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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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nadine >> fisher at 534. >> guy >> oracle. >> tim >> courtney great having you walmart into earnings. >> and karen, wrap it up for us. >> anthem. up today i still like it here odal. >> thank you for watchin my mission is simple, to make you money here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job isn't just to entertain but to teach you call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer
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enough with the taper tape things you should worry about now, fed tapering -- it should be low on the list hence ripping the tape off my face with nary a whit of pain. see any tears or trant rum something i used to throw at hedge fund when i was wrong, also unmedicated but started weak, recovered. dow gaining 110 points, s&p back not that concerned about all the fed chatter. all anyone was talking about how the tapering is happening sooner than expected. didn't hurt when i pulled it off. supposedly bad news for the market but that drove the dow up bring on the duct tape
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taper talkers need some taper tape i disregard this talk because i take my cue from the byrds who doesn't? for everything there's a season, turn, turn, turn time to bid for health cares, a time to dump the tax a trade for every market under heaven to get biblical people keep trading in and out of groups. extremely expensive tech stocks with sky high sales moguls, replaced there's a tendency to ascribe magical powers to the rotations. hear that nasdaq is going down because the fed is going to signal something about taper utilities are up big because bond yields are down because delta variant is up, vaccination is down, there's slowdown in
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china. buy procter & gamble and duke. none is stupid but focus on the fed, textbook case of yes, bring it out again, lazy thinking. when i was reporter, look at book, go cover probe of the rackets. it's easy for the money managers to listen and divine what they say and extrapolate if powell could change his mind, it is the perfect parlor game. just one problem all the close reading of remarks from various fed heads makes no money, it's chatter. it's like the game of clue chairman powell in the library with the duct taper tape no if it's all about the fed, what do we care about my list. if it's not the fed, it's this first i care about the state of the consumer retailers, i think american consumers are like hot coals
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with congress throwing gasoline. would be good for clorox we hear lows from walmart and target, hope they're not killjoys about the delta variant. said things look good, would have been a lot better but retailers, say the consumer remains flush, not concerned about the fed, looking forward to more people returning to work, still at home though and home office. stick that script, home free and it's true. and i care how much afghanistan matters. did we abandon important ally that needed help or sinking ship that was always unsalvageable. i don't know the answers this is "mad money," but it matters because we have ally in
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taiwan where huge portion of semiconductors are made and china is putting more and more pressure on them don't see them giving in, hostile to the chinese communist party but if president biden blinks, who knows what could happen less expensive stocks didn't plummet, they went up. semiconductor stocks did get hit. own apple, don't trade it. delta variant can run its course, get vaccinated or infected like india. could be wishful thinking. too many anti-vaxers fighting for the freedom to get sick. wall street is fighting off restrictions thank goodness to the antibody
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drip that gets you out of the hospital and test that keeps you at home best continued incompetence of the cdc and fda. i like that. because everyone else is afraid to say it. i guess i should be afraid long-term interest rates going down is good for goose, home buyers, anyone else who has to borrow money but bad for the gander, people who lend money. time to sell j.p. morgan, maybe. you got enough cash for down payment, this is a fantastic time to buy real estate. any piece of property might be better than the bulk of stocks follow mid-priced in, high-priced earnings not -- not earnings but sales, those are the ones that people avoid hard turn turn turn, out of
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sync with everything else but market tired of absorbing the money losing ipos. we see this behavior when there's too much supply but only tends to be bad for everything taken down so many new offerings it's hard to remember from one day to another that's more of a reason to stick with the tried and true. six, regular big cap stocks with big dividends are deals versus bonds. johnson & johnson, texaco. substitute afghanistan, what does that have to do with bristol meyers nothing. but talk about taper, granular, okay not as good as this sauce, none
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better maybe not as important as taper tape maybe cucumbers and vinegar, kid you not. but more important than tantrum any day of the week. i can't get the recipe right maybe short the stock of pinterest. just trying to explain there's many seasons to the market to not scare you out of the market, make you sell good stocks because of chatter about something that's not going to matter to you. but most important thing to remember, it's rotation or turn. market stays in, it's dedicated to stocks, jumping from one group to the other hence the dow finishing positively after opening lower bottom line, let's face it, if you really think the whole market is poised to get hammered because of the tape tantrum, haven't had a 5% climb, use that to buy into weakness like this
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morning. especially when crushed by sector rotation and people are so worried and talking about something that should be no more to you than my band pickles by good sauce or this, don't worry, will have its turn soon enough says it all doesn't it didn't go to college to get stupid terry in washington. >> caller: how are you thank you for letting me retire early. retired at 58 by using your advice. >> that i love, why i'm still out here at 87 doing this darned show, and i look great for 87. put that out there. >> caller: new for you, dr. carps, door dash, roku,
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chipotle, paypal and pie square? >> i like square right here because every time i think they've come up with -- last thing they come up with, they come up with something else. i remember ceo gave a talk, why can't i be square? talk about temper tantrum, i want to be square. okay sorry. you're not patricia in illinois >> caller: hi jim, i think you're terrific and very knowledgeableable. th thanks for the great advice you give me. >> just a second, got to get wife on the phone, she's been down on me made one comment -- nevermond, get away from that. >> you had the ceo on of skn do you still think's a buy
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>> brent saunders used to run a aler gen and i thought it sounded fantastic. i went to a spa recently and they scrubbed my eye and spent a lot of money going to eye doctor apropos of absolutely nothing. get some of this, put it on your ear so you don't have to listen anymore. enough with the taper tape don't identify with it here are the things i identify with more. between this and taper tantrum, always go with jimmy dill. i'm a big dill there are many sections to the market you got your chance. on mad tonight, one of the largest ipos, investors loving
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it interview the ceo. infrastructure package out of washington for new winners on wall street and i know which liquor in the pandemic, jim beem maker's son tory to see where the industry stands. clean up on alcohol despite the delta variant. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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couple months ago we fielded a homework question about the largest ipos, a mobile game company that makes software tools for others great business, had something going, but warned you to wait for the stock to come down sliver ipo can be volatile, only let a little bit go at beginning. sur should have, applovin has pulled back and business gotten better 123% revenue growth and rallied next day, then gave up all gains because declined to raise the forecast and they have odd forecasting method, some are worried about apple privacy rules, harder to do targeted advertising, that doesn't apply
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to most of applovin's businesses but will become available next -- near future. if the stock gets hit, could be worth buying in weakness given strong growth and terrific margins. check in with adam ferugee, what he sees going on welcome to "mad money." >> excited to be here. >> many people come on the show, say they have a fly wheel, don't mean it. disparate businesses, but you cobbled together a company that every business works better the the other. tell people about it. >> we built a marketing
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opportunity, saw the opportunity to get in the game, large scale reach and party data to fuel the software to become better than who we work with what we executed on. overall growth is 123% but we're most excited about the software platform grew over 250%. $200 million in software last year, trending to $600 million this year. all the pieces coming otogether >> you're not losing boatloads of money while you grow. >> not at all. every incremental dollar of software revenue has incredibly high margin, don't have costs associated with it last quarter, we beat revenue estimates by about $30 million and cleared ebitda estimates by
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about $30 million. converts almost one to one to bottom line. that's impactful >> people think that apple's privacy rules impact you badly, but you have a incredible amount of first party data. why do people extrapolate that >> i think we got a little lucky but had foresight to know first party data creates advantage in marketing software that's why we're into games. we've gotten first party data on hundreds of millions of consumers every time feeds into the software paired with machine learning, accelerating all fronts. >> you made an acquisition, seen that happen, but this
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accelerated your growth. >> axon was home grown, built up by engineering team and came together last september. platform wasn't using your first party data before. we started building models to become smarter to figure out consumers to match up with accelerated every quarter. q2 over q1, grew it sequentially we've very excited about what lies ahead >> i do want people to -- stock came down even with great quarter but stock will be for sale we know that it's no sin. company's been around since 2012, okay to have lickiquidityo
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people but want pemople to know some could come in for sale and could have better chance f they don't sell, this is the bottom. >> 20% of the shares lockup free and friday and seeing little lockup there closely held i bought last quarter around $60, and the other reality is software business went from 200 last year to 600-plus this year, we're confident of a billion plus next year and the market is not absorbing this soft growth not many in world at that rate as people start appreciating how strong the business is, you'll see good buying opportunity. >> i feel like gaming companies,
6:22 pm
used to be on disk, then download it, now applovin has leapfrogged everybody, is that accurate depiction of everybody in mobile gaming versus you? >> we hope so. we're not just building games and making business model. we have a marketing platform to monetize the data from the intergames giving them huge benefit helping them with data discover new data to engage with. driving up all parts of the ecosystem and that's massive in competitive market why we could build the gaming side zero to over $2 billion in three years. >> so glad a caller pointed this out to me. this company is exciting adam foroughi, founder of
6:23 pm
applovin thanks for being on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> doing so well, growing so fast, hard to keep track but our viewers do and this is one where frankly i'm in awe of the growth this company is generating "mad money" is back. >> announcer: coming up, can it really be, an infrastructure bill with bite cramer goes off the charts with the bill's big winners, next
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now it's big bipartisan infrastructure bill looks almost sure thing, close as you get to in american politics these days. how can you make money from it many stocks have already rallied
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but have more room to run. nearly $1 trillion to spend on roads, broadband, mass transit and ports, we should have done this years ago, we know that but better late than never over a decade of spending here not a month, a quarter, a decade major long-term gains for all the companies that feed at the federal trough they've already run, don't be surprised. so how do we figure out place with the most upside from these levels to answer that, bob lang bob lang is the founder of explosive options dot net, and author of "know your options" has made us a lot of money over the years. start with the company that's maybe the most straightforward winner from the infrastructure package. i love these guys. $110 billion for roads and
6:28 pm
bridges, a decent chunk will go to this company. no wonder on fire lately solid pattern of higher lows and higher highs forming, oh, boy, the "w" so many of us crave that's followed by a big break but look at the line, this is how perfect, this is like our rothko here. shows you whether big institutions are buying or selling. strong money flow other hand, rsi, relative stock index, bottom shows in that territory, could signal a top, too far too fast sometimes though overbought stocks stay overbought when they're really good stocks when you look at volume, i know it looks light until you go like
6:29 pm
that there's low volume there you might let this stock cool off short term that's possible. this is a $300 name that could run to $500. freaks people out below that, held to that, buy it all of these you might wait for a pull back. not fair there's a rail you might go now john deere makes farm equipment but they have construction equipment business that could event from this bill. that's one reason the stock has been on fire overbought amazing money flow, rsi is overbought lang says look for the stock to make a move past earnings. if we get any dip, he thinks
6:30 pm
buying opportunity i totally agree. i worked on this company because of the food stamp story this week this is my favorite. i just, i did the work this weekend because of the food stamps, biden is upping amount of money for food stamps, comes back to road construction deere. have a deere can you believe it i can operate it simple machine union pacific, west coast railroad which i cannot operate, benefitted from $66 billion in rail investments and $17 billion for the ports. b backlog on the west coast. more cargo for union pacific, it's just a staging ground for them been in a box since march. that's really fantastic. why? when it breaks out, going to break out big-time, and volume trends bullish like to see that pick up stock tends to rally high
6:31 pm
volume it's like a polygraph, lets you know whether or not a move is telling the truth. been a lot of lying moves of late moving average, macd, it's important momentum indicator, changes in stock's trajectory before they happen don't need coincident but before macd gave you a buy signal hard to see but take my word for it where the black line crosses above the red line maybe? it's one of the most reliable tells out there. stock has bounced off 50 day moving average love this blue line, held it, held it. should have a nice floor of support. people didn't like the quarter of union pacific back one if union pacific can close above 229, he expects a run to $250. they buy back a lot of stock i love these guys.
6:32 pm
yeah, it's just really well run company. next up, speak of well run, the best run steel maker in the world. weekly chart here. spend a trillion dollars upgrading infrastructure requires a lot of steel. that's insane, it's like a tech stock. why it's been white hot. lang thinks terrific rally at strong volume is pulling in more buyers even up already 103%. could go to 150 or 1 vi75 i think he's right they were doing great even when infrastructure package looked dead in the water. imagine if it passes and when new core does well it's not just a year but for years. that's the strategy and style. last one, seem out of place,
6:33 pm
american tower owns wireless towers all over the world. makes it infrastructure, as currently constructed, it's got broadband upgrades, lot of that will be mobile and american tower should cash in on the spending next decade no, not so bad not a huge winner but one of the strongest performers in communications space new ceo. lang sees this as amazing chart. stock's been consistently strong since bottoming in march and bounced back hard every time there's a dip. pulled back to 50 day, the blue. rebounded almost immediately still got room lang notes the volume trends are positive i question the end but he says positive and unlike the other name, not overbought, it's not over this line
6:34 pm
last friday american tower closed above its 20 day moving average and got follow-through today. it's six bucks away from making a new buy. can get momentum going, can run to 330, and then to 350, amazing price. lang doesn't fool around, not fanciful even though infrastructure stocks have already run, bob lang suggests they could have more upside, specifically these ones he has good point. i'm throwing in john deere eric in delaware >> caller: boo-yah mr. cramer. farmer eric in delaware. like your take on mt materials why they have to continue to ship the raw materials to china and then back to the united states >> they're going to change that, committed to doing that. i had been critical at one point
6:35 pm
because so much stock for sale, then demonstrated a good quarter. if they can bring it back to here, you have to own the stock. still best way to play the market for the kind of materials we don't have enough of, how about that don't want to call them magic materials but put it this way, the rare earth play of our rare earth play many stocks stand to benefit from the infrastructure bill in washington but martin, union pacific, american tower and nucor and john deere the best. from jim beem, what does the spirits business look like as delta variant affects the great reopening. ceo's son talks to me. and how do you know if stock price is too low, too high, just
6:36 pm
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what happens to the liquor stocks now the great reopening has been interrupted by great reinfection? given that delta variant is spreading all over the world, more international view here suntory group, japanese company with premium liquor, beer, wine, bottled water, soda and energy drinks one of the subsidiaries trades
6:40 pm
here and japan operating income up 33% year over year. with the delta variant out of control, can the numbers continue or new delivery services, people just drink more at home? dig deeper and talk about the green initiatives too with tak ninagi welcome to "mad money." >> thanks for having me. how are you, jim >> i have to tell you, you have some of my favorite beverages, i think probably the biggest cash cow ever in liquor, jim beam wanted you to start by telling us how well that's selling around the globe because it's universal. >> yeah, doing very well, despite the economy is still growing around in the world.
6:41 pm
and people, now activity is resuming with vaccines, but still facing the world, still uncertainty for the future and until now we've been doing pretty well but because of uncertainty we stayed calm and make every effort to increase profit and sales in the world, not only north america my -- japan, slow rollout of vaccines in this country. >> is there a chance we have great delivery services now in our country if you wanted to order alcohol, doordash will bring it to you.
6:42 pm
wonder whether people hunker down in japan because of the outbreak and drink more of a yamikaze, amazing. you have some of the best single malts, japanese single malts are extraordinary. wouldn't people just have them at home and enjoy them >> as matter of fact, japan is still under deflationary scenario among scenarios, people drink less -- in this country. but north america, europe, they drink premium spirits at home. that's a huge difference want to sell more yamisake but there's a supply limit, didn't produce more than 15 years ago so it's a limited supply by the way. >> you have taken i think a
6:43 pm
leadership position in environmental issues, doing something extraordinary, targeting 100% renewable electricity, not by 2030 or 2050 but talking about doing it by 2022 you were only 30% last year. >> well, i think that's a right move, making use of renewables much more. except maybe asian countries, that's in question including japan. japan and asian countries rely on still parts of the coal burn and fuel burn, gas burn electricity. but other than this region, i'm very much confident we can reach neutrality very soon and we have already switched to renewables
6:44 pm
in north america already and europe so we've been doing pretty quick so reach the goal. >> and even though i have mostly glass bottles in front of me from your great company, you have taken a leadership role in plastic. why is that important for you? >> we are very much concerned about biodiversity in oceans that's a key point for us to contribute to the world. and we use new technologies to resolve a lot of issues of plastics not only by ourselves, with partners, across the industry, we want to resolve the plastic issues asap. and it costs a lot but unless we do that, we'll be -- from consumers i'm sure. >> i greatly appreciate your company. didn't know all these great brands were owned by you,
6:45 pm
including this, fantastic tequilas thank you for everything you're going for the environment. what i'm going to remember suntory for when i have one of your fine drinks this evening. tak niinami, ceo of suntory. thanks for coming on "mad money. >> thank you >> announcer: coming up, cramer is bringing the thunder, answering your burning questions, in today's edition of the lightning round.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade [ bell ringing ]
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>> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over are you ready, skee-daddy? >> california, cade. >> caller: how are you >> what's going on >> caller: secondhand apparel and retailers running low on stocks, long time buyer of the real real? >> no, as matter of fact, all the places that do clothes, throw in runway, thinking we have too many of these guys, just feel that way, so no to real real. even though my wife did the thing. devin in new york. >> caller: boo-yah >> what's up >> caller: question is about my
6:50 pm
main ticker, mind. >> i thought psychedelic drugs had a future but looks like past two buck spec, you can do that but stocks can go to zero. jeff in missouri >> caller: taul calling about buy now pay later company, huge deal with apple, affirm holding. >> i think that's pioneer in the group, if stock doesn't get higher, he'll sell i like affirm. i'm a buyer. alicia in massachusetts. >> caller: like your show, fico, is now good time to buy? >> we have competitors now, it's a problem.
6:51 pm
other companies coming into the business with better way to do loans, including upstart i'm not a fan of ficg. cathy in washington. >> caller: jim >> more than ever it's jim. >> fan of upwork and owner, been going down last week or two. wondering if this is a good time to stay invested >> i cover this kind of stock at top of the show, this is important. went out of favor two weeks ago but brown does not go out of favor, she's extraordinarily good, so hold for the long term. jared in washington. >> caller: capital boo-yah to you. >> i love a good capital
6:52 pm
boo-yah. what's going on? >> caller: thoughts on the butterfly network. >> i happened to be with a doctor who loves the product and i thought could be a hit but it's just another one of those companies that came at time there's too many companies so i say wait until people finish selling and i don't know when it is but it's not here waz in colorado. >> caller: mr. cramer, dish signed billions in contracts for build. deals with other companies to finance the bill >> charlie runs that, waz. he's so smart, wouldn't bet against him. even though can't see a reason to own the stock other than he
6:53 pm
owns it. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade coming up, make sense of the day's most critical market machinations in no time flat stick with cramer for a special no huddle, next. when traders tell us how to make thinkorswim even better, we listen. like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds.
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>> announcer: cramer's play book is brought to you by sofi. get your money right ♪ >> whenever you're trying to figure out what a stock's worth, you have to ask yourself, what's in the stock, what's not in the company. you want to pick individual winners, you have to have view of what a given company can make what is more expensive, nvidia or nucor nvidia looks wildly expensive, but that's illusion. stock just jumped in less than a
6:57 pm
month. lot of good news baked into the share price and nvidia has been consistent but that's gutsy, company just does so well no matter the circumstances, so i often want to take the what's in the stock part off the equation when it comes to nvidia. what about more important part of the equation -- what's in the company? you see nvidia selling for 50 times it earns, usually means when we look back from the future, stock will turn out to be cheaper than it seems but earnings were better than expected historically -- much cheaper than we that you in the rearview mirror i think we'll see that monday when they report but nucor is the opposite. as steel maker, boom and bust, hostage to the strength of the economy. low mark usually means business is about to fall off cliff and
6:58 pm
will look expensive in retrospect if the steel prices collapse if not well-run, risk would be worse. but remember i think that the nucor stock price doesn't adequately reflect the infrastructure bill. what they can do is extended by that bill. all sorts of judgments can you make banks can be deceptive too many think morgan stanley's stock is ahead of itself up 50% on the year but i look at it different morgan stanley is no longer traditional investment bank but wealth adviser for all sorts of demographics, a better business. and by comparison, goldman sachs is just seven times earnings, isn't that like nucor? but belief that business will be
6:59 pm
worse next year? could be might be a bargain construction deere and caterpillar traded 20 times earnings, rather have deere because agriculture, great business with expanded food stamps and high grain prices that last quarter wasn't up to snuff. if bad quarter, they're hurt worse than deere figure out what to avoid stock that looks cheap now but would be expensive when we look back 12 months from now. micron's stock looks cheap but turned out expensive, peaking. bargain hunting, looking for pricey stocks that are good values when earnings are better than expected. think about that don't throw a perfectly good
7:00 pm
stock with high price right now. i would be more worried if it's low right now. the market is not that stupid. stock looks cheap, it's probably for a reason i like to sa there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you right here at "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow the news with shepard smith starts now "the news with shepard smith" starts now no regrets, plenty of blame. president biden doubles down on pulling out. i'm carl quintanilla in for shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc. >> i stand squarely behind my decision. >> president biden addresses the nation as chaos unfolds in kabul. desperate afghans storm the airport, clinging to planes as they take off. the scramble abroad and the backlash here at home. >> the outcome, i think, is catastrophic trapped and terrified. afghanistans, women and girls, fear ing


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