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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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know melissa lee said david lee roth's van halen was the only van halen. >> she knows. >> i didn't know there were different singers. >> i didn't know >> black stoen deutsche bank. >> thank you all for bearing with us and watching "fast money. see you back he moertorrow at 5. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, just trying to make you money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate call me at 8-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. if you listen to the
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conventional wisdom on wall street, you'd think jay powell dropped the ball inflation is here and it's here to stay but the people pushing this narrative couldn't be more wrong. soon i am predicting that they will have to eat crow. jay powell is smarter than the inflationistas he's cooler than the inflationistas fed chairman is not a cool job why am i so sure on a day where the dow gained 220 poinchts s&p advanced 2.r5% two record closes. the action is screaming that we don't need to worry about inflation. >> all aboard! >> how could suh many ostensibly smart people get this darn thing so wrong for so long because there's always a loud contingent that wants to fear
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monger fear monger about inflation and they never learn even though they've been consistently wrong for more than 25 years, no apology, of course i don't think that's because they are say, dumb as a sack of idaho potatoes i think it's because they're bias most people warn against the dangers of inflation are rich. which means they have the most to lose from inflation inflation erodes the purchasing power of money, savings and more important it means they lose a fortune on labor costs of course, the inflation hawks are quick to point out they're actually trying to help the regular people they're worried about getting hurt by the rising costs of living are you listening? that's garbage when there's persistent inflation that includes wage inflation which offsets any cost of living increases. don't think of rich versus poor, think of it as employers versus employees. tons of businesses want the fed to crush the labor market so they won't have to give anyone a
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raise. they want powell to tighten because it would help their bott tomorr om line. here's what they'd see if they looked at the situation objectively rather than trying to line their already huge pockets. first, powell's been adamant we need to wait and see what happens with the delta variant before he starts raising rates or tape perfecting the inflationistas say the mortality rate remains low that's ridiculous. not because the daily death toll is now growing exponentially again. it is. it's ridiculous. ridiculous because of the data just today southwest air symbol luv cut its earnings forecast because they've seen, quote, a deceleration in close-in bookings it's because of covid's delta force. southwest is making that stuff up i don't think so southwest is our nation's best
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airline. it's been able to navigate itself through a tumultuous time because it's so well run it's not just airlines soon it will be hotels and unvaccinated cruise ships and chiefly to southern des si nations where they have a pred did i leks to believe the anti-vaxxers should be protected by every single constitution out there. did jay powell know there would be people charging covid midwest and southern distributors? no idea. but he was right to be cautious and data driven rather than believe we had already beat this southwest is a reminder that much of the turn of the economy has to go out with traveling this turned out to be -- this turned out to be part and parcel why our economy came back. second, used cars. oh, let's talk about those
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they were the number one source of consumer price inflation from april to june. as of last month they stopped growing hard this is another thing powell was counting on. somehow he got this crazy idea free markets can take care of themselves we don't know if there's less demand or more supply coming from automakers. either way it's a tremendous barometer. right fwhou they say things are calming down by the way, i can tell you and i did this myself, if you are thinking of selling a used car, do it now. i'm getting a great price for a 2005 lexus, okay i'm not kidding. i thought it was worth a quarter. they're so short now i tonight think that will be the case. how about the so-called epidemic of wage increases? wendy's just announced that they had the smallest 2% rise in labor costs. we're speaking with the ceo tonight and he says in states where the federal jobless benefits have already been suspended, guess what?
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they're already seeing more job applicants prices are coming down uber maybe the same point. wages are coming down. that cuts in favor of powell leaving rates low even though i don't want lower wages powell could be right on that too? can you imagine the economic catastrophe when the benefits drop off and millions of people rush back into the labor force that can get very ugly no wonder powell wants to wait and see how things play out before he takes any action he doesn't want to tighten now and see unemployment spike and be forced to take interest rates back down and look like a rookie what else? as jpmorgan said, retail spending outcomes are short of the model. they're really biased, right the largest bank in the world. our u.s. card data shows a loss of momentum and leveling off for restaurant spending this quarter. much of the market's recent rally has been pinned on the fed staying friendly
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this recent data and this depiction, look at this. this shows you, right? raising rates would be a huge mistake because business is already cooling off when it's owned. don't you think that's incredible this restaurant, that can turn on a dime. trust me all right. now who about some of the raw building blocks to the economy they keep going up, right? wait a second. we talk about lumber every day when it was trading up to 1500 bucks. does anybody talk about it at 500? no, i just did my favorite chemical analyst said they were ripped higher for several months they stopped that. unless oil rips higher, we're at a peak there's a good reason to slam on the brakes have you noticed about oil it seems to have topped out. for the most part the group is saying they have peaked. that could be temporary. i wouldn't bet on it the biden administration has made american producers.
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we're no longer the swing producer which is why the president had to cajole opec into boosting production okay putting it altogether, put this altogether, and you've got a big chunk of the economy where prices are stable or sinking i know many of you have experienced multiple instances of inflation remember, when it comes to the stock market, we don't care about what's already happened. if we're seeing a peak in used car pricing and a peak in oil, it's hard to imagine inflation is here to stay. powell's right that it's transitory even as the inflationistas have been bashing him. i say give jay powell the benefit of the doubt he has been right as rain since the pandemic started his critics have been dead wrong.apologize. you've almost never been wrong if you took the other side of the trade. i bet a year from now the
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inflationistas will be buying gray poupon or hot sauce. i hear this is what you need as an offset when you eat the nasty crow irvin in california. >> boo-yah. >> boo-yah >> caller: first time caller want to thank you for all the wisdom you share with us. >> thank you, boss. >> caller: thank you i currently hold shares of fisker they are working with a battery supplier what are your thoughts on fisker >> i like fisker bill mcdermott is on the board i think it's terrific. how do you like that hey, you know what we've got to go to somebody in my home state of new jersey. phillies in new jersey phillies >> caller: hello, mr. cramer i'm phillies from new jersey
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>> all right >> caller: i always watch your show. >> thank you. >> caller: on or about july 13 you suggested the stock levi strauss. you said levi was a good child tax credit winner. >> right. >> caller: do you still feel that way about levi? >> absolutement. it's stuck in the mud right now. there's a denim cycle is fantastic. i want you to be in it, phillies stay there can we just for a moment give jay powell the benefit of the doubt? even if you don't like him by the way, he's incredibly nice there's always someone ready to speak to you about inflation for decades you've been right if you took the other side of the trade. this time will be different. "mad money" tonight, wendy's, the baconater. is it time for you to bring home the bacon? you could do worse then after federal judge of uncommon wisdom ruled that norwegian cruise line could require proof of covid
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vaccination, i'm talking to the company's top brass. see what this could mean for the future of cruising by the way, i talked with frank offline. he's anti-covid. the question is whether the governor is. just saying. although that's my own words poshmark tumbled today after warning that apple's new privacy controls could impact the company's bottom line and some stuff. after reporting a top and bottom line beat, i don't know, should we look to see if it's good for your portfolio i have a suggestion for your portfolio. i suggest you stay with cramer. don't miss a moment of "mad money. and the question, tweet cramer #madtweets send jim an email to "mad money" or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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wendy's reported a bacon eightor quarter. 16% plus same store sales growth on top of that, wendy's raised the forecast, hiked the dividend still doing a buy back the stock only rallies 4%. not even back to where it was trading two weeks ago. i think that's way too cheap let's check in with todd pendagar he's the ceo of wendy's. >> hey, jim. pleasure to be on with you
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happy to be here today. >> todd, you had unbelievable strong top line results and bottom line. high profitability in what i regard asa high cost environment. how are you able to do all of these things >> you know, we've got a lot of momentum in our business, jim. our lunch and late night day parks fueled our growth in the second quarter as we laughed over some of the challenges we had last year in covid digital and breakfast continue to fuel and support our business growth what we're seeing is a lot of leverage across our p&l as we're bringing in more customers we're seeing frequency of customer visits improve and we're trading folks up into our highest quality, most profitable products moving into the core everyday menu, made to crave lineup with cravable, high quality food items. it's driving a lot of mix. it's driving a lot of profitability for us and we're also seeing items for transaction continue to be up
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from customer perspective and, you know, we continue to take a little bit of price along the way, too all of those things really fueled a strong restaurant economic model with margins north of 20%. >> let's talk about price. a lot of people worry you can't raise price to offset the increasing costs of labor food that's untrue when it comes to wendy's, correct >> that is untrue. we've got a lot of fans. we've got a lot of loyalty the consumer is a little healthier, they have a little more money in their pocket with commodity and labor inflation, we're able to pass on those inflationary items in price to the consumer and trading folks up into our, you know, higher profitable items around our core and premium menu helps from a mix perspective so it's been a really positive course on the way the consumer has respresponded. >> outfit called reef, they're involved in your ghost kitchens. to me it only meant that frankly
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there's so much demand you don't have enough stores is that a decent way to look at it >> that's a great way to look at it in urban locations we're dramatically under penetrated. wendy's isn't to the scale it needs to be. they play a critical role to allow us to provide more access to our brand in the urban locations. we learned that in a test with the eight restaurants up in canada, toronto, and we're going to replicate and build that out in the rest of canada and the rest of the major metro markets and support our growth in the u.k. with those celebrity kitchens. >> go over the economics of what's a ghost kitchen what's it on a third floor of a building nobody cares about and you have a lot of delivery people because the real estate is very inexpensive? >> the real estate is very inexpensive. the way reef works is a delivery kitchen. it can sit on a parking lot and be put down in a great trade area and then plug in with
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technology to all the delivery providers to provide a lot of access in that trade area to the wendy's brand where we're not today. and we're very excited about how those economics can work out we see sales from $500,000 a unit to $1 million the great news is in the u.s. and canada we're getting a 6% royalty on those sales. >> let's talk about united kingdom. you never know what's going to travel and what's not basically. obviously something that -- they don't like the wimpy versus -- something is being loved in the u.k. if i went to wendy's there, are there long lines what would i see >> you would see long lines, jim. clearly the customers have responded in droves. you see it in social media over there. they have big twitter presence we have a wendy's twitter handle the lines have been wrapped around the building. we continue to supplement that business digital plays a big role over there. a lot of pent-up demand.
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we have a second one on the way. a handful of company restaurants and another reef delivery kitchens with a strong pipeline. support the demand high quality, affordable food is envogue everywhere we'll bring that with all of the latent brand equity. we're going to bring it back and the customer's happy to have us back. >> let's talk breakfast. breakfast. you went in. you didn't go nuts on it you wanted to be sure that it worked it looks like there's getting momentum you as a good business person put more money to what's starting to work it looks like that wenty's is doing about single digit of the mosaic can it be 15%? >> well, we're clearly committed to making it be 10% by the end of 2022. how high it can be over time is a function of how do we engrain the habit with consumers in the morning. what we wanted to do is continue to keep the pressure on. as folks start to return to school, folks start to get into
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the new routine on how they're continuing to work, even if it's work from home, we want to make sure wendy's is top of mine for that morning occasion. that's why we're putting more advertising against that we think we can engrain the habit. we'll invest 25 million incremental dollars this year from the company side. overall with the ad contributions we're getting on the breakfast sales, we have 24% more pressure on breakfast advertising this year and we'll continue that into next year we'll make sure the business sticks but continues to grow for years to come. >> it's hard you have to get people to develop the new habit. let's just talk delta for a second close restaurants that you thought opened plan new plans, staff meetings, how much do we have to do about this what's the story about delta >> we're managing through it nicely 95% of the dining rooms open
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we're seeing more folks come into the dining room we're doing all the things you would expect of us, jim. we're making sure everybody is masking up we're making sure the employees are protected. we'll make sure the consumers are protected and we'll continue to follow cdc guidance in state and local mandates to make sure we're taking care of our folks our great opportunity is the drive through window we provide fast, convenient, contactless food and the needs that we're living. we're well positioned for whatever the future brings. >> one last question if you were briefly a meme stock, i spoke to nelson peltz and he didn't know what it was good, it shouldn't be anything do you think it was a pump and dump do you think someone genuinely was trying to get people excited about your stock to me it seemed they got long it, pumped it and then the stock went up and then went down >> you know, i think there is a
6:23 pm
lot of love for our brand. i do think many investors feel we're under appreciated. we do the same that's why we have a new share repurchase authorization in place. any time you can get your brand in the spotlight, any time you can get people talking about your brand, especially the retail investor using your brand day in and day out, that brings the spotlight to wendy's and talks about a lot of things. >> you're right. >> a lot of what we do on social and digital. it's positive. >> that is the best way to look at it. good publicity it makes people learn about the story. todd, great to see you you did such a great job again still under valued as far as i'm concerned. >> appreciate it,jim. >> that's todd penogar better than expected numbers and still too cheap. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, it's the worst thing to have on a ship. can the cruise industry conquer covid or are there icebergs
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ more diverse thinking leads to more unexpected, more thoughtful solutions.
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♪ is it finally time to circle back to the cruise lines you know i like to cruise. after an incredible run last year this whole group has stalled out in 2021. it's a way for them to get permission to sail again at long last they have norwegian cruise lines their first ship returned to service. they had the first u.s. cruise from seattle to alaska by the end of the quarter norwegian expects to be operating from 40% capacity, 75% and then 100% by next april. when they reported last week, even though they're still losing boat loads of money. 2022 is looking very good. best of all, norwegian won a critical court case versus the
6:28 pm
state of florida this weekend the one that lets them refuse service to the unvaccinated given that the stock is down substantially, can this be the time to pull their trigger let's take a look at frank del rio. learning about the big legal victory and what it means for the company's future mr. del rio, back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me. how are you? >> frank, i have to tell you when you created the helly sail panel and you had it led by my favorite doctor, scott gottleib, and all of these people, hospitality, security, i thought for sure what would happen is everyone would recognize if you said it was okay, it would be okay the state of florida faults you about having healthy cruises how the heck is that possible? >> i don't know. we're dumfounded and we're even more dumfounded that after the court's decision this past weekend that the state decided to appeal. you would think that they would
6:29 pm
just lick their wounds a little bit and step aside, but, no, we're going to fight them in appeals and see what happens look, it's the right thing to do, jim. there's a pandemic going on. we've gone seven fold increase in the number of cases nationwide in just five or six weeks and we're not going to let that restrict our ability to restart operations we're excited to get going we've got cruise ships in the water. a third one coming up sunday out of miami we're off to the races and we really think that with a little luck here and there we're going to have the entire fleet operating by april 1st. >> one of the things that justice williams seems to understand that florida did, it's not just you, florida, yo sail to countries that are concerned we don't bring you covid. florida could have shut you down
6:30 pm
from some of your popular routes. >> thank god the judge understood the case fully, the ramifications, not just the constitutional ones but the practical ones people want to cruise. we're in an industry shut down for over a year. we went 500 days without generating a penny of revenue, jim. how many companies can survive that not many we did, our industry did look, we also traveled to and from 500 ports around the world. all seven coulntinents and the only place that we couldn't ask for vaccine verification was florida. florida is the cruise capital of the world. florida is america's playground. the damage to florida's brand as a vacation wonder land, as a place to take off on a cruise to the caribbean and elsewhere is being damaged. and we've worked too hard for too long to let any politician come along and tarnish that
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reputation so i wasn't going to let that happen and i'm glad the judge agreed. >> you know, frank you told me to read the opinion. i've read it several times i've come to the conclusion of this, florida wants to protect the unvaccinated against the people who are vaccinated. and you know she said that several times. is that not fool hearty, to protect an unpro toekted class >> look, i think we all need protection from this pandemic, not just the vaccinated. there's been breakthrough cases but unvaccinated as well they just don't have the right to infect those on a cruise ship i have a business to run, customers to protect, shareholders' interest to protect as well and so we society need to understand this globally i'm so disappointed in government at the local level, state level, federal that we don't have mandates.
6:32 pm
whatever happened to good old leadership in this country there is a pandemic going on imagine if 600, 700,000 people have died of anything else in this country other than covid, there would be an uproar over 35 million confirmed cases. you ask dr. gottleib, he'll tell you it's over 100 million cases and it's got to stop if we don't take leadership here, this is going to go on forever and ever and ever. it's got to stop one way to stop it, not the only way, one way to stop it is to have 100% vaccination in different venues i can look you in the eye, jim, and tell you that there's no safer place on earth, on land or at sea, than on a norwegian crews ship, region 7 satieas because you are guaranteed everyone else on board is vaccinated. >> i told my wife, we can cruise there's one place. everyone's vaccinated, the crew, the people she said, yeah, they're going to
6:33 pm
put little kids on the kids aren't vaccinated you're not even doing that, are you? >> listen, no jab, no job. we're consistent we brought everybody back to the office and everybody has to be vaccinated at the office the crew has got to be vaccinated or else they're not going to work for us and their guests have to be vaccinated we are take 12g-year-old plus if they're vaccinated if you are under 12, you cannot be vaccinated yet, dr. gottleib says maybe by the end of the year that will happen and we'll gladly take you on board you're not vaccinated, we're not going to take the risk that an unvaccinated person is on board and all hell breaks loose. >> don't people want to krooz where somebody is vaccinated somebody coughs, you're not worried? >> i will tell you the
6:34 pm
overwhelming majority, as i said in my earnings call last week, our bookings for 2022 are at the highest they've ever been at any point in time including the record year of 2019 by a wide, wide margin, jim not by a little bit, by a wide margin and at higher prices so we believe our very strict covid protocols are actually a competitive advantage because, yes, most people, not all, it's never 100% of anything, but the vast majority of people who are willing to cruise today, want to cruise in the safest environment possible and that's what norwegian cruise lines brands are. >> i want to salute you. i saw three airlines today back down and say they're not going to require it. i'd rather fly with the ones with share vaccine i don't buy this idea if you're not vaccinated we should protect you. think about it, frank. did we protect the people who didn't want polio from the people who wanted to give us polio? did general eisenhower -- did
6:35 pm
president eisenhower say everybody has the right to give everybody else polio no, so we ended polio. >> that's where the leadership comes from we can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time, it's impossible but you have to take leadership and you have to take a stand and if the -- if a pandemic doesn't trigger that kind of leadership that you need to beat it back, i don't know what will be, jim so like i said earlier, i'm disappointed in our government, not just ours but worldwide. we now live in a global world and it doesn't do any good if we're doing one thing, if everybody else is doing the next we have to beat this pandemic back it's been around a year and a half, if not longer. look what this delta variant has shown you. >> i know. >> you can go from literally crushing it. israel and the u.k. were neck in neck back in mid spring having the lowest prevalence in the world, seven or eight weeks
6:36 pm
later it's a disaster. >> i know. >> so things can turn quickly. and the best way we know today is to be vaccinated. following the science. we're following common sense and that's all it takes. >> i agree with you, frank you know that. i'm with you every day on this, right? i'm right there with you i just -- you know, put me on the haven. let's get rolling. frank del rio, president and ceo of norwegian cruise lines. thank you for being a brave man. thank you for showing leadership great to talk to you. >> thanks, jim. this is the one i've been backing. if you've been on the ships, they're gorgeous don't forget that. that matters, too. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, impo posch markse spot instead h marks the
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all right. what the heck just happened with the stock of posh mark digital marketplace for secondhand goods stock plunged 17%. i thought the stock was way too hot when it came public this year i like the category. maybe i got ahead of myself. last night poshmark reported higher when you look unthe hood, there were real issues here. headwinds from apple's new privacy features and make it hard for companies to advertise. has the stock been punished too much or do we need to be concerned? let's dig in deeper with menish chandra. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you for having me, jim.
6:41 pm
>> menish, let's get right to t. there are so main things i like about your company, including the fact many younger people don't want to pay full price for clothes and they want a circular environment, meaning that they don't want stuff dumped in a landfill, they want to save stuff. they want to do it right but this time i felt that maybe the marketing costs went up too much i'm trying to understand why the stock plunged so much. >> i think your guess is as good as mine. we delivered a strong quarter. 7 million active buyers all behind them and the revenue of $82 million. you know, when you look at sort of last year to this year, there's sort of this covid part coming in. when you organize the two-year stack growth it accelerated from q1 to q2
6:42 pm
q2 growth was over 60% when you come out and i look at the stock, it doesn't make sense. it's really -- you know, there's a lot of momentum in the business the trends around sustainability continue to be very, very positive. >> do you think the people that freaked out when you did say the changes by apple, this is the identifier for advertisers, were tough and you also spent much more marketing than you did before so maybe people feel like you had to do that because of apple's change >> i think that was a little bit overblown in the headlines but if you look at, again, on the marketing side, the marketing expense reduced from q1. the two-year stack basis on marketing from q1 to q1 went up 10% on two-year stack basis and was flat on a two-year stack basis. it went from 4.5 billion to 7 billion. last year was covid. it was completely shut down for
6:43 pm
a period of time because of the market conditions. on a normalized basis the marketing was leveraged in q1 versus q2. when you look at the impact of apple privacy, it has a short-term impact. it is a transformation we have seen advertising platforms shift in the past. 2 1/2 years you remember facebook advertising shift last year google flipped the entire mix these things happen, come and go the bulk of the growth comes from the word of mouth that our community spends and a diversified mix. i feel it's a little bit overblown. the last point i gave in our favor, when you look at our revenue, gmv, active buy accounts, you look at some of the other, not only is the growth stronger, the sum of all of them is sometimes stronger than our scale so we continue to be excited about the future and tailwinds. >> i looked at reddit. reddit said poshmark is not
6:44 pm
doing a very good job keeping the scammers off the platform. they still get the commission whether the item is fake or not. they are only doing the symbolic crowd reporting thing. how do you respond to that >> well, we actually have been working on removing the spam from the system. finally i think over the last few months we made huge headway. impact of it will be positive. one of the things we see with content management broadly is that in the system when you sort of look at the fighting spammers, you have to look at machine learning have you to look at community reporting. so overall i feel like the last few months we are getting steam over it. the battle is not over i don't know if it's ever going to be over it's something we fight tooth and nail it's not about commission, it's all about technology. >> we are big fans of snap chat. it's gaining momentum by the
6:45 pm
week >> yes it's really exciting to sort of partner with next gen platforms. what we see with snap chat posh mini is bringing it nate tiflly for the snap chat user appealing for a broader demographic. it's part of the snap chat that's something we've done from day one. if you look at from day one we were first to i0s as one of the first native marketplaces on ii0 and we will continue to do that whether you say look at tiktok or other platforms >> one last question, manish we have a good relationship with the folks at etsy. they're very powerful and very well run can they take this depop and take it to posh and make it difficult for you? >> we cut out here for a second, but overall when we think of the competition and sort of the
6:46 pm
competitive landscape, we focus on our strength which is about social, about community, about transparency, about simplicity one of the things that gets talked about is take rate. our fee structure for the last ten years hasn't changed simple fee structure a lot of these including etsy has hidden fees. shipping fee, payment fee, et cetera so that simplicity allows us to continue to build long-term partnership with our sellers who have simplicity and our sharp focus on community has been there from day one >> we're going to have to stop there. you kind of cut out there. look, manish, there are a lot of things that went right, some things went wrong. we'll have to stay tuned to the stock. that's the only thing we can do. chairman and ceo thank you for coming on the show >> thank you for having mooe. >> excellent. "mad money" is back after the break. just chill out
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>> chill master jay. >> the chill man is in the house. he's happy. >> the lightning round is coming up when "mad money" returns. ♪ someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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it's time. it's time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over are you ready, skee-daddy. start with mike in onew york >> caller: i want to talk about zillow. >> zillow is down 25% for the year doing quite well mortgage rates so low.
6:51 pm
jim in new york. jim? >> caller: hi there, jim how are you doing today? >> i am doing well today thank you. how about you? >> caller: i'm doing good. can't wait to beat this virus. >> yeah. >> caller: my stock is -- is biopharmaceutical. >> i had a my ghraib to beat the band at 3:30 i popped myself a neurotec and that bad boy was gone in 15 minutes. do you think i think that is the best they never hada migraine let's go to cliff in colorado. cliff. >> boo-yah, jim cramer. >> caller: boo-yah how are you doing in. >> i am doing well how are you? >> caller: i'm doing well. thank you. i am calling about dev lightning motors. >> that was the game yesterday that was the one you had to be in yesterday or not be in at all. emmanuel in florida.
6:52 pm
ee manu sfwhel. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i know this space is crowded but what are your thoughts on sumo logic? >> oh, my god. if our viewers are smart that is the most crowded space in the world i'm tired of cloud-based management and analytics finally, finally, finally splunk went up. let's go to phil in tennessee. phil >> caller: big boo-yah, jimmy chill. first time caller here memphis, tennessee. >> indeed. >> caller: so my stock is infrastructure i joined the russ 3,000. how's atcx >> we want to be in things before the game, not after the game i think we missed that stock but now we're going to tom in
6:53 pm
michigan tom? >> caller: how are you >> i'm good. how are you, tom >> caller: good. you and all your friends do a fantastic job. sofi, long term outlook? >> long term they're about to report. i think he's doing a terrific job and i think that that's a great stork for the long term. there's no reason why you shouldn't buy it that's how i feel. now we're going to brian in nevada brian. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how you doing today? >> i am doing well how about you? >> caller: i'm good. my question is about gamestop >> okay. gamestop is a little controversial. you have these people, they're arachnids, nematodes they like it a lot and good for them that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, hut, hut, hike.
6:54 pm
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next time you hear about
6:57 pm
someone whining about how this is over valued, remember we can find opportunities around here every day. there are a dozen big names any moment that could go higher. like we said, the best of breed still make or walmart, king of retailer two days i've been pounding on the table for ages what can be the next newport or walmart? let's starred with ford motor. currently trades at under 14 bucks. down 2 points from the high. today's cpi demonstrates that used car prices could be peaking and that could be caused by demand or increased availability lately ford's biggest is the chip shortage. the chip shortage is going away. all of this suggests that ford can fix production problems. second, how about a growth stock? i'm going to think about paypal which we bought from the child trust. currently at 276 down 35 points on the high
6:58 pm
35 it will be even higher management talked about an issue with separation from e bay that can hurt the earnings. my view, that's been baked into the stock so why not pick up paypal like that. now not long ago norton lifelock surged from 21 to 28 after management raised guidance however, quickly sent back to 24 when we heard they might be overpaying for a similar company in germany when the actual terms were announced they were much more favorable. even though it did surge 9%, it's down a couple of bucks from where it was when we got word of this creative transaction. it's a power retailers called the best same store sales. many of the mall retailers have seen their stocks soar they don't come close to american eagle in terms of quality. it's down 10% from the high even though matthew boss who is the best in the business can go much higher fifth, boeing. six months ago with nary a
6:59 pm
possibility of the orders for the 737 max or the wide body planes, boeing stock hit $278. since then the company has been upset with supplies, orders from july tested the 737 max from china' aviation regulators. that's crazy how about pioneer nat. these two oil producers have gotten religion, the religion of returning capital to you the shareholders rather than wasting money. pioneer and devin have instituted variable dividends. they have high yields when you price oil in the high 60s. ask opec to pump more in order to lower the price of crude. opec is not going to do that oil will come down from the highs, i think now is the ideal time to pick up quality expiration plays that are serious about rewarding shareholders and trying to be good corporate systems when you look at the whole market, it might be overvalued
7:00 pm
from where it traded when you consider the bond markets give you next to nothing, stocks are still the only name in town. you can still find great opportunities every day. i just gave you seven of them. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer see yo the fda set to authorize the first covid booster shots. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc businesses start to feel the pain from covid delta. americans rethinking plans the impact on air travel, restaurants, and beyond. stepping into the spotlight. >> i want people to know that i'm ready for this. >> new york's next governor breaking from her old boss days away from taking power. >> no one will ever describe my administration as a toxic work environment.


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