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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EST

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policy makers and investors panic over covid warranted or overblown i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith tonight. this is "the news" on central nervous system cnbc. >> we don't know a lot about the variant. >> the u.s. and others swiftly reinstituted travel restrictions, what we know about the new covid mutation >> down 903 points after closs >> markets rattled, the dow
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suffering its worst day of the year are fears here to stay or is a bounceback around the corner americans rushing out for black friday shopping. retailers hoping for big numbers, as we officially kick off the holiday shopping season. a coup plot in ukraine, the allegations by president zelenski and who he believes is behind the move. the trial of jeffrey epstein's associate set to begin. the nba player taking on china with us tonight. plus the new fight over canned cocktails >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith." good evening concerns about a new covid variant rattling markets and triggering new travel bans around the world tonight we'll provide context and clarity. we'll break down what scientists
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know about this variant and explain why health experts say people should not overreact just yet. researchers first identified this new strain in south africa earlier this week. today a world health organization panel named the variant omicron and labelled it as a variant of concern. health experts admit there are a lot of unknowns about this variant. they don't know if it's more contagious than delta. they don't know if it causes more severe disease. and they don't know how it stacks up against our vaccines the white house is taking action out of an abundance of caution the united states will restrict travel starting monday reporters asked president biden about the new policy early today. >> we don't know a lot about the variant except that it is a big concern. it seems to spread rapidly, and i've spent about a half hour this morning with my covid team, led by dr. fauci >> now, so far more than a dozen
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countries have restricted flights from south africa. they include the uk, germany, israel, italy and japan. the new variant also spooking wall street. take a look at the dow, plummeting more than 900 points today, its worst day of the year we have coverage from all angles tonight, dr. robbie sikka, sara eisen and meg tir rel. no confirmation that omicron has been detected yet in the u.s., meg, so where has it spread so far? >> yeah, kelly, so far most of the cases have been detected in south africa with a few others in botswana, hong kong, belgium and israel but it raised red flags in south africa so quickly for a couple reasons, first, how fast it's taken off. researchers there showed this graphic in a health department presentation yesterday it shows the prevalent of different variants
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the red is the delta variant in the blue, all the way to the right is the variant now known as omicron, appearing to gain ground against delta very quickly. there are several convalaveats this though, one being that cases had come down quite a bit from the delta wave. it's not clear if and to what degree omicron is outpacing delta. authorities are concerned will become the nation's fourth wave. now the other major concerning feature of this variant is that it contains more than 30 mutations in the spike protein, and some are known to potentially evade immune protections either from vaccination or prior infection the w.h.o. cited both of these concerns in its analysis today, noting more work needs to be done to understand both of those questions. now, as well as whether the variants associated with more severe disease there are a few pieces of good news though. one is that the variant can be
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tracked using pcr testing because of a marker in the way results show up. two is how quickly vaccine makers are responding. pfizer and biontech and moderna say they could have new batches of vaccine ready within about three months if updated versions are needed both moderna and novavax, another vaccine maker, are working on variant-specific versions just in case. all the companies are assessing how well their vaccines are likely to work against omicron with those results expected within a couple weeks. >> thank you so much meg tir rel tonight. let's turn to dr. robbie sikka. we've had several variants pop up delta obviously was significant. what's the level of concern with this one, and should the message be go get a booster now or wait for one that might be more tailored, if that's what's called for >> i think that's a great question thanks for having me tonight i think this is a really
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important public health concern. but i think this -- the concern that we're seeing across the country right now is probably a little bit unwarranted, and i think we should pause before we panic too much we do have concerns about competitions versus delta and the contagiousness, but we'll know more in about two weeks regarding evasiveness. i think there's some concern about reinfection with this variant and if you've been previously infected with delta we also know the vaccines continue to be an excellent defense. you should go get a booster. we know the vaccines work against severe illness we don't have enough clinical data for this group. i think the most important take-home message for the viewers tonight is we do have the tools to prevent testing works and we need way more of it we need a coherent national testing strategy ahead of january 4th. >> and january 4th being the vaccine mandate? >> yeah, that's exactly it
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before we get to that point, we need to figure out how to get the right tests into the right places >> understood. the u.s. and others aren't taking chances they're restricting travel from south africa here's what dr. gottlieb said about that today >> it's a big mistake in the long run because it's going to discourage countries from disclosing this early. we're dealing with very preliminary data right now they did the right thing and if the result is you get economically punished, countries are going to become more reluctant. >> an interesting point. do you agree with him? >> i think scott's point is great there. travel restrictions are likely too little too late. we know this variant has spread to other countries this is a different pandemic from march 2020. it's probably meaningfully different than least winter wit alpha. we need to prepare ourselves that this is going to be a tough few months regardless of this new variant, regardless of
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whether omicron becomes a variant we should be concerned with, delta is a concern we need to vaccinate we need to use masking and testing and all these things to create layers of protection. no one goes into the cold with just a jacket or just a hat or just gloves. we need to layer in protections. >> but it's exhausting i can tell you from dressing my toddlers, it's frustrating, exhausting and kind of how the whole pandemic has felt two years into it we're talking about all the efforts here including vaccination efforts here in the u.s., but what about vaccination efforts globally there's a big fight now about the sort of -- this new strain and what that's telling us we should or shouldn't have done to prevent it or should be doing now in terms of getting vaccination out there. >> well, i think this was probably pretty expected from the epidemiologic perspective that we were going to have more exposure because we didn't vaccinate the world. and we have to really take a step back now, vaccinate as many
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people as we can, but also have a coherent booster strategy. if you are more than two months out from j&j, more than six months out from your vaccine, go get a booster. it's a layer of protection but just like you said, i sympathize as a father too it's hard to mask up it's hard to do these things but if we want to make 2022 a really good summer, we do have to start to do the right things and not treat this like the beginning of the pandemic, not treat this like march 2020 >> dr. sikka, thank you so much for your time tonight. our news team coverage continues with sara eisen. markets taking a dive on this news they bounce back up sometimes after shaking it off, whether it's mu or other concerns. is it looking like one of those episodes, or could this one have legs >> i think the answer, kelly, depends on the news on this new variant. major questions are outstanding,
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how severe it is, how contagious it is, and how it holds up against the vaccine. but all those questions were enough to send investors selling and selling hard worst day of the year for the dow, worst day for the broader s&p 500 since back in february the worry on wall street, this could set back some of the economic progress we make. consumers get nervous about this new strain, start postponing travel and shopping trips, weddings, gatherings, all these things that have been coming back and forth and propelling the economy. that's what led to selling on wall street today. that's why some of the hardest hit areas were energy stocks, retailers, airlines, hotels, casinos, cruise lines. and it's why the bright spots in the market today, which actually held up better, were some of the so-called pandemic winters like a peloton or a zoom video. it was that old playbook and the point is there was enough uncertainty, and you know investors don't like
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uncertainty, that led us to some of those memories back in early 2020 where it was sell out of the economically sensitive areas and buy into what has held up. netflix was another example of what won the riskier investments also took a hit today like bitcoin and popular trades lately. and safety was in. people went into government bonds, for instance, for shelter, kelly, because the fact is we just don't know how much this could impact the economy. it may prove to be an overreaction, but we have to wait for word from the experts >> yeah, and you pointed out the big drop in oil, a little bit of a silver lining for consumers. maybe lower prices at the gas pump, which has been a big issue. but the market, let's pivot back to that. still up, i think the dow 14% this year, the s&p 22% this year even with today's decline. so, again, it's been a good year up until now >> that perspective is key we've had 66 record closes for
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the stock market in 2021 it has been very strong. and what's fuelled the market is a better economy, which has been driven by vaccinations and by trillions of dollars of stimulus into the system. the reason this came as such a shock today though is because the market had largely moved past covid all of the parts of the market that were tied to the reopening of the economy have been doing really well. the market instead has been focused on issues like inflation or lack of policy support now that our economy is doing so well well, market was okay with those things but not with this new variant, which is why it came as such a shock and what led to all the selling. the other point i'll make as well, kelly, is because the market had been doing so well, it's historically more expensive than where it usually trades and that led to a severe selloff as well today. >> great point sara, thank you for sticking with us tonight, we really appreciate it. black friday, an american
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tradition, alive and well. shoppers are hitting the stores ask approximate the websites today. we have the new numbers on just how big a day it was and the smash and grabs keep coming tonight the latest break-ins and the response from top retailers. plus a stunning, troubling claim from the president of ukraine. why he says russians may be ready to overthrow his government ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪
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did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th 'tis the season of all out shopping black friday and shoppers rush to stores across america here are live images from coast to coast, people packing the malls in los angeles and still ke king of prussia store workers at the mall of america welcomed those hundreds of shoppers at 7:00 in the morning. and take a look at this chopper video in miami
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you can see hundreds of cars packing the parking lot today at the dolphin mall courtney reagan with us now. a long day for you, court. and high prices are definitely not keeping the shoppers away, are they >> yeah, they're really not, kelly. the day isn't over but we just got new spending data in from master kard, and they said across all forms of payment, black friday sales are up 30% through 3:00 p.m. eastern time compared to last friday. in store sells, up 11% this year for the second year in a row many retailers stayed closed on thanksgiving so, they pushed the door busters back into black friday for shoppers lots of reports of younger shoppers being the predominant demographic. clothing reigned supreme with shoppers with apparel spending up 86% and shopping center operator jll reporting its locations of
12:16 am
apparel stores are seeing the strongest store traffic. it's getting the biggest share of online checkouts, according to cashback shopping platform rakuten. but it's not just in store digital checkouts could hit $9.6 billion this black friday, while thanksgiving day's online shopping totals came in a little less than expected the average total online today is 140 bucks that's up 22% from the $115 last year search intelligence platform reports a big uptick in gaming consoles nintendo switch is topping the searching and playstation 5. shoppers more concerned with the availability of the playstation than the price vizio tvs, air fryers and legos. you mentioned lower discount levels this year the biggest discount levels in general are on toys, apparel, as
12:17 am
we mentioned, and computers. >> a blockbuster day truly with some of those numbers. thank you so much. at least three people are injured after a person opened fire at a mall in north carolina it happened earlier today at this mall in durham. police say they've arrested a suspect but did not provide any other information. witnesses say the shooting happened after two people started yelling at each other. all six victims being treated at a nearby hospital. luckily their injuries are not life threatening a string of smash and grab robberies is hitting california as shoppers head to the stores before the holidays. mobs of people have been ransacking and looting high end stores, including several in the bay area large groups of organized criminals are smashing windows and emptying out stores. the thieves often turn around and sell those items online. store owners in the bay area are now beefing up security to protect their businesses kate rogers covering this for
12:18 am
us kate, these robberies keep coming >> yeah, kelly, another day, another smash and grab in california, two new robbery incidents in the state as the holiday retail season gets into full swing four people seen here making off with more than $20,000 in goods from an apple store in california, north of san francisco on wednesday, in what police are calling a brazen day time burglary. and a nordstrom in los angeles targeted by a group of five thieves, one wearing an orange wig, who hit a security guard with bear spray and ran off with goods. walnut creek's nordstrom retailers are bracing for what this new threat means for business best buy ceo telling courtney reagan this is a big safety concern for workers and guests >> our employees, these are
12:19 am
traumatic experiences and they're happening more and more across the country obviously their safety is our first priority, so we're putting a multitude of measures in place whether that's locking some of the product up, whether that is working with our vendor partners, whether that is working with local law enforcement or working with our trade federations. but we really want to prioritize customer safety, and it's really been a horrible change in the trajectory of the business and one of the things we're working hard to try stem >> police are investigating both of these new incidents and have said they're working to see if the string of smash and grabs over the last week are related in san francisco the d.a. announcing felony charges for nine suspects earlier this week. concerns out of ukraine after the president there says a coup may be just days away, now a response from the u.s. state department o p and a growing rift between
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tensions between ukraine and russia getting worse the president of ukraine now claiming that russians are planning to overthrow him as part of a planned coup he claims the plot is scheduled for december 1st keir simmons tracking this for us from london tonight >> reporter: the ukrainian president's claim that there was a coup planned against him for next week only ratchets up the tension in a region that is already tense. the kremlin denying any involvement in any kind of a coup the ukrainian president claiming he has intelligence and recordings of russians and ukrainian billionaire oligarch talking about the coup the state department does not seem to have any prior knowledge of the claims, saying in a statement, i can assure you we are aware of the statements made this morning we are in touch with the ukrainian government to discuss this further and are working to obtain additional information. we are just engaging with our
12:23 am
ukrainian partners on this president putin has claimed that america was interfering in ukrainian affairs and russian affairs. putin himself accused of interfering in u.s. politics in the 2016 election. kelly? >> keir simmons reporting. and at least 52 people are dead after a coal mine exploded in russia. dozens more hospitalized and officials are calling it the worst mining disaster in more than a decade. it happened yesterday at this mining facility in siberia part of the mine blew up after a ventilation shaft filled up with gas. rescue teams tried to save the missing miners, but after a few hours, the search was suspended because of high levels of poisonous gas. police say they arrested the director and his deputy on suspicion of violating rules an update on the migrant boat tragedy in the english
12:24 am
channel. officials have identified one of the 27 people who drowned. her name is myriam she is a kurdish student from northern iraq. she was hoping to join her fiance who already lives in britain. she was just 24 years old. both british prime minister boris johnson and french president emmanuel macron vowed to prevent future crossings, but that was made difficult after this controversial statement take back migrants who reach british shores french officials denounced the statement and disinvited the secretary to the summit. the government has urged france to reconsider. prime minister johnson says the migrant crisis is a problem both countries have to fix together and top ceos bowing to china, athletes accused of remaining silent but one nba star says he's had enough ahead, my conversation with the boston celtics enes kanter why he says more need to join
12:25 am
him in standing up to beijing. and americans shopping up a storm. but are some going overboard tonight a story yo
12:26 am
something you might need to put on the christmas list this year, a generator. department of energy data shows the number of major electric disturbances and unusual occurrences has increased 13 fold during the last two
12:27 am
decades. combined with increase in severe weather across the country from fires to california to hurricanes in the gulf south and the record breaking deep freeze in texas last year, it all has consumers powering up for a little peace of mind here's contessa brewer >> reporter: frigid temperatures, days without drinking water, and a power grid on the brink of collapse it would take weeks for the state of texas to recover from february's historic deep freeze. it took houston native just a few days to take matters into his own hands. >> we said it's a no brainer for us to get a generator to be comfortable and safe in our own home >> reporter: $10,000 later, he is one of a growing number of americans who recently invested in a home standby generator. jen rack, the wisconsin-based manufacturer that makes up 75% of home generator sales in the u.s. has seen its profits double
12:28 am
since last summer. >> we think we've shifted into a different place where this is going to become the must-have appliance for most homeowners. >> according to the company, demand for back up power in states like california and texas is booming like never before, driven in large part by changing weather patterns >> the severe temperature extremes are putting enormous stresses on the grid life becomes very primitive very quickly without power. >> reporter: even in places like michigan where generator sales have been strong for years, this man says demand is outstripping supply >> i've never seen demand like this in my life. i've been doing it 20 years. and i don't see any end in the future >> reporter: for now future planning is the only option. the current wait time for a generac generator is about seven months he says it's well worth the
12:29 am
wait >> this allows us to have a place of shelter i guess if the whole street shows up, it's going to be a great party. >> it's also been a party for investors. the company's stock is up 800% since 2018 to help alleviate some of the supply issues it's facing, generac brought a third manufacturing facility online, so hopefully consumers can get the back up power ready ahead of the next big storm >> we have one and we've had a charging party on our front porch in the last blackout a long awaited proposal on oil and gas drilling reforms the biden administration today recommending reforms to the nation's oil and gas leasing program. the proposal would raise cost for energy companies to drill on public lands and waters. it stopped short of endorsing end to government leasing land drill, which generates billions in revenue but contributes about a quarter of the country's
12:30 am
greenhouse emissions cozy apartments getting tighter and cheaper, eye kia renting out a studio in tokyo. you can see it there it costs you less than a buck a month. the tiny pad comes with a lot of, kitchenette and bathroom a patch of ding tal real estate in a platform known as a metaverse. it sold for a whopping $2.4 million worth of crypto that's more than double the previous price played for a plot of digital land. on wall street today, the dow slid 904 points, a 2.5% drop for the worst day of the year. i'm ckelly evans. >> basketball star enes canter
12:31 am
goes after an nba owner. jeffrey epstein's close associate heads to trial what to expect next week and why her family is petitioning the un for help but first it's black friday and the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. as we mentioned, mastercard data shows in store sales soaring this black friday compared to last year. but as more people head to malls across the country, businesses say they're struggling to hire workers to keep up with demand christi kri kristina partsinevelos has more. >> reporter: 'tis is season for holiday shopping this mall has been open since 6:00 a.m. and it is jam packed at the moment. retailers are still facing a labor crunch just in the month of october alone, there was 940,000 seasonal job postings. that's a record we haven't seen in almost ten years. but when you talk about seasonal job hiring, that's actually declined 9% in october compared to last year at that time.
12:32 am
what we are seeing in this mall is signs all across store fronts for hire retailers are still desperate to entice new employees to work these frontlines >> retailers are really pulling out all the stops to try to get people to come in and start working. so, they're offering these incentives like a $5$500 sign-on bonus. >> but the workers just aren't looking. employment is down 21% compared to 2019 pre-pandemic finding affordable child care is just one of many hurdles >> there's also been the extended and enhanced unemployment benefits which had expired but gave people the ability to not have to go into some of these potentially dangerous jobs for a period of time and then we've seen a lot of baby boomers decide to retire. >> reporter: all this means that
12:33 am
the balance of power is in the workers' hands and we spoke to experts who told us retailers will have to offer higher pay or offer extremely flexible work schedules in order to ensure a positive shopping experience for us all. kelly? >> kristina partsinevelos, thanks despite the spike in shopping numbers, not everyone thinks it's good americans are back to shopping more. one writer argues people should stop shopping because america needs you to buy less junk amanda, thanks less junk? why? >> well, there are a number of reasons. the biggest one is because there is a supply snag right now in the united states that has a number of different bottlenecks. and we have devoted an enormous amount of logistical resources in america to sort of entertaining a wealthy tier of shoppers who are shopping an enormous amount right now, way
12:34 am
more than they did before the pandemic and if we want to get some of these supply bottlenecks ironed out, i think it's important that we be able to devote those resources to other things rather than serving a sector of the population that's already extremely well served. >> you write that the supply chain problems right now are crowding out really important things like, you know, school lunch, for instance, because people are just front loading and trying to get things delivered to their door however possible what other problems do you see >> well, the main problem that sort of undergirds all these problems is the logistical resources that we have in the united states generally just go to the highest bidder. and that includes everything from longshoremen unloading ships at ports, truckers, warehouse space, labor so, you get this sort of -- all of these resources accrue to consumers concerns when it might be more helpful to spread them
12:35 am
around the economy a little bit more to things like, you know, as you mentioned, school lunches. there are shortages all over the place and things that are really, really necessary that just aren't being catered to right now. >> amanda mull with a plea to be a little more mindful this time of year especially amanda, thank you tonight. and america's housing market typically cools off into winter, but this year could be different. new data appears to show some mixed signals on where buyers are turning right now. cnbc covers the real estate for us >> kelly, we just got surprising numbers on mortgage demand that could point to a holiday season surge in home sales. mortgage applications to buy a home jumped 5% compared with the previous week and that's the third straight week of gains despite rising interest rates. take a look. the average on the popular 30 year fixed has been increasing since the end of august, although it did drop off a little today on the news of that
12:36 am
covid variant. even with that rise, a new report showed sales rose slightly analysts thought it would drop important to note those are based on signed contracts in august and december. more timely was the report we got on sales of newly built homes, which are measured by signed contracts so, that is people out shopping and signing deals in october and those dropped pretty sharply. some of that may be due, though, to builders slowing sales because of supply chain and labor issues they want to deliver the homes on time, but they're just not sure they can do that right now. the pullback may also be due to sky high prices, homes up over 17% from a year ago. plus builders aren't offering entry level homes these days where does that leave us red fin is reporting after a slight october cooling, they are seeing more buyers in the first week of november that would align with that rising demand for mortgages from buyers unfortunately though for all that demand is a continued supply and december is not exactly a hot month for sellers to list
12:37 am
their homes for sale >> i do see a lot of signs out this time of year. given higher mortgage rates, are we seeing easing up yet on home prices >> short answer is not yet but that may be coming now, we get another read on prices next week and given the dropback in sales of those newly built homes, we could see prices bpull back there. the one thing that's standing in the way is investors they're making up a growing share of home buyers and all cash home buyers at that they are keeping a floor under those high prices because they also see really high rents in their future >> that's not going to make them very popular diana, thank you very much criticism of china and the country's response has been in the spotlight the last few weeks. calls for changing are growing ahead of february's winter olympics in beijing. last week president biden said the u.s. is considering a diplomatic boycott of the games,
12:38 am
this as drama surrounding chinese tennis star peng shuai has thrown the global tennis community into turmoil she has not been seen in public since she accused a high ranking chinese official of sexual assault. and corporations have felt the heat too earlier this week jpmorgan chairman and ceo jamie dimon had to walk back comments. enes kanter joins me now you've been vocal about chinese government's policies. what did you make of the joking that jpmorgan will outlast them? >> first of all, thank you for having me. someone had to do it you see, there are so many companies and organizations,
12:39 am
celebrities are scared to say a word because they care too much about their business, their endorsement deals. i feel like someone had to go out there and pull out the indicator of regimes and what i heard obviously i was shocked. and the important thing is, you know, it is important to stay strong for the people out there. >> right and he has apologized a couple times for it do you wish that more leaders would call out china for their actions? >> i wish. you know, i almost say shame on all these leaders, muslim leaders, muslim athletes, not just those but the actors and rappers and singers. to them they care too much about money and endorsement. it is a shame to mebecause the are putting their morals and principles and better values over -- money over them.
12:40 am
but i think the important thing is, you know, to be the voice of all those things for people who don't have a voice >> the winter olympics obviously are in beijing just a couple months away. and calls are growing to boycott the games over human rights abuses in china. do you think countries should boycott and do you think that's fair to the athletes who people say they'll be punished because they've been training so hard for the games. >> almost 2 million are tortured every day. and if you look at what happened recently to chinese tennis star, look what they're doing to their own player, own athlete. are we really going to trust the chinese government with our own athlete? yes, i feel like more athletes, more countries, more governments should go out there and boycott the olympics because shame on international committee that
12:41 am
they're organizing games in a country like china that's unacceptable, and yes, we should definitely try to move the games somewhere else >> and it's a broader question, which is actually a huge topic of discussion in the u.s what about those people who say the u.s. needs to stop sticking its nose into other country's business they even cite the example of the iraq war, afghanistan, other nations where we've gotten involved and they say we need to stop doing that and fix our own problems here at home instead? >> it doesn't have to affect each other you know, when a person, human being, i was not born in america, but i remember growing up i always looked at america as a country who stands up for democracy, freedom and human rights and america should be the example of -- to all the countries out there who don't have freedom, democracy and human rights so, yes, i feel like -- and america is the only country that can stand up a country like
12:42 am
china. so, it is not -- this is bigger than, you know, the problems america has. this is all over the world >> do you think you might ever reach a point where nba team said, you know, he's focused on other issues, human rights issues, and that's great, but he'd be too much of a distraction on my team >> i asked that with my teammates a lot, especially last two months, and we've had many conversations about what is happening in china and the one thing that gives so much hope and motivation is their support. i see i can have a conversation with them. and they told me, look, hey, listen, whatever you need, let us know. we've got your back. and that gives me so much hope it is not a distraction at all because even my teammates know that this is bigger than basketball this is bigger than nba and myself so, no, this is definitely not a distraction at all >> enes kanter, thank you for your time tonight.
12:43 am
>> thank you, guys a highly anticipated trial set to again ghislaine maxwell close to getting her day in court what prosecutors and the defense have in store. but first one of the legends of american musical theater has died steven sond hime, the composer of such hits as "sunday in the park with george," "into the woods," and "sweeney todd" passed away today. it happene when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be.
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together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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ghislaine maxwell's brother says authorities are targeting his sister because they are desperate to blame somebody for jeffrey epstein's sex crimes maxwell is the convicted sex offender's exgirlfriend and long time associate her trial comes more than two years after epstein allegedly
12:46 am
killed himself in his manhattan jail cell. prosecutors say maxwell recruited underage girls for epstein to abuse they say she groomed them and ultimately sexually abused them herself. maxwell faces six felonies tied to sex trafficking, conspiracy, and enticing minors. she faces two felony perjury charges that will be tried separately she has denied all of them here's valerie castro with the details. >> reporter: ghislaine maxwell will now stand trial for what prosecutors say was her role in recruiting and grooming minors for jeffrey epstein's abuse. >> maxwell was among epstein's closest associates and helped him exploit girls who were as young as 14 years old. >> reporter: maxwell was arrested at this new hampshire home in july of 2020 and has spent the months since locked up in brooklyn awaiting her day in
12:47 am
court. maxwell denies all charges, saying in a pre-trial hearing earlier this month, i have not committed any crimes the prosecutors say she lured girls with friendship, movies, and shopping trips and engaged in the abuse herself virgi virgi virginia is not expected to be in court the trial is limited to 1994 to 2004 but in a 2019 interview with savannah guthrie, she spoke out about her relationship with the pair who she says manipulated her and abused her at multiple locations beginning at this home when she was 16 years old. >> jeffrey and ghislaine were invisible chains and it was that constant, we own the police. you can't run.
12:48 am
you can't tell anybody we'll never be held accountable for this >> reporter: maxwell has repeatedly denied her allegations and her attorneys argue she is being unfairly persecuted as apart of a failed attempt to prosecute epstein, who killed himself in a manhattan jail before he could be brought to trial. >> maxwell has repeatedly asked the court for bail or home detention, but the judge has denied those requests. this week her siblings petitioned the united nations arbitraries on health. a spokesperson declined to comment on the matter earlier this week. >> the whole world will be watching valerie castro tonight, thank you so much. for more on this danny se voir dire los. what are you watching for as the trial begins >> i'm watching for the defendant's tactics. what are they going to try to do
12:49 am
to counter the government's evidence most likely they're going to argue -- this is what they previewed in motions -- they're going to argue that even if it's true, these things happened in indictment, taking people on shopping trips, going to the movies, befriending them, asking them about their lives is not grooming it does not rise to the level of what jeffrey epstein actually did. and they will point to the empty chair. they will say that jeffrey epstein is the person that should be here, not maxwell. >> testimony from epstein's victims will be a big part of this trial most likely how much pressure from the defense's cross examination will be on them >> this will be huge but the pressure will be on the government's witnesses as well because this is a case where the allegations date back to the early and mid-90s, decades ago so, everything rides on what those victim or accusers say when they get up, take an oath, and start pointing at the defendant in court
12:50 am
if they are credible, the government's case will likely survive. if they are cross examined and are not credible, then the government's case may fail so much rides on their testimony. there's a lot of pressure on the government here. >> what about maxwell herself? is she expected to take the stand? >> even though the last few weeks have seen a lot of high profile defendants take the stand, maxwell is one that is not likely to get up and testify, mostly because she is charged as well with perjury and that kind of charge opens her up to a crucible of cross examination about those perjury allegations. so, she has a little too much exposure on the perjury case, but of course she has an absolute constitutional right to take the stand and she may elect to do so >> fascinating danny, thank you tonight cocktails in a can is a big business these days. but an old prohibition era law is making those cocktails more expensive than everything else that comes in a 12 ounce can
12:51 am
now companies are fighting back. and it's often said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but not in form of flattery, but not in ac dh korea, as kim jong-u ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps)
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uncle sam is taking extra taxes out of your alcohol, if it comes in a can it's all thanks to a prohibition law that imposes a different tax
12:54 am
rate based on the type of booze you're drinking. the rates are different in each state and there's a federal tax too. it adds up to higher taxes on spirits and wine and with the rise of canned cocktails like high noon and jim beam canned high balls, the industry is feeling the pinch and passing it on to the consumer >> in west virginia, brooke lover makes ciders and spirits using ingredients from the farm nearby this winter there's a hard sigh darr, the black cherry is popular. both go for the same price but that's hiding a big difference >> they're suggested $9.99 this is 6.9% beer or cider this is 4% this has six cans. this has four cans why is this tax less than this it doesn't make a lot of sense >> blame can youuncle sam.
12:55 am
it can be double the amount of hard cider or beer that's because liquor is taxed on the alcohol content the stronger the spirit, the higher the tax beer and wine have a flat tax. it depends on how much alcohol is in them this has been a problem since the prohibition, but it's bubbling up again because cocktails in a ka have exploded in popularity during the pandemic across the country, sales are up 200%, and the industry says it's hard to compete where the tax ain't cheep. >> that's not right for consumers. 62% of craft distillers in the country are reluctant to get into the marketplace because it's cost prohibitive. and no doubt it's cost prohibitive for consumers as well >> glover didn't realize that when she opened five years ago but now she says that difference in tax is a big barrier to her business she predicted sales could double if the tax rate came down. >> for us it would be huge
12:56 am
we would be able to hire employees, expand distribution we would be able to take advantage of that and buy into the economy at scale i think it would really help us out. >> already the industry has gotten michigan and nebraska to cut state taxes on canned cocktails. now it's hoping to stir things up in d.c. as well kelly, thr a long way to go before congress gets involved, but the industry feels it's worth the shot >> on top of that, there's always the risk you grab one thinking it's just a flavored seltzer. >> that's right. you've got to be careful what you drink. >> maybe not in the liquor store, but in the fridge, watch out. north korea banning leather coats all in an effort to get citizens to stop imitating kim jong-un's style. the country's dictator has been spotted on pneumnumerous occasii a cow hide coat. since then imitation coats have
12:57 am
cropped up across the country. radio free asia claim there are literal fashion police roaming north korea. law enforcement in the country is going after companies making imitation coats as well as anyone they spot wearing one in public and the national dog show crowned its winner yesterday, and she might look familiar. last year's champ, clair, a scottish deerhound did it again, crowned best in show for the second year in a row this is the first time in national dog show history that the same dog won best in show two years running. clair beat out almost 200 breed rt nonr no. angela loyd, the handler told nbc she was more sure of herself this year after growing into her body. and 70 seconds left on a race to the finish tonight president biden restricting travel from south africa, this after the w.h.o. identified a new covid variant ofconcern
12:58 am
there. it's called omicron. scientists are reviewing whether it can evade vaccines. that data not expected for another few weeks. millions of americans shopping for black friday, crowds packing shopping districts coast to coast mastercard reports sales way up from last year and the president of ukraine claiming russians are plotting to overthrow his government as westerly as next week. the claim based off intelligence he says he received. moscow denies involvement. now you know the news of this friday november 26th, 2021. i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. follow us on instagram and
12:59 am
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