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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 21, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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announcer: stay tuned fo moving slow, and i am frank holland in for shepard smith this is the news on cnbc for shh president biden addresses the chaos. >> i cannot promise what the final outcome will be. >> gunshots, violence, desperate crowds trying to get out plus, the heartbreaking image of a baby being pulled over barbed wire escaping kabul one woman's emotional decision to leave afghanistan behind forever. >> i don't know if i'll ever be back. >> and firsthand look at her journey. hurricane watch, henri gaining
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strength, who is at risk and urgent message from officials. >> impacts from this will be widespread. >> the games go on but with new covid rules the little league world series and what is different. jeopardy's host resigns after day one. and tesla's plans to build a dancing robot? >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith." >> good evening, happy friday. president biden sending a message to americans in afghanistan, we will get you out at the same time admitting the mission is dangerous and that his administration does not know exactly how many americans are in that country. >> i cannot promise what the final outcome will be, that it will be without risk of loss as commander in chief, i can
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assure you i will mobilize every resource necessary. >> the president speaking at the white house today, taking questions from reporters for the first time since the taliban took afghanistan he responded to reports that the state department received a cable last month from u.s. diplomats calling for air lifts that are happening now to begin right away >> we have all kinds of cables, all kinds of advice. i made the decision, the buck stops with me. i took the consensus opinion, the consensus opinion was that, in fact, it would not occur if it occurred until later in the year. >> here is where evacuation efforts stand today. pentagon officials say since saturday, they evacuated 13,000 people nearly half of those happened in just the last 24 hours since end of july, have gotten about 18,000 people out of afghanistan. but flights out of the country halted for more than eight hours today because of a processing in
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qatar hitting capacity thousands waiting to get out of the kabul airport. that's where we saw this heartbreaking video of american soldiers lifting a baby over razor wire on top of the wall yesterday the marines confirm medical professionals treated the baby on site and was safely reunited with the father there at the airport. kelly o'donnell live at the white house on the top story kelly, it appears the president is relying somewhat, at least somewhat, on the taliban to get americans out safely >> reporter: to a great degree, frank. the president saying they're in touch with the taliban daily, have assurances they will allow for safe passage, particularly of americans there are also reports that the president says he disputed to a degree that some americans are having difficulty getting to the airport. we spoke today with an american, david fox, who is there with his wife and son they've lived there for about eight years, trying to get to
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the airport and the crowds, the sort of desperation in the air made it too difficult, especially with a small child. they felt turned back, didn't feel it was safe the president saying he will make a promise to the americans and afghan allies working with american military to get them out without making assurances that this will not go without some down side the president today said some of what we are all seeing was built into whenever there would be withdrawal of u.s. forces. there's some dispute about that, but that's part of what the president shared today here's a portion of his comments >> there's no way in which you would be able to leave afghanistan without there being some of what you're seeing now >> reporter: the president also said he would consider authorizing special rescue missions to go beyond the airport in kabul where u.s. military have been sort of bound by a perimeter there, as needed,
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to try to retrieve americans or afghan allies, if they have the intelligence they can do it, can try to get them from beyond taliban check points at this point, the president hasn't said he would expand a larger foot print of the u.s. military in afghanistan. frank? >> kelly o'donnell, the latest on the developing situation from the white house.g situation from the white house. general, thank y general, thank you for being here your credentials and knowledge on this unlimited. i'm going to jump right into it. what do you make of the u.s. relying on the taliban for safety of its citizens in afghanistan? >> i'm a little concerned about that because the taliban first of all haven't lived up to an agreement since they formed their organization you saw it at the doha talks, they violated every commitment they made. what the taliban can turn on, the taliban can turn off in a moment the fact we rely on the taliban
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is a risk that we need to be aware of and need to be having some plans if they decide to turn off that flow >> speaking of that, it sounds like you believe the taliban could be a formidable opponent if this continues. you wrote about the taliban quick victory saying they have mastered the core elements of public relations, psychological operations, and propaganda three very powerful weapons in any kind of conflict did the united states underestimate the abilities of the taliban? >> i think we did, not necessarily their military capability we outgun them, outfly them. everything that we have we outnumber them should have said this would have been a good defensive battle for months and months and months their ability to get inside the heads of not only the afghan soldiers but also inspiring their own soldiers, you have to give them a little nod to their military capability and psychological capability
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when it comes down to man on man, i trust the afghans if they think they have been abandoned by the united states, they're saying why should we fight if everybody else is leaving. >> general, it sounds like you believe at least the taliban are relatively well organized. they've already seized u.s. made airplanes, tanks, artillery throughout takeover of the country. what could that mean for years ahead in that region >> first of all, there are a lot of taliban out there, a lot of groups they're not necessarily centrally organized. there's a lot of fractious communication and interaction between them all they can't even form a government yet i think we could easily get in and break up roots with our own information operations, but at the same time this is a group that wants to go back to the 5th century. i'm not too worried about them getting in helicopters and airplanes anytime soon what i am concerned about is al qaeda and its affiliates coming in, they are extremely talented,
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could well be as we saw september 11, some of those could get in planes and be a real threat to the region, particularly in europe >> general, we appreciate your insight and expertise. thanks for being here. later, we take you inside the escape from kabul. nbc's richard engle documents the emotional journey out of the capital for those lucky enough to get on a plane. hurricane warning, henri is expected to strengthen to category one in the next 24 hours. warning it could unleash three to the national hurricane cente warning it could unleash three to five feet of storm surge. the governor of connecticut declaring a state of emergency and in nearby massachusetts, officials urge people to take the storm seriously. >> the impacts of the storm will be widespread due to significant rain and high winds, everyone in the state if possible should
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plan to be at home by saturday night, plan to stay at home sunday >> nbc news meteorologist bill karins covering the storm. karins covering the storm. of i've covered some nor'easter's in the past this is more serious than a nor'easter and the past path shifting to the west. >> nor'easters have the same winds, but there's no leaves to catch the wind in winter, so we don't get massive power outages we'll get with this storm. start with hurricane warnings. it has been since 2011 with hurricane irene long island has been under a hurricane warning, same for coastal connecticutut 1985 was and i'll repeat. 1985 was the last time a hurricane made landfall on long island, and we have to go to 1991 for areas of new england. we're going to do something we haven't done in 20, 30 years, in areas of new england and on long island right now, barely under hurricane strength, safely off the coast of north carolina.
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just big waves saturday for virginia and outer banks notice the hurricane center brings it to category one. not out of the question, could make it to category 2 as it approaches i it will begin to weak and little bit. the big question is will it weaken enough to prevent a massive million weather disaster i doubt it even a low end category 1 into an area like massachusetts and long island, we'll have consider tree damage. fred went through and dumped water in the same area the soil's already loose trees are going to fall, branches will snap, power outages will be the biggest issue with the storm how accurate are we thinking we are not etched in stone where it is going. some computer miles are east of long island, a few are towards new york city. we'll figure it out tomorrow everyone has tomorrow to prepare. >> hurricane hitting new york city hard to imagine that bill, we appreciate it turning our attention to the
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covid crisis that's impacting one city's water supply, and why officials are urging residents to conserve water because of a spike in patients. and demand for rapid covid testing on the rise. why did the company that makes the test decide to throw its materials in the trash new reporting tonight. and live at the little league world series, we have a look at the covid rules there to keep kids safe >> announcer: the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith" back in 60 seconds. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable.
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that's professional grade from gmc. covid watch. the mayor of orlando, florida pleading with people to cut back sharply using water. the city uses liquid oxygen to treat the water supply, but hospitals are using so much of it to treat patients that the city may not have enough to purify the water officials are warning shortage could last for weeks as the delta variant spreads, g
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kids under the age of 18 cdc data shows hospitalization among kids under the age of 18 they increase by more than 30% over the past two weeks alone. turning our attention to new york city, mayor bill de blasio announced high school coaches and student athletes have to get vaccinated if they want to play sports this year meantime, texas supreme court ruled yesterday to temporarily allow school districts to require masks in classrooms. across the country, many schools, restaurants, stores are issuing new covid restrictions, corporate america is no exception. apple delayed the office reopening date the company reports it won't bring back workers until at least january. the decision follows similar moves from facebook and amazon covid delta continues to effect big concerts, festivals, sporting events, that includes little league world series dasha burns is in williamsport i have never been there, but i am sure it is a loose atmosphere
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tell us about safety measures. >> reporter: it was cancelled last year because of covid-19, this year, this beloved tradition is back. it looks different the biggest change, normally the hills are packed with thousands of spectators and fans, the stands are full, but not this year this year no fans are allowed. each team received 250 tickets for friends and family this year they're looking at about 2,000 people this comes with a litany of rules, masks indoors for anyone. anyone engaging with a player needs to wear a mask, including the umpire on the field. nonteam members, attendees need to show proof of vaccination all team members need to show proof of vaccination or because so many are not eligible to be vaccinated, get a covid test
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every other day. we talked to folks how this year feels different. i want you to hear from one of the stars in the tournament, only female player in the tournament this year she's making her debut as starting catcher for texas tonight. take a listen. >> if we had to go home because of covid, i feel we would all feel bad we are being careful so we don't have to feel that guiltiness dot have >> reporter: one thing, the excitement and enthusiasm on the field. >> you try to have a good time and stay safe. turning our attention back to the covid crisis, executives at one of america's top producers of rapid covid test, abbott laboratories told factory workers to destroy materials used to make the test.
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as demand dropped with company sales, according to reporting from "new york times." the report says the company cited limited shelf life of the materials. now as covid cases skyrocket, demand for tests is once again soaring. now the times reports the company is struggling to fulfill orders let's bring in senior scholar at the johns hopkins center for health security and infectious disease expert not just a specialist, but an expert thank you so much for being here >> thanks for having me. >> look at this incident this incident aside, states start to struggle, start to struggle not having enough testing, what will that mean for the current wave of the delta variant we're seeing >> what it means is that we fly blind, you won't have the ability to know who is infected or not like the beginning of the pandemic there's no excuse for it now not only do we have vaccines, we have the technology, even for
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home tests, we know how to do this correctly if they have the political will to do it, if people realize we're still in a pandemic so testing will be important as we try to get back some semblance of normal life. >> correct me if i'm wrong, people typically get a covid test because they have to or are worried they're infected one doctor suggested the idea of test sites as vaccination sites as a strategy to get the vaccination numbers up in your opinion would that help? >> anything that makes it easy to get vaccinated is going to help you have to be careful if you have somebody that might be contagious, you don't want them infecting the vaccination anyway tore for those that test negative, having a one stop shop, get tested, get a vaccine makes it easy we have to make getting vaccinated something part of normal life. ideally you want to do it at the primary care physician's office, hopefully that will be coming soon. >> we all hope that now.
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the times are reporting the fda is expected to fully approve the pfizer vaccine next week it is already in use on an emergency basis. will this move, move the needle in any meaningful way for those that held out or too late for that >> i suspect it will probably have an impact we know that the anti-vaccine movement is using the fact that vaccines have been available only on emergency use authorization as a way to attack them, call them experimental vaccines and other nonsense. this removes that talking point. hopefully some people will feel more comfortable because the fda is making a decision based on data on safety and efficacy that's amassed in the last six months or nine months or so more that will give people a little more peace of mind that maybe were nervous it is also important for organizations and employers, many of them reticent to have mandates for their employees as a condition of employment or organizations as condition of participation because they're
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waiting for full fda approval. now that that's coming, maybe you see more organizations step forward and show some confidence in the vaccine, try to protect the workplace by mandating vaccinations. >> we appreciate it. well, his job appeared to be in jeopardy from the start now he lost it new host mike richards stepping down how the hunt for alex trebek's replacement just got back to square one. call it redemption race. sha'carri richardson set to se face off against the jamaican gold medalists what she's saying ahead of that big event.
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welcome back department of justice charging a capitol hill bomb suspect with threatening to use explosives and weapon of mass destruction. he claimed to have a bomb, it prompted a standoff. officials didn't find any viable explosives but found materials to make a bomb he was ordered detained without bail pending medical screening a judge ordered that evaluation after roseberry said he couldn't understand the proceedings because, quote, he hadn't taken his mind medicine in two days. what's the shortest game show hosting gig ever? answer, mike richards who stepped down from the role this morning after named alex trebek's replacement
12:23 am
this is two days after report from the ringer that dug up sexist comments he made on a podcast several years ago. valerie castro explains. >> reporter: hardly a week after he was named to take over the role of alex trebek, mike richards is stepping away after the first day of taping. controversy during the tenure at the price is right in the form of discrimination lawsuits and offensive remarks made during his one time podcast the random show seemed to have motivated the move the lawsuits were settled, richards denied wrongdoing as for the podcast, nbc hasn't heard the original podcasts. according to the ringer, the episodes from 2013 and 2014 revealed sexist remarks about women among other disparaging comments. >> objectively she is not attractive, and she does not have a great body. >> reporter: he sent a letter t
12:24 am
several days it has become clear moving forward "jeopardy" staff sayin over the last several days it has become clear moving forward as host would be too much distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show. the search for tree beck's replacement included 16 different guest hosts earlier this year. two made the cut, including richards, and mayim bialik will be host of the new series. levar burton, former host of "reading rainbow" didn't make the cut. as for who trebek would have picked to replace him, in a 2002 interview, he suggested laura coats, and alex foust, play by play announcer. sony pictures television which produces jeopardy issued a statement saying it was surprised to hear of the podcast in the and offensive language richards
12:25 am
used in the past a spokesperson confirms he will remain executive producer of the show and the search will now resume for yet another host. >> a lot of people are anxious to figure out who will be the replacement. alex was so popular, so great. just like an icon. >> exactly, hard to replace. well, elon musk has a lot of ideas some would consider wacky. the next one may top the list. a humanoid robot almost laughing. before you judge it, you need to hear his pitch. his pit and a major setback for gm the latest black eye for chevy volt that could cost the automaker $1 billion escaping kabul one woman's emotional journey out of afghanistan we approach the bottom of the hour here on cnbc. conventional g means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs. being first on the scene, when every second counts. or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan,
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oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ well, elon musk's latest invention, i don't know if it is quite an invention, here it is, a dancing man in a spandex suit. now, that is supposed to be a demo that impressed elon a human robot that uses artificial intelligence. instead, it is mostly a bit of practice and suspension of disbelief. the real robot set to launch next year is 5'8", made of lightweight materials, do boring, repetitive, dangerous work humans don't want to do phil lebeau now, thanks for being here the robots sound cool, is there any real intention to make them? >> they say they're going to build it elon musk says the prototype
12:28 am
will be ready next year. there are a lot of hurdles to overcome to become a reality and there are a lot of skeptics, including analysts that cover tesla full time that are like i don't see this happening anytime soon don't be surprised if a couple years from now people are saying whatever happened to the tesla bot. >> i mean, i am laughing looking at this now. elon musk is a bit of a carnival barker, the tech no king of tesla. i know you have a lot of experience with him. in your opinion, was this just another publicity stunt? >> not a publicity stunt this is more recruiting pitch. remember, this was part of an artificial intelligence demonstration where they talked about ai and the future of ai helping with autonomous driving for tesla. they need to recruit ai engineers. they came out, said if you want to work at tesla in ai, this is what we are building for the future
12:29 am
you have to admit, even though you saw the person dancing in a suit, you say what is this it is interesting. you might come away saying he is the thomas edison of the generation, yeah, i may want to work at tesla. >> interesting is the word for it. massive recall widens, that's topping cnbc's on the money. general motors expanding a massive recall of chevy volt, recalling all electric vehicles due to fire risk in battery packs. cnbc learning at least 11 key leaders and senior engineers left blue origin weeks after jeff bezos' space flight bezos't parki blue origin lost the bid to several of the edge engineers, blue origin lost the bid to spacex for the nasa contract earlier this year. a company spokesperson emphasized blue origin growth growing by nearly a factor of four in the past three years
12:30 am
coors is doing something stronger, launching a blended american whiskey, called five trail. will be released under a new coors whiskey. it will be about 60 bucks a bottle on wall street, the dow up 226. the s&p up 36, and nasdaq up 173. and nasdaq up 173. i am frank who will and in i'm frank holland in for shepard smith. it is half past the hour, here's what's making news inside the escape from kabul one woman's frantic journey to get out of the country thousands of firefighters battling flames in the west, many for less than minimum wage. but that could change soon they call it the great resignation, vast majority of americans considering a job change, and it is transforming the job market
12:31 am
the u.s. military sending helicopters to evacuate 169 americans from a hotel in kabul to take them to the airport. this is the first time u.s. military choppers have done this pentagon spokesperson john kirby said officials were worried it was not safe for them to travel to the airport, and that the flight was quick, safe, efficient. thousands of people are still waiting at the kabul airport to get out of that country. president biden today calling the scenes heartbreaking. >> we've seen gut wrenching images of panicked people, acting out of sheer desperation. you know, it is completely understandable they're frightened they're sad, uncertain what happens next i don't think anyone, i don't think any one of us can see these pictures, not feel that pain on a human level. >> with a first hand look at one afghan american woman's painful journey out of that country,
12:32 am
nbc's richard engle reports from qatar. >> reporter: this is what you have to face to get into the last remaining u.s. base at kabul airport. shooting, violence, taliban whips and desperate crowds it is so chaotic, american troops worry if they open gates, people will flood in inside the base, afghans are processed for departure, moved to the flight line that's where we met an afghan american from virginia she moved back to afghanistan to teach six years ago when it was much safer >> it was a dream come true for me, a house by the mountains i cannot imagine leaving but unfortunately it is time to go >> you left obviously the house. >> everything. everything everything small little suitcase with my laptop and that's it >> reporter: she's bringing 25 members of extended family she doesn't want to leave.
12:33 am
>> we're looking at the afghan flag >> i don't know how much longer it will be there this is really sad i don't know if i'll ever be back i am hoping, but i don't know if i'll ever be back. >> reporter: her relatives give final hugs, they don't want to be leaving either but don't want to live under the taliban. finally it is boarding time. for gina, a painful good-bye for most afghans on board, it is the start of their new lives as refugees because the evacuations have become so much more chaotic, it is changing who is being evacuated and getting on flights. the process was set up to bring out american citizens, foreign contractors and afghans that worked closely with american troops they were supposed to submit forms to the state department, arrive with packets proving their identity instead, the state department is processing when flights alive
12:34 am
unaccompanied minors, people with no documentation at all, and don't exactly know who it is they're receiving. richard engle, nbc news, doha, qatar. rapid fall of afghanistan triggering a massive refugees crisis tens of thousands lucky enough to get out now hoping someone will take them in. here's what countries are welcoming them right now u.s. government said it will settle 22,000 seeking asylum canada announced it intends to take 20,000. uk, offering sanctuary to 20,000 over coming years. their government says focus is on women, children, religious minorities germany granting asylum to 10,000, and australia 3,000, and uganda agreeing to temporarily take 2,000 refugees. as of last month, the u.n. reported that afghans were the second largest refugees population in the world.
12:35 am
it is a crisis that will likely only widen in weeks ahead. and the crisis front and center on capitol hill lawmakers fighting over taking in refugees here in the u.s. there's some bipartisan agreement to help afghans that worked with us during the war. officials are making plans to send refugees to military bases across the country, including fort lee, fort bliss, and fort mccoy for now. lawmakers are debating how many more to take in and where else to send them nbc sahil kapur. >> that's right. congress is on a path to a showdown over afghan refugees, how many to take in. we're already seeing some hill jats are generally unified disagreements emerge on capitol hill they are generally unified saying the united states needs to do more to take in refugees and some like the progressive chair in the house is calling for expanding special immigrant
12:36 am
visas substantially to allow more refugees to come in among republicans, it is more complicated. there are some like senator mitch mcconnell and mike gallagher that say the u.s. absolutely should do more to resettle refugees in the u.s. and in the region. and another faction led by congressman paul gosar, backed by influential voices and right wing media objecting to any effort to take in more afghan refugees in the foreseeable future there are 47 senators, including three republicans, calling for a special category for visas for women under the taliban. these are difficult questions congress has to grapple with starting next week when the house returns to session frank? >> we appreciate it. while the delta variant may have upended hopes for return to normal life but hasn't stopped some americans from shelling out big bucks, especially at retail stores some people call it revenge spending, boosted by stimulus
12:37 am
checks others say it is pent up demand. either way retailers expect the shopping spree to continue well into the months ahead here is courtney reagan. >> reporter: denim, sneakers, luxury handbags, kitchen and bath building materials. no matter the merchandise, americans are buying and at full price. many of the biggest retailers are putting up stronger than expected financial results consumers are hitting stores, even as the delta variant surges online shopping soared in 2020 while it is still growing, walmart and target are among those reporting another quarter of strong store foot traffic. >> the quarter is off to a strong start we're not seeing any slow down in momentum. i have seen a very resilient consumer, physically out shopping, trying to get back to life. >> reporter: retail bosses say their own strategy contributes to spending.ay
12:38 am
and they say the strength is here to stay this ceo expects shopper traffic to improve further. >> we expect traffic to increase in the second half of the year i would say brick and mortar, mall retail is back with a vengeance with stimulus checks and revenge buying because of the robust leasing environment, it feels better than when we emerged in 2009 and 2010 from the great final crisis. >> walmart, kohl's, macy's are forecasting a stronger back half of 2021 and moreing a stronger f of 202 coach and kate spade continue to sell high-end accessories without discounts. foot locker too, cushioning the blow from higher wages and increased shipping and transportation costs tapestry told cnbc she sees momentum building the remainder of the year.
12:39 am
>> our digital business at $1.6 billion is a billion dollars bringingert th than prepandemic we are attracting more customers. >> reporter: not every retailer is optimistic. it is concerned about the rest of 2021. particularly the looming uncertainty surrounding the spread of the delta variant and industry wide congestion in the supply chain frank? >> looking for any more revenge, i will tweet you my sizes. the great resignation, what experts call the trend of workers quitting or changing careers. the pandemic shifting culture and what's expected at the office and beyond. recent study, 65% of employees are looking for a new job. 88% of executives are seeing higher turnover than normal, with a look at the power dynamic shift between employees and employers, here is vicki nguyen.
12:40 am
>> reporter: lindsey started her new job as a product data analyst. now works mostly from home in arizona. >> a lot of us feel we can be more productive in a home office environment rather than in a physical office building >> reporter: she says in may, her previous company required staff to come in at least 50% of the time many quit. extra work led lindsey to resign >> did you feel like the company had a set of rules and it wasn't going to compromise? >> those were the rules, wasn't going to be any compromise. >> reporter: in a june survey by, 95% of workers considered changing jobs most common factor, burnout, followed by lack of job growth, which is exactly what lindsey felt >> i kind of ran out of room to grow. >> this is job seeker's market. >> reporter: a former corporate recruiter and career expert at monster says this is a great time to consider a new job or career change. recent labor statistics show nearly 4 million employees quit
12:41 am
their jobs compared to more than 9 million available jobs what are the hot industries? >> you look at the jobs that are available, bank teller, set te technician, everywhere, security guard, different technician, pharmacy technician, everywhere, security guard, different industries throughout the country. >> reporter: the top industries, education and health services, followed by trade, transportation, utilities. third, professional and business services sector, which includes office temp work and accounting. >> there are opportunities out there. it is an awesome time to be looking. >> reporter: they're not just quitting jobs, americans are pivoting careers 92% of workers surveyed were willing to change. she says don't worry if you never worked in a particular industry, highlight the skills you have that can transfer to any job. hospitality can cross-over to health care. foerpgs for example, customer
12:42 am
service, hospitality can cross-over to health care. >> employers say when they're evaluating candidates, they look at resume, work experience, interview presence they don't focus so much on specific work experience, it is a good time to pivot. >> when you consider whether or not to leave your current job, what are things to keep in mind? >> consider a few things number one, flexibility. where do you want to work. do you want to work from home, in an office or hybrid situation. when you start your job surf, pursue opportunities that provide you with what you want to be happy. >> lindsey loves her new job, she says she hit the jackpot working with a company with a work from home first and growth opportunities. didn't take long to get the offer. >> they called me in 24 hours to offer the job. >> after the interview >> less than that. >> wow, how did this process make you feel? >> i would say the process made me feel empowered because i felt like i as the job seeker kind of had the upper hand, that i was valuable feeling valuable is empowering
12:43 am
>> reporter: she says it can be daunting to put yourself out there, especially if you are switching careers. start with small steps reach out for informational interviews, talk to people in your network first and just remember, the grass is not always greener frank? >> wise advice vicki nguyen with a great story. many firefighters on the front lines of wildfires across the west are earning less than minimum wage up next, the push to pay them more. and candyland in london. stores keep opening up, it is the kind of candy they're selling that has kids across the pond all fired up. (phone notif) where we've just lowered our auto rates. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and savings like that will have you jumping for joy. now, get new lower auto rates with allstate.
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because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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california's rapidly growing caldor fire, containment still zero percentinment still let'stake a look at how this has gone monday night, covered 2,000 acres, tuesday, 6,000.
12:46 am
wednesday, swelled to 54,000 thursday, 65,000 today, 73,000. that's an area about half the size of the city of chicago all in less than a week. and the cache fire tearing through lake county, according to officials, most evacuations there have now been lifted containment is at 50%. the massive infrastructure bill passed the senate includes billions to invest in climate change mitigation. 150 billion for programs like fortifying against floods, reducing damage from wildfires but is it enough investment to really make a difference cnbc's diana olick joins us on the series climate change consequences >> reporter: federal firefighters now battling the explosive number of blazes in california make less than the state's minimum wage, far less than state firefighters. a pittance compared with mortal risks they take.
12:47 am
>> wild land firefighters are truly at the frontlines of dealing with effects of climate change they are currently underpaid and poorly equipped. >> reporter: that is expected to change if the house approves the infrastructure bill. $600 million will go to raising the wages. it will raise salaries for forest service by as much as 50%, and make about 1,000 seasonal fire fighting jobs permanent. after this stark reminder last winter in texas how vulnerable the aging electrical grid is to more severe weather, the bill carves out $73 billion to make it not only more sustainable but to protect it. >> critical investments to combat climate change and build a clean energy future. >> reporter: and 3.5 billion to reduce energy costs for low income households and 8 billion for wild fire risk reduction forest thinning and restoration.
12:48 am
as risk of flooding rises, the bill provides $12 billion for fema flood mitigation grants in order to increase coastal resilience and improve flood mapping. >> i think investments in the bipartisan bill could be characterized as down payment in addressing climate change. the problem is we can't afford to mortgage our future we need to make the whole investment now >> reporter: that's where the second step of the process comes in during the budget battle this fall it is expected to include efficiency upgrades, incentives for customers to go greener. >> very important story there. the fastest woman in america banned from the olympics after testing positive for marijuana, we'll never know how sha'carri richardson would have done in tokyo, tomorrow we get an idea her big return to the track. plus, american candy stores popping up all over london tonight, why kids there like our sugary snacks better than their
12:49 am
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12:52 am
the race was dominated by jamaica. they set an olympic record jamaica swept, winning all three medals richardson talking to the "today" show today about what it was like for her to watch team usa from the sidelines >> it was a moment of bitterness but at the same time it was sweet because it just gives me more, more time, gives me more to show the world that i'm here to stay, and just guarantees i'm going to be here just a little bit longer in the game, but definitely watching it made me want to push forward and just grow from that >> we all want to push forward, all want to see that dawn harper nelson, you won the gold medal in 100 hurdles. you're a champion. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me excited to talk this topic. >> a lot of us are let's put it out there didn't get to run because of the cannabis suspension. what do you expect to see from her tomorrow
12:53 am
>> i am expecting to see complete dominance, a mentality of i had to wait over a month to race these ladies. when you feel you're the best like sha'carri does, all you want to do is line up with the best, you want to prove to yourself, fans, anyone that supported you that all the hard work was not in vain for her, now she has to wait tomorrow we get to see that. her coach is one that when the gun goes off, you're here to snatch dreams. you're here to get the job done and cross the line first tomorrow, i think she's going to have a killer mentality. >> really quick, you said she thinks she's the best in the world. do you think she's the best in the world? >> absolutely. >> that was easy >> to be fair, i needed to see the race at the olympics the fact that three ladies could go 10-6, there's no way i can say this one person is best in the world. right now, elaine thompson, until tomorrow
12:54 am
>> listen, we have to factor this in. jamaicans had a heavy work load at the olympics. how big an impact a couple weeks later? >> listen, when you're at the olympics, these ladies ran the 100, 200, and 4 x 1. they had over six rounds in their legs to understand the pressure you put on yourself mentally and physically is very draining, to really know that after the olympics, you're able to breathe again and relax. but your body took a hit you have to respect that recovery process after the olympics it is almost impossible to expect them to come out and go 10, 5. they respected the process i am sure they took time getting into training, their feet are just coming under them again i am excited for tomorrow. >> i love how into this you are. wish you would have worn the medal. >> i know. this is the trophy that they're racing for
12:55 am
i brought a little something >> humble brag this is nothing compared to the olympics this is huge in the race world, but nothing compared to the olympics who has the most pressure on them, jamaicans to defend titles or sha'carri to get revenge? >> to just be honest, the jamaicans have nothing to prove tomorrow the goal was the olympic trials for both, and then the olympics. your whole training, your whole being was wrapped around the olympics, so to go there, for them to do a jamaican sweep to shut out every other country, right now, has to be on sha'carri, but she welcomed this pressure she watched them race, sat there and student for over a month her coach, telling you, they put together a plan of tomorrow when the gun goes off, all bets are off. we are just going for it tomorrow, i think she will want to hush up the nay sayers, put it out there, told you i could hang with the best >> dawn harper nelson, you are
12:56 am
one of the best. thanks for being here. familiar looking candy stores are popping up on one of london's busiest streets, from mike and ike's to others for more how the uk is getting the american sized sugar rush, here is nbc's molly hunter. >> reporter: there's a sweet american invasion, sugar rush taking london by storm american candy, the stuff we grew up with, is having a moment in less than one city square mile, there are nine mega candy stores, including the creatively named american candy world, american candy, american candy land, kingdom of sweets, which claims to be the first according to experts like this eight-year-old, the american offerings are bigger and brighter >> i like this candy more than british candy because it has more flavor and it boosts my energy more. >> that's code for more sugar. to be honest, british candy is starting to look a bit boring in
12:57 am
comparison to this it is not just central london getting sugar coating, it is small stores like hollywood candy in this neighborhood >> welcome to hollywood candy. >> how do people react when they see mike and ike's, junior mints. >> like you did. >> they can't believe you have it all here. >> of course. >> i am confused, this country has a lot of junk food this country does a lot of sugary stuff what is it about american candy you think that's gotten people excited? >> when it comes to sugar, american products has more sugar. >> of course. >> the day we were there, some happy customers. >> why is it better? >> always tastes more like lively >> i think lively might also be slang for a lot more made in america sugar.
12:58 am
according to the knowledgeable customers in that piece, they say tootsie rolls and nerds are a favorite there are so many more flavors than i ever remembered and milk duds, surprising, i associate that with cinema, kids these days here absolutely love them molly hunter, nbc news, london race to the finish president biden promising to get every american out of afghanistan. "new york times" reports the fda expected to fully approve the pfizer vaccine next week and tropical storm henri hitting the northeast as a hurricane i am frank holland in for shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter at the news on cnbc, goodnight. business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll have many questions. challenges. and a few surprises.
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