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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 19, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EST

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grilled by the prosecutor. a man charged with murder takes a chance to save himself from prison i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the most traumatic event in my life. >> one of the men accused of chasing down and killing ahmaud arbery what prosecutors got the defendant to admit boosters for all adults on the verge of fda authorization. >> for folks who are at least six months out from pfizer or moderna. >> is this what m. needs to fight back a wind covid surge.
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a man on death row spared for the final moment, at the governor halts the execution. >> we still have to get him out. we don't stop here. >> why the family is gearing up for a new fight. a behind the scenes peek how u.p.s. is preparing for holiday shipping, including this full-size mock town used to train drivers. back weather threatening thanksgiving travel. the president w wall street -- weighs in on a beijing boy coit. >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith." good evening an accused murderer taking the stand for a second day, trying to convince a jury he atted in self-defense when he shot and killed ahmaud arbery this time he faced not only his own attorney, but the
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prosecutor, who did all she could to use his own words, actions and crime scene video against him. it was a meticulous grilling of travis mcmichael he's one of three white men accused of chasing down and murdering ar ing arbery, a man been jogging in thei neighborhood he ran down the street they contend they thought he might have had something to do with recent burglars in the community. mcmichael said ahmaud arbery refused to stop and talk with them when he got out with a shotgun, he claims arbery confronted him. he acknowledged arbery did not threaten him. >> didn't threaten you in any
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way? >> no. >> not verbally. >> not verbally. >> didn't swear at you. >> didn't ware. >> didn't say anything >> he did not. >> he did not pull out a gun. >> he did not pull out a gun. >> you can't have continued to drive behind arbery and not even confront or speak to him at all. >> i could have, yes >> they were trying to poke holes that they were trying to so execute a citizen ace's rest. >> you never said you are under arrest, correct? >> i did not. >> you never did tell mr. arbery that you are under arrest for -- fill in the blank. >> i again have time i was stilltrying to get him t stop. >> the jury is set to come back on monday for closing arguments. david henderson, cnbc contributor, david, traffic
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mcmichael admitted, that arbery did not threatening him, but he's claiming self-defense. >> they just had to raise enough evidence about it to get an instruction to be sent to the jury so they can argue it during closing argument i think today's testimony went as well as it could for mcmichael, which is not to say it went well the prosecution punched a ton of holes in the argument. >> looking ahead to monday, how do you expect both sides to handle closing >> i think they'll have closing arguments largely as we would anticipate, based on everything else that's happened in the case so far they chased it on down, did it without any justification and they committed murder, and they have a very strong case there. what the defense is going to do is try to appeal to that one juror who thinking, you know what i think he had it coming
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as terrible as that sounds, when the story first broke, many people in the community were saying unspeakable things like that. >> david henderson, thank you. another courthouse 1,000 miles north, day three of deliberations came to a close this afternoon, with no decision yet on the fate of kyle rittenhouse. a quiet day from the jury in kenosha, wisconsin they didn't send any questions to the judge, but there was drama. the judge barred in infrom our sister network msnbc from the court building he says the man was tailing the jury bus, and kenosha police stopped him. the police said they suspected the man was trying to photograph jurors, and that the incident is being investigated much further. in a statement, an nbc spokesperson said -- while the
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traffic violation took place near the jury van, the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations, and never photographed or intended to photograph them. we regret the incident, and will fully cooperate with the authorities on any investigation. the jury is set to continue deliberating tomorrow morning. live coverage of a verdict, should it happen, here on cnbc covid watch now. any moment the fda could authorize booster shots for all u.s. adults. regulators are considering whether to approve extra doses of pfizer and moderna vaccines moderna resubmitted its data to the fda yesterday. if the cdc signs off, vaccinated americans will be urged to get the booster of their choice. the booster debates comes as john hopkins reports that average daily cases are rising in 34 states infections are increasing across much of the northeast and midwest, also rising in parts of
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the south, but it's not just new cases causing concerns health experience say they're keeping an eye on the growing number of breakthrough hospita hospitalizations, particularly among older people here is dr. rochelle walensky. >> though the highest risks are those who are unvaccinated, we are seeing an increase in emergency department evidence adults 65 and older. the rate of disease is markedly lower for those who received the booster shot, demonstrating our boosters are working. >> the cdc stop tracking hospitalizations back in august, but some states are still keeping a tab of their own fins, massachusetts shows breakthrough account for roughly 35% of all covid patients in hospitals right now, meg tirrell covers health for us do they support booster for everybody? >> a lot of experts have recommended booster brought for
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all adults, including dr. jha. >> the quite good with the vaccine, but we're seeing a waning of everybody, and it makes a lot of sense for even young healthy people to get the booster. >> even a few major cities haven't waited, expanding eligibility to everybody 18 and up who is at least six months from their second doze of pfizer or moderna since the advisory committee in september initially narrowed the booster recommendations, things have changed pfizer reported results on boosters late last month showing 96% protection against covid compared to just two doses data from israel shows declining is it protects from two shots over time.
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a doctor from the children's hospital in philadelphia says two doses still protect younger people well against severe disease. he's a member of the fda's advisory committee, which isn't being consulted by the agency for this decision. concerning to dr. jha is the update to boosters among those eligible a minority of people in nursing homes. he hopes simplifying who qualifies will help. >> possibly we'll neat a fourth shot >> the jury is out on that experts will say we'll have to essentially see what happens over the next six months to a year to understand how long the protection from a booster will last, but it is a possibility. meg tirrell, thanks so much. new calls to boy coit the beijing olympics, not just for diplomats but from everybody today tom cotton urged the biden administration to pull athletes
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out of the winter games. he said america should stand up to china's human rights abuses. >> we should launch a complete boycott of the olympics. i regret that it would prevent about 300 of americas's world-class athletes from competing. they've been failed by the leaders of the international olympic movement, who never should have awarded these games to a communist tyranny. >> the push for a boycott comes with just 78 days until the start. cnbc's parent company owns the broadcast rights to the olympics kayla tausche now. the president was asked about this today >> reporter: shep, today president biden confirmed publicly for the first time the united states is considering a coordinated boycott over china's record of myriad human abuses and forced labor here is the press secretary today. >> not just in words we have
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used, but certainly in actions we have taken at the g7 and other sanctions that we have serious concerns about the human rights abuses we have seen, and certainly there's a range of factors. >> reporter: cnbc reported last week the g7 nations were discussion such a move and had not yet reached a decision, as president xi extended a invitation to visit earlier in week the largest boycott took place during the moscow olympics the soviets won a record 195 medals, and retaliated by boycotting the los angeles games four years later in the summer tokyo games, rescheduled for this past summer, some leaders stayed home because of covid
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president biden sent the first lady in his place. as for a full boycott, u.s. officials have said they don't want to penalize u.s. athletes, and inadvertently elevate the countries they are protesting, but certainly the calls are getting louder into chinese officials are dodging questions about their missing tennis star. we have reported that pend shuai has not seen in more than two weeks. she charged a top official with sexual assault, in a since deleted post, peng alleged that the former vice premier forced her to have sex even after repeated refusals. she said his wife guarded the door during the alleged assault. she also acknowledged she then with feelings for him. when asked about the case, the foreign
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foreign ministerry person said he was unaware of the case a search of the internet produces no results of his name. the tennis star serena williams joining a chorus of athletes expressing concern she said she was shocked to hear about her disappearance. she defeated -- this must be investigated and we must not stay silent. a teenager shot and killed by state police last year. but now there's a newly released video showing the exact moment he was killed. it happens to tell a different story than the one we originally got from the cops. here's one thing both political parties agree on instagram needs to be looked into the new investigation by multiple states. plus child care, a major concern for parents heading back to the office.
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the new benefit being offered by companies, fighting to attract and retain their workers
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newly released video shows the teenager had his hands in the air during a shooting. they blurred the last four seconds. his parents have now released the full version to nbc news, and spotlight pennsylvania their lawyer obtained it through a subpoena this is the first time we're seeing the full version. a warning -- it is difficult to watch. when troopers arrived at the scene on december 30th of last year, they saul 19-year-old christian hall standing on the ledge of an overpass he was in northeast pennsylvania, over i-80. his family says he had been diagnosed with depression. police video shows troopers trying to help him off the
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ledge. as they did, they noticed what he had what looked to them like a pistol >> he's got something in his left hand. >> gun, gun. >> gun >> they found out later it was actually a pellet gun, but again at the time, the officers said they thought it was a real pistol officers negotiated with paul, and he eventually stepped off the ledge and walked towards them eventually he put his arms up. police blurred the last four seconds before the shooting. this is their version of that video. they said in a statement afterwards that hall pointed his gun at the officers, but behind the blur there as a result of him pointing, they shot hum. the unblurred version appears to show hall standing still with his hands in the air still holding the gun. look >> drop it
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>> put it down >> put it down now [ gunshots ] >> nobody move nobody move. we froze the video there at no point in the video does it appear that hall aimed or pointed his gun at officers. the county's district attorney ruled officers were justified in shooting hall, because they were in danger. the assistant d.a. called it a classic suicide by cop scenario. no charges were ever filed hall's parents say they released this video, because they want justice for their son. they say they started the process of suing two of the troopers involved. for analysis, isaiah mckenin, a cnbc contributor and former police chief is how they responded standard protocol >> it's not standard protocol,
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starting with training, escalation, and with supervision, if those things had been followed, as with most police departments, particularly the training, this would not probably have happened that way. >> you know, before they shot him, they shot the barrier watch this. >> put it down put it down now, c.j put it down! >> is that protocol, chief, to de-escalate this sort of thing >> no, let's think about it. if we had a mental health person who had aexcite companied the officer, or number two, the officers had been trained in dealing with people who are having a mental health problem, you don't do those things. why would you shoot something, that actually escalates the situation for the young man. >> chief mckinnon, thank you if you or somebody you know are in crisis, please call the
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national suicide prevention hotline. 1-800-273-8255 a school district accused of letting kids do something in the school without their permission. tonight the gender policy that has the school facing a lawsuit. plunging temperatures and bad weather moving in, as e anksgiving approaching
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weather alert. more than 50 million of us are expected to travel for the holiday weekend. whether driving or flying, you may want to give yourself some extra time the national weather service reports that heavy snow could fall in parts of the west and northeast, and the pacific northwest may be hit with even more rain. bill karins is checking it for us what do you have your eye on >> we've been watching the potential for this east coast storm for days all the bells and whistles and alarms were going on, not on the monday or tuesday before thanksgiving, so let me update you. we have what's currently going on the warm air on the east coast, but cold air is moving in. tomorrow, i have to say, if you
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want to travel friday, saturday, sunday, most of the country looks fantastic. there's a bit of rain and snow on friday in the northwest, but most of the nation is looking really nice. there's really no complaints i don't expect even many airport delays because of weather out there, and definitely not in cancellation, but sunday things begin to change. this is the storm we've been waiting for. the light snow in minnesota, wisconsin. even on sunday i don't think you'll have many travel delays or cancellations but here's how it progresses from there sunday to tuesday, you notice we do have a storm in the northwest, a rainmaker, but nothing like what you just dealt with in the east there will be a big storm, but indeed of coming along the coast, that storm will go through with rain, it's going to redevelop off the east coast and become a very powerful storm, but we're going to be
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windy, cold, lake-effect snow, but besides that, i think we're actually going to escape this with minute wall impacts from this huge storm this is looking pretty ideally, it's really just the snow towns that have to deal with it. most of the busy highways will be just fine if you're going through they see airports monday and tuesdayic have minor delays, chicago, new york, boston, washington, d.c., i don't think you'll see cancellations, but in cleveland, that could be one of the spots because of the lake-effect snows, you may have cancellations and potential delays shep, if you're up late tonight, the lunar eclipse, about 99% of the moon will be covered really gorgeous, about 4:00 a.m. will be the totality almost, so if you're up early, take a look outside if you have clear skies. >> longest eclipse in like 500
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years or something. >> yeah, it should be pretty school. a first copy of the constitution hit the -- and among the top bidders, a group of people who love crypto and niy cage the fight that came down to the wire, but it's far from over, as we approach the bottom over, as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the t to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go.
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they are inspired by the movie "national treasure." they have raised almost $50 million, and they're out to buy the united states constitution, at least an early version of it. one of only 13 surviving copies, original first-edition copies valued at roughly 20 mill, who is this mysterious financier a ragtag group of crypto currency currency investors and if they get their hands on it, they say everyone who contributed will vote on where to display it. the proceeds go to charity the group's called constitution d.a.o., which stands for decentralized autonomous organization what does that stand for well, cnbc technology editor steve covac is here.
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daos are exploding online. >> think of it as an internet chat room with a big account it's decentralized, and what we are learning is they can direct this energy toward anything, including buying a copy of the constitution. >> are things like daos and nfts, tied up in crypto, here to stay >> this could be a fad, but what's really interesting is the fundamental technology, the blockchain technology that makes all of it possible, that's what technologists are saying, that's the next wave of the internet that will make things possible the fundamental technology is what's proving itself out here >> the auction is supposed to start in exactly two minutes do we know anything?
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>> nothing yet they sold a banksy >> i get we'll update it tonight on the website and do it here tomorrow thanks. instagram is under investigation. at least ten state attorneys general are looking into why meta, formerly known as facebook, promoted instagram while knowing it caused emotional and mental harm. the a.g. is examination whether the company violated consumer protection laws. starbucks given new mean to coffee on the go, a pickup cafe with amazon in the town manhattan. the form ma will use the retail giant's cashier-less technology. you can go on your way without ever having to stand in line and check out. applebee's rolling on you a
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new menu item. hot cheetos-crust ed wings that date night at the applebee's is getting more fancy-like on wall street, the dow down 60, the s&p up 16, the nasdaq up 72 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. pronounce taking center stage after parents in wisconsin sue their school district over allowing kids to use different gender identities without permission from home the fight to retain workers getting harder why companies are now offering child care benefits to keep employees from leaving but first, a man on death row saved with just hours to spare. the governor of oklahoma
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commuted the death sentence of julius jones the move saved him from an execution that was set to happen 2 1/2 hours ago. he was convicted of murdering an insurance executive back in 2002 he has always said he was innocent and an acquaintance framed him his family and major celebrities have been fighting to save his life in a last-minute announcement, the governor sid -- after prayerful consideration and reviewing materials presented by all sides of the case, i have determined to commute julius jones' sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole. now the family's reaction. >> reporter: the news that the life of julie jones would be spared arrived just hours before his scheduled execution. >> the governor just announced -- [ cheers and applause >> reporter: this crowd holding
4:32 am
vigil outside the state penitentiary erupted in tears. jones' sister, along with other supporters, were stunned the decision came down so late, but were grateful for the reprieve. >> just thanking god continuously. >> i'm grateful that julius will be alive. >> the oklahoma governor ordered that he not be eligible to apply or be consideringed for commutation or pa rule the rest of his life. the current governor cannot bind a future governor. >> it lives entirely in the judicial world, but meanwhile, a governor's grant of clemency is an entirely executive process. >> reporter: in a statement the family of powell said this jones' supporters say his fight for the freedom is not over.
4:33 am
>> we don't stop here. we still have to -- we still have to get him out. >> julius jones' mother issued a statement saying, for years she had been haunted by the idea of her child dying in an execution chamber. she says every day julius spendsb hind bars is an injustice b. but she's thankful to the governor for a last-minute reprieve. two men who were convicted of murdering malcolm x, a jury found them guilty in 1966 of gunning him down they each spent about 20 years in prison. aziz is now 83 years old he was paroled in 1985 in court, he said the decision today does not make up for the decades he lost.
4:34 am
>> the manhattan district attorney launched a review of the case nearly two years ago, after the netflix documentary "who killed mall colm x?" aired. the investigation found that the fbi, the new york police department and prosecutors withheld key evidence that likely would have led aziz and islam to be acquitted. no jail time for a 20-year-old man who pleaded guilty to rape and sexual abuse after assaulting four teenage girls. no jail time instead, he's sentenced to eight years probation. that ruling from a niagara county new york judge on tuesday whose's exact words were -- it
4:35 am
seems to me that a sentence that involves incarceration or partial incarceration isn't appropriate. prosecutors say he was 16 and 17 when he sexually assaulted the four teenage girls, all at parties at his parents ease home one girl said he told her to stop being a cry baby. she was 16 the judge did not elaborate on why no prison time instead he told him it will be like a sword hanging over your next over the next eight years his attorney said, his client is tremendously remorseful for his actions. a victim's lawyer said the client threw up in the bathroom after she found out about the probation. the lawyer denounced the sentencing, saying just was not done today some parents in wisconsin are suing a school district after officials there let their kids change their names and their gender pronounce two sets of parents say the
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school didn't ask them for parental permission, which they claim violated their constitutional rights. one set the parents said they pulled their 12-year-old daughter out of that school, saying they did it to protect her mental health and preserve their role as parents. the school district declined to comment, citing ongoing lawsuits a lawyer for the parents says -- schools cannot override parents when it comes to decisions about their children gender identity transitions are no exception schools must defer to parents about what is best for their child. the house is set to vote tonight on president biden's moosive social spending package. a live look now on the house floor. the house majority leader's office says the final vote could come between 8:45 and 9:15, washington time tonight. today the budget office estimates it will at $367 billion to the deficit over ten years, but the white house
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insists an i.r.s. crackdown on wealthy tax dodgers will cover the cost the build back better plan inclusion money for many families for child care. some companies are not waiting around it's a trend that appears to be growing across the country. >> reporter: as a new dad, juan rodriguez knows all about the struggles of balancing work with child care during a pandemic >> we've been shifting throughout the day, taking care of luca, while the other was working, with switch it back again, get some sleep at night and do it all over again so when his employer decided to offer on-site child care, he just took a chance. >> to be right next to the building where he's in daycare, if anything happens, they call me and i'm there in one minute.
4:38 am
>> what difference has this made cost-wise? >> it's been great it provides the meals for luca >> the company provides food for your son >> they have a chef on site. it's great we don't have to worry about food planning during the week. >> reporter: i don't know a parent in america who 'not going to hear that, like their jaw will drop to the floor juan is one of the 26 million workers that depends on child care, and less than 10% of employers offer things like subsidies. companies are taking matters into their own hands you work here, you have your lab over here. where is the child care? >> it's just on the other side. >> reporter: it's a perk that the ceo says other companies will need in order to compete. what would you say to other ceos who are hesitant or on the fence? >> for those c oceos, we'll be e
4:39 am
to hire their talent you have to take care of the people this is going to be the norm >> reporter: more than 200 employers officer child care services nearly 100 businesses offer it right on site. like podium, just outside of salt lake city >> i started bringing my first here. >> reporter: having her child at work is a game changer when you look to the future, do you think there's a world where parents like you sort of won't settle for anything less than this >> employers really have an opportunity to show they care about their employees, more than just a worker, but care about their whole family i think that should be a standard and norm across the board. >> reporter: a new standards as parents navigate this new normal for the news, i'm morgan radford. a new report ranking car problems which makes and models are worse than others and how did electric
4:40 am
vehicles do? phil lebeau has the breakdown. navigating a whole new world. people want to live in one place while working in another what happens when video calls just don't cut it? or when you want to attend an event but just can't be there? >> that's when innovation comes in being in two places at once has never been more valuable so now a growing technology allows me to be in your studio with you, though i'm in an office miles away,
4:41 am
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new cars come with all kinds of bells and whist also these days, from heated seats all the was up to autonomous driving, but are they reliable? a new survey from "consumer reports" used data from more than 300,000 cars to project
4:43 am
reliability. topping the list lexus, followed by mazda and toyota. meanwhile, jeep, tesla and lincoln tess bottom of the barrel phil, the report found that vehicles are more reliable than ever, but has concerns with electric vehicles and crossover. what's the issue >> it happens to be the electronics in the vehicle we're not talking about the batteries or electric motors it's true panel, which often looks like an ipad screen. there's so much new technology, as one person said from "consumer reports" there's too many bells and whistles. they just need to be simplified, there could be fewer problems. the ford mustang, explorer, mercedes gle, do these rankings tend to hurt sales, or no? >> not usually people are usually making their
4:44 am
decisions on things like emotion, styling, if it fits their lifestyle. they'll pay some attention to this, but keep in mind consumer reports has ranked jeep near the bottom for a number of years has it hurt jeep sales not at all the jeep styling is spot on right now. apple reportedly targeting the year 2025 to debut a fully autonomous car we have heard these stories before is this going to happen? >> we know that apple is definitely working on a car, and autonomous vehicle it can knowledge. whether or not it happens by 2025, that's a really tight timeline, shep, to get everything approved by regulators to have it all happening, fully autonomous. we're nowhere close to fully autonomous right now this is one of the stories where we know we're working on this. by 2025? not so sure. >> before we go, what were the most reliable? >> at the very top of the list, you're looking at the tradition
4:45 am
58s, asian manufacturers, lexus, mazda, toyota. they tend to be near the top of the list, and once again, they're there. they withheld their labor for five years they turned down two contracts now more than 10,000 john deere workers have earned a historic win. they voted 61% to 39% today to approve the third contract that john deere offered according to their union, it essentially doubles their wages, 20% wage increases over the next three years. it gives an $8500 signing bonus and enhances retirement options. the union president saying in a statement -- uaw john deere members did not just unite themselves, they seemed to unite the nation in a struggle for fairness in the workplace. the pandemic has made our world more virtual, hasn't it?
4:46 am
from staff meetings to birthday parties, even funerals and it's here to stay, but the technology keeps moving. next stop, hole ograms, life in 3-d, helping to bridge the distance between the physical and virtual worlds here's contessa brewer. >> macau, the gambling mecca of the world, and sands is welcoming guests with a superstar. soccer celebrity david beckham is sands' global brand ambassador even in a patterned with international travel shut down -- he personally promotes sands in china through a hologram. >> it's a big thing to have a technology like this that enables me to interact without being there. >> reporter: the technology
4:47 am
allows whitney houston to appear on stage posthumously for a concert. hosts. forget wewebexand zoom. >> london calling. you look so beautiful. >> oh, my god. this is absolutely incredible. >> a leading hologram technology portal predicts even post-pandemic demand will grow. >> people don't have time to, you know, book a flight and get on the airplane, go to a hotel and book their security and waste all of that time and effort you beam in and you beam out. >> another technology plans to
4:48 am
installed hologram studios in 150 weworks offices by next year the equipment is cost as little as $1,000 to rent or as much as $60,000 to buy those who use the technology say the investment pays off. >> we're in the business of very interesting times for people hospitality is about that. this elevates that guest experience people just laugh. >> reporter: the possibility for remote work are endless. for instance, joining you in studio as a 3-d hologram, as if i'm right there beside you of course, i'm miles away. in the future, it may feel like i'm with you, too. some companies are experimenting with the aerohaptics >> it content of feels like that now, honestly. what are the challenge foss getting this into more places? >> right now this equipment is
4:49 am
so bulky, almost seven feet tall you need a special backdrop, so the goal is how you make it adaptable, portable, and how you show off potential customers all the uses they could make use of. >> it's just so big. this is like the side of warm-up tows big subzero double-sided refrigerators. >> portal is actively working on a smaller version due out early next year. it will be just about two feet tall, but imagine how helpful that would be for a small business trying to sell jewelry or art to a customer far away, or imagine a yoga studio or medical office >> good to see you, contessa thank you. hazard courses and 90 seconds to complete the mission
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inside a ups boot camp where thousands of drivers are training for the busiest holiday shipping season yet. santa ain't seen nothing. looks like he cheated on you. mike cheated on you. i'm sure you're still mad and maybe your hand hurts from breaking the windows, and i hate to make your day any worse, but that's not mike's car. ll need y. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. healthier is on-demand covid testing to help you return safely. even if it's still... a little awkward. how've you been? -i'm so good!
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give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ready to scope out all the
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hottest gifts and deals for the holiday? black friday is a little more than a week away but it's not just shoppers getting ready, across the country, drivers are getting ready for the busiest time of the year frank holland went behind a ups boot camp. >> reporter: i'm here at the corner of reeves and treemont, what looks like a neighborhood in any country but it's actually one of ten facilities here in the u.s. where the ups will train 10,000 drivers for the busy season. here they learn the techniques, tactics and tricks it's a rigorous program. one out of five just won't make it into a brown uniform. ups expects the average delivery will made within 90 seconds. the company spends 200 million a year on safety training to better prepare drivers like destiny martinez for that.
4:54 am
>> it's a really good preparation for the job. the easiest way f of learning is the hands on part of it. >> reporter: students get hands behind the wheel which is criminal -- which is critical for their training during the drill drive, trainees must navigate 45 different things on the road to see if they are hazard or not ups delivers 21 million packages a day compared to its rival f fedex, that delivers 19 million. during the holiday season, it gets elevated. ups teaches these drivers to keep every one of these boxes within 30 inches to the front of the truck. one way to do that is push these boxes forward. >> ups
4:55 am
>> reporter: that efficiency is key around christmas when drivers make 33% more stops. in some parts of the country, that could mean as many as 200 deliveries a day >> this hands-on center is a big part of helping our seasonal employees to be successful and help us deliver a successful holiday season >> reporter: i know seasonal ups drivers can make up to $28 an hour as fedex looks to hire 90,000 workers pay will certainly be a factor a warning for you gift givers out there. ups has a deadline of december 20th if you want to avoid express fees fedex has a similar deadline you better start shipping soon if you want to save and be on top. >> frank holland thank you. in d.c., a case of mistaken identity has left one woman's car, well, undrivable. meet nedra brantley.
4:56 am
she came out of her car apartme sunday morning finding her car looking like this. the hood is dented, windows smashed, and the license plate are painted over the problem here is she does not go by mike or never dated anyone named mike or does not know anyone named mike. brantley told pat collins, when she saw the damage -- >> i screamed. i'm surprised nobody in the neighborhood heard me because i screamed so, so loud i didn't expect this would happen >> why would she expect it after all she ain't mike brantley says her insurance company is going to take care of the car for her. cnbc does not know who this mike is or what he might have done to deserve this it's peanut butter jelly time or at least it will be at the
4:57 am
white house tomorrow meet peanut butter and jelly the turkeys participating in this year's white house pardoning. who names these birds? they come from indiana they aren't the first named after food some turkeys from years' past, bread and butter, cob and corn only one of the birds will be named national turkey. both peanut butter and jelly will be counted as lucky feather. they'll go back to live at purdue university. for now they get to stay at a luxury hotel in d.c. one fit for a turkey 65 seconds left. on the race to the finish. the defense rested its case in the murder trial of three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery closing arguments set for monday any moment now the fda could authorize booster shots for all u.s. adults.
4:58 am
regulators considering whether to approve extra doses of both pfizer and moderna vaccines moderna resubmitted its data to the fda just yesterday forecasters say several storms could make a mess of thanksgiving travel next week. in some parts, hither and yon, new york city, seattle, chicago, and atlanta, all major hubs that could get some weather delays. right now forecasters are predicting monday and tuesday to be the worst weather wise. now you know the news of this thursday, november the 19th, 2021 -- or is it the 18th? i believe it's the 18th. i am shepard smith, follow us on the gram and twitter on the news on cnbc. hope we see you back here tomorrow night me do was made possible by what you don't see. cause when you're not looking, i go to work. ♪♪ strength isn't a given.
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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc global headquarters and here is your top five at 5:00. stocks looking to end the week on a strong note as investors push wall street deeper into record territory, but could a big day for options expirations put a wrench in those gears. house lawmakers delaying a vote on president biden's $1.75 trillion social spending package. we have a live report from washington straight ahead. more pressure on the company formerly known as facebook as a new bipartisan effort looks into


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