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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  September 27, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. in new york and here is your top five at 5:00 wall street trying to keep the rally going after a wild week of trading. futures are higher as the worst month for stocks is nearly in the regulatoar view mirror drama in d.c., lawmakers looking at a looming government shutdown and a possible $1.5 trillion infrastructure the clock is ticking on both. in germany, the votes are in, in what is one of the closest elections in history, two men both saying they can become head of europe's biggest
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country. we are live in berlin with the latest also in europe, why gas stations around england are running dry with hours long lines. later, china's crypto crackdown as holders of bitcoin, ether and more scramble to protect their fortunes it is monday, september 27th, and this is "worldwide exchange." good morning, good afternoon, or good evening and welcome from wherever in the world you may be watching. i'm brian sullivan, thank you for joining us happy monday, kicking off your week let's check your monday money. stock futures up higher, dow futures up .3% or 163 points despite the crazy days last week, the s&p 500 and the dow are still higher in the past
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five days, kind of hard to believe, given some of the big drops we saw oil and gas companies, they are leading most of the gainers. now, to bonds. because the bond market is like a super tanker, it is big, it is slow but when it moves, watch out. the biggest mover of any major market that we follow last week was the yield on the 10-year note it rose 6% that is a huge move for the yield on the ten year, especially in just a couple of days no other market moved that much. the inflation story hitting home in bonds this morning hitting nearly 1.5% again. let's look at crypto, bitcoin ending last week down 10.5%. that's its worst week since may. etherium down more, 15% last week seeing both moving a little higher this morning, bitcoin at
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43,837 up about 2% still a rough week for crypto investors last week. all of it ahead of what is another busy week for the markets and your money you have two days of testimony from fed chair jay powell and treasury secretary janet yellen. the federal government likely to run out of cash on friday, unlikely to happen but it's still out there. you have our cnbc delivering alpha event on wednesday and a few key points on friday, ism manufacturing as well, pending home sales on wednesday. there's your calendar, a big week ahead let's go around the world as well check the global markets the asian markets mostly mixed shanghai down the most hang sing rose fractionally. but in europe a different story
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and a higher start on their day. all the major averages across europe are up, led surprisingly by germany, up nearly 1% as always, get more on the markets and your money in moments but right now time to get you started for the week here are some key headline happening right now on a monday morning. what's going on on this monday >> good morning, brian good to see you. house speaker nancy pelosi announcing a new date for the vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill that's already passed the senate. after committing to a moderate democrats vote by today she is now targeting thursday for a floor vote on the $1.5 trillion bill, debate scheduled to begin today, this coming as congress stares down a fast approaching deadline to avoid a potential government shutdown. evergrande under pressure as they monitor a yet to be
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delivered $84 million interest payments the china company saying it's scrapping plans for an valuation on the ev unit. and bp, in the uk says it has run out of fuel at a third of its gas stations in the country after a third day of panic buying amid the shortage is a shortage of truck drivers last week gas station operator eg group said it would limit customers to $41 of fuel per visit in an effort to control supplies that's enough to fill about one-third of a tank of gas brian? >> think about that, 41 bucks is only a third of a tank given the fact it's 7 or $8 a gallon in europe and no shortage of gasoline per se, there's a shortage of drivers getting the gasoline to the bps. >> the shortage of workers is
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hitting everywhere around the world. >> not just here but there as well. we saw videos over the weekend, super long lines, panic buying don't do that. look at that texaco. when's the last time we saw that see you in a while. let's get back to your markets and the money, which could be in for more volatility. there are several events this week that could douse or light a fire on the markets. you have fed chair jay powell, the federal government faces a shutdown on friday if congress does not pass new funding. there are big data points like home sales, ism manufacturing. let's get more perspective on all of this, mark anderson is head of global assets, he joins us on the cnbc news line
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good morning, mark what are you and your team watching this week or in the next few weeks >> i think you bring a lot of great perspective, which is first of all i think that the global economy has seen a bit of a slow down over the last couple of months and we certainly have a lot of potential roadblocks in there, which both relates to china evergrande related risk, we have the potential risk of u.s. government shutdown we have central banks that are certainly passed the peak. so enough to be watching here as we continue to be bullish on marks being long not only on equities but also financials, energy, japan and the like >> we look globally around the world. first off in europe we have an election which we'll get more from our colleague jeff cutmore in berlin in a second but trying to understand here in the states what the election may mean it's unclear who's leading a
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coalition government but yet the german market is up about 1% right now what is happening in germany and what is your take on europe macro? >> first of all, when we look at the german election we say that markets don't like uncertainty around elections but the coalition we're going to get three-way, which is going to be in a ja ma kay coalition or turns towards the spd, the winner of the election, in a three-wa thre three-waco ligs with the traffic light here there's not going to be that big of a difference between them and i don't think the political situation in germany will change that much even if we get a new chancellor i think some degree of predictability is something that the markets like that's why we see the markets in
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germany being up and also why, frankly speaking, global investors should not be too concerned about the outcome in germany. >> mark, looking at your latest note you just referenced japan the japanese market is hot, the nikkei, people ignore it you say do not you say japan on a macro level may be the best place to invest right now. what is it about japan that looks attractive >> first of all we have an election coming up unlike in germany we're likely to see an extraordinary amount of fiscal stimulus coming out on the back of that. that's basically been the catalyst of what we think is a great investment story in japan. so first of all, japan, in terms of bringing out vaccinations they were late to the game but now they've picked up and even overtaken the u.s. with more than 64% of the population
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being vaccinated then we'll see the state of emergency ending in september which means that it continues reopening and reacceleration of the japanese economy leads japanese companies to increase their earnings one of the strongest markets for earning upgrades we have a dollar yen below $1.10, which means it's highly supportive and then we had the underperformance which means it's trailing on a price rate by 14%. so catch up in our view when we look at japan. >> mark anderson, mark we have watching japan as well the market there has been hot. we appreciate you coming on. have a great day and a great week >> thank you, brian. we have more to do on "worldwide exchange. when we come back, week two of our "go big or go home" series with jenny harrington is here. call it an insider buying boost.
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this morning's rbi and why big bets by corporate insiders have meant big returns, maybe, for your portfolio but first the polls just closing hours ago in if one of the most highly watched european elections in decades jeff cutmore is live in berlin with more on where the german election really stands and what we know and don't. jeff, good to see you. >> good morning to you, brian. well, we have a result but we still don't know who is going to be the next chancellor here in germany. the country has taken a very small step to the left here but wealthy germans this morning are breathing a sigh of relief we'll tell you why when we come back stay with us
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welcome back germans waking up to political uncertainty this morning after the early results from the country's federal election are pointing to what could be gridlock between two big political parties trying to form coalition governments. jeff cutmore joining us with more on where we stand at this hour jeff, good morning. >> brian, very good morning to you. what we've got here is a very f fragmented outcome in this election, if you look at the spd, center left or the cdu/csu,
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center right both of these main parties only managed to get a quarter of the electorate support then you have a bunch of other parties like the greens who got about 15%, and then the fdp, the liberals, around 11% and various other parties trailing at the extreme left and at the extreme right so the most likely outcome now, the pollsters think is that we will see the spd, which narrowly won the poll, form a coalition with the liberals and the greens now what does that mean for business and for taxes the greens and the spd had tax pol policies that would have seen higher taxes on the wealthy and probably higher taxes on companies. the liberals, they're against higher taxes they are more focused on investment in the structure of the economy. so that could actually mean that these parties, as they come into
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coalition, begin to cross out policies where they have disagreements, which potentially means taxes really don't go up very much and we don't see any major financial commitments or fiscal deficits here in germany. so in a sense, we have stability through stalemate, if you want to put it in those terms, brian. >> yeah, geoff it's all very confusing. here in the states obviously we hear the word liberal and we think that's on the side that might want to raise taxes and sort of change the way that our corporate and individual taxes are structured sounds like it's not the case there. the green party as well, there's -- i think there's what six or seven different political parties. what happens if they can't form a coalition government i've seen comments from two people this morning who both
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said they could become the chancellor of germany. it's not clear right now, is it, who's going to run the nation? >> it is not clear right now we are speculating lavishly on the potential outcome. because remember, back in 2017, the negotiations ran for nearly six months and we were very close to seeing a threew-way coalition which broke down and then we ended up with the two major parties going into coalition together, the so-called grand coalition. this time around the political pundits suggest that won't happen because of major policy and ego differences. so still the most likely outcome at this point is that olaf scholz, the current finance minister in that coalition but the head of the spd, he will become the new chancellor and then we will see a number of other representatives from the
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other parties take up jobs in the government but the business community and wealthy germans think this is better than the outcome we could have got if the spd had got a very, very clear lead on the conservatives. back to you. i hope that's clarified it somewhat for our viewers >> it is, geoff, because it's all very confusing but guess what, the market not confused to your point the german dax up nearly 1%, the best performer in europe so obviously the market people like this outcome, whatever that outcome may be geoff cutmore live in berlin we appreciate it, geoff. thank you very much. the whacky world of german politics still on deck, a crypto trading hamster, yes, a hamster, that is beating the s&p 500 and tiktok traders taking on congress what else could it be besides your top trending stories this
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morning and those are ahead. it is 5:18, grab a cup of coffee, a long way to go we're back right after this.
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welcome back let's get a check on the other top heads lines outside of the world of money and business. for those, phillip mena is in new york good morning, phillip. >> good morning. inv investigators from the national transportation safety board are looking into the cause of the
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amtrak train derailment in montana. an amtrak spokesman said the train was en route from seattle to chicago, carrying around 141 passengers and 16 crew members it had two locomotives and 18 cars, 8 of which derailed. they're expected to hold a briefing about this incident later this afternoon. a volcano continues to wreak havoc on la palma. the 74th tony awards finally happened to honor the 2019/2020 broadway season after the long pandemic hiatus. moulin rouge picked up 10 trophies, including best musical. director kenny leon honored
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breonna taylor, george floyd and others saying we need to hear their stories. it was a wild week three in the nfl. sunday night football, packers, niners, rodgers to adams, 10-0 early. back and forth game until this year, jimmy garoppolo finding use check to take the lead but aaron rodgers plenty of time to drive down the field to win it the pack win on the road 30-28 another good game earlier in the day in los angeles matthew stafford and the rams, they got to the bucs with a deep ball, a 75 yard pass to desean jackson, stafford throws to cooper kupp twice for the score. tom brady threw for 400 yards but was also the leading rusher. the rams, brian, beat the bucs, the defending champs people thought it couldn't
5:24 am
happen, won 34-24, it wasn't even that close. >> you buried the lead, mena number one my chargers beat the kansas city chiefs in kansas city, big win. >> it was. >> did you see the ravens, justin tucker, 66 yard field goal >> 66 yards. >> bounces off the goal post and bounces in unreal. >> defied physics to me. he is by far the greatest kicker in the history of football the numbers prove it that was a clutch play 66 yards, incredible >> how the ball bounced forward to your point and not backward despite hitting that way, who knows. the ravens good luck he's on my fantasy team, i got like 8 points for that kick. >> mine too. >> phillip mena -- i knew i liked you. see you tomorrow take care. >> outside of us yapping about
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football let's get to the top trending stories that includes the story about a hamster. we just talked about football, you got a hamster, what's going on >> i'm going to tell you about the hamster. a hamster in germany has been trading a portfolio of about a dozen cryptocurrencies since june 12th. in a stage, the hamster spins a wheel to pick a crypto, then runs through a tunnel labeled buy or sell. as of friday, his investments are up nearly 24%. according to the twitter feed that documents the animal's daily performance. the hamster's owner notes the stream is for entertainment owner. tiktok, investors are modeling trades after members of congress a company called iris is
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tracking their disclosures and the rolling stones have launched their pandemic delayed no filter tour over the weekend in st. louis this is their first tour in nearly 60 years without drummer charlie watts who died last month at the age of 80 last night's show opened with an empty stage and single drum beat with photos of watts flashing on video screens. the hamster is doing well. >> entertainment purposes only i'm not sure the hamster would -- i'm not sure how much he or she reads drn. >> it's a he mr. gox. >> he. tough to see the stones without charlie watts. >> it is sad. >> make it rain. i don't know where to go with any of these stories thank you, we appreciate it.
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i'll probably be replaced by a hamster soon also. thank you. >> you got it. as we head to break. still time to sign up for our delivering alpha virtual conference to register go to delivering there's your lineup. great guest lineup as well i have a panel 4:00 eastern time, tune in for that the dow futures are up 177 we are back right after this
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markets looking to make you money once again despite a crazy week last week futures they are higher right now even as bond yields move up. your keys to the week ahead. it is crunch time in the capitol as the clock ticks for the democrats to get the president's billion dollar spending bill over the finish line and make sure the government stays funded and open heidi heitkamp is here to lay out the strategy we kick off week two of our special series "go big or go home". jenny harrington is here with under the radar stock picks just for you. it's all happening on this monday, september 27th, and this is "worldwide exchange." welcome or welcome back. it is exactly 5:30 on the nose
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good monday morning hope you have a great start to your day and your week. here's how your money and the markets are looking right now. looks like a great start for them as well we are seeing stock futures higher across the board, not up by a whole lot -- i stand corrected. the nasdaq is now down a couple motion t points this is what happens when you write four minutes in advance. dow futures are up 168 points right now. just over .3%, a lot of people saying the big cyclicals, not big tech, big cyclicals, boring old industrials may be the winners going forward. but dow futures, they are up as always, more on the markets and your money but right now this morning's other top headlines including more comments on how covid may be here to stay. sylvana is back with those
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>> pfizer's ceo is predicting there could be a return to normal life in the next year amid the pandemic. normal does not mean that covid would be completely gone and that variants would continue being an issue he says that means annual revaccinations could become part of life. >> because the virus is spread all over the world we will continue seeing new variants coming out and also we will have vaccines that they will last at least a year. and i think the most likely scenario, this annual revaccinations but we don't know. we need to wait and see the data >> on the topic of vaccinations for kids he says it's a question of days and weeks before pfizer and beon tech submit data to regulators for authorization elon musk is reiterating the
5:33 am
support for china. he said the auto maker will continue to expand investments in the country the comments mark the second by musk praising china in less than two weeks. he called chinese automakers the most competitive in the world. and zhshang-chi continues to she at the box office. and it's pulled in more than $196 million, making it the highest grossing domestic release this year. brian? >> the pfizer ceo comment mirroring what a couple companies have said. we're going to live with it and get through it as well. >> it'll be like -- we get flu shots every year >> and that's basically where we are. >> exactly. >> i saw some comments about whether or not kids could go trick or treating over halloween, it's outside in a
5:34 am
mask of a different kind. >> i know. >> we have to let the kids be kids >> exactly. >> thank you very much. full-size candy bars at the sullivan house this year i promise. it is week two and day six now of our continued "go big or go home" series, trying to make you money as we close out the third quarter and look to the future already getting some very interesting names to consider from expedia to lulu lemon to u.s. bank corp., unity software, whoever that is. let's see what is in store today. we have jenny harrington, also a cnbc contributor tweeting late last night about your appearance as well you have a lot of people wondering who your picks might be it's like baited breath, jenny thanks for coming on, getting up early. who is your first pick for us this morning
5:35 am
>> i was surprised that the twitter verse didn't get what my version of go big is, obviously it's go big dividends. so i combed through the portfolio just for you, brian, our viewers and picked out four dividend stocks with really big dividends that have sustainable earnings growth aheahead, tradig cheaper than the market, and benefit from this return to normal, which is nothing great and gloer rouse, just normal my first is sbra, yield is 7.5%, going to grow at 5% next year. it's trading at 10 times price funds from operations, which is the valuation measurement we use. it's a good company. they did an invester update on the 13th, collecting 99.8% of expected rents these guys are in the skilled nursing and transitional care
5:36 am
space. so as we return to normal and people aren't afraid to go to nursing homes and get back to normal this is beneficial to their occupancy growth that's my first one. >> okay. your next one is one they won't say is close to my heart, but is -- i've been there twice and i'll say it's a journey to get there. it is mp materials, and this is that mine that -- basically this is their only asset that we have been to a couple times in in the high california desert, big dividend you're talking about the stock story, what can you tell us jenny? >> you know what, i think actually we have a little confusion. i chose mmp for the ticker. >> my bad. i got jumpy and excited about someplace i've been. i have not been inside a pipeline for a while, and hopefully never will be.
5:37 am
talk to us about ma jell lan midstream. >> i thought you were going to be excited about it because you are one of the few people who appreciates the value of energy and oil and the fact that whether we want to or not we're still dependent on oil and gas with oil and gas at 75 -- with oil at $75, to me that's a great reminder we still need oil, we still need gas and pipelines this is a big midstream pipeline company, they have 53 terminals, they love the story, they increased dividend for 20 years straight and still has 8.9% dividend yields, trades at 12 times earnings earnings will be flat. here's the other thing, it is up year to date but down 7% in the last three months. so you're not buying at peak if you want to put dividend flow
5:38 am
in your pocket, keep you up with inflation, i think this is a terrific company to own. >> this is what happens when you leave out a letter my notes had mp, not mmp, so i got excited about that. >> i'm so sorry. >> very quickly -- no i love talking about both by the way, it's all good. cream of wheat, not only a delicious breakfast treat but also one of the staple products of your last pick for us i hope i got the ticker right, b&g foods. bgs. >> right so this i've had in the portfolio forever, it has a 6.4% dividend yield, earnings should grow 10% next year, they own things like crisco, baking powder, all the stuff i use, they own pickles, emeril sauces, victoria spaghetti sauce the ceo was at the -- the cfo
5:39 am
was at the barkley's conference a couple weeks ago and one of the things they were talking about is the dining at home trend sticky as we shop, they have products we use all the time. i use more than my share of baking powder and crisco wish i used more broccoli but i don't. >> you and me, both. jenny harrington we love the picks here mmp, b&g foods, it's a pleasure to have you on kicking off our series this week thank you, we'll see you soon. >> thanks, brian good morning. >> you're welcome. keep it here all week long for more ideas we have kate batus coming up, richard sapperstein as well. coming up, china's continued crypto crackdown leaving some investors scrambling to protect that you are digital assets. the last ditch efforts to keep
5:40 am
their coins safe we are back with that story right after this
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welcome back let's talk crypto and china because crypto exchanges and other companies providing services tied to digital assets are racing to sever business with clients in mainland china after officials there declared all crypto related activities illegal on friday. that has china and hong kong
5:43 am
based holders racing to try to protect their assets mackenzie is joining us now, she spoke to an attorney flooded with encrypted messages on the matter mackenzie, i know you're on the west coast, i don't know if you stayed up or got up, but either way we appreciate it it's a big story, so thank you what are you hearing from what is happening in china right now? >> right so on friday, brian, beijing really raised the stakes in its virtual currency crackdown, attempting to freeze crypto assets so holders can't legally do anything with them. i spoke to an attorney flooded with calls, emails, encrypted messages from holders of virtual coins in china and hong kong who are looking for a way to safeguard their crypto what they want to know is how to access and protect their tokens held in foreign exchanges and cold wallets another concern is that china
5:44 am
says it's improved the technology that it uses to monitor crypto transactions. so many of the work arounds people in the mainland have used to skirt bans won't really work anymore. >> well, it seems like the take on the internet, just people commenting on boards or twitter, whatever it is, basically a yawn china has tried this before, nobody cares in fact, the idea of a bitcoin or decentralized digital currency is that governments no longer matter. but it felt like this time was different. and you don't mess around with the chinese government is this time really different? well, as you said, this is definitely not the first time that china has lashed out against digital currencies almost a decade ago the country ordered that third party payment providers stop using bitcoin, they banned initial coin
5:45 am
offerings in 2017 and earlier this year the country dismantled its crypto mining industry for the most part people found a way to get around the rules but what is different we're seeing more coordination in a show of greater unity amid the country's top businesses we could see a sign that enforcement in the space might increase they're stepping up their tech to monitor crypto actions. i have heard from multiple people now that the biggest thing that's different this time around is that a lot of this could be tied to the government's desire to close out all potential competition to its digital. >> this is a big story, hasn't affected the crypto markets today but they dropped last week and people are wondering if china is its own thing or if other countries are going to follow suit. mackenzie, it's a big story, it's on cnbc coming on, we appreciate you coming on have a great day, get some rest.
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today's rbi has to do with this show.
5:49 am
and our almost weekly insider buying segment, most every friday, because we've been doing it for just about a year now and looking at our screens we noticed something interesting. many of the stocks that we profiled have done well. some of them really well in fact, check this out. since we began the series, we have hit 123 stocks. of those, 90 are higher this year look at the returns on all the stocks equally weighted on average. over the last 12 months, up 57%. year-to-date, up 20% in fact, there have been 17 stocks that have more than doubled in a year. who are the top performers that we have mentioned in the past year well, probably not the names you might think. 12 month returns, macy's up nearly 300%. liquidity services continental resources. i heart media. and cit group all up more than
5:50 am
200% in fact, with continental resources we told you about that in our june 25th segment and since then it is up more than 15%. to be clear, and this is important, those returns are not the returns since we brought you the names in the segment those are just fixed time periods. in fact, there are some absolute dogs in there. there are a bunch of stocks, like fie bro jet, c 3ai, select quote and others that are down more than 30%. nothing in life is guaranteed and the market than moving higher so it's more likelythat more names will be up. here's the thing going forward, we are going to track the return from the time that we brought to you the name. but overall, hopefully, these names in the past year have given you, maybe, maybe some new ideas to start your own research
5:51 am
with random, interesting and hopefully profitable the insider names have done very, very well. let's turn now to washington d.c. it is crunch time for democrats. as they race to iron out some interparty differences and get president biden's big spending bill passed. if that was not enough they have to raise the debt ceiling and fend off a potential government shutdown we've got just days to do that elonna is joining us with a look at where we stand and whether or not democrats will be able to get that done. good morning. >> good morning. those critical votes are going to be starting to set into motion tonight the outcome is far from certain. democrats will start debating that bipartisan infrastructure bill on the house floor this evening. fulfilling the promise that speaker nancy pelosi made to moderates.
5:52 am
but the actual vote on the bill isn't going to happen until thursday, giving her more time to win over progressives in an interview on abc, nancy pelosi acknowledged her party is working with a slim margin and tight time frame. >> you cannot choose the date. you have to go when you have the votes in a reasonable time and we will. >> democrats are also working to iron out their differences over the $3.5 trillion social spending package as well she said they hoped to conclude negotiations this week and potentially vote on that bill, too. as you said, if this wasn't already complicated you have to factor in the potential for a government shutdown and a debt limit crisis the senate will vote tonight on a bill that would keep the government funded and raise the debt ceiling but it's destined to fail. democrats are in a tight spot they're trying to pass an ambitious agenda but they have to prove they can do the basics of governing and keep the lights
5:53 am
on back to you. very quickly, i know we're tight on time. it looks like the vote could come tonight or the next couple days >> the vote on the infrastructure bill will start tonight. they'll start the floor debate but the final vote won't happen until thursday >> thank you very much big story there. let's get more on this and bring in former senator heidi heitkamp of north dakota thank you for coming on. how does this process, in your view work out for the democrats? how do they get it done or do they get it done >> the first thing you have to acknowledge is the process itself is seriously flawed the fact that we're once again going into a continuing resolution tin instead of funding government the way we should, is a tragedy and it's a long-standing terrible story for the congress but i think at the end of the day, the republicans understand, especially on the debt limit,
5:54 am
once you ring the bell, if we ever fail to extend debt and extend credit, it will have serious consequences in the market, serious consequences for people's financial statement we once had a hearing and someone said once that bell is rung, you can't unring it. so i expect there will be a compromise somewhere along the way on the debt limit. they have to figure out what they're going to do overall with the c.r. to carry funding of the government forward as they negotiate a more permanent kind of solution. but the good news here is that the infrastructure is going to be voted on. you don't need every democrat on the infrastructure bill. what you need is you need a majority in the house. and i think there's going to be many, many republicans who vote for that infrastructure bill and hopefully that will provide some momentum to get other things done. >> all right get to that in just a moment i want to go back to your previous point, senator, which is you do believe despite the posturing, flexing, whatever else you want to call it, like
5:55 am
in years past because this is not the first time we've been here, as you know, that there will be a deal to keep the government funded or do you think there's a chance, even small, of a lockdown >> i think you can have a deal to have the government unded the question is whether the democrats are going to stand firm on whether that deal includes extending the debt limit for another year perhaps you can get people to extend the debt limit to the end of the time period on the c.r. the fed is already looking at extraordinary measures to extend the debt limit so you have two separate those two issues. continuing the government, i think there already could be a deal on that mitch mcconnell signalled that last week. the question is whether it's going to continue or also include an expansion of the time period for extending the debt limit. >> senator, you know, we talk about president biden's spending bill, he initially wanted 3.
5:56 am
$5 trillion, i'm talk about the bigger social spending bill. we have the democrats saying we're not going to vote on this unless we get change to the s.a.l.t. do you think any deal will get done or passed, even only by democrats, a, and b, if so, how big do you think it's going to be? 3.5 trillion is what biden wanted but i'm reading stuff from washington that says 1 trillion, 1. 5 trillion at most. where do you come? >> i don't think it's going to be $3.5 million, you heard kyrsten sinema and joe manchin say they aren't voting for 3.5 trillion and what nancy pelosi told us is she's not going to bring a deal to the floor unless she thinks it can pass the senate so these are the negotiations. i think everybody understands that they'll be lucky to pick up one republican so they'll have to resolve it
5:57 am
within the democratic party on how they're going to move forward on that package. but it won't be 3.5. the question is, what will it be beyond that and whether the progressives in the house in particular will make life difficult for the speaker or whether they'll go along with something much smaller >> we'll find out maybe starting tonight and tomorrow former senator heidi heitkamp of north dakota one of my favorite places thank you for getting up early with us, coming on, we appreciate it. have a great day with that we wrap up "worldwide exchange" to kick off your monday. dow futures up 111 we'll see you tomorrow with our ntued series "go big or go home". we'll see you tomorrow
5:58 am
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good morning futures pointing to a nice open. a nice higher open to start the week, with only four trading sessions left in september that's this friday is october. but there's some drama in d.c. infrastructure legislation, a bigger spending bill not as big as before funding deadline and a looming fiscal cliff, a live report from the nation's capitol is coming up plus the question many ask daily. when will normal life return we'll tell you what pfizer's ceo said and what he thinks. it's monday, september 27th, 2021 "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ good morning, welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and


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