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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  December 1, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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if omicron turns out to be less dangerous than delta, very real possibility, government gets serious about making people get vaccinated, that's how we save lives, maybe turn the bear to a bull i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere, i promise to try to find it for you. i'm ji greatest threat tool i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the battle over abortion rights. the blockbuster case that could over turn. >> we know what we need to do. >> what we know about --
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>> video of terrified students the charges just announced a bombshell claim in the rust movie set the new theory >> high profile home invasion. enron bankruptcy the world's new most expensive city roe v wade stood for half a century and now it's facing more serious challenging.
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no exceptions for rape or incest the court has a solid 6 to 3 con sefbtive a ruling in this case could significantly weaken roe v wade or over turn it. passionate protests outside the supreme court as justices ask questions and listen to arguments since 1973 roe v wade has prohibited states from banning abortions before 23 weeks. the point of vie lablt it established abortion as a constitutional right chief justice john roberts was once seen as a key swing vote. today he signalled he is open to a 15-week time limit for getting an abortion. >> if you think that the issue is one of choice, that women should have a choice to terminate their pregnancy, that supposes that that there is a
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point of which they've had the fair choice, opportunity to choice but if it really is an issue about choice, why is 15 weeks not enough time? >> justice sonya sotomayor warns over turning it will be political after three conservative justices. >> will there institution provide in the public perception the constitution and its reading are just political acts? i don't see how it is possible if people believe it's all political, how will we survive >> abortion has long been one of america's most divisive issues in august, a poll by nbc news found 54% of registered voters in america believe abortion
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should be legal. always or most of time 34% said abortion should be illegal with exceptions. nbc justice correspondent pete williams listened to the argument if the court uphold the mississippi law, what would it mean for roe >> states can't boeen abortion before the age of viability. if they say 15 weeks is okay, that would unlease other states to try to restrict abortion or ban abortion, shorter period of times. we're still waiting for the court to say what it will do about the lawsuits against the texas law that bans abortion after six weeks. whether it over turns roe or upholds the mississippi law and e vis rates the viability standard would be change in abortion >> a lot of back and forth today over precedent how do the justices handle that? >> think were seen to be talking to each other.
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it was meant as a message to her colleagues the liberals are saying how can we justify over turning roe if nothing has changed since we last looked at this 30 years ago. some conservatives said we shouldn't be shy about over turning precedents with the most forward leapi leaning decisionse over turned rulings. listen to the way brett kavanaugh put it >> if we think that the prior precedents are seriously wrong, if that, why then doesn't the history of this court's practice with respect to those cases tell us that the right answer is actually the return to the position of neutrality >> justice amy coney barrett had some similar questions that suggest they willing to vote to uphold the mississippi law >> pete, arguments done but the decision months away, right? >> yes set your alarm for probably late
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june decision this consequential, we probably won't get it until the end of the term. thanks so much the united states just recorded its first known case of the omicron variant. the cdc confirmed it today the news little surprise to health experts who said it was only matter of time until the new train spread to the u.s. here is what we know about this first case so far. researchers in california detected covid omicron variant in a person who traveled to south africa the patient returned to the san francisco area early last week the patient tested positive two days ago and experienced mild symptoms they are recovering. health officials say the patient is fully vaccinated but has yet to get a booster shot. >> the individual is self-quarantining and all close contacts have been contacted and all close contacts thus far have tested negative.
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>> even though omicron is in th united states, dr. fauci says americans do not need to make any changes to their day-to-day lives, none. he urges people to keep following the safety measures already in place the new variant appears to be speaking investors word got out about america's first omicron case around 1:50 and after that the dow tanked. it dropped nearly 500 points wiping out all the gains from the morning. meg covers science and medicine for us this is one case still too early to draw any major conclusions, right >> we'll need a lot more da to to draw any strong data. we did learn in briefings and the san francisco department of public health that the traveler had received two shot of the moderna vaccine but less than six months from the second dose. it wasn't yet eligible for a booster. officials saying the best course now is to depend on the public
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health measures already in place. vaccines, boosters and masks in crowded places though there is speculation about whether the vaccines will need to be updated, dr. fauci emphasized people shouldn't wait for ga new version to become available. he said the best protection is what you can get now >> president biden expected to announce sweeping new travel requirements tomorrow, right >> we got a hint of this this afternoon. dr. fauci saying travelers to the u.s. will be required to test negative within 24 hours of departure. that's down from three days right now from those who are vaccinated the cdc urged airlines to share information who have been to eight southern african countries within two weeks of their fliepflight and the biden administration is expected to announce that the mask man date on public transportation including buses, planes and trains will be extended until mid-march
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it had been set to expire in january. this as case numbers will continue spiking in south africa as the country says it's entering into its fourth wave. with the u.s., omicron has been detected in two dozen countries. >> meg, thank you. a high school sophomore in michigan planned the deadly attack on his classmates yesterday. that from a detective today who told a courtroom that the 15-year-old made a video the night before shooting in which he talked about killing people at school the next day they also say they found a journal in the boy's backpack. in it, he said he wanted to shoot and murder other students. yesterday, cops say he did just that shot 12 people, killing four of them at his high school in oxford, michigan north of detroit. the fourth victim justin ch schilling died this morning. he was a golfer and co-cap ptain of the bowling team.
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the sheriff said tait died in a patrol car madison baldwin, an artist and big sister and hannah st. juliana. her dad told the prosecutor she was one of the happiest and most joyful kids. today we also learned more details about the shooting itself the oakland county michigan sheriff says before 1:00 yesterday afternoon, the gunman came out of a school bathroom and started shooting people in the hallway. he said students tried to run but the suspect kept shooting. the gunman fired more than 30 shots, they tell us. the sheriff says he still had 18 rounds on him when deputies detained him teachers and students barricade themselves in classrooms after they heard the gunshots. somebody recorded a video of the moment somebody knocked on their classroom door the students fearing it was the gunman >> sheriff's office. come out >> he said it's safe to come out.
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>> we don't knee >> we're not willing to that i can that risk right now. >> i can't hear you. >> we're not taking ta risk right now. >> okay. welcome to the door. look at my badge, bro. >> he said bro >> he said bro, red flag >> go. >> they knew just what to do the students had been training for this since 7th grade today the slheriff clarified it was not the gunman but a plain clothes detective. the officers had no warnings at all about the suspect before the shooting he said that school officials met with the student the day before and the day of the massacre the meetings to talk about his concerning behavior as the sheriff put it his parents were brought in to attend that meeting that took
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place the morning of the shooting the details of those talks withheld in light of the i vest gags the suspect's parents hired him a lawyer so foar they are not cooperatin. prosecutors charged the teenager with murder and intent to murder 24 counts in all nbc jay gray live in oxford township michigan for us what more are we learning about the gunman and the parents >> reporter: good evening to you. we have learned the father of the teenage suspect bought the weapon used in the attack on black friday we also know that the student had been practicing with it and posting a picture of the weapon and a target on social media today the prosecutor said she's concerning charging the parents. suggesting they should be held responsible for not securing the weapon the community here is shattered. students traumatized and that's why the prosecutor says she's decided toed a charge of
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terrorism. >> what about all the children who ran, screaming, hiding under desks? what about the children at home right now who can't eat and can't sleep and can't imagine a world where they could ever step foot back in that school those are victims too and so are their families and so is the community. the charge of terrorism reflects that >> reporter: now the campus is still locked down. police stressing this is still an active and ongoing investigation. all of the schools in this tiny town are closed through the end of the week. shep >> jay gray, thank you a brand new claim by alec baldwin related to that deadly shooting on the "rust" movie set. the actor says he never pugged the trigger at all a high profile home invasion the wife of clarn avan shot dead in her home.
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alec baldwin says he did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed the cinematographer >> it wasn't in script >> i didn't pull the trigger >> you never pulled? >> never, never. i would never point a gun at anybody and pull a trigger >> in october, he says somebody handed him the gun while he was rehearsing onset he says that person told him it was cold indicating it did not hold any live rounds police say when the gunfired, a real bullet killed the film c -
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>> how did a real bullet get on the set? >> i have no idea. a bullet that wasn't supposed to be on the property >> abc news released that edited promo. investigators are looking into a new theory of how the live round got into film set. here is cnbc >> the mystery of how a live round made its way into gun held by alec baldwin focused on the company that supplied the ammunition pdq arm and prop a prop house in albuquerque. she believes some of the other rounds were live ammo. according to the affidavit, seth k kenney said he hainault where the live rounds came from.
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he got reloaded ammunition from a friend and it had to be a reloaded round that was fired. >> it's the same as factory loaded round of ammunition that's unconsciousable >> he did not immediately respond when asked for a comment. there's new information on how the gun was checked before it was fired. in the affidavit, she told police she loaded five rounds before she went to lunch she then pulled the gun out of a safe and didn't really check it too much because it was locked up she then put in the final round. >> that's wrong on every step of the process. before you go to lunch, you unload that weapon. >> reporter: added to this story, father fell reed told detectives he brought a can of live ammo to a previous production and never got it back from seth. reed told detectives his
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ammunition may match the ammunition found on the set of rust according to police, alec baldwin was practicing when the gun was fired. now baldwin says he never pulled the trigger. pa relinquish said that's impossible >> firearms don't fire themselves it's like saying i didn't drive the car that was in the wreck. i just happen to be in the driver seat at the time. >> re police in california say the wealthy and the elderly are the new targets of a wave of robberies up and down the state. just this morning, police say robbers shot and killed the wife of the music legend clarence avant in an invasion of her beverly ly hills home. she was the mother-in-law of the netflix ceo. netflix confirmed the news in a statement. chopper video appears to show a shattered sliding door
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the l.a. times reports one robber was shot at a security guard on the property. days ago, l.a. police announced the creation of a special task force to combat what they call follow home robberies. they say the robbers are finding people who are wearing flashy jewelry or driving expensive cars and they follow them and accost them when at home or a secluded area. three days ago a brazen daytime robbery in the affluent hancock park neighborhood after a mom and her infant returned from a walk police say two men walked into the open gate and demanded she hand over her belongings she gave them diaper bags and a bottle cooler. rob robbers left the real housewife star pleading for her life they broke in through the sliding door and threatened to kill her and her children. they say they took handguns, jewelry and watches. up north in the bay area, police
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say a new criminal network targets the most vulnerable people of all. elderly women. francis roberts is 95. she says thieves pulled up in car, greeted her affectionately and took an invaluable neckless that her mother left her >> we had a pact she would wear that chain until she died and then i would wear it until i died it was our way of keeping up with each other. >> police say thieves have pulled off nearly identical crimes to that one in at least four cities over the past few days all of them women older than 65. enron at the peak of its success shares of enron were worth more than 90 bucks on december 2nd, 2001, they traded at 26 cents two decades after one of the biggest accounting frauds to hit wall street. we go back to where it all started. count dodown to lock out whe players and owners cannotcome
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to agreement
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. 20 years ago tomorrow one of the biggest corporate scandals in american history took off en enron filed for bankruptcy it ranked 7th on the fortune 500 just a few months earlier. 20,000 people lost their jobs. many lost their retirement savings. investors world wide lost confidence several top executives would go to prison, including the former
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ceo jeff skilling and the former chief financial officer andrew fastow ken lay found guilty on multiple counts of fraud. he died before he could appeal so his convictions were wiped out. if you think you know all there is know about the enron fiasco here is scott cohn he covered it for this network 20 years ago and is back in houston tonight. hi, scott. >> reporter: hi, shep. there it is, the famous glass tower of enron used to have the crooked e logo. chevron has officers here. enron left behind more than just an office building and a financial disaster some of the things that we take for granted today trace their roots right there to 1400 smith street >> mr. jenkins, it must be evening there. >> reporter: 20 years before zooming was a thing, this enron promotional video was touting video conferencing on the
7:25 pm
internet and streaming video years before netflix >> enron communications is changing how the world communicates >> we're changing the industry. >> reporter: scott yager was head of strategy for the division that became enron broad band we spoke on zoom >> we were the only ones focused on broad band experiences and broad band did include streaming media. >> reporter: before that, enron created the modern day markets for natural gas and electricity setting the course for how energy is priced to this day energy markets expert ed hurst who worked with prosecutors to bi build their case concedes that enron was a pioneer. >> did enron revolutionize trading for national gas and electricity? without question brought liquidity. >> reporter: which is why when enron went bankrupt, many
7:26 pm
mourned more than gjust a job rob bowbie was a director >> every one inside the company acted almost like an entrepreneur internal entrepreneur and you were responsible for your destiny. >> reporter: high pressure but worth it says stephen webster. he traveled the world as a young executive in the international division >> i would tell you it's probably one of the best jobs i ever had. >> reporter: leslie caldwell says none of that means enron was not a frauds >> the people who worked at enron and there were tens of thousand offense them that many, almost all of them were honest hard working people trying to do the right thing but the problem was they had a culture at the top that was not that way. >> reporter: there was a lot that also came out of that culture that still exist today how should we look at that, the things that they did that were literally pioneering >> i'm not saying they didn't
7:27 pm
have any good ideas or do anything but they tried to monotize things before they were really ready >> reporter: caldwell who is a criminal defense attorney says when the innovations didn't pay off, people crossed the line and try to make it look like they did. 21 people were convicted or pleaded guilty to all manner of financial crimes by a team of prosecutors that cut its teeth going after the mob. that kind of aggressive prosecution of business executives caldwell says is another innovation, better or worse, that we can trace tomorrow night on the actual 20th anniversary of enron's bank r rupt si, the key players where are they now >> thanks. the women's tennis association just made good on its threat the decision today tied to the chinese star peng shui a police shooting in arizona. a man in a wheelchair killed the body cam video and why the
7:28 pm
officers attorney says he has no other option she says jeffrey especially subpoena sexually biassed her when she was a teenager. today defense attorneys cross examine her. parts of her story under fire and accusations she recited lines and cried on cue as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. (burke) with farmers auto multi-policy discount, the more policies you have with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent. (man) that's a whole lot of discounts. (burke) well, we offer coverage for a whole lot of things, and you could save a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (kid) sup, dad! (burke) seventeen-car garage you got there? ♪we are farmers♪ ♪bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪ like many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease, i was there.
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covid shattering global tourism again and that's what's topping cnbc on the money. the pandemic could cause global tourism nearly $2 trillion in last revenue this year that's according to a new report from the u.n tourism seeing only modest gains from the 2020 historical losses but the report notes uneven vacation rates -- i should say va vaccination rates can affect it. no more over draft fees if you bank with capital one. the sixth largest retail bank announcing it will ditch all over draft and insufficient fund fees for consumers over draft fees can be as much as 35 bucks for each instance. capital one spokesperson says the move will cost an estimated $150 million in lost revenue brewing inflation. coming for your cup of joe coffee prices reaching a
7:31 pm
ten-year high and the reason, extreme weather this year leaving next year's crop in doubt. global supply chain pain also making it difficult for producers and roasters to deliver. analysts expect the market tightness to continue to 2023. the dow down 462 off 5% since friday. the s&p down 54. the nasdaq down 284. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news an alleged predator arrested accused of posing as a ride share driving and sexually assaulting multiple passengers the evidence police found that raises fears there could be dozens of victims. concern about tennis tar peng shua grows. all tournaments are extended
7:32 pm
one of jeffrey epstein accusers cross examined in court. >> she took the stand again today. the alleged victim using the pseudonym jane in court. she's accusing jeffrey epstein one time girlfriend of cougroomg her and forcing her to engage in sex acts with epsspe epstein the lawyers pressed her to recall exact date and facts from decades ago. jane said at one point in testimony that epstein flew her to new york on his private jet to see the lion king on broadway in 1994. max well's lawyer questioned her on how she could have done that when the lion king didn't debut until 1997 jane testified she had been incorrect in her time line the lawyer also tried to suggest jane was unreliable and might be telling her story for money. she pounced on the fact that the alleged victim acts in soap
7:33 pm
op operas requesting whether she's accustomed to memorizing lines and cry on demand. the lawyer questioned why she didn't come forward much earlier but jane testified i was sitting in a room full of strangers and telling them the most shameful, deepest secrets i had been carrying around with me everywhere it was too difficult, too difficult emotion malemotionall. too difficult on every level jane is the first of four women scheduled to testify who say they were groomed for sex by maxwell. what did you make of her testimony? >> jane and the government is the same challenge that happens any time you have a crime that allegedly occurred decades ago that's memory. that's keeping the story straight after so many years that same challenge also goes to the defense in that it becomes very difficult for them to come up with an alt mat time line of what happened so many years ago. >> many of these charges are --
7:34 pm
the event being argued at any rate are decades old that's got to make it harder to prove. >> it makes it very difficult especially when you date back to the early '90s you don't have everything time stamped with text messages, phone records, e-mails all the things we would use today to put an actual time on an event you have the fact that memories fade, witnesses die and people move on and they forget what happened so many years ago you saw that with the defense. they made ef effort to exploit any gaps or failings in memory >> legally is that a solid argument >> it's called the empty chair defense and it's used all the time.
7:35 pm
they have to make jeffrey epstein the real villain and at most maxwell met the girls and took them shopping but that doesn't rise to the level of committing the crime of grooming a key witness in the case against the case of actor jussie smollett took the stand. he said smollett recruited him to help stage a racist attack nearly three years ago he said smollett asked him and his brother to fake beat him up. he claims the actor planned a dry run and gave him 100 bucks for supplies before carrying out the hoax he says smollett told the brothers to punch him, tie a noose around his neck and pour bleach on him. smollett's attorney says he was the real victim and called the brothers testimony unreliable.
7:36 pm
smollett is charged with six counts of felony disorderly conduct tr making fake police reports. if convicted, smollett could face up to three years in prison an officer in tucson is set to lose his job after he shot a man in a wheelchair. shot him nine times and killed him. police say richard lee richards was accused of shoplifting at a walmart and he pulled a knife when officer ryan asked to see his receipt. remmington and another officer followed him to parking lot. we'll show the body cam video of the shooting warning, it is disturbing. >> stop. now. >> we froze the video before the officer fires. you can hear the nine shots striking him in the back and the side how did it get to that point
7:37 pm
here is cnbc christina >> we have a suspect that just shoplifted. >> reporter: on monday tucson police officer responded to a report of a man shoplifting at a local walmart. according to police a walmart employee caught richard lee richards attempting to steal a tool box richards who was in a wheelchair pulled out a knife remming ton followed richards across the parking lot but pulled out his gun when the suspect attempted to enter another store. after a warning, officer remming ton shot richards nine time, killing him at the scene >> do not go into the store, sir? >> stop, now you need to -- >> i am deeply disturbed and troubled by officer remming ton's actions. his use of deadly force in this incident is a clear violation of department policy and directly contradicts multiple aspect of
7:38 pm
our use of force and training. >> he was able to walk with the man. the man was in a motorized wheelchair. >> reporter: former detroit police chief says remming ton should have used many other tools to deescalate the situation. >> the last thing you want to do is use that force. you have a taser or maybe the second person has taser. >> reporter: in statement, remming ton's attorney says that quote, he said he had no non-lethal options did have taser but he couldn't use it because he didn't feel he has the proper spread to deploy it with the wheelchair between him and richards this wasn't richards first run in with the police mp in 2007 he was sentenced to ten years in state prison on charges including attempted first-degree murder and resisting arrest. >> he wasn't a very good guy he was in prison for a long time >> reporter: despite richards past, family member jim wright says things shouldn't have ended the way they did >> he didn't deserve what happened to him.
7:39 pm
not in the least. >> reporter: the attorney's office is investigating the case just moments ago the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol voted unanimously to seek criminal charges against the former justice department official jeffrey clark for defying its subpoena jeffrey clark refused to answer questions during a recent deposition and failed to hand over documents to the panel. tonight, the committee says clark will be given an opportunity to appear for a new deposition this weekend before they finalize their report if clark still refuses, they say it goes do a full house for the vote and if that passes, it's to be referred to the justice department for a decision on whether he should be prosecuted. the women's tennis association taking strong action today over china's treatment of the tennis star peng shuai it's meimmediately suspending
7:40 pm
tournaments in china, including hong kong. the head of the wta writes in good conscience i don't see how i can ask our athletes to compete there when peng shuai is not allowed to communicate freely and seemingly been pressured to contradict her allegation of sexual assault she vanished last month after she claimed she was actually assaulted by an official with close tied to the chinese president. she alleged that the former vice premier of china forced her to have sex even after repeated refusals she was then seen about three weeks late fler a video call with the head of the international olympic committee. we're told she's safe and asked for her prooifr si to be respected the head of the women's tennis association does not buy it he says he knows where she is but that he has serious doubts about whether she's safe baseball appears to be heading for its first lockout in more than a quarter century. the clock is ticking the mlb collective bargaining agreement is said to expire
7:41 pm
tonight at a minute before midnight eastern if the league and its players association don't reach a new deal by then, the owners are expected to freeze all player activity no work outs in team facilities, no free agent signings, no negotiating new contracts. the two sides are at odds over a range of issues but espn reports the main sticking point is the league's economic structure. specifically, how players get paid even if the sides don't strike a deal by tonight's deadline, that doesn't necessarily mean the upcoming season will be affected there's still time to reach a new agreement. there's obviously the regular season is roughly four months away it's the first day of december and starting to look a lot like christmas the countdown to the holidays officially on. just 24 days from today. many parents rushing to get present s for the kids good news for businesses like toys r us. it's making a whale of a
7:42 pm
comeback we reported that they partnered with macy's to open in more than 400 department stores next year and now it's set to open a massive flagship store in new jersey cnbc senior retail correspondent courtney reagan is live with us. what should we expect? >> the ceo of the company that owns the toys r us says shoppers can expect to feel that toys r us nostalgia it opens mid month at the american dream mega mall in new jersey the toy store will be over 20,000 square feet on two levels a little bigger than the typical drugstore in total area. >> you're going to encounter the song you remember and see jeffrey. maybe you'll take a selfie but you'll have a full assortment of toys all different price ranges
7:43 pm
all different styles and all different categories >> there's going be a two story slide. an ice cream shop and cafe today's new store announcement comes four months after the partnership with macy's is announced. there are still 900 toys r us stores in 25 kcountries around the world. this is the second relaunch of the toy brand since it went bankrupt and liquidated three years ago. first relaunch failed under the weight of the pandemic both pop up stores closed in january of this year whb global bought toys r us in march from true kids it also owns ann klien >> thank you
7:44 pm
a hero's welcome for a teenager in wisconsin. home after he was hurt when the driver of an suv barrelled through a christmas parade according to his dad, this ordeal is far from over. police say a man posing as a rideshare driverer was sexually assaulting female passengers now after they searched his phone and his home, they are se oing this the most shocking car one of them they've ever seen welcome to allstate.
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which gives me access to next-gen statistical analysis software. become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. police say a sexual predator posed as a rideshare driverer as recorded himself sexually abusing him asleep in his car. they are searching for women who may not even know that he attacked them. local coverage now from nbc 4 new york and their reporter. >> reporter: raul is facing multiple charges today accused
7:47 pm
of being a sexual predator who posed as a rideshare driver to lure women into his car. >> in my almost 37-year career, this is one of the most shocking cases ai've seen due to the conduct of the defendant and the scope of this crime. >> reporter: holding a photo arrested two weeks ago after police say he broke into a bright waters home where he attacked a sleeping woman. >> on november 14th, the defendant allegedly illegally entered a resident and sexually abused a female victim who was asleep in the home she awoke and called 911. >> reporter: police pulled him oaf days later on 5th avenue what they found on his home widened their investigation. >> police have recovered videos from the defendant's cell phone appearing to show him sexually abusing a number of women who are unconscious. >> reporter: police believe the attacks were happening for years. one video made on january of
7:48 pm
2019 the victim told police she didn't remember what happened but woke up on oak beach and was missing her phone. when police searched the bay shore home, they found 32 cell phones and 16 driver's licenses. all believed to be trophies taken from his victims police are trying to identify the victims seen in the videos >> the investigation is really early on we're not certain what the full extent and scope of this will be but it seems like it's going to increase in magnitude. polic >> police are trying to contact the owners of the phones and licenses a teenager back home from the hospital after suffering serious injuries in that christmas parade tragedy in wisconsin. his name eric. his family and friends gave him a heroes welcome his father had to help him get
7:49 pm
into the wheelchair. he was playing with the march band when the suv struck him ten days ago crews rushed him to a nearby hospital spent the first few days in the icu. his skull and spine fractured. his lungs bruised and collapsed. his femur and ribs broken. eric will have to relearn how to walk earlier in the day volunteers built this ramp for him to wheel inside his home. he dad at the scene he hopes he doesn't have to use it for long high pressure eric plans to play travel baseball this summer. the republican governor of massachusetts opposed and criticized former president trump. now he is announcing he will not rin o run for-election governor charlie baker saying he won't seek a third term next year last month mr. trump endorsed his gop primary opponent and blasted governor baker saying he was definitely not a make america great again kind of guy. governor baker wants focus on pandemic recovery instead of a
7:50 pm
political grudge match a poll showed the governor had a 56% approval rating. 65% approval among democrats but only 41% among republicans americans no longer see russia as the biggest threat to the united states. that's according to the brand new survey from the ronald reagan nstitute. russia came in at a distant second 14%. down 16 percentage points over the same period. the survey shows americans changing feelings toward the men and women in uniform 45% of those surveyed say they have a great deal of trust in the military down 25 percentage points from three years ago. the world's most expensive cities and the one that tops the brand new list may surprise you. college basketball's longest active winning streak.
7:51 pm
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college basketball's most dominant team right now is trying to stay undefeated. not duke, purdue or baylor but a team from a small jewish university in new york city. the yeshiva haven't dropped game since before the pandemic. 44 wins in a row on the 4th night of hanukkah, the team is trying to make it 45 we have their story.
7:54 pm
>> reporter: this division three team has the longest active winning streak in the ncaa it's the kind of record even legendary teams pray for >> all the doubters saying jews can't play basketball, we want to prove them wrong and set a example for the kids that it doesn't matter where you come from or what you believe in. you can succeed in life. >> reporter: he aims high. he wants to play for the nba as the first orthodox jew he's a star player recruited from southern california to new york lured away from division one school his faith and this basketball program made yeshiva university his pick >> i had a few other options coming under theing out of highd try to win a national championship >> reporter: the university in manhattan has just 2600
7:55 pm
students all of them, including the basketball players are required to participate in intense jewish studies for hours day. some players wear -- some observe the sabbath so games are scheduled around it. prayer is essential to daily life not every player is orthodox or observant. >> everybody is on a different scale of religion. i think having that and knowing how to respect each other off the court brings a lot to team when we're on the court and it helps us with our chemistry and team work. >> reporter: the coach preaches selflessness and says it's been the glue to keep this team focused during pandemic ups and downs. >> the fact we have that mentality throughout is really the main reason we had success. >> reporter: the long streak of vic tories is attracting attention from talent scouts from all over the country.
7:56 pm
>> this program has been around for decades and we have never had this kind of success before. it's a testament to the hard work of the student athletes and to the coaching staff. >> reporter: and just maybe a bit of divine intervention >> whoa, what was that that was from out of this world. >> reporter: the players say the streak has been an amazing distraction during the pandemic but what they really want is a national championship. >> they'll defend the streak tonight. first of december which means it's finally time to kick off the holiday season in grand style. moments away from the 8th rockefeller christmas tree lighting a live look at 30 rock a live audience will be there to celebrate. last year nobody was allowed to attend the tree lighting because of the covid-19 pandemic the tree 79 feet a norway spruce. first rockefeller tree to hail from maryland. it will be lit ef day until january 16th
7:57 pm
tune in at 8:00, 7:00 central for the tree lighting ceremony performances by brad paisley, carrie underwood and many more top of the hour only on nbc. tel aviv is now the most expensive city in all the world. the city climbing from 5th place last year and pushing down paris which previously held the top spot the jump mostly due to i flags about a 10th of goods rose in cost and the rising israeli currency mostly because of the remarkable vaccine roll out according to the eiu report rounding out the top five most expensive cities, paris and singapore tied for second. new york is sixth. l.a., nineth
7:58 pm
55 second on a race to the finish roe v wade facing its most serious challenge. after hours of argument, the court appeared willing to uphold mississippi's ban on most abortions after 15 weeks the united states has its first confirmed case of the omicron variant. the patient traveled to south africa and returned to the san francisco area early last week a fourth student has died after yesterday's shooting at a high school in michigan. the 15-year-old suspect facing multiple charges including four counts of murder now you know the news of this wednesday, december 1st, 2021. follow us on instagram and twitter. listen to the podcast on apple, spotify or your favorite podcast platform
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