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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that salesforce chart is one of the best looking charts. >> crm the last trade. >> happy 90th birthday to annette at that. scott's miracle grow smg. >> a cannabis play maybe thanks for watching "fast money. "mad money" with jim cramer is coming up right now. my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you help you find it "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to mad money i'm trying to make you some money. my job is not to just entertain but educate and put this in context. call me. or you can tweet me. this, my friends, is an entirely manic depressive market. >> sell, sell, sell, sell, buy,
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buy, buy, buy, sell, sell. >> there is a belief that everything is great. buy, buy, buy. or everything's terrible >> house of pain >> zero middle ground. that means we're either poised for an amazing run higher or we'll get hit with that 10% correction if not more remember, we haven't had a 5% correction in ten months after another ugly day with the dow losing 383 points, s&p 500 shedding 1.07%, nasdaq .89% this seductive. it justifies the extreme negative view. if the delta variant can't be stopped, then we're living in serious times. times that will freeze economic 5:00 activity and put an end in the amazing boom of travel and leisure. those are all great reopenings that spells the everything from end of the boeing rally to the airlines attempt to get back in the black to the hotels, restaurants, retailers that have been roaring as part of the
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great reopening trade. hol lay loua but this and this is one important but, if the delta variant can be tamed, something dr. scott gottlieb, the former head of the fda, now cnbc contributor, thinks could happen as soon as this weekend, then all of the stocks should be selling under the doomsday sen aur yoe, they have to be bought right back if delta peaks, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you didn't lus isten to the bears t kept mauling the reopening stocks see, nothing, nothing in this world especially stocks is ever black and white. wall streeters act like this is an either/or moment. either disastrous scenario or a heaven sent bull run but what if the reality is
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somewhere in between for example, tonight we'll be talking to the ceo of lowe's his stock tumbled yesterday. he is in sympathy with home depot. then they reported excellent quarter. it jumped $17. lowe's is not home depot they're in better shape. the chain is in major transformation localizing stores, making them more friendly and professional contractors. that's a market that improves and dominated by home. lows is trying to win back female consumers who have been there core demographic for a few years ago, before marvin was there. the the company really did lose its way. so is home depot living the disastrous scenario while lowe's exists an alternate universe where everything is fine of course not. the doomsday or delight wrap makes for a great story. but in the end, it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and furrey signifying nothing.
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my advice to you, resist this bogus all or nothing analysis. it doesn't work. they seem to embrace the false dichotomies. most commentators place way too much ecmphasis on big numbers that are spoon fed to them from the government my mouth, you know, ahhh they try to bolster the case by looking for convincing anecdotes. other than that, they don't care about what individual companies have to say. you know why i'll tell you why. because you weren't up with me at 3:30 in the morning doing it. it's too time consuming for them it's too tiresome and granular and doesn't go with cheese we tlalearned that retail sales were light in july then home depot comes along with a perfect swing to talk about how do it yourself shoppers slowed down the spending because they wanted to spend money on something other than renovations after the great reopening got rolling. that made wall street suspicious
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of every retailer, even good ones like walmart and the whole group got pummelled. today lowe's and tjx told terrific stories they make you question the aggregate retail sales number that comes out of the government it might help an economist cook up a forecast so that maybe they can teach a really good class that you and i can cut but in real life, it makes you no money we heard about general weakness in the industry. but what if i told you more semiconductors around these days which allows the automakers to produce new cars and the full buying season could be fantastic? you still want to sell the auto stocks down here as i told my favorite stock blog during the regular halftime game, ford motor ford motor just tumbled from 16 to $13 even as the chip shortage is easing up do you think he is happy about his stock going from $16 to $13? we have awe similar storey the horrendous news came in the
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form of slowing home sales numbers. largely due to sticker shock home prices have gone up radically part to commodity inflation. mostly because we have a housing shortage now we're being told the fed needs to take action to cool down the housing market because prices are so high and interest rates are so low i'm the exact opposite way i think the boom is far from over covid originally drove it insane housing frenzy as people fled the cities for more spacious homes in the suburbs totally unsustainable. now though i think that frenzy may be settling down you know what? that is good news for the stri and stocks this slowdown is widely anticipated. they want to take this moment to replenish the supply one bad month does not demonthly u demolish the lending rauts lowest supply in ten years of pent up demand all that said there are plenty of people worrying about the biggest intangible out there
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where the heck are we going to be going to work in the fall let's say if you were near the center city of philadelphia. you live in manhattan. the business is out to the suburbs. something that may require some substantial interaction on a subway or bus. you could be buying a car or move to the suburbs because you don't want to be able to telecommute for three days a week you don't know what to do. do you go back do you stay? is hiybrid still on if you don't know what is going to happen which is the case for millions of americans, it may freeze you into not buying anything let's face it. if you were going back to the office that you're buying a place further away, you won't be throwing a lot of money at the new house. what can you do about this moment to make sure you don't get blown out by a tougher market how do you thread the needle if you think we're still in the verge of starting to beat the delta variant which many people i talk to today think is true,
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then it's real easy. you buy some walt disney which is now $5 below where it was last thursday. there is a lockdown, they have disney plus. people are still willing to socialize outside, they have the theme parks. much if it's a full reopening situation, they have movie theaters and cruise ships. every single time the market takes the cue from the ugly number and with the exception of the hugely important nonfarm pay role number, you should have an outlier stock that is worth buying into weakness it is called the shopping list the bad news, you still get days like today it doesn't matter. nearly everything drifts down. this is day two of a larger selloff. all ski is that the market gets more hideous, you get more interested in buying something bottom line, like every other selloff that tried to decapitate the bull and bring you the head on a silver platter this pullback won't let you make a ton of money i think you'll get great entry
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points that can set you up for tremendous long term gains when people realize the delta variant is not the end of the world. and will end how about we go to zach in pennsylvania zach >> hey, jim. how are you? we're getting ready for the patriots tomorrow zblichlt think it's going to be the important game we're going to find out who is really starting and who isn't. how can i help >> awesome i appreciate everything that you do so i bought this stock around $19. it went to $25 and now around $17 w acquisition of on the border chips, should i buy more stock of the stock is utz >> it was no the a good quarter. you actually turned out and need a lot of scale the snack business when push comes to shove really does belong to frito-lay. i would prefer to be in pepsi than in utz. joel in texas? what's going on? >> mmmm.
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how about me being a first time caller >> i love a first time caller. >> checking in on my stocks. hod. harley-davidson. >> every single few years harley comes back with a new management, trying to get something right. i actually am will going to say that this guy, i think he does have it right. i do -- i know this is going to be shocking, i haven't recommended this show since it began. i would put a small position of harley-davidson. the new ceo is really smart. all right. look, unfortunately, unless you're a bear and then fortunately this day looks like day two of what it could be a bigger selloff i'm not denying. that all i ask is that as the market gets more hideous, you get more interested in buying something. this is not going to be, i think, the gigantic pull back so many do. if you think about it. i think it's going to be fine. get some great entry points and some solid stocks from tremendous long term gains
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on "mad money," ci can power the truck. impressive portfolio of hydrogen solutions take what it takes to power the company? i talk with the ceo. and then lowe's soared i'm going to talk to the company's top brass to see how the home improvement kingpin continues to build itself amid the great reopening. and under the radar life sciences company notched another all time high today. it's note economically sensitive. it does well in this moment. i'm going to be checking in with letter a, that's right, the ceo of agelin. so stay with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow us on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets send jim an e-mail or give us a call, 1-800-743-cnbc
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xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? let's talk green pure hydrogen i'm a believer in hydrogen fuel cells. this could be the cleaner and greener fuel source that the world has been craving when it comes to investing in hydrogen, most stocks are ridiculously expensive but there are some real companies with real earning that's have made huge investmentes in hydrogen couple minutes, cmi, the leading maker of engines for vehicles. dominant thanks to a series of acquisitions, couple minutes assembled a great portfolio. they were behind the first hydrogen powered train and aircraft and fueling station this year they built the world's
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largest clean way to extract hydrogen from water. so let's take a closer look with tom lineburger the chairman and ceo of cummins. you get a better read on the broader vision for the future. welcome to "mad money. the. >> thank you very much pleasure to be here. zblch >> okay. let me talk about what we could be saying here i can start the conversation by talking about engine growth being up 16% components, 15%. power systems 12%. will all double digits but you're the leader in this free world right now, because i have to say that because it is part of the nonfree world is good at it in, what i regard as being the purest form of energy available, green hydrogen. how did you get interested in it what is the future for it? >> thank you for that. we are a company with innovation at our core. you talked about our engine position that was 100 years in the
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building we not only developed diesel engines when gasoline engines were the maun pin product in th market we also made clean engines we cleaned up diesel engines so we love doing innovation. frankly, the next level of innovation is low carbon technology that's what the planet needs much that's what our markets need the so 20 years ago or more, i worked on my first hydrogen fuel cell project it doesn't succeed the it was too expensive it didn't live long enough but when the technology started to get to a place where it was durable enough to for our kind of tough applications, we got back in a big way. as you said, we made several acquisitions both in fuel cells and other things we're in the full range of technologies to provide mobile
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power applications as well as stationary power applications and then to provide the clean hydrogen itself through thn hydy low price. but you still would be destroying the environment and you're not -- you don't tolerate that. >> no. that's really the point of green hydrogen so there is a lot of hydrogen already sold into many industries, fertilizers, steel, chemicals. but the hydrogen is maud from natural gas which means it's got a carbon atom at the core. so we want to use renewable energy we want to use an electrolizer that takes water along with the renewable energy and creates hydrogen and oxygen. that is then green hydrogen.
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we can then put energy into that and then use that energy for fuel cells question also use it for storage which is a huge benefit in our renewable grid the so hydrogen is a lot of uses in this green economy that you talked about and that's why we made the big investments we did >> many, many years ago i spoke with both westport and your company about a joint venture with natural gas i know that deal can run out by the end of this year i thought it made sense. that is where we want to brinl f bridge fuel. you're going to try to go through that which is still dirty and go right to the cleanest some would say without government intervention in this country, it just can't happen. is there enough government intervention to make you feel this is something that the u.s. can catch up to europe on? >> honestly, not yet there is a lot of interest by the biden administration but there is much more to do i do think europe is ahead of the u.s. today in the hydrogen area and they are putting more
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investment in trying to get low carbon technology, especially renewable energy, hydrogen, even battery electric they're putting more government infrastructure government investment into it i think the u.s. needs to do some of that to catch up, really, and to make sure we remain global leaders in it these critical industries like trucks and energy and other things like that by the way tsh, it's not just s d subsidies. it is a whole range of investments. it's a cost on carbon. it is very difficult today to compete with something that has a lot of carbon it in, that's 100 year old industry with a new technology if there is no cost to add carbon to the atmosphere. so somehow or another, we'll have to put a cost on carbon if we're going to make the level investments we need to at the speed we need to to make sure we can meet the paris climate accords. >> we do have a partner in mike worth at chevron
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and there is another person like you dedicated to clean skies those -- that partnership can make a great deal difference, can't it >> it sure can by the way, we need partners the i need to say that clearly as i can there is so much to do here. there is infrastructure to build. t there's systems to build out and companies like chevron have a lot of capability that why we form the partnership with them we did one with china in the same reason. we're trying to partner in as many places we can because there is so much to do to get this economy going. and hydrogen has so much potential we need everybody's ore in the water >> i'm so glad you it. elon musk laughs at you and me he said it's not the right formula. we know this is what scales. and we got to make this work i want to just -- i'm so proud that cummins is taking the leadership you guys know how important trucking is to try to make the skies greener versus grayer. i want to thank you, tom
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the chairman and ceo of cummins. one of our great manufacturing companies. great to you have on the show. >> thank you so much, jim. >> thank you talk to you soon "mad money" is back after the break. >> coming up, will your portfolio never stop improving cramer kicks around some handy ideas with the ceo of lowe's >> we want to keep our stores clean, bright, fresh, easy to shop baaam. internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. adorable, but does yours block malware? nope. -it crushes it. pshh, mine's so fast, no one can catch me. that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that?
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yesterday after home depot reported a decent and imperfect quarter, the whole home improvement space melted down including lowe's but last night i warned that you lowe's might do much much, much better than home depot when they reported, they delivered a surprise, better than expect add cross every major line item with management raising the full year forecast for good measure no wonder the stock surged $17,
6:26 pm
nearly 10% today can it keep climbing let's take a closer look with the chairman and ceo of lowe's mr. ellison, are congratulations tonight quarter and welcome back. >> thank you, jim. great to be back. >> marvin, you seem to accomplish the impossible. my wife says you know what lowe's is back beingplaced in women's shop but the professionals that i talk to for the renovations i'm doing saying, hey, you no he what i'm going to lowe's. how i've been able to keep the women and get the professionals? >> well, jim, i think it starts with a great team. you know, when we started this journey three years ago, we understood that lowe's had done a good job of creating an environment where female customers enjoyed the shop but we were losing ground because we were not innovating and we were not maintaining the elegance that we once had as a company. and we totally lost the pro customer the we're very blessed and fortunate that our store is equally divided between pro and
6:27 pm
diy. we put an intense focus on both. we want to keep our stores clean, bright, fresh, easy to shop and that's going to appeal to the female customer that's want to lean into decore and live goods, et cetera, but we want to also get intentional about pro. better service better products. loaning assistance better delivery. and more importantly, we want to help pros get in and out as fast as they can and get them what they need to do the jobs and we've been very fortunate that we're now seeing those efforts start to pay dividends for us >> i got three lowe's. one is in the city one is in another city and one is in the country. you know what? they're all different. and one of them has hours almost around the clock it's in a farming area you have made lowe's localizeded since you took over. >> you know, jim, it is one of the key things that we talked about. you know, my executive vice president of merchandising and his team have done an indecreed ubl job of building a field
6:28 pm
merchandising team they don't live in the corporate office in charlotte. they live in the markets where our stores are operating we wanted that because we want them to understand the local customer, understand the local demographics and to make sure that we're sorting our stores in a way that when you walk in, that you feel like you're in your local hardware store. we still have work to do but we come a long way and it's finally resonating with the customer and i give the merchant team and our operate rz that are listening to the customers a lot of credit for the partrogress. >> the stores are very different. all beautiful. all cleaner than i've ever seen them and all with help everywhere which matters. we don't know our way around another thing you talked about, these are the little things that i know make it so the margins are better and doing much better than home depot. you talked about something i need help. you said that the company was shifted from a store based delivery model to a market based delivery model for big and bulk why i product. why does that matter so much for
6:29 pm
the margins of lowe's? >> so let me give you a view of what i walked into three years ago f you walked into a lowe's store to buy a samsung watch are washer and drier that associate would walk back in the stock room to make sure they could physically lay eyes on that product f they didn't see it in the stock room, they would go hunbehind the store looking in a storage container and make sure the product is on hand then they would go in and sell the product. and then the delivery, we would have another associate physically call the customer the next day and work with the customer verbally to try to get the right schedule delivery time you and i both know that's a very inefficient and very prehistoric process. so when market and delivery does for us, it takes all of the inventory for appliances and puts it in a centralized distribution center. the associate now can go online as real time visibility of the unven torre. that inventory goes from above
6:30 pm
d.c. to across the terminal to the customer's home the next day. never touches the store. so we don't have to carry all of the inventory trying to be in stock on every skew and every store. dwoent we don't have to deal with the damages of moving it multiple times. way don't have to deal with the markdowns. you may go to a store incorrectly. the labor saving that's we have in our stores is incredible. so in our floor to market, we successfully launched this, we improved sales we have reduced inventory, we have improved profitability. we have better delivery times and most importantly, we have customers who are much happier with our process so we're in the process of rolling this out of the next 18 plus months around the company we think it's going to give us improved terms, inproved profitability and improved sales. we're very excited much it'akes no
6:31 pm
sense. so it's really gu fiood you fig that out the home is where the heart is but the outside is where the delta is your teammates and they are teammates now, you and i talked about it i remember telling you once i went to one of my lowe's and they told me to go to another store. that doesn't happen anymore. but what are you doing after spending so much money on covid-19, what do you have to do to deal with delta covid >> jim, this is the most difficult and unique environment to operate retail stores in. first and foremost, our objective is always the health and safety of our associate ands our customers. and we put incredible steps in place to ensure that we're maintaining a safe environment
6:32 pm
for our workers and customers to p shop in addition to that, jim, we want to make sure that as a company we're very conscience of the needs of our customers look, dwoen we don't have a cryl ball and know what is going to happen relative to customer mobility but we're very comfortable that our total home strateg the agility that we can manage in this environment to serve our pro and diy customers while keeping our associates safe. another point i want to add, we had such success that we're able to pay out in our associate profit sharing program this is specifically for hourly associates, $91 million in bonuses just for the second quarter. that is $20 million over the target payout level and we're going to be paying this to our hard-working associates out there working every day to create this great environment for our customers. and as a former hourly associate, i think it's a great
6:33 pm
gesture for all companies to do what we can to take care of our associates doing these really difficult times. >> let's change the field stores we know that i know this is a day to celebrate. you've been taking share from other people but i cannot be remiss not to talk about all the things you're doing for minority business people i want to know how that is going. it doesn't get touched on the analyst. >> jim, when i arrived, you know, we wanted to make sure that lowe's became a more inclusive company not only for our associates and our customers but for suppliers. and so, you know, i sat down with bill, our head merchant and my chief marketing and brand officer and we came up with an idea of how we can do this in a way that could be, you know, fun, interesting, and engaging we got the shark tank
6:34 pm
philosophy so we were fortunate to get david john from shark tank he is working with us for the second year in a row we put out the word to all minority entrepreneurs, if you have a product that you think can sell in a lowe's environment, we're giving them a chance to pitch this product last year we had thousands of applicants now beyond that, we're able to select probably a dozen plus suppliers from this process that are working with us. and now we have the second year in a row and over 1,000 applicants i'm excited once again to be part of panel to hear the wonderful pitches on these products this is all about giving individuals a shot at the american dream we get hundreds of millions of transactions in our stores on an annual basis and we're going to give an
6:35 pm
entrepreneur out there a chance to get their product in front of all these customers. i think it's just a wonderful gesture and it helps us to create better diversity with our supplier base. >> i just, you just talked about america. and what can be great about the american dream that's how i want to leave it. on a great day for lowe's. marvin ellison, chair and president and sceo, great to se you all. lowe's is a huge story the other guy not up so much, that's a win marvin ellison, chairman, president of lowe's. low. and it is still a buy. stay with cramer >> coming d to chase humanity's next big breakthrough can it equip your portfolio for success? find out next.
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another day, another record for letter a they make instrument software and services for the life science diagnostics and chemical industries the how much do i love that? here's the stock that spent the last 60 months marching upwards. i've been recommending agellent since april. and the stock is more than doubled from there a lot of that has to do with covid-19 testing, business that is making a huge come back now that delta variant is spreading. there is much p more to this story than the virus last i asked a reporter, accelerating revenue growth, you know how much i love it, up 26% year over year that is driven by farm yashgs chemical and energy businesses this sin credible. during a year of wild rotations
6:40 pm
this stock keeps working its way higher take it from me. let's talk to the president and ceo of agilent technologies to learn more about the quarter eastern where the company is headed welcome back to "mad money." >> hey, jim. as you know, it's mike and a real pleasure to be back on. it was april 2020 we had our first conversation that's way back. the early days of the pandemic and i would say in the agilent front, a lot happened. but, jim, there are two constants throughout that time period it's been our commitment to our team and to our customers. on the team right out of the gate, we said that health and safety of our team is number one that includes our job security we wanted to take that worry right off the table. we guarantee people's job. we said there is no layoffs or salary cuts. then we told our customers, we'll be there for you we'll answer the call for you. and i'm really proud to say that i think our team delivered on the commitments. i think that's the story board
6:41 pm
behind the great numbers we've been posting as you saw yesterday. just one more example of that. >> one of the things that did amaze me about what your company did it is came out of the pandemic a lot stronger than it went in. and that's hard for me to believe. i always liked letter a from the day it was spun off. >> i'm glad to hear. that glad to that. >> you know that >> but the last 18 months, you transformed the company to a much bigger, better company than it was going into the pandemic >> absolutely, jim you may recall, our conversation, we said we're executing this build and buy growth strategy and we're going to invest through the pandemic and we committed to our team we committed to our customers. and we commit to continue to invest and grow. and as proud as i am will on the results we delivered and proud of the work we have done relative to covid-19, you may recall some of our store yuz about the great work our teams have been doing relative to the covid-19 support our story is one of core business growth. our core business, noncovid-19, is up 26% as you noted in your
6:42 pm
call and we're on track with our updated guides at $1 billion of incremental business because of noncovid-19 sector for us. listen, we're still out there providing solutions and capabilities and support for those in the fight against covid-19 but it will be slight head wind for us this year it's a core business growth story. >> you know, i didn't like the headlines which pulled that comment that this stock got hurt because -- this company got hurt because it's a head wind that is really not the narrative. the narrative is what you've done like acquiring resolution bioscience to me now that is an ever green situation. we're all going to need that >> absolutely. so i'm really glad you're a close student of the agilent business and what we're doing here so the resolution biois just the latest example of executing on this bill to buy growth strategy what do they do? so this is all about
6:43 pm
participating in the cancer and diagnostics market part of the whole push on precision medicine so there is just a pro llethoraf new drugs being developed. the patient when they go to seat doctors that, drug will actually work for them. this is what resolution bioz it's a nonevasive manner through a blood test, you can tell whether that particular prescription or therapeutic would work for you so very exciting and it's one of the reasons why agilent team is so proud in working for this company what we do and what we can enable via science >> you have had a really kind of one of the great relationships with china of any american companies. i was curious. you got hospitals in shanghai that handle 500,000 people a clip what they could do with resolution bioscience would be amazing. it is possible >> absolutely. so i think you know the history of agilent in china. it goes back decades
6:44 pm
we were one of the first companies to go in to china. actually hewlett-packard is one of the technology j.v.s. and we see great potential in china for resolution bioand other aspects of our diagnostics business and we're operating from position of strength we've been there for years we have a strong team. we have strong in country capabilities we know how to work with the chinese customer so we're really excited about the possibilities there. >> well, i think your company is in with a couple of companies like i follow. it just doesn't matter you get better and better than that on what the season is a lot of that is great leadership a lot is the team. a lot of it is you, president and ceo of agilent technologies. thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you for your kind comments, jim you're good and the company is jest great. i like letter a. i want to double down on it. mad money is back after the break. >> stick around. >> may i make a suggestion
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>> the lightning round is coming up next. what happens when we welcome change? we can make emergency medicine possible at 40,000 feet. instead of burning our past for power, we can harness the energy of the tiny electron. we can create new ways to connect. rethinking how we communicate to be more inclusive than ever. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change. faster. vmware. welcome change.
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6:49 pm
i like robotics. i like it in this area it split three for one not too long ago and recently they announced another three for one split. isrp. >> i like intuitive very much. great management and growth. numbers spiked one of the best performing stock of the year. buy, buy, buy. now we go to jackson, ohio jackson? >> hey, thank you for taking my call, jim. >> you're welcome. >> i had a pull back, is it time to add more swks sky works >> i like the acquisition. i like what they are doing liam is so smart he is such a big provider of chips to apple that he pretty much is the most bankable company that apple works with. buy, buy, buy. now bill in new york bill >> hey, jim. love your show and all the good work you do. helping people >> thank you that is what i'm trying to do. i know a lot of people, i want to thank all the people in
6:50 pm
mentions column. what's up? >> i just telling my kids for years about the bulls and bears and pigs they got it now. that will help them in the future anyway, i want to ask you about canopy i heard you say it a few times you were still saying buy canopy >> look, we need legislation we need it now for canopy. i'd do it in a hedge way i would buy consolation brands i would roll the dice. i know there say lot of support. but i can not embrace this group until we see legislation and i don't see it on the horizon. joe in new york? joe? >> boo-yah, jim! >> boo-yah, joe. >> boo-yah to you. i'm calling about a renewable natural gas class a trucking company that will go to market with hybrid and ev solutions they have a migration fooj
6:51 pm
hydrogen the u.s. secretary of energy is showing interest and they just named dennis gallagher of coo. what are the long term and short term outlooks for hyln >> that was just, you know, so many people were -- i'm going to use the word, pumping that on me and it never really amounted to much i just don't think it has it it's one of those power trains that is like five of them. there are five charging stations five this, five that we have too many of this kindo stock. they're not worth it i'll try to do a piece on it next week where i mention the supply issues. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade coming up, is the move in drug stocks a prescription for profits? cramer takes his medicine next
6:52 pm
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sometimes rallies sneak up on you and you end up musissing the whole darn thing i don't like that to happen here and that's how i feel though about this stealth move in the entire drug stark cohort how did we miss it that's what you're saying. every time we see a company's explanation. we can always find one so let's take pfizer this stock is a banchy with an amazing move especially now that we're hearing the talk of covid-19
6:56 pm
booster stocks we have president biden talk about today. the the delta var yiant has givn them a huge tail wind. that is going to really help you know why fizer is about to lose patent protection and major drugs if if covid-19 becomes an endemic disguise where you need a new vaccine every year, that could be a gigantic revenue stream for them. they can make an acquisition with that money and bridge the gap. wait a second. while pfizer might have the boost it needs from booster shots, they don't explain why the stock of johnson & johnson keeps running. based on the data we've seen, it's looking like j&j's vaccine is the least protection against the new strains. either it's been excellent at preventing severe cases. how come the stock has been running every bit as hard as the stock of pfizer? simple surprise, surprise this is a group move not a collection of company specific moves. the drug stocks are roaring because of the posturing head of last year's election,
6:57 pm
washington has not done one thing about drug prices. a lot of investors freaked out about the health care industry as we begin a trifecta it didn't happen it was a mistake the rally feels like the multiyear movement of the drug stocks during the early to mid 90s after president clinton bashed them in a speech at merck's own new jersey headquarters it was legendary then boom clinton was unable or unwilling to follow-through in his plan to bash the heck out of drug stock profits. yep. that's driving the stocks. election relief. even the ones that aren't doing anything exciting. like the sleepy bristol-myers. that -- look, don't get me wrong. there is a lot i like about bristol-myers. the they have a consistent track record, anti-cancer business, market share, no the to mention the mega blockbuster and -- but it's just expansion that is driving this baby. it means it is being rerated
6:58 pm
people willing to pay may for the same earnings. should the stock be up here at $68? you bet it should. wall street will absolutely pay a higher price to earnings multiple for this thing. now that the biden administration is turning a blind eye to the group, the company seems to have shifted on the stocks given what they've been able to accomplish against covid-19 now there is glaxosmithkline working oen an anti-covid-19 vaccine number long ago, glaxo was targetted by elliott management, aggressive activist hedge fund for underperformance. they wanted big changes. the stock has been a terrible lagger now, now it's on fire! people still ask me what is going on look at the rest of the group. i bought eli lilly people are paying 34 times earnings for this one. they believe the new alzheimer's drug rolls back brain plaque and reduces symptoms of the horrifying disease in the future i agree with that. just so you know i agree with it. but if you look at the action in the stock, all the future is
6:59 pm
now. don't forget about regeneron the stock is successful treatment for covid-19 that gets you out of the hospital much faster not long ago it was in the hot seat for charging a fortune for a drug i didn't hear any anti-regeneron he is positive about it too. that was done really fast. finally, there is avid it is sneaky it moved up in anticipation of the rheumatoid arthritis drug getting fda approval for another type of arthritis. it is causing this one to trade at such a low price. i guess they have maybe -- i would say it is the lowest multiple and highest dividends you can see all of our moves before we make them by joining me club i think the drug rally which faltered hard today is an opportunity because it is far from over.
7:00 pm
given the relative low valuations and the group still versus every other sector particularly technology. you can argue this move is only in the third inning. i like that. a lot more baseball to play. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise you i'd find i just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow the news starts right now. coming, but will americans roll up their sleeves item kelly evans in for shepard smith. this is the news on c dlnbc. >> better to stay ahead of it than chasing behind it. >> when the rollout begins and the questions already being asked. there have been huge, huge crowds here. >> evacuation efforts ramping up in kabul will security hold at the airport long enough to get everyone out there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that ipd kated a collapse of this arm


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