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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  December 27, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EST

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s jail at the end of the day. but the only thing they were better at? burglarizing my house and making false search warrant, no question about it. but like walter cronkite said, "that's the way it is." . it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc global headquarters and here is your top five at five. waiting on saint nick as investors wonder about a year end rally. double trouble for thousands of would be flyers over the weekend, as airlines get hit hard by covid and staffing shortages. the former spirit airlines ceo will join me soon. a year fraught with regulators, forms, and surging commodity prices
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what's in store for stocks in 2021 we have marcus mobius. rising prices doing nothing to persuade the u.s. consumer, new numbers on how much we spent and how much retailers gained. 12 days and $12 billion later a new box office record thanks to marvel you're watching "worldwide exchange" here on cnbc good morning, i'm seema modi in for brian sullivan. here's how money and markets are setting up their days according to a higher upper last time i checked. nasdaq up by 28. this coming after a record breaking stocks on thursday with the s&p closing at an all-time record high, the 67th
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year-to-date record high for that benchmark coming into the final week of december, the major averages are higher for the month of december the dow jones up about 4%, s&p higher by 3% the nasdaq is lagging up just about 1% check ing treasuries and where bonds are trading at today, ten year at 1.48%. oil has been moving a bit in the last couple of hours coming off the highest settle since thanksgiving wti is lower by 1% ice brent slightly higher at $76.26 bitcoin rather volatile week for bitcoin in general we're looking at it above 50,000 now. higher by 1% let's go around the world, a mixed picture overnight in asia. where we saw stocks, japan lower by 106 points. hang seng higher
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and the shanghai flat on the day. europe just getting started, markets in london are closed for the holiday weekend. basically mixed trade, germany higher by .2%. let's get to the top morning stories. silvana is here with us with the top stories. good morning. >> good morning. it was a rough weekend for air travel in the u.s. u.s. airlines were forced to cancel more than 1,500 flights and delay 1,000 more yesterday this morning cancellations for flights within or out of the u.s. are already topping 600 the headaches coming as travel continues to spike from the depths of the pandemic, according to the tsa, more than 1.7 million people took to the skies on christmas eve this friday compared to 616,000 a
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year ago moderna is facing a shareholder proposal demand the company open up the covid-19 technology to poorer countries the group also looking for the company to explain why prices remain high given the government aid it's received. moderna has received at least $2.5 billion from the u.s. government to help develop the vaccine. and ford says it delivered its first chinese built mustang mach e the handoff was the first in a series of ceremonies throughout the country starting in shanghai and beijing, side stepping the dealership model for the all electric utility they've set up 25 tesla-style stores in china with more planned in the months ahead. >> the dominance for china continues. the fight for china continues. >> exactly to the ongoing concerns around covid and the rapidly
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spreadingomicron, dr. anthony fauci warning over the weekend, the new variant will continue to drive cases higher this as at least five states, including new jersey and massachusetts, report their highest seven day case counts ever liz mcloughlin joining us with a look at the travel headaches it's hard to get around right now. >> reporter: absolutely. it was an industry that was already short staffed and now the coronavirus is putting a stress on them the omicron variant cases now accounting for more than 70% of new covid cases in the u.s the daily case count is the highest we've seen in about the past year and the travel headaches are really continuing to mount over the holiday weekend, more than 6,000 flights globally were cancelled and that caused tens of thousands of delays the holiday travel nightmare continues for airline passengers
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this week. feeling the impact of omicron's rapid spread. >> they said the reason why the flights were cancelled was crew availability due to covid. outbreaks on at least four cruiseships caused them to be turned away at destination ports this weekend >> after a three-hour delay they said we're not going to stop >> reporter: the coronavirus surge also affecting college athletes, with three more bowl games cancelled sunday the number of children being infected and hospitalized is rising educators now strategizing on how to keep kids in the classroom safely >> our message to the families are, number one, we're going to do everything we can to keep schools open. >> reporter: testing may be a key factor in preventing the spread, but demand has out paced supplies hours long wait times at testing
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sites across the country -- >> we have to do better. things will improve greatly as we get into january but that doesn't help us today and tomorrow. >> reporter: a race to control the spread in the final days of 2021 president biden promised americans that there would be 500 million free at-home covid-19 test kits available but officials say the contracts for those will be finalized this week, but they won't be available -- the website won't be up for people to request those tests until january. and once available, it's unclear how quickly they'll be shipped or how many each american can order. seema? >> waiting for the testing to improve here, especially in states like new york what are you hearing about regulators, are they playing to do anything to help with this ongoing travel disruption? >> reporter: lobbyists for the airline industry were pushing the cdc to shorten the isolation
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time for workers to five days if they're vaccinated and test negative we've seen similar shortening of the health care workers and airline workers are -- or excuse me, the airlines themselves are saying we need this too to stop disruption meanwhile, some lawmakers, including diane feinstein of california, were suggesting a vaccine requirement or a proof of a negative test in order to fly domestically there's already proof of a test required for international flights. airlines trading down across the board in premarket liz, thank you for joining us with the latest on the story on travel back to the markets as we come off another stomach churning week for stocks, the major averages falling more than 1% on monday on worries of the omicron variant, fed tightening and news that senator joe
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manchin won't support president biden's build back better plan there's only been one other time this year, in july, when the s&p fell only a monday only to end the week at a record high. let's talk about that and more and what potentially lies ahead for the markets in 2022 with gina sanchez, cnbc contributor always a pleasure to have you on, good morning >> good morning. you know, we were all talking about how this past couple of weeks, market strategists came on saying the year-end rally could come to an end there is so much uncertainty creeping into the market, whether it's the federal reserve, the idea big tech companies won't be able to hold onto the earnings growth they've delivered wall street the last couple of quarters, but here we are at another record high what do you think happened >> i think the markets are really struggling with this question of the fed, what it's
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going to do, and how quickly it's going to do it and the expectations that it could move its pacing up so that, you know, by march, april and may, we're expecting fed hikes and tapering to be largely done if that's the case, then valuation becomes a real issue but the reality is that we're also seeing a lot of pent up demand coming to the fore in the holiday season is exactly when you tend to see that so i think some of that is driving this sort of bout of optimism that we're experiencing and, seema, look, we are slowing from a very high pace of growth because of that pent up demand and unlocked demand. we'll continue slowing but the numbers will still remain positive i think the idea of slowing in the face of rising rates is really the question that the market has to grapple with. >> when the markets started to
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sell off in early december, it was technology that led us lower, right now looking at the nasdaq about 4% away from the recent high. is technology, how are you sizing up the opportunities there? when you break it down, hardware, software, cryptocurrencies, where would you put your money to work >> you have to look at the long term trends and you have to invest for more than just the day or the month and the long term trends basically still argue for greater demand for cloud computing, greater demand to sort of move into the 21st century. and while coronavirus certainly got us there a lot more quickly than we expected, that's not going to stop. the challenge is the valuations. and -- but even given some of these valuations, i think you can still make a strong argument that parts of the tech story, like microsoft, for example, or like nvidia, that those are, you
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know, well priced, highly priced in some cases, but still very strong stories that are not going away >> lastly, bitcoin, back up at 50,000, would you be an investor, gina >> bitcoin is a harder question. because bitcoin really, really relies on excess money supply, and that we think is going away. we think this liquidity story, because of the inflation that has been created for a number of reasons during the coronavirus pandemic, that that has actually given the fed, really, no direction except to start raising rates and removing liquidity. and that's a bad sign for bitcoin. >> it's a great point. this will be one of the open ended questions going into next year as well thank you for joining us, gina sanchez. when we come back, the closer look at retail, the resilient american consumer and the most loved sector stocks for
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2021. plus the winter white out in the northwest. later a "worldwide exchange" exclusive with mark mobius his take on 2021, what lies s.ead for investor a busy hour still ahead on "worldwide exchange" when we return
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welcome back u.s. holiday retail sales rising 8.5% year over year according to new numbers from master card partly due to ecommerce sales that jumped to 11% this year joining us now for a look at the holiday retail picture is jarone martin, i really enjoy looking at your research and what i found compelling with the stuff you sent in for this interview, the most loved stocks rent the run way and etsy what does that tell us about the u.s. consumer? >> good morning, seema absolutely this is going to be another jolly holiday season for retailers. but as you mentioned, our market site data does tell us that some of the most loved stocks when it comes to retail in 2021 were
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rent the runway, etsy and some cases e bay made the top list throughout some of the months. this is because health and wellness have been a top priority for the consumer during the pandemic and as a result many shoppers have made a commitment to change the way they shop and go to the second hand and vintage shop in order to pro mote more of a circular economy and not only that, they love the value and deals they're getting at the retailer. and analysts are very bullish on this trend and have been increasing their earning estimates for retailers going into 2022, suggesting this trend is here to stay and is expected to get stronger. >> we think about the big risks facing retail, we think one inflation, two supply companies, which research shows they've done a better job at managing these head winds >> discounters without a doubt,
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walmart, target and home depot and lowes that's because they've invested a lot of money into the omni channel experience and this paid off in the pandemic they've gained a lot of market share. to your point, we're seeing in the latest reading of our consumer sentiment index that the consumer is very much concerned about what this could mean for their standard of living going into 2022, especially the low-end consumer as they are already feeling the pinch, a lot of the dollar stores, especially dollar tree already, changed their business model after 35 years where they have increased prices from $1 to $1.25. according to our ifr, the inflation is expected to lower to the first half of the year of 2022 >> athleisure, does the research suggest this is a trend that continues into 2022? we know in the pandemic we were all in our sweatpants but it didn't stop did it, based on the
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latest results from lulu lemon. >> absolutely. it didn't stop not only lulu lemon, but consumers are going to the discounters now, but target is also a favorite when it comes to athleisure at a less price compared to the higher $100 yoga pants we see at lulu lemon, they've been a favorite one during the pandemic. we're seeing the athleisure trend is strong, especially as health and wellness continue to be a top priority for consumers. sporting goods is doing well and also the home furnishing and home improvement are sectors that continue to do well this holiday season we saw much less aggressive discounting than what we've seen in previous year but despite the lower discounts we're seeing that items are
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flying off the shelves and the soldout rates are very high. >> it's a great point. we have to wonder how long this can last great research as always have a great morning still on deck, swinging into a new box office record. details on disney's latest blockbuster. that's coming up next. >> announcer: today's big number $234.5 billion that's how much stock companies in the s&p 500 repurchased during the third quarter a new record according to s&p dow jones. you could fret about that email you just sent. ...with a typo. aaaand most of the info is totally outdated.
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let's get a check on this morning's other headlines, phillip mena in new york with the latest good morning. >> good morning. millions of americans are under winter weather alerts this morning, a 70-mile stretch of interstate in northern california had to be shutdown. the weather has forced more than 500 cancellations within and into the u.s. today for airlines three of the seven members of bts tested positive for covid. according to the management team, they are all undergoing self-care at home in accordance
5:24 am
to local health guidelines jin is showing mild symptoms while the other two are asymptomatic a holland american cruise ship returned to san diego after mexican health officials barred it after an outbreak on the ship guests were not allowed to disembark after 24 staff tested positive for covid-19. and spiderman no way home continues to hit astonishing numbers as the film became the first pandemic era movie to cross $1 billion at the box office the latest marvel sequel swung to that new record in 12 days. those are the headlines. back to you. >> thanks, phillip. coming up former spirit airline's ceo, on what's been a rough weekend for travel and
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what's in store for 2022 if you haven't already follow our podcast if you miss "worldwide exchange," check us out on apple, spotify or other apps we will be right back.
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better do to prepare a mixed year for 2021 and a cl cloudy outlook for 2022. we have mark mobius. and the raise of spacs helped public offerings surge in 2021 but post i.p.o. valuations leaving question marks for the year ahead it's monday, december 27th, 2021, you're watching "worldwide exchange" here on cnbc halfway through the hour, welcome back i'm seema mody in for brian sullivan here's a look at how stock futures are looking halfway through the hour we are higher with the dow jones up 19, nasdaq higher by around 41 points. this after stocks closed at another record high on thursday. get this, there is currently no sector of the s&p 500 that is more than 10% away from its 52-week high let's look at energy and the oil trade. sort of mixed action right now,
5:29 am
wti crude has been trading lower, whereas brent crude, they're both trading lower now, wti down by 1.4% a quick check on europe. london is closed for the holiday, but the german dax, italy, spain, france, they're all open and trading in positive territory. watching what's a tough year for emerging markets the i shares eem which is on track to end the year flat lower compared to the s&p 500's nearly 28% gain chalk the weakness to china and sector reform initiatives. etfs there, including semi, alibaba, which have been hit hard by beijing's regulatory crackdown. different story for markets like russia and india, both up double digits year-to-date despite weakness in the late year. will this tail of two markets
5:30 am
continue into 2022 i'm joined in a worldwide exclusive, mark mobius it's a pleasure to have you on i feel the broader markets have been dictated by china and what beijing has been doing on the regulatory front does that continue into 20ty >> yes, i think it will continue i think you pointed out very well the differentiation between the general emerging markets index and what's happening to individual markets like china, india being so different from each other i think it's very important to remember that in the coming year it will be differentiation that will be key. so you have to look at each one individually and which one will be locked down, and you have problems like china and you look
5:31 am
at india doing well and taiwan doing well it's going to be an interesting situation. it's very important not to buy the index. not to buy the emerging markets index but look at individual countries. if you contrast the behavior of covid treatment and the waco have you had has been handled by countries like hong kong and singapore, contrasting to here in dubai where the dubai government has done such a terrific job in opening up the market, keeping it open, being -- people being able to travel and so forth. i think these are the things we have to look at carefully. >> what i'm hearing from you is investors should be more selective, don't go broad and throw money at the emerging market etf because china is so large, mark, and the ties it has to the rest of asia, in a way this could become a big risk going forward, if you think beijing could
5:32 am
continue with the regulatory crackdown and that in itself has a negative effect on its economy going forward? >> i think in the long run it's probably going to have a positive effect because good regulations, not allowing companies to get over board in various investments and cracking down on credit to these property companies, freks for example is a good thing but you must remember you have to differentiate because there's some small and mid size companies in china who are going to benefit from the crackdown, because as alibaba and tencent lose business, this will be taken over by the medium, small companies. so again differentlies is the
5:33 am
key. >> what are the risks for india going forward? >> the only risk for india is the reform movement. they've done a terrific job in embracing reform if they let up on that and not extend the reforms the way they've been doing india could be in trouble but otherwise things are going well. >> we tend to look at the federal reserve and the moves taken, the idea that rates will be higher, three interest rates higher in the next year. that could be bad for emerging markets that sit on high levels of dollar dominated debt >> no question those markets heavily indebted in u.s. dollars are going to be in trouble again, companies that don't have debt, particularly don't have u.s. dollar debt, are going to do very, very well because they'll be the winners in this situation as interest rates go up it's interesting to note the u.s. economy is doing well
5:34 am
and you have to chalk that up to the way the american economy is open in other words, they have not been so severe as countries in asia in cracking down on covid situations where they lock people up for two weeks at a time, so forth so it's very interesting to see how america is doing so well compared to these other countries, and i think it's because of the way the covid situation has been treated >> mark, sometimes when i speak to foreign investors they say they want to invest overseas but there are limited opportunities. going into 2022, will we see more i.p.o.s, new companies come to market not just in their respective exchanges but also here in the u.s. >> also there are so many good companies listed in the emerging market and u.s. market that you don't need anymore i.p.o.s in fact, you probably want to stay away from some of the i.p.o.s. companies not making money and
5:35 am
really driven by hope and promise. so i think the opportunities are still there, tremendous companies, and by the way, many of these emerging market areas are dominated by u.s. companies. in certain sectors, for example, in electronics, you see apple and all these other companies doing well and making big profits from emerging markets. so in some way you can consider them like emerging market companies. >> an incredible rebound, no one anticipated it, does that help certain economies coming next year >> actually it hurts a number of economies that depend on i imported oil and coal -- by the way, coal is still being used extensively, you have to look at it carefully to see what areas are being hurt and what areas are not being hurt generally speaking a higher fuel price is not good.
5:36 am
also not good for america. but i don't think it's going to be the end all and be all of the investor sentiment i think investor sentiment will be good in those areas doing well in other areas, particularly technology. >> it hurts india but a now more diversified economy. helps russia but it makes things interesting to say the least great to see you, mark, thank you for giving us your outlook for 2022 appreciate it. >> thank you. don't miss "worldwide exchange" any day this week. a number of big exclusive market interviews covering every sector of the market. tomorrow u.s. stocks and esg with christopher ailman. wednesday it's ed morse, thursday jim owe 'neil, and fri joyce chang.
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one of israel's top hospitals will start administering a fourth covid vaccine shot to a group of employees today. it's part of a trial to determine whether a booster is necessary for the generation israel has reported more than 1,100 cases with the omicron variant with the number of infections doubling every two days the health panel advisory board has recommended a fourth shot of the vaccine to adults 60 and over microsoft is canceling its in-person presence in las vegas next week on worries of the spread of the omicron variant. microsoft did say on friday it will take part remotely. general motors, twitter, google and amazon and others have also cancelled their presence at the show the event will still be held with strong safety measures in place. and dutch antitrust regulators say apple violated
5:38 am
the company's laws they were to change payments in the app store. the investigation, which began in 2019 was reduced in scope to focus primarily on dating apps, apple said it will appeal. >> thanks. to another top story this morning and what was a very busy weekend for holiday travels made more hectic by the ongoing covid-19 surge according to the latest data, u.s. airlines were forced to cancel more than 1,500 flights and delay more than 6,000 yesterday, citing staffing shortages due to sick calls and omicron. this morning cancellations for flights within, into or out of the united states are topping 600 already today. it comes as travel continues to spike from the depths of the pandemic according to the tsa, more than 1.7 million people took to the
5:39 am
skies friday, compared to 616,000 a year ago airline stocks down across the board. you can see big moves, american airlines down 2%, united down 3% in premarket joining me to discuss is spirit airline's former ceo ben it's great to have you on here on a pivotal day for the travel industry. >> good morning, it's great to be with you. happy new year. >> from what you shared with us before, you think this could have been avoidable. what do you mean by that what could have the airlines done better here >> during busy holiday periods and end of december is the busiest. but also mother's day and other important family holidays, airlines typically see an increase in sick calls from crew so they're usually more built up and have more reserve capability what the industry has struggled with, we saw this in the summer,
5:40 am
and what they are struggling with now is putting out too many seats from the amount of employees they'll actually have to run the flight. so i think the industry would be better off if they scheduled fewer flights knowing that they could launch those flights and run them successfully. it's obviously very disappointing for customers to be cancelled during a holiday period and a way for the industry to get back in shape for this is to better match the schedule team with the operating teams >> it's tough because finally a big rebound in demand, the airlines probably very excited finally we're seeing this level of demand, let's put out more flights be increase capacity but to your point they have overpromised we saw 5,000 cancellations over the christmas weekend, do you foresee more this week >> i hope not. i hope some of the sick calls will drop a bit, we hope, over
5:41 am
the next coming days and so. but the important thing here is that it is a good problem, in a sense, for the industry in that there is a lot of travel demand, like you said. people want to get together with families over the holidays people want to get out of their home that suggests positive momentum as we go into 2022 for airline travel the key is matching up that supply with the demand >> could this present an opportunity for those who like to -- who like a deal? do you think prices will come down in the coming days because of the staffing shortages and so many flights getting cancelled, passengers and travelers saying let's not even get on a plane right now. >> the next couple of days that might be a challenge as airlines are trying to figure out what flights are going to fly and which aren't but certainly, as we look into the post new year's travel into january and february i expect they'll be very good travel
5:42 am
deals for customers. >> biggest piece of advice for travelers who are getting on a plane in the next coming days, do you book with miles if what other advice do you have >> the best thing you can do is continue to check your flights, go to the airline's websites, there are many apps to check these. don't go to the airport until you know for sure your flight is going to operate and then just be patient bring a good book or bring a couple of good movies on your smart phones so you can -- so you can have something to do while you're waiting for the flight to go patience is the key during these kind of times. >> of course the staffing shortages getting accelerated by omicron and the variant and pushing more people to call out sick are there ways the airlines can use this as a learning lesson for 2022 ways they can hire better, recruitment how does that become
5:43 am
a priority next year >> i think that's a terrific point, that's right. airlines in general are in big-time hiring mode right now because they know they're going to want to fly more flights in 2022 than in 2021. so airlines are hiring thousands of people now, and it's not just hiring but it's also on boarding properly meaning, training people, making sure they understand, you know, how to deal with conflict, how to deal with the systems at the airlines and things. so airlines across the u.s. are in a mode today where they're hiring thousands of people and bringing those people on board in a way so that they're ready to serve customers is one of the bigger challenges of the industry as we go into next year. >> that's another picture of the airline stocks right now, led lower by united airlines, which is down 3% in pre-market thanks for providing us your expertise on this space, ben >> thank you, seema, great to see you.
5:44 am
coming up on "worldwide exchange." it's been a banner year for i.p.o.s with a record amount of capital raised but those deals have been soured by the current market environment what's in store for 2022 our own leslie picker is here for your to 22 playbook. "worldwide exchange" is back after this
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5:46 am
welcome back the rise of spacs help public offerings surge to new heights
5:47 am
in 2021. but post i.p.o. valuations and a dropoff from china leaving some big question marks for the year ahead. leslie pickerjoining us with what to expect l lesslessly, good morning. >> this year was one for the i.p.o. record books, companies and spacs raising $318 billion, the largest figure ever even after adjusting for inflation. wh debuts popped 22% since then the market has shunned them the companies that went public this year, the mean is negative 11% according to capital markets group. only 22% of new listings this year were profitable according to the university of florida so the market sold them off along with high growth money losing stocks and fed policy that could mean higher interest rates next year. a weighted basket of 2021
5:48 am
i.p.o.s, produced returns of negative 22.1%, in a year the nasdaq is up that duchbt bode well for companies in 2022. capital markets experts i've spoken with say next year's deals will be all about return to fundamentals, tech and bio tech will still play a big role as they have for decades but expect to see more industrials and companies like that come to market it's unlikely we match this year's record issuance, spacs are unlikely to help next year's numbers hit record territory as they did this year the spacs still surging for merger targets could expect
5:49 am
legislation from the s.e.c we just spoke to mark mobius and he said beijing will continue to put pressure on china's biggest tech markets in 2022 if that does happen how does that affect wall street's acceptance of new chinese companies? >> it's a huge headwind as we saw a reckoning for chinese listings in the u.s. historically a huge source in the market chinese companies would come to the u.s. to list because they found a deeper pool of capital, saw higher valuations here, so this was an attractive market for them to list their stock when you see what happened over the course of the summer, that's really scared a lot of investors from investing in chinese names. there's also a headwind from the u.s. side we require here in the
5:50 am
u.s. more accounting due diligence, looking into holding the listings to stricter standards than we have in the past which could also dissuade companies from listing here, so there are a lot of heads winds for this cross border listing market and i expect those to continue next year as well. >> and you can look at the chinese internet etf down 50% so far this year. great to see you this morning. thanks for joining us. lessly picker? >> thank you why our next guess has defensive on growth headed into the next year, what that means if you haven't already, follow our podcast, if you missed "worldwide exchange," check us out on a apple, spotify or other podcast apps. we will be right back. your docu a prescription. let's get you on some antibiotics right away. you could have it brought right to your door, with 1-to-2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner.
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ka look at futures here, pointing towards a higher open
5:53 am
with the nasdaq higher by 43 points but travel stocks hit harder this morning, airlines leading lower with united down about 3% in pre-market. the cruise lines also under pressure multiple ships returning to miami with passengers who did test positive for covid. carnival down about 3% the cruise lines just staged their best week in months last week with carnival shares gaining 13%. back to the markets, the santa claus rally period starting today, offering opportunity for potential big gains. investors seem to be prush brushing off omicron concerns as the market is watching for other headwinds in the year ahead like the federal reserve. joining us is shana, it's great to have you on >> we think there are a number of headwinds coming in 2022 that
5:54 am
investors should be aware of we're all aware that variants of covid-19, omicron and so forth are going to impact the global economy and how different countries react to it will impact global economy. but what a lot of people aren't paying as much attention to is the varied response from central banks. in the u.s. we know we're getting more hawkish and tighter with monetary policy we know they're going to accelerate the tapering and likely start increasing interest rates here in the u.s. maybe as soon as march but other countries it's different this is a headwind thatwe thin investors should be aware. we also think the employment market has some contradictory indicators there we have strong unemployment numbers but also very high rates and a lot of job openings.
5:55 am
consumer confidence and sentiment have been in contrast to each other recently and that's something to keep an eye on for those reasons we've become defensive in our portfolios and we think investors should be more aware these risks in 2022. >> you point out risks that i think a lot of people are thinking about when going into the new year yet one of your top picks is amazon it's been a stock that's gotten a lot of attention this year we should point out it's only up 5% year-to-date. >> exactly amazon is a name that will benefit no matter the different conditions people are looking for bargains, amazon is a place people go when they want to get a bargain the stock has not participated in the rally as much as other names. and it benefits no matter the circumstances when it comes to covid-19 people are using amazon whether or not they're in lockdown but it certainly does not have some
5:56 am
of the headwinds that other retailers might have if for any reason things get stricter as it goes with getting out and going shopping and things of that sort. >> tell us why you like john deere here >> deere is a quality defensive growth name. a lot of people don't think of it as a growth name but with smart add and inflation affecting the price of food. farmers want to be more efficient and cost aware and how they are producing and harvesting their crops so something like deere does well it's a duration name so if rates go up it shouldn't be impacted but it does have growth opportunity, so we're really bullish on deere. >> deere has had a nice year, up about 30%. it's outperformed a number of industrials so far this year as you point out, investing a lot in research and development, investing more in thes aspect of
5:57 am
technology development we are indicated higher on the day for december 27th, nasdaq higher by 37 points, dow jones higher by 30 points. as we said, oil prices have been trading lower over the last hour as we keep travel in high focus. there we go. ice brent is now in positive territory. that does it for us on "worldwide exchange. dym seema mo "squawk box" is next moving is a handful. no kidding! fortunately, xfinity makes moving easy. easy? -easy?
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good morning, stocks are relatively calm to start the final trading week of the year we'll see if the surge in covid cases will derail the market's momentum travel nightmare, thousands of flights cancelled over the christmas weekend with more disruptions expected this week but positive news, really
6:00 am
positive, from the retailers early holiday shopping numbers show a big jump in spending. we'll dig through the report p it's monday, december 27th, 2021, and "squawk box" begins right now. good morning, everybody, welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc i'm becky quick along with joe kernen andrew is off today. good morning. >> good morning, joe becky, you're here. >> i am. surprise >> that's my christmas present i left on friday, i didn't know if you would be here. >> i wasn't planning on being here until saturday. we stayed home for the holidays, so figured i might as well hang out with you >> how good is that that we did stay home? >> it is >> nothing is worse. and it


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