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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 24, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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tremendous growth in money >> well, congratulations on your insight. great to see you appreciate it very much. >> thanks. you do a great job, carl thank you. >> thank you for watching our special tonight, "crypto night in the truth is out there and now the pentagon is searching for it i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> we, the jury, find the defendant, travis mcmichael, guilty. >> the man who pulled the trigger on ahmaud arbery convicted. tonight the final verdicts, plus reaction to the jury's decision. >> he will now rest in peace >> amen! an economic stress test. travel surging, prices on the rise for gas and gifts
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is america ready for the holiday weekend ahead. >> i made a joke the other day. >> walking back a joke about china's communist party. what jamie dimon said and why he now regrets saying it. cracking down on ufos. the pentagon's new push to get control of what they call a national security threat warnings from officials about holiday hack attacks havana syndrome may have just hit the fbi and demand for mrs. claus soars as christmas approaches. >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith good evening it was a crime captured on video, the killing of a black man in georgia in broad daylight tonight the three men charged in his murder now face the possibility of life in prison with no parole after a jury today found all three guilty
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it was february 23rd, 2020 ahmaud arbery was out for a jog near his house in coastal georgia when the three men pulled up in pickup trucks travis mcmichael confronted arbery with a shotgun. after a brief struggle, travis fired three shots and killed arbery during the trial, he took the stand, claiming he was acting in self-defense his attorneys argued he was making a citizen's arrest because he believed arbery had been committing burglaries the jury, not buying it. travis was found guilty of all nine charges, and he was the only one convicted of the top charge, malice murder. that means he had a deliberate intention to kill. travis' father, greg mcmichael, u urged his son on and helped kill arbery and their neighbor, william bryan, also convicted of felony murder and other charges he joined the hunt and filmed a
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video, and it was the video, this one here, that first launched this case into the national spotlight it showed the chase, the struggle, and the fatal shot prosecutors only pursued the case after the video went viral last year. cnbc's cal perry is live outside the courthouse in brunswick, georgia. cal, the arbery family expressing relief tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. relief is the right word not just the arbery family but supporters of the arbery family and the community as a whole jubilation and relief as the verdict was read inside the courtroom and there was relief outside the courtroom as well. as you said, the family has been waiting a long time for this verdict. in fact four different prosecutors at one point had their hands on this case two withdrew one is under indictment currently. it speaks to the difficult nature of this case and what's been happening in brunswick, georgia. i want to play for you a little bit more sound from arbery's mother, take a listen. >> to tell you the truth, i
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never saw this day back in 2020. i never thought this day would come but god is good. >> yes, he is. >> and i just want to tell everybody thank you. thank you. you know him as ahmaud, i know him as quez, he will now rest in peace. >> reporter: kelly, worth noting of course this was a jury that comprised 11 white jurors, one african african-american we've also heard from the president. the president saying nothing can bring mr. arbery back to his family and to his community, but the verdict ensures that those who committed this horrible crime will be punished these three now convicted murderers will face federal charges, federal hate crime charges. that case could start sometime next february. kelly. >> cal perry reporting tonight cal, thanks. millions of americans on the move for the thanksgiving holiday. across the country roads and airports are looking more like they did before the pandemic on the left there, a live look at travelers in orlando,
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florida, i should say on the right. on the left is o'hare international airport in chicago. maybe they had it right the first time nationwide tsa reports it screened nearly 11 million passengers over the past five days that's more than twice the number of people who passed through airports last year during the same period but it's not just airlines gearing up for the holiday blitz. retailers are also banking on a busy shopping season this week seen as a major test for america's covid recovery we have coverage from all angles tonight. courtney reagan on what holiday shopping will look like this year, but first to phil lebeau who's live at the airport. so far no storms causing any c cancellations. this has to be the busiest airlines have been since the pandemic, right? >> reporter: it is, kelly. today is the seventh straight day with at least 2 million people flying in the united states that is the busiest week that the airline industry has seen since before the pandemic.
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and guess what the busiest day yet may come on sunday. >> phil, ticket prices are still below 2019 levels right now. so people feel like they're getting a deal but will they stay down as christmas approaches >> reporter: no, they won't stay down if you thought you were getting a deal, you really got a deal about nine months ago. they have risen steadily it's now the average domestic round trip airfare in the u.s. $300 for thanksgiving week about 11% below 2019 levels. but watch out, christmas, the average domestic fare according to hopper, $390. by the way, kelly, that's roughly on par with what we saw back in 2019. >> all right so in that sense it's going back to normal. f dr for driving, it's expense iive. it's costing a lot more. >> reporter: without a doubt $3.39 a gallon a year ago it was $2.11 a gallon if there's any good news, it's
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that we have not seen prices spike up to above $4 remember, the all-time high is $4.11 and that was way back in 2008 nobody is forecasting that for those people who are driving this thanksgiving holiday, kelly, they are noticing they're paying a lot more at the pump. >> they certainly are. it is all the talk about how much it costs everyone to fill up their tanks phil, thank you so much tonight. we appreciate it cnbc's phil lebeau. the holiday shopping season unofficially kicks off with black friday two days away the national retail federation predicts holiday sales could top $850 billion this year that would be about a 10% jump from last year courtney reagan now. courtney, that's a big jump. >> reporter: it is a really big jump, kelly. every year that online sales get bigger and door busters start earlier, we've been questioning is black friday, this unofficial kickoff, is it dead? add in a pandemic and many thought that would certainly kill black friday.
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nope in some ways it's been reinvigorated. 108 million americans plan to shop on black friday, nearly two-thirds of them in store. that's up from half last year according to the national retail federation store traffic isn't forecast to quite hit pre-pandemic levels but it's still expected to be the biggest in-store shopping day all year why? deals are number one, but tradition is second. especially if you're in the midwest, whereas shoppers in the northeast are least likely to shop thanksgiving through sunday but are most likely to shop cyber monday, according to numerator. retailers say many shoppers want to get back to old habits. target and walmart calling out strong store traffic and sales going into the holidays. plus after closing on t thanksgiving in 2020, many retailers are doing it again target says it will stay closed on thanksgiving from now on which means those in-store black friday door busters are really
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on black friday, instead of thanksgiving night that doesn't mean online shopping isn't important it's expected to set record. adobe forecast online sales will hit $9.5 billion on black friday alone. that's up 5% from last year but below the rate expected for the full season. >> courtney, thank you tonight courtney reagan. hackers getting to work while everybody else gets some time off a warning from the fbi tonight whether by email or text, scammers will be out trying to take advantage of americans and steal data the government now asking shoppers and companies to keep their guard up here's cnbc's senior washington correspondent eamon javers. >> reporter: kelly, the fbi is not saying that they have specific intelligence that a specific attack is coming this weekend, what it is is that hackers like to work on holidays that's why the cyber and infrastructure security agency are issuing this warning saying
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malicious cyber actors have often taken advantage of holidays and weekends to disrupt critical networks and systems. the security firm cyber reason points out many of this year's biggest attacks came over holiday weekends, including the colonial pipeline attack around mother's day, the jbs meat packing plant memorial day and the kaseya hack on the fourth of july consumers can take steps to protect themselves. >> click on nothing unless you check with the sender. don't visit any nonwork websites from work. be careful with discounts and bait it's not a bad time to consider a present to yourself and get a password vault and get more complex and easier to manage passwords, especially on the accounts you plan to be doing purchases from. >> reporter: companies also need to be prepared cyber reason found this buzz kill in the firms hacked. >> 70% of respondents to the survey said they had at least one drink or intoxicated when
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having to respond to one of these attacks. not only do you have a skeleton crew at that point, those coming online are not the most professional. >> reporter: so what they're saying is employers need to watch out for staffers who have been drinking beer while watching football or sipping a little wine with their thanksgiving dinner. one way to do that is to make sure you have an on-call team ready to go with clear heads in case there's a cyberattack kelly, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, eamon, as well. the fbi breaking its silence about the havana syndrome, as the cia now sends a warning to russia. american cities battling a rise in violent crime, now a 180 on those calls to defund the police is a refund movement afoot. and the pentagon sworn to protect against enemies foreign and domestic tonight there's one more group being added to the list.
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the head of the cia is sending a major warning to russia u.s. officials tell nbc news that cia director bill burns told russia earlier this month that they will face consequences if they're behind the havana syndrome this comes as the fbi acknowledged today that some of its agents may have symptoms of the mysterious condition now the agency promising to offer medical care to its employees who are suffering from it in a statement to nbc news, an fbi official wrote that while the agency, quote, does not have the authority to provide direct medical treatment, we now have a process to guide current and former employees to the interagency medical treatment and evaluation options that are available to them. symptoms range from brain injuries to headaches. there's still no definitive cause that's been identified some experts suggest it's a hypersonic weapon. others believe it's just mass hysteria. and nine people in san
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francisco facing felony charges for those smash-and-grabs we told you about earlier this week the city's district attorney says five of the people were arrested in connection with a mob that robbed a louis vuitton store there on friday. witnesses say a pack of people stormed the store and essentially emptied it out the d.a. says the robberies aren't just petty thefts but outrageous and offensive crimes. cops say they believe these smash-and-grabs are part of sophisticated criminal networks. looters rocked and vandalized several other stores in the bay area the d.a. expects more arrests to come. another deadly shooting in philadelphia last night. the city's homicide total this year now just one shy of 500 that's the record high set back in 1990. today philly's mayor saying getting violence under control is his top priority. >> it's terrible to every morning get up and to have to
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look at the numbers and look at the news and see the stories it's just craziness. it's just craziness and it needs to stop. >> other cities across the country also reporting a sharp rise in murder rates in l.a., data shows homicides are up 14% from last year and up 45% from 2019. the police commission there now working to increase funding for the force. l.a. is the latest city trying to re-fund the police after the defund movement gained traction last year. chris burbank former salt lake city police chief and now a vice president of law enforcement strategy for the center for policing equity chris, thanks. cities went from defund to re-fund pretty quick what do you make of what we're seeing >> a lot of it is the misunderstanding that we all have, including police leadership, that the actions of the police have that much influence on crime there are things such as
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education, access to health care that have much more significant impact on crime and alternatives to incarceration as opposed to the activities that police engage in on a daily basis. >> doesn't the move to re-fund the police suggest the public isn't buying that? >> well, the challenge that you have is we don't understand. we fell into this movement of defund the police. well, we prefer redesign the police let's start looking at the actions and saying do they contribute to the outcome that we want, which is reduced crime, reduced incarceration, reduced interaction with the police and reduced violence if not, we need to stop engaging in that activity we have been very poor as measuring the outcome of policing based on the actions of policing. >> you know, policingis one part of this what about the court system as well do prosecutors need to get more aggressive in pursuing charges
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>> we always want to punish people the act of punishment has really not changed the outcome in our society for a hundred years. this is the death penalty argument we can go down the road of a bunch of different places. but catching people after the fact, after they have committed the crime and punishing them has not solved our problem the goal of law enforcement, at least in my mind, should be to prevent disorder from occurring, not catch it after the fact. >> if more cops meant crime was lower in recent years and fewer cops have led to a spike in crime, what other conclusion are people supposed to draw? >> well, you're looking only at the last moment in time. if you look historically, when we had an economic crisis a number of years ago, we had 30,000 fewer police officers on the street than the year before and violent crime plummeted. so the correlation, right, we're quick to jump when it's right there in front of us and we have
7:18 pm
this need for 24-hour, minute-by-minute updates, but let's look at a historical viewpoint and say is it actually the actions of police that are driving the outcome. >> chris burbank tonight chris, thank you so much for your time tonight. we appreciate it crypto scam artists using instagram to target victims. what new cnbc reporting has recovered. plus he's one of the most powerful men in the world of finance. jamie dimon, the brash ceo of jpmorgan what would make him apoge oliz not once, but twice? the story, next. ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the head of the biggest bank in america apologizing today after making a joke about china's communist party at an event yesterday at boston college. a person asked jamie dimon a question about doing business in china. this is how he responded >> i was just in hong kong i made a joke that the communist
7:21 pm
party celebrates its 100th year. so is jpmorgan and i'll make you a bet we last longer i can't say that in china. they probably are listening anyway >> well, today mr. dimon walked back those remarks in a statement released by jpmorgan, he wrote, quote, i regret and should not have made that comment i was trying to emphasize the strength and longevity of our company. hours later mr. dimon issued a second apology he said he regrets his recent comment because it's never right to joke about or denigrate any group of people, whether it's a country, its leadership, or any part of a society and culture. the managing director and senior analyst worked in the obama administration and is a cnbc contributor good to see you again. doesn't this show how much power china has on the world stage right now? >> thanks for having me this evening, kelly i don't want to beat up jamie
7:22 pm
dimon who's in the white-hot lights tonight on this issue, but unfortunately, kelly, it is the continuation of a long line of mea culpas by corporate leaders, entertainers an in some cases politicians all over the world who fully understand that china will use the size and access to its market to really work in a way that is carrots and sticks reward those who tow the line and punish those who do not. kelly, the biden administration is going to have a real problem as they continue to try and rebalance the u.s. bilateral economic relationship with china, because there's an overdependence and in some cases, kelly, an overexuberance from corporations and investors about access to china's market and china knows this, kelly, and they have weaponized market access and turned it into quite an effective tool of economic state craft. this is complicated the risk,
7:23 pm
reward and cost calculus for companies doing business in china, begging the question are the short-term gains worth the long-term pain in the case of jpmorgan, kelly, it is clear that jamie dimon has a lot at stake as he's looking to gain 100% control of a foreign management asset jb in a. he's made it clear from this apology, twice now as you point in, that he's all in on china despite the political and reputational risk, kelly. >> i think you highlight the difficulty of this situation, especially from businesses at a time when social issues are becoming more and more important. so human rights abuses in china would seem to run afoul of what people want to see from good corporate stewardship and so many companies say it's none of their business to get involved with foreign affairs and seem to also be rewarded for that stand. >> yeah, that is unfortunate, kelly. i will tell you, though, and i'm glad you pointed this out, china
7:24 pm
does not have the only say in a situation like this. in fact, we're seeing more and more that the u.s. congress, shareholders, journalists, and human rights activists are really calling out u.s. corporations for what they call values-based double standards. saying and doing one thing in the u.s. while turning a blind eye to the same or even worse things taking place in china and i tell you something else that's troubling me, and that is this argument around moral equivalency. there's problems in china, there's problems in the u.s., so, therefore, why criticize or expect more from china that's disingenuous. i'll be the first one to point out there are major problems in this country actually jpmorgan, jamie dimon pointed out thesame thing. but he's not going to apologize to biden nor should he for the comments he made about the u.s. government in that speech. so there is a double standard.
7:25 pm
more and more you're seeing people call that out, kelly. >> absolutely. a difficult situation he has now found himself in that highlights the dilemma for so many businesses and china's influence on the world stage dewardic, thanks. a first-place victory for the nft. tonight the distinction that has it beating out crypto and the metaverse. and it's been 86 days since america's withdrawal from afghanistan. now new word of negotiations with the taliban as reports on the ground paint a troubling picture for those americans left behind
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thanksgiving just around the corner americans preparing to gather around the table to gobble up an epic feast but this year our thanksgiving favorites won't come cheap people are paying up for turkeys, sweet potatoes, even for pies but the supply chain crisis and labor shortage aren't all to blame. here's cnbc's diana olick. >> reporter: at the pie shop in d.c., thanksgiving orders are all filled and the pies are racking up, but so are the prices. >> i would say there are a number of ingredients that on some weeks are almost double what they were last year. >> reporter: some of that is due to climate change. take the crust wheat prices are at the highest level since 2012 and up over 10% in just the past month severe drought in the u.s. west and northern plains caused what the usda is estimating will be the worst wheat production in nearly two decades those high prices for wheat as
7:28 pm
well as alfalfa make feed costs higher, causing dairy prices to rise cows also produce less milk during droughts. even honey wildfires in the west left honeybees with nothing to eat. states like montana, utah, california and colorado suffered huge losses of honeybee colonies due to disease, starvation and weather. and it's not just domestic products prices for vanilla from madagascar and chocolate from brazil are also rising due to severe weather and flooding. >> now we worry about freezes in brazil even more than we did before or floods in china. and so we can't run and hide anymore from global severe weather events because they're all part of the food chain and we're all trading them simultaneously. >> reporter: and that is hitting small businesses especially hard. >> usually thanksgiving is where we're able to make a little extra money to cushion us for the slow winter.
7:29 pm
however, this year i'm not so sure that will really even be profitable. >> reporter: and in 12 years in the pie business, she hasn't raised her prices much, because -- >> there's only so much you can charge for a pie or slice of pie. >> reporter: all eyes are on the winter in the west and specifically the snowpack. if it's heavy, that could help farmers out with their crops next year. if not, it will only be higher prices for all that high-end produce we love to put in our pies kelly. >> diana olick reporting tonight. the number of americans filing for unemployment hits a 52-week low. that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. jobless claims only 199,000. it's a number not seen since november 1969. this positive data comes amid surging inflation and supply chain disruptions. john deere posting record profit that despite the month-long workers strike that ended last week the farm equipment maker posted
7:30 pm
an annual net income of nearly $6 billion, more than double its earnings from last fiscal year the 10,000 union member strike only covered the last two weeks of deere's fiscal year so the cost of the strike was not disclosed in this morning's earnings report. and the word of the year is nft. the abbreviation of nonfungible token named 2021's top word by college dictionary until recently, most people, including myself, barely knew what an nft was but its new york rise helped make it an easy pick for the top spot and it beat out crypto, metaverse and pandemic pandemic on wall street, the dow dropping 9 points today, the s&p up 11, the nasdaq gained 70 to snap a two-day losing streak i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. it's half past the hour. here's what's making the news on cnbc unexplained objects in the sky threatening national security.
7:31 pm
the pentagon's new push to investigate ufo sightings. crypto scammers targeting your instagram the new cnbc reporting into their scheme but first, the u.s. set to head back to the negotiating table with the taliban >> the united states envoy for afghanistan said to head back to qatar to meet with the taliban next week. a state department spokesperson says they plan to talk about the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan and take steps to make sure it does not become a launching pad for terrorism. he says they'll also discuss getting any american citizens out of afghanistan safely. nearly three months after that chaotic withdrawal from the country. now, it comes as the taliban tightens its grip on society there. just this week the group laid out new guidelines for media, banning tv shows from featuring women actors and requiring women journalists to wear the islamic hijab. matt zeller joins me now, a former army captain in
7:32 pm
afghanistan and co-founder of no one left behind. a group working to get afghans out of the country matt, can you give us an update on those efforts what have you heard from people on the ground? >> things were just as we feared the taliban are just as evil as they were before you just reported on some of the that as we have feared, they have been hunting the people that we left behind down and murdering them and their families. when people, for example, try to go to get a passport, they have to submit their biometric information to the taliban government the taliban government then take that information and they run it against a database that we left behind that we warned had been left behind. and individuals who worked for us were in that database, individuals who worked for the after fan security forces and the afghan government who were spies, they're all in that database and when they pop up in that database as someone who used to be associated with us, the taliban murder them.
7:33 pm
here's the reality we count some 185,000 people that we estimate were left behind i know of about 1,000 or so that have been -- we've been able to extract since the 31st of august i'm glad that we have a delegation going to qatar. but what the president needs to do is plug in with the veterans community, recognize that we are hurting, that we're not just dedicated to trying to get american citizens out but we're trying to get our brothers and sisters that we feel we left behind out and wilde're not goig to stop until the mission is accomplished i'm glad that they're going to negotiate because winter is what we fear most right now the winter is going to kill more people than the taliban could ever hope to with their bombs and bullets. people will die of starvation and exposure so there's a deal to be made here. fuel in exchange for our people. the taliban are very transactional. they will understand that. that's what i'm hoping people will be proposing at this summit i have no idea what they'll be proposing. >> to your point, you know, we
7:34 pm
heard one dad tell nbc's richard engle that he had to sell his daughter so he could afford food at his family. at what point do more international institutions step in here? >> that's a great point. the international monetary fund and the world food program and the world bank need to step in the international community fed, fueled and financed afghanistan for the last 20 years. the reality is since we've left the country as a global community as of the 31st of august, the taliban have not been able to replace that. and people are going to die by the hundreds of thousands if not millions it's going to be that desperate in afghanistan in the coming months if the global community doesn't step up. so it is not the u.s., it needs to be done by entities like the international monetary funding, world bank and world food program. i would be remiss if i didn't miss one more thing. there's a wonderful opportunity coming out of congress that no one is tracking. veterans are tracking and we're
7:35 pm
hoping the president will be supporting there's an afghan commission that the senate has passed, it's currently before the house thanks to andy kim and pete meyer. it's bipartisan across the board. it's modeled after the 9/11 commission and the intent of the commission is to ensure that we learn from our mistakes, that we get accountability for what happened, but most importantly that we prevent this calamity from everything happening in the future we really hope that it passes congress this december and that the president supports it. >> matt zeller thanks for shedding the light on that tonight. we thank you for joining us. british prime minister boris johnson says he's appalled by what a human rights group calls the biggest loss of life in the english channel. officials say 31 migrants, including a young girl, drowned today after their boat sank off the coast of france.
7:36 pm
two people were rescued and rushed to the hospital it's still unclear where the migrants are from. prime minister johnson and french president macron vowed to stop crossings and stop human trafficking schemes. americans reported losing more than $80 million to cons from october 2020 through march 2021 that's ten times more than the same period a year earlier acoring to the ftc experts say the scammers rely on social media they steal photos and videos to create fake profiles and lure in victims with the promise of huge returns on a crypto investment the ftc says victims reported losing $2 million just to elon musk impersonators i've seen myself on twitter. experts say anyone with a public profile can be impersonated and so far there's not much being done to prevent it from happening. here's andrea day.
7:37 pm
>> reporter: instagram influencer brandy morgan started her account to connect with other women in tech. >> my real profile is miss brandy morgan. there wasn't a ton of females showcasing coding on instagram so that was the original story. >> reporter: photos of morgan working at her commuter with inspirational captions have attracted 56,000 followers but also grabbed the attention of scammers. >> a lot of these have been taken. a lot of times my followers will send me this person either just reached out to me or i just saw your photo on this account that's usually how i find out about it. >> reporter: morgan says there's been so many imposter accounts using her photos, she posted videos on her account to explain. >> it's sad because these people that are stealing my photos are tricking people to give them money and people are losing money over it. then they finding me on my real profile, my only profile and get mad at me and harass me for
7:38 pm
taking their money when i didn't. >> reporter: when we spoke with morgan, there were at least seven accounts using her photos under different made-up names. gina ford, trade with kim 1, ashley 11, brie sencore tez, trade with williams, ashleyfx underscore trade and there's invest with jennifer lopez. >> reporter: morgan says the process of having imposters removed into easy and sometimes instagram doesn't remove them at all. >> this has been happening for years, and instagram does nothing about it it's scary and it feels like a huge violation, because that's not me but it looks like me saying those things and so that's worse to me because they're trying to actually solicit for money and to scam these people with my photos. >> reporter: another instagramer, jason sallman, says he sees around 25 fake instagram accounts a week using his
7:39 pm
photos. >> i produce a lot of contempt around the crypto space. >> reporter: all of his real pics that feature bitcoin make him a prime target for imposters. >> it's super creepy they'll sometimes make up their own captions for things. oh, i'm so happy with my family now that i made all this money from mining. they actually tag my wife in their photos. >> reporter: and it gets worse sallman says he's received threats from people who have lost thousands of dollars to imposters using his photos to scam them. >> i've gotten threats i'm going to kill you, i'm going to beat you up i know where you live. >> reporter: he says victims reach out to him a few times a week like morgan, sallman is frustrated that sometimes instagram doesn't help. >> there's a little function where you can report accounts, kind of go through a couple of steps to report it as an impersonation account and they'll review it. sometimes it will take them as little as two hours to respond sometimes it takes days and
7:40 pm
sometimes they never respond. >> reporter: when cnbc reached out to instagram for the story, sharing the fake accounts impersonating sallman and morgan, the company deleted them all. in a statement instagram said claiming to be another person on instagram violates our community guidelines and we have a dedicated team to detect and block these kinds of scams we know there is more to do here, which is why we keep working to prevent abuse and keep our community safe. that detection and blocking system is not always working like it should morgan and sallman have reported imposters through the app and sometimes the dedicated team replies that the fake account will not be removed because it doesn't go against community guidelines and when the company fails to remove an imposter account, frustrated instagram users have no means to escalate the issue because one of the largest social networks in the world has
7:41 pm
no help line or customer service. more bad news. these crypto scammers are spreading on other things too. morgan and sallman have already impersonators on tiktok. we strive to protect the sbeg legitimate of our platform and authenticity of our amazing community, which is why we remove accounts that deceptively impersonate others and encourage people to report content or accounts they believe violate our community guidelines though several of sallman's imposters remain active and even more have emerged since tiktok's review of the accounts kelly, morgan and sallman aren't the only victims we've also spoken to people lured in my imposters who lost a lot of money one of sallman's imposters convinced a man to invest in crypto and the scammer took off with $20,000. >> an important story. and dreea reporting tonight. the ceo of instagram is set to
7:42 pm
testify on capitol hill next month. it will be his first time before congress senator richard blumenthal confirming the news to cnbc. he will appear on december 6th as part of a series of protecting kids online instagram has come under fire after a facebook whistleblower claimed the company knew its platform could be toxic for teens. he has called the claims misleading and defended its business. the pentagon unveiling a brand new team called the airborne object identification and management synchronization group. in english, we've got ourselves official ufo hunters flying saucers and alien invaders, beware. and the only unsolved plane hijacking in u.s. history 50 years later. d.b. cooper has yet to be founding, dead or alive. next, a crime historian on why 'rstwee ill searching for answers half a century on.
7:43 pm
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the pentagon is now cracking down on ufos really the department of defense announced last night that it's creating a new group to investigate reports of ufos in restricted airspace. they say it's because they pose a potential flight risk to air crews and could raise national security concerns. this all comes after a report compiled in june revealed the pentagon could not explain 143 incidents of ufo sightings and that 18 of them appeared to have advanced technology. valerie castro looked into the pentagon's plans. >> reporter: the unexplained and unidentified -- >> look at that thing. >> reporter: has intrigued the public and presidents alike, including president obama on the late, late show with james corden. >> the truth is that when i came into office, i asked, right? i was like, all right, is there the lab somewhere where we're keeping the alien specimens in spaceships >> reporter: joking aside, the pentagon has now formed an agency to investigate who and
7:46 pm
what else might be out there through the airborne object identification and management synchronization group. the dod says its mission, to detect, identify and attribute objects of interests in special air use airspace calls for more investigations into mysterious objects captured by military planes grew after a government report released in june said 143 out of 144 objects in the sky couldn't be explained. >> it's extremely disturbing to think after spending hundreds of billions of dollars for so many years and believing our airspace to be secure, in fact we've had vehicles operating in restricted airspace on a sustained basis for many years. >> reporter: while the military will seek to explain what has already been captured on camera, nasa will continue to search for the unknown. >> if you have a universe that
7:47 pm
is 13 1/2 billion years old, it is so big, is there another chance for another sun and another planet that has an atmosphere like ours i would say yes. >> reporter: the department of defense says it will issue more guidance in the coming weeks that will include details about its yet to be named future director kelly. >> and what was the name of that group again? >> don't ask me to repeat it because i can't tell you. >> clearly ufo hunting was not going to fly thank you very much, valerie castro. five decades ago today the most famous unsolved airline crime in history took place. on november 24th, 1971, a passenger with sunglasses, a black tie and a ticket booked under the name of dan cooper boarded a northwest orient airline flight in portland headed for seattle this is the fbi sketch of that man released in 1971 after ordering a drink, cooper said he had a bomb and demanded
7:48 pm
$200,000 and four parachutes when the plane reached seattle once there he was given those items and cooper's fellow passengers disembarked cooper instructed the crew to fly him to mexico city but he jumped out of the plane over southwest washington, never to be heard from again. his identity has also never been confirmed. crime historian eric euless joined me now. he has investigated and searched for d.b. cooper for more than a decade after all this time, is there any better idea who he actually was and what happened to him >> first of all, kelly, thank you very much for being there and happy thanksgiving to you. yeah, absolutely i think there's a lot that we've learned about cooper very recently basically due to science. first of all, i think it's pretty clear that the guy survived and that he got away with it. i think the other thing is i think it's pretty clear now that d.b. cooper probably came from the aerospace sector probably somehow related to boeing i don't think boeing specifically but if i were to hazard a guess i would say look
7:49 pm
at connecticut or something along those lines. that seems to be a pretty solid indication where he came from. >> why do people think that $200,000 was never even spent? >> that's a very good question and it's really a mystery within a mystery. obviously $6,000 was found on the beach about eight years later all rotted and decayed but original rubber bands still in place. interestingly about 20 miles from where they believe d.b. cooper jumped, as to the remaining $194,000, it does appear that it wasn't spent. it seems likely that if he had spent the $194,000, that at some point one of those serial numbers, which were recorded by the way, would have popped up somewhere. having said that, i think it is possible that 10,000 or 15,000 was spent over a period of time and just went unnoticed. >> given that he apparently got away with it, who knows what happened to him ever since, are you a little surprised no one
7:50 pm
else has tried to pull this stunt? >> well, there were a few people that tried to pull the stunt after d.b. cooper, none of whom were successful. so i think there were a few people that tried it for a couple of years and then people gave up. obviously 1971 was a completely different environment on a number of different levels than 2021, so i just don't think it's feasible for a d.b. cooper in 2021 to get away with it like he did in 1971. >> what is your best guess about whatever happened to him >> i think he survived i think he got away with it. as to what happened after he collected the money that he buried i believe temporarily on the beach there, the $6,000 that he left behind notwithstanding, really it's anybody's guess. i have absolutely no idea. >> that's a true unsolved miss re eric, happy thanksgiving to you as well and thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> eric ulis. santa gets a lot of attention this time of year, rightly so, delivering presents world wise is no small feat.
7:51 pm
this christmas, the north pole has a new star, mrs. claus after years of toiling away behind the scenes, mrs. claus is headlining her own show, sponsored by the labor crunch. plus, it may be the most controversial call in football history. are thanksgiving dish patriots st matt judon says needs to be taken off the table. happenin yeah, i got the awesome new iphone 13 pro and airpods, and t-mobile is paying for them both! oooh and i get a free year of apple tv+ and this is for new and existing t-mobile and sprint customers. like me! back to you. uh, hello!? we are going to t-mobile! upgrade to the iphone 13 pro and airpods both on us. this week only, at t-mobile. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance
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and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. folks, the labor shortage has officially hit the north pole last week we told you about the warning of santa claus there may not be enough of him to make the usual appearances at malls or holiday parties not to worry, mrs. claus is stepping in to help. here's cnbc's kate rogers. >> reporter: the post-pandemic surge of holiday cheer has left too many parties and not enough christmas characters so as a shortage of santas is being felt across the country, requests for mrs. claus are taking off. >> mrs. claus is doing everything she can to help save
7:54 pm
christmas. >> reporter: call them independent women. >> mrs. clauses are being requested more every year because they become more independent of santa, having to do certain christmas parties with cookies and stories they're becoming true story tellers and entertainers. >> reporter: but moving from supporting cast to spotlight takes dedication and education enter the santa nanas holiday university they host events for current and aspiring mrs. clauses across the cou country. you get a two and a half day course on how to define your mrs. claus style, the art of performing -- >> keep them engage had and using props. >> reporter: and how to best market your christmas brand. >> we talk about what would you do in this situation or this wonderful thing happened and we can all get excited one mrs. claus' excitement is very catching. you know, it's contagious. and then pretty soon we're all
7:55 pm
excited. >> reporter: with this new demand comes the inevitable fight for equity. >> in some cases i was getting barely anything. so in some cases it's almost three times the amount, but it's still almost half of what santa makes at this point. but we're working on that. >> reporter: and if you miss your chance to see the big man or the missus, santa says you're covered. >> sandyta is coming covid or no covid, we'll be coming down the chimney. >> reporter: we're here at westfield center in san francisco. it's already busy with shoppers getting out for the holiday season there's no mrs. claus here on site, but those santa nanas that you heard from say they're ready to capitalize on the opportunity this season and for many years to come. >> you better hide, kate they'll come for you if they need extra help. >> reporter: they might, they might. i don't know if i'm old enough yet but maybe next year. >> kate rogers reporting tonight. and now some inflation news
7:56 pm
we are happy to report the macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons are ready to go. 15 balloons and 36 inflatables got the wind knocked into them today, all ahead of the big event tomorrow the parade will follow its usual 2.5-mile route through manhattan this year, after the pandemic downsized the celebration to just a block in 2020 macy's also adding some new floats including that baby yoda balloon from the hit show "the mandalorian. you can see all the floats at 9:00 a.m. on nbc and streaming on peacock. and thanksgiving can bring out some strong emotions, thoughts about gratitude, family and of course food everyone seems to have a favorite and least favorite dish it turns out new england patriots star defender matt judon has a particularly strong opinion about mac and cheese yesterday he gave reporters a passionate plea to get rid of the dish this thanksgiving. >> we've got to get macaroni and
7:57 pm
cheese off the table, all right, guys it is just cheese and noodles. i'm getting on my soap opera it's just cheese and noodles and it's not that good every time i try it, it's the same thing it's never going to change and it's never going to get better, all right? i'm almost 30 now, i'm pretty set in my ways and it's disgusting my brothers and sisters, my mom cook it, big pan they know not to put it on my plate or that's fighting words i'm going to have to fight everybody in the house one by one. i'll wait until they eat their macaroni and cheese, get sluggish and then i'm going to whoop them. >> the truth is i'm not really a mac and cheese person myself the patriots field group delivered these packages to his locker with a bow. we reached out to comment on the subject from gordon ramsey, he has a very famous mac and cheese recipe obviously he's never tried my
7:58 pm
neighbor's mac and cheese because that would change his opinion. 50 seconds left now in a race to the finish tonight three men have been convicted for the murder of ahmaud arbery. all three now face the possibility of life in prison without parole the cia director warning russia there will be consequences if the country is found to be responsible for the havana syndrome. millions of americans hitting the road and the skies for the thanksgiving holiday no major storms or reports of any major delays nationwide, at least yet. tsa says travel is close to pre-covid levels and now you know the news of this wednesday, november 24th, 2021 i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith tonight. have a happy and healthy thanksgiving filled with mac and cheese good night, everybody. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪
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