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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> karen >> zillow. >> dan >> let's take a crack on twitter. >> guy >> i wanted one of those r2d2 i am here to level the plain field for all investors there is always a bull market some where, i promise to help you find it. "mad money" start now. hey, i am cramer welcome to "mad money," i am not trying to make friends but trying the make you some money my job is not only to entertain but to educate you, call me at
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1080-743-cnbc. they hate to be confused or emphatically wrong think as it a play book, they constantly consulting with the play book today. nasdaq drops .60% and a lot of real high flyers tech crushed. when inflation rate, the first thing you are supposed to do is sell those future dollars are rooted by inflation third, you hunker down the shorter end of the yield curve there is only one problem with that not one of these places working. we are getting hard core inflation numbers that are hard to explain and high multiple stocks got hit treasuries went up in that in value incredible get this is going to get even more nauseating.
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i expect tomorrow's consumer price index, i expect the reading to be outrageously high, red, hot and smoking there are no cars to be had because of semiconductor shortage the response is not what everybody seems to expect. bond yields supposed to soar rates is supposed to go higher instead of plummeting. what's happening here? why is the hedge fund play book working? well, first and for memost, we o outside sources we don't talk enough about >> are u.s. market the best market on earth? our rates are higher than most first world nation, even down here our bond yield is too competitive to ignore. money can be transferred so easily such an easy thing consider a treasury market a mag
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innocent for overseas. you think we got inflation overseas is much worse people often forget that america has tremendous natural resources especially natural gas we have the wells and pipelines to power heat in america skyrocketing natural gas prices are reeking havoc on every other country on earth we are the only supply even prices higher, we have no shortages of natural gas in the united states. sure the price of gasoline is higher than it has been in years. it's not that bad. especially you remember cars are much more fuel-efficient in the end we got energy inflation while the rest of the d develop world got into energy crisis the bond market is screaming a slow down. maybe bonds are wrong. maybe bond yields are plummeting because jay powell is right that
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the current inflation still after all this is transferred. that means the price increase we are seeing now could be the peak and tomorrow's cpi number is actually out of date i don't think anyone outside of jay and me really believes this anymore. jay seems like he's waivering, i am steadfast don't forget the -- we know this number is going to be red hot, smoker the commentary will be how much it's worse than expected because the economists don't know how to forecast almost no one in wall street believes in it we have the worst people setting expectations how do you make sense of these confusing scenarios? >> simple. you can't. it's impossible to make sense of this market of this huge run at this moment. the sooner you acknowledge that, the better given this market is non stop
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with different leadership groups everyday today is housing you can't pick a side and say what's right you have to wait for the market to give you a verdict. there are some moments like this where you are doing that pull-back buying is a mistake, i am going to give you a painful, really a painful example i talk about the terrible trust and the new club and i am very proud of it. i don't talk about some of the stocks i got wrong let's go into something that was miserable for me let's talk about the obliteration of paypal this period was distorted by the company's endless break up with ebay they still had a good relationship until now
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it's probably good relation but something is not helping paypal. imagine talking about a slow down of back-to-school most companies would pay for paypal for this company, this quarter was a big disappointment now normally this is exactly the kind of thing i would be looking for to buy here. a high growth company which seems like a glitch. you can buy such a fast grower, 33% for such a great balance sheet. i can't recommend paypal here today. i can't. i didn't if you remember the club the macro picture is too dicey and murky. i expect you get a better chance to buy this stock which is why the travel trust is waiting to go lower our investment club will keep an eye on it for you.
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if it does, then we'll probably buy some but we can't yet. i want to call in the overall market because this paypal stock is no longer strong enough to buck the overall trend mar maricopa i thought the company would be st stronger than this how about nvidia the stock was initially up huge for premarket trading and i hate when that happens or reverse so now though it's down. buying opportunity no, too vulnerable there we don't want be a second keynote tomorrow people bought it today at the top. they'll bolt, that's what happens. those people who picked some up right here, they're wearing it hair, that guy is wearing nvidia you take it off at the end of the day.
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a stock that climbs endlessly like nvidia or paypal. how about amd, another long time cramer's fav metaverse, i can't recommend it because the catalyst is going another way. these are three future antastick of amazing economy the mark et has already won so much we can't explain my bond yield -- rather than making an i ill-informed decision on this spot, we got to pick up some amd. i rather we pick up some insights back when karen cramer and i ran head funds, he printed out ten stocks on day of zero or macro
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claritclarity, she would not give me the charge yeah, i don't care so you want to figure out this market hurry up and wait. in the meantime go to the movies, i hear gun supplies are not like the day of lynch version. certainly the market will make up its mind and you can make up yours. if you have not sold any stock to raise money, take a little off the table. got my permission. it's good to keep some cash in your pocket until we stumble on enough clarity to start making sense o f the situation. there i said it we don't know what's going on. what the hell, why don't we tell the truth? mark in wisconsin, mark. >> jim, thank you for taking my call you are a restaurant tour, you may even use this stock.
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they reported bad earnings and it's down 6% after market. i question should i use a lower point of entry to buy more tost or should i wait even longer >> well, i don't know why you have to buy it i said this is a one incredibly competitive and unbelievable guy coming in. should they be able to come public i don't know there are a lot of companies and sometimes someone is going to be toasted. david in arizona, please >> hi jim. >> my stock is ibm after the last quarter, what's your view, buy, sell or hold >> i said we put in the bullpen for the club the quarter was frankly
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subo suboptimal the action today was down let's just down daunting there is a lot of -- right now money is best left in your pocket or actually put some in your pocketuntil we get a little less confused c do not be so greedy. >> we got to wait for some clarity before we do anything. on "mad money" tonight, do doordash, i suggest that does not hold well. anyway, doordash of one of their strategies but more importantly is a great quarter >> and roblox, i am going to talk to the company's ceo. how did today's trouble rival
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those or compare to the past i am learning from the ceo stay with cramer don't miss a second of "mad money," follow @jim cramer on twitter. have a question, tweet cramer, #madtweets, send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1800-743-cnbc. miss something head to
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kill, witnessed the 40 plus decline of peloton the one that can deliver, the stock is higher, roblox and doordash doordash had better than expected revenue they also had a larger than expected earnings loss i think this one requires a closer look. let's get deep with tony siu, we are learning more about it is number mr. siu, welcome back to "mad money,". >> good to be with you, james. >> to me looks like your top line momentum that business is stronger than ever >> absolutely.
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i mean we are super thrilled o the results o f the third quarter. as you saw both top line grew north of 40%, this is after two huge years in which the pandemic has really accelerated our business on top of growing triple digits beforehand even as customers are returning inside stores to dine-in which i am thrilled about. i know the u.s. census bureau stated record at all time high sales. just showing how incremental delivery use cases for in-store dining >> i didn't realize how well you would do overseas. doubling down on what looks like the fastest growing in the market >> it's absolutely an acceleration today's announcement is really about accelerating what has already been working and it reps our long-term investment in
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building global business you are absolutely right our international business particularly in canada, austria and japan are the fastest growing market and from third party estimates, we gain meaningful market share in the quarter as well as the this year with today's news, it really, the partnership really laid the foundation for us to operate across over 20 countries serving 700 million plus people and give us the foundation to have single threat leadership and focus on building global business >> how many of those businesses and how many here in the united states are really larger change than they decide that they can't do it themselves, they need doordash >> actually, there are chains everywhere as you stated you know that predominantly is an american story where chains are big part of a restaurant industry and a lot of the markets outside of the u.s. particularly in both markets is
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really primarily in concert in building this business together with small medium size businesses and that's really what i find super inspiring given the entire mission for doordash and to transform local -- we are thrilled to be able to announce this news and not only find ourselves with the team that shares the same vision but also the same values how we operate. it's an execution business who we operate with and how we do business and caring for capitol efficiency and ripping out every penny and building a business that obsessed over customers, that's really what the two teams are about. >> since i met you, there is been a lot going on. you do liquor. these are both, you have high hopes for these. >> absolutely. >> doordash has an ambitious
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road map to transform. we have five key priority where becoming the number one food app in which we want to be top of mine for every consumers for when it comes to all things of food we are entering new categories, leading platform in the u.s. for that cat fwoir, grocery driving on a revoked grocery grocery delivery >> there is a lot going on you are right, helping merchants to see us as a first way to grow revenue or shipping across state lines or getting into new categories in which we have seen record numbers of our monthly active consumers now at 12% of them shopping outside of the restaurant category.
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they're all part of the activity of doordash right now. >> one of this things you did and i am quite proud of you. it was not just small business administration that helps, you guys decide we are going to help these small merchants and it was real it was not some sort of miracle thing that didn't work i see you are ordering and making delivery could b be -- there is problems of injuries and theft, so you got the bases covered of who's in involved in your chain of success. >> we always wanted to build a business not only economic success but a business that actually would have a legacy the entire team would be proud of and frankly without -- the goal of doordash is to make every local business small, medium and large successful we do that for our marketplace and which we are bringing them incremental customers from our app. we are giving them tools from
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our platform to allow them to build their own businesses we are taking care of all of our state holders. we were proud of our investment to reduce the pandemic and safety measures we took during the pandemic and as well as dashers and merchants and consumers. >> it feels like you are still finding dasher people want that extra income. it's better to work for doordash than to work full-time >> in the third quarter we had over 3 million dashers earned over $2.8 billion on the doordash flat platform >> now, i want to be sure that you are not making money, i want people to say listen, the profits here are big, that's not the point though
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it's the opportunity which you know why i agree with. the idea that you gaive money back or discounts. but, i think we have a fantastic long-term invest >> i think building a business to me is certainly about making it economically successful but it's also about building something that'll out last and endure that starts with service and serving all the state holders that we are privileged to be partner with just speaking from the recent quarter as well as to business, our contribution margins and our restaurant marketplaces have never been higher. what you are seeing in terms of of -- we are really doubling down and signaling that. we have a strong economic
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business believed in sustainable businesses right now the time is to invest for long-term growth could not agree more with you. you were good for everything you says to do with small business >> cofounder and ceo of doordash, it's great to see you, sir. >> like wise, jim. >> who knows what happens to the stock authority term this is the winner in the category "mad money" is back. >> roblox soared today but with metaverse is moving in, can facebook still move on >> cramer is talking to the ceo.
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. this is one of my absolutely favorite stock that i picked to win the super bowl game here, roblox it's the closest that we have we didn't lose any hope in this. i saw wall street diminish in it when you drill down, you saw matrix and acceleration engaging, acceleration in bookings in the month of october and you have a lot of short sellers that you could not resist nvidia has to be the next peloton. do they not know what they are doing? we are so happy to bring back david bazuki
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welcome back to the show. >> thank you as always for having us on the show. it's a great pleasure to be here and i reach out to the roblox community. >> i am so glad you are here >> there is this key metric space that you had this is much stronger than we thought. this was the month that all the people were betting against you, hey, collapse, everyone is back to school. no one wants us. you are now part of the firm, are you sir? >> we have always been optimistic we are creating a platform where people don't just play but they're starting to learn together, work together and experience entertainment together and what we saw in october is two things. one is hopefully people are getting more and more to their normal lives and we are moving through covid but at the same time, we saw incredible results, q-3 bookings over 600 million or $638 million >> october growth is very
6:30 pm
strong it validates our vision of the platform building. >> before i go into exactly how that number was, i think there is something more important that you would want me to read. there is a chart who is spending the most i have ever seen. you have double down trust and safety this is your major focus the amount of money you are spending on this tell our audience why this is important for roblox >> yeah, we have a really 200 million people every month coming to our platform and the foundation that we built our platform on. we started as you correctly note with younger players and we provided an opportunity for testimony to safely connect with friends and people they can't be in touch with in the real world. we have a lot of people working on this. thousands of people in the cloud
6:31 pm
24/7, keeping our society civil and we believe it's a great foundation to grow from. >> okay, david, i know that you are a person who would say comparison -- i watched a video last week about facebook and mark zuckerberg. are you dpies doing this already? >> yes, i mean we have been at this for 16 years and our business plan for 17 years ago predicted this new category where people can come together for the last 16 years. we have been innovating this category and building an amazing community but an amazing developer community. two million strong that manges everything on our platform a rich economy and our whole company is focused on the innovation to drive and shepard this vision of some people called the metaverse
6:32 pm
>> in many ways, these guys are the youtube of the metaverse, youtube of creating content, i think that's how we have to think about it, which is why i think your stock is wo worth -- trading at a fraction of what it's really worth. >> well, our platform is really unique we have this amazing community of content creators which very soon we'll have one making over $100 million a year relative to six or eight years ago where they are hobbiest, the creations that build are platforms to come together we have young people visiting their grandparents and finding it fun to chris smith together than to talk on the phone. >> the creators work in great concert. >> i down in four or five or six
6:33 pm
shirts when people see a good show like "the qsquid game," the people start writing for it it's spontaneous, does that happens? >> i was also "squid game" character for halloween. i was 001. what we saw with many friends in society is an amazing responsive creator community that is latches on these trends and rather than in months but in day days leveraging the power of our tool set and our search and discovery brings these experiences to life. more and more trlove that. we had over 40 million people going and try on vans and experience vans when they could not in real tief >> amazing responsiveness of
6:34 pm
these kiep these kinds of trends. the advertising opportunity is $63 billion. >> that's a small fraction of what roblox made, is it? >> e we are fortunate, we are lilding it in a way that we created very high quality experience there is a initial for adv advertising. we have seen with brands that want to authentically connect with their fans that we think is zint zint and respect tg community in -- we see developers are starting to interact with brands
6:35 pm
recently, a popular experience of "roblox blocks" is "jailbreak." >> we didn't have to get into the middle us. >> i want to salute you. i think if people continue to under estimate your company which is why the stock is such bar bargain. >> thank you for spending all that money for safe. i want to thank david bazuki i am telling you if it's under value, thank you for coming on kwat kathy. huge thank you to all your fans and your family. >> surfantastic.
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once we hear about the power line supply chain but also technology what does it mean for the companies that control supply chain. take one of the world's leading technologies this guy provides customers with all sorts of electronic components but especially semiconductors they gave free guidance.
6:40 pm
better yet, they expected current typing conditions to last well into next year in response, the stock jumped 8% in a handful of days so could this be a steel here? let's check in with phil gallagher. mr. gallagher, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. appreciate having you, good to see you again. >> one thing people have to understand that when i talk about problems with avnet, you had a hundred years of dealing with supply chain issues congratulations first. let's put this into perspective, has it ever been this bad? >> of those 100 years, i have been with avnet at 40% this one is different, jim
6:41 pm
i have been around the '99 and 2000s and the 2001 cycle and 2008 and 2009. of course we had the covid situation. that's happening as demand is spiked up in many different verticals the manufactures have a tough time to keeping pace with it. look at our electronics and semico semiconductors, just look around everywhere right now proliferation is driving a little bit more of anxiety in the supply chain >> some of them may have a bil building of you. >> they have 39, they're missing one. how come you can't go out and fiep find that one? >> well, depending on which one you are looking for. that's part of the issue that's starting to happen, they're taking all the product that they got that one chip.
6:42 pm
it may not even come from us look at for the other guys waiting on the one board that they need to finish their products on. it's not all the products that are tight. 70% of the commodities if you will maybe available and not too bad. there is going to be that 10% or 30% that may be controller chip that you can't get you are talking about 52 weeks or 43 weeks or some of those cases. >> you talk about the conference call, controller space or analog and certain power sensors or really, really tight let's say i can make those chips. why don't i have my factory running 24/7 or are they already. why can't i call others, listen, i need this stuff right now. i call out kla i need and i got a bafckyard that's big, put up some buildings and give me this
6:43 pm
stuff. they're investing 10s or 20s or $30 billion each for the issue, jim, these products technical the process by the time you get a factory up you are talking about 24 months before you get any kind of throughput it's not like you can go down the street and go at somebody else it's not available which is not available. that's why we are asking our customers for much lee time and visibility and transparency for what their demands are so we can get ahead of it and do the pipeline for them appropriately. >> you can work with side by side and this seems like a great collaboration for them and you >> yeah, that's an interesting one. that's brand new we announced that today. we are going to collaborate with them they're putting together some cloud base system that allows
6:44 pm
companies to manage their own videos and content their solutions signurrounding d good technology relatively new >> so, there does seem to be a signa -- we keep on hearing tooy cell phone chips and the imbalance is just nuts you got so many smart people i can't figure out how this happens. >> i will use the word transparency and visibility. a lot of supply chains are broken down because customers are losing the visibility to the end market and visibility to the manufacturing which is where we come in. i would like to say we are in the center of technology and supply chain we can now be the orchestrater we can help aggregate that demand and feed it, the different manufacture site for our customers and oemoems, the
6:45 pm
industry kind of lost track of that you had covid issue. particularly places like malaysia where there is a lot of manufactures there and when covid hit hard there, they had to shutdown production >> phil, are you getting in the car everyday from a major manufacture, bill, can you help me i mean 100,000 x so i can put y out. is it like that with you everyday >> yeah, i had three calls today. exec tutives are calling and so may need 10,000 or some may need 500. # pr i would say is not drim discriminating it's across the board. nobody cares about supply chains
6:46 pm
until you can't get what you need what happens we are all getting educated on the importance of supply chain >> i got to tell you, i felt it was the greatest thing in the world that we had this suggesting everything is so good and we are taught over and over again it didn't work you know what, i want to congratulate you, phil, i love the digital announcement that's what people have to do. that's the way people do it best phil gallagher, great to talk to you, ceo of avnet. >> great talking to you, jim "mad money" is back after the break.
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full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. it's time. it's time for "the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over, are you ready? ithecar in florida >> thanks so much for taking my call a few months ago, you were talking about poshmark >> everybody else in the industry seems to be doing well.
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>> let's go to kevin in new hampshire. >> booyah jim. >> my equity is tandem diabetes care >> i think they are doing amazingly well >> and congratulations let's go to michael in minnesota. >> michael >> booyah, jim >> thank you for taking my call. posted robot earnings last week, pend on your thoughts on pr. >> everybody when they tried to recommend -- it's innovative industrial property. this is the only one to buy. the only one let's stop thinking about. dan in illinois.
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>> my wife and i watch your show everyday night you are welcome, my friend >> thank you >> i am calling about sporting goods. >> i am going to give you two for two. >> dick's is doing well and sporting goods did not stop as something to do when the pandemic wound down. we discovered the outdoors and we like them i need to go to jay in florida jay! >> hey, how are you doing, jacksjim? >> i am doing well, how about you jay. >> oh, doing okay. >> oh, just okay >> i am saving so -- >> what do you think of nokia? >> they're making a come back.
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noa nokia is doing well. >> i think you may have a winner there. enro in new jersey >> i want like to know about iron >> we are going to take a pass on that. ladies and gentlemen, that's the conclusion of "the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> an american icon set for a major break up this time on the street. cramer's recapping today's big news from general electric next it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app
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let me put it like this. you were starting a company today, you would never create one that's part of aerospace or part healthcare or part power including renewables it makes no sense to be in the same roof. that more than anything else is explained by ge.
6:57 pm
i applaud ceo culp now that the balance sheet is cleaned up, he can spend up in healthcare and a couple of years to finish this that matters a great deal. how did ge even end up here? why can these big sector conglomerates get any respect? at one point you have analysts exclusively voted for the big conglomerates. that's not only the cases. most of the major ones already broken up. second, did ge really have anything to gain from keeping these units under the same roof or supply cost savings
6:58 pm
can one business learn from another? we have seen this movie before we saw with united technology. i know it's easy to make fun of cliches about laser focus but it's good to be focused. they're supposed to even each other outs the idea is hardware divisions and ge power,. in practice, ge just had three separate cycles. the power of business used to be great during the hay day and natural gas. healthcare had a fantastic lifestyle and.
6:59 pm
even at their peak, this combination have not been upset to anyone. a healthcare company based on high demands and mri machines if they can't get enough of that's a good one. there is a lot of them out there. do not get me wrong. there are still fine conglomerates out there. 3m and although it's stalled here we honeywell because different businesses are each so strong. and of course there is the conglomerate hathaway. while the break up may take a couple of years to get it done, i think it's worth to hang on because i trust ceo larry culp
7:00 pm
congratulations to you, larry culp you save the company and while we miss the ge name, the division themselves with the house dievided which could not stand. i promise to find it tomorrow. "the news with shepard smith" starts now >> grieving family, lawsuits and prayers for a 9-year-old victim, the expanding investigation of the astroworld tragedy i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc >> help, help! >> people in critical condition fighting for their lives the concert tragedy that killed eight, now being investigated by the fbi. one of the charges against the kenosha shooter, kyle rittenhouse, thrown out by the judge as -- >> the state formally rests its case new subpoenas issued in th


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