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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 25, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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and now we're business partners with mark cuban and lori greiner, this--this is a dream come true for us. see you monday the news with shepard smith starts now the director of the cdc adds more people to the list who will get a booster. i'm shepard smith. this is cnbc >> the booster shot, now available to millions, including high risk workers after the cdc director overrules advisors. >> i must do what i can to preserve the health across our nation >> the terrifying moments insued america's latest mass shooting >> it was over in a matter of minutes. >> the gunman's connection to the supermarket and the stories of the victims >> he ran and hid and heard everything and it was very, very traumatic.
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>> a memorial service announced for gabby petito her family grieving. the search for her boyfriend turning up empty now mounting criticism of police for letting brian laundrie slip away a big hit to the big lie a gop backed awed it in arizona confirms president biden won the state. the recount ends but another challenge begins in texas. revealing testimony in the elizabeth holmes trial unruly passengers meet congressional hearing. and is this giant asteroid cause for concern? >> good evening, we may have just gotten past some of the covid-19 booster confusion the campaign is now officially under way. it kicked off today after a highly unusual move by the head of the cdc
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dr. wolenski endorsed boosters for adults 65 and older, underlying health conditions and front line workers including teachers and nurses. a panel of cdc advisors voted against extra doses. she defended her decision describing it as a scientific close call >> i listened to them and this was a scientific close call. in that situation, it was my call to make >> the recommendation paves the way for millions of people to receive a pfizer booster at least six months after that second dose. speaking to reporters today, president biden urged all eligible americans to get the extra dose quickly but the president stopped short after dressing the disputes within his administration about the actual need for the boosters and the criteria for who should get one. cnbc's meg terrell covers the
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medical community for us did she make the right call? >> yeah. surprisingly, there's been a mixed reaction some say it was the right thing to do to bring the cdc's recommendation in line with the f.d.a.'s authorization others said she should have stuck with the committee's vote. i also spoke today with one of the advisors who had voted against boosters for all front line workers she is from wake forest. rather than feeling like she ignored the committee that instead she actually incorporated some of their concerns into the language of the recommendation specifically, saying those at exposure risk because of their jobs may receive a booster not that they should leaving the decision making up to them and their health care providers. but critics point out just the latest in a bumpy road to this point. just more than two months ago cdc and fda said definitively that americans do not need a booster shot at that time. just more than a month later, that big announcement that all americans should get one once they're eight months from being
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fully vaccinated starting the week of september 20th but as that date approached, it kept narrowing it would just be pfizer's vaccine at first then last friday, f.d.a.'s advisors narrowed the recommendation even more to the elderly and those at high risk because of health or jobs. and fda authorized the booster on wednesday the pfizer booster then the cdc saw the own back and forth. but as of today, 20 million americans become eligible for the third pfizer dose according to the president out of 60 million who will become eligible once they're six months out but what about the millions that got moderna and j&j? booster guidance for them is coming too hopefully within weeks and for those wondering if the definition of fully vaccinated changed to include boosters, full vaccination for pfizer is still two doses. >> thank you, meg. the gunman who killed a
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woman and wounded 14 others at a kroger supermarket in a memphis suburb yesterday was a third party vendor at that store that from the tennessee police chief today. he tells nbc news that investigators have a pretty good picture of what the motive was but they are not releasing it yet. police say the gunman shot and killed himself before officers could engage him investigators say the woman who died was olivia king, a 70-year-old mother of three shopping for groceries on a thursday afternoon meese say she was a devout catholic that went to mass every day and was the sweetest person you could ever find. the search for brian laundrie coming up empty once again today. six days of looking. not a single sighting. officials calling off today's search at the carlton reserve. they say that they'll be back at it this weekend, scouring the
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25,000 acre swampy area where his patirents say he was headedn september 14th, more than a week ago. also this weekend, the funeral for his girlfriend gabby petito. sunday at noon a funeral hole am in long island, new york her father requesting in lieu of flowers, donations to the future gabby petito foundation. a coroner ruled it a homicide but not a cause. the fbi issued a federal arrest warrant charging him with debit card fraud the transaction or series of them happened between august 30th and september 1st and a north port, florida, law firm is now offering a $20,000 reward for information on his whereabouts. of course, officials wouldn't have to search for him had he not escaped their sights in the first place. nbc's jay gray live near the
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search site in venice, florida pressure and criticism mounting on law enforcement >> yeah, no question a lot of frustration that teams are evening having to show up here to carry out this search. many highly critical of how north port police have handled the gabby petito investigation from the start >> how the hell did the fbi and the north port police let this kid slip out of the house? >> reporter: a question that echos across the country how did north port police lose track of brian laundrie when he was right under their noses? investigators say they did try to make contact with gabby petito's fiance. but he and his parents refused to talk. the following tuesday, september 14th, laundrie's parents say he left the house to hike the carlton reserve. that's the same day the north port police of environment chief told cnbc -- >> we have seen him but not spoken with hichlt. >> the next day he was named a person of interest
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>> i think most people would come to that conclusion in this case he was the last known person that we have information was around her >> but reporters on the ground say there were times on wednesday when there was no police presence out sued the laundrie home. on thursday, september 16th, the chief again telling reporters -- >> i know where brian is at. >> but 24 hours later, the situation changed dramatically >> right now currently i don't know where he's at right now you know, he could be anywhere i don't know >> that was friday night police say brian's parents reported him missing last scene tuesday leaving for that hike. now, look, we reached out to north port police for a response and a written statement. they say because of the on going investigation and importance of the time line in this case, we cannot discuss close full details on what all investigators were and are working on we have never indicated what surveillance techniques have been involved in this case
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including by nppd, fbi and the county the overriding question still here, shep, where is brian >> jay gray, thank you and again if you have information on the petito case or whereabouts of brian laundrie, call 1-800-callfbi the southern border in del rio, texas, is now cleared the homeland security chief made the announcement and talked about the mistakes and the information he plans to soon make public that election audit in arizona? backfire the results released what they show about president biden's margin of victory. and gamestop's rebellion unfurld. robinhood denude they restricted trading because of liquidity issue. they told cnbc and also the united states senate but now -- now a class action lawsuit shows
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♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ an >> across the border in mexico and texas. the united states expelled 2,000 migrants back to hatey around 5,000 are in the united states being processed and more than half of the migrants around 8,000 were so afraid to be sent back to haiti where there is chaos, that they returned to mexico and they're camping out
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mean while, an investigation is under way into the treatment of you haitian migrants by border patrol agents on horse back. president biden vowing punishment >> it is horrible as you saw, to see people treated like they did, horses running them over, people being strapped. it's outrageous. i promise you, those people will pay. >> secretary said that the investigation will be done quickly. vice president spoke out about it today on "the view" and the results of all of this will be made public. >> joe budiden won the 2020 election now even a republican backed farcic will recount in maricopa county, arizona, reaffirmed the completely obvious it was a month's long, much delayed audit that ended up with president biden getting more votes and former president trump getting fewer votes than in the official talley by the government conducting the audit, a crew called cyber ninjas.
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that's a florida based tech company that got lots of money for zero experience in election audits and an owner who has spread voter fraud conspiracy theories right along with ex-president trump. arizona was a complete bust. but now texas has launched its own forensic audit or is planning to of the election results from 2020 in four texas counties guess which ones the really blue ones the announcement came hours after former president trump called on the republican governor of texas to, altogether now, launch an audit we're getting inside look at how chaotic that gamestop droma w -- drama was for robinhood. internal conversations between company executives were altogether different than anything we were hearing in the public you remember back in january robinhood restricted the buying
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of gamestop and some other stocks citing volatility in the market. it was rumored all the while that trading frenzy caused robinhood to have liquidity problems in other words, the dcompany didn't have enough money to clear the trades made by the users. the robinhood ceo publicly denied the claims in ain't view. listen >> no. there was no liquidity problem and to be clear, this was done preemptively >> there was no liquidity problem. this was done preemptively but new documents tell a different story. cnbc's kate rooney you got your hands on the documents. what do they show? >> shep, the internal ko conversations show panic for robinhood to not have money to pay over how bad this stock could get and at least one contradiction over what the ceo told cnbc at the time.
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on january 28th, the company's chief operating officer messaged internally to the company, major liquidity issue. day later, ceo said pretty much the opposite in an interview here on cnbc the company telling cnbc today by the time he made that statement, robinhood had complied with its regulators and come up with enough money, they say, it met liquidity obligation onz january 28th and fully satisfied its clearing house deposit requirement. that was before the market opened and in response, to restrict the buying of stocks, another executive in these documents says that we are "going to get crucified" calling it "a horrible look for the wider brokerage industry." unite executive arguing robinhood was too big for them to shut us down. he is referring to its clearing agency and in a separate slack conversation with the ceo, an engineer says maybe we should
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consider an all hands on deck situation. they talk about what they're calling a code yellow there and tenev appears to agree he says "only the paranoid survive. the plaintiff's employers argue that robinhood didn't do enough to protect investors and "kept their doors open while unbeknownst to the general public was teetering on the verge of collapse. robinhood disputes the allegations and says that the communications are sqconsistent with the focus to take appropriate measures mitigate risk republican senator juk grachuc grassley announced he is running for re-election, psyching a sixth term it's a big boost really for the gop. it is aiming to hold on to the highly coveted seat and take back control of the u.s. senate. senator grassley was first elected back in 1980 and served seven consecutive terms. he's the oldest republican in
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the u.s. senate. senator grassley's decision comes after five other senate republicans announced they will not run for the upcoming re-election. house democrats passed legislation that they say protects abortion rights across the country. it does not. the bill states that health care providers have a right to provide and patients have a right to receive abortion services regardless of their race socioeconomic position or place of residence today's vote passed house along party lines in a 218-211 vote. it is really all for show though because that has no chance in the u.s. senate. it will not happen because democrats will will need at least ten republicans to support the bill in order for it to advance the largest fine of its kind ever this one against united airlines it's a punishment for something every passenger dreads
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the white house wants to boost the amount of solar power we use one of the best ways to do that is solar farms obfortunaty,heco wh
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update now out of north port, florida. police moments ago, here's the video, arrived at brian laundrie's family home north port police tell us that they had received a report of gun shots in that area they got the call, they say,
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from an unknown phone number police say they checked it out they found no evidence of any shots being fired. let's go to a live camera now. this is a live look outside the laundrie family home you can see a few ploolice officers are on scene. cops say people nearby also report they didn't hear any sound of shots being fired so it may have been a hoax at this moment dwoenwe don't kn. we'll keep monitoring. thousands of activists gathering around the world to demand action on climate change. in berlin, crowds of people met outside parliament building for the first big in person climate rallies since the beginning of the pandemic teenage activists urged protesters there to keep pressuring local leaders to address the climate crisis >> people are ready for change we want change we demand change and we are the change.
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>> here are some of the other climate rallies from around the world today. they gathered in turkey, italy, south africa, india, and here in the united states. in total, organizers planned more than 1700 demonstrations across 97 countries. the united states can generate 40% of its own electricity from solar power by 2035 the white house released a blueprint this month for how to make that happen it's an ambitious goal data shows solar power accounted for but 3% of all u.s. electricity generation just last year scientists agree solar power is key to the future of green energy in georgia, some local officials are finding creative ways to build solar farms without doing more harm to the environment the climate reporter for nbc lx is there here's chase cane. >> reporter: i'm driving down
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i-85 southwest of atlanta to see a see a unique solar farm. most of the land is covered by either forest or farmland. most environmentalists are going to agree, you don't want to bulldoze a forest or cover up a farm to generate solar hower that's why exit 14 and these 4 1/2 acres are so important if we continue to take forest land and farmland out of food production and put it in the solar for 35 years, we mute come upon 2050 and wonder how are we going to feed our population >> reporter: she is direct your of the 14 miles of sustainable highway in west georgia which includes a one mega watt solar farm it is tucked into an interstit exit and provides habitat for bees and butterflies >> what we learned early on is we have vast swaths of land. it sits there. the why can't the bees and butterflies habitat be there
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road roadside solar makes money for the state. this is a laurd cake of ben fut and opportunity. >> that's why they asked the university of texas to help figure out just how much public land along america's highways would work for solar the answer -- at least 52,000 acres. that's enough to power 3.1 million homes. >> and that power could support 12 million electric vehicles these are projects that we should start today >> solar farms like the ray could help provide electric vehicle charge ago long america's interstates. and momentum is building >> thank you hello, everybody >> georgia senator used the ray as a backdrop to announce legislation empowering states to use federal highway land for green energy. >> this is really about envisioning where america needs to be in the very near future. we have long deferred necessary investments and infrastructure maintenance and construction in the transition to clean energy
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>> the department of the interior is exploring where and how to use public land for solar and wind but if you're thinking our conserve tough leaning states going to get onboard with this green power? here is the republican vus chairman of the board. >> we've done nut a way we call red state solar. because of the project there will be a lot of other states that look at this and say, hau, if georgia can do this we certainly can do it. and it's made sense. we're going to continue to grow it you'll see more and more solar here in georgia. >> an interesting look chase cane, for more climate coverage, go to could the drugs we need become a national security risk? the pentagon warns it could. and now the inspector general is making key recommendations big pharma not happy. >> and the bad bee havior
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flight attendants are asking for federal help to deal with the people involved. plus, elizabeth holmes watch. on the stand in trial today. a company lab director who says he repeated will you told the boss this product is not ready that's next. we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on a friday night on cnbc helen knew exercise could help her diabetes... but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know with freestyle libre 14 day, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 14 day. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. (vo) singing, or speaking.
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china is rattling the you cryptocurrency that is stopping cnbc on the money. the people's bank of china declaring all krupp tow related activities illegal the chinese central bank banning companies from doing business with virtual currencies. the news sending crypto holders scrambling to find ways to safeguard the digital money. sut causing the value of bit counsel and others to fall as much of as 10% though they did recover slightly china has been attempting to reign in digital assets for a decade united airlines fines nearly two million dollars for allowing flights to remain on the tarmac for hours without allowing passengers to deplane. you can't do that department of transportation says it's the lar largest fine of its kind it covers 25 flats over five years with more than 3200 passengers and costco bringing back purchase limits on items like
12:29 am
toilet paper, bottled water and cleaning supplies. the retailer wants to make sure they have the essential items in stores even if shipping delays and truck driver short haths keep making it very difficult to keep them on the shelves he did not specify how much of each item you can buy. on wall street, the dow up 33 s&p 500 up 7 nasdaq down 5. i'm shepard smith. on cnbc, it's the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news closing arguments in r. kelly's trial. including a comparison to mart unl martin luther king jr a warning about national security related to prescription drugs. a new report and the pushback from big pharma. and revealing new testimony from the elizabeth holmes trial.
12:30 am
>> week three of the criminal proceedings now has come to a close. prosecutors accusing the founder of defrauding patients and cheating investors by lying about how well her supposedly revolutionary blood testing machines worked. scathing testimony throughout the week from former employees, investors and patients today on the stand a former lab director for the company who said he tried to warn elizabeth holmes that the results from the machines were not accurate she launched the product anyway. earlier in the week, retired four star general said he was blind sueded to find out the machine didn't work. that is after he invested $58,000 in joined the board. >> tuesday, the grand jury heard from a patient whose test indicated she was going to miscarry but it turned out the test was false and her baby was perfectly fine cnbc's scott cone covering the proceedings out sside the
12:31 am
courthouse >> elizabeth holmes attorney says he had had a big idea and it didn't work and that is a crime. prosecutors say it was a krum when she started to lie about it that's what today is all about prosecutors say elizabeth holmes was in control of theranos but not beyond stressing out with the company's bloot testing device day as way from the commercial launch in 2013. lab director adam rosendorf testified he alerted holmes about problems even going to her office where he says he found her not her usual confident self with launch date closing in. she was clearly upset. even trembling at times. but not upset enough to postpone the launch with the problems including inaccurate test results persisting more than a year later, rosen dorf resigned sayig that the company cares more about pr than patient care. >> do you think you would have been better off just telling
12:32 am
folks? >> with the star, theranos raised more than $700 million from investors, virtually all under false pretenses prosecutors say. they offered a parade of theranos insiders to testified about what holmes knew she trud to shift the blame to chief operating officer, her ex-boyfriend but thousands of text messages between the two obtained by cnbc show the two collaborating on theranos business plans, kmiz rating on the company's problems and cultivating holmes' public image. even as the problems are growing, declares she has total confidence in herself. best business person of the year you're listening and paying attention. holmes' attorneys alleged he was abusing her which he denies. another text read in court paints a different picture you are the breeze in the desert for me, she writes my water and ocean only meant to be together tiger.
12:33 am
>> he is one word response -- okay he goes on trial separately next year like holmes he faces a dozen felony counts he pleaded not guilty. but this trial is just getting going we we could see plenty more names we have general mattis this week and henry kissinger and rupert murdoch. >> thanks, tiger the fate of r. kelly is up to a jury. the foreman says they finished deliberating for the day after lo lawyers wrapped up closing arguments. throughout the five week trial in brooklyn, the prosecution laid out 25 years of sexual abuse allegations against r. kelly. they argue that he recruited and groomed women plus girls and boys for his own sexual gratification. then he forced victims to perform sex acts on him and knowingly expose them to herpes. his defense argued that was just "playboy" behavior
12:34 am
that kinky sex isn't a crime and that the alleged victims were making up stories the defense calling them obsessive fans out to monetize the case r. kelly's lawyer comparing him to martin luther king jr. saying the singer and the civil rights icon face similar backlash prosecutors argued r. kelly was a predator, not a genius and he said his victims are not groupies or gold diggers but human beings and victims the cnn anchor chris cuomo's former boss accusing hum of experiment chris cuomo greeted her with a bear hug at a colleague's going away party in 2005 and grabbed her butt in a "new york times" op-ed, ross writes that at the time cuomo joked i can do this now that you're no longer my boss. with a kind of cocky arrogance,
12:35 am
as she put it. to which she replied, no, you can't and stepping back and pushing him a wachlt shelly ross says chris quote yoe sent her an e-mail one hour later apologizing and saying he was ashamed. ross says, she does not want cuomo to be fired. she wants him to use his platform to help educate people on sexism and workplace harassment n a statement to the new york times, chris cuomo writers, our interaction was not sexual in nature it happened 16 years ago in a public setting when she was a top executive at abc i apologized to her then and i meant it a serious warning from the pentagon now america's reliance on other countries to produce the drugs that we need could create a national security risk that's according to a new report from the pentagon's own inspector general. the report concludes that a disruption of the supply of foreign made active pharmaceutical ingredients to domestic manufacturers could cause a drug shortage that
12:36 am
affects every level of the u.s. health care system h cnbc's senior washington correspondent got a closer look at the report. shep, in the event of a diplomatic dispute or worse in which the drug makers stop shipping ingredients to the u.s., the report found the results of that could be catastrophic the pentagon's inspector general found that just 28% of drug ingredient manufacturing sites supply the u.s. market are actually inside the country. 31% are in china and india i talked to one expert today who echos the warning. the worst that could happen is we could have military personnel at risk from either infectious diseases or for chemical warfare and not have the supplies to have them prepared to properly do battle >> the ig makes a number of recommendations including pushing for legislation requiring drug ingredients and product country of origin on
12:37 am
packaging. and establishing a plan for what to do if they can't get access to the drugs but now the pharmaceutical industry is criticizing the report arguing that the ig failed to take into account all the ways the government is already addressing supply chain issues in a statement to cnbc, the trade group pharma said unfortunately this report fails to recognize the global resilience of pharmaceutical supply chains to ensure a safe and secure supply of medicine. the drug industry particularly doesn't like the proposal to disclose foreign sources of ingredients pointing out that some drugs can have hundreds of components it's not likely any of this is happening any time soon though the proposal to label foreign sourcing would require legislation and congress, as you know, has a lot of other items on its plate >> that it does. thank you. a vote on the infrastructure bill is set for monday it's infrastructure day. billions of dollars on the line for amtrak
12:38 am
why the deal could mean big changes for one small town in northern ohio. a place where a train hasn't stopped in more than 40 years. and the push to build a memorial in florida at the site of that surfside condo collapse. the plea from families growing louder but the judge h (vo) at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs. being first on the scene, when every second counts. or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. without trade-offs. unconventional thinking. it's better for business. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ return to rugged. the all-new ruggedly redesigned 2022 nissan pathfinder. ♪♪
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house speaker announce herd chamber will vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill monday that keeps her promise to the democrat moderates unclear whether the bill will have the votes to pass progressives are still threatening to oppose the thing if president biden's bigger $3.5 trillion social spending package has not also passed. we'll see. there's a lot riding on the outcox the vote on monday. billions of dollars for roads and bridges. the power grid, the broadband, upgraded water systems, cybersecurity, and, of course, a major expansion for amtrak
12:41 am
the railroad wants to use the money to run its trains through cities that have never had them. and to return to town that's lost service a long time ago cnbc has that story. >> this line was built by the railroad and 1850s. and we became known in 1851. they took this vast land that was vacant and they actually built this town. those tracks are still at the heart of the small town in northern ohio. but the trains don't stop here anymore. letting mother nature overtake the old round house. they ended in 1970s. and manufacturing plants here shut down, freight rail slowed down too much linda pitt was a little girl at the time. >> we lost a railroad. we lost the passenger rail and so everybody was like okay, we have gm and then we lost gm. so our town went from being very prosperous down to almost nothing.
12:42 am
i mean, people were struggling >> but after 30 years, pitt moved back to crestline and other residents are, too crestline boasts the hub, there are new restaurants and small boutiques and as mayor, pitt is making it her mission to bring amtrak back too. >> we have a lot of people praying that we get passenger rail service back into crestline. >> the answer to the prayers lies in washington lawmakers preparing to vote on a infrastructure bill that could provide amtrak with up to $66 billion, $28 billion would help pay for dozens of new routes, connecting more than 160 communities. >> the infrastructure bill will be a huge change for amtrak and passenger rail generally around the country. it is set to invest in passenger rail, essentially 20% more than amtrak's received over 50 years. it's a game changer. >> crestline will be on a route that stretched from cincinnati to cleveland, creating a new
12:43 am
corridor for commerce. couple but built a convention center next to the railroad tracks to prepare. >> we're ready for it now. we have that business case and as we look towards the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the funding in that bill will be what it would take to get this done and get it done quickly >> no matter what happens, crestline says its future won't be derailed. >> we're so resilient. we are already on the path of recovery we're not going to stop. >> it's worth pointing out that mayor pitt is a republican but she's been working with democrats and her state and in bash wash to get this done she said this investment is not about politics, it's about a project that will benefit tentie community. >> thank you flight attendants pleading for help already to deal with the recent rise in unruly passengers a group of them testified yesterday before congress about some of the ugly confrontations they've seen among them, american airlines flight attendant teddy andrews
12:44 am
he spoke about the racist abuse he faced from a passenger who refused to put on a mask >> i asked, sir, would you please put your mask on? it must be covering both your mouth and nose he looked at me. and i will not repeat the epithet he used. he said, n word, i don't have to listen to a damn thing you said. i don't deserve to be spoken to like this under any circumstance >> flight attendants are calling on lawmakers to end the sale of to go alcohol in airport terminals. and they're encouraging the justice department to crack down on misbehaving passengers. so far this year the faa's reported more than 4300 cases of unruly passenger behavior of those, exactly one resulted in criminal charges by the department of justice. three months ago today, the condo building in surfside, florida, collapsed and killed 98 people the question now is still what should happen to the site?
12:45 am
it's been a heated and emotional process. yesterday friends and family and supporters of the victims held a news conference. they push for the area to become a memorial but the judge overseeing lawsuits from the collapse saying selling it may be the only way to pay out claims local coverage now from nbc 6 south florida and their reporter ryan nelson. >> reporter: they held pictures, brought candles and told the stories of the 98 lives lost >> he showed me a new side of life a life we wanted to share together with our children to come but we were robbed of that dream on june 24th >> families, loved ones, and advocates met on the beach just outside of the collapse site to share a clear message. they want a memorial here at the site and not a new development >> this spot is sacred it is unacceptable that the last place my son was alive to be anything but a memorial. >> the collapse site property now the subject of on going
12:46 am
court hearings judge michael handsman says death and property claims could reach about $1 billion. and selling the property may be their main source of compensation >> so absence -- absent extremely viable claims against extremely solvent defendants, this insurance money and the value of this property may be the primary sources for compensating these victims >> an unnamed bidder offered $120 million for the property, handsman says selling it top dollar is a priority since money from the sale and insurance will will probably not be enough to cover total damages. >> the reality is we dwelt this in new york as well. >> monica made a special trip to surfside from new york her husband died on 9/11 and she played a crucial role in making the 9/11 memorial a reality. now she's offering her experience to those calling for an on site memorial in surfside.
12:47 am
>> if we find out the memorial is in one spot and negotiate, we will >> for the news, i'm ryan nelson thank you. you know, not everybody's good at planning ahead but some scientists at nasa are keeping a really close eye on this very day 161 years in the future because that is when an asteroid with a potential to cause a lot of damage could, i stress could, hit earth. we'll hear live from the one of the researchers trying to learn everything he can about what's coming and the medicine of music. we're introduced to a nurse who is spending her days helng before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -audrey's expecting... -twins! ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan.
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lava gushing out of the volcano on spain's canary islands. emergency grews evacuating three more towns as eruptions intensify. look at this video the eruption from the volcano so powerful, it sent a shock waive into the sky the thick plumes of smoke forcing several airlines to cancel will flights in and out of the island. so far, the lava displaced more than 6,000 people, zroud more than destroyed more than 400 homes. the aftermath could last as much as six months. if you made plans for an event on this day 161 years from now, you might want to rethink
12:51 am
nasa's predicting a giant asteroid named benu could potentially collide with earth on september 24, 2182. the chances they say are low zero -- i should say 0.07% or something very close to. that but it's no the just 00 which they prefer. they sent the spacecraft to take images and collect samples of benu that helped scientists nair roet path and now it is on us way back home to give us the samples. the professor is with us he is a biologist and principle investigator professor, thank you what is nasa going to be able to learn from the samples when they get back >> that's a great question we're really excited to get this material from the surface of asteroid benu back to the earth. it will help us understand the
12:52 am
formation of the planet, possibly why the life originated here and it will allow us to better understand whether it's going to impact or planet in the future. >> so something on the asteroid will tell whether you it might be heading for us? >> yeah. it's a fascinating phenomena depending on how the asteroid heats up and then reemits the energy back into space actually thrusts the asteroid through the solar system and can change where it's going to be in the future >> so what are the next steps here >> well, we call september 24th asteroid benu day. the samples will be landing on the surface of the earth at the utah test and training range southwest of salt lake city. we'll be recovering that using the help of the united states military and transporting it to nasa's johnson space senter in houston, texas we'll be on site looking at that scientific treasure and then getting it into our laboratories >> is there going to be a time where we can send stuff out into the universe to look at things, i don't know, beyond our pl
12:53 am
planetary structures >> we do that now. we have space telescopes and glass is launching the james webb telescope which is going to peer back to the dawn of the universe we're thinking about ways to leave the solar system to probe nearby planets. >> fascinating stuff plain to call out sick that day in 161 years it's nice of you, thank you. jeff bezos is beaming up william shatner. seriously, kirk? the 90-year-old actor part of the second crew to take the blue origin flight to space the 15 minutes civilian night scheduled to launch come october and if he makes the trip, william shatner will become the oldest person ever to be launched into space. it isn't every day a trip to the hospital wendz a little beethoven. but for patients at the mayo clinic minnesota, the lobby has become a concert hall.
12:54 am
one nurse combining her passion for music and medicine local coverage now from our favorite, nbc minneapolis affi affiliate. >> so, george, where are you from >> nursing has a rhythm. >> one, two, three >> i'm a staff nurse, radiology staff nurse. >> she walks into the mayo clinic three years ago a brand new nurse. >> you have had a ct scan before >> but with previous experience. on the keys. ♪ >> each day after helping it patients upstairs -- >> great job >> -- she gives louife to the atrium three stories down. they began playing at age 4. you about her 20s, she earned a masters degree in piano
12:55 am
performance. at home and concert halls, the michigan musician changed course when her father was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer ♪ here for surgery and chemo, she and her dad often found themselves among the patients stopping to listen to the voluntary piano players. [ applause ] >> just gives you hope and i want to do that for others ♪ >> what if she could combine two disciplines? first goal reached when she earned her nursing degree. >> perfect >> second -- >> we're going to turn this way. >> when she applied and hired at mayo and third, when they finished work and played >> it has become my concert hall >> that's george and his wife martha listening to the nurse
12:56 am
who two hours earlier prepped george for his cancer scan >> unbelievable. >> here from illinois clinging to hope. >> we've been married 60 years >> and each other. ♪ >> this music makes you feel better >> that's care and music that really is >> and that's medicine that is medicine >> to her, it's even more. >> as i'm playing, i pray for each one of them i ask that god will bless them going through what they're going through. >> she thinks often of her father standing in this very space having been given two to three months to live ♪ eight years later, he is back at mayo cancer free for a check in. on his health. >> it's just -- >> and his daughter. >> just wonderful.
12:57 am
>> that to me is better than carnegie hall. >> an unfair comparison, really. because no musician at carnegie hall as ever started her day with a better warmup [ applause ] for the news, i'm boyd hooper. >> you are amazing boyd hooper, isn't he incredible if you're a regular here and you get to see this guy's work, amazing. time to go >> 60 seconds left on the race to the finish. the booster shot cam pawn is a little bit less confusing now. a little bit and under way. it comes after the cdc director overruled her own advisory panel and went ahead and recommended boosters for nurses and teachers and all the other kinds of workers who are in jobs that put them at high risk. the make shift camp of haitian migrants in del rio,
12:58 am
texas, cleared out now some of them went back to haiti. some of them went into the united states. and a lot of them decided to stay in mexico because they didn't want to be deported to haiti. at the heist the crisis 15,000 migrants were camped out under the bridge but after crossing the border from mexico and gabby petito's funeral set for sunday on long island, new york the search for her boyfriend brian laundrie continues after all these many weeks and now you know the news. this friday, september 24th, 2021 we don't say it enough but we really appreciate you being here we thank you for trusting us and for coming to us for news, just news, no opinion news, no opinion and ocsial b welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪
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