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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  December 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EST

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crh it. "shark tank" has been a part of my story the whole way. it's part of the inspiration here. and with robert onboard, we're gonna be scrub daddy 2. i ♪ a deadly school shooting yet again in america i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc >> we have updated information on the number of deceased. it is three. we also have eight others that were shot. >> a 15-year-old student arrested updates on the developing situation at the high school in michigan covid omicron spreading, white house officials pushing for calm as markets plunge. the fed testimony on the hill. >> greater concerns about the virus could reduce people's willingness to work in person.
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>> that pushed stocks on a tumble she was the police officer who shot and killed daunte wright during a traffic stop what the defense team revealed about their strategy during today's jury selection tiger woods opens up about his near-fatal car crash. >> there were some tough times in there there were some really, really tough times. >> how close he was to losing his leg and the future of his career elizabeth holmes cross-examined by prosecutors. criminals searching the dark web for holiday discounts. and inside the global maple syrup shortage >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith." good evening it's happened yet again in america. the parents of three teenagers learned today their children will not be coming home from school the parents of seven others finding out their kids are in hospitals with bullet wounds yet another school shooting.
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the 58th shooting on school grounds this year according to gun safety advocacy group every town this time it happened in oxford, michigan, population 3,500 outside detroit. cops there say a 15-year-old student brought a semi-automatic handgun to school and opened fire they say he shot off 15 to 20 bullets, killed three students, shot eight other people including a teacher. the undersheriff in oakland county there says deputies took the suspect into custody within about five minutes of the final shots. no struggle at all he says the student is not cooperating. michigan's governor gretchen whitmer calling the shooting an unimaginable tragedy >> i think we need to focus on the community, the families, supporting all the first responders including the incredible people at our hospitals that are working so hard to saven't the p lives of those who are fighting
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this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> so far they have no idea what his motive was local coverage from nbc affiliate weiy and their reporter stephanie parkinson live in oxford township. stephanie, a fast police response, i understand >> reporter: there have been multiple agencies out here today from the fbi to the local police departments and as you mentioned the oakland county sheriff where i am is in oakland county. right now tonight a lot of questions for this community over were there warning signs about this potentially happening. we've spoken to a student already who said he didn't go to school today because he was concerned something could happen as far as right now, though, the undersheriff with oakland county is telling us they can't talk about that they're investigating everything and they'll give us more information as they can get it we're expecting one of those updates in a couple of hours but when this happened earlier on, 1:00 p.m., they said everything was done correctly in the school as it should be done in a situation like this there were more than 100 calls to 911
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within five minutes of the original call that suspect was taken into custody a 15-year-old student at oxford high school. so they say they did everything right. that doesn't change the fact that obviously three students were killed today, all teenagers, high schoolers at oxford high school here in michigan now, that student, the 15-year-old suspect, is not talking with investigators we're told the parents also don't want that student to talk with investigators and the parents are hiring an attorney that's what their next step is right now that's the situation and they're hoping that that will change, though, in the coming hours, the coming days. of course we'll have to continue to follow that live in oxford township, stephanie parkinson. back to you. >> stephanie, thank you. covid watch. the white house now considering stricter testing requirements and possible self-quarantines for all travelers arriving to the united states. that's new today from the cdc director dr. rochelle walensky says the cdc already expanded surveillance at four major airports jfk, newark, san francisco, and
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atlanta. officials there searching for what could be america's first case of covid omicron. >> this program allows for increased covid testing for specific international arrivals, increasing our capacity to identify those with covid-19 on arrival to the united states, and enhancing our surveillance for the omicron variant. >> new data shows the covid omicron variant was already in europe days before scientists in south africa were first to identify it. health officials in the netherlands say they identified cases dating back a week and a half brazil and japan the latest nations to confirm omicron cases. nbc news reports researchers have detected the new variant in at least 21 countries, but not yet in the united states dr. ashish jha now, dean of the brown university school of public health. doctor, thank you. it looks like these south african doctors are the heroes >> shep, thanks for having me back they are they found this. they've got phenomenal
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surveillance not only do they have great surveillance, they're very open and transparent about it and as soon as they figured this out they shared it with the world. they really are heroes here. >> i'm told it will be a week or two before we know much more about this what level of efficacy drop what level of efficacy drop would concern you and the scientists and the scientific community enough to require a sort of reformulation of the vaccines >> that's a really good question i'm hoping that with people who are fully vaccinated and boosted, right now efficacy against delta is probably 90 or 95%. if that drops 10 or 15 points probably not a big deal. down to 80 or 75 if it starts dropping much more than that, shep, we're going to have trouble in terms of keeping infection numbers low across the community using vaccinations we're going to have to start thinking about reformulating the vaccine formula. probably we'll have to do that almost under any circumstances but let's see what the data shows. >> dr. jha, thank you. as health experts race t
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better understand the covid omicron variant, a panel of fda advisers just narrowly recommended merck's covid pill for emergency use. that vote 13-10. if u.s. regulators sign off, it will be the first pill authorized to treat covid and americans could get it by the end of this year merck reports its pill reduces the risk of hospitalization and death by 30% among high-risk covid patientsf hospital the early estimate was 50% cnbc's meg tirrell covers science and medicine for us. meg, is this pill effective enough to make a real difference >> that was among the key debates this panel of advisors had today. a large number felt the potential risks of the medicine don't necessarily outweigh the benefits shown in the trial, especially if other treatment options are available. now, the issue is the way the drug works to stop the virus it forces errors as the virus replicates that raised theoretical concerns on two fronts, that the drug could cause other variants to
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arise or that it could lead to cancer or birth defects if given in pregnancy the panelists who voted yes, though, noted the drug is only given for five days, so those risks aren't high. many did, however, recommend the drug not be used in pregnancy. merck's dr. eli f. barr also said the company looked closely at these issues. >> our expectation is from all the data we've seen and all the preclinical work we've done and the broad safety database from the study, there shouldn't be long-term effects. >> and while the efficacy of the drug appeared to drop between the interim and final analyses, many panelists who voted in favor noted the strong overall results in preventing deaths there were nine deaths among those who got the placebo compared with one who received the medicine the decision now goes to the fda, which could clear the drug within days. it's also expected to act soon on pfizer's anti-viral which showed 89% protection against severe disease and death earlier this month the government has bought more
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than 3 million treatment courses of merck's drug and 10 million of pfizer's, should they be cleared. and importantly, these drugs are expected to hold up against omicron, potentially giving them an even more important role as that variant spreads shep >> meg tirrell, thank you. the federal reserve may have to raise interest rates sooner than expected to try to counter rising inflation that's new today from the fed chair jay powell at a senate hearing powell and the treasury secretary janet yellen told lawmakers the united states pandemic recovery remains strong, but they say covid omicron could pose new economic challenges in the months ahead >> the recent rise in covid-19 cases and the emergence of the omicron variant pose downside risks to the employment and economic activity and increased uncertainty for inflation. greater concerns about the virus could reduce people's willingness to work in person, which would slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply chain disruptions. >> none of that sat well on wall
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street the dow plummeted again. it closed down more than 650 "squawk box" co-host andrew ross sorkin back with us again tonight. andrew, a lot of talk abou inflation and the fed cutting back some economic support >> this is really the first time we have heard jay powell move from talking about employment to really talking about inflation in a meaningful way. and clearly we are at a point where we have real supply chain issues that persist and may get worse depending on how this pandemic plays out and now with this new variant could create employment issues, which means higher wages you could look at that as a good sign in certain cases, but again will only add to inflation worries. and effectively, he is saying this is real and we are going to have to taper sooner and quicker perhaps than some had expected >> you know, everybody had been talking about inflation as transitory, short-lived. but today powell said it's time
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to remove the word transitory when talking about inflation prices are going to remain higher for a while, is that what he's saying? >> effectively he's saying the supply chain issues are not going away anytime soon. and the truth is that wages, which actually have increased, are something that don't change. once wages go up, they stay there. and that means we're all going to be paying more on one end of it and as i said before, there's a benefit on the other end, which is that wages are higher but if inflation's even higher than the wages, it doesn't make up for it. >> yeah. we'll get the november jobs report this friday how important is that number going to be for the market >> important but less so the more important number is going to be what the world looks like and the employment picture looks like a month from now and a month after that that's really going to be the sign for where we are in this economy and effectively how much inflation and how many of thes pressures we've been talking about really come to fruition. >> all right, andrew
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andrew ross sorkin, see you in the morning. the trial is now under way for the ex-minnesota cop who shot and killed daunte wright after allegedly mistaking her handgun for a taser. the high-stakes gamble the defense plans to take. an alleged victim of jeffrey epstein testifying in court.ake. an alleged victim of jeffrey epstein testifying in court. what what she said about ghislaine maxwell's role in her abuse. and rocket troubles at spacex elon musk ringing the alarm. what he says must happen for spacex to avoid bankruptcy ringi
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as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ the now ex-cop who shot and killed daunte wright back in april will testify in her own defense at her own trial that from kim potter's defense attorney today during jury selection. potter says she accidentally pulled her gun instead of her taser and didn't mean to shoot wright during a traffic stop in
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the minneapolis suburb brooklyn center here's the video of it happening. >> i'll tase you i'll tase you! taser, taser, taser! holy [ bleep ] i just shot him. >> potter is facing first and second degree manslaughter charges. today was the first day of jury selection. there's potter sitting at the defendants table so far four jurors selected, two men, two women, one of whom is a retired teacher. she said to attorneys a student once described her as strict but fair another selected juror is a medical editor he told the court he opposes defund the police movement and he has a very favorable view of the blue lives matter slogan he said he thinks blue lives matter is more about opposing black lives matter than -- rather than supporting police. and another juror, a man, is in operations, a manager there at a target store he said today he's somewhat
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distrustful of police but recognizes that it's a very hard job. the fourth juror seated today is ai woman in her 40s who described herself as a rule follower david henderson with us now, civil rights attorney, cnbc contributor. david, what are you looking for when it comes to jury selection in a case like this? >> shep, the two sides are looking for two different things the prosecution wants a diverse jury and the defense wants a jury that is all blue. and from the description you just offered i'd say the defense is ahead so far. >> prosecutors argue that potter's actions were criminally negligent. it doesn't seem like they're disputing her claim that she was trying for a taser and went for her gun. hard to prove, i suppose. >> yeah, shep. i think out of all the recent cases we've seen that have this same flavor to them this is the hardest to prove and you've got to remember the folks who show up for jury duty tend to be law-abiding and they tend to want to side with the police both sides are saying the same thing. it's hard to see how that bears out but probably favors the defense starting off >> it felt like for years we
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never saw defendants testifying in their own defense and now recently we have and kim potter we're told will testify in her own defense smart move or no >> shep, we talk about this every time and here i think it's essential. and the reason why we're seeing it so much is because anytime you have a case involving someone's death and the person who caused it is saying i didn't mean for this to happen, i think they generally have to take the stand and explain that to the jury that's especially true in this case >> if you're the defense, i'm guessing you're wanting the jury to say she feels awful about this, she didn't mean to do it. >> that's it, shep then you also have the classic theme, it's the same argument that we have when we start talking about qualified immunity and that is the defense is going to say that being a police officer's a hard job, sometimes they make mistakes, those mistakes can have tragic consequences, but it doesn't mean they should be criminally liablethat is that police offica that's what they'll be arguing >> david, kim potter's jury selection continues tomorrow morning. thank you. el chapo's wife is going to
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prison emma coronel is her name she pleaded guilty back in june in federal court to money laundering and helping her husband joaquin guzman's sinaloa cartel traffic cocaine, meth and heroin into the united states. a judge sentenced her to three years behind bars. el chapo's wife also admitted to being a courier between the cartel and her husband when he was in that mexican prison back in 2014. that helped them plan his infamous escape. you may remember el chapo broke out through a mile-long underground tunnel that the cartel dug between his shower in his prison cell and the outside world. it even had a modified motorcycle attached to a track the judge also ordered guzman's wife to surrender $1.5 million her kingpin husband is already serving a life sentence without parole at a supermax prison in colorado jury selection in fayetteville, arkansas in the trial of a former reality tv star josh duggar. he's the oldest of the children
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from the now canceled tlc show "19 kids and counting. the now 33-year-old faces two felony counts of downloading and possessing child porn. he's pleaded not guilty. but even before these charges duggar had a complicated illicit history. six years ago "in touch weekly" published a police report from 2006 it revealed allegations that duggar molested five underaged girls when he was a teenager duggar's parents later admitted four of the five girls were his sisters. duggar said in a statement then that he was a young teen and acted inexcusably. police said the statute of limitations had expired on those acts, so there would be no punishment but two years ago police say they traced downloads of child porn back to duggar's work computer that's why he's on trial now a homeland security agent testified that one of the files on duggar's computer was in the top five worst that they have ever examined. duggar faces up to 20 years in
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prison and quarter million-dollar fines on each count. tiger woods back in front of the camera telling reporters he's lucky to be alive and have his leg. nine months after a rollover crash tiger talks recovery and his future in the game it's the fifth day that elizabeth holmes has taken the stand. but the first time prosecutors have been able to cross-examine the theranos founder scott cohn live outside the courthouse with what she had to say today. it's the most wonderful time of the year. it is all about t-mobile with their great deals for everyone every day including customers on sprint.
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tiger woods is finished as a full-time golfer that's what he told reporters today in his first public appearance since that high-speed car crash in los angeles earlier this year. the news conference in the bahamas. he's hosting his annual charity golf tournament there. tiger won't play he told reporters he's still in pain and still recovering from the crash that shattered his right leg. >> as far as playing at the tour level, i don't know when that's going to happen. i don't foresee this leg ever being what it used to be, hence i'll never have the back what it used to be and clock's ticking i'm getting older. i'm not getting any younger. >> tiger candid about the dark moments of his recovery, even revealing his injury was so bad his doctors considered cutting off his leg. here's cnbc's perry russom >> i'm lucky to be alive but also still have the limb >> reporter: once the top golfer in the world tiger woods says he was sitting in pain at a news
12:23 am
conference this morning. it's been nine months since his rollover crash in los angeles. bones in his right leg were shattered. he says he has no memory of what happened >> i don't know. i'm very lucky in that way >> he would not get into specifics when asked about the crash. >> you can read about all that there in the police report >> reporter: in the police report from the l.a. county sheriff the blame is put squarely on tiger. it reads he was driving at an unsafe speed going about 85 miles an hour, nearly double the speed limit, before he hit a tree there was no evidence of impairment tiger was not cited. >> some dark moments, but then again, as i was making progress through it too, i could see some light. and that was giving me hope. >> reporter: the 45-year-old has come back from injuries before ten surgeries in his career. in 2019 after a spinal fusion -- >> a return to glory >> reporter: -- he won the masters. >> i don't see that type of trend going forward for me i don't have any desire to do that >> reporter: tiger has been documenting part of his recovery online now spending less time as a
12:24 am
golfer, more time as a dad >> i'm definitely not in the know on a lot of things. i'm not the hip cool dad at times. so i'm trying to keep up with that the lingo changes very quickly so i'm trying to keep up >> reporter: tiger says he's done playing on the pga tour full-time, possibly playing a few events a year, including the open championship at st. andrews in july. >> yes, i would love to be able to play that open championship there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: for the news i'm perry russom ditching the irish bound for the bayou. the face of notre dame football calling the plays for another team a departure the likes of which unseen in south bend for more than a century and the millions of dollars in play the great paul finebaum joins us live holiday shopping deals everybody's looking for them including criminals on the dark web. among the items on sale now, your personal information. as we approach the bottom of the
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12:27 am
has left to take a job at another program since 1907 the announcement comes just two days after another bombshell oklahoma's lincoln riley taking over at usc. he's already there and according to reports, he's set to ink a $110 million deal the trojans also reportedly buying him a $6 million home in l.a. to sweeten that deal. we need analysis when that happens you call paul. paul finebaum is the voice of college football especially in the s.e.c. host of "the paul finebaum show." on the s.e.c. network. best-selling sports author espn commentator paul, it is an honor hotty totty. this money is insane >> it is >> i don't understand how this can keep up with itself. >> shepard, don't forget, this is amateur athletics they are student athletes we are talking about here i've covered college football for nearly 40 years and i've
12:28 am
never seen a 48 hours like we have experienced with lincoln riley bolting oklahoma and brian kelly leaving notre dame for those out there who don't follow college football, those are two of the -- not even the dow jones stocks those are two of the elite five or six in the entire pantheon of college football but right now money talks. they're handing out ten-year $100 million contracts like ice cream cones at central park. we've never seen anything close to this. and i'm afraid we are going to see a lot more of it in the future >> on the academic side, some of these universities claim they're short on funding, but on the sports side it's starting to look unlimited how do they justify this >> they can't. don't forget lsu a couple years ago the governor came out and said we may not be able to have a football program and of course people did not react well to that there's a lot of dishonesty
12:29 am
and just plain out fraud be being disseminated and perpetrated by college administrators we're used to it the most important thing, shep spr ard, you're a college football fan, is winning if you win, it doesn't make any difference not only that. we're talking about schools that are firing coaches who are paying $20 million for that coach to go away there's no accountability. if some of these people were ceos of fortune 500 companies, they wouldn't last six a months. >> what effect, paul, all these changes on the playoffs? and if georgia beats alabama as predicted, who gets in >> well, the playoff is about to expand to 12 schools to let the little guy back in but right now as far as what is happening this weekend, more than likely georgia will be the number one seed. michigan, should the wolverines win, they will be a number two after that you're probably going to get oklahoma state winning the big 12 and cincinnati, not even a power five school
12:30 am
it's a group of five school where luke fickle coached and brian kelly used to coach there. they are likely to get in as well it's interesting if there's chaos this weekend, notre dame could still get in the college football playoff even though the coach has already flown the coop. >> and then mike fick will go to notre dame why wouldn't he? >> he would, but he's got a problem. he may very well have a team in the playoffs and he's got to juggle that. unless notre dame says we're okay with you coaching a couple more weeks and they should. he's that good a coach >> as long as the lane train keeps circling paul finebaum, it's an honor you're in the background of my desk here at cnbc every afternoon. college football championship starting at 3:00 eastern for like four hours on the sec network. paul, thank you. i'm shepard smith on cnbc.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a high-profile cross-examination. what prosecutors asked elizabeth holmes on the stand one day after her emotional testimony that she was raped while a student at stanford. fighting america's overdose crisis with a controversial new tool government-approved, supervised injection centers. what proponents and critics are saying but first, hackers on the dark web being choosy and looking for a deal cyber experts say publicly reported data breaches are down so far this year breaches worldwide fell 24% in the first half of the year compared to the same period a year ago although breaches in the u.s. did tick up by a point and a half that's according to an august report from cyber risk analysis firm risk-based security experts say it's because hackers are now valuing quality over quantity, targeting scams that will make them lots more money
12:32 am
and now they're offering up sales on dirty tricks and illegal criminal services. cnbc's eamon javers has been poking around the dark web eamon, what did you find >> well, shep, the criminal underground on the dark web is operating more and more like an evil mirror image of the legitimate business world, and that includes these hackers offering steep discounts over this past weekend for black friday and cyber monday. take a look at this post that our consultants at the cyber security firm q-6 spotted on the dark web this weekend. it's offering 15% off and giveaways and prizes for regular customers. or this one offering 40% off stolen credit card information and there's that cyber monday branding to help bring in the customers. cyber security expert david kennedy says his company spotted hackers making twice as many discount offers as last year, meaning the criminals are hard at work building market share. >> so during black friday we saw a number of sales for various different services, whether it's
12:33 am
you wanted to hack into your spouse's account and see their text messages, it was at a discounted rate. 70% off. we had facebook account takeovers that were normally $125, discounted to -- $25 on the dark web you can also buy ransomware, even easier and cheaper. >> so what are the hackers selling on the dark web? all kinds of things from those stolen credit card numbers to compromised accounts online to tracking cell phones and even stealing text messages all of it is dressed up with the traditional business sales techniques including in one case a hacker who posts five-star reviews of his products and a rapid response customer hotline. these hackers just like the rest of us. >> eamon javers, thank you jeffrey epstein's one-time girlfriend in court. today emotional and graphic testimony from the first accuser in the sex trafficking trial of ghislaine maxwell. she's accused of luring young girls into a web of sexual
12:34 am
abuse, trafficking them for sex acts with a convicted sex offender who two years ago reportedly hanged himself in jail under the pseudonym jane the accuser said she was 14 when she met epstein and ghislaine maxwell at a summer camp she says the couple started grooming her, taking her to the movies, on shopping trips and giving her money she testified she was still 14 years old when epstein sexually abused her for the first time. it happened, she said, in his pool house where he pleasured himself in front of her. she told the court she was frozen in fear, felt terrified, gross and ashamed. the accuser testified that the abuse at times involved groups of people and that sometimes maxwell participated in the sex acts she says it continued for years, all while she was 14 to 16 years old. maxwell's defense says nothing inappropriate ever happened when the accuser visited epstein's home the defense claims she changed her story and told it for money. the trial continues tomorrow
12:35 am
maxwell could get upwards of 40 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charge. elizabeth holmes on the stand in her fraud trial today cross-examination by the government that's been building its case against the theranos founder for months federal prosecutors grilled her, shooting pointed questions at holmes, trying to pick apart her defense. they pressed her about how her startup handled the "wall street journal" report that first exposed the dysfunction within the company. the lawyers drilled down on what she said were her efforts to suppress whistleblowers who sounded the alarm that the theranos blood testing machines didn't actually work as advertised cnbc's scott cohn covering the trial. and live outside the courthouse in san jose. scott? >> reporter: shep, elizabeth holmes has testified that there were a lot of things she would have done differently looking back on her time as theranos ceo. and in six hours on the witness stand today, that list of things
12:36 am
grew under often withering questioning from assistant u.s. attorney robert leach. remember those logos that elizabeth holmes admitted she put on pharmaceutical company lab reports and then sent to prospective business partners like walgreen's? it was pfizer and schering-plough. well, it turns out she did more than just change the -- add the logos. she changed the language including the conclusion on one of the reports and there was apparently another company, glaxosmithkline, she did the same thing to. she also testified and we learned that theranos was down to just about $15 million in 2013 just as it was about to launch its deal with walgreen's, catapulting the company into international fame over the last 24 hours we have seen many sides of elizabeth holmes that we have not seen before emotional yesterday in that testimony about sunny balwani, her ex-boyfriend and the former chief operating officer. today sometimes evasive,
12:37 am
sometimes contrite, and sometimes emotional under, again, under that intense cross-examination from leach, who took aim again and again at holmes' contention that her conduct as ceo was the result of abuse by balwani in court filings balwani has denied that abuse. he is scheduled to go on trial separately on 12 counts next year holmes emotional her read affec messages between the two and confronting her with message after message about balwani telling her about problems at the company, that countering her testimony on direct examination that balwani hid things from her. and in case there was any doubt about who was in charge, leach said this. he said he was an at-will employee, balwani, wasn't he holmes, he was you could fire him at any time holmes, i could. holmes acknowledging she badly mishandled the initial reporting from the "wall street journal. the first negative articles about theranos in 2015
12:38 am
aggressively targeting company whistleblowers and the reporter at the journal, john care ryu. then there was her interview with cnbc's jim cramer about that topic in which prosecutors say she lied about the number of tests that theranos could conduct. the cross-examination is not over yet she will be back on the stand. we have a long break now no court until tuesday she'll come back on tuesday morning. and then the defense will have to do a lot of cleaning up shep >> scott cohn live at the courthouse in san jose chris cuomo suspended indefinitely by cnn for his role in advising his brother and then governor andrew cuomo during his sexual harassment scandal. the details from documents that the new york attorney general released just yesterday. they showed how chris cuomo would use his press connections to prepare the then governor's team as accusers started to come forward. the documents show he would track down the status of news articles, even told a senior aide to his brother the governor
12:39 am
that he would check his sources about a pending report cnn said a short time ago in a statement, "when chris admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother's staff, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. but we also appreciated the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and job second. however, these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother's efforts than we previously knew." cnn announced anderson cooper will fill in for cuomo in the 9:00 p.m. eastern time slot tonight. new york becoming the first city in the nation to start using a controversial approach to drug addiction. today the city mayor opened two locations where people can bring their own illegal drugs and use them they're called safe injection sites. they're staffed by medical workers. new york city health officials say the sites will hand out clean needles and information on addiction treatment. plus medical staff will have narcan to quickly reverse
12:40 am
overdoses. they argue the move is aimed at cutting down on overdose deaths, especially related to fentanyl they've skyrocketed over the last year. the cdc reports over a 12-month period beginning in april of last year more than 100,000 people died of drug overdoses. that is a record high. in new york city last year was the deadliest ever recorded for overdoses. the city health department reported more than 2,000 deaths. not everybody thinks the safe shoot-up spots are such a good idea and under federal law they're illegal. here's cnbc's valerie castro >> reporter: tonight a first of its kind city-authorized initiative two overdose prevention centers opening their doors to drug users in new york city, giving them a safe place to inject illegal drugs. >> the evidence is very clear that overdose prevention centers do not result in people using more drugs when people are able to use in a stable environment where they are not worried about the next
12:41 am
place that they might be using, they actually start moderating their dosage, moderating their use. >> reporter: lindsay lasalle with the drug policy alliance, a non-profit promoting new drug policies, says the centers can be a game changer for someone who is struggling. >> it develops a community for people who use drugs and so that when they are perhaps ready to take the next step they can do that. >> reporter: the sites don't provide drugs. and the two new york city locations were already needle exchange sites operated by non-profits that will now oversee the new services but opponents say the sites are illegal. >> it's a clear violation of federal law. >> reporter: new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis sent this letter to the u.s. attorney general asking the justice department to step in to enforce federal law and protect quality of life. >> you're basically advertising to the drug dealers where to come and do their sales. because you're going to have a captive audience outside these centers. >> reporter: other cities like
12:42 am
philadelphia and san francisco are seriously considering their own programs looking to canada, where several locations have opened in recent years. >> there are bills that are pending in almost a dozen state legislatures around the country to authorize this at the state level. >> reporter: rhode island could be the next place to get its own safe injection sites the governor there just signed a bill allowing them to open as part of a two-year pilot program that could start sometime next march. shep >> thanks so much. big numbers from amazon over the holiday shopping weekend the items drawing people in. that's on the money, next. spacex it blasts cargo and people to the moon but ceo elon musk says there's a problem and this one can't be solved by houston. plus, crisis at the breakfast table. the sticky situation causing a disastrous maple syrup shortage. and the emergency action plan to make sure your pancakes are
12:43 am
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amazon sales surged over the long holiday weekend that's what's topping cnbc "on the money. record-breaking cash coming in between black friday and cyber monday that's official from amazon today. the categories driving the buying spree, home goods, toys and clothes. and the top purchases, apple air pods, fire tv sticks and the revlon one-step hair dryer obviously. amazon's independent selling partners are mostly small and medium size businesses they made up more than half of sales. the news brings an upbeat outlook for the holiday shopping period but it was more of a lackluster start for some other retailers nfl viewership on thanksgiving was huge. nielsen says 38 million people watched the raiders and cowboys on cbs it's the most watched nfl regular season game in 28 years and a 23% jump from the late thanksgiving game last year.
12:46 am
and motley crue finding a new home sweet home. bmg has acquired the iconic rock band's entire recorded music catalog, spanning their 40-year career "variety" reports the deal is valued at about 150 mill on wall street no bueno. as mentioned, the dow down 652 s&p down 88. the nasdaq off 245 elon musk warning that spacex needs to launch space flights a lot more often to keep the company afloat in an e-mail obtained by cnbc musk urges spacex employees to work over the thanksgiving weekend on the company's raptor engine line. that's the engine that's set to power spacex's new launch system, known as starship. he describes the production of the raptor engine as a crisis. in the e-mail musk writes in part that spacex faces "a genuine risk of bankruptcy if it can't achieve a starship flight
12:47 am
rate of at least once every two weeks next year. michael sheets covers space for michael, is spacex really in trouble here or is he just lip flapping to rally the troops >> this is absolutely a rallying cry and it's being seen as such internally at spacex according to sources who i've spoken to today. now, there's three important pieces of context that come with this e-mail. first and foremost is that spacex's core launch business is operating smoothly they've had 25 successful launches of their falcon 9 rockets this year. secondarily is that starship is a capital-intensive, mammoth rocket and it and the raptor engines represent a jump forward in both technology and ambition for the company. so these are very much kind of next generation projects coming into the fore. finally, we reported earlier this month that the spacex vice president of propulsion was
12:48 am
taken off of the raptor program and then left the company. that was the first signs of the crisis that musk outlined in his e-mail that i obtained today now, musk specifically said he was going to be working along those folks on the line, engine line over thanksgiving and that's a key part of where everything is going. musk himself putting himself on the line over to you, shep. >> michael sheetz, thank you president biden dipping into the u.s. oil reserves as gas prices were continuing to rise but up north canada is dealing with a real problem. a shortage, a supply shortage of another so-called liquid gold. the country's tapping its emergency stockpile of maple syrup to try to keep up with global demand. experts say the problem's twofold. demand spiked during the pandemic with more people cooking at home. and their sugaring season was warmer and shorter so they don't have enough production so tap the reserve, eh? how much do you think they have
12:49 am
stashed away here's nbc's kerry sanders >> reporter: getting maple syrup is a slow process. drip by drip the tree's sap is extracted, then boiled down. for every 40 teaspoons of sap there's but one teaspoon of the liquid gold. 73% of the world's maple syrup comes from greater quebec, canada and of course our nation is the number one importer of that sweet el ix ir this morning a supply and demand problem is being solved much the way president biden has tried to take pressure off gasoline supplies and prices. >> who knew that there was i amaple syrup reserve it sounds like the petroleum reserve. >> yeah. because the beauty of maple syrup is we can conserve it. we can do the same image as oil but it's maple syrup pure maple syrup sealed and pastureized in all these barrels
12:50 am
and we can keep them for many years. >> reporter: farmers in canada deciding to release 50 million gallons from the strategic maple syrup reserve. >> the production this year was less important than it was in the last two years >> reporter: they believe the release of the treasured reserve should mean no shortages and no price increases. in vermont, second in production only to canada, experts say there's been a direct connection to the pandemic. >> since 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic maple consumption has really gone through the roof people were looking for things to do and a lot of them turned to baking and people started using maple syrup as an alternative to sugar and just, you know, another way to add in some more flavor to what they normally bake. >> reporter: you may think maple syrup and pancakes but because 3/4 of a cup of maple syrup is equal to about one cup of cane sugar, there are those who believe the high antioxidant syrup is a good substitute for sugar our neighbors to the north doing
12:51 am
their part to make sure our pancakes and waffles stay just as sweet for "the news," i'm kerry sanders. >> kerry, thanks lots of people got new pets over the pandemic. now the list of the most popular pooch names in america the top five for boy and girl dogs coming up and she was a singer, dancer, actress and member of the resistance during world war ii now an american-born superstar of the early 20th century given the ultimate honor by her adopted home country ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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xfinity rewards are our way of thanking you ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ just for being with us. enjoy rewards like movie night specials, xfinity mobile benefits, and the chance to win tickets to see watch what happens live. hey, it's me. plus, get holiday gifts for everyone on your list with great deals on fan favorites from today. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. the 1920s icon josephine baker becoming the first black woman inducted into france's pantheon it's the nation's highest honor. and she joins the ranks of marie curie, victor hugo and the philosopher voltaire military officers carried a symbolic casket along the red carpet to the pantheon monument in paris today her music and photos in the
12:54 am
backdrop nbc's kelly cobiella now with a look at why french officials are honoring the entertainer >> reporter: she was the world's first black superstar. edgy, sexy, and hugely talented. josephine baker, born and raised in missouri, became a household name in the '20s a dancer, singer, and civil rights activist who spent her life breaking down barriers of exclusion, using her talent to make statements. like this risque and controversial dance in a skirt made of bananas. baker's public life made her a wildly popular star. her private life much of it spent at this remote french castle, made her a here hero it was her refuge and her family home baker's eldest adopted soon grew up here. >> did she dance in this >> that's it >> reporter: now a museum showcasing baker's elaborate costumes and her most prized possessions of all france's highest military
12:55 am
medals the legion of honor and medal of the resistance were awarded for her secret work fighting the nazis in world war ii was she a spy? >> she was >> she was very brave. >> for her, no she was giving back. >> reporter: but in the u.s. she said she faced hostility and racism at new york's stork club in 1951 ignored for an hour. american actress grace kelly saw it all and walked out in solidarity the future princess of monaco and the queen of the french cabaret becoming lifelong friends. prince albert, grace kelly's son, remembers a kind woman. >> her generosity of spirit and of heart really always touched me >> reporter: baker adopted akio and 11 other children from different countries, races and religions, calling the family her rainbow tribe. but by the late 1960s baker was broke. the castle auctioned off
12:56 am
her rainbow tribe homeless old friend grace kelly, now princess of monaco, helped baker sing her way back into stardom ♪ a remarkable comeback in her 60s, selling out new york's carnegie hall. getting a standing ovation in paris. ♪ but just days after her last performance baker had a stroke and never recovered. thousands in france lined the streets for her funeral. buried with full military honors a symbolic casket entered into the pantheon today this extraordinary woman making history again her body will remain in monaco but that casket, that symbolic casket contains soil from her home city of st. louis, from paris and also from monaco, the last place she lived in paying tribute tonight the french president emmanuel macron said josephine baker was on the
12:57 am
right side of history every time shep >> kelly, thanks adele is headed to vegas she announced today an exclusive las vegas residency starting january 21st presale tickets available next week but only to registered ticketmaster verified fans registration opened today through thursday her latest album "30" debuted at number one on the charts in at least 30 countries adele will be performing at the coliseum at caesars for weekends with adele through mid april the most popular dog names for 2021 are in. compiled its annual list showing 61% of dog owners chose a human name for their pet. for boy dogs the usuals. max tops the list. charlie, milo, buddy, and rocky rounding out the top five. and for the girls bella, luna, lucy, daisy, and zoe or zoe there were also some pandemic inspired dog names fauci, covid and zoom all got a
12:58 am
boost this year. with honorable mention for pfizer, vax and dolly parton for her help in funding the moderna vaccine. and likely for her all-around awesomeness. 45 seconds on a race to the finish police say a gunman killed at least three students and wounded eight other people at i ahigh school in oxford, michigan investigators say the suspected shooter a 15-year-old now in custody. the white house confirms it's considering stricter covid testing requirements for all travelers come into the united states as the omicron variant spreads around the world no decisions yet now you know "the news" on this tuesday november the 30th, 2021. i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter @thenewsoncnbc and listen to the news podcast wherever you get yours
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