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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 25, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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a man he was, or thinks he is. that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. [theme music] money. i'm ji \s a live look over surfside, florida, one block north of miami beach. a desperate search underway right now, in what's left of this building, which collapsed overnight. now, the search for human remains or for anyone who may have survived. i'm shepard smith live on scene in south florida, this is the news on cnbc the foundation somehow was undermined and the whole thing came down. when the dust cleared, the back two thirds of the building was
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gone. >> we heard screams, but i couldn't tell from where. >> as massive serve-and-rescue are going way. >> we're shoring up as we continue to tunnel in. >> he was sticking his arm up through the rubble, trying to see if he could, you know, be seen. >> we did have a small fire as a result of shifting of the building >> it's important that all your prayers go to the family members. >> announcer: "the news with shepard smith," live on location. >> good evening. the desperate search is underway after a 12-story oceanfront condominium tower came crashing down, part of it, overnight while untold numbers were inside asleep right now 99 people are officially listed as unaccounted for. at least one person is confirmed dead you can see the immense scale of the devastation here, more than
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17 agonizing hours rescue teams have been searching this massive twisted pile of concrete and metal for any signs of life. they have pulled 37 people from the scene alive, including this little boy simp crews are using canines to sniff through the ruins and sonar to pick up the slightest bit of noises like breathing a nearby security camera captured the moment of the collapse itself. a warning, we're about to play the video and some views may find it disturbing this happened around 1:30 in the morning. you ked soot massive section buckle and tummen down and moments later another section disappears this was the scene on the ground right after the collapse you can hear the building's fire alarms burglarying they kept doing so hour after hour can you see some of the first firefighters on the scene claiming on top of that pile,
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risking their own lives in the hopes of saving other. here they are underneath that building in the basement garage. we're hearing harrowing story from the search effort agem an emergency official told the miami herald, they had to amputate a woman's leg just to get her out. to give you a sense of how by this collapse was. here are the photos of the building before and after. here's some drone video. floor upon floor simply gone, collapsed like powder, now lying in one giant heap. we've been hearing from friends and family for those unaccounted for. they say they've trying to call their loved ones' cell phones, about you with no response we begin team coverage with
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kerry sanders who's been here since 5:00 this morning. kerry, tell us the latest on the search effort. >> reporter: well, there is hopeful news high. i just spoke to the assistant fire chief for miami-dade who tells me those that are working on the rubble in that pile hear what appear to be tapping sounds if it is indeed, they're working on the assumption that somebody is inside trying to communicate to them, please get me out of here so the firefighters on that rubble are gingerly trying to tunnel their way to the sounds, but here's the problem the building, part of is is still standing and they're not sure about the structural remains, and the fear is using a hydraulic or losing some of the concrete could cause a problem for the rest of the building to
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come down, not only putting themselves in danger, but also jeopardiziing those who may stil be alive you have 99 unaccounted for people there are so many family members anxiously waiting since the darkness of the night when this first happened for word about their loved once some people have been dialing numbers, hoping those cell phones will eventually be answered at this point, the folks trying to reach their loved ones, if there's tapping, maybe it's their loved one. there are so many people who are believed to be inside the building, including the sistersi sister-in-law to the president of paraguay. they're attempt to go say this is an international incidents as well people here vacationing. remember, this is a very popular
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area to come to, but nobody would expect a building like this to collapse in the united states, and certainly not the way this would happened. >> kerry, we've been hearing from miami-dade rescue, and teams who said when they tried to go into the building and look around, the instability was such that there were no voids even a fire started at one point down in the rubble >> reporter: that is, of course, the challenge here that fire created quite a plume of smoke around here you know, the folks who got out, these are the people in the portion of the building that was still standing, that got out on their own. they say when they left after they realized something had happened, they couldn't open
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doors, things came to a dead-end they were doing it all in darks in they did not panic, according to the people i spoke to, but they were certainly anxious there was a lot of energy on what to do, how to get out they finally made it to a balcony and the fire department began plucking them to safety. it really sort of gives us an illustration, though, of those who could not get out of a building they live in and understand how much harder it is for the firefighters who are now arrives trying to poke their way through the concrete 12 stories that pancaked down with the weight of concrete, rebar, furniture, all of the things that are there to hopefully, hopefully find somebody in there who may still be alive, shepard. >> kerry sanders around the other side of this building. you know, when you look at this building, i know there's many of you in a certain age who looked at it today, especially the
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front face of it, it looks so much like the alfred p. murrah building this. i was there that day human beings, level after level, searching through the rubble it went on for hours and then days and then more days. the front of this is a visit reminder of that for some of mice colleagues who having at this a little while lo longer, the front of it looks like buildings in beirut during the 1980s. it appears there's an explosion went off there's nothing to indicate that that happened, but the way it collapsed, it looks like a massive bomb went off, the sights so similar from what we saw in oklahoma city walking by early this morning was nick lars balboa
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he was walking his dog and spotted the boy we showed him. he helped to direct rescuers to this harrowing moment of the young boy being pulled off that rubble nicholas was going to be with us on scene this evening, but he's had a very long day, and his wi-fi is not working increase las, take us back to the early morning hours and what you were doing and what you saw and heard. >> sure. thank you for having me. i'm visiting from phoenix my father who lives here in surfside so i was walking my dog. i -- i'm on 89th and hardy, just a bit away from the other building >> a couple blocks north. >> i heard something like thunder and felt the ground tre tremble. i thought a storm might be rolling in, something like that. about 30 seconds to a minute
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later, it happens again, this times a big more pronounced, and the ground just completely shakes something told me something was not right. i took my dog upstairs, then came back down i approached the building and could see some of the balconies had fallen i didn't quite get a true idea of the damage and the devastation until after the fire crews started to push back i decided to move around one of the apartment buildings just north of the building, to walk along the back side, along the beach. when i got to -- >> how did you happen to spot the little boy
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>> so when i got to the back side, there was no police or fire presence. so i was able to move freely around and kind of, you know, examine and investigator kind of like the area. as i moved closer, i could hear somebody making noise and yelling. so i started to get close to the building and climbed into the debris i could hear him saying he was over there i could see his arm sticking up through the debris and waving a hand >> then you directed the firefighters in there, right >> yeah, it took them a minute to see there, actually quite a few. it was about ten minutes before they got there he was saying please don't leave me i told him we weren't going to leave.
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it was myself and one other person we just felt like we could get to him, but it didn't feel right to just leave him, especially hearing that his voice was just so young. >> nicholas balboa who supported the one person we know who was pulled out of the rubble all the best to you and your family, nicholas thanks for the time. watching this today, you can imagine all the local news station are on all day person after person showing their phone, saying this is a picture of my father this is a picture of my sister we can't find her. knowing that there are 99 people who are still unaccounted for, it's been the more scrubbating thing you can imagine. the entire community is just overwhelmed. it's a small town, just north of miami beach by one block, small surfside community we're outside a family
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reunification center valley, what's happening there >> shep, on any other date this is the surfside community center, but right now this is the reunification point. this is where families are coming friends who tell us they know people who live in the building. of course, some people are coming here, getting the news they were not hoping for early this afternoon we saw a woman come out on a stretcher. she was loaded into an ambulance. she appeared to be in some sort of shock at this point it's unclear if she was a resident of the building or looking for a family member and may have gotten devastating news the community center is where the red cross is situated. we spoke to a man earlier, he lives on the tenth floor and he
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says last night he happened to be over at his girlfriend's house watching a soccer game he -- take a listen to what he had to say >> everything is gone. my documents, my passport, my green card, money, i'm alive, but all my belongings are over there. i can't imagine what these people are feeling, liking for their families i came here at 6:30 in the morning, so many people were crying it's really saturday. >> reporter: there's so many looking for their loved ones just in case anyone has information about these people an orthopedic surgeon, his name is dr. cohen, 51 years old, we're told he's still unaccounted for, and the gomez family, a family spokesperson
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says saying they are still unaccounted for and missing. back on you here live, the red cross, they are here with supplies, but we have seen communities bringing supplies as well they're bringing bottles of water. shep >> have you heard from anyone who's heard good news today, valerie? what are they telling you? >> shep, so far, no, we actually just spoke to a young woman a little while ago she is here still looking for her mother she says her father got the news overnight. he lives in california he alerted his daughter that her mother was missing so, unfortunately it's a lot of people looking for their loved ones, hoping to get news, but
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unfortunately not a lot of good news, other than the community start to go gather together to bring the supplies here. >> valerie castro, live at the reunification centeri, thank yo. everybody is hopeful and no one is giving up, but when you consider what happened here, that this building pancaked one floor after another, the concrete ripping, the steel twisting, the firefighters and search-and-rescue personnel saying they don't see many voids in there the dogs have picked up no scent, and the sonar has heard no breathing or cries for help they're very, very concerned here that, despite their valiant efforts, there may be a very brutal scene insued this rubble, but they are work to go make sure there's nobody in there who needs help the search-and-rescue efforts
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will continue, and an offer of assistance from the white house. >> i made it clear, to the people of florida, whatever help you want that you federal government can provide, we're waiting, just ask us, we'll be there. >> all today, the search for people who may be trapped underneath the rubble. city leaders promising no rest under everyone is accounted for. next, the challenges the rescue teams are working through, when our coverage continues, live on location, straight ahead. >> the building shook, i looked out the won't. you couldn't see i thought it was a storm coming in when the durst cleared, the back half or back two thirds of the building was gone, down to the ground >> announcer: "the news with shepard smith," live on location, back in 60 seconds
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a live look in surfside, florida. the town of miami beach stops at right about 87th street, that long stretch of road that runs along the ocean. this is this one street up that's exactly where this building collapsed this morning. the residents had absolutely no notice no one had any idea that anything like this was forecast. there had been no suggestion to anyone that something might happen there was the first tremor as part of the building collapsed and another that was described as an explosion, though the authorities believer that's the noise of the building pancaking to the ground. and now you can see the heroes trying to find who may have survived the part in the red is the part that collapsed
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see this it's the part that faces the ocean and to the north the rest of the building continues to stand, though it's been completely evacuated. there were concerns that it might be collapse. the building next door has been evacuate, too. you have to figure there's at least 200 families or more who don't have a place to live here is retired fire chief from here in dade dave, thank you for very much. for viewers who are aware, there are two of the best search-and-rescue teams stationed here in florida. you dealt with this during hurricane katrina. what are the biggest challenges here >> the biggest challenge, as you
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were explaining, all that hanging debris that could become dislodged. they're trying to, you know, systematically and methodically search the rubble pile they're utilizing structural engineers that are trained to look at buildings and give them a go or no-go into parts of that building this is going to take time some people say why don't you bring in the cranes and heavy equipment, but the reality is you don't want to move that rubble too much at this time that makes everything else unstable and if there are any void spaces, it potentially collapses them they're utilizing the canines. they're a valuable member of our search-and-rescue asset. the search cameras, where they can put them into small spaces
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and acoustic listens devices, everything available to them to search for survivors they were still full speed ahead in rescue mode, looking for these void spaces. >> i remember this in the early days of oklahoma city and in the early days of 9/11 after all was said and done, speaking to the people who were there first, it's as delicate as a baby you have to step slowly, you have to move so carefully. a really tedious job one described it to me as almost like a surgeon, that you have to be so careful. >> you're absolutely correct that's a good description of what is taking place here. it's going to take some time this is a large collapse zone.
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it involves many floors. there will be time when they bring in heavier equipment to start what we call de-layering the structure, floor by floor, but that's a very deliberate, very methodical process. these are trained and experienced rescue workers, and they're doing everybody they can as quickly as they can to locate survivors. but this will not be over today. it will take many days in rescue operations in order to try to clear this building. >> chief, can't thank you enough i appreciate your time you know, he mentioned there will come a time when the big cranes come in, when they begin to de-layer it, but none of that can begin until they're sure no one is in there alive. remember seeing the bucket brigades on the pile at 9/11,
4:24 am
they would use the big orange or white pickle buckets to take on the bits of debris as they tried to get down below the pile of course, in the end there was no one who survived, but that doesn't mean think didn't try it we watched all day and all night in 9/is 1. they would hold up pictures, have you seen this person? have you seen this person? that's what's hatching here in so -- happening here in south florida. the building that collapsed is a condo tower with 136 units now a lot of question being exactly what happened. >> the bulge was up for the 40-year recertification. it's sort of a one-year process. i believe they were doing the roof. >> reporter: so the inspector was last here when >> i'm told he was on the roof
4:25 am
yesterday. what happened today, we're going to get to the bottom, because residents need to know. >> whether that had anything to do with it, they simply do not know. next we'll get to nbc's sam brock who talks to a forensic engineer how does a building like this out of nowhere in normal weather just clae?
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family, and we, like, basically our unit -- like the whole other side of the building collapsed we don't even have the unit anymore. it doesn't exist hopefully they're in hospital and they don't have a way of communicatings with me, and they are alive. that's all i wish, honestly. >> that's all the anyone in south florida is wishing now it's the not nothing that's so incredibly difficult not knowing what caused the condo tower to collapse, but here's what we do know champlain towers, champlain south was built exactly 40iers, 12 stories tall, 136 units the surfside commissioner said this was undergoing an inspection the stats are very high, some of the strictest in all the nation. we're told that whole process take about a year.
4:29 am
nbc's sam brock is live on that tonight. do investigators have any yesterday how this might have happened >> reporter: shep, anytime you so a building collapse on this scale, there had to be a failure. i hear from experts on one hand we've seen a collapse like this in the last several decades. but i don't think i've seen anything like this, with the expression on their faces, the pain, just the staggering task ahead of having to find all these people this is the building, from this vandage point, it looks like the champlain south towers look fine it's on the other end when you saw 55 units just collapse literally into the ground. what happened? i spoke with a general
4:30 am
contractor, who created, built multiple complexes he said when you see a failure, it's one of two things, either the steel or concrete. one of them had to fail, and specifically in this case, the one unit facing the ocean, he believes, in his pin, the steel likely eroded, and that's caked to provide that flexible strength eroded and snapped. that's when you saw it just drop in terms of the rarity of something like this happening, we spoke with a civil engineer with decades of experience on what he believes is just an incredible history of this rarely happening. >> a complete pancaking type failure like this is extremely rare there are a few, but they're extremely rare this particular case, a big question will be why did the structure stand for 40 years and then fall this morning so what happened to the structure, did it change
4:31 am
what unusual conditions may have been existing at the time that it failed? >> that's glenn bell the last time he was aware of this was coco beach in the '80s. the before and the after, it's still jarring just to see this entire portion of a building wiped away what i am also told is there's a way for investigators to take the slab, concrete and steel to analyze it based on its configuration, based on cracks in some parts and was it construction was it design? was it something else? they are capable of doing that the problem is the timeline, it's not weeks, shep, but months, could be as long as a year certainly people want answers right now and want to see their loved ones again. >> you know, i have heard that theory as well, and heard structural engineers say the same thing, years and years of
4:32 am
some sort of corrosion on the steel, the interact with the concrete, but sam, if that's been happening here and nobody knew it, who is to say it's not happening elsewhere? is anybody giving reassurances this is a one-off? >> reporter: so, two sides of the coin the general contractor said absolutely this could happen again to other buildings that are not properly maintained. he believes, again, there's no verifi verifiability, with any sources that's what happened, but he believes there would have been erosion over time. what i po to glenn bell, he said, no, the chances of one of these buildings having the same kind of failure under these circumstances, one in a million, one in 100 million super unlikely that said, you wouldn't want it to be you. it's only natural for together to worry, if it happened one
4:33 am
time, why not my building? >> sam brokic, who's based here in south florida for nbc news, sam, thanks so much. you know, i made some phone calls to some real estate agents here in south florida this morning, some who have sold in this building, others who sold nearby, trying to find out, is this one of those buildings with a tourists in it that's a winter thinks by this time of year, seasonal part-time residents have gone back north so maybe this was one of those units. one after another toll me this is mostly full-time residents. there's a few suites a penthouse that people rent out you heard about a family member of heads of state, but largely this is a full-time residential building kerry sanders from nbc has been working south florida 35 years
4:34 am
>> a long time. >> we worked together back when fluff was a kitten a lot of crazy things happen in south florida. it's a big news town i've never seen anything like this. >> this is completely unexpected i don't believe that videos just collapse and honestly if we hadn't seen the video, we wouldn't completely understand. you heard the eyewitnesses, the first was a boom, they thought is that thunder? and the second boom, i almost saw the windows, but a third one, when it crashed down and all of that plume of cement that went out, hearing them say that, i thought i understood it, but when i saw the video, itches just, wow, i don't believe it. i thought that was not a natural occu occurrence, not something that happened because that was broke, it was triggered by an
4:35 am
explosion, or something, which of course it was not, but it felt like that i've been in war zones i have seen buildings shot from missiles, and seen drones come in and take out. i felt the concussion from all of that. that's kind of what that looked like, and certainly when i look at this. >> it looked like the pancake of the towers on 9/11. >> and i heard you mention in oklahoma city. i was there, as i think you were, absolutely in fact, the thing when you look at this is you see that portion of the building that's down and then you see the other portion of the billing that's up, and that also may still fall think about the heroes gingerly working that'se their way through. >> i know you talked to some survivors and we have that sound. >> let me give you the idea of
4:36 am
not just survivors, but those waiting for information. there are some folks here who have been waiting since about 2:00 this morning for word of their loved ones one of those families had come here from argentina. they literally got here last night. they came to south florida so they could come on vacation, but also get covid vaccines, because it's much easier here than in argentina. they went into the apartment there's a 6-year-old girl adopted by this family it took them so long to adopt they are they finally got her, they bring her here, and at this point all of these are unaccounted for this is a very close family member/friends talking about the anxiety of what he's had to do waiting for this information here's what he's had to say. >> like, this is not a dream if it is, like, just disappear,
4:37 am
wake me up i just don't get it, after fight, they got their daughter, and she was there. she was there. she was an amazing person. it's not fair. it's just unfair >> just incredible >> 99 people right now unaccounted for. there may be some people who weren't there, on vacation we don't call them missing, but unaccounted for. he absolutely knows there's a family close to him without an answer there are others like that, waiting to find out. >> yeah, you know, you think about these people doing the rescues. there are two urban search-and-rescue teams, famous foe every disaster based right here they have the best in the world.
4:38 am
>> i have traveled with them into south america, into haiti, to see the work they do, and it's not only the training, but the gear they have the equipment right now that allows them to listen they're pushing through really thread-thin cameras to get a picture of what is good on they have some infrared equipment. they haven't actually deployed it, but i know they're the best of the beth. i'm a hopeful person we know from earthquakes sometimes people survive days. if those it are indeed somebody, and they're caught in a void, and they're reached, hopefully, even if it takes days, hopefully they get out alive. >> great to see you, old friend. >> thank you. you know, he's talking about this reuniting process you know, it's 3:00 in the morning, my family was there,
4:39 am
are you okay are you okay they were in a tower that didn't collapse, but you couldn't get down in the other side of the building the stairwell were covered from the other pasrt, so there were lot of people reuniting. or valerie castro is there outside the reunification c center what else are you hearing there? >> reporter: this is the surfside reunification point for families that are looking for missing loved ones, people unaccounted for, friends who say they know people who lived in the building across the street you can see a lot of local camera crews. we are not allowed to go into the center, so a lot of family members are coming out, telling their story, talking about the father who is missing, or the mother they haven't heard
4:40 am
yesterday. they're trying to get the word out. a short time ago we spoke to a woman, her name is rachel. she says she's been looking for her mother judy. she says she got the phone call over overnight. her father in california got some notifications, and that's when she found out her mother lives in the portion that collapsed. she shared in pictures of jude with with us she's in her 60s, she's a grandmother. she helps rachel take care of her three young daughters and is desperately searching for news of her mother. take a listen. >> the pictures don't do it justice. it's a lot worse i just want to hug my mom. i don't care about anything else she's the best mom and grandma in the world we just need to find her >> reporter: when rachel says the pictures didn't do it justice, she's talking about the
4:41 am
point. she walked over to the building to take a look it was just devastating to see the damage and destruction she's looking for her mother judy i think we have the number at the bottom of our screen she's looking for her mom. a young mom was over here looking for her father, so a lot of people still hoping that they'll get a bit of good news, shep >> valerie castro around the corner at the family reunification center thank so much. think of this, your fire search-and-rescue, urban search-and-rescue, here at 3:00 in the morning, you've been here all day, hot and humid you'll be here all night and all day tomorrow, until they have decided there's no one to find it is an incredible and heroic search team working tirelessly and endlessly.
4:42 am
firefighters are still searching underneath the building as well for people who might be missing. search-and-rescue dogs on the pile of rubble, sniffing, listening for people next, questions raised just last year about this very building's integrity, as people hold out for hope for survivors >> this is a very sad moment in our community, and especially the city of surfside that something like this happens. its important that all your prayers go out to the mi
4:43 am
4:44 am
still live in surfside, florida, where firefighters and rescuers have gotten to 37 people so far from the collapse or partially collapsed condo here in surfside offi cohen was one of them she and her husband were sound
4:45 am
asleep, and they heard the first loud noise that woke them. after these tried and failed to get out of the building, the couple ended up back in their aparnell under firefighters could rescue them. she told the "today" show about her experience. >> we were sound asleep. we heard a weird sound it could have been thunder, but it didn't really sound like thunder, and we felt the building shake we immediately got out of the bed, we looked around, out the window our apartment faces the street i saw a plume of smoke coming up, very unusual shaich, and i heard a neighbor yell out, what's going on, and the policeman said we don't know
4:46 am
yet. shortly thereafter we decided we wanted to get out. we put on some clothes we grabbed a few items, the essential things when i opened the door to my apartment, it leads to a long hallway, and all i saw was debris and the partial debris was covering the door next to us as well. there's another staircase we took and went down, saw several other people in the staircase, we tried to exit on the pool deck, and could not open the door we continued down to the garage, but it was full of water, up to our ankles already we didn't know what was going on, and we had realized we couldn't get out through there, either we decided to go back up the stairs we couldn't get back in, because the electricity is out we took two elderly people we
4:47 am
didn't know to our apartment and decided to go out to the balcony and wave down fire rescues they are heroes, just unbelievable human beings. they came up and got the four of down it's overwhelming to see when we opened the door and saw the building had collapsed it was just really surreal >> absolutely incredible story from the "today" show with hoda kotb he's a local architect, works on buildings here, knows exactly how old this is and put together when you see this, as incredible as it is, what do you think may have happened here >> i think this is a terrible event of multiple issues that came august together some of them could have been
4:48 am
overload on the roof -- >> because they were up working on the roof doing the annual inspection, we're told. >> if you take the loads of the tells on the roof, it takes a big load on you. then you can break a slab. if a slab breaks, as it compounds from one floor to the next, it becomes an issue, but that wouldn't have happened if there was degradation along the way. that's the issue the 40-year certification, there was a desire and demands for repair, and also there's the potentially for settlement, but thinks a typical, typical construction, shep this is nothing new. we do it day in and day out, but for this to happen this is a very unique and very, very bad experience. >> these condos, if you've ever been to miami, it's one after the other to the other, and then
4:49 am
you go up the west sigh. they're just built on sand how do you even do that? >> we do auger cast piles. we don't pound them in, and they go down deep, and they hold up buildings, and the buildings are concrete, both vertical and horizontal. >> if i'm living two condos down, in another condo built in the early '80s, i'm wondering. how do people know >> this is an issue. hopefully because this is an event that happened today, it will give our inspectors -- we have very tight inspections. >> some of the tightest in the country. >> we do hopefully this is a lesson to teach us how to do better, like we did after hurricane andrew. >> when hurricane andrew struck, they put in a new set 9 hurricane standards that all of south florida now has to follow.
4:50 am
the most hurricane-resistant buildingling abouts in america are right here. >> you're right. >> you wonder if the -- at every beach everywhere, i mean, you can't overlook something like this anywhere. >> no, this is a serious event >> how long is this going to take do you have people calling going, is my building okay already? >> yes, and look, we all slept very well, but this is an event that scares us i have friends and family in these buildings, and hopefully we'll become better out of it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being here in florida. for hours now, crews have been tirelessly searching. one guy described it as how, if you've ever had to go to a sinus doctor and put a camera up your
4:51 am
nose, they have essentially the same thing cameras at the end of long slinkies and high-powered microphone they could hear if someone were breathing in the rubble, unconscious and breathing that's what's going on 99 are listed as not missing, but unaccounted for. now the sun is beginning to set. the miami-dade commissioner on erghplan going into the
4:52 am
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about 18 hours now since the building behind me collapsed, or at least part of it did. now they're working on plans, how to get the search-and-rescue teams in and out, and what to do for security in this area, what the planning is for the hours ahead. sally ly hayman is here. what is the plan through into the morning? >> i'm pleased to tell you, we have the finest. miami-dade fire and rescue has an international team, first time doing their own disaster, but have been all over the world and the country. they are readying heavy machinery being brought in, as we speak they're going to start removing,
4:55 am
redirecting heavy rubble so they can get better camera angles into pocket areas. they have find securing the building farce vacancy by early this morning, 8:00, everybody on occupancy was cleared. the building still remains unstable now it's a matter of moving super rubble to put cameras in first. we're still in a search-and-rescue mode, was there's still literally 99 people who are not known as far as thaeir situation. >> well, we are all hopeful. i know a lot of prayers already set tonight. all the best to you and the rest of the leaders, sally. before we go, i want to give
4:56 am
you some sights and sounds from surfside, from the people who endured this horrible collapse, and those waiting for words. >> this is a very sad moments in our community. >> the building shook. i looked out the window. you couldn't see it. >> it's just whoever all-ing when we opened the door and saw the building had collapse. >> when the building came down, it pan cabled, so there's just not a lot of voids that they're finding. >> we just toured around the complex, to be able to see -- the tv doesn't do it justice >> it's something you would see in an earthquake or something. >> it looks like the middle east bombings we saw recently. >> we could hear somebody yelling. i got a bitcloser. it was a young boy he was sticks his arm up, saying, can you see me can you see me can you help >> it's by mar the most horrific
4:57 am
thing i have seen. >> i heard too much shaking in the building i left without a wallet or money. >> i'm thankful me and my parents are alive. >> i saw a lot of scared, frightened people, but from everyone around, there was a willingness to assist and help. >> it is important that we rally around the families and the people that are actually suffering. >> i'm encouraging people to remain hopeful we have seen it in man made and natural disasters, where we have found people in a pocket area hours later, days later. and the hope is they will this time as well. they're certainly doing everything humanly possible to make that happen if you want to report a person who is missing, or someone who has been found, they're so hoping someone will dahl and go, yeah, we thought they were missing, but actually they went
4:58 am
somewhere else and doesn't have a charge, some sort of miracle like that, the numb enter is 305-614-1819 that's the number. we'll be here tomorrow night as well for the news, as they continue to search for the survivors. we'll have some experts on to talk about buildings like this, and whether safety checks need to be upgraded it's a very but any day. the sentence been for derek chauvin is tomorrow. our crews on already on the scene. and the vice president is going to the southern border our crews are there for that coverage, too. we hope you'll follow us a
4:59 am
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