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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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karen? >> okay. take it away. >> okay. i like three-day rule, down a lot, gm. can't wait look to buy it tomorrow. >> and dan. >> picture a three-day roll play for a gap roll. >> tim tweet it thanks for watching "fast. "mad money" starts right now make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. sometimes it's mind-numbing. almost impossible to get a clear read on how the economy is
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doing. yet you can't stop trying. the dow dropped 324, the s&p lost 0.46% and the nasdaq advanced 0.13% talk about confusion a little knowledge can be dangerous. there are a lot of false tells out there. i'll go over some. exhibit a, general motors, the stock plummeted nearly 9%. reported earnings late in may. you might assume they had a bad quarter. what's bad for them is bad for america but when i spoke to the ceo, i got quite a different picture. she says demand is insanely great which is why inventories are at the lowest level. that hurts sales we've talked about this before on the show. a critical semiconductor shortage it doesn't help an important foundry has been hit by, yes, a covid outbreak last year was a fire in another facility in japan. i spoke to the head of a
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foundry. even they're going flat out demand for auto and industrial chip, full featured ones, not the ones in data centers is well in excess of supply. if gm can't get enough they won't be able to make enough cars which is why the stock is falling. one thing to divine the true course of the economy. what i'm trying to get eight the weakness in the stock tells you nothing. absolutely nothing about the broader economy. that's what we need to know about. housing market what can we do examine. i can't recall another time when things were this strong. i'm conscious that the housing stocks don't reflect that but i think they could be too low. home building business is incredible almost no supply lowest in 20 year, but, again, the excellent sales don't tell the whole story. the truth is mortgage rates are abnormally and absurdly low making homes much more affordable than they would be otherwise. the ten-year treasury yields less than 1.2%
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many mortgage brokers are backed up to the hilt and fleeing the cities for the suburbs and country. now that the covid variants are spreading like wildfire. cities are the most dangerous places to be the strength in housing might not be telling you as much about the economy as it normally would. all right, you might want to look at the hottest stocks, sometimes they can help you make a judgment so how about today good luck. today robinhood, yes, the stock, not the broker and amd, yes, the semiconductor were smoking hot both up gigantically little to do with the fundamentals their system totally breaking down as younger investors seize control of both and sent them, yes, to the mood proverbially. they're full of sound and fury signifying nothing except they're meme stocks.
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i highlighted the stretch in watch. that's my acronym for walmart, target, costco, et cetera. these are lockdown retailers but buy them when you think the economy is getting worse not better travel, the tsa are getting crazy. bookings are abused. today royal caribbean said its book factor has been the average historical rage and increased by 28%. what kind of promotions will they offer what is going on there are people paying full boat for tickets? and what happens if protective measures break down with the virus? let's try another. the not so hot employment number from automatic data processing i don't know what that is worth. the expanded employment benefits should expand at the end of the
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summer which will result in a different data market and that's what lyft talked about and expect it to go away uber said the same thing about the driver shortage. all right, so we've exhausted everything what does work what is a true barometer of the next six to nine months which i regard as a classic investment horizon. we have a windfall and heard from all the major shopping related real estate investment trust, the reits they have a lot on the line. they and their tenants need not to make short-term commitments but longer term commitments based on everything and these companies are telling us that they are going pedal to the metal right now in terms of sign-ups it's one of the best environments in history for retail real estate tanker, it's all good.
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federal realty, the kingpin just reported this very evening and gave you another fantastic beat and real big raise, the ceo noted our team delivered an outstanding quarter. exceeding all of our internal forecasts end quote. when i looked at the numbers tonight i was saying, wow, things are good. when we heard from simon properties monday, that's the largest mall property. david siemon said total sales for the month of june equal to june of 2019 and up 80% compared to last year occupancy is at 91.8%. increase of 100 basis points compared to the first quarter and said his properties continue to see demand for space from healthy local regional and national tenants, pray thures, restauranteurs increasing every day. kimco was supposed to be in real trouble. incredible demand. they tell us anchor occupancy finished at 96.9%. up 70 basis points, the largest kwaeshl gain they've collected
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since collecting it ten years ago. new vacancies are at a five-year low and all price furniture, home good, pet supply, hobby, wellness when tanker the outlet reported yesterday they felt compelled to dr da matically bump their confidence even in areas hardest hit where he has malls like missouri and florida there's been no slowdown no covid he checked with the people to ran his battlefield mall from springfield. they're all doing fine yeah, not much more than half the country is vaccinated when it comes to mask mandates we know the drill that's why simon declared a buck fifty up from the previous -- by the way over 15% from last year. today these retail reit numbers
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tell you two things, the delta variant may be affecting those at an alarming rate including breakthroughs who can be asymptomatic spreaders but it probably won't hit the overall economy given how worried you are about getting sick second things are going to get better by this time next year. nobody is signing five or six month leases but the duration. given the breadth of different retailers encouraging they seem positive about the next year right now. here's the bottom line when so many different kinds of retailers predict a healthy consumer environment getting stronger not weaker by the day, the weak, the month and the year who are we to say they're all wrong? i know these covid numbers are scary. they scare me blue the people who take the virus seriously are already immunized and the people who don't take it seriously won't change their behavior even in the middle of a serious outbreak which means the economy should end up fine if not
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stronger than we think alex in florida. >> caller: hi, jim thanks for having me on. >> of course >> caller: my question about rkt. at the current price point what are your thoughts on rocket companies especially with the recent news of them expanding into the financing and providing silver technology? >> i think they'll have a hard time the competition there is so, so difficult. i just don't know. even though i think the world of rocket, i think think the world of them there are other companies gunning for them including those on our show who said we'll make it so they lose a lot of business so therefore i find it difficult to recommend the stock. sometimes, guys, it is really hard to get a real read on the economy ybut you have to do it o give it a good sense the shopping-related reits, those numbers indicate the economy is not as bad as many people think on "mad money" kathy wood, i know you're interested in what
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she's up to, sights are set on an under the radar software platform can it put you on the path to profitable i'm digging into -- not telling you, a tease the industrials came to play this earnings season and while wall street rewarded many winners there is one on notice i'll reveal the name and share what you need to know. devon energy the second best performer in the s&p but the stock fell after earnings? you know i'm starting to warm up to some companies coming down. i have the exclusive with the ceo. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something, head to
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♪ we'll give you which one you need to know last share, kathy wood, right? household name her favorite stock soared into the stratosphere and her whole family generated incredible performance. hat's off to her this year she's taken a lot of fire because she doesn't have much fire for diversification and love the turbocharged growth starts that went out of style but i still like to check arc invest daily trading and anyone can sign up for them because they're a terrific source of ideas and i love them. no other big-time asset manager offers this transparency other than action alerts and that's my charitable trust
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although i have problems with her approach, i think it's a mistake to blindly follow her every decision, she is one fantastic stock picker in fact, she's one of the best i've seen when it comes to identifying against the grain growth stories and can spot investments even when they're getting no respect from anyone else remember, it was one of the highly valued money managers she's also an early fan of crisper, crispr which has had huge breakthroughs not all of her best work, apple, when she's right, ooh, man, they're fantastic. when i see ark buy a stock it catches my attention. those who follow her know which way i'm about to talk about. ui path.
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that's p-a-t-h don't roll your eyes starting on april 21st ark invested in its stock on 50 out of 73 trading days do you think she likes it. woods funds have bought it on 19 of 21 days she can't get enough to the point where ark is one of the largest shareholders not many others seem to like it. ui had a hot ipo with a stock prices of 56 soaring to 59 peaked to $90 a few weeks later. since then they've been dropping like a rock singing back to 62 today. while the stock is still up a few buck, it is down $7 from where it started trading intrigued? i bet you are. like i said a minute ago kathy woods is a gait stock picker when she's going against the grain, the situation with ui
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path one reason i think it's worth buying for speculation but never give you my blessing without digging into fundamentals. ui path is the leading player in what's known as robotic process automation we're talking about software robots here, not robot-robot, tools make it easier for companies to identify repetitive processes and automate them. their goal is a fully automated enterprise where everyone has little digital assistant on their desktop carrying out basic day-to-day tanks it's clear and path has terrific technology their platform makes it easy for anyone to set up a software robot. unlike most who do that they've taken this to the next level with what is known as semantic automation where you can make computers understand things ambiguous like legal documents and allow them to replace expensive human labor with cheap machine labor and find new ways to deploy it
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75% of their cases in accounting and now they represent 5 to 40 with exposure to health care, telecom and the retail public sector let's go over the numbers. like pretty much of all of her favorites ui path has a terrific growth story, 2021 fiscal year which ended january, they had 81% revenue growth most recent, sales growth slowed if you can imagine to 65%. that is really still very, very good meanwhile, they've been steadily growing annual recurring revenue, what a lot of people want to measure growth by because it's kind of an annuity stream by 64% in the latest quarter, what you want they're not particularly concerned about profitability but have an ex-normal growth opportunity and even some of their operating managers turned positive more importantly they have a land of expense strategy once they get into the door they try to sell them a lot more
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software how do you he judge the success? look at the dollar-based net retention rate and if you have 100% it means they're winning new business from exist customer, anything below 100 they might be losing business from existing customers, they're also bringing in lots of new customers and total count, less than 8,000 january, more than 8500 in april. if it's so good why can't you get love here? the stock got obliterated in june and bounced along the bottom while kathy woods buying it hand over fist not many others are following her example. le let's get some theories about why it might be. first the robotic process automation space is increasingly competitive. you pass up smaller pure plays but the real issue larger software companies have gotten in too last year microsoft bought softmotive and had their program fee for window 10 users. salesforce, service now offer
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some form of automation service and get more specific tools from other companies. even ui is a great person in the business someone with deeper pockets will take it from them is their concern it is expensive. trading at 28 times net share consensus sales, not earnings but sales, that's about normal for top flight enterprise plays in the environment but no denying it's pricey for a company that hasn't proven itself which brings us to reason number three, when you their results were good but not good enough they wanted them to knock it out of the ballpark and in-set line of numbers and stock tumbled by 10%. good but not great now, when wall street looks at ui path it sees indeed nothing special. but kathy wood who has better
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e eyesight than everybody thinks this play has something going on for it i agree with her my one worry is your opportunity. the lock yum on insider selling is coming in a few weeks and will put a ton of pressure on the stock and buys more then if you like ui path put a small position now in the low 60s and buy more into the lockup expiration you should accumulate it over time like what ark investment has been doing on an almost daily basis. stick with cramer. >> announcer: falling after a top and bottom beat. is the stock's drop as high underlying issues or a mere misunderstanding, cramer is digger deeper into the numbers and laying out a long term bull case for the stock next.
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okay, can i say it's been a great earnings season for the industrials. but not all of them are getting the respect they deserve in particular i think dd is getting short shrift dupont you can see it before it disappears a couple more days like for the big industrials as our two technicians said would happen monday and tuesday morning morning the chemicalmaker reported an excellent beat and said terrific top and bottom line, raised guidance thought it would be up a couple bucks at least the stock fell 26 cents yesterday and added mother 13 cents decline today and delivered a total quarter and raised four-year earnings to 60 cents and still went downment on they other day it would have
6:26 pm
been up at least a dollar but soggy session yesterday and dupont in particular and industrials did not do well today. this hasludicrous. they miss understand there is a new dupont it's still trading well below highs from early may as are many of the companies even though the story gets better. in reality it's known as early not commodity but chemical maker much more proprietary. more than tara that tight a long-term creigh as play. in the first year follow ing th breakup. join action club ed breen is the original architect of this dupont, the ceo of the old one where he
6:27 pm
spearheaded the merger with dow chemical and broke them up by end market into a commodity play and that's the newdow a terrific country and corteva now, he has a phenomenal track record and used the statement strategy to unluck it eight tyco international and disaster for dennis kozlowski it was in free fall but righted the ship first and orchestrated the most lucrative set of breakups in history. the last time he ran numbers on all the spin-offs five years ago. by then hess leadership gave shareholders 960% return in less than 15 years though he was only running from 2002 to 2012. he thought it was a decent extrapolation. fabulous track record. so what is he doing at the new dupont since retaking reins he's taken a similarly active approach to
6:28 pm
managing the portfolio by dumping noncore businesses and making acquisitions and attractive end markets last september he sold dupont's arcane business that devolves silicon into stuff that the semiconductor companies can use and equity interestin joint venture with hemlock for $725 million. this represented a significant chunk of the company's noncore business, lower margins, hodgepodge, leftover from the dow/dupont combination at the end of 2019 they announced a deal to sell nutrition and bio science for roughly 7.3 billion in cash and closed earlier this year and he used 9 cash from these to pay down debt and make bold acqui acquisition. thanks to these moves it has one of the cleanest balance sheets just as important smart acquisitions we learned dupont is buying laird performance for
6:29 pm
3.32 billion and makes performance materials that manage heat and devices from ele electromagnetic interference that gives them the exposure we wasn't, 5g, high performance computing and most importantly electric vehicles and the old one didn't have anything to do with with the laird company they could have your typical electric car or truck what we're looking for, in short a higher quality company than wall street seems to recognize but didn't do the homework they delivered yesterday morning. any way you slice it, business is booming, up 26% year over year not to mention a 12 cents earnings beat. he called out, quote, continued positive momentum in almost all of our key market, semiconductors, smartphone, automotive and residential construction the new one has three divisions, electronic and industrials, mobility went up 65 year year
6:30 pm
over year and those are the numbers this business put up in a quarter where it had serious supply constraints more importantly dupont gave you fantastic guidance and forecasted higher than anticipated sales but raised full year outlook substantially and management looking at 424 to 430. half that gain comes from a change in how they report am terror says. even when you back it up 25 cents better than expected fairly low multiples should push them up to higher levels what else can i say? their quarterly market is on fire and able to pass costs on to customers by raising prices they bought back $640 million worth of stock this quarter retiring $2 billion in debt too. what they didn't like is the not so fast cash flow but situations will improve and ed breen's bankable i think you got to believe him
6:31 pm
if anyone earned the benefit of the doubt it is indeed ed breen. the bottom line, dupont just reported a great quarter, stock did nothing because wall street just doesn't understand the story so they don't give the company enough credit for the fact that his strategy is paying off. with this trading at a meager 17 times earnings forecast i'm pronouncing dupont a bargain chris in florida >> caller: boo-yah, chris. > >> boo-yah >> i love the conference calls with you and jeff. >> we work our butts off good call this morning and i appreciate that. thank you. what's up. >> caller: it's terrific you enabled me to provide my family's financial independence and do more than charity. >> twin goal, education and
6:32 pm
charity. how can i help >> caller: my question, if this isn't a club holding but it's an old company that sort of is a new company. sort of a slimmed down version of itself after a divesty turay. they are pretty much the leader in ldlt trucking business. my question is on xpl. >> look, jacobs is by amazing. he is amazing. gso, the logistics company is both good. terrific stock, the charitable trust owned them made a fortune should have held on to them. thank you for the kind words jerry in missouri. >> caller: jim, thank you for what you do. i'm a member of action alerts trust club and made profits in the past and interested in your opinion on boeing which seems to be range bound >> it is, it is but i've got to tell you that they're sending a plane over to china to maybe get cer
6:33 pm
certified. boeing order from china would take the stock up 25 points. so also's hold on to it. the new dupont is completely misunderstood by wall street that's why it went down on strong earnings. the company has a lot going for it if you like an industrial, this is the one. much more "mad money" including the best oil -- the second best performing, devon energy could the decline be a buying opportunity. robinhood appears to be the latest member of the meme rock & roll hall of fame. what should you do with it next? you like it. all your cl,al rapid-fire in ton tonight's edition of "the lightning round. stay with cramer
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it took me by surprise when i saw that devon energy, seemingly a run of the middle producer was doing so good i didn't understand. earlier they completed a merger with wpx energy and stole their ceo rick moncrief. he was the smaller company's ceo. since then he's focusing on generating cash flow that's a new thing premium position and but what sets it apart its fixed dividend and pegs the majority to the amount of cash they generate those flow directly to shareholders last night they reported a stronger quarter, lower than expected expenditures which translated to 49 cents a share if they can deliver that it would be the highest in the s&p.
6:38 pm
devon got hit because the price of crude tumbled this could be a fab stock. le let's check with rick. we met when he was the day-to-day manager of another company. better read on the quarter rick, welcome back to "mad money. >> hey, jim. good to join you today. >> rick, you figured out out what we all want is an oil company that doesn't spend honest means and returns it to shareholders could you please explain to people how unusual that is but how quickly others are adopting it it's what we want. >> we've been listening to investor, jim. this has been a hot topic for a couple of years. historically energy companies outspent and we actually took every dollar of cash flow coming in and turned around and reinvested in the business and sometimes we collectively borrowed even money to spend it more than cash flows so what we
6:39 pm
have today is a brand-new -- a brand-new world and the paradigm is shifting, it's amazing and so for us at devon we're at the point now where you're looking at 20% free cash flow yield and we are returning that to shareholders we've not only implemented the variable dividend concept where we have a fixed difficult dent b -- dividend we paid down debt and thoughtful to aour approach >> you have some of the most premiere properties in the country, correct >> that's correct. you know, the beauty about the merger between devon energy and wpx energy which was actually closed in january this year, only 6 or 7 months ago we now have 400,000 aingers in the very part of the delaware basin and unbelievably productive and it allows us to be very thoughtful
6:40 pm
if our investing and generates a lot of free cash certainly we are in five basins and the eagle for the south texas and in oklahoma, powder river basin of wyoming then the williston one in north dakota where you and i spent time ten years ago so all our assets have a growth component or more importantly a free cash flow component so it's a great blend of assets. strong balance sheet and allows us to do exactly what we've done with our variable dividend concept. >> rick, when i look at what you're doing i also see something highly unusual seems like the price of your business of actually a well is coming down significantly. now, i know that everyone has said it's come down over the last years but you make a lot of money per well >> we have i mean, we have a wonderful team and operations i think is a real strength of our company and we
6:41 pm
operate very safely and efficiently. we've driven the cost down and that -- as you mentioned, in your introductory comment that certainly sets up for free cash flow generation and we'll continue to focus on that and we've got a capable organization and i can't be more pleased with how the merger is coming together. >> i mentioned ten years ago i thought that bakken would be good you told me it would be guide but gave me an image of a country that had a lot more oil in it and i run with that for a decade you turned out to be the most right of anyone i dealt with what do you think the stat us of united states is >> i think we're in a nice position, jim, to be honest. if you recall back to that conversation ten years ago, i recall the look in your eyes when i mentioned that north dakota was actually going to pass alaska in production and that seemed unfathomable at the
6:42 pm
time but just saw the resource was there and with, you know, the capables as an industry to change the game and that's happened and now if you fast forward, new mexico is now where we're at in the basin and now the number two crude oil producer in the nation, so new mexico is even surpassed north dakota and when you look at the future, i think it looks quite strong and we're convinced that some of the cleanest barrels will be produced here in the u.s not only on land but off shore here in the u.s. it really makes you feel good, i believe, about the future of american oil and gas. >> you told me back then, look, we got to be more careful. too much methane coming out, not being careful enough, the american people don't want it. i didn't understand at all obviously we're better now than we were then. >> we are and it's -- you know, i use the analogy sometimes when you're in a growth period like
6:43 pm
in the oil and gas sector it's similar to a highway expansion going to go from two lanes to four lanes and sometimes you have to be patient to get the infrastructure built out and get that construction line and i think that's where we're at as an industry and very pleased we still have work to do no doubt about it. we will continue to drive emissions down as a sector and we are as a company and got short-term targets, nom midrange targets and long-range targets of what we'll do here at devon energy and feel very good about the future i also get excited about what we're doing with our l and g ex-ports on natural gas. export crude oil but export natural gas that will replace some of the dirtier fuel sources we see around the globe and that's a really good thing when we're exporting 11 bcf today from here in the u.s. we're exporting seven bs up to
6:44 pm
new mexico in the south and which help them from an economic perspective but equally if not more importantly from an environmental perspective. >> it is a great story you said we'll get our act together and be good citizens. i want to thanks rick muncrief thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you very much >> as always, thank you. >> announcer: stick around >> may i make a suggestion i would stay with cramer. >> announcer: "lightning round" is coming up next. tlightning rod is coming up next. hlightning round" is coming up next elightng round" is coming up next lightng round" is coming up next ♪ ♪ ♪
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it is time ♪ it's time for "the lightning round. sell, sell, sell. >> buy, buy, buy [ buzzer >> then "the lightning round" is over are you ready, skee-daddy. drew in massachusetts. drew. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i have a question. earnings just came out kids staying home, teen, adults play more and more video games i was thinking ea would spark earnings then sales but unfortunately they only got the sales. but what do you think long term though, buy, hold or sell? >> that conference call is going on right now so i cannot be able to opine on it i did read activision blizzard amazing quarter. take two, not an amazing quarter and roblox is coming back. carter in virginia >> caller: what do you think of monster beverage >> i think it is terrific and like rock star owned by pepsi
6:49 pm
because that's my compare. michael in pennsylvania. michael. >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim >> boo-yah >> caller: good to hear from you, brother >> thank you. >> caller: i'm from wanesport, pennsylvania, home of the little league world series. >> love that place. >> caller: my question to you is fsly. >> i don't like them i didn't like akami and didn't like fsly. they're causing people to pull back we're seeing pullbacks in expensive stocks edward in connecticut. >> caller: jim >> edward. >> caller: my stock is viacom. >> viacom is an inexpensive stock in an industry that continues to consolidate christopher. >> caller: hi, jim boo-yah. action alert plus member here.
6:50 pm
thank you for making me money. a food company what do you think about archer daniels midland. >> always inexpensive is the problem. 22 1/2% yield. same thing with tyson, fine, not my favor jim in michigan. >> caller: hi, jim thanks for taking my call. mine is an automotive company. >> a lot think it peaked deal of repair my favorite is -- i'll go back to autozone. azo with that great buyback. good numbers how about we go to dana in washington dana. >> caller: boo-yah calling about a company that destaffed. currently overhood vertically integrated and only manufacturer of its kind with revenue. of course, i'm talking about the battery juggernaut. >> that needs to be investigated
6:51 pm
further by me because i'm not on the jugger fwhaut board. we'll do more work carlo in florida carlo. >> caller: hey, boo-yah, cramer. >> boo-yah, carlo. >> caller: longtime listener, first-time caller. >> i like that first time, long time. >> caller: my is cm, desktop metal. >> 3d printing, i know ddd went up without me but not going there. i need to go to chuck in california chuck. >> caller: yes, i've been holding at&t stock >> i do not like at&t stock. i don't know if i can even go there. now mario said if you don't have anything nice to say about anyone then don't say anything, at&t that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the lightning ro round". >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by t.d. amir krad cramericans know bulls make money. bears make money and pigs get slaughtered
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and when it comes to the latest high-flying name stocks, cramer's revisiting his get rich carefully mantra and caution be investors to be disciplined with their portfolios next. >> caller: cramer, you are super. you are awesome. >> i'm a first time investor >> he brings people into the game. >> this show is the best. >> i want you to know you have transformed me thank you, cramer. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ millions of vulnerable americans
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all right, david faber checked me this morning -- [ buzzer >> when i was caught in the act on "squawk on the street." he's hosting "jeopardy!" all week when robinhood got halted for volatility i was flee gulen you were getting a double from when it came public last week i'm so glad because i told you to buy it. faber cut me to the quick asking if i'm so excited to lose caution and give the wrong impression my other partner carl quintanilla reminded me of my last book. they're right. so immediately after they brought me back to earth i realized i was encouraging people throw caution to the wind i take it back i said that right then it might have been me in my
6:56 pm
whole hedge fund when we were awfully concentrated some say overlyoncentrated i don't want anyone to be a pig. many robinhoodies got stock in the ipo and amraudz that i urged them to sell something right here, okay right now, maybe tomorrow. maybe as much as half your position so you that can you recoup the original position and play with the house money. i begged them to take off enough to go buy a cashmere sweater like my mom would do when we won at the casino or racetrack right here right here time to take some off the table. of course, we have a big megaphone and robinhood is a sliver stock and only offered a small chunk of shares which makes it volatile so backtracked. 85, boom, right down then midday rally brought it back to 70 where you got another chance
6:57 pm
okay too especially if you bought when it broke the print when i advised monday. if you got it in the 30s and haven't sold any yet you're a pig. i recommend you ring the register i'll repeat that you're a pig but advise holding on to some because people keep counting out the sea of live ten apartment. he is an appostle of investing who came in to robinhood and while that angered many people it didn't stop the relentless tie of new users that loves robinhood lets them to trade for free with an easy to use app buying stocks has never been so painless i took a lot of heat when i urged them to buy it and it could become a mean stock. loved by a cadre of younger investors who post endlessly on
6:58 pm
reddit they can be forced to buy back the stock in question against their will after robinhood flopped on its first day of trading it attracted a considerable short position and game one for the memesters. i was trashed by everything for saying i like it never short a stock with this because the mechanics of short selling can rip your lungs out when there aren't enough to go around meme stocks are easy but with gamestop and amc of late you have to take profits when you still have them. the memesters don't have enough to keep them to make the meme stocks fly higher. g gamestop is dropping like stones and flowing into robinhood and i don't want you to be a pig about it discipline always trumps conviction, people and says you need to take something off the table when you have an 80% gain in two days. just half. i'm not saying all
6:59 pm
half that's also why we peeled off some advance micro devices, a stock we have long championed. the cramer chipmaker fave overnight meme stock what happened here the process of acquiringing xilx you have merger arbitrage funds who short the acquire, amd and buy xilinx because in a stock "for life" stock deal they will convert but there is a problem with that playbook many dislike buying high dollar value stocks like the $144 xilinx because if it breaks down they'll be crushed so now rolling back the position selling xilinx and buying back amd. the meme deeds want to crush the hedge funds doing this which is why they jumped 5% as onceagai they hated shorts, had to scramble to cover because the memesters forced their hands i hope the wall street better, the memesters remember to take something off the table and buy that nice sweater. the gamblers don't have enough
7:00 pm
to keep the amc, amd, gamestop and robinhood balls in the air all at once. somebody has to lose do not let it be you i always say there's a bull market somewhere i promise to find it right here for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer i will see you tomorrow. "the news with in new york, you can find anything except a dem kraocrat o stand up for andrew cuomo. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc. the calls crescendo. governor cuomo at poll particular's death door. now multiple new criminal investigations >> we are seeing a surge like we've not seep before. >> some hospitals overwhelmed. one governor says


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