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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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about michigan being in the final four there >> you had to do it, didn't you? rub salt in the wounds, man. >> i know, it's a tough one. listen, it's been a while. amat >> thank you for watching "fas my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i just want to make you money. my job is not just to entertain you but to make you money. call me or tweet me. if you pick in the teeth of last week's selloff and ran for the
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exits. sell, sell, sell, sell, sell well, you've got to be kicking yourself right now dow surging 492 points nasdaq falling 3.03% but there are no doovers in this racket, people, which is why it's so important to get things right the first time i often say that panic is not a strategy the past couple of weeks have been a perfect example of that you had done much better if you had stayed calm and sat tight which has been the case so often. most all our entire lives. what we're going to do, we're going to walk through this so you never forget it. corners bear inquest it makes the biggest mistake it all goes back to wednesday before thanksgiving, okay? omicron variant.
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>> i can't blame anyone. >> the elimination, they found the turkey that's it. this time we begin and these are the rounds and by it now that's become an appetizer you have to get tested, right? fortunately, everyone was negative as i ponder my late mother's string bean casserole, what if my trustee never leave home without it can't catch the new variant? what if they don't work? don't worry, turns out it does it seems logical that the people had covid. presumably the new majority having the new strain. pretty logical always in the background, lockdown, lockdown, lockdown that litany played over and over
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as the market drew to the open the day after thanksgiving now we're talking about here now i called in from home saying that you can't panic and sell into this male strom and you have to take lockdown off the table. they're not coming back. a holiday session. one with a few players the worse being the oil pitts. oil had been so strong even an actual lease of crude from the strategic petroleum meant nothing. then oil met the omicron strain and it was like the saudis decided to flood the world with petro. it was plain ugly. dow closed down 900 points s&p shed more than 200%. over that weekend we didn't hear any new bad news we all kept waiting for it, right, you remember? we knew there had to be a new outbreak perhaps we had to wait until it got here before you could buy anything but sell without more reports of rampant outbreaks and a spike in deaths, this is the acceptable risk
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moment, people we all learned that the new strain was omicron it sounded like a second rate michael cite ton novel right then we should have had a that he will maybe things weren't as bad as the media and the world health organization was making it out to be. the w.h.o. doesn't want to get its pants caught down again but apparently it over corrected i knew i felt much better. if you listen to cnbc's meg tirrell do her interviews, they sounded pretty sang wine about the new strain both gentlemen are shoe ins for "ti "time's" person of the year. dow rallied 236 points still certainly a positive of course that was shattered last tuesday when we read an
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interview the night before that moderna had given the "financial times. it sounded like a wholesale repudiation of what he told meg. there is no world i think where it could be the same level of effectiveness as we have with delta, end quote then he talked about a, quote, material drop, end quote, in effectiveness capping it off by all of the scientists he talked to had told him, quote, this is not going to be good, end quote. well, i mean, you want to see what happens when you have the most important other than borland in this whole thing, the guy that got it right. what happens when he changes his mind you go from here, that's the positive band sell to here, the negative one that interview crushed the entire stock market the next day. who knew more about it than the ceo of moderna, right? we tried to rally but we couldn't get any traction. we didn't have any news on om kran that allowed for wednesday
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because nothing happened, have a decent day, not great, not bad but it all unraveled thursday when we heard apple was calling suppliers telling them that they don't need more product, sales were weak, we don't want anymore product. we have way too many phones. that was the narrative now i went on air to say that was inconceivable. they don't even if they did, their suppliers wouldn't talk about it the same time we were beginning to get a different feel about omicron. we started to say even if this was very infectious, might be a lot less severe than delta especially if you're vaccinated. now fast furd to today what have we learned here? yes, omicron is not going to redestroy the western world. it's not the delta variant 2.0 the fact that it's supplanting it may be a very good thing because getting omicron is more like getting a vaccine than getting covid and that's good news we also learned that apple
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didn't call suppliers to roll back the orders. business is booming and that's why she raised her price target from 164 to an astounding 200. if you took your cue from last week's panic you would have sold off 4% nearly 8% below where it was last night it's trading further up. that is the reason why i say i don't want you trading apple we got a report from a japanese news outlet that apple can't get enough supplies to meet the demand instead of saying, hey, listen, we have too many supplies, now they're begging for supplies live by the sword, die by the sword. supplier stories aren't to be trusted but morgan stanley's uberty is. now looking back it's hard to believe that no one really
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considered the possibility that the omicron strain might not be that severe. the authorities sure made it sound like the worst case scenario was the only cenario. so did stefan bancel he a n lated the stock market. i know he didn't mean to it's hard to think apple fell 4% it took down the tech edhe edife if you shot first and asked questions later, you did terrible it's a textbook example why panic is not a strategy unless you're deliberately trying to lose money i want you to use it as a reminder that most of the time it pays to wait for cooler heads to prevail rather than freaking out where everyone else is freaking out and lost their heads without complete information. the bottom line, look, it would have been great if you had
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bought stock somewhere near the lows, that's what i urged you to do even if you had to hold your nose the cardinal sin here was selling stocks out of fear rather than sitting tight out of rationality. a lesson i hope to convey when our investing club meets this thursday on a special call in how to prosper in 2022 anthony in florida anthony. >> caller: jim professor cramer big boo-yah from south florida thank you for all you do for us home gamers. i have a quick question on dick's sporting goods, dks i got in in july when it was at 102. they reported earnings on august 25th, my anniversary by the way. it hit 146 on september 1st but the next day started to decline. it's rallied to 142 before black friday but today closed at 108 with the uncertainty of omicron looming before christmas is dick's a buy, hold or sell? >> first of all, thank you for the kind comments.
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i was on the conference call i thought it was a great quarter. i said the same thing about williams sonoma. they were both great quarters. the market is wrong. the companies are doing great and i think that dick's right here is a buy tomorrow morning it would have been just terrific had you done some buying near the lows but the real sin was selling stocks down out of fear. i can't ask you to buy the bottom but i've got to try to tell you not to sell the bottom. the nlrb ruled that ballots can be tallied to unionize three starbucks in buffalo i'm going straut to the headlines. and then ford is cruising into the cloud after announcing a new subscription sold with a collaboration with salesforce. i'm talking the latest in cloud and auto innovation with the heads of both companies. and sentinel one blew the doors off the company.
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i'm trying to see if the stock is the one you want. there's big lock up expirations. don't get too excited. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an email to "mad money" tw money" or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss omething? head to "mad money" dot cnbc dotcom
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want to save on your home internet? xfinity is proud to support whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. the emergency broadband benefit program. for a limited time, you may be eligible to qualify for a credit of up to $50 a month toward your internet service through this program. that's right! you could qualify for a credit of up to $50 a month toward your internet service and equipment. for even more value, switch to xfinity mobile, and you could pay as little as $15 a month for wireless. click, call, or visit a store to learn more. last week we learned about the omicron strain and the whole market got obliterated wall street freaked out but with each passing day we got more
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encouraging news new variant may be more dangerous but it seems less than delta. starbucks came back. i'm very confident business will benefit as the world goes back to normal. starbucks has a huge chinese business and most importantly perhaps in this case an extremely tight labor market that includes a unionization drive in buffalo they need to worry about organized labor pushing up wages, that's a tough dynamic. this may be a watershed moment let's check in with kevin johnson, the president and ceo of starbucks welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, thanks for having me good to see you. >> great to see you, kevin today you got a decision headed down by the united states national labor relations board which says you can't stop this election, kevin. the rules are such that you have to let this go forward
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so it goes forward and you lose, what happens >> well, jim, we respect the process that we're going through and, you know, independent of any outcome, we're going to continue to focus on putting our starbucks partners first and we'll work through this. i think about this, you look back at what we've been through over the last two years, not just starbucks but all of us this pandemic that we've all navigated has been something that i think is changing all of society. i look back to march of 2020, and you recall this, when we had to shut down all of our stores with the exception of drive throughs, what did we do we made a decision to put people over profit and we paid all of our partners whether they came to work or not at a time when there were 30 million americans who were laid off, furloughed and out of work. and that model has served us well, you know, you think about it we've adapted store protocols and when consumer mobility started to increase, our green
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apron partners were there and they rose to the occasion. that drove a faster recovery for starbucks than others had seen well, today we know how to operate in a pandemic. we know how to adapt our store protocols. we know how to adapt to everything that happens related to the pandemic. but i think this is a point in time where we have to acknowledge that covid has changed everything you think about it, 5 million americans who have not reentered the work force inflation is going up and putting financial pressure on families across the country. you know, there's divisiveness over things like mask, vaccines, social unrest over racial injustice and equality this is an opportunity for starbucks to rise above and demonstrate what our mission and values have stood for which is using our scale for good. >> you know i think that's the case i have supported starbucks through thick and thin but i know when employees want to
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unionize, they have a fundamental view things aren't the way they should be even at a great company like starbucks which happens to offer far better benefits than any of the other publicly traded companies i follow other than perhaps costco so what can you do more than you're doing in -- if you were to meet with them and say, you know what, i know you've got this vote on thursday. one more shot. let me tell you why we think this is a good deal and that things won't go as well at the company if the company were unionized? >> well, you know, look, jim, first of all, we always put our partners first what our partners have told us is that, look, customer demand is strong right now so increasing staffing. you know, wage is important and training is important and hours that they need to get are important. you look at what we've done, you know, we just announced, you know, a billion incremental investment in wage, training, hours for our partners you look in addition to that, certainly we -- you know, we're
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addressing areas of inflation. we've increased recruiting in our field. and we're over coming these challenges now these are challenges that every business faces and clearly the partner first model, partner centric model that starbucks has always had has served us well. it's allowed us to be agile. would he have three stores in buffalo that have filed to petition to vote on a union. three individual bargaining units. you think of buffalo buffalo is a community of 20 starbucks stores and our green apron partners in starbucks stores, they often trade shifts and get additional hours in stores outside of their home store. in fact, 45% of our partners in buffalo have traded shifts and worked in other stores throughout that community. and so all we're asking is that all partners in that community have a voice and, you know, i recognize that may not be the case, but we respect the process and we're going to navigate
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through this by staying true to our mission values and just operating as one starbucks this is three stores out of 9,000 stores we're going to figure it out. >> now the other stores that are in buffalo, you said they have 19 stores. obviously they chose not -- they could have gone with these workers. they affirmatively chose not to? is that the way it worked? >> well, that's right. the way the nlrb set this up is each store has to file a petition and say they want to petition to join the union only three stores did in this particular vote. there are three others in the buffalo region that have filed there's 20 stores in that region we think all partners should have a voice simply because they trade shifts and work across stores it creates a level of uncertainty to have this done on a store-by-store basis. >> i wonder if this is the watershed and i'm going to start reading about unionization in many, many cities of my starbucks. >> look, jim, i think it's fair to say, you know, there's a
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national dialogue underway on this topic you look at this, you know, what's unfolding across society today when you look at the 5 million americans that have not entered the labor force, all of these things are weighing on society. we're a microcosm society. i expect there may be a handful of other stores but i really believe when i talk to, you know, over 7500 of our store managers just in the last two days and there's strong support for the heritage and history of starbucks in the fact that we're a partner centric company and i believe our green apron partners ever going to stand up we'll continue to operate the way we have for decades. >> it's a continual story because everything has changed i never thought i would see this day frankly. kevin johnson, president and ceo of starbucks good to see you on the show, sir. thank you. >> thanks, jim. things have changed. i always knew this was the place
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you worked because they had the better breaks. if the workers are unhappy, we must respect the process that's the right thing to do process has always helped the workers in this, when it comes to this particular process i believe. others don't but i think it does "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, these two companies are teaming up to keep drivers safe with the next generation of connected cars together can ford and salesforce be the engine to power your portfolio? cramer's got both ceos next. ♪ what do you want from me? ♪ ♪ what do you... ♪ [ buzzer sound ] ♪ hah, my name is ♪ ♪ what? - my name is ♪
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kenan! hey kenan! looking good. feeling good. i just found all these cars on autotrader. wow! now wait for the best part there microwave. a dealer is gonna deliver this car to our home. never leave home, never leave home! woo, it's here! there's one thing... i can't do from home. drive! someone stop him! kenan! catch ya later, refrigerator! this morning we got a surprising and terrific announcement from two of our favorite companies ford's launching a new software as a service tool. send invoices, manage their own
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customer relationships on's cloud platform. ford has a gigantic commercial business and the f-150 and service vans are loved by the small businesses and the same small businesses can't get the tiffany software let's take a look with marc benioff and the president of ford welcome back to "mad money." >> great to see you, jim. >> jim farland, we're going to start. why does a small business person need this? why can't they keep track of everything themselves? and is that so overwhelming? >> it is only about 10% of the million small business owners that drive our vehicles feel like the enterprise solution they have works for them they're running their business from their van or their super duty they have all the invoices in
6:27 pm
their sun adviser and they're overwhelmed. they're under served customers this is a big deal for them to get more professional in their back office. it allows them to bid more salesforce and ford are doing it. >> it's the $39 a month. does it operate everything on their mobile so they don't have to have a lot of other stuff in their truck? >> correct but it also -- we'll integrate into their truck as well which will be nice for some of them. you know, if i were to take you into their office on wheels, there would be sticky notes everywhere this is really a big deal for them to organize the back office, especially now with covid. they're so much busier than they were we think the addressable market is going to do you believe over the next couple of years with them with how busy they are. it's a really big growth opportunity for us. >> marc, when i think of digitization i think of every industry other than autos, other
6:28 pm
than trucks. how did this work out? because i think this is probably -- small business needs this more than pretty much anybody. >> you're right, jim small business does need this, maybe more than anyone, you're 100% right i'll tell you, jim, this is a vision for the ford cloud and the ford cloud is exciting because you do have incredible businesses, you know, my contractor has a ford and he's doing a little remodel on my house right now. probably happening for a lot of americans. and he doesn't have software tools to help him run his business and this new visor technology will give him the ability to be successful in a whole new way. to keep track of his key data about that projectbut connect with ford and have a connected relationship between his incredible ford product that shows up at my house every day and jim's incredible company. >> jim, let's talk about the loyalty factor first of all, have the stores bought in? i don't necessarily have a ford. i'm not sure that necessarily
6:29 pm
the stores is wired or thinking about these kinds of things and, second, when you get in, will people be asking for this? will they be saying like xm raid radio, you ought to get this how does it fitinto the day-to-day sale? >> i think it's on us to present the facts to our customers and it will be a direct relationship they'll have questions for our store owners but this is about ford selling these cloud services, as marc said, to the customer direct and having -- and presenting the opportunity for the customer this is not -- they're under served so it's on us to be able to present this and share with them, with salesforce, the opportunity that they don't even know they're missing right now it's a big opportunity, but it's going to be a heavy lift for us. we've been used to selling vehicles, now we have to sell a cloud. >> marc, when you move into industries that have not been digitized, how difficult is it for people to realize the savings? >> well, when jim says he's --
6:30 pm
his customers are under served, that's the deed word for this is a tremendous revenue opportunity for him, for his b2b customers and like my contractor, landscaper, painter, all who have ford trucks and whoall need services from ford. this is a great opportunity to make sure you don't show up in the garage one morning and your truck doesn't turn over, that's a lost day of work ford gives you the ability to have a 24/7 experience and that's going to mean more revenue to those small businesses and that's critical i have a mach e. i think it's one of the greatest electric vehicles i've driven. this is the beginning of connecting with ford in a whole new way. i am super excited. >> jim, you've got i think what could be a windfall coming with riveon would you take that moerch and perhaps make it that you could do a new battery plant, do a lot of ev, do this, maybe create a
6:31 pm
new ford within a ford >> you know, good question i would say right now our opportunity is to scale our bed business we want to be number two overall. i'm happy now we want to be number one in battery electric commercial vehicles. it's the heart of our company. this is a really big growth opportunity to take our battery electric vehicles in commercial, create a cloud but we have to scale the production the f-150 lightning, the etransit are launching as we speak. we have the opportunity to be the biggest, the biggest commercial vehicle digital company with a great cloud service with our commercial customers. that's what we're going for. >> so i know you do, marc, a lot of work with home depot. can i envision a world where i literally get an order, i go to my -- to my cloud business and i place it right with home depot, i pick it up at home depot, then i go right to the customers?
6:32 pm
is that what this is envisioned? >> well, you remember that's exactly what we did with home depot is that we helped increase same-store sales with not only frank plate and craig menier with the idea that these same professionals were showing up with the stores and they were able to increase revenues by dramatically increasing the relationships with these professionals. it turned out i didn't even realize myself, jim, that home depot was an incredible b2b company and b 2 c company. and guess who else is? jim farley and ford. when you can focus on the different verticals, provide cloud services, subscriptions. this gives you the opportunity to build a billion dollar business that's what i've done at salesforce and jim should do it too. >> jim, $39 a month. is that the important stream or does the important stream come from loyalty after you get them doing something that they've never done before?
6:33 pm
>> it's both. >> both. >> right now -- yeah right now loyalty is the most important move for us. that's why we've produced -- that's why we've created 4 pro that's why we're working with marc and his company yes, there are a lot of great revenue opportunities for this, but this is about customers staying with ford all day long, not just when they buy their vehicle. >> jim, we know that the f-150, you've got a list of 200,000 people already signed up how many can you make next year? are you over selling >> well, we are right now. i mean, our capacity is about half of what the demand is, but i've got to tell you, and ford's done this in the past. we figure out how to break constraints. that's what we do. and we have a dedicated team right now just doing one thing, finding a way to double our capacity by finding batteries, whatever it takes to double our
6:34 pm
capacity of lightning. we'll see what the government does with support from the federal government, the demand will be even higher. so at $40,000 this lightning is a lot of success as marc said, the mach-e, the demand is about twice our production rate. that's why we're committing in the next 24 months to get to 600,000 units of capacity but it's going to take a lot of work by our team. >> we're going to talk about that thursday on our investment call because that's the future for you. two iconic companies i love getting together to do this for small business ever dream of this 10 years ago? >> jim, this is the best of both worlds, you're 100% right. when jim farley says he has one of the best electric cars in the world, the mach-e, he's right. i have the gt, the newest one. it's incredible. connecting it to the ford cloud, connecting the next generation lightning 150s, wow, this is an incredible vision for the future
6:35 pm
of ford. i couldn't be more excited. >> i want to thank both of you jim will be speaking with me at our invest club on thursday these are the kinds of things i come to expect from both of these companies which are brainstorms that help the small business person who is completely overwhelmed, although that's good. we want them to make even more money. jim farley, ceo of ford and marc benioff in a tie salesforce i hope that means when you get to ford you will be more correct. >> in new york, jim. it means i'm in new york ties are new york. >> thank you stay with cramer >> announcer: coming up, from the phone in your pocket to the public services we use cybersecurity is a must. fresh off earnings, can this company help make your portfolio a safe place to invest find out next.
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last night i told you there was a possibility that the beaten down cloud software could already be close to bottom that was far from certain. today we saw incredible moves here sentinel one here's a stock that lost 43% of its value but today sentinel one jumped more than 13% sure enough the numbers were incredible accelerating sales up 128% year over year. more than they lost. they gave you impressive guidance i don't know if today's rebound is staying power because the whole market is let's say nutty
6:40 pm
here these results make me feel a lot more confident about the company's long-term profits. let's go to the co-founder and ceo of sentinel one. mr. weingarten, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you thank you for having me back, jim. >> last time we talked you said you may have marquee names coming on. i'm seeing samsung, este estee de lauder, are all of them afraid of being hacked what's the urgency here? >> what we do is absolute criticality. it's designed to keep these folks in business. that's what you see going to market there's a gross understanding that cybersecurity is a knitted pillar to keep your business running and that's exactly what we're selling into the market. we have offerings from classic end point security all the way
6:41 pm
to cloud security. we're also playing and try to secure every attack surface in the enterprise. >> you know we've had palo alto on crowd strike last week this has become what i've regarded a crowded field how does sentinel one distinguish itself from other companies? >> first and foremost, it's technology we still win on merit. our win rates have been stable for the past three or four quarters right around 70% because incumbents and others alike. we see this market as something that will almost always be competitive. the competitive set changes from end point to cloud it's not always the same competitors. all in all we like our win rates. we like to go into technical pocs and win against the competition. that has been sustained over time our customers are incredibly happy. we are operating at 99% gross
6:42 pm
retention rate about 130% all in all it seems like we really like our ability to compete in this market and all in all it's about the technology, it's about how good it is. i wouldn't give too much weight into one or two or any other examples. >> well, but wait a second we had crowd strike last week saying microsoft wasn't doing anything they're taking business from microsoft. if you're taking business from crowd strike, which i understand you have it with a major retailer, a fintech company and american manufacturer, i want to know why that is and how did you it did you do it on price superior product what did you offer these guys that you got them from a very good company, crowdstrike? >> i just want to really say, this is a huge market that we're all addressing so there's plenty of room. i think that once again every one example paints a different picture. these displacements are
6:43 pm
happening. they ripped out of crowdstrike citing inability to deploy, have parity across operating systems and overall dissatisfaction with support. so you kind of see some customers really opting to go a different way when they're unable to deploy, unable to reach, you know, the outcome that they intended to reach with one other vendor that's an opportunity in the market as well alongside a lot of these competitive displacements, we find the incumbent antivirus. that's pretty much a usual thing for companies like crowdstrike that run side by side. with us, with one fell swoop you actually remove both next gen and the incumbent vendor these will happen. >> i should go back to george at crowdstrike. he says, i've won a lot versus
6:44 pm
you. you know i'm going to have to bring that up to him i have not done that work. i found this out after the close. i want people to understand. the market's down a lot. your stock peaked in november. there are 143 million shares by my count that could be available on thursday so i want people to understand, you do have lockups expiring so if they go in and they're very excited about buying, perhaps it would be better to wait for the expiration, correct? >> i think we had the initial expiring last quarter. right after last quarter and that unlocked about 40 million shares we haven't seen a lot of it going to the market, but all in all, yes, lockup is expiring and we'll see what it is >> last thing, we've been focused on -- i've got this investment club and i'm trying to figure out what's going to work best in 2022. i'm trying to wean myself off of incredible fast growth and go towards profitability. when i see your growth, it's
6:45 pm
hard not to love it. you're accelerating revenue growth rather remarkably how is that possible >> it all comes down to growth vectors. we have so many of them. the company plays in four different tams today $100 billion joint tam opportunity. it's accelerating faster than the macro business high scale go to market that strategically is different than some of our competitors and that just drives growth in every part of the market that we play in. we don't think that's going to change any time soon we feel like our ability to reach our customers with the fully fledged cloud to platform that can deliver more and more capabilities overtime is not going to go away you've seen us expand on margin and trim down costs. >> no, it was a great quarter. you know you're always welcome on the show. good to see you again. wow, just great last three months
6:46 pm
co-founder and ceo of sentinel one. thank you so much, sir >> thank you. >> the reason it's so hard is here you go, i'm working on this investment club and i'm thinking no more likely to have companies like high growth and then we get a growth like this, expiration lockup on thursday, maybe you get even more of a discount. i don't know these are hard decisions to make "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, a storm is coming. so give us a call. cramer's got the answers to all your burning questions the lightning round is next.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade it is time it's time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over are you ready, skee-daddy. start with mike in massachusetts. mike >> caller: boo-yah, cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i've been watching since 2007 i'm such a big fan. >> thank you so much, mike thank you so much. what's up? >> caller: you've got it my question is for sofi stock >> jimmy chill says i agree with you. frankly they did a econdary. they didn't -- it crushed the stock. the stock popped people felt like they got hurt by it when the secondary occurred and now i think it's bottomed let's go to jonathan in texas. jonathan >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer thank you for taking my call.
6:51 pm
>> boo-yah right back at you what's going on? >> caller: all right i'm looking at an outdoor stock that has solid fundamentals. the stock is moving in the wrong direction. the earnings are due this thursday what's your opinion on ticker single aout. >> i know it's a gun play but they have all of these other brands we like i think they're an amalgam of brands i don't think it's that bad a story. they have a lot of good brands let's go to ken in georgia please, ken. >> caller: chill man, how's it going? matthew vos has downgraded all of them and put me in the house of pain. >> this is a tough one because we know that last quarter was quite weak and matt's reacting, i believe, i've not spoken to him, about ollie's the quarter was not up to snuff.
6:52 pm
american eagle outfitters had a great talk on closing bell and nobody seemed to care about that one. bob in florida bob. >> caller: hey, jim. i love your show and i love all the information you give to all of us. >> thank you thank you. >> caller: i have a question about the lumina, ilumn. >> look, this is a fantastic company. dr. gottleib is on the board i'm not saying it because of that they are a gene sequencer stock. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade coming up, labor is on the march. cramer's got a take on this. you definitely don't want to miss
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for decades employers have had the upper hand over labor. if you're under 40 you have been
6:56 pm
on the run for your entire life. now that's all changed suddenly organized labor is empowering it's stunning. surely some of it is covid former president trump cracked down on immigration. fewer immigrants means fewer people looking for jobs. that gives workers much more bargaining power uber drivers can make more money than whatever they were doing beforehand unless they were cab drivers. on the whole they give workers more ways to make money which also translates to more bargaining power covid has dramatically shrunk the work force, both because we've got nearly 800,000 dead but millions more have stopped working. in some cases it's because they're immunocompromised and they're not safe in others people took checks from the government and started their own business people are selling their own goods using etsy and shopify
6:57 pm
in some cases parents have had to quit their job and watch their kids and stay at home. fewer workers gives the remaining ones more leverage last year we saw the election of the most pro union president giving $12,500 subsidies of those who buy electric vehicles. it's a tacit admission that organized labor is making a comeback we saw that earlier when we spoke to kevin johnson, the ceo of starbucks they offer all kinds of percs including salaries, college education and that hasn't stopped the unionization drive at some stores in buffalo, new york the nlrb stopped it today. i can't blame anyone for trying to make a better deal for themselves it is a great time to join a
6:58 pm
union, strike higher wages unlike a few years ago, there's nobody to replace you if you get fired. as someone who led a wildcat strike in 1972 in philly, i know someone could have easily and did fill in for me in that actual baseball game that i struck yeah so great glad i got my job back when you see restaurants cutting down the hours that they're open, you know workers have power again, even when they're acting without any kind of union affiliation. we have strikes all over the country. workers at the kellogg plant have been on strike for two months a month ago deere capitulated. business can fight back in some ways management has software. how about the software made by uipath that can let them work with them.
6:59 pm
how about the others domino's is reducing order taking they can work on in store order flow who needs people when an avitar powered by nvidia's chips can take your order in 28 languages and get it right more than a human. finally, there's the self-driving cars and trucks the autonomous driving might command a $50 billion valuation. we don't have enough delivery workers and drivers. many states and cities will try to slow this down, sooner or later the machines will win because they don't get drunk and they don't get tired all of that said, labor is clearly winning. when you adjust for inflation, average wages have been stagnant for decades before the pandemic. people are paid what they're worth. some may go under. many more won't be able to expand as aggressively honestly, who wants to live in a
7:00 pm
country with a hallowed out middle class, which is really the backbone of so much of our country's strength employers have been on top for most of my life. maybe it's labor's turn to win i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim the president tells putin do not invade ukraine what the russian leader said in response i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> hello >> president biden's high-stakes video call. >> it allowed president biden to lay out in clear and direct and candid terms where the united states stands. >> what the u.s. just threatened to deter russia from invading ukraine. instagram rolling out new features to protect young kids the tools just issued, as the company's ceo prepares to face twmakers.


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