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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 22, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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it is etsy or established players. the travel is insanely busy, trust me the only movers who didn't get the memo are sellers i think they're making big mistakes if you're dumping stock because you're worried about a reignition of covid, you're going to get left behind as the market climbs higher into year end. i like \s a celebration of joy shattered, a community left in mourning i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith tonight. this is the news on cnbc celebration morphs into pure horror [ screaming >> after an suv plows through a christmas parade, killing at least five. >> he drove right through the barricades and the officers. >> what we know about the suspect and the victims. closing arguments in the case of three men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. the state of the trial as the jury prepares for deliberation.
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airline travel roars back. >> we're excited about it, but also a little nervous. can america's airports handle the rush? broken glass and chaos after a string of high-end smash-and-grabs, multiple stores hit across the bay area. >> that is plan was to overwhelm us their their plan was hoping we wouldn't be here, but we were. elizabeth holmes takes the stand again. amazon employees threaten a global strike. plus an inside look at a new planetary defense system >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts. the truth. "the news with shepard smith." good evening it was a christmas parade that drew young and old to the streets of waukesha, wisconsin, a tradition over half a century although a warning -- some of this video
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may be hard to watch police say a man intentionally drove an suv through a crowded parade rule, killing five people, hurtsing dozens of other. the city just west the milwaukee left shattered among the dead, four women and one man. tonight people showed up for a vigil for those victims and the dozens of others that were hurt. officials at one children's hospital says they admitted at least 18 kids to the trauma department, including three sets of siblings. the youngest hospitalized just 3 years old. >> it was just, i gets for lack of better -- just carnage, likening it to a war zone. there were adults, children that were injured some of our first responders were there with our families they left their families to treat people police say a suspect is in
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custody, and they are recommending he face five charges of intentional homicide. he's set to appear in court tomorrow police say they are confident this was not a terror attack and he acted alone in a moment valerie castro with what we're learning about the suspect, but we start with perry russon. >> reporter: matthew and kelly are walking -- >> i worked on a total of four people, one transport, three cpr. >> reporter: the couple says they went to the christmas parade with their kids to see santa. >> i attempted to perform cpr on a lady who was not in great shape, and she lost her battle and it's -- it's mortifying. >> reporter: he says the woman was part of the milwaukee
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dancing grannies a spokesperson says -- our group was doing what they love, performing in front of the crowds in a parade he helped kids in a high school band. >> this poor girl was having a huge anxiety attack. she was covered in blood, and we weren't sure if it was hers. >> reporter: the phone was actually recording in her pocket, laughter becomes screams. >> whoa! [ screaming >> oh, my god. >> we had a squad and barricades up, and he drove right through the bar cases and the officers. >> reporter: crist cal watched today's news conference from her bar along main street. last night the bar became a shelter, people rushing in, locking the door you had kids in here. >> middle schoolers, grade schoolers. >> how many? >> there was four. >> reporter: how we they doing
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>> shook up. >> reporter: a memorial growing, flags are lowered. >> i have the us most faith in this community to struggle, to fight and to put this behind us, but always stay vigilant and always remember. >> reporter: there was a vigil and cryotown today the police chief confirming an officer did fire their gun. they are trying to stop the driver that did not work. kelly? >> so sad. perry, thanks. valerie castro is here you've been looking into the suspect who has reportedly been released on bail twice since last july. >> those are still active cases. as for what happened yesterday, police say they believe the suspect 39-year-old dorell brooks, an aspiring rapper, was involved in an incident at a different location, but the chief of policeside they didn't
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have time to check out the domestic call before the car barrelled into the parade route. >> was there -- do we know if there actually was one there we don't notice. he didn't even make it there we ended up immediately responding to the crisis >> reporter: the district attorney's office released this mug shot of brooks from a previous arrest, and set his has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1999 with a battery conviction last year he was charged with reckless endangerment, use of a weapon, and possession of a weapon, after he allegedly shot at his nephew and a friend earlier this month he was arrested after he allegedly tried to run over the mother of his child in a gas station parking lot. according to court documents, responding officers cease she tire track oz her pant leg after
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that incident. he was released after posting a bail how that happened is under internal review. >> last summer the pandemic, but a couple weeks ago, not so much. closing arguments in the murder trial of the three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery the lead prosecutor arguing the man chased and attacked him because he was a, quote, black man running down the street in their south georgia neighborhood the prosecutor telling the jury there was no evidence that arbery committed a crime she also disputed the defense's claim they were making a citizen's arrest, considering they never told police that's what they were trying to do. >> this was an attack on ahmaud arbery they committed the crimes, they committed the four felonies. they attacked him. they shot and killed him they can't claimself defense
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under the law, because they were the initial unjustified aggressors, and they started this. >> the defense claiming arbery was a recurring intruder travis mcmichael's attorney said he had a right to defend himself when ar berry charged at him. >> you do have the right to stop a person and to hold them and detain them for the police and there was risk with that there are tragic consequences that can come from that. prosecutors will get a final rebuttal tomorrow before the case goes to the jury. david henderson joins me now, cnbc contributor david, key closing arguments today. what stood out to you? >> kelly, there were really no surprises today.
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we knew fully what to expect going into this. prosecutors have to prove that that's not beyond a reasonable doubt, which is primarily where the focus stayed the prosecutor i think good a good job of addressing that during her closing today. theself defense argument worked in the recent kyle rittenhouse trial. do you see it working here >> i do not, kelly it was clear from the rittenhouse trial he could mount an effectiveself defense argument, but it's much more difficult here they're saying we're not saying we didn't do it, we're saying we were justified because of a citizen's arrest, and we had to use lethal force, but the facts here just simply don't support that. the prosecution gets a final rebuttal tomorrow.
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ahead of thanksgiving, tsa officials saying they have already screened the most passengers through arptsds since the pandemic started, 2.24 million passengers passed tsa screening on friday, the highest in a single day since the pandemic began by sunday, it was the fourth day in a row with more than 2 million passengers aaa estimating more than 53 million people will been flying or on the roads this week, just 5% below pre-up and down levels. it creates a big stress test for u.s. airlines, which have already faced staffing shortages, flight cancellations or delays, and ahn up tick in unruly passengers. phil lebeau is live at o'hare national airport are airlines prepared to handle the big crowds this week >> reporter: i think they are, kellie, for a couple reasons one, you've had a number of carriers that have modified their flight schedules they're not as aggressive, so
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not that tightly staffed also they offer their crews and other staff members incentives to make sure they have enough people working during the holidays so far we're off to a clean start for thanksgiving. >> that's the airline part of it what about the long lines and lack of workers at restaurants and shops in the airports? >> reporter: have you felony lately, kelly? if you have, you know what it's like yes, you will see long lines, restaurants, kiosks, stores, they don't have as much staff as they did before the pandemic as a result, if you don't is have long lines you're see them modifying their menus. try getting a cup of coffee at 6:00 in the morning. i have done that it's just -- it's a different situation once you get beyond security. >> it's like that progressive commercial, you have to pack your own snacks. how does the -- which has been much more difficult challenge?
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>> reporter: well, they say they have been over the last several months the good news is that the incidence, the rate of those incidents has been coming down nonetheless, the faa out with a fresh psa this week, saying basically, look, we have to all behave better. they are encouraged that fewer people are being unruly on flights, but this is the way it is >> and the stress in travel doesn't help phil, thank you so much tonight. cnbc's phil lebeau. the storm that was threatening to hit the east coast is turning out to not be so bad michelle, how is it looking for the rest of the week for the rest of the country? >> it's looking so good. i feel like 20 years of forecasting, i haven't seen a forecast this nice over five days let's start with tomorrow morning. the biggest problem will be the fridge i air in place. wished the showers this morning slog down the roads for our
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commute, but we're looking at a cold, cold morning, freezing temperatures it's going to feel like 26 in buffalo, but that will not slow down the airports or the roadways as we look towards wednesday, the biggest travel today of the year, sunny and cool conditions, a couple showers in the southern plains, rocky snow, but ice looking really nice in the southeast, the southwest really nice as well as we look at the airports, some slowdowns. we could see some slowdowns in minneapolis, chicago, detroit, possibly because of the winds, but looking good from boston to d.c., all the way down to miami, so a really nice travel forecast on wednesday i also love to give this forecast, because this doesn't always look so great we're looking good for the thanksgiving day parade. we'll have light winds, so we get to the height they need to, so from 9:00 a.m. to noon, light winds with a mix of sun and clouds, a really nice day if
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you're headed to the parade. otherwise on thanksgiving, we're looking pretty good, too the southwest, 81 degrees. in southern california, we do have a cold front bringing showers stretching from the ohio valley down to the southern plains, and could see a few storms in the southern place we could get up to 60 degrees. a really nice day in the southeast, 77 degrees in miami so, kelly, looking really good over the next several days on friday, if you're out shopping or wrapping up your thanksgiving plans, we're looking really good, too, on friday. >> i know we've had some windy weather, so the balloon can fly. that's good initials michelle grossman, thanks. smash-and-grab thieves tonight, how officials are responding lawmakers investigating the attack on the capitol issuing new subpoenas. the well-known faces the
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mobs of looters storming and ransacking high-end stores in the san francisco area, and they appear to be organized if happened three days in a row. friday, saturday and sunday. here's a video at nordstrom where a wave of thieves struck at the same time one store employees was even pepper sprayed most of the suspects escaped cnbc's indicate kate rogers is ground in san francisco, covering the spree. >> reporter: this isn't a flash mob, but a flash rob, a string of retail thefts hitting different stores as the holiday shopping season gets into full swing.
7:17 pm
nordstrom blocked by 25 cards, as many as 80 people running in, some with crowbars crime over within minutes. and in san francisco, stores including high-end luxury shops were looted and vandalized, police running up to a car full of suspects, breaking windows in an attempt to stop them from getting away police calls the thefts orchestrated. >> there's no doubt in my mind that this was not unplanned. their plan was to overwhelm us. >> reporter: the entire amount of damage still under investigation. mayor breed calling the incident horrible. >> we can't continue to allow people to freely flow in and out of this city, commit these acts and get away with it.
7:18 pm
>> reporter: the busy shopping district is attempting a comeback, and san francisco facing closures of major drugs stores as retail thefts continue to plague the city the district attorney promising felony charges for those involved, but he's facing trials of his own a recall effort next summer as critics saying he's soft on shoplifting. >> the tone is that there will be no accountability for these types of crimes. so, if that's the case, individuals feel as though this type of action simply has no consequence. >> reporter: so far nearly a dozen arrests have been made between union square and walnut creek. it's a very busy shopping area police say they're still investigating if the two incidents are related. >> kate, san francisco is not the only city seeing some of these high-end retail robberies,
7:19 pm
right? >> reporter: that's certainly true take a look at this video, oakbreak, illinois, west of chicago, this was also in a louis vuitton. they says nearly $120,000 of merchandise was stolen. now, a manhunt underway after a gun went off at hartsfield-jackson airplane. the inns sparked chaos cops say they issued warnings for this man, kenny wells. the tsa says the officer found a prohibited item in his bag, and the gun accidentally went off when he lunged for his bag videos show crowds of travelers running away from the area
7:20 pm
at least three people were hurt in all the chaos. new subpoena as issues in the january 6th investigation. they're seeing documents and testimony from five more people, including roger stone, a high-profile ally of the former president. also, alex jones, a conspiracy theorist, who reportedly helped to organize the rally that preceded the attack another cap t t -- capitol. the committee haus issued 40 subpoenas to date as part of its investigation. america on strike. hotel and airport workers walking off the job in u.s. cities the latest in a string of picket lines. will the balance of power shift
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. the united states is facing a truck driver shortage. the country is short tens of thousands of drivers, but companies are promising higher pay as incentives.
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the california truck driving academy heats seen a 20% increase in enrollment, and a new law could -- some experts say that could be a problem. here is more >> reporter: 18-year-olding will soon be drichg 18-wheelers across state lines >> sure, the 18 to 20-year-olds, should they be driving across stat lines >> no, they're part of the most dangerous driving population >> reporter: this matters, because biden's infrastructure bill included the drive safe act pilot program. >> it involves 400 hours of training, top of the line safety equipment. to participation in the program they already have to have a cdl and relatively clean record. >> reporter: training 18 to
7:25 pm
20-year-olds on a rolling basis. around apprentice who meets benchmarks can drive across state lines. they saw a nearly 267% increase in fatal crashes from 2010 to 2019 today requirements for obtaining a commercial listen varies state by state they're saying as many as 80 thousands truckers are needed, even as program critics say hundreds of thousands of licenses are issued each year. >> the problem isn't a shortage of workers the problem is the job. >> most are paid by the mile the profession on which offering long hours and distances the agency cites a different issue. >> it's back driver are in high demand, and they're jumping from fleet to fleet for sign-on bonuses. >> reporter: the new program trains with new safety mechanisms.
7:26 pm
>> after they get their license, they can go into any truck that doesn't have the ought emergency breaking. >> senator todd young said in part that the program, quote -- will address the driver shottage and make our roads safer department of transportation did not meetly respond to our request for comments >> the vast majority of overthe road trucker now struggle every night to find some place to get off the road to get needed sleep. these are things that our policymakers or lawmakers should address. >> reporter: the program now moving down the road kellie, i can't understate how divisive this issue continues to be in the trucking industry. as we approach the holiday season we'll start odds firsthand how in program impacts those on the road. thank you so much for the reporting tonight. get your shopping done early, send out your packages
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early. next, how many shoppers are actually heeding them. and elizabeth holmes back on the stand with a different story than the one jurors have been hearing, one she says is a pretty good picture of the company and everything it was working towards. year outside the courtroom, next the history she writes in her clear blue skies. the legends she births on hometown fields. and the future she promises. when we made grand wagoneer, proudly assembled in america, we knew no object would ever rank with the best things in this country. but we believed we could make something worthy of their spirit. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪
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did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th president biden's pick to lead the fed is in that's what's topping cnbc's "on the money. president biden renominating jay
7:29 pm
powell to a second term. it comes as the country faces economic uncertainly powell says he would work to drive down inflation >> we know that high inflation takes a toll on families, especially those less able to meet the higher costs of essentials we'll use our tools to support a strong labor market and prevent higher inflation from becoming entrenched. target permanently closing it is doors on thanksgiving today. the move ends the pre-pandemic tradition of opening earlier and earlier for the black friday shoppers the retail giant is the first major chain to permanently close on the hole today. "no time to die" is living it up at the box office. it marks daniel craig's final
7:30 pm
appearance as 007, the movie earning are more than $730 million worldwide. a wall street, the dow up 17 points to snap a three-day slide, the s&p losing 15 points, nasdaq down 203. i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. here's what's making the news on cnbc. labor strikes taking america by storm the common issues workers are fighting for from coast to coast. new images and videos released of the chinese tennis star who went missing after accusing a former government official of sexual assault why it's raising more questions than answers first, elizabeth holmes returns to the witness stand she's back on the stand today to convince jurors the reality of what happened at her start-up is much more complicated than what
7:31 pm
prosecutors make it out to be. she's accused of defrauding people about the machines. prosecutors said when she ran out of time and money, she decided to lie to keep the company above rather scott cohn has more. >> reporter: kelly, remember tess heart of the government's case were former insiders and others testifying they told holmes about the problems with the technology, but they were essentially ignored. he story today, in sharp contrast she was getting a lot of good news to hearing elizabeth holmes tell it, she had plenty of positive things to tell theranos investors in the early days, potential breakthroughs, miniaturizing blood tests, which scientists were telling her could eliminate lab errors
7:32 pm
we thought that was a really big idea, a groundbreaking trials that could help drug companies monitor house patients are responding to treatment. she was working with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, and working with the pentagon on ways to monitor wounded soldiers for infections, even post traumatic stress syndrome, and on the verge, she said, of a device that could perform hundreds of tests on a tiny sample of blood but that was a breakthrough theranos couldn't manage [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: tomorrow, as elizabeth holmes continues under friendly question from her attorney kevin downey, she is likely to talk more about what she did do when she was confronted with those problems,
7:33 pm
at least her side of the story, and that will likely take us to the thanksgiving holiday break no court on wednesday through next week. then it's the government's term, crocks that's likely to be particularly tough kelly? >> scott cohn in california tonight. a wave of strikes, food service workers tess air in phoenix went strike today. same story in philadelphia, where workers at the windom hotel staged a walkout last week and workers at john deere last week struck a deal after a month on the picket lines. will these strikes have a lasting impact the author of that article, david, thanks for being here
7:34 pm
tonight. why now for and how long do you expect this wave to last >> i think you're seeing them now for a couple reasons one there's been long-standing problems in the economy for decades with wages, benefits not being good enough, you know, with bad schedules and the like. then you have the covid economic, which really, really crushed a lot of workers and made them work incredibly harder, or in risky situation while they saw their corporations making record profits. so workers are frustrated, but right now they have some power, because there's a very tight lake market workers are -- they want to seize this opportunity to try to improve the quality of their jobs. >> let's talk about that when you say the solution to the worker shortage is to improve job quality or the quality of their jobs, what do you mean by that >> a number of things. jobs that provide good wages, a
7:35 pm
career ladder, and safe are in too short of supply right now. the kind of things i think we need to do, some of it is workers taking direct action like they're doing now, trying to negotiate to get higher wages, but the economy has been tilted in the last three or four decades toward corporations and away from workers, so we need policy to tilt the playing field back more towards workers. things like the build back better act and the infrastructure deal which always has standards to ensure they'll be good jobs but also that allows workers to join unions more easily. do you think this could flip back and have businesses regain the upper hand >> well, i think you'll see
7:36 pm
these strikes continues while unemployment is incredibly low, but you know, over the past four decades we've only had a handful of years with really tight labor markets like this. so i don't anticipate this happening for a long period of time unless we can shift power in different ways, not just by having a tight labor market, but by having policy more on the side of workers. >> all right david, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me. it's not even thanksgiving yet, but christmas is just around the corner. just 33 days from today, in fact retailers are gearing up for a huge shopping weekend, starting with black friday. according to a survey from the national retail federation, many americans already bought their gifts. a report said about half on the survey checked our their list earlier than usual nearly 30% completed their
7:37 pm
shopping, my mom included, on this very unusual holiday season, here is courtney reagan. >> reporter: thanksgiving weekend is the kickoff traditionally, but shoppers have heeded warnings and taking advantage of early deals i heard the shipping is really slow this year, so i started ordering back in, i want to say late october i normally don't start shopping until after thanksgiving. >> things were taking longer, so that was a big concern of mine. >> people were worked about stock-outs and about finding the right gift those who shopped earlier, about 60% said they experienced stock-outs already. >> some of it was also a desire to get back to normal. from gift giving to decking the has. >> i started decorating way earlier. >> reporter: earlier shopping could lead to higher holiday
7:38 pm
totals. >> early shoppers end up spending about 23% more on average. i already bought extra stuff i was like, this is all i'm getting them, and then two weeks later, my gosh, they didn't have this two weeks ago. >> kohl's got a terrific response to the preview event. macy's said shopping began earlier this year. the retailer's ceo said it doesn't know how much was done early until later in the season. still there are those whose normal is waiting to the last minute, and counting on normally fast shipping. for them, that tradition continues. >> amazon is on point. >> amazon is always on point >> reporter: well, despite the early shone, 2 million more americans are expected to shop in store on friday, making it the biggest in-store shopping
7:39 pm
day of the year. two thirds plan to shot in store or online between thanksgiving and cybermonday. it's predicted $36 billion online, that's 17% of the total. >> and former macy's kreismt or terry lundgren said if people who shop early shop twice. if there's still stuff on shelves, people will say, you just cried wolf. >> absolutely that is true, but you know, just like the individual shopper that we spoke to said, look, best-laid plans she said she was only going to buy certainly things hey, this wasn't available last time so we'll see. >> we know it's been a unique 18 months culminating in this holiday season. . white house says more than 90% of all federal workers have received at least one vaccine dose today is the deadline for the
7:40 pm
mandates administration officials say the vast majority of federal employees are fully vaccinated, but about 5% requested religious or medical exemptions. as vaccination rates continue to slowly rise, data shows cases are increasing rapidly nationwide we're averaging more than 92,000 new cases a day. john hopkins reports that the 16% jump from just last week hospitalizations are up as well. in europe some companies are re-imposing lockdowns and restrictions today a report asked white house officials about the possibility of another shutdown in the united states. >> we are not headed in that direction. we have the tools to accelerate the path out of this pandemic, widely available vaccinations, booster shots, kids' shots, therapeutics we have can curb the spread of the virus without having to in any way shut down our economy. >> so far nearly 20% of all u.s.
7:41 pm
adults have received a covid booster dose that's according to new data from the cdc the new york state assembly releasing its impeachment report after an eight-month investigation into former new york governor andrew cuomo it found overwhelming evidence he engaged in multiple incidents of sexual harassment it also included that the administration manipulated data during the pandemic and it found that state workers were used to write, publish and promote his memoir the report giving new insiding -- he had a $5 million book deal. he says any work done by staff was voluntary and didn't violate ethical guidelines, but the report found junior and senior staffers were forced to work on thing into during normal work hours. it concluded the governor, quote, used the time of multiple state employees as well as his own to further his personal
7:42 pm
gain cuomo has repeatedly denied the allegations, and previous sit said he did not intentional misreport. he also was not interviewed for this investigation his investigation states -- has a missing chinese tennis star been sighted? and why the women's tennis association says it's still not good enough. the efforts underway for a new league to rival the pga. who is already coming t agnsit ait ou everything you've seen me do was made possible by what you don't see. cause when you're not looking, i go to work. ♪♪ strength isn't a given. it's grown. it's earned and tested. ♪♪
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we all have the strength to see what's possible. it's up to us to unlock it. tonal. be your strongest.
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around update now on peng shuai, who vanished after accusing a top chinese official of sexual assault.
7:45 pm
the ioc shared this image of the call in a statement an official said she appeared to be relaxed during the conversation we're also told she accepted an invitation to have a dinner with the ioc president in january forensic experts say it's difficult to authenticate it >> lingering questions after she dropped off public eye, she then reappeared, apparently, in beijing over the weekend, doing a video call with the president of the international olympic committee. the ioc saying peng told thomas bach she is, quote, safe and well, about you would like her privacy respected at this time the statement doesn't refer at all to the allegation or why there was concern for her in the
7:46 pm
first place. china's government has sid nothing, and then over the weekend, a handful of state media twitter accounts offered a parade of images as so-called proof that she was fine. she is featured at a kids' tennis tournament, then pictured signing autographs, and then another picture at the restaurant in the video there was a lot of talk about the date. >> yet, in the blitz of being seen, peng is never heard. this expert says he sees variations. >> the only way i could verify it is a person actually seeing that person in real life in a press conference other than this, multimedia doesn't mean anything. >> the women's tennis association still says it cannot reach peng while it's positive to see her, a statement said, it remains
7:47 pm
unclear if she's free, adding the video alone is insufficient. the wta threatening to pull tournaments and boycott china. and saudi arabia facing new pressure tonight over its human rights record. the fiancee of jamal khashoggi is asked justin bieber to cancel his concert there next month saudi arabia has been workeding to repair its image and regain influence on a global stage. now it appears the kingdom is targeting the golf worse reports are that saudi arabia is trying to create a new golf league to try to rival the pga tour according to the magazine, greg norman would serve as commissioner, but "golf week"
7:48 pm
reporter adam woodard joins me now. what chance do they have of competing with it? >> that's a tough question, especially with the news that broke earlier. some players have said no in the past, but it's important to note that zero players have officially signed on as you mentioned earlier, this event -- venture has criticized an to wash its human rights campaign, as we saw recently with the english soccer team, and it's another thing long story short, the live golf enterprises backed by the public investment fund of saudi arabia, they would to guarantee millions to some of the biggest players when this got kicked around about 18 months ago or so, three of the top players said this were not interested.
7:49 pm
so, it's going to be tough to get the players to officially leave the tour, even though they are offered guaranteed millions of dollars, and it will be interesting to see if anyone jumps at it. >> let's talk about that news, which is that the pga is responding, by raising its own payouts. is that right? >> it is and today, which calls -- brought this extort earlier today. it's important to know that the commissioner did not once mention the saudi golf league, any of that. this was just a way to prove to his players he has their back. what they're going to do is increase the player bonuses and the prize money for a lot of tournament in 2022, mainly the marrquee event those are the ones they'll target to increase the player moneythat's going to be going
7:50 pm
there. as far as key criticism of the tour, it's been the biggest players on tour, those guys haven't been compensated enough. over the years that's been true. it will be tough to make an argument because of the player impact program, which is basically going to give players for driving social media engagement, that will grow to $50 million pool there's a program that's been instituted where $50,000 are giving to a player just starting 15 starts. there's a lot of money that is being given to the biggest players right now. i think commissioner monahan may keep the players here in the united states. >> and a glymph of -- glimpse of tiger woods on the course. what does that mean? >> a lot never doubt tiger woods, no matter what he's been through. sure that crash was -- we saw
7:51 pm
him, only hitting one golf ball, but his confining looks good it gives people hope there's a father/son tournament, where he in it a year ago with his son. there's some speculation will he make it back for that or not we may see him on a golf course in 202. >> adam, thank you are for your time appreciate it. no shortage of hollywood movies about asteroids crashing into planet earth. and lebron james ejected from a game, and now for the only first time, a suspension. next, the elbow throw that stard a teitll
7:52 pm
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nasa is about 30 hours away from a mission the redirection test or d.a.r.t. spacecraft is set to blast off in california. it will travel to an asteroid mover than 6 million miles away and rack into it this particular asteroid poses no threat to earth, but nats is hoping the technique could be
7:55 pm
used to redirect an asteroid before it hits earth why is this mission so critical to nasa right now? >> thanks for having me on today. what's really cool, as you said, this is important for us to test this technique now we want to be ready, if and when there is an actual real threat to earth right now because of the known asteroids we know about, there's none posing a significant threat to earth in the next century or so, but if we discover one, we want to make sure we have the tools in our tool kill to try to change the orbital path. >> can this be programmed as it approaches the asteroid? or do you set it and forget it how much notice do you need before launch? >> those are great questions
7:56 pm
the spacecraft has to be very, very smart most of the navigation is down autonomously we steer it to get close to the asteroid, but we really have to rely on the cameras and the software on the spacecraft in that last hour, as it does the final approach toward the small asteroid moon, to navigate in and really make sure it can target and hit head-on into that small moon in order to have the best effect. for using this technique in the future, you ask how far in advance do we need to know for something like this to be effective, we like to have at least years to decades of advance warning to help us better track the asteroid and let us know when it might be a threat to earth and help us prepared. >> wow
7:57 pm
my understanding is this will take place overnight tuesday night. what happens if you miss >> the spacecraft will launch overnight tuesday night. it will take about ten months for it to travel and cruise out to the asteroid. it's a double system with two asteroids that the dimorphous rotates around the other, and then it will -- we're going to change the orbital period about several minutes. >> so fascinating. lori, thanks so much for giving us a peek, really. lori glaze with nasa. the nba suspects lebron james for one dame the league suspended stewart for two games. they got tangled up during a
7:58 pm
free throw blood dripped down stewart's face it took players and coaches to hold him back. so far neither stewart nor lebron has commented publicly, but he will not be playing in new york tomorrow night. 40 seconds left in a race to the finish the man accused of killing five people in wisconsin is set to appear in court tomorrow he faces five counts of first dress intentional homicide. closing arguments today in the murder trial of the three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. prosecutors get one final rebuttal tomorrow before the jury gets the case. now you know the news of this monday of november. follow us on instagram and twitter on cnbc.
7:59 pm
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