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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 15, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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come >> i think you're right. i really do. it's a good dividend and a good buy back that's mike wirth, chairman and ceo of chevron i promise to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm imr jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now . prosecutors called kyle rittenhouse a wannabe soldier. the defense says he was attacked by the mob soon a jury will decide. i am shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc closing arguments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the teen accused of murdering two protesters in kenosha. the defendant's future is in the hands o f the jury a tragic development in the astros world al nine-year-old died as the search for answer intensified.
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president biden making it official signing his trillion dollars infrastructure bill into law. where is all that cash headed and when will americans start to see results? dr. fauci joins us live, his thought on spiking cases and new covid guidelines for the holidays a government crack down in cuba bannon turns himself into fbi. crypto currencies oncolleg campuses live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> good evening, it comes down to this. did kyle rittenhouse acted in self-defense or did he ins
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gag rittenhouse said he was there to protect the community. he killed two people that night. in closing arguments, the defense said rittenhouse had no ch choice but to shoot as a mob closed in on him >> kyle rittenhouse is running away every person who's shot was attacking kyle one with a skateboard, one with his hands and one with his hands and feet and one with a gun. >> prosecution argued kyle rittenhouse created the scene. >> consider what's reasonable for a criminal to be able to shoot himself out of a crime scene. when a bank robber robs a bank and runs away and a crowd comes at him, can he shoots anybody
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and claims self defense? >> let's get right to nbc's jay gray live outside the courthouse in kenosha i understand the lawyers just finished >> reporter: yes, they completed the rebuttal here by the prosecution, this will go to the jury in the morning. they'll come back and get to the deliberations here during the closings today, prosecutors called kyle rittenhouse a wannabe soldier while the defense painted him as a teenager, chased down and attacked and fighting for his life that night. >> reporter: referring to the sho shooting as murder prosecutors take their last turn with the jury. >> there is no valid self-defense claim >> reporter: thiey say
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rittenhouse provoked the violence the night he shot two men and wounded a third. >> reporter: defense relies on video as well saying rittenhouse was chased down and ambushed and had no choice but to use his weapon >> he was there and causing trouble and he was a rioter, my client had to deal with it last night alone. >> reporter: after two weeks included and rittenhouse apparently breaking down on the witness stand. >> that's untrue, no, no, verbal sparring between the judge and prosecutors and dozens of hours of testimonies it's now the jury's turn to talk with a small town ammunition anxiously waiting to hear what they have to say >> reporter: protesters have gathered outside the courthouse here we have seen the preparations throughout it is evening and it's likely to continue as we
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get closer to a verdict here it could ultimately include about 500 guard troops that are on standby outside the city right now. >> jay gray live outside the courthouse, thank you. >> let's get our legal anialyst from cnbc, david henderson what stood out to you? >> that's an under statement prosecutors arguing this case, where have they been this entire trial? if they presented the evidence to the jury the same way they initially argued it, ill feel much better of jury deliberations right now. the longer they talk, the less i felt that way. it became a mess on both ends. >> on both sides >> except that i think prosecution started off well but they lost some momentum. i thought defense was lost from the beginning.
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they didn't make any good arguments today. everybody who's out there as a rioter or a looter >> the judge admitted that the charging are confusing while they are correct in what they say, they are not clear that's a quote it was at times as one who was covering trials of 30 years. it was confusing >> that was an under statement i have seen hundreds of these charges. if this is not the most confusing one i have ever seen it's up there. the judge says the law is confusing and i listened to him, i think he was legitimately confused of first degree intentional homicide and second degree intentional homicide in terms of what the jury had to
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decide you hit the nail on the head, if the judge is confused, what does it say about the jurors delivering this case >> what will you be watching for in the morning >> what i am going to be watching for are questions the jury sends back at the end of the courtroom that'll give us some sense of what they are trying to clarify as they begin those deliberations and also there is no way of determining how long this one is going to take normally you will get a lightning fast reaction from the jury, based on the way this is drafted, deliberations will last for a while. >> david henderson is watching it all for us. thank you, david as always race at the forefront of three white men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. defense attorney doubled down to his objection to black pastors in the courtroom father and son and their neighbor is charged of killing ahmaud arbery.
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he's been out jogging near georgia, they said they thought arbery stolen something from the construction site. the defense claimed just as he did last week that the presence of pastor including reverend jackson would influence the jury >> we are concerned whether unconscious or conscious, the impact of the presence with respect to the jury and in this case, the next question is which pastor is next raphael warnock is going to be the next person appearing this afternoon? we don't know. >> well, the judge dismissed the notion and calling the lawyer's comment reprehensible. >> we have individuals coming into the courtroom, i will say that is directly in response to mr. goff of the statement you made which i find reprehensible.
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he called the emit still of our day. nine-year-old boy has died now of injuries he sustained of the astros world musical festival ten days ago. his family released a statement, he was the tenth and youngest person to die in the tragedy police say hundreds of others were hurt. he went to the festival with his father ester's dad says he was carrying him on the shoulders and when that crowd surged began, he just passed out and unable to breathe and the boy fell from his shoulders. when he woke up, he says his son was in the hospital. the family filed a lawsuit against travis scott ever the little boy died. concert goers kicked and steppe
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on the little boy. police in houston, the city fire department and the fbi all investigating how that concert turned deadly. boosters for everybody guidelines in the covid lane comes holidays all coming as states report a rise in covid cases in america are indoor gatherings a good idea for turkey day? is there a magic number that means no more masks? we'll hear from dr. fauci. ghislaine maxwell accused of grooming under aged girls to have sex with jeffery epstein. airlines staffing up for holiday travels. why one pilot union is saying no thank you.
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covid-19 watch, health experts warned about a possibility of a new winter spike. all 30 states are reporting in increases of daily cases new infections are climbing once again. they increased by 12% over the past week alone. it's straining hospitals in some states including maine and minnesota. the highly infectious delta variant is still spreading even as for more kids are getting vaccinated some states are going further than federal guidelines in an effort to get adults booster california and mexico expanded
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eligibility. as covid cases rise just ahead of the thanksgiving holiday and beyond dr. fauci says families should still feel comfortable getting together as long as they are vaccinated >> if you get vaccinated and your family is vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical thanksgiving, christmas with your family and close friends. when you are with your family at home, goodness, enjoy it with your parents and children and grandparents, there is not reason not to do that. >> looking forward to all of that it's good to have you, thank you, he's the director of infectious diseases and the chief medical advisory to the president. thanksgiving week. you said today if everyone is vaccinated, it's all good. many kids 5 to 11 getting their first doses and the little ones with nothing what's your advise to families with kids in those positions >> the best way you can protect
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children who have not yet gotten vaccinated who are still too young, below the five years cut-off. we have now authorization and recommendations to vaccinate children 5 to 11 with the pfizer vaccine. the best way to protect children is to surround them with adults who are vaccinated so that you can feel comfortable and safe in the home with your children and with the rest of your family. that's again another reason why it's so important to get vaccinated not only to protect yourself but to protect your family and importantly which we sometimes forget that you have a societal responsibility to keep the level of infection in the community. you are part of the community effort to not let that surge which you showed on that chart a moment ago, you know, it plateaued around 70 to 75,000
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and now it's creeping up into the 80,000 per day that's something that's entirely predictable when you have these m people eligibly to be vaccinated who have not gotten vaccinated in addition to some respect, still the primary thing is to get the unvaccinated vaccinated. for those who are eligible to be boosted, by all means go and get boosted. we know from the israeli data, that dramatic diminishes the likelihood of infection but also getting a severe outcome of people who are fully vaccinated. >> i think the confusing message ar around the booster may be a misopportunity we have seen evidence of de
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declining vaccine. the trends is unmistakable this is apparent for the summer. fo >> do you see a level of confusion that should not exist two years in the pandemic? >> in some respect and many respect, i agree with some of the things dr. gottlieb said you have the remecommendation ad authorization to give boosts for people 65 years of age or older or those who are in underlying conditions or those living in an area of high-risk people when they see that, do i fall into that group for the elderly, it's easy, you know you fall into that group. those are the ones we want to get the booster right away
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i agree with him that as long as you get a safety signal that you don't have any red flag of safety, i have always been right from the beginning and yielding to safety to make sure and one should feels that you should get no ambiguity and get the confusion out of the way anybody 18 or older should get the booster shot the fda is looking at that even as you and i are speaking to see if we can get that data together there is no confusion. if someone says should i get a booster, it's not do i fall into this or that category. as long as i was vaccinated in the first place, i should go get a booster. that's the clarity that we need. >> doctor, we have been watching europe throughout the pandemic, it seems like as europe goes, we kind of go next. our data team identified as having real surges, even with
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problems with hospitals again. are we at the beginning of a wave >> you know we could be shepard, that's the point that's so frustrating. we need to take all of this ideological and the political nonsense they are pushing back on masks this is what happens when you get to a winter season when the weather gets cold and people go indoor it's not rocket science. it's highly predictable. that's the reason why you got to get people vaccinated or not vaccinated boost the people who are already vaccinated when you are in-door congregate settings, as much as nobody wants to wear a mask when you are indoor and you
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don't know the status of the vaccination people are, wear mask it's not encroaching on anybody's individuality, that's just being safe and protecting yourself and your community. >> i just wonder if in these areas where vaccination levels are low, and the delta variant spreads have not yet occurred, if hospitals are about to be in trouble and we as a nation are prepared to help them out or bail them out if necessary >> the easiest way to help them out is to continue to suppress the level of infection in the commune. you will need the mechanical issues, the beds and personnel and dedicated positions and nurses and healthcare providers. we want to make sure they don't get overwhelmed. they are heroes, they been through a very harrowing year and a half, 20 months or so. we don't want to see it happening again. >> before we go, you said masks
7:20 pm
are not forever but now is not the time can you look ahead and say well, maybe it's spring or summer or is there no way to know? >> shepard, you have to be honest, there is no way to know that it's up to us f we want to make it sooner than rather than later, let's get boosters and let's wear masks now as soon as we get the levels down then we can look at masks in the rear-view mirror and we don't have to wear it all the time >> dr. fauci, thank you so much. the cuban activists, we are live in havana where a newly open border could complicate things the chip shortage claims another victim, what tirhe gm
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the street of s of havana is quite quiet tonight. junior garcia's home is surrounded this video shows him hanging a sign that reads in spanish, my home is blocked. home rights group reported that police blocked off the homes of other activists. cuban officials trying to avoid scenes like this they are demanning an end to protesting a lack of food and covid vaccines >> nbc's ed augustin is live for us tonight >> we have not seen in cuba
7:24 pm
today and demonstrations of anyone near the scale and the amazing screen that we saw on the 11th of july we see smashing of protests and a few people come out dressing in white the color of the movement who's been arrested by state security people just to give you an idea of a scale, i spoke to a 22 earlier law student earlier. she says she spent over an hour walking through downtown havana, trying to find a protest to latch on and failed. the dpgroup that organized at least three of the protests organize are in prison many more have been in-house arrest >> it's a main mechanism to
7:25 pm
smother the protest. >> how will that impact things? >> it strengthens the hands of the government point the trump administration ran a policy of overseas change. the sensor of that policy was sanction ds. they slapped on 200 sanctions on the island >> now, that couple with covid created an amazing situation >> the last two years, he keeps us -- >> that's devastate to the kmub economy and our society. >> hundreds of people gearing up for children that creates a powder cake huge amount that was discontempt. not only that is they won the
7:26 pm
battle, they better be hoping these tourists coming in are going to be showing up their reserves and allow them to get to the protect of that population which is nets and food >> life in augustat, thank you point. >> ovg nan anc why colleges are across the country and scr scrambling to add crypto classes. president biden signs one of his biggest victories into law a $1.2 trillion in ffrastructure fill the the highly anticipated as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. e reminds her that she has
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♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ a rich life is about more than just money. that's why at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner so you can build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. labor unions sued over vaccine mandates that's what's stopping cnbc "on the money. some of the nation's largest labor unions taking on the biden administration they're suing to expand president biden's vaccine and testing requirement. >> they want a wider swab and not only of more than 100 employees. they also want to make sure that employees do not have to cover
7:29 pm
their own cost >> general motors of heated seat >> the semiconductor chip shortages. >> the measure is temporary this will the chip -- that's according to a recent survey by autopacific. >> reese's is chapging the thanksgiving pie game for a few. the company released a limited number of masses in peanut cub >> it weighs 3 point-to-.5 the big reese's is sold out in one power.
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>>. on wall street, st dow is down 13 and the s&p is flat. the nasdaq is down 7 i am shepard smith on cnbc. >> it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news >> more than two years since entre jeffery epstein's death. steve bannon turns himself in. the january 6th committee considers possible contempt charges for another airline of the formal president but first, the infrastructure bill is ioned into saw, it happens after months of anyway shalgss, fractured both bipartisan dpreemt and democrats have been fighting >> the president biden signs the law of $1.2 trillion package >> today we are finally dpeting this done. >> so my question to the learn
7:31 pm
t learn -- >> the bipartisan law in collides money for roads and brinls and broad band and cyber security and rail traps sit and much more. >> it's a smaller package than president biden pushed for >> the money comes a t a time when experts say the nation's infrastructure ils is krubling >> 221 happens to be one of those years. a grade is 6 minus it's a number they say has been staggering over the past several years. cnbc's kayla tausche with more on what's in this bill >> good evening, shep, half of the $1.2 trillion package is new value spending that will including $284 billion
7:32 pm
for road and ridges and freedom pras jer wells and 266 of what's called core infrastructure left over relief money and tax enforcement on crypto gains are offsetting the cost. the non participant will add $256 billion to the 23r58 benefit over ten years >> the white house apointed former, infrastructure coordinate er more than 800 attend dees. >> the president and his cabinet flames by lindsey graham and labor union and donors if opening it provides momentum on a second $1.7 trillion
7:33 pm
especially and climate package >> the law is a critical cat win for critical die ben who am pained on his aguilty. >> competing from a position of stept at board >> here is press secretary genjen psaki. >> that is going to threaten your some tom tigs at home and in addition to putting millions of people to work. >> the timing o f the bill signing follow by tonight's um submit with china president chi. >> no consequence dense. >> what are take aways we are expecting from this upcoming week >> shep, the white house says don't expect much, there are no quote on quote deliverables that are expected from this meter a senior official says prooip initiated that conversation as a
7:34 pm
hay to coy void confrontation as the u.s. tried to seek cooperations on issue like laid and climate. as for what beijing plans to raise, the white house did not see. >> kayla tausche thank you. steve bannon surrendered today. the ally of former president trump appeared in court on criminal con semi-judges that committee deup and down l abandon to give up position. there would be a revolution like nobody kpektsed. now he's facing two charges of contempt of congress and the judge released bannon without
7:35 pm
bail today he did force him to give up his password brian defiant outside the court saying he's going on awe yens. he said to appear in court again on thursday. >> jury selection begins tomorrow in the trial of ghislane maxwell >> jeffery epstein is a long friend of ghistlane. the manager is awaiting the girls. in 2018, he was arrested again but he's accuser says he was alleged suicide and rob them of a chaps to adjust this prosecutors say marx well was the ones that -- maxwell faces
7:36 pm
six felonies tied to sex taskin and co and. da danny devallos is with us. what are you watching for? >> photographwe'll see the cour for people not necessarily who have heard about jeffery anticipate steen or ghislane maxwell charges but they'll be looking for people specifically who have heard about it but can render a fair and just verdict that's the standard. it's impossible to find someone who has not heard of freef ri
7:37 pm
anti feefry epstein look for the court to go through about 50 your errors a kay you will see a lot of people dismissed for course, by the way could not hear this case because they already formed opinion about jeffery anticipate steen and this fs a child by proxy that upon will probably spill over into ghislanet megan fox well >> danny vevallos. issing years more after a trial but today suddenly freedom. >> when he told reporters -- >> when he told reporters -- >> prices are soinarg.
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major crypto news tonight. the price of anchor jump nearly 20% today after the distributed networks polka dot and binance is listening i can't speak it because i have no idea what any of it means >> colleges across the country are teaching block chain some students see the course as a prerequisite for a high hoof paying job here is cnbc >> reporter: when you get into crypto ward, you kind of realize that a lot of of what you are doing in school is use less. the key to unlock his job in trek >> he and some of his class fights described it as the next wave of internet or some talk
7:41 pm
about as web 3.0 >> a lot of new companies like facebook just used meta. the biggest company in the world are switching over to block chain. >> berkeley is one of a handful of top universities now offering purses on black chains >> competing with harvard and mit and for now nesuniversity o pennsylvania will let you -- >> students are demanding. there is no question about it. i think -- i can't imagine any university with you answer else elsewhere. it's not all right teaching. >> you don't need to fork over $200,000 in tuition to learn about block chain. most of what you need is for free online but for the
7:42 pm
university that do offer it. it becomes a powerful tool >> we hear children took this school because they saw what block chain and crypto is going. >> this semester happens to be in the middle of a bitcoin bull market for krim toe currency it's not all this boom tonight. >> what are known as crypto winters. >> berkeley students say they are okay with another crypto winter, it will settle those who are only win it from for the fan financial game or someone who really believes it the union reached a definitive deal with the healthcare giant over the weekend. the strike would have affected hundreds of protesters
7:43 pm
>> the jekdirector of the union group says the new contract provides safety for women. these were challenging negotiations but this agreement demonstrates the strength of our labor management and the unique success. kyle also avoided a separate strike about 1200 pharmacists in northern california. kaiser and the pharmacist union reached a deal earlier this morning. >> higher prices, they're also every whether you look, right? >> according from recent data, the price of pork is up more than 13% it's the same story with beef. >> as prices rise, some owners are saying we are not making anymore. >> from lagrange, california
7:44 pm
here is nbc's joe lynn kent. >> reporter: rang chers and cattling are route ougt a two-year drought >> these are our gold bricks here he's spending a fortune on hey to keep his cow fed as the price of beef soared the biggest surge in 31 years. >> with beef prices going up do you feel the win fauld? do you benefit from that >> i have not seen it. my prices that i receive for cabs have been fairly consistent >> who's collecting the win fall you are not, i am going of to say that's the retail level. k for owner, max ocverra sell
7:45 pm
tells us the scales are lower than it should be. >> it's their paycheck quite possibly for the year. >> the biden administration had point fingers packing plans, stoo >> they're takingtaking. >> 85% of cattle according to the u.s. fda >> those meet packers have been on a shut down >>. >> this one going in anover supply and under supply of beef. >> demand for beef is at an all time high. >> forcing them to raise friess and all of them declined to
7:46 pm
comment on nbc news. >> reporter: it's the consumers who end up working more for a stake like this. >> it's a double cami. it's voir dire in dwyer straight >> cut state house, jerry powell says who makes no money on his state. >> how much did you have to raise your price sns. >> $68 >> it's fwoing to hurt, right? >> oh yeah, it purrs >> that's what gets us toefr hump >> tony is determined to make it through. >> it's all worth it >> why >> because i love it it's all worth it. >> reporter: the big question on cons consumers' minds when prices are coming down. we talked to are all hoping these big obstacles and pandemic and a supply change crisis will soon e bait. no one has a crystal ball as to
7:47 pm
when hl tap? they're trying to stay persppifr >> aaa predicts more than 4 million of us americans will fly for thanksgiving that's just shy of the prepandemic levels how are the major airlines with all their troubles preparing here is tom costello at reagan nationals outside d.c. >> reporter: chaos as southwest and american airlines cancelled theirly 4,000, sending bad weather and staffing shortages >> it's really frustrating >> both airlines handled the unexpected surge after the rack seen rolled out >> airplanes found themselves short handsed. the scariers are tacticing up to avoid a proeshl nightmare as the holidays are approached
7:48 pm
>> demand for the holiday is really robust. >> southwest airlines is offering prekwent fly smiles it's a triple pay to enentity thems to work over the holiday airlines is on track tofire 5,000 additional employees through the winter american airlines say it's too moving greaggressively 1,000 bonuses to employees with perfect attendance from november 15th to january 2nd. the american airlines pilot union had turned down the mown the airlines have mishahn imagined >> the issue is infrastructure and operations after a weather event. the employees are available and the pilots are available if we cannot get expected to the airport then your infrastructure
7:49 pm
is failing and won't get the job done >> we are watching closely a week from today they must be fully vaccinated >> they believe most of their officers will be vaccinated, but if they have, a shortage, you can hostage how that'll impact >> tom costello. thank you. an american journalist was sentenced to 11 years behind bars today he's a freeman >> he talked about the challenges he's faced sending the last six months in prison there. >> longer it drags on, the more worried you are. it's never going to end. that was the biggest concern >> he's returning home with hitch rich erson
7:50 pm
prosecutors say he was still working for a news outlets called myanmar now lead everies banned that out after the military taking over >> feds have not worked there for more than a year >> danny fen sister are the first journalists to be convicted of a serious crime in myanmar. college athletes can be paid for their likeness and other things the ncaa is figuring out and how to make it happen. >> next, a current nfl player with some advise on how to navigate their financial fu futures. a new puppet moving into one of the most popular streets in the wod.rl the fictional character combat a really real problem. with rinv. rinvoq a once-daily pill
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officials met today, one of the main objectives ironing out how athletes can get paid. some have been cashing in on their fame, they have been doing so for months. this new policies had many athletes working on their play book for managing their money. here is sharon eperson >> i can't believe this is happening. >> reporter: i would say it's life-c life-changing. >> it's a way for us to show our brands and what we are about >> reporter: college athletes like south carolina, they are now able to profit their names
7:54 pm
sponsorships or mil deals are a new way for these students to earn income. >> we put in a lot of work and helping the school and it's great we can make something off of it now. >> reporter: boston says she started receiving messages this summer from companies asking her to represent their products. >> they reached out to me and asking me to do a promotion for the new kitchen sandwich >> reporter: she hired an agent to negotiate her deal including bojangle >> reporter: several of her teammates signed sponsorships, dawn staley. >> we have 16 players, it's more than half. some of them had lucrative deals and some of them being influencers. >> reporter: as more deals come into play. brandon copeland says it's time
7:55 pm
for college athletes to create a financial game plan. >> i need all those college athletes who are about to make those checks and money to understand how your money works and put a budget in place so you don't get caught with the right amount of money. >> reporter: in negotiating deals, cayden wall lace turns to family >> my dad helps me manage all the deals i am getting >> reporter: his earnings will go to his long-term goals. >> i see myself in the next few years starting to investment >> reporter: track and field star turned tik-tok influencers with tens of millions of views on social media. he grabs the attention of the major brand, taco bell >> it's fun fto be apart of it
7:56 pm
and be apart of ta tacos >> this is the first couple months i have been able to make money my whole life. >> reporter: he's working with f financial financial adviser and his dad. >> do you see this is about your business >> it's about my brand >> i do feel like the ceo. >> they may also have their own rules of students sponsorship deals. some athletic deputy partnered outside firms to offer financial education to help students and families to create their own financial play book. >> hope the ncaap will get it together a new resident moving into "sesame street."
7:57 pm
>> meet ji-young she caught up with our friends at the "today" show today and chat about her home. >> no matter what you look like or how you play or where you come from, you belong. >> kim voices ji-young she says it's important that ji-young embraces her identity >> it's about this message bringing representation and inclusivity and teaching tolerance and friendship and understanding. >> ji-young will perform an original song airs on thanksgiving day we'll stream it on hbo max 60 seconds left on the race to the finish. tomorrow morning the jury begins the deliberations of kyle rittenhouse. he's charged of killing two men
7:58 pm
during last summer in kenosha, wisconsin. ghislaine maxwell groomed girls for sex for jeffery epstein. now you know the news of this monday, november the 15th, 2021 i am shepard smith, follow us on instagram and twitter at the news on cnbc listen to the news on spotify or your favorite plfoatrm right now stay tuned, we are 90 seconds away from "shark tank. oh no.
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for the gifts you won't forget. the mercedes-benz winter event.
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