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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> i love mel called beep on tim seymour there. it's fantastic what you just did. single it, tim and he didn't. insurers going higher. >> all right thanks for watching "fast m money. ma my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain but put things like this in context. call me at 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. welcome to the bizarre stock
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market the dow sold off 121 and s&p tumbled and the nasdaq nose dived 2.7% that's a two-day decline of 4% for that index because we have reached the point in the business cycle where the companies with the worst numbers suddenly have the best stocks and that's thanks to j&j, moderna and pfizer because we're on the cusp of a post covid boom that looks to be pushed forward, happening sooner than expected. that's what today was about. like i've been telling you for weeks, money managers want the obvious reopening plays in terrible shape but could be huge winners as the world goes back to normal, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, second rate retailers. meanwhile, anything like last year is now dissesdespised, i mn hated. when the economy went into lockdown, the retailers caught fire they were the only ones allowed to stay open costco, walmart, target, home depot, lowes, everything else
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was forced to shut down. a lot of specialty retailers like michaels stores the craft chain where i used to take my youngest daughter. now the tables are turned. the essential retailers lost their mojo while the specialty players have come roaring back a year ago the michaels stores saw the stock trade down to $1 because who needs art supplies in a pandemic? today got a $22 takeover bid same story with kohl's socked to $10. most stores shut down and now it's 58 and a hedge fund shakes things up. look at nike despite a worldwide pandemic, they made a fortune by selling to the consumer over the internet and doubling down on china that reopened first but in 2021 no love you know what is rallying instead? where do they sell the shoes
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foot footlocker they reported a miserable quarter, huge miss without much hope for the future so it rallied 2.25% today. remember bed, bath and beyond. this traded down to three smackers last spring and the short sellers cleaned up like the games stock -- see, i know it's gamestop, i did that to irritate you and bringing down target, it's up to $29 after a mini gamestock short busting moment wow. that then there is royal caribbean. this is a cruise line that is not allowed to cruise. the stock bottomed at $19 last year management was able to sell nearly 17 million shares at $91 and when they do they will be against the same comparisons because nobody is sailing now.
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total juggernaut you thought they would be stuffed to the gills too much royal caribbean no, think again. everyone who bought on this gigantic offering that they just did at $91 is now up yeah, because it jumped to 94 and change my favorite cruise line norwegian hasn't had a bad day in months. it's up because the vaccine rollout is ahead of schedule and i don't see it stopping any time soon the secret to a higher stock price in this market is do no business at all. hey, you want really crazy i know these things. united airlines announced today it's selling up to 37 million shares to help pay for the new planes what happens the stock rallies 2.5% this market will forgive anything from the reopening plays. when a fast growing tech stock like roku offers $1 billion, as it did today, it gets clobbered immediately losing 5% in one day. that's why my favorite stock right now is the happenless,
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h hated boeing they offered stock right now it's stock would go higher i don't want to do that and they don't have to. wall street has forgotten about the fast and only cares about the future where travel demand forces airlines to buy lots of new planes this is going to happen. what else? there is a basket of industrials i can't get enough of. classic smoke stocks like general electric, eden, honey well, new core, 3 m. they can do anything they want how long can this go on? that's what you're worried about. the market has become totally zero sum they are raising capital there isn't enough cash to go around to allow both groups to rally. as long as interest rates keep rising and the potential for more stimulus and soared today, we can expect the pattern to continue and we go so many high flying softwares and service stocks that help make customers happy while they get i.t. to work and analyze data and make
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decisions is, obvious sources of funds and that's why the nasdaq is getting hammered as it always does when long-term interest rates go higher. so many of the nasdaq stocks, wow, they trade on the hopes of future earnings, but those hopes are worth less when you have rising interest rates that signal higher inflation and that's what is happening meanwhile, the rest of the market struggles to make headway because we have too few companies that make tangible things so they bid up the companies. here is the thing. this is a pretty textbook rotation and has a limited shelf life that's the good news for you thinking i can't take it anymore. like i've been saying for weeks, this period reminds me of the late 2015 and early 2016 period when the economy over heated and threw away the same tech stocks we're throwing away now. it was more vicious then the fed was tightening so you couldn't root for the cyclical they needed a strong economy to work eventually, the fed tightened it up and put it in the economy and became safe to swap into the stocks you're selling today, the
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growth stocks. in short, this rotation end the when the economy hits a wall and long-term interest rates stop going higher or take a breather that could give you a chance if you get one tomorrow to do selling. the 2015, 2016 scenario i keep talking about will take a little time to play out why? because the fed this time is adamant it won't be raising short-term rates any time soon that takes away from that janet yellen raise when we get the big stimulus and reopening once we get a collapse of epic proportions as some people think we'll have in a single day, that's a whoosh down instead of this drip, drip, drip. then you can swap back from the boom and bust to consistent growers. we never really seen a run like this in travel and leisure, particularly travel and leisure but we've seen sell offs quite often and they tend not to go to a bottom until we have rate hikes, a slowing economy and some high profile blowups.
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none of these is likely any time soon but you can expect bounces along the way as rates never go in a straight line they are doing so well there will come a time you get a knee jerk rebound as you did several times in late 2015 and before the big whoosh down you got in february, there were many times to sell. maybe you avail yourself of them do you sell all things tech and change into automobiles and industrials and red hot oils i like chevron and pioneer every night. frankly, if you're nimble enough, that's okay. i'm game you're up a lot. we've been scaling back on the tech names from the travel trust for weeks now replacing with industrials because that's what you do at this point but if you can't be nimble and not confident you can swap back into tech closer to the bottom and don't try to dump to the bottom to buy more at lower levels and this is something i'll be telling people in my club call tomorrow at 11:30. scale book you'll have room
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bottom line. it tough to stand there and take punches, isn't it awful? i think these well-run companies that thrived during the pandemic, they always come back but the stocks won't rebound until the fed tightens and the economy slows for some other reason and that could be a long way away and we get a stimulus package. we have to hear fang dead, fang dead and what has to happen, well, apple, in the meantime we've got a glut of text stock and cyclical you got to go with the shortage. we have ari in illinois, ari >> caller: boo-yah, jimmy chill. >> yo, yo. >> caller: long-time listener and second time caller cramer 2024 the markets would go wild. >> am i running for president or vice president i get the presidential nod >> caller: you should be president -- >> we can't. we can't we're both from pennsylvania we won't be able to swing it we don't have enough votes that's the only reason otherwise, game on if he's
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willing to take the line i think he probably wants a better one there. >> caller: probably. >> what's up >> caller: last time i called and did i am diversified, you said i needed abbott labs and i added the stock and i'm up 20% so thank you. >> welcome. >> caller: last week you made a list of stocks that were priced over $500 that were worth owning a fractional share of and shopify was left off the list. i know how much you love that stock. is it worth enough to own a stock of shopify or should i put my money elsewhere -- >> it's a great question what i feared, shopify is up so much we like shopify at 120 now it's 1,220 it's a great company but i think you can go lower although then i want a franctional share. it is an incredible company. i need to go tobrody in utah,
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br brody? >> caller: hey, jimmy chill, tank thanks for taking my call. i've been invested in it in a little over a year now and i like their position in the 5 g market and i like what they're doing -- >> but they got hung on 4 g. they have a little too much 4 g. i invited them on. why should they come in? people lost a great deal of money. i read my twitter feed and people say jim, get them back. those are nice people. the bad people -- the not as nice people say how can you ever like them? i like the company when they came on and listen to what companies say. if companies say great things, i have to be skeptical the 4 g caught us -- everybody by surprise and that group is really terrible right now. now, we are seeing a pretty textbook rotation. it will end when the economy
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hits a wall and interest rates stop going higher and take a breather "mad money" tonight, last night president biden expects enough covid vaccines for all adult americans by the end of may. could it be a shot in the arm for solutions not doing so well and wendy's stock is dropping. can the company cook up a turn around still an electric investment i'm talking to the ceo and we'll talk yield and interest rates. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money", fo follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an email to "mad money" at c nrks or give us at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to "mad
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when johnson & johnson got app approved, you may have thought it's good they are producing it seven covid related collaborations but the stock is going down even though it's doing well because money managers are dumping pandemic plays. it tumbled more than 25% from the highs two weeks ago and while it briefly spiked after the j&j news on monday, it's given back nearly all the gains in the past couple days and gotten to the point where the stock sells ten times earnings the group is going out of style but i think it's gotten too cheap. let's check in with bob cramer, the president and ceo to get a better sense of what this means. mr. cramer, welcome back to "mad money." >> good to be with you, jim, thank you.
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>> give us the stat sus of production and how you do 100 million vaccines in a month. where do you even put the stuff? >> well, jim, we've been, as you know, working on this for the last seven months and the incredible effort of our team over the last seven months to essentially stand up from scratch to manufacture not one vaccine, j&j but astrazeneca at the same time has been just rema remarkable so we're at the point we have this infrastructure in place and producing on a daily basis 24/7, the j&j and operating at a level where our capacity is well in excess of a billion doses annually for those products so i feel incredibly proud of the team's effort to be able to stand that up quickly
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and proud to partner with j&j and jim, proud to welcome merck to the mix, as well. that was part of the announcement the other day but the current administration to bring them into the fold so we're proud to partner with merck and j&j and astrazeneca and being in that company is quite an establishment for our company. >> so bob, how does it work? does every hour a new truck of viles come people are kind of fascinated how you can do 100 million of anything in a month. >> to be clear, if you look at the four steps, jim, of the manufacturing and delivery process and by that i mean manuf manufacturing the vaccine i itself that's what we're focused on then filling the vaccine in the container, whether prefilled syringe or vile. our focus is on the first and
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because of the large scale infrastructure we put in place, we were able to take both j&j and astrazeneca's product, tech transfer it into our facility and be able to scale it at a very significant level to produce that kind of through put. >> i know astrazeneca, there were several articles saying there is an abundance of but that's not in our country, that's over in europe, correct >> that's correct. >> don't really understand that, frankly. just seems -- i guess that's administration, right? they're not administering it correctly. >> well, i think it's a very complex issue, jim, when you look at the regulatory approval, so that will come in its time. >> the are now, something caught my eye something you put out a press
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release january 25 humanagen announcing a therapeutic candidate. i think we are hoping for something therapeutic to match what is going on with the vaccine. are you getting somewhere with this one >> we are, jim i'm glad you mentioned that. in addition to the vaccine work we're doing, we're also doing a lot of fill finish that second part of the equation that i mentioned earlier. we're doing a lot of that with a number of partners we have nine different cdmo relationships that were covid-19 related and independent of that, we're working on our own therapeutic treatment using human plasma and technology to license and get fda approval on similar treatments so that product is in a phase three clinical trial today being sponsored by nih we expect to get the data
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readout from that in a month or so, and we're excited to see the data we're already preparing for emergency use authorization filing for that product and to be clear this is a treatment it's intended to be used by severely ill and hospitalized patients and then we're also seeking a second indication for that through our work with both mount sinai in new york and the u.s. department of defense for a preexposure. so we have a lot of covid-19 irons in the fire across vaccines, therapeutics and again, jim, i just can't be more proud of our team for the important work they're doing. >> so bob, i imagine what the stock is saying is look, they've got unbelievable covid work but when that runs its course, they're going to revert to a much lower earnings. is that the right way to think about it or the market being too
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negative >> that's the market being a bit conservative and to be clear, jim, our contract and development revenue just two years ago was only around 100 million dollars. in 2020 that increased four fold to almost 450 million in revenue, and this year in 2021 the mid point of our guidance for that piece of our business is almost 950 million. so it's a very exciting and growing part of our business, and the question that investors want to know and better understand is what's the sustainability and durability of that business unit revenue after this year, 2021? and the team is doing a great job in bringing in new business. we started reporting six months ago. new contracts that are under ink right now, as well as better in the opportunity funnel, we started publishing information with the fact that we have
6:23 pm
almost $700 million worth of opportunity funneled for new contracts, plus, $1.35 billion of contracts yet to be r5ealize in terms of revenue. we're trying to be a bit sensitive to information we know investors and analysts want about the business unit, but we're converting on a regular basis those opportunities, and with our growing network of nine different manufacturing sites servicing drug substance, drug product as well as development services, we feel really confident in our ability to sustain that level of business going forward for the long term. >> that's what will matter very much especially with the stock that's come down a great deal even though business is booming. bob cramer, president and ceo. always good to see you, sir, thank you for coming on "mad money." >> thanks, jim, take care. >> "mad money" is back after the br break. >> announcer: after mixed earnings can wendy's continue
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don't get mad. get e*trade and take charge of your finances today. what the heck just happened to the stock of wendy's? this is a good time for restaurant stocks. they are trading up in anticipation wendy's has been trading lower since october. why? this is a covid winner and those are under pressure wendy's was able to adapt quickly to the pandemic like domino's pizza, another one getting hammered right now wall street only cares about purely recovery plays but some of it is interesting execution because we got to learn more about it. wendy's reported a quarter that looked disappointing versus the expectations and guidance but they are being conservative. the stock shed 5.5% and trading back where it was last may
6:28 pm
can this be worth picking up on weakness let's check out with the president and ceo. todd, welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me, jim, pleasure to be on with you. >> todd, you've got a couple crosscurrents here first of all, let's talk about brea breakfast. your enthusiasm for breakfast is the highest i've heard you're seeing numbers to say look, maybe this quarter hard to judge because so many stores had some closings, but that breakfast is very strong. >> the breakfast business is doing quite well in the face of the pandemic with mobility down, morning routines completely disrupted, for us to deliver a 7% sales mix on the breakfast is quite remarkable and super encouraging as we think about the opportunity to grow that 10% mix by 2022 and we're seeing strong repeat and breakfast offering and strong repeat behind the trial that we're getting and the opportunity is
6:29 pm
to continue to drive more trial and drive more awareness and that's nothing but upside for us in the future. >> the loyalty program, do you think that could be 2021 >> loyalty program will drive the digital mix will be by the end of the calendar year we're driving a lot after active users into the app we're seeing a lot more mobile ordering and it's because there is a benefit they're driving loyalty points and earning rewards and loyalty program so it's going to pay big dividends in the future. >> the conference call, how often are people going to wendy's versus the other guy there is a lot or room for upside in how many times people visit the store. >> absolutely. on average, last year we saw a wendy's consumer come as more
6:30 pm
and more people are eating at home through the pandemic. what we really expect is that t frequency to the wendy's brand and the rest of the day starting to come back really strong once we can get some of the dine rooms open and take pressure off the drive-through lanes, there is opportunity to drive growth into the near future. >> it is a problem, the lanes. we're baconator fans, my wife. we have to get in line we can't cut the line and say i know todd. what's clear to me, there are things on your menu that drive new customers. hot things and the jjalapeno, is that working? >> the jalapeno popper is helping. chicken was up over 10% in the fourth quarter
6:31 pm
jalapeno popper just rolled into the restaurant we're seeing nice uptake on that business right out of the gate and variety and things that are craveble drive the business. we do know that we got to continue to get faster in the drive-through lanes. we know that mobile ordering with things like curb side delivery and mobile grab and go can take the pressure off of the drive-through but we also know post pandemic when we can get the dining rooms back up, right now we have 90% of the business going through the drive-through lanes and that was only 67% of our business prepandemic so as things start to get better on the other side of the pandemic, huge opportunity to take pressure off of the drive-through lanes as the dining rooms get back open and people get comfortable again. >> people have to recognize not all quick serve is the same. i regard your dining rooms as frankly much better looking than the other guys it does drive traffic to have a nice place to sit. >> it does and there is a lot of people that are out working day in and day out that want to grab
6:32 pm
lunch and grab a quick lunch and they don't want to have it in their car driving around we have to open the dining rooms back up to have an enjoyable lunch. people are getting cooped up for way too long people want to get out and gather and meet other folks. we can provide a fast meal, you know, very high quality at an affordable price very convenient and we can continue to serve that role and i think we'll come back fast as restrictions continue to loosen and people get for comfortable getting out again. >> i know some people were saying wait a second, the stock is down 5.5% i think you made a statement in the previous quarter, when you raised your dividend, really one of the biggest dividend boosts of this era, why did you feel so confident to take the number up so big >> yeah, our overall profitability is really strong and we got a lot of free cash flow generation and we continue to say we're on a payout ratio of 50% and with sdrtrong earnins
6:33 pm
growth, we have the shareholders to continue to increase the dividend and stay in line with that policy. we've seen a couple dividend increases during the course of this year and will stay true to continue to first and foremost invest in the business with a lot of opportunity and return nice cash to the shareholders that stuck with us. >> one last question i remember when popeyes started doing well before it got the bid because they started moving into countries that people didn't think that their chicken sandwich would necessarily sell and it turned out to you got a couple of international markets that apparently are craving wendys and doing very well. >> no, we've got some big development agreements that have been recently signed philippines is growing quite n nicely india is growing nicely. we opened 15 restaurants with a big development agreement to continue to expand that into this calendar year, and then you start looking at some of the core international markets like canada we're almost 400 restaurants
6:34 pm
strong there eight years of same restaurant sales growth and a lot of excitement with a lot of restaurants that will be built into that pipeline and last but not least, the opportunity to get back into europe and we'll start in the u.k we'll open five company restaurants in the u.k. this year got another ten we'll plan for next year recruiting franchises to come along with us and create a strong wendy's story in the u.k. to allow us to create opportunities for franchises to help us grow over time. >> i regard you guys as the consistent ones. you've delivered year after year which is why wendy's is my favorite in the group. great to see you president and ceo of wendy's. >> great to see you. appreciate the support. >> when this stock is down every time it's been a buy, almost immediately and i don't think this time will be any different. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, power to the people. can this long time cramer fav light up your portfolio with profits? we've got the ceo when "mad
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit this week we're going bargain hunting to the groups that have been kicked to the curb to make room for the reopening stocks toys is one of the worst performing sectors since we got good vaccine news in september these are slow and study stocks that don't get much love like it is now when interest rates are going higher take adp with the largest power transmission system, power generation this is one of my favorites because it's consistent and i love that in utility consistent operator that's gradually moving away from coal towards solar, wind and natural
6:39 pm
gas. taken from $93 to $76 today because of the rotation we're talking about and they reported a somewhat imperfect quarter at these levels it sells for 16 times earnings and 4% yield. the utilities are likely to stay out of favor if the economy stops heating up but could it be worth picking up on weakness let's dig deeper with the chairman, president and ceo of american electric and power. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim, great to be with you again. >> you'll tell us the truth, nick what the heck happened in texas? [ laughter ] >> i knew you would ask that certainly, any time you have an extensive weather event like that, you really test the system, and test many features of the system that really don't get much testing most of the time and that really is focused on the amount of weatherization, we had generators that were out for a period of time that move very quickly and being removed
6:40 pm
from the system because facilities are getting frozen, pipeline activity, that was also being frozen, come phone -- components were occurring. the operators had no ability other than just to start shedding load and that really is a bad outcome from any kind of dispatcher perspective hate to see that, obviously, it was wide spread and certainly, our hearts go out to the people impacted by that it shows the resiliency that's needed for the system, though, and when you think about that resiliency, it is around making sure there is enough reserves capacity that can be brought in and certainly around weatherization around market structure to ensure that we are actually paying for that resiliency and reliability those are the kinds of things that the legislature and the various commissions, the
6:41 pm
railroad commission will be looking at we learned a lot from these activities we had the polar vortex in 2014 in the midwest and northeast so these kinds of events occur and we need to make sure we focus on resiliency and be pragmatic how we deploy changes out testimony. >> you had 1 million customers in texas and i want to figure out whether the storms were a vulnerability we didn't know about or is it a situation, you can't just build a system for once in 100-year storm. >> that's a challenge and society needs to decide how much are we willing for resiliency. texas is a smaller version was 2011 we had the polar vortex in 2014 and when you have those kinds of events, it really is determining how much we really want to pay as a premium to ensure that that
6:42 pm
reliability exists in concert looking at the risk associated without takes and what is impacted and usually those outages occur and extreme weather conditions where you don't want a loss of power particularly in the dead of winter or heat of summer those are things we have to look at. >> one of the things that hurt the stock is that the economy could be on the verge of a boom and you say in your conference call that you anticipate improvements across most sectors with the exception of coal mining we get that. you see evidence of a faster recovery in the industrial sector so a lot of ways what you're seeing is what is happening in the stock market. >> that's right. we're seeing the economy tick up our commercial and industrial have typically been down for about 2% in the fourth quarter our residential is up over 5% so you're starting to see the l levelization of that we expect residential to come down as people return to the
6:43 pm
workplace. they're working from home right now and as we're seeing consistent improvement from industrial and commercial standpoint, commercial will probably improve with vaccines as that gets deployed readily certainly that will continue to improve and industrial has been improving. matter of fact, fourth quarter was the best improvement quarter we've had in two years so we're seeing continual progress. >> well, that does explain that bond market, doesn't it? there is things you're doing that are creative about people going shopping and i thought that i spotted one of the people on the staff, 13-year renewable energy supply deal abercrombie and fitch. how do people get those deals? they go to the company and say you got to get renewable >> you're seeing more large customers come to the utilities because we'refocused we can move to a clean energy economy but doing in a way with what our customers expect
6:44 pm
they want different things i mean, some want renewable. some want micro grid, some want other alternatives and we have to be responsive to that you're seeing more of that occur with industrial and commercial customers and we've seen that time and time again across our territory. >> all right our former president loved coal. what would have happened had you gone all in coal and said you know what? we're going to extend the life of coal plants and president bidens come? >> we've been here 115 years we go from administration to administration as they change and focus on energy certainly changed with the changed administration here. we have to be really careful, i think we have to focus on a diverse mix going forward and making sure that we're pragmatically changing that moving to a clean energy economy as quickly as we can but do it in a way that keeps the system resilient and reliable for customers to actually receive power and energy because obviously, if you don't receive
6:45 pm
the power and energy, markets don't matter much and there is a lot that doesn't matter. we want to make absolutely sure we do it in that fashion, so obviously, if we had been all in on coal, we would have been dealing with more stranded investment and those things and have to be really careful about those kinds of long term investments and we have been. >> you have to be all in on electric vehicles, don't you you have to try to make that work. >> certainly electric vehicles is an example of further elect fa economy so as electric vehicles come on, we need infrastructure to support it on the grid and charging stations. matter of fact, we announced a collaboration with multiple utilities to provide a corridor through the eastern seaboard through the southeast and midwest part of the country so that we can ensure that we're coordinating with one another so that you take away the range anxiety of someone traveling. >> i thought that was really
6:46 pm
great. that's a big thing because people feel good about going from san francisco to los angeles. they don't feel so good where you are but maybe you're going to change that i think it makes a lot of sense. nick akins, doing so many things right but remember, the bond market can play a vicious role as we know, nick, in terms of your stock price. >> thank you, jim. >> yeah. >> he can control, his company can control the dividend and i think those of you who are hiding in treasuries or c.d.s for the most consistent utility we follow. coming up next. >> let's make money together, what do we got >> cramer is bringing the thunder and answering your burning questions in today's edition of the lightning round does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does.
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>> announcer: the lightening round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. it is time, it is time for the lightening round buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell and then the likening round is over are you trready, ski daddy
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time for kirk in tennessee. >> caller: how are you doing >> doing well. how about you? >> caller: good. the ticker sill bomb is nvta i want your opinion on it and where do you think it's going? >> i don't know the name but i have to say igot to do more work on it i've seen this stock be talked about endlessly and it got clobbered today. let me come back rather than opine on something i can't pronounce correctly. there you go let's go to al in illinois, al that's philadelphia. al >> caller: hey, jim, this is big al from chicago. your show is great. >> thank you. >> caller: mcd, mcdonald's you've been talking about post covid stocks and industries like airlines, cruise lines, disney theme park and others and i go by mcdonald's and the drive-through, they are doing really great 29 million people in the united states -- >> i mean, look, here is the problem with mcdonald's. they are inconsistent of late,
6:52 pm
okay the inconsistency is driving people crazy even if inconsistent, i sigh buy, buy, buy. i want to go to joe in louisiana. >> caller: jim, thanks for everything you do. >> sure. what's going on? >> caller: i own some facebook i got that in my crass space as w locking it up. facebook a keeper or cash out and buy twitter? >> we did a lot of selling earlier but what we have left, we don't want to sell. why do we want to sell it's incredibly cheap. can the stock get cheaper? of course it can is it an inexpensive on the growth rate? yes, it is i'm taking another, i want to go to matthew in illinois, matthew? >> caller: hey, jim. i have a stock here that beat earnings last three quarters and restructured the business model and have 800 million cash and i'm up over 160% and wondering if you think this is a reopen stock.
6:53 pm
my stock is groupon. >> yes, it is. i saw it the other day it was up like $6 the other day and then up $4 and yes, it's a reopening stock. it's a local reopening stock and there are not many of those and one of them that works that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. a amea ameritrad ameritrade coming up, are some states courting disaster trying to reopen cramer has common sense that could make you a better investor, next turn on my tv and boom, it's got all my favorite shows right there.
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>> you don't want to be the last soldier to die in the war, jim that was from my doctor. he's been on the front lines fighting covid-19. i wish more people would take this advise seriously. as the federal government tries to get inneveryone vaccinated, e are jumping the gun declaring the state is wide open for business even though it's too soon for example, texas just racked up 33,000 new cases of covid in the past week. doesn't seem to bother governor greg abbott who just announced the state is dropping all the silly mask and social distancing mandates because it's time to roll up your sleeves and get back to work putting aside 44,000 texans have died from covid, i need you to
6:58 pm
understand the complete insanity of these governors pushing for people to be the last ones killed in the war against covid. here we finally asked how the national effort to beat the virus and the white house is putting us on war footing, the defense department working together with johnson as& johns and merck, unheard of. abbott said why wait i hear these things and it drives me nuts we have brilliant scientists rowing in the same direction we'll get all the vaccines we need the only bottleneck is how to distribute them but we're doing much better with that. once everyone gets the jab, this pandemic will be over. as the ceo of j&j told us last night, we still need to be vigilant while we wait for that to happen. why don't we listen to him we don't need another outbreak as we wait to cross the finish line why would he say that other than he's right unfortunately, the political system isn't built to handle this we got 50 different state governments and some don't seem
6:59 pm
to care much about the safety of their citizens when it comes to getting more business done you might think the governors most eager to reopen would be su super savvy to get people vaccinated only 7% of texas is vaccinated seems premature to declare victory if you ask me. i don't want to mess with texas until that number is higher. they should change the state motto to down here you're on your own i don't want to pick on one state even if it governor is going out of his way to court danger there are other states too eager to open the flood gates. we're so close to beating this, what's the point of putting your people at risk in the name of more commence? this is not like last year with no end in sight. we need to tough it out for ten more weeks somebody has to be the last person to die from this. i understand that. we could hold the death toll down by being patient or cause one last outbreak because we wanted this experience to be
7:00 pm
over if that means putting peep at risk. we're so close to beating this thing. let's cross the finish line together and get enough people vaccinated and then go back to normal without throwing anybody to the covid wolf. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer see yorrrrtotomomou u ow a new threat of violence on the capitol, and the house cancels tomorrow's session i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc investigating the insurrection the head of the d.c. national guard testifies. why didn't troops rush to help >> the army senior leaders did not think that it looked good. >> now, heightened alert with new terror threats against the capitol. mask mandates lifted, restrictions slashed in multiple states. >> i think it's a big mistake. the last thing we need is neanderthal


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