point about most of them being bullish to me would be that's sort of interesting because most of the activity is
5:32 pm
bullish, that would be bullish too. >> yeah. grasso >> when you look at palantir, you have to look at the government krrkts as justin said it's facing a $610 million in revenue there. i think that will up crease dramatically we've touched on it as far as the technicals, as far as the reddit angle i do believe they have a backlog of government contracts. the analytics that they provide are going to be huge for the government especially for president biden they're going to lean on them a lot. i believe the stock can run for fundamental reasons spells technical. >> it's fun to see these firms recognize that social media can have an impact on stock option we had the investment sciences guy from bark leys the other day. i talked to somebody called pi
5:33 pm
cue which monitors the fakes this seems to be more of a force these days >> look. how you get a hedge world fund on intelligence is different than 20 or 40 years ago. i think it's very clear. understanding where some of these momentum forces are at work, especially if you are short a name, that's been proven ost and on the long side money managers are paid to have stocks move higher i think ultimately i think there will be much less focus on this wave of reddit dynamics, but i think the presumption behind all of this is a wave of liquidity that is driven by forces including the fed. but i think there's no question that some of the smartest and i think the funds with the most resources and maybe you don't need those kinds of resources
5:34 pm
anywhere are using data, big data using momentum and these are always the pick stocks >> palantir up, by the way, 6% right now. coming up, walmart taking it on the chin again today one of our traders is liking the every day low presic that and more when "fast money" returns. turn on my tv and boom, it's got all my favorite shows right there. i wish my trading platform worked like that. well have you tried thinkorswim? this is totally customizable, so you focus only on what you want. okay, it's got screeners and watchlists. and you can even see how your predictions might affect the value of the stocks you're interested in. now this is what i'm talking about. yeah, it'll free up more time for your... uh, true crime shows? british baking competitions. hm. didn't peg you for a crumpet guy. focus on what matters to you with thinkorswim. ♪♪
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welcome back to "fast money. check out shares of general electric, hitting its highest level since june of 2018 tim says the stock has more spark. tim, take it away. >> i'd be on the mound if i was pitching correct that wording not your fault anyway, ge, lisa talk about this this is one of those restructuring stories that people feel like is a slow mover and not restructuring. i'd say wrong.
5:38 pm
three and a half billion last year, i suspect there's probably four billion until free catch flow this year baker hughes price doubling as this energy's gone higher. the balance sheet risks and the delusion way, way overrated. the other good thing about ge is that the pension liability which is about 18 billion, so a major part of the balance sheet heaviness and some of the weight on,000 is coming down dramatically a 2% ten-year means that that pension liability is probably 10 billion at the end of the year the big story and the exciting part of the story is i'm going to make an argument that ge is a recovery story and an airline recovery story and that it has the most leverage. aviation is about 34% between aerospace and aviation, about 34% of the revenue stream. such a dramatic pricing
5:39 pm
essentially trough pricing for the commercial aircraft business that actually, i think this is a tail wind. we are all trying to handicap where airlines are going but where boeing is going, this is the one maybe with the most leverage finally when you think about what's going on ultimately with the restructuring and the positioning of the company, look, i think that ge has proven they've taken difficult steps. if you look at the multiple relative to its peers in the equipment and the multi-industry companies and this is a sector, they trade cheap to their peers. i know there are folks like j.p. morgan who's still got a $5 target on this the move higher in energy prices is very good for their power and renewables businesses. it's a complicated story but if you look at the chart, the five-year chart tells you that this is a company that from 2016 to the bottom of 2018, somewhere
5:40 pm
around 1250 is where you see this thing around 12.50, it's a major level the stock is now, if you look recently, has traded through actually word in two and a half year highs on it i think it's also a catalyst based upon where it's come, its bottom and the restructure is happening and off she goes. >> karen has a question for you, tim. karen? >> yeah. good pitch, timmy. so this is a little bit of a hard ball where should it go, then what are you looking for in this stock? >> well, we have to be somewhat realistic here but if it trades with industry pier peers around $15 even dpa the overshoot comes with the you think the energy company, their powers and renewables business is another 35% we're seeing the move back into
5:41 pm
wind turbines. some of these businesses don't have to trade in line with industry peers they could outperform them you believe in the balance sheet, i think you can be putting a 15 to 16 times multiple on it >> it's time to vote are you buying tim's pitch on ge guy, what do you say >> well, i brought my smart board with me, mel can you read my smart board for the audience >> it says tim brought this power pitch to light underscoring with two exclamation points >> i know that doesn't do anything for you that's a great ge slogan. >> brings good things to life, i know >> i know steve things 21 and 21 that may be too high but i think 18 and 21 makes sense. well done, tim >> karen, what do you say? >> i have a question guys using a smart board, is it
5:42 pm
still a smart board? i'm just teasing i love guys. you have to be -- you can't be as funny as guy without being smart. good pitch timmy i know stevie as well. i have a buy >> all right steve, what do you say >> i'm going to say a buy. this has been -- i've been right there with tim this has been a name that i've loved. this fits right into the value bask it's been up it was up 20% in the month of february i had thought it could do another 20% pretty quickly that brings it to probably middle 15s i believe it's going to above 20 this year. i'll be happy with 18. it's a bye >> clean sweep it's your turn to vote out there. are you buying tim's fast pitch on general electric? results later in the show.
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mark your calendars, 3:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. you'll hear from objection dental ceo plus a muss-see conversation with john kerry all right. checking out gold prices, losing a little bit of shine. the move taking mining stocks lower. dropping in today's session. guy, what happened >> you know, in august, the gdx was 44 looked like we were off to the races. gold was -- everybody loved gold including me i try to keep my dogma out of it but clearly it's seeping in. i do this all the time, all-time highs. yet here we are languishing. the level on the gdx, this is
5:47 pm
where we exploded higher from a level last year. i think we're going to hold. it's been a tough one. people will point out that rising rates is not a good thing for gold i would say that central banks globally trying to torch their currencies is. below 30 in the gdx, it's sort of a no mas for me >> where are you in the mining trade with this, tim >> the miners are different than the metal. i like gold here i think they can be adding some reasonable part of gold allocation here, again, reasonable when it comes to miner's whether it's copper miners, gold miners, even miners of gold oar or some of the bulks, we're seeing better fundamentals and better run companies, not big digging a hole where they know there's nothing. they said there may not be
5:48 pm
meaningful supply for eight to 10 years if we are getting industrial demand i think you want to be into the miners of industrial metals >> we've seen bitcoin regain footing after the feck, there's some regulation about bitcoin, karen. is this like the true hedge for you now with inflation >> for me it's the most inflation hedge i think i have maybe the banks. but to me, what's happening in gold is what's happening in bitcoin. gold used to be the safe haven trade for this running amok. we've seen scares of all of those things bit county seems to be taking what's starting to be a meaningful amount. i think. and i think that will continue >> yeah. >> more volatile but it's easier to do. >> grasso? >> yeah. i think when you have the fed
5:49 pm
starting to discuss digital currency of its own, it really takes the tail wind out of gold. if you are a gold bull and you've seen the charts that guy was just referring to, you always want to buy the miners off the bottom they usually outperform usually the metal. we haven't seen that this year if you're thinking about a tail wind in gold and you're looking for the balance, if that's what you're looking for, gdx is the play >> time to go shopping weakness in walmart has them adding this name are you buying tim's fast pitch on ge? we've got results when "fast money" com bk.esac
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5:53 pm
market multiple and i think disappointment about them spending capital on their business doesn't really make sense to me. they've both proven to be good stewards of capital. the return on investment capital has been good. so i think they absolutely deserve the benefit of the doubt. it's trading as a it's not a reopen trade, so i think that's part of what's going on here yet i think there will be a beneficiary of reopen trades and stimulus as their customers have money to spend and they shift from household goods to things that are higher margin i think who else is buying walmart is walmart and target for target as well. like them both >> good point there. tim, would you be a buyer? >> i'm long. so as karen says, when you go home long, you're a buyer. i'm a big believer in the walmart story, both the e-commerce story and how they've added that multiple part of their business, and it's not
5:54 pm
just groceries stimulus is a massive windfall for walmart, i agree people will go into walmart to spend and they may actually enjoy being in the store if they have a vaccine it should be rating on walmart plus, therefore, i think the multiple is moving high. >> guy, do you like walmart or would you go to a retailer who may be better leveraged. someone who benefits from a brick and mort ar experience. >> i think this walmart level at 128, this is where we broke out from it. the one thing about walmart, they were selling those white boards that we use like $5 a board, but what i noticed, they put smart boards out and i was able to get mine for $35 and i thought look at me getting over on the walmart. so maybe they're not as smart as i thought. 128's your level quickly, take a look at
5:55 pm
mastercard it scares me a little bit. traded up to the levels we saw early august-september last year just something to keep in mind walmart at 128, i think the ric risk/reward is great >> so i'll talk walmart. i think the problem you have with walmart and a costco, two names that i actually do like, they're treated and traded like bond proxies so when you start to see bond prices roll over and yields rise, these stocks do the same thing. they roll over and they don't have -- you don't have pricing power what i mean by that is they can't raise prices they're known for low prices when their clientele is battling with high ergas prices, they get burned on each side of it. capri holdings has that. cpri, i'm still long incredible move and going higher
5:56 pm
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welcome back to "fast money. time to find out viewers are buying the pitch on ge looks like it electrified the twitterverse more than 60% are buying your pitch, tim we haven't had those kind of results for months months >> having the time of my life. >> yeah, you are in your heteroyou are. you can't play the music but i your heart you are >> i can sing it >> go ahead. >> i won't but i am having the time of my life with the "fast money" crew as always. ge, dance with the one that brung you. >> tim >> nobody follows this name, rezi follow this one because it's going to be a double bye. >> karen >> i'm familiar with that one. it's interesting my final trade, target and walmart. like them both >> guy
6:00 pm
>> i love mel called beep on tim seymour there. it's fantastic what you just did. single it, tim and he didn't. insurers going higher. >> all right thanks for watching "fast m money. ma my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain but put things like this in context. call me at 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. welcom


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