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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  August 13, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc. here is your top five at 5:00. breaking news. the fda updating emergency use authorization for two key vaccines in the fight against the pandemic. this coming as another major company delays its return to office plans until early next year on wall street, stocks with more all-time highs, but the real action is in commodities. we'll show you where shares of disney surging after only what could be
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described as a magical quarter. your insider buying segment has something this week that has never, ever happened before. what it is and the stocks the big wigs are buying. it is friday the 13th. don't be scared. "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ooooh. spooky music on friday the 13th. thanks to the marketing group. today tends to be a good day for the equity markets good morning, good afternoon, good evening from where every in the world you are watching i'm brian sullivan happy friday the 13th. the global markets are setting up stock futures are up again the juggernaut market rally may
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roll on today. why a juggernaut the dow and s&p coming off the 42nd and 58th record highs of the year nasdaq up 13 points. wow. the action this week not about stocks, but about the stuff you can hold in your hand or cup commodities. lumber so much for its red-hot run. lumber futures at the lowest level since january of last year down 13 of the past 14 weeks down 10% alone this week cocoa going the other way. hitting its highest level since march. up 5% this week. on track for the fourth straight weekly gain. whether you are drinking hot cocoa or that cup of coffee you might be holding in your hand, they're both likely to get more expensive. coffee futures up 8% this week
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and up nearly 50% so far this year coffee watch starbucks and dunkin brands and stocks may help the markets today. disney out with blowout earnings sales booming. m parks are full again disney plus subscribers doubling again. that stock is up 5% at $188.40 we begin with breaking news from the fda regarding the potential for a third dose of vaccines contessa brewer is here with that and the news on the fight against covid. contessa, good morning >> brian, good morning fda amended the pfizer biontech and moderna vaccines to allo
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immunocompromised people to get a third dose this is the day before the advisory committee of the fda is set to vote on the vaccine guidelines for those with weakened immune systems. the rise in infections means 90% of the communities meet the threshold for indoor mask wearings new orleans and san francisco requiring for restaurants and gyms and other venues. also, breaking late yesterday, the supreme court will not block indiana university's vaccine policy that requires all students get a shot to attend classes in the fall semester the first decision on the high court on the hot-button issue. it was directed to judge amy coney barrett. she was a professor at notre dame she has experience in academia and the rig or orrigors of a ca
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of young people. and facebook is delaying the return to work until january of 2022 they expected a full return by october. not happening now because of the delta variant. >> i have a feeling more companies will follow suit contessa brewer, see you in a few minutes. thank you. now your money we try to make it opportunity friday here on "worldwide exchange." bringing stocks and picks and sectors. your first guest today says it may be about airlines and semiconductors and real estate inve investing. vance howard from howard investment vance, good to have you back on. a lot to talk about with variants and travel may
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shutdown you heard the facebook news. that is not scaring you off airline stocks why not? >> good morning, brian good to see you again. they don't scare us at all you see a tick in covid which is concerning, but you have seen the airlines tick down with covid in tandem. if we can get a bit of relief from the covid uptick, we think the etf we like that owns a bushel of the airline stocks, that will make a good move up. maybe a 5% to 15% pop if we get a little bit of relief from covid. that is what is holding down the sector such as the airlines. >> is that for real estate as well not housing, but commercial real estate and reats >> they are looking better and better the residential looks better than the commercial real estate. we talked to more and more businesses throughout the course of the week. they are not all that interested
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in renting space that doesn't mean there will be a tick up. this variant is putting pressure on it i see the market, brian, being up 5% to 10% before the end of the year. i indicated the positive the non emotional indicator. i said we would hit 4,400 by summer we hit that target we're pleased. we're bullish going into the last two quarters of the year. >> you are not worried about renewed lockdowns or delays? you heard contessa talk about delayed returns to the office. that is not shying you away from the stocks >> not at all. you see the mathematical indicator that keeps us in the market and keeps us sane
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it prevents us from making emotional investment gains as long as the indicator is positive, we'll stay along the market any pull back is a buying opportunity. we have been buying on every pull back we had even though they have been shallow. >> some of the hottest stocks are technology stocks, but semiconductor stocks in particular nvidia and micro chip technology those names. another group you like despite the fact you had a sizable run the last couple weeks. >> they have you know, they broke out of the 9 90-day base. we think they will move higher i go back to the thesis over here last two yquarters will pick up lot of steam the last thing that held that back is fear of covid and hopefully we can tick back and it will go into the direction we
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want it to go which is opposite of up. we will see the index move to the other side which will be a dramatic move to the up side once covid gets relief from the psychological effect of what is taking place of the tick up of covid. >> a bullish semiconductors vance howard thank you very much. >> thank you all right. on tap on this busy friday if the shoe fits, buy it authentic brands pumping up the portfolio products to $2.5 billion deal who they are buying. plus, a profit warning has this stock lower in the pre-market there is the mystery chart who's the name we will reveal it later on. and covid cases surging up
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in america rising prices and rising bitcoin and whether we can rise from the ashes of the pandemic. kevin o'leary will join us i will see you there for that. time for the big money movers today is a bonus four stock stories of the morning here is the rundown. stock number one, airbnb second quarter revenue topping pre-pandemic levels as domestic travel sails airbnb doesn't know if people will travel through the fall with therising covid cases stock number two, sofi the revenue is lighter than analysts were expecting. the first earnings report since the spac merger in june.
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stock three is doordash. everybody continues to order everything gross order volume and orders hitting new records in the second quarter however, doordash predicting a slowdown as we take advantage of summer to actually, go out leave the house! doordash down 5% the bonus fourth stock is adidas it is selling reebok to authentic brands for $2 billion. they bought it for $3.5 billion as they look to expand the presence in america. sales lagged those of adidas itself they decided to dump it off and sell it. we have more on "worldwide exchange." on deck, the get out andtravel trend and boost of the few under the radar names you may have
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missed in the reopening trade. it has to do with travel insurance. every time you book a trip, you check the box. you want to buy insurance. what does it cover contessa brewer is back with that story we are back right after this >> announcer: today's big number $2.5 trillion. that was the total u.s. budget deficit in the first quarter of the year the deficit narrowed more than rlr. yr the same period aea eaie the ey entrepreneurs access network has a tremendous impact on my business because it's given me networks, access to capital, and access to opportunities. the level of coaching that i get has had a tremendous impact. it allows companies like mine and others to grow, and it closes the wealth gap in this country.
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welcome back despite the delta variant and covid resurgence, the get out and travel trade remains as strong as ever we have highlighted hotels and airlines and cruise lines, there is another area that could be getting a big bottom line boost. contessa brewer is back with more on travel insurance that little box we have to check at the end of every booking. contessa, what is it >> whether you checked it or not might have really changed during the pandemic you realized stuff happens. when everyone thought it was safe to travel, you have delta and demand for travel insurance is spiking online brokers say sales are far exceeding where they were in
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2019 before the pandemic began up 67% in july alone desirable destinations like coat costa rica and turks and cacos you heard from carnival and royal saying unvaccinated passengers need minimum travel insurance if leaving from florida. vaccinated or not, travelers are choosing to buy coverage >> i was more concerned with the cost of having to stay an extra ten days during a quarantine which would have been a big hit for us financially that we were not prepared for i was happy to have that insurance. >> when i talked to michaun hayes, she said she paid $300 for the family of four a price that is not as bad if she had to be quarantined in a hotel room for a week or longer.
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brian. >> all right let's talk about travel insurance because i'm the idiot that hits yes and pays the whatever $39 what exactly is covered under it are we covered if it is covid? how much does the cancel for any reason cost? now there's multiple layers. >> yeah, first of all, with coronavirus, it is likely the policy would cover you if you actually got sick with coronavirus. if you ended up having to be in the hospital, if you are diagnosed having coronavirus the problem is the policies don't cover if you have to quarantine or if there is a travel advisory that means you no longer want to go to the country where you think you want to go or the city or state or if there are border closures. those are the cases where you want a cancel for any reason
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policy those policies, what you pay, depends on the expensive price of the trip. you can typically expect to pay 40% more for a cancel for any reason policy. it pays to read the fine print to see what it covers and what you get and to shop around the prices do vary on the policies >> except the fine print on insurance policies, contessa, is like reading a magna carta >> i know. what did the pandemic show us? you may not realize a virus exclusion is on the policy until you go to put in a claim with the insuraer and then you are ou of luck. >> they should have a separate box. yes, no, virus contessa brewer, see you in a few minutes. contessa, thank you. >> okay.
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all right. so, let's get a check on the other top headlines happening outside money and business the rising crisis in afghanistan as the taliban surges again. frances rivera is in new york with that and more frances. >> good morning, brian this morning, an escalating crisis in afghanistan. president biden is now rushing 3,000 troops to evacuate staff and embassies. the taliban has taken over and 12 cities are under its control. all americans need to leave immediately. britney spears is handed a victory. her father, jamie spears agreed to step down from the conservatorship. not right away mr. spears is willing to step down when the time is right, but the transition needs to be orderly and include resolution of matters before the court. he has been held over her estate
5:23 am
for 13 years she filed to remove her father from her estate and conservatorship. did you watch it mlb built it and they came white sox and yankees entered the field from the corn in the outfield kevin costner led the teams for the game the yankees late game come back and giancarlo stanton had a home run, but then the white sox walk-off winners 9-8 what an experience to be there among the cornfield in the field of dreams and watching at home, brian. mlb commissioner said it will happen again they are in the works for planning a 2022 game some time in the summer. >> i think the real winner was kevin costner who we saw there
5:24 am
everybody will re-rent the movie. any game the yankees lose is a good day, frances. >> so you say. if you are in that setting, a movie studio could not have made that more perfect when they did way back when. >> make sure the popcorn is locally sourced. frances rivera, thank you very much >> have a good weekend >> this better be iowa popcorn buy your christmas gifts now. one of the biggest ports says more problems are coming. is this the sign of peak everything a 40-year-old cake sold for $2,500 and you can't eat it. if you are get out there, follow or podcast.
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breaking news this morning fda updating guidance when it comes to booster shots for the immunocompromised. reaction from the e.r. doctor and hawaii governor josh green.
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holy house of mouse the stock surging in the pre-market. and for the first time ever, all five companies are over $1 million in insider buying. it has never happened before what else are you expecting on a friday the 13th? this is "worldwide exchange." welcome or welcome back. good friday. despite it being friday the 13th thank you for joining us here is how your money is looking halfway through the 5:00 a.m. hour. stock futures are up dow futures up 52. nasdaq up 6. again, not a lot they are in the green. juggernaut market varally rolls
5:29 am
on we have not had a 5% drop, correction, whatever you want to call it, in the s&p since october of last year one of the most remarkable and record runs in the history of the market here on friday on wex, we give you new things you may not have heard about here is something you may not have paid attention to congress close to finalizing the big spend. investors are buying into the infrastructure trade global x infrastructure etf ticker pave. you have to have a cute ticker four weeks in a row. this will probably be the top because i said it. up 7% in one month. and let's get to disney. shares surging 5%. earnings crushed it.
5:30 am
theme parks are booming. returning to profitability for the first time since the pandemic began thank yoda disney plus. the streaming service has 116 million subscribers. disney ceo telling jim cramer last night on "mad money" streaming and parks are the two pieces of the puzzle for the last year in a half. >> we decided rather than put it neutral to see what happens, but to step on the gas step on the gas on the two biggest initiatives. one is the direct to consumer proposition with disney plus, but also in the theme park business >> joining us to talk about it and breakdown the numbers is tuna amobi tune tuna, great to have you on.
5:31 am
i tried to find a hole in the numbers. where's the weakness it was hard to find. how good of a quarter was this for disney >> brian, good morning i think you said it right. it crushed it. it was a blowout quarter on any number of fronts theme parks, if you are waiting for any evidence that the consumer is still out there itching to get out, you saw the significant rebound over there in the direct-to-consumer which was off the charts fewer trying to quibble for any kind of thing that might not have gone as well. media networks had huge swing in terms of the profits or in terms of the losses because of the production spend that they ramped up with the return of programming and live support all in all, a blowout quarter. disney trading higher over everyone else.
5:32 am
>> yeah, parks up. streaming up 116 million subs 174 when you combine hulu and espn plus and whatever tuna, is disney making money from streaming at whatever $6.99 a month there for espn is that a profitable business or is it still about just acquiring subscribers at this point? >> it is about acquiring subscribers for the next few years. on the bottom number, the losses are reducing significantly thanks to hulu disney will get to profitability over the next three years. they are rolling out in international markets through next year. that being said, i think streaming will be the big c cajuna
5:33 am
now you are seeing the revenue side and streaming is overtaking the theme parks and other divisions. that tells us streaming is doing well the profits will catch up sooner than later that will justify the multiple that investors are assigning >> what do we do about the stock? is it like peak everything right now? this is as good as it gets how much better can it get for disney >> no question, brian, a lot of good is already priced in. i would not buy any priced to perfection because of the fact disney plus is still, i would say, at most in the third or fourth rollout that means as they continue to roll out the service, and that's operating leverage which continues to kick in
5:34 am
remember, the theme parks are still way off the peak attendance level as the consumer continues to come back you will see operating leverage lift the entire boat and streaming when they turn profit, i think it will be really something special. >> well, stock is special this morning, tuna. up 5%. one of the biggest moves we have seen in disney dow component. tuna amobi, thank you. >> thank you all right. now let's -- you're welcome. now let's turn to the covid fight and breaking news this morning. the fda amending the emergency use authorization for the pfizer biontech and moderna vaccines to allow some i mmunocompromised people to get a third booster dose this comes the day before the
5:35 am
fda advisory committee is set to meet and vote on that decision. the supreme court will not block indiana university's vaccine policy requiring all students receive a vaccine to attend classes in the fall that is the first decision by the supreme court on this hot-button issue all this coming as cases rise across america that includes hawaii cases surging there. inspite of higher vaccination rate than the national average, cases are soaring in hawaii. going back to 50% capacity for bars and restaurants joining us to talk about it is practicing e.r. physician and hawaii lieutenant governor dr. josh green the covid-19 liason doctor, i appreciate you joining us i know it is late there. your numbers are not high. the percentages are certainly
5:36 am
scary. can you give us an update on the current situation? hospitalization? capacity icu usage? et cetera? >> brian, thanks for having me first, great show. we are going through the surge we have seen this happening across the country we have gone from 61 cases a month ago on average to 549 cases yesterday. relatively speaking, it is a big surge. of course, we're managing. we're a small state. 1.4 million people we hit a surge last july 4th and one you show in january over the christmas and new year holiday and now july 4th again it is all delta. we are third best for vaccinations those who are not vaccinated, which is one-third of the population, are getting the delta variant. they are going to the hospital and they're quite sick 91.3% of the hospitalizations
5:37 am
are people who are not vaccinated at all. 97% of cases are people who are not vaccinated it is playing out in hawaii like elsewhere. we will get through. lots of people in the hospital. >> this is an incredibly important point, dr. green i'm going to a conference next week everybody is required to be vaccinated to go to the conference there is still a lot of concern. there is some breakthrough cases. the numbers, let's be honest they are very, very small. the cases that do occur, are, according to the cdc and hospitals, very mild to reiterate, the folks getting sick and going to the hospital are over 90% unvaccinated. >> that's right. 91.3%. it is a big problem because it is not just those who have covid that are going to the hospital, but our hospital beds are filling up therefore, when i was on call on
5:38 am
saturday, a 73-year-old gentleman had a heart tattack ad i was unable to transfer him to a unit where he neededcardiac care everyone should be aware of that there is a lot of report in the south and texas where the hospitals are closing. we are bringing in 550 additional critical care nurses and respiratory therapists to support the state. fema is helping support us you go through the surges and in the small states, you feel it. we welcome people to hawaii if they are vaccinated and/or if they get the pre-test. that helps keep numbers down only 2% of cases are travel related. everything else is community spread community spread among those who are not vaccinated. >> that is my next question. it is sometimes hard to know exactly where the cases begin, right? you know who is sick
5:39 am
you don't know where they got sick it sounds like these are not people bringing in the virus from the mainland. joj. just off the jet family clusters in hilo and kona and oahu >> travelers had a breakthrough case happens infrequently. 11% of all cases that came were our own people traveling back from vegas or texas or florida beautiful places, but with a lot of covid if they come back and unvaccinated, they go straight to quarantine. that means they are with loved ones with family and coworkers and friends and they spread it there. the other 87% is community spread across the state in the great places like hilo and kona.
5:40 am
you cannot stop this virus if you are not vaccinated or not wearing a mask or not doing smart things we decided to, like you said, decrease the number of people in restaurants and decrease total gathering size 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors in max gatherings that will slow down the virus. we should see a drop off in cases in the next two weeks. it will be a tough two weeks for my colleagues in the hospital. >> we are thinking about them. dr. josh green, we know it is late we know you worked in the hospital late hours as well. still working hard our best to everybody out there to the first responders fighting the fight. saving lives on the frontlines and one of the most beautiful places in america. maybe we'll have a drink in merriment at some point when this is all over i appreciate god's work you are doing. >> i'm going there for my anniversary tomorrow >> all right i did not know that. lucky guess.
5:41 am
good pick. dr. green, thank you happy anniversary, by the way. >> thank you very much. let's get to the other top stories. sometimes you throw out a name and get lucky. contessa brewer is back. i threw out a restaurant and that is where he is going for his anniversary. you can't do that. >> your psychic ability is amazing, brian stunning. >> or psycho >> shall we move on to the news? the port of los angeles, brian, says it is bracing for more shipping nightmares. akin to 2020 because of the outbreaks in the largest ports in china volumes in l.a. were down because of outbreaks now shippers are adding covid contract clauses as insurance so they don't have to pay extra when ships get stranded waiting to get to port boeing starliner space
5:42 am
launch could be delayed for months the delays stem from need ed repairs on the launch. boeing delayed the trip to the international space station after discovering a glitch in the propulsion systems after the pre-launch check. a slice of cake from the 1981 wedding of prince charles and princess diana just sold for $2,565 at auction. the 28-ounce slice from the occasion was expected to sell for $760 bidding more than tripled. the slice comes from one of the 23 official cakes made for the royal wedding. it has a white marzipan base it has red and gold and blue
5:43 am
icing. is it in the freezer maybe it is freeze dried >> that is my question where has it been? space locker liquid nitrogen? how do you do that >> somebody is holding on to it. brian, one man's trash is another man's treasure >> let me ask you this maybe you are the buyer. you're successful. would you eat it >> i might if i paid $2,500 for a piece of cake it's mine to taste >> send it to dr. green. it's his anniversary i just guessed randomly the restaurant have the cake and eat it, too. contessa, thank you. >> and eat it, too right. >> see what i did there, contessa come on. we need a blog coming up, rates are surging
5:44 am
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now to perhaps the most important story in the world that is not getting the attention it deserves. the still sky rocketing cost of shipping 40-foot shipping container, the big metal box you see everywhere, from china to the u.s., may cost $20,000 to rent
5:47 am
consider last year they were $3,000 or $4,000 it is putting holiday shopping at risk. it is not just that. the cost of liquified natural gas and those shipping containers have soared with all of the insane prices, are there companies that may win from this? let's bring in randy giveans randy, we appreciate it. any sign these prices are slowing down this just is getting bonkers at this point. >> great to see you, brian a few things are going on. obviously on the container side, demand remains robust. everyone wants all of these goods from amazon and walmart and target s they have to get them from asia. you see increased spending on goods especially with lockdowns
5:48 am
looming and back to school shopping going and holiday shopping going full force and the supply of ships is low for the time being we are looking at two-to-three years until you see new build orders for the container rates, co container shipping goods will be strong until next chinese new year you have port congestion which is high. we have ticker zim and ticker dac. you mentioned lng and that gas a year ago, i'm in texas, we were giving away crude and that gas. now at multiyear highs for the commodities. national gas is above $4 international lng prices are above $15. massive spread what you are seeing is
5:49 am
additional u.s. lng exports going out the door not much new production here that's certainly rising nati gas prices here. when you had a very harsh winter in january and february throughout asia and europe >> does that, randy, the commodity is up. the spike and came down and rising we saw the graphic does that translate to the shippers the ones you covered do they make more money? >> absolutely. the biggest thing is the geographic arbitrage it is cheaper in one region than another. that is what you see on the chart as well when you see the northwest european price at a discount to the japan, korean market the asian lng price. the way to capture the spread is put it on a large lng carrier. take the lng at a lower price
5:50 am
and ship to asia then you have the window that is one reason the shipping rates remain elevated. the next is increase inventory in the summer to prepare for the winter that's what is happening throughout europe and asia right now, the markets in tango. not dancing. prices forward higher. prices in europe and asia. we better get lng today before prices go higher in the future months that is pushing up shipping rates. the way to replenish inconinventory is import more lng on the lng carriers the top picks there. >> randy, we have to leave it there. we know one of the top picks is
5:51 am
g o golar. watch the containers huge story inflationary big news randy giveans, thank you >> thank you you'recoming up, your insider buying segment with something that has never happened before. ♪ dream, dream that's the thing to do ♪ ♪ music ♪ when you see value in all directions, you add value in all directions. accenture. let there be change. i became a sofi member because i needed to consolidate my credit card debt. i needed just one simple way to pay it all off. it was an easy decision to apply with sofi loans, just based on the interest rate and how much i would be saving. there was only one that stood out and one that actually made sense and that was sofi personal loans. it felt so freeing.
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time for the weekly exclusive insider buying segment. the top five companies or executives buying stock with their own money. this is a special week for the first time ever since we started doing this about a year ago, all top five buys are more than $1 million. literally never happened before. maybe it shows a lot of bullishness from the insiders that know more than all of us. let's get to it with our thanks to five to one. stock five, iheartmedia
5:54 am
the ceo with $1.02 million and conocophillips making the biggest buy in insider history $1.25 million. dunn & bradstreet. we hit this name a few times in the last year or so. stock number two activision blizzard. board member making another buy. doubling down on the buy back in may. and the most insider buying this week is aon. chairman lester knight buying $2.6 million by the way, that is lester knight's tenth insider buy in over ten years and he's buying with the stock at an all-time high price something to watch there you go iheartmedia, conoco phillips and
5:55 am
d&b and activision blizzard and aon. only seen here on wex. joining us again is the markets head amy wu silverman. she has the crystal ball in the options market amy, from the macro perspective, what are options telling you about the future of stocks right now? >> okay. looking into the crystal ball which we refer to as volatility. the biggest concern and hedging activity, brian, is all in the value trade. we talk about the rotation and options with the concern about reopening value. >> are people paying in the options market for bets to hedge
5:56 am
against the surge of covid and potentially new lockdowns? >> they are. you know, that's one thing we weren't sure about our head of biontech research said delta variant will peak labor day. that is what the options market is pricing if you look at it and what is more concerning is this started off with the index etf level with retail. we are now seeing this pick up on individual stocks as well yesterday and today, we're starting to see hedging demand pick up in the airlines as well. not just on the etf level. >> what kinds of trades are people paying for? are people generally paying more for puts betting against things or paying more for calls betting on things? >> very basic level. paying more for puts and the
5:57 am
amount they are paying is starting to rise we are not at what i characterize as peak worry to give you a dollars and cents example. one s&p put, if you sold it, you can put 15 s&p calls that metric was higher two months ago that number continues to rise. that means people are willing to pay more to own protection against the down side right now. >> amy wu silverman. rbc. you called it implied volatility we call it crystal ball. crystal ball is better for marketing. you do you amy wu silverman rbc crystal ball with amy wu silver man amy, thank you we appreciate it folks, that does it for us here on wex. i will see you at 5:00 p.m. for a special cnbc hour at 6:00 p.m. tune in and record that if you are going out. thanks for joining us here
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good morning breaking overnight fda saying it will allow a booster vaccine dose for some people with weakened immune systems. we tell you what comes next.
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facebook is the next company to delay return to the office. disney shares blowout quarter. theme park returns signal profitability. it is friday, august 13th, 2021. "squawk box" begins right now. good morning welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc i'm melissa lee with andrew ross sorkin and scott woapner. the dow is looking to be up by 62 as for treasury yields we had them stable yesterday in fact, all markets were stable yesterday. s&p 500 with the


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