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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 16, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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mcflurry thing >> that's a lot of money to fix those machines >> exactly so ditch the machines. make more cheeseburgers. stock goes to $375 >> throw in some mcnuggets guy, jeff, mike, thank you for being here tonight that does it for us with this specia now there's video of the missing woman, gabby petito, during what cops called a breakdown. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc. >> we've been fighting all morning. >> body cam footage released by the cops showing gabby petito physically upset and emotional. >> i've been trying to get him to stop talking about this. >> two weeks before her disappearance. >> right now, this is a missing person case. our focus is to find gabby the powerful lawyer at the center of a bizarre murder mystery arrested and in court
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today. the fraud charges, and the new investigation involving the death of his housekeeper afghan refugee resettlement. thousands on their way to america, but which states are rolling out the welcome mat? the raging booster battle. do we need another shot? >> older individuals seem to benefit from an additional dose. >> what the science is telling us, ahead of a key decision by the fda. george floyd's killer back in front of a judge. inspiration force, first day in space. and jay leno joins us live >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith good evening and desperate and emotional appeal from the parents of gabby petito today, directly to the parents of her boyfriend, brian longtree. he's the man the family believes may have the answers to solve their daughter's disappearance
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gabby has not been seen or heard from for more than three weeks now and brian longtree is still not talking. today through a lawyer, gabby's family issued this statement. >> we believe you know the location of where brian left gabby. we beg you to tell us. as a parent, how could you let us go through this pain and not help us? >> officials say they're not sure where to even look for gabby, and they're still trying to get as much information as they can new today, we did get insight into the couple's relationship in the weeks before she disappeared, police in moab, utah, responding to that domestic problem call after witnesses saw gabby and brian fighting today, they released the cops' body cam video. >> what are you guys' names? >> gabby. >> brian. >> gabby, brian, okay. what's going on? how come you're crying >> we've been fighting this morning, some personal issues.
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>> we were camping yesterday and -- >> the officer tells gabby to get out of the car, to get her side of the story. >> some days, i feel like ocd. i was just cleaning and straightening up, and i was apologizing to him, saying i'm sorry that i'm so mean because sometimes i have ocd and sometimes i get really frustrated we've been fighting all morning, and he wouldn't let me in the car before. >> why wouldn't he let you in the car? because of your ocd? >> told me i needed to calm down, yeah, but i am perfectly calm all the time. >> the officer then said he no noticed brian's face was bleeding, and asked him for his account. >> want to tell me about those scratches on your face >> she had a cell phone in her hand i was pushing her away she want ed the keys. i said let's take a breather calm down for a minute
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i'm just trying to push her away and not get hit. >> the officer names brian the victim but writes in the police report that at that point it seemed to him more like a mental health and emotional breakdown rather than a domestic assault so the officer separated them for the night. gabby stays with the van while the officer drives brian to get a room at a family crisis resource center. the couple planned to reunitee the next day, they said. here is the timeline again august 12th. that was the incident police just respond ed to. lasted about an hour, they tell us gabby, at the time, is clearly emotional and the relationship is strained. then two weeks later on august 25th, the last confirmed communication with gabby she face timed her mom and said she was heading to grand teton national park in wyoming august 30th, gabby's mom receives last text from gabby's
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phone "no service in yosemite. we don't even know if they were there, which is in california, or if gabby is even the person who sent the text. two days later, september 1st, brian laundrie is back in north port, florida. ten days after that, gabcy reported missing now the fbi and law enforcement across several states are trying to find her. cnbc's valerie castro begins her reporting tonight. again outside brian laundrie's family home in north port. valerie? >> reporter: shep, both gabby's family and north port police have reached a new level of frustration in this case with continued silence from both brian and the laundrie family. they live in the home behind me. it's been pretty quiet most of the day. it's unclear if they're even in the house right now. this morning, gabby's father made another public plea for help alongside the chief of police. >> i'm asking for help, everyone at home. i'm asking for help from the parents of brian, and i'm asking for help of the family members
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and friends of the laundrie family as well there's nothing else that matters to me now. this, this girl right here, this is what matters. that is it. >> reporter: the police chief answered a few questions about the investigation, including the search for gabby in wyoming. her stepfather is there now and was seen put ting up flyers wit her picture around the town of jackson hole. >> something in our gut says we need somebody here we'll go wherever it takes to find her. >> reporter: but as for any organized search by police, the police chief says law enforcement is still waiting for more information. >> we have no physical search teams on the ground, doing grid search right now we have resources and law enforcement partners that are out in the field, following up on tips and leads. as far as a grid search right now, we're still try ing to
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narrow down geographic areas. >> as for the investigation here in florida, we know police have processed the white van belonging to gabby they say it had some personal belongings inside. it's still unclear if any of that has any evidentiary value any cell phone data is also being analyzed but the chief says that will take time to process. as for brian's exact whereabouts, the chief was asked directly, is brian staying in this home with his parents the chief would only say, quote, i know where brian is at shep >> what's the response been like in that neighborhood to all of this >> reporter: shep for the most part it's been quiet on the street that the laundrie family lives on just a short while ago, a family drove by several times up and down this street in a pink golf cart it was a mother and father and their daughters. they live a few blocks away. they made signs that say speak
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up, bring gabby home north port loves gabby they said they don't know gabby personally but feel like they should come out here and try to help with this case. jason, the father of that family, says he's surprised that the entire neighborhood isn't on the street right now, begging brian and his family to come forward and speak to police. >> valerie, thank you. if you have any information on the whereabouts about gabby petito, excuse me, police ask you phone the national hotline 1-800-callfbi. the sprawling murder story out of south carolina keeps getting more bizarre the prominent lawyer, alex murdaugh in court today. he turned himself in connection with charges of insurance fraud in what police describe as a suicide for hire plot. investigators say he admitted he did hire a man to kill him so his surviving son could then collect $10 million in life insurance money. murdaugh was apparently pretending his car broke down on
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the side of the road a couple of weeks ago. that's when the gunman shot him in the head, but he survived his lawyer says the hitman was murdaugh's former drug dealer but we cannot independently confirm that to be true. >> he has had a tremendous o opioid addiction the death of his wife and son have put him over the edge in te terms of that addiction. and that is why, one of the major reasons he is considering having himself killed. >> in june, somebody shot and k killed murdaugh's wife and son paul on the family's hunting property so far no one has been arrested for their murders. live in hampton county, south carolina, catie beck murdaugh heading back to rehab now? >> reporter: yes, he is en route back to rehab right now, after this explosive bond hearing this afternoon, where prosecutors tried to convince the judge that
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murdaugh was, in fact, a flight risk they painted him as a man of means who had every reason to try to escape and should have a gps tracker put on him the judge actually disagreed with that after hearing the defense's argument was that murdaugh had a clean record, was no longer the man of means he once was and had most of his assets tied up in civil litigations and other things in the end, he is headed back to rehab. he had one opportunity to go back tonight before being keked out of the program and the judge agreed him to go there under the condition he surrender his passport and only remain at the rehab facility a number of investigations and civil litigations are pending and surrounding him. the most recent was just announced yesterday, when south carolina investigators said they are opening a death investigation into the 2018 death of murdaugh's housekeeper, long-time housekeeper that
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suffered a fall within the home. an official autopsy was never conducted at the time of her death. and there is some suspicion with the certificate in her death as well, which cited natural causes, as the cause of death. that is pretty inconsistent when someone falls down and has an accident shep >> catie beck, thank you a fair shot for the middle class. president biden describing his tax plan that way today. according to him, it's time for somebody else to foot the bill a stab in the back that's what france is calling a new partnership between the united states, australia and the uk could our new submarine deal sink a close relationship? and it's not a buyer's market, not a seller's market either it's an artificial intelligence market and it's making the business of real estate easier for everyone involved ut announcer: the facts, the trh, the news with shepard trh, the news with shepard smith, back in 60 a little more.
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president biden laying out his goal to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans while bringing relief to the rest of america. >> the wealthy have gotten wealthier and too many corpor corporations have lost the sense of responsibility to their workers, their communities and the country. where is it written that all the tax breaks in the american tax code go to corporations and the very top it's enough of it. i'm tired of it. >> the president is planning to have the irs crack down on ultra-wealthy americans who have been dodging taxes to deliver on his promises, the president is looking to congress to pass his massive $3.5 trillion budget plan it would expand medicare and social programs, but the president's facing pushback now from powerful business groups, big pharma and some of his own fellow democrats cnbc congressional correspondent ylan mui
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ylan >> reporter: that's right, shep. president biden highlighted several proposals that are making moderates in the house a little bit nervous, like this one on drug prices. >> lowers health care premiums for millions of families, lowers prescription drug costs by giving medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices. >> reporter: just yesterday, three democrats voted against the measure during debate in committee because they're worried it's too broad. >> to you? >> mr. schrader is now recognized. >> only to open the hearts and minds to what we are learning. >> reporter: now, president biden also talked about companies that didn't pay any taxes, even though they make millions in profits. he has proposed a corporate minimum tax to fix that, but that wasn't in the house version of the plan. also left out, new irs reporting requirements for banks and other financial institutions that biden said would ensure the wealthy can't hide what they're
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making congressman richard neal, chairman of the house w ways & means committee emphasized that house members have their own ideas, too. >> this is a three-way negotiation, the house, senate, and the administration so, we wanted to make sure that the two chambers and the administration that nobody got too far in front of themselves on it. >> reporter: shep, president biden even acknowledged there's still a long way to go before his own party can reach an agreement. >> ylan, thank you. president biden has announced a deal with great britain to supply as ustralia wt nuclear-powered submarines, clear pushback against china in the pacific but france is furious. that's because the australian government canceled a multi-billion dollar contract for french submarines and opted instead for american nuclear subs the french government accusing the u.s. of stabbing it in the back "the new york times" reports the french embassy has already
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canceled a gala scheduled for tomorrow night it was supposed to celebrate the great relations france has with the united states. and it's not just the french who are ticked off now over this submarine deal china is accusing the u.s. of stoking a new arms race. chinese state media warning australia it's now an adversary, and to prepare for the worst dan deluce covers global affairs for nbc's investigative unit how bad is this submarine deal for french/u.s. relations? >> it is a problem and i don't think it will fade away quickly or easily. the french are truly angry about it it's not just the party they're canceling for tomorrow night i think they saw joe biden as a strong supporter of the transatlantic alliance, that there was going to be stability and cohesion, after a very difficult time during the trump presidency this is tremendously disappointing to them. the french and some european countries are not as ready to
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take a confrontational approach to china that the u.s. is advocating, that great britain and australia support. the australians had been complaining already and were unhappy with that arrangement, said there were budget overruns, delays and a cyber security problem. australia's defense minister had this to say when he was explaining why they made the decision. >> the french have a version that is not superior to that ope operated by the united states, united kingdom and in the end the decision that we have made is based on what is in the best interest of our nation's security. >> reporter: so that's australia's explanation. this is not just about sub submarines artificial intelligence, undersea technology, all that cutting-edge, high-tech. australia and uk pushing back on china and the biden white house believes this will be a
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strategic win. >> dan deluce, thank you. we now know where nearly 37,000 afghan refugees will resettle here in the united states the biden administration started notifying governors about how many are coming to their respective states in this first round. here is a map showing the distribution the darker the blue, the more people resettling there. california taking in, by far, the most more than 5,200 refugees texas second most, nearly 4,500. 11 states fewer but still more than 1,000 each. arizona, oklahoma, washington, michigan, missouri, georgia, florida, north carolina, virginia, maryland and new york. the former minneapolis cop who murdered george floyd pleaded not guilty in a separat case today derek chauvin is accused of violating a black 14-year-old's civil rights in 2017 the indictment accuses him of holding that teenager by the throat and hitting him several times in the head with a
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flashlight it also says chauvin held his knee on the boy's neck and upper back while he was lying down, handcuffed and not resistant in the police report on that incident, chauvin said the teenager was resisting he said he used body weight to pin the boy down prosecutors in the george floyd case pointing to this encounter as one example, showing chauvin used neck, head or upper body restraints seven times prior to his encounter with george floyd. on tuesday, chauvin and three other officers pleaded not guilt y to civil rights violations in george floyd's death chauvin has served about three months of his 22 1/2-year sentence for that murder he stood behind the camera for some of hollywood's biggest movies now the director, christopher nolan, calling cut on his long-time partnership with warn er brothers. why he's severing ties with the
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studio, and where he's taking his next big project and it's hard enough to find a parking space without the fear of catching things on fire the newainw rng for chevy volt owners that might make you consider walking
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>> one of the most recognized filmmakers in this world says he's leaving warner brothers christopher nolan taking his next film to universal, the parent of work he has publicly criticized warner brothers for releasing films in theaters and hbo max a the same time. after the move was announced last year, he told "the hollywood reporter" some of our biggest filmmakers and most important movie stars went to bed the night before thinking
7:23 pm
they were working for the greatest movie studio and woke up finding they were working for the worst streaming service. former editor of "hollywood reporter" and entertainment lawyer matthew, thanks. christopher nolan had major demands, making sure it's a theater-first release. it sounds like it's a you made a promise and you didn't deliver message. >> absolutely. the blow-up with warner brothers was pretty epic. he became this poster child for defending this theatrical experience his movie "tenet," which he fo forced warner brothers to release at height of the pandemic, it ended up grossing $3 million worldwide, not a bad number when many theaters were not open it was very clear his next movie he would demand a theatrical exclusive. >> between this and scarlett
7:24 pm
johansson sue ing disney for releasing "black widow" on disney plus, it seems like we're seeing a war. >> absolutely. this is a talent versus studios issue right now. the rules for how content is going to be consumed for the next couple of decades are being written right now. and the companies want to promote their streaming services that's how they get subscribers. s they how they get recurring revenue coming in every month. the talent signed up for these deals thinking they would get a share of the box office from if you put it out for streaming it's going to hurt the box office there's a tension being worked out right now. >> matthew bellini, thank you. another warning for owners of some chevy bolts. listen to this now advising bolt owners not to park within 50 feet of other cars the reason is they're worried the car could catch fire and
7:25 pm
they don't want the flames spreading to other vehicles. the automaker recalled all bolts sold since 2016 because the battery can catch fire they suggest you park on the top floor of a garage. don't drive over 259 miles on a charge, charge over 90%, drain the battery below 25%, charge overnight or leave cars charging unattended because the whole thing might catch fire are those parking problems a big setback for electric vehicles? we'll ask a man who knows a lot about cars jay leno that, plus the upcoming season of his show later in this hour. plus the battle over booster shots. major meeting set for tomorrow as we learn just how many americans aren't even waiting to hear what the experts have to say, as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the t othopf e of the hour, and the t othopf e news on cnbc
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artificial intelligence seems to be taking over just about everything in our lives. now it's quickly becoming a valuable tool in real estate by making it easier for americans to buy, sell and refinance their homes. here is cnbc real estate correspondent diana olick. >> this is an example of lone flow building alone. >> this may look like a whole lot of nothing. >> you can see it's trying millions and millions of
7:28 pm
different options. >> reporter: that's just because we can't show you the numbers. it's new artificial intelligence, creating the perfect mortgage for an actual homeowner. at least according to loan snap. >> we're building a financial model for someone and showing them exactly how much money they're losing on a monthly and yearly basis, and then showing them how they could potentially fix that issue and save money in the future again, in seconds. >> reporter: it's just one way artificial learning is taking over real estate. >> 95% of it is rhetoric, right? it's a popular term. people glom on to things like that and say, oh, yeah, we use ai, too. ai is actually machines thinking, looking at possibilities that would not have been looked at before. >> reporter: helpful for borrowers but the holy grail for real estate agents hunting for listings in today's ultra competitive market. >> the traditional agent would knock on the doors of a lot of homes. ai helps you find the homes that are most likely to sell in the
7:29 pm
next 12 months and it does so by tri-angulating all the data at home. >> and agents have a 94% chance winning a home they target with ai than not. agents can supposedly price the home more exactly and target marketing more specifically. zillow recently upgraded its popular home price zestimate, saying it is comparable to how the brain works. >> aiallows you to go to the self-driving dimension ai outsources the heavy lifting associated with a real estate trans transaction, the complex data, compliance, the paperwork, the offers. >> reporter: and he claims artificial intelligence can conquer the most human component of any real estate transaction, stress home buying, selling and financing are incredibly emotional events since for most of us our home is our sing le
7:30 pm
largest investment. >> thanks, diana. top oil e xchl ecs set to take the hot seat in front of congress that's what's topping cnbc on the money called to testify before house law lawmakers next month the reason members are investigating their roles in spreading disinformation about fossil fuels and their relation to global warming those specifically asked to testify include exxonmobil executives and those at bp, chevron and shell. covid lockdown in vietnam is restricting the global coffee supply that could keep coffee prices relatively high through next year vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter. bud light going lighter. an anheuser busch announcing bud light next, zero carb beer said to hit the shelves and not the waistlines early next year
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on wall street, the dow down 63 s&p down 7 the nasdaq up 20 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news day one in orbit inspiration four ushering in a new era of space travel, the view and how it's going for the first all-civilian crew. a league of her own. behind the mic and making history, the groundbreaking new hire in the sports world and decision day nears for covid booster shots. >> an fda advisory panel set to meet tomorrow to discuss whether ame americans need boosters and, if so, when studies show vaccines still offer strong protection against severe disease and hospitalization. but officials at pfizer and moderna say people should get boosters, because data suggests protection weakens after roughly six months to a year the white house says it hopes to
7:32 pm
offer extra shots to the general public starting next week, but some health experts, including a few from the fda, are pushing back against this plan they argue boosters aren't really needed for most people. some americans are not waiting recent polls show anywhere from 4 to 16% of vaccinated americans say they've already gotten a booster. it's worth noting third doses have been approved already for people with compromised immune systems. cnbc's meg tirrell covers science for us i'm told this meeting could be a tense one. >> reporter: shep, it absolutely could be the discussion the fda advisers are having tomorrow centers around whether a third dose of pfizer's vaccine is safe and effective against covid. but there's a whole lot more brewing there, including the broader question of whether booster shots are needed in general. we know both regularity laters within the fda as well as outside advisers don't believe they are that question comes down to whether protection from the
7:33 pm
vaccine wanes over time over things like hospitalization. in documents release d ahead of this meeting shots, quote, still afford protection against severe covid-19 disease and death in the united states. now, adding to potential tension tomorrow is that two key vaccine regulators have announced their planned retirements from the fda this fall. at least in part, sources say, because of frustration over how the question of boosters has been handled they also co-authored a letter in "the lancet" this week, saying booster shots are not yet needed we'll see this all play out over the course of this public meeting tomorrow then the outside experts vote at the end of the day that vote is just a recommendation the fda itself decides and next week, a cdc advisory committee will meet to make recommendations on how the boosters should be used. now remember, right now, this is just for the pfizer vaccine. the others will come later shep >> meg, we know some people already got boosters
7:34 pm
how many, overall, are expected to get them if approved? >> polling shows a majority of people vaccinated do plan to get a booster shot if recommended. we worked with dynata. 80% say it's important to stick with the same brand they got the first time this is likely twhat will be recommended until there's data on switching brands. some people do want to switch. mostly people who got the j&j vaccine the first time around. polls shows people who got j&j want a different brand for their boost versus 4% of those who got moderna or pfizer. we'll have to wait for more data for that to be recommended shep >> thank you. new and urgent warning in idaho tonight. health officials telling doctors and nurses statewide to ration health care because of a massive
7:35 pm
spike in covid hospitalizations. that means icu beds will go to people with the best chance of survival others, they say, will get less effective treatments and in the most dire situations, sick patients may receive only painkillers or sedatives. >> we are being overwhelmed with patient volumes today. if we continue on this course over the next several weeks, st. luke's health system will become a covid health system. we will consume every single bed and every single resource we have with covid patients in our hospital our icus are not only full, they're overflowing. >> again that's idaho. best way to take pressure off those hospitals is to get more people vaccinated, they say. o idaho has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country right now. only 40% of people there are fully vaccinated. a strong earthquake turning homes into rubble as we go
7:36 pm
around the world on cnbc china, at least three people killed in a 6.0 quake. it happened early this morning in the southwest part of the country. 88 people injured, more than 3,000 others moved into shelters after their homes collapsed and the electricity was cut off. north korea, kim jong-un launching ballistic missiles from the back of a train the drill involved transporting the weapons systems along tracks in the mountains, then hitting a target in the water 500 miles away experts in the region say north korea's launch options may eventually include submarines as well france the art d'trompe wrapped in recycled plastic unusual decor atrattributed to h artist known for wrapping landmarks in fabric. it was his dream to take on the paris symbol but died before making it happen the plastic said to be will until october 3rd and that's a wrap on this cnbc trip around
7:37 pm
the world. the new voice of the milwaukee bucs making history. how she's breaking barriers again. and the crew of spacex inspiration four, spent their first full day in space. what goes up must meco down. we'll talk to a former astronaut about the plan to get these four about the plan to get these four civilians back to earth.nto fue, can help power a plane. at chevron's el segundo refinery, we're looking to turn plant-based oil into renewable gasoline, jet and . our planet offers countless sources of energy. but it's only human to find the ones that could power a better future. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's but it's only human coverage customizer tool? sorry?
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a time to celebrate history, culture and contributions of the latino community tonight we shine a light on history panic owned businesses and resiliency during the pandemic here is nbc's morgan radford after a crushing pandemic, that cost the latino community 32% of its businesses, there's new evidence that now latino-run companies are not just surviving, but thriving. and sandra mevelasquez's busines
7:40 pm
is just one of them. creating a line of soaps and bow tan ices, based on the spanish word for a type of cactus. so is there actual cactus in all of this? >> yes. >> reporter: using a symbol of her culture as a selling point what is distinct about your company? >> i overtly put our culture into the brand it's loud and proud on the packa packaging, the name is in spanish. there's a brown woman on the front with like nopalas coming out of her head. i did that on purpose so when you saw the brand it's like oh, it looks like my mom i love that. >> reporter: why was it so important for you to make sure latino identity was central to your product >> to be honest with you, i feel like in this country, it's so euro cent rick when yousee products with french names, italian names, and they're so
7:41 pm
expensive and people just accept that i wanted to fight this stereotype that latino products should be cheaper or in the bargain bin. we have such a beautiful, rich culture and are totally worthy of the same price tags and our community wants to purchase them. >> reporter: and she built all of this. >> so now we're up to 200 independent boutiques nationwide. >> this product is in 200 boutiques across the country >> yes. >> reporter: in the middle of the pandemic when the country is facing record unemployment, you are working not one, but two full-time jobs, and being a single mother, and start ing yor own company? >> yes and i think it's because i just felt like i had no choice but to create something for myself. >> reporter: her story was once a common one in the ten years before the pandemic, hispanic entrepreneurs
7:42 pm
grew a loss that hit home for kayla castellena she turned to her roots after losing her job at the start of the pandemic. >> we joke around and say when life gives you lep lemons, make agua frescas. >> and she created agua bonita. >> wanting to put our culture at the front and center in a modern w way. in the same way that we are modern hispanics, modern latinas. that takes on a lot of different shapes for a lot of different people sometimes you don't have to reinvent the wheel sometimes it's just your gr grandpa's agua fresca recipe. >> a recipe for success she and
7:43 pm
velasquez hope will continue you started this in the middle of the pandemic. >> our byline is resilience is beauty we're always going to be here and continue to grow no matter where you try to put us or tlou throw us. >> and be resilient in the process. >> yes. >> resilient, no matter the odds. >> sandra's company just announced their products will be sold in select nordstrom stors starting today while kayla's agua bonita is still young they've had 100,000 cans come off the production line and sold out their stock not one, but three times and there are really striking numbers to back up these stories. u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce did a survey that found 80% of hispanic small business owners say they're optimistic about the future shep >> morgan, gracias milwaukee bucs just hired a
7:44 pm
woman, lisa biatin, as their new play-by-play announcer she is now the first woman to hold that position full time for any major men's professional sports team. no stranger to groundbreaking roles either in march she became the first woman to call games for the ncaa men's basketball tournament. she was also behind the mic for soccer games at the tokyo olympics for nbc sports. in a statement byington said i applaud the bucs for taking the first steps toward making hires like this more of the norm in the nba, because it's time and the bucs president says while we appreciate the significance of selecting lisa, lisa earned this position based on her extraordinary skills and experience an update now on the first all-civilian crew to blast off in to orbit without any astr astronauts on board. right now the spacex inspiration four is flying over the pacific ocean at more than 17,000 miles an hour. we're told the crew is, as they
7:45 pm
put it, healthy, happy and resting comfortably, after traveling more than five times around the earth we also got the first video from the ship's observation dome. look at that you can see the crew has a pretty sweet view from more than 360 miles above our blue planet. last night the spacex rocket launched from kennedy space center in florida. it took off from the same launch pad as nasa's apolo moon missions jeff bezos and richard branson congratulating e ing spacex forr achievement. spacex senior adviser and professor at usc ga garret, virgin gallals actic, blue origin and now spacex.
7:46 pm
>> shepheard, this is what we'v been waiting for. >> can you give us insight on what the inspiration four crew is experiencing right now? >> a lot of fun and surreal moment for them. nothing is normal up there i remember the first night i spent in space i woke up in the middle of my sleep and i thought for sure i was standing on my head and said why am i up kls side down? because all the blood rushes up to your head when you're in space. there's no gravity to pull it back down. why am i sleeping on my head i looked out the window and saw the earth and said oh, that's right, i'm in space. they told me this was going to happen everything is weird up there and it's wonderful. >> garret, inspiration four scheduled to splash down off the coast of florida over the weekend. how hard will it be to get them back home safely >> it's just as hard to come back down as it is to go up. if you think about it from a physics perspective, you have to
7:47 pm
convert all that energy in that rocket fuel, that chemical energy, you have to convert that into speed, into velocity to get into orbit now you're only halfway done you have to take all that energy you put in and take it all back up to end up sitting still in the middle of the ocean. coming home, entry is just as difficult from an engineering perspective, as launch is. >> i met these four a few months ago. they were over-the-moon excited. frankly i walked away there thinking i wonder if it will live up to their expectations, because theirs were sky high. >> boy, i sure hope it does. i don't want any buyer's remorse. we want more people to buy tickets. i think they will not be disa disappointed by the views. they will not be disappointed by how fun it is to be in zero gravity. they might for the past 24 hours be a little disappointed because usually you don't feel great for the first day or so, but by the time now they're in day number
7:48 pm
two, i think they're probably getting over that and are probably starting to feel good about themselves. >> garret reisman, great for you to be here thank you so much. >> my pleasure, shepard. >> for those of you who prefer gravity and wheels, the long wait is almost over. new season of "jay leno's garage" less than a week away. the legend himself joins us right now in that little garage. why jay says this season is more reved up than ever. just don't let this guy anywhere near anything in that garage a moose runs into traffic and charges into a car charges into a car the damage estimate next they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪
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plug time. the sixth season of "jay leno's garage" premiers next week on cnbc, comedian jim carrey making an appearance in a crazy game of car soccer look at this ♪ >> i'll be representing the orange team in car number nine drew is on the losing blue team in car number one. we'll be doing best of five or the last car running wins. >> this is real soccer, son. may the best japanese car win. >> another season, another star-studded lineup for jay's show tiffany haddish, kelly clarkson, ashton kutcher, and there will be more. jay leno is here, live from his
7:52 pm
garage large soccer ball is filled with propane but it looks like your hair didn't frazzle there. >> it's a propane tank it's not filled with propane we're not that stupid. please. >> go on. >> i was enjoying your piece on the latino entrepreneurs it reminded me when i was a kid, my grandfather had a clipping he would save from the 1920s about toomey talians coming to america and some senator said if italians continue to come to america at this rate in 50 years our children will all be eating pizza for dinner i thought that was the greatest thing ever. >> i hear you spent time with jay cordon any car pool karaoke >> no, we didn't surprisingly he had a dream car, jaguar, so we tracked one down. that's kind of what the show is. we try to find the car maybe you had your first kiss in, maybe why your dad took you for ice cream. whatever it might be
7:53 pm
it's not so much the technical aspects of the automobile but the social implications. how did it change your life? what was it like first time you got to drive it, where did you go everybody has some kind of car story. celebrities open up right away. >> sixth season, familiar faces and, i hear, some new ones who have you got >> ashton kutcher, you mentioned seba sebastian, kevin bacon is on. >> sebastian is hilarious. >> rick ross you know, it's really fun. i find once you take politics out of the mix, everybody gets along pretty good. people from all different walks of life. as long as you're not discussing poli politics remember how nice thanksgiving dinners used to be it's like that you don't bring up politics, people hit it off like a house on fire. >> do you get involved in this -- are you just reading the words and letting the production crew do this, or are you into this production? >> well, there's no written
7:54 pm
words. it's all ad lib. we really don't know what we're going to say or talk about i just promise the celebrities i'm not interested in their career or personal life. thank you. and oh, right away, then all the nervousness drops and they know you're just there to have fun and have a good time celebrities are calling us, saying i would like to be on the show saw jerry seinfeld on. looked like he had a good time in fact, i am thinking of someone i would like to have on the program. >> i'm down. i have a tesla i'll bring out th there. it will be boring to you but i like it. >> no, i've got -- >> i wanted to ask you about the bolt. >> about the what? >> the chevy bolt. they're telling people to park 50 feet away from another car. they're worried it's going to catch on fire. is this a setback for ev >> i don't know if it's a setback for ev i don't know how many have actually caught fire when you look at how many gasoline car fires there have
7:55 pm
been, you sort of take it for granted. cars go through an intersection, hit and the cars explode and the fire department shows up i think it's less. the advantage, if there is one through an ev fire is it doesn't blow up. you're in it, smell something, there's smoke and then it catches -- it doesn't go off in a ball the way a gasoline car would. that's not to say it's not dangerous and, hopefully, they'll fix the problem. i mean, tesla sells over half a million cars a year. and they think there was two fi fires or something in that time. you don't really know the circumstances. so, you know, the last days of old technology are always better than the first days of new technology but we're beyond the first days of new technology. i mean, the electric car is here to stay. i predict a child born today will probably drive a gasoline powered car about as often as you would drive in a car with a stick shift now. they'll still be around but not
7:56 pm
that prevalent. >> i wanted to ask you about the late, great norm macdonald i know he was on your show and wondered if you had any thoughts. >> he was a great friend i used to call him the bob dillon of comedy he was a lyrist. everybody else had jokes but he had funny expressions. he used words nobody else -- i remember he would say, hey, jay, ever see those wiener dogs every time he said wiener, you just laughed because he said it in such an unusual way he had a different kind of phaseiology. truly one of the most underrated performers of all time i remember don omeyer coming down to nbc and say tell your friend, norm macdonald, to stop doing those oj jokes i think that's what doomed him he got fired from "saturday night live" for constantly pounding on oj and he was a friend of his, you saw what happened there. >> that didn't end well. jay, i'm going to take you up.
7:57 pm
>> one of the great comics. >> i'll come out and visit for sure you get to ride with jay leno who turns that down? >> love to have you on the show. >> all right jay leno, we'll be watching jay leno's garage next wednesday night, 10:00 eastern, cnbc. we've got a moose on the loose in worcester, mass. >> jesus. >> oh! >> good grief. [ bleep >> just got hit by a car. >> good grief, get up, moose you can see the moose running into the oncoming traffic. i'm laughing because the moose is fine. blows out the window, does a full somersault and gallops away fortunately no injuries here to driver or moose. wildlife authorities cornered the moose in the backyard where it charged at a woman. they hit him with tranquilizers
7:58 pm
and loaded him into a truck. they said the moose is mating season but -- >> it's looking for love in the wrong spot. >> authorities released the moose back into the woods and only minor scrapes from a bang-up city adventure. parents of the missing woman gabby petito begging the parents of her boyfriend to help find her. the boyfriend has been refusing to talk after returning home alone from the couple's cross-country road trip. the advisory board of the fda set to meet tomorrow to discuss whether americans 16 and o older should get a booster shot. now you know the news of this thursday, september 16th, 2021 i'm shepard smith. follow us on the gram and twitter @thenewsoncnbc there's a podcast, too, check that out that out see you tomorrow night hey google.
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