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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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like that one. rio. >> karen. >> i'm long target, they are reporting tomorrow so that is my final trade. i'm long right here. >> all right thank you for watching "fast money. see you again here tomorrow. "mad money" is up next, with jim cramer starts right now. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. m there is always a find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm trying to save you money my job isn't just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me or tweet me. omg. home depot wasn't perfect. hold the presses yup, on the home improvement
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retailer reported weaker than anticipated sales this morning, it was like the world stopped. it was like the day the earth stood still. the whole session because the dow lost 282 points. s&p tumbled 7.1% sug ug-ly. we ended up with a moment nobody wanted to see, a moment where the expansion seems to be pausing, where people are reconsidering home renovation and most disconcerting, when the fed's finally getting serious about tightening remember the fed are you kidding me when they write $40 billion of sales in three months, i am very reluctant to criticize management it didn't take long before craig
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v vanier who is home depot's fantastic ceo, sharp as a tack, we have seen the shift in pattern of sales within the week as our weekday sales has strengthened to the weekend. he went on to say we attributed this to consumers returning to travel and other recreation activities in other words, there might be less demand for do it yourself remodeling as the world goes back to normal, or at least that's what happened in the last quarter. professional contractors are busier than ever the real issue is consumers picked a tough time to go back to travel and entertainment. the money that was initially supposed to go to home depot, got shifted to travel might not get shifted to anything.
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that's going to hurt a host of sectors, everything from housing to retail to travel, leisure, air space. you get it so home depot stocks are down $15 this morning right before the big show even begins and it just -- it was a spec tore, an ugly goul that visited the stock market 8:32 we find out u.s. retail sales were down 1.1% that's a total confirmation of what home depot was saying walmart didn't talk about how they had been hurt by a consumer who's happy froliking in far away places. they were still spending it at walmart. the retail sales number was not encouraging. it gets worse, you know what's weakening? car sales. i think a lot of that is because of semiconductors. used car prices are going up
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when the market's on a negative jag, nobody is willing to write this is a simple supply problem. cars, not enough demand. that's false false narrative. but took control of it you can interpret the comments in many ways you can argue people aren't spending as much as know are on their houses you can say housing prices got too expensive. all the home stocks were down. same with hardware, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture. yeah, home depot sales -- those particular aisles were all down year over year and everyone's decided that's a demand problem. you find yourself wondering, maybe the consumer isn't as healthy as they thought. we got all of the money from the
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federal government, tax credit maybe people are petrified that the vaccines don't work as well as we had hoped thanks to the new variants or maybe they live in a part of the country where most people refuse to get shots? all we have seen is they are worse than 24 hours ago. that's what happened see no big investor likes to hear the reality is worse than it seems especially when they are telling us that the fed is totally gung ho about raising interest rates money never leaves this casino no one ever seems to cash out and buy themselves nice shoes or overpriced cashmere sweaters they change tables they go from the consumer's red hot where the betting limit to spend 10 million to the consumer is ice cold where you only put down 1 million that's why the winners today were stocks with no economic sensitivity. something like moderna
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we're much more likely to get moderna's booster shots when we're all scared of losing our precious immunimmunity same as pfizer and warren buffett added to his position in kroger again domino's, people are staying home ordering delivery the buyers, campbells, kellogg's, smucker's, with a name like that its stock better be good. wow. the problem with this kind of rotation, it's stupid? no, it's that lazy thinking i keep telling you about remember, home depot didn't actually miss its revenue or earnings numbers the same-store sales only came in a tiny bit shy and the pros are still building different buying patterns. no reason to panic get this, what happens if their arch rival lowe's whose stock was down big today reports and
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says it had none of those problems honestly it wouldn't shock me. the c of leasowe's is fantastic his job. what happens if the fed watches our show and says, why don't we wait a couple of months? the wholesale re-evaluation of everything each day that i come in here is why i feel like this is a say good-bye to tranquility market we thought we had a smooth transition to spending on home to travel and leisure with no let up in between? something in between, no travel, no home renovations and no car buying are things truly that dire listen, i think the market is ka tas throw pfizering these. i think you need to pick at stocks that got hit as part of the collateral damage. the drug stocks, real estate investment, they're all going to work for a couple of days. if we catch a break. if the delta variant burps itself out because the unvaccinated get their shots or
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everybody gets infected, you have to switch gears early and my own covid seer thinks that's the case. dr. scott gottleib don't get too complacent in your negativity i am unmoved from my bullish stance even if home depot b bushwhacked me jerry missouri jerry. >> caller: jim, thank you for taking my call i appreciate all you do. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm up 18 mers per -- 18%, i'm up 1 for 6 split against general electric drone on what would you do? >> if china certifies the mouse, i think if we have a couple of days where people realize, you
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know what, delta is under control, why was i thinking at selling at 101 instead of 120. i respect steve a great deal can i go to carl in texas please carl >> caller: boo-yah great show. >> thank you thank you very much. >> caller: your take on simon property group, seg. >> you're dealing with david simon. david simon may be the toughest business person i have ever met. i mean, unbelievably tough you know why he can be tough because he's unbelievably good the view is good, the money is safe and he's going to pull it off. i am a buyer of simon properties michael from florida >> caller: thank you for taking my call. you said there were a few blue chip companies in the category and also off ramps my question is about alteryx,
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ayx. it hit a high of 185 and it's dropped 60% to around 70 >> wow >> caller: after the last earning announcement they came out and kept their price targets on it. >> dan, i've got to tell you i'm sorry, mitch that is a great company. it has a great product it obviates a lot of different software those stocks are so out of favor right now that it doesn't matter but it will change alteryx will go back up. you are going to have to get a little more -- you can still be in the -- >> house of pain. >> for a little bit longer. >> why don't we go to dan in one of my favorite states, south dakota >> caller: boo-yah, jim cramer. >> thank you >> caller: you've made me money and my financial future is more secure because of you. thanks again >> you're terrific thank you very much. thank you. >> caller: my question is on grwg
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announced second quarter on august 12th. they beat expectations and raised their guidance and yet the stock has gotten crushed >> let's be careful. they didn't beat expectations when it comes to the earnings per share and they didn't give you raised guidance. this has gone so far so fast maybe the bloom is off the cannabis i think it might be. anyway, look, i stopped liking this you know, hey, i mean, like, hey, all right don't tilray me, chief don't get too complacent in your negativity i know how easy it is. drug stocks, real estate investment but be prepared to go back into stocks like ge when we get the all clear from delta, and we will.
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on "mad" tonight roblox, can this be a stumbling block? today krispy kreme posted the first quarter since coming public for the second time are there any holes in the story? also, don't miss my exclusive with the company and the top lender in the company, uwm holdings they smoked the market can this be a reason for concern or reason to do buying i'm going to talk to the ceo so stay with cramer don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an email to or give us a ssll at 1-800-743-cnbc
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look, you know i get up real early. always trying to figure this stuff out. sometimes it's hard to get a read on a particular stock last night we got roblox that's the online gaming platform with tens of millions of users they create their own content. the stock opened down 5.9% it was up and then ultimately the stock finished down 1.1% not bad on a bad day was it any good? it's complicated on the one hand, line numbers came in weaker than expected no denying that. but this is a very big but when you take a closer look at their numbers in july, there is a lot right. last month roblox had a monthly
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record of 46.6 million daily average users and revenue up 112% maybe this is all about the surging delta variant and in the second quarter we were in the middle of the great reopening. last month covid came up i say so what, roblox is a fabulous pandemic stock. let's check in with david s bazuki >> jim, thank you for having us back always a pleasure to be with you. >> you're very kind. let's look at two robloxs. we just saw the quarter for that the roblox with key metrics july 2021 which are staggeringly good you wouldn't have put july in if you didn't feel it was a trend tell me the july metrics don't matter tremendously? >> you know we take the long
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view we think q 12 was awesome as well because it's the first quarter remember where our community was a year ago they were all locked down, april, may, june of 2020 our heart goes out to our community and all the people that struggle through covid. we come back in q2 2021 with amazing growth july as you said was awesome when i look at what you've accomplished, i think i don't know the right metric. i hit on the daily average users. others say hours engaged hours engaged, 3.8 billion hours, up 22%. those are staggering numbers >> jim, our internal primary north star metric is total engagement hours we're trying to bring people together to learn, to play, to
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socialize. the pandemic was a bit of a validation that the metaverse as you talk about is much bigger than gaming. to be together when they can't be together in person. >> you mentioned metaverse i have a man who has a thing called in the heights and in the heights sounds like what the metaverse means. i want to be in the heights. describe it to me and describe it to "mad money" viewers. >> i'm a huge fan of in the heights. it's a great movie but a lot of fans want to participate authentically. they want to walk around and participate in a group dance together that's why we're so bullish in the opportunities both in music and entertainment. doing something with friends is a great way to make friends and it feels very authentic.
6:20 pm
>> this kind of metaverse is fine for the younger people. i want one that i structure. i'm obviously over 13. how can i create my own metaverse of what i want to be can i do it on roblox? >> yeah, please come to roblox, jim. i'll give you. get roblox studio. millions of people use it every month. it's completely free whatever you want and immediately all of your fans can come and visit you there. >> i picked part of roblox as part of the cnbc stock complex because metaverse is what we're going to be talking about. we don't know it but you do because you can see the future i'm not a gamer but does that mean i can't figure out what it's like to be in the future?
6:21 pm
>> we're already getting a glimpse of the future. we have over the past 15 years i think there are 15 more exciting fun years you mentioned the holodeck in your prior discussions you mentioned great ideas around shopping, music. we can imagine metaverse converts if we can imagine it in real life we can imagine it to real life. >> everyone talks about ai, we're so behind china. 57% user growth in asia pacific. can you tell me the chinese are that far ahead of us >> we're excited about countries all around the world what's exciting is this is a bilateral platform there's amazing content from global developers that's live in china and being loved by players in china
6:22 pm
there's also awesome experiences that have come out of china that are now hitting the top 20 on roblox that's really exciting the bilateral network. >> we're a pandemic stock and that's why our numbers spiked in july, because of delta are you saying, listen, smooth it all out the numbers are going higher good trajectory. >> we've been growing for 15 years prepandemic and that growth is about bringing people together to do things together and the pandemic showed us that in times of pandemic people need ways to get together i'm optimistic we'll do this in 15 years we hope we're through this as soon as we can. >> my hope is that the vast majority of kids when they come home from school they do their home works and fire up roblox instead of watching the boob tube even though i'm on it.
6:23 pm
full of joy and that's why i like him >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up. invest the homer simpson way and go nuts for donuts cramer gets sweet for crispy cream next
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can the stock of one of my absolute favorite foods, krispy kreme, turn the stock around it's been a not so great performer. hot donut, not so hot performer. the ipo price is 17, climbed to 21 first day of trading then the stock closed at $14 today. however, when krispy kreme reported after the close they delivered a pretty solid quarter. talking better than expected sales even though the actual earnings per share missed by a
6:27 pm
penny at the consensus more importantly, imagine what gave you a strong full year forecast with billionish financial goals. they announced small dividends there's a lot because it was a private equity backed ipo. let's think this through with the president and ceo of krispy kreme to learn more about the quarter and what he sees going forward. welcome to "mad money." >> hey, welcome. thank you, jim appreciate it. thank you for having us on. >> cut to the chase. right at the end you got financial outlook organic revenue growth of 10 to 12 you're predicting. mike, that's a pretty aggressive goal how do you have that level of surt at this >> if you think about it, what we've done over the first half i'd like to say thanks to all the krispy kremers for q2.
6:28 pm
we did that because we focused on two transformative bases. we're truly global we own six countries and 85% of the u.s. and then the second big transformation was really evolving to an omni channel model which is leveraging those amazing hot like theater shops that you know and love including the one in new york city, our flagship shop. from there, following where the customer is and making sure it's fresh donut delivery to wherever they are whether that's an urban location and fresh shop or the primary growth driver which would be in the wholesale and convenience chain so we get cabinets in there and as well as unlocking ecommerce. so it's a very transformative play from where the business was. >> i have to tell you in my book i say if you want a job you come and meet with me and you bring
6:29 pm
me a box of krispy kremes and that's how i know you need it. that got easier as krispy kreme put up too many outlets. have you figured out how not to overwhelm an area and go back to the great scars city that we loved about krispy kreme >> that's what's uniquely different. we only have in the globe less than 400 hot like shops. think of the opportunity to grow but it's not about building hot like shops everywhere. it's providing access to the fresh donuts to where the customers are. the biggest is deliver price daily cabinets in our past we did have a wholesale business but the donuts weren't fresh so one of the first thing we do is do fricken awesome donuts, they're fresh. today every donut whether it
6:30 pm
starts from a hot like shop, that's where we keep them and then as we move that donut to where the customer is, it's fresh every time sometimes multiple times a day >> that's what we wan't. mike, while you were talking about freshness i started thinking, okay, i don't want to pay for a donut. i don't feel like paying for a donut this year. i've got my new york state excelsior pass wallet. if i show this, do i have to pay for krispy kreme i am darn proud i am vaccinated and you are probably the most aggressive business person i know in trying to get people to save their lives with vaccinations how's that going >> it's great. one of the things krispy kreme prides itself in is give people joy. i can't make vaccines but i can give them joy if they got a vaccine and today, tomorrow, to
6:31 pm
the end of the year. so just to give you an idea, we've given away over 3 million donuts last year we did a whole bunch of donut give aways. the world needed it. we gave 30 million donuts. that's intuitive yes, you can continue to come by any day you want you show your card. >> i'm trying to lose weight you'll kill me has there been any push back in any part of this country that you are actually rewarding people for being vaccinated? >> no i mean, at the end of the day people are going to choose to take a sweet treat if they're going to use a donut, come on by to krispy kreme. >> you still have some of the j&b stake. what happens with that i don't want people to go buy the stock and the next day it jumps a huge amount and they paid too high. >> no. there are long-term holder
6:32 pm
they love this business. they see the global potential there. >> we have plenty of opportunity because we run 48 of 50 markets so we can expand that point of access we as management love the opportunity in front of us my team has been owners since they joined five years we love what we're doing it's donuts. nothing better. >> you're right to love what you do i'm on record loving it but i'm
6:33 pm
trying to figure out 48 of 50. how are you finding employees? i mean, everyone tells me there's nobody around. >> what's really interesting is when the pandemic -- because the cultures of company matter, right? all the company-owned shops around the world, we didn't furlough anybody, right? we saw how to run the company safely in this environment, particularly to give you an idea, the u.s. had its best year ever dock things safely, solving the omni channel model that matters to an employee base we're able to attract. we compete for some of the best talent it's the opportunity of the multi-channel. we can recruit front line workers. big growth happening here. those are the folks at krispy kreme. >> the people you have to promote, some of the initial opening costs. they can overwhelm a lot of guys
6:34 pm
in your position, mike >> we looked at product. you can imagine things and costs have gone up there is some cost increase going on looking at the growth opportunity. we've got that budgeted. when you think of the 10 to 12%. here's something i'll have you think about. if we're theater shops and there are just 400 and the real growth story is going to be, you know, the 6,000 new points of access in 30 countries and we're building 800 to 1,000 points of access on a yearly basis, you can see it's a very transformative model not just your typical franchisor, franchisee shop. we're trying to drive call it the hybrid cbg model with
6:35 pm
experiential amazing theater shops. you can turn the hot light on. that will illicit the customers to come by watch the glazes and flavors we are very innovative as you think about points of access, ecommerce is a huge play we launched that in 2020 not fortunate for us but as of june 30th, about 19% of our sales so it does track with what the consumer is looking for. >> mike, i thought what you did with vaccines was phenomenal i love the growth forecasts. i love your original fired up nature mike tatterfield, president, ceo. >> thank you for all my krispy kremers every day. >> it's good that you thank them they are your clients. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, home is where the heart is is this mortgage stock giving
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investors unwanted palpitations? cramer sets the record straight with uwm holdings next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ more diverse thinking leads to more unexpected, more thoughtful solutions. ♪
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all right. what the heck is happening in this wholesale mortgage business which you know can be very tough? a few months ago the entire industry predicted mortgage industry originations will climb. uwm holdings promised it would keep growing now they've kept the promise a little too well. not all growth may be good growth the close loan valium was up 90%, their margins collapsed which is not extraordinary
6:40 pm
company's total gain margin, basically what they keep after they sell a mortgage they originated came in at 8.1. in response it tumbled and lost 2% but if the margins keep shrinking could these numbers end up being too optimistic. let's take a closer look with the chairman and ceo of uwm holdings >> you came on and made promises you could actually have more and more volume and you did it we said we were going to do more and we exceeded those numbers.
6:41 pm
it's doing more purchase business that's the key in a rising rate environment. that's what we saw in the second quarter. >> margins coming down in a hurry. we both know the stock market itself, maybe does it over value the decline in margins does it look at it and say let's forget every other metric, what matters is the margins go down so let's sell united wholesale mortgage >> i don't think so. i control the margins. i'm focusing on putting pressure on our competitors rocket went down 20%, we went up 21%. we knew this would happen. we controlled this we have complete control and command of the business. we're excited about that our cost to retain is lower than everyone i can play this game all day we made hundreds of millions of dollars in the quarter i look at it as a monstrous win.
6:42 pm
the biggest purchase quarter of all time we're excited. they'll figure it out. >> matt, you're a basketball player, you know john wooden, his thinking he always said i don't care about the other team even when they were up against no matter what team they played. john wooden did not want to hear about the other team matt, you referenced the other team multiple times. you talked about rocket. why do that? >> you know, so we're competing with rocket along with other great companies. i'm not afraid to mention who we're competing with they're a great company along with other great companies i look at it as a positive thing. we're looking to serve consumers, serve mortgage brokers and dominate the market. there's only a pie so big.
6:43 pm
for us to win, others come down. major market share gain by uwm and the other three, four, five all went down. we're competing. we're trying to win. >> but rocket is making more per customer i'm going to belabor this. rocket is making more per customer you're in wholesale. they have an interesting model, matt they're doing solo loans, car loans. you know that. is there ancillary business you can do so if the margins get hurt in one business, they can explode in another >> i control the margins once again. rocket, you want to look at those guys, it's a lot of smoke and mirrors to be honest with you. the reality is this. they make their money in mortgages. they made a lot of money like we made a lot of money. that's great for the industry. the key is who's going to win when rates go up wait until rates go from 2.99 to
6:44 pm
3.5 to 4% and we're going to grow we dominated in purchase purchase is the only part that's not rate sensitive and that's the key to win. >> matt, i want to look at it another way. you have a war of attrition going on but the other guys have a lot of capitol too nobody gets wiped out. it's like a mutual sure destruction. why should i own uwm when i can own wells fargo? >> if you're going to own a mortgage company, uwm is elite we're less cyclical. when rates drop, other people might look better. when rates go up, we're going to look better. you're going to make a grade yield and dividend. >> who of your shareholders are saying there's not enough liquidity. 3 million shares are trading
6:45 pm
every day. you bought back too many shares. why don't you show people the fire power you have? >> we bought a lot of shares over 2 million shares already. listen, i promise the shareholders we'd watch the flow because i don't understand this game. >> i understand that you're not buying the stock back i'm telling you. i used to do this for a living whatever shareholders are complaining, tell them to call me, they're wrong. >> that's better than getting debt on the company. it's a better use of capitol than other things. >> your shareholders are complaining and that's wrong your shareholders are complaining and are wrong. you should be buying it back we're going to leave it at that because you're a competitor. >> absolutely, i'm a competitor. we'll continue to buy. i had authorization to buy up to
6:46 pm
300 million. i'm conscious of the flow. i'm trusting you on this one, jim. you tell me you're good. i'm doing it. >> i'm good, you're good uwm holdings comptroller he's got to make more money in order to please wall street. "mad money" is back after the break. >> just chill out. >> chill master jay. >> the chill man is in the house. he's happy >> the lightning round is coming up when "mad money" returns.
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it is time it's time for the lightning round. and then the lightening round is over are you ready, skee-daddy. we're going to start with brian. brian! >> caller: jimmy chill boo-yah. >> what's shaking? >> caller: hey, data question for you. star surge call, staa. >> i like star surgical. that's the stock that's been working for a long time. i don't understand why they're not bought by someone. visual implants is a special business >> let's go to malab in south carolina >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer i would like to thank you for your advice. >> thank you >> caller: the stock is down 25% since reporting last week. do i sell, hold or buy >> content development there's just -- i hate to tell you, melav, there are too many companies in this business many have come public now or via
6:51 pm
spac there's a plethora a fire hoets stay away. i need to go to angel in california. >> caller: boo-yah >> boo-yah. >> caller: i'm calling on iea. infrastructure -- >> can we just buy tesla the stock seems to go down a great deal buy some now and buy some if it goes down another 5% let's go to cody cody >> caller: hey, buddy. how are you? >> real good how about you? >> caller: i'm hanging in there. hey, wanted to ask you a question so with the growing focus on sustainability and reducing and eliminating plastic waste, what are you thinking about danamer scientific >> no. this is going to be solid companies like eastman chemical. it's not going to be solved by little guys because you need scale.
6:52 pm
that's my take i need to go to andy in alabama. andy >> caller: jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: long time listener, long time philadelphia eagles fan. >> there you go. go birds >> amzn. >> did you know amzn is down do we run? or do we just say, you know what we're going to ride it out i'm choosing to ride it out. i think you should join me on the ride and it stops at the a pokka lichs. let's go to joe in kansas. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, jim. >> caller: acfirst time caller. action alert club member. >> thank you. >> caller: calling about the stock weed maps just announced what seemed like a solid second quarter. >> we have to take a break from the cannabis stocks for a few. we are over -- we've had too many edibles that's what it is.
6:53 pm
we've had too many edibles we've had the grow chocolate i'd stay away. let's go to nina in louisiana. >> caller: louisiana boo-yah i'm a long-time teacher who has learned and benefitted from your show want to thank you for those and the action alerts. >> thank you. >> caller: i listen to the "squawk box"s every morning. get a lot out of that. >> beck, joe, andy i like the cast of characters there. >> caller: oh. well, i'm calling about a school bus company in canada that's supposed to being expanding into the u.s. pretty soon lion electric. >> i -- there's a lot of these out there. lion is one of my favorites. that does not mean it's going to go up.
6:54 pm
thank you. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, hot, hot. make sense of the day's most critical market machinations net. stick with cramer with a special no huddle next and thinkorswim trading™ is right there with you. to help you become a smarter investor. with an innovative trading platform full of customizable tools. dedicated trade desk pros and a passionate trader community sponsored by t.d. ameritrade because we take trading as seriously as you do. thinkorswim trading™ from td ameritrade. ♪ because we take trading as seriously as you do. someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring.
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so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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not long ago, ron desantis,
6:57 pm
governor of florida, crushed the numbers from norwegian cruise lines holdings when he tried to bar them from passengers who hadn't been vaccinated early hotbeds for coronavirus,y thought they were well within their rights that everybody gets their shots before you leave why be able to take a cruise without getting the covid vaccine? the temporary restraining order that slapped desantis down hard, questioned the governor's entire value system now the governor of florida is taking the opposite approach when it comes to the great company regeneron. i would argue he's furiously raising numbers. press conference wred where he opened a site in or llando calld the regeneron climpg he has made it so you don't even need a prescription for the antibody treatment, that's the one president trump had last
6:58 pm
fall, got sick, got better immediately. desantis plans to open more sites today. why? that's huge. take the regechlt neron cocktail as soon as you get sick. he was with the head of mr.'s agency for health care administration, simone marstal whose daughter wrust contracted covid, and had 105 fever she went on the regeneron drip and it went to 99.6. why do i care so much about this fda and cdc have entirely dropped the ball when it come to this regeneron cocktail. of all the governors i salute desantis for saying to the fda and cdc, this drug is too important to waste wake up, government. our government bet everything on getting people vaccinated but now that we didn't reach herd immunity fast enough we have another huge outbreak. we need to go back to treatments
6:59 pm
and testing! and that's the same reason to like abbott labs not long ago we were hearing abbott labs in-home testing was too late because covid was about to be solved so they missed the quarter and missed the market. fast forward a couple of months and what have we learned so many anti-vaxxers in this company, they've kept the pandemic alive and a decent chance of breaking through the vaccine with variants, that means testing, testing, testing. i bought a ton of boxes they had at rite aid this weekend we had ten people staying over and i want ed everybody tested. planning to have a party in october. you're not invited we're going to get people tests before they can participate, particularly in our pumpkin catapult something i thought of by the way, this binax is now the hottest product on the market do they have to preannounce to the upside now that's do ing so
7:00 pm
well ♪ tables have turned, fortunes restored for regeneron and abbott labs, now they have another kicker and i think they still have higher to go i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise i'll find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now a new mandate for travel just how long will you need to stay masked up in order to fly i'm carl quintanilla in for shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc. >> we're in contact with the taliban to ensure the safe passage of people to the airport. >> u.s. rescue flights back in action why china and russia are staying put. plus the taliban holds its first press conference what they said about sharia law and the role of women. get ready to roll up your sleeves, u.s. expected to recommend booster shots for most americans. the data,


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