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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  December 31, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 a.m. here at cnbc global headquarters here's your top five at 5:00. invests taking some profits. we round up the names, the sectors you should be watching in the year ahahead. call it a double whammy for the travel sector, on the day that airlines are forced to cancel thousands of flights a day, now the cruise line after the cdc's new recommendation. an outlook for china, an exclusive with j.p. morgan's
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joyce chang. wildfires across colorado has that governor declaring a state of emergency later, breaking down big tech the state of the faang trade in 2022, with the top names in business it's friday, new year's eve, december 31, 2021. you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. good morning, great to be here with you all i'm seema mody in for brian sullivan. kicking off your final trading day of the month, the quarter, the year with a look at futures. low on the nasdaq by 12 points, dow jones down about 9 this after a banner year for u.s. stocks as they continue to recover from the march 2020 lows year-to-date the dow up 19%, s&p up 27% the nasdaq higher by 22%
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and despite still trading below their most recent 52-week highs, still impressive gains for the russell 2000 and the dow transport index. small caps up about 14%, transport up 31% for their best annual gain since 2013 an impressive move in oil right now, wti tracking higher by 60% so far this year don't forget about the moves in cryptocurrencies for the year bitcoin is up 66%, either up 412% around the world, japan and south korea were closed but the rest of asia ending on a mixed note aztec stocks in hong kong made a sharp move higher, today's move not enough to help the chinese internet etf, k web, it is down 55% this year, and on pace for the worst since 2013.
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tough year europe just getting under way. italy closed for the holiday germany indicated higher, france and the uk lower looking at global markets in 2021, it's not india, japan, canada or the u.s. taking the cake for top performer this year it is argentina, as you can see, up 64% year-to-date. followed by israel, saudi arabia, and france on the flip side, look at hong kong taking the cake for worst global index year-to-date with a 15% loss followed by brazil, malaysia and new zealand to the top stories, huawei says it expects revenue for this year to drop some 29% from a year ago, amid u.s. sanctions and the global chip shortage.
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cruise stocks still reeling after the cdc said people should avoid going on surges amid a surge in cases on ships across the country. carnival, norwegian, royal caribbean down about 2% this week airlines are asking the fcc for a delay in the rollout of 5g wireless service a group says the new technology can disrupt flight computers and is asking for time to study any impact the fcc had granted permission to roll out january 5th the service. s&p leading the pack up more than 27%, gains broad based with 88% of the s&p showing positive returns even though the five largest companies, apple,
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amazon, microsoft, alphabet, tesla, make up a quarter of the s&p's market cap they did not make the list of the top 20 performers this year. the top five gainers devon energy, marathon, fortinet, moderna and signature bank up 135% let's talk about stocks in the new year bill stone, cio of glen view trust company. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> this is the time we can reflect and look at big gains we've seen on wall street. energy leading the pack. i'm wondering if that's a sector you say investors should stick by in 2022 >> i like it off the bottom, like it did, but it's hard to get too commexcited about it for me anyway. i think the transition in 2022 will be to think more about higher quality companies, not
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that there aren't high quality energy companies but you have to balance, as you showed, somewhat better than a bounce, a phenomenal return out of some energy companies and a lot of that was due, obviously, to ripping oil prices, i'm not sure you can count on that, so you need to think about the higher quality as the economy starts to get slower relative to 2021 >> what other changes are you making to your portfolio as you size up the gains this year and look for opportunities next year >> i think first the big one is really the quality trade i ait'skeyed on the fact that the federal reserve is going to hike rates probably starting in march. what we looked at quality is the place to be. that's the one big one we looked at the second is, this isn't a change for us but helps our case to continue to be very defensive on the bond side in terms of reducing interest rate risk as
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much as you can. it may sound obvious, but with the fed poised to raise rates you typically see the ten year treasury yield move higher you see it continue to move higher, although that's where it gets more interesting, because if they -- the market perceives they're pushing it too hard in terms of doing too many hikes relative to the strength of the economy you can see the ten-year yield come off, so that's a decision point we have to watch along the way. >> inflation, if it's transitory, if it's not, if it's sustained, how does that change the fed's move when it comes to three interest rate hikes? you're saying if there's more the market could respond in a negative way how much more could be in the ana analysis reading the tea leaves? >> it's impossible to know in terms of the number. i can't give you what will happen i'll give you what to watch, which is really just to watch how much the yield curve, in
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other words the difference between the two-year yield and ten-year yield flatten if it inverts that means they've gone too far my biggest worry for 2022, is if you get a situation where the inflation continues to be high, but growth really starts to slow, that is an ugly mix for stocks i don't expect it necessarily, but i think that's a place you have to at least think about the down side risks, as long as you have good growth, frankly we can forgive sins on the inflation side look at 2021. >> you're right. this is good stuff a lot of good advise as we close the year have a good one. >> thank you, you too. >> a holiday wish come true for the hotel sector plus year end tax filing strategies or how to be more like elon musk details ahead. and later, an exclusive,
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j.p. morgan global head of research, joyce chang, the markets she's most bullish on in the year ahead a busy hour still ahead on "worldwide exchange" when we return
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at a quick look at the biggest dow gainers for 2021 led by home depot, up by 54% let's look at the laggards on the dow this year. you see, kind of a diverse list of names
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walt disney the worst performing dow stock down 14%, on track to close the year down 14%. travel remains a story hotel occupancy in the u.s. has been making a comeback slowly to pre-pandemic levels and according to str, occupation reached an all-time high on christmas at 47% that could be due in part to christmas falling on a weekend this year. average occupancy for the entire week was down compared to 2019 but the average daily rate for hotels staying marginally up joining us now amanda height great to have you on the numbers can be confusing because we're at 47% but we've been declining over the past couple of weeks. i'm curious if you think it's all due to omicron >> not all some of it is normal seasonal shifts in occupancies we would see. but certainly in a market like new york we saw a slow down last week compared to how performance
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for hotel's occupancy had been happening in new york. new york had been on a real upwar upward trajectory of the last several weeks. obviously over the last week all we heard about in new york is number of covid cases, broadway shutting down, service disruptions, so we have seen some impact there in the market like new york. >> it's a great point, reported on this two weeks ago about new york being the single highest occupancy rate across the nation after being one of the worst performing markets for so many months i wanted to get your thoughts on the airlines, thousands of flight cancellations, how is that having an impact on the hotel sector hotels rely on people to travel and people have to travel by air a lot of times to get to the vacation. >> hotel occupancy has remained up, so we are still seeing recovery, and, in fact, last week, during christmas week,
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airport hotels had the second highest occupancy of all property types and that's really, you can see the service disruption from airlines there going into the hotel demand going into airport hotels. >> that's so interesting prices as we looked at your data suggest they're holding up pretty well. i'm wondering if you think that continues in in 2022 >> absolutely. on a nominal basis we're just above where we were in 2019, but if you take into account inflation, we're actually still trailing our 2019 adr basis. we'll still see rates moving up as occupancy continues to grow over the course of 2022. you know, hotel occupancy is hotels very resilient. 2022 will still see a lot of recovery by the end of 2022, we expect hotel demand and adr to be back to where we were before the pandemic. >> what's your prediction for
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next year, marriott buys airbnb, what's your big, bold bet? >> it's probably just on travel and hotel performance as a whole will continue to see that recovery, so we can get back to where we were at 2019 and hotel owners are going to be focused on continuing to drive the bottom line because we've still got several years to go to get back to prepandemic levels talking about the bottom line for these hotel owners but travel -- >> citing the impact of the variant as well will be key, of course, but i hear you on the recovery. >> absolutely. >> amanda, great to see you, thank you for joining us, happy new year. >> thank you happy new year. still on deck, a closer look at what are likely the most important stocks in the market talking the 2022 playbook for technology when "worldwide exchange" returns. >> announcer: today's big
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm phillip mena a state of emergency has been declared in colorado a wildfire exploded in the size within just a few hours tearing through subdivisions near boulder. at least 500 homes have been destroyed with thousands of residents forced to evacuate it's believed the fire started when wind gusts of more than 100 miles per hour brought down power lines. the governor said football field lengths of land were destroyed in seconds, no deaths so far reported president biden urged his russian counter part vladimir putin to de-escalate tensions with ukraine while the russian leader warned of a -- if the
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u.s. increases sanctions in recent weeks russia has amassed several divisions of troops near ukraine's border those moves have sparked fear of a full-scale invasion which president biden said would be met with decisive action. new year's day could make a lottery player richer. not one ticket matched all six numbers of the power ball on wednesday, meaning the drawing has climbed to $500 million for saturday's drawing. in tulsa, oklahoma, someone allegedly zipped five puppies inside a bag and left them on a counter at a convenience store christmas night. four of the five responding police officers adopted the dogs right on the spot. an employee at the gas station adopted the fifth. the pups are thought to be five weeks old. a happy ending those are your headlines on this new year's eve
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back to you. >> happy new year to you phillip, thank you for joining us today now much has been made of elon musk's moves to sell roughly 10% of his tesla stock as a means to pay his estimated tax bill of about $11 billion. musk making his intentions known in a twitter poll back in november but financial advisers say that was more likely needed for a smart end of the year tax strategy our next guest said you too should live your life like elon musk rich austin, joining me now. rich, you have the headline here tell investors how they should be more like elon musk >> good morning, seema yes, so elon musk, like you stated, back in september he put a plan in place with his advisers so -- and that plan was in place but what we saw was him going to
5:22 am
twitter and asking followers what he should do. but in reality that plan was in place. what we typically do is we consult withour financial advisers as well and we look at three different things, asset allocation, what's the tax impact, and what are our needs? >> let's get specific, long term and short term capital gains can be confusing it's the last day of the trading year we know what should investors do, how should they distinguish which stocks to sell >> that's a great question it is the last day of the trading year, right. so hopefully this has already been done. but if you're sitting there making the trades today, you're looking at your overall port portfolio, are you overweighted in a sector or industry? in making those decisions on taking some gains off of the table. from a capital gains standpoint, if you're a married individual filing jointly and you're, you know, earning less than $500,000 a year, you're at a 15% capital
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gains rate if you made the decision to take some gains off the table at a 15% capital gains rate, it might make sense, reallocate your port portfolio, if you have losses in your portfolio taking a look at the losses to offset the gains. >> how do you think president biden's loss on gains could impact the market in 2022? >> i wish i had a crystal ball that's the -- in november, it moved from congress, you know, to the senate, but there hasn't really seemed to be much momentum since then. one of the things that's interesting, especially from elon musk's standpoint and probably one of the reasons he did what he did at this point was a surcharge on high income individuals, where there's a 5%
5:24 am
surcharge over $10 million of modified adjusted income and an additional 3% surcharge on taxable income over 25 million for elon musk's standpoint, with 23 million in compensation, that's about a million eight in additional taxes if he exercised next year if that surcharge went through. so good planning. >> is there any advice you have from cryptocurrency investors? >> so, you know, right now, i know there's been some talk about, you know, in tax reform modifying the taxation of, you know, cryptocurrency my advice right now is to treat it like other investments in your portfolio if you're overweighted or need to take gains off the table, you're at a 15% capital gains rate, it might make sense. >> thanks for the advise, always appreciate it. rich austin.
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>> thank you, seema. another day, another thousand plus flight cancellations. what the ceo of jetblue is telling cnbc about the broader impact but first a look at the year's worst commodities. oat milk up 90%, coffee up 78% and on pace for the best year since 1994 when it surged 134% caffeined up metals taking a hit on the chin this year. palladium down 10% silver down 13% and the worst year since 2015 when it lost about 19.5%.
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stay at home social media, meme stocks where we stand at some of the hottest trades of the year as we say good-bye to 2021 talking about trades, talking tech with mark molhaney and jed bush to japan and china, a one on one with joyce chang it's a "worldwide exchange" exclusive you cannot afford to miss new year's eve, december 31st, 2021 and you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc welcome back i'm seema mody in for brian
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sullivan great to have you here with us today. stock futures looking halfway through the 5:00 a.m. hour, we're lower, dow indicating a lower open by 25 points, nasdaq down about 14 points as we head into the final trading session of the month, the quarter, the year, a look at where some of 2021's big theme stocks stand year-to-date hats off to ethan craft. a brutal year for stay-at-home names, pell ton down about 44%, zoom do you know 34%, dockusign down 30% pinterest down, snap down about 4% and twitter down 18% for the worst year since 2016. fin tech getting hit hard. paypal and block on pace for their first annual declines on record also a rough year when the it comes to gaming and casinos, pen
5:30 am
national, las vegas sands on track to be the two worst performing stocks in 2021. meanwhile, despite a wild ride, meme stocks logging a big year, amc is up 1200%, gamestop up 725% and blackberry up 43 a year of covid vaccine stocks riding high. biontech up 215, moderna up 140% pfizer up about 60%. on track for the best year since 1998 to some of this morning's top stories, omicron and covid-19, the surge continuing to plague airlines, the faa is warning of more delays because of staffing shortages within its own agency. since sunday airlines have cancelled more than 1,000 flights into, within or out of the u.s. every day with many pre-emptively canceling flights this coming
5:31 am
weekend. cnbc spoke with jetblue ceo robin haze on the impact of this issue. >> this has potential to bring society to its knees very quickly. if people can't fly, if the public system can't keep moving, doctors offices can't keep moving, if banks close down, this has a huge impact so, of course, public health is key to all of this, but we have to make sure that we can keep open but do it in a safe way. >> the fda is planning to broaden the eligibility for a pfizer biontech booster to children between ages 12 and 15 in the coming days regulators are also expected to authorize an extra shot of pfizer's vaccine for adolescents and adults five months after the second dose instead of the current interval of six months it comes as omicron is about 58% of all new cases in the u.s. with cases in children rising
5:32 am
some 50% since the beginning of the month. and attorney generals in five republican leaning states says the nasdaq efforts to promote diversity establishes illegal quotas that discriminate against white men. the attorney general said they would have to overlook qualifications if forced to follow the rule. the nasdaq is requiring firms to list the demographics of their boards, those with no women or at least one minority or lgbtq person have to explain why not back to markets. technology has had a strong year with sectors set to be the third best performing of 2021 up about 20%. individual names were tesla, meta all making up about a third of the s&p's gains
5:33 am
joining us for a look at where the sector could go in 2022, joel kalina and mark molhaney. great to have you on mark and joel, it's great to have both of you here today because you have conflicting views on the trajectory of a name like meta, formerly facebook joel you have a sell, mark you have a buy mark, i'll start with you, why do you like this name? >> i think it's got two problems that can be potentially fixed. one is the reason it's under performing this year is because of the esg discount, especially the s discount the social impact. the concerns over the social impact that facebook has the second issue that's dogged the stock this year have been concerns over the way it can target, help people run attribution models on advertising in the future in the wake of the privacy changes at apple. i think those are two potentially fixable problems
5:34 am
this year, and the stock in terms of valuation, i think it's relatively attractive, close to 20 times earnings for something i think going forward is 20 to 30% earnings growing i think it's trading at a discount rate. they make us bullish on facebook it's one of our top picks of the year. >> joel, why do you disagree >> i don't disagree especially when it comes to valuation but a name like facebook, regulatory threats continue to overhang the authority, the toxicity that mark touched on th the top line misses, look at last year, they were in linish to say the best. in my view it comes from a trading perspective, i view other large cap names better positioned to be overweight, whether it's microsoft and alphabet, i think those two companies possess a rare combination of enormous growth, tremendous scale and elevated
5:35 am
margins which make them more favorable in 2022. and regarding the headwinds, if they can figure that out, it's going to be a huge unknown i think eventually the tech companies will navigate the headwinds they were faced with in 2021. but i see a greater output potential in names like snapchat and pins in a turn about. >> how are you thinking about regulation, the break up of big tech, privacy issues for meta, how do these challenges come to fruition in 2022 >> they've been building for years. i don't think we're at peak regulatory pressure. i think it's likely to continue to increase almost irregardless of what happens with the midterm elections at the end of next year for big tech companies, large acquisitions are extremely
5:36 am
unlikely so that limits the growth for all of big tech it's an issue for facebook i think when it comings to anti-trust, however, i think probably facebook may have the strongest position, you know, it's got the clearest -- it's got the least mow not positive l -- monopolistic position. i think facebook can outperform but regulatory risk is a headwind for it like it is for the big tech names. >> i guess how are you thinking about a name like amazon, only up about 5% this year. really trailing its peers in 2021 >> yeah, similar to kind of facebook, obviously. i think, obviously, they're in a heavy investment cycle right now. and typically the stock does underperform in the near term when they start the initial phases of this process and that's been a goal they're going to spend, invest
5:37 am
heavily for future growth and that's going to be a margin headwind moving forward, at least the next two to three quarters but the problem with amazon it's a hybrid name. they obviously were a huge pandemic winner. we know those tailwinds have faded tremendously, especially over the last kind of on two quarters or so so amazon, amazingly, is a wait and see story within the large cap kind of complex. is it a retail name, a tech name right now it's somewhere in the middle aws is kind of stabilized and the growth has moderated somewhat that's the grown jewel of the story, if they can reaccelerate on the cloud side of things and maybe see splashes on the m&a front but amazon has become dull than other stories >> amazon is a top pick for you, $4,300 price target if i'm reading this correctly, this is a name you think investors should stick by. >> yeah.
5:38 am
i think it's one of the high quality names across consumer tech it's hard to find a company that faces total adjustable market bigger than amazon it's an investment mode, that's what caused the underperformance in the stock this year the investors have to ask do they think amazon is investing correctly and wisely amazon is doubling down on infrastructure here for faster or more consistent one day delivery and what i call super same day delivery, the ability to order something and get it within five hours. amazon is going to be able to do this faster and better than everybody else and consumers are going to share more of their pocketbook, wallet with amazon. >> mark, pre-pandemic you and i would bump into each other at travel conferences what's the winner in 2022? >>, you know, the -- you're right. the recovery -- you can put them in recovery basket, the
5:39 am
challenge with the travel names however is they already trade as if they have recovered they're already at peak multiples and they have been for a while. it creates less upside if you want a recovery name trading at close to multiple, i like uber, one of our top three picks for this year. >> uber has underperformed this year great to see you both. good picks as we round out the year >> thank you >> happy new year. coming up, joyce chang, watching the year ahead and her contraryian call when it comes to china check out the leaders and lag gourds for the year. we're back after this.
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very interesting situation, and it's very important not to buy the index, not to buy the emerging markets index but look at individual countries. >> there's another virus out there, but a digital virus log 4 j, i believe is its technical name hopefully this is just something that will come and go in the internet world but it's starting to pop up all over the place as a serious malware problem. >> we're looking at past the
5:43 am
year behind us, in which you could throw a dart at a dart board of commodities and make money almost inevitably. we're looking at significant divergence among commodities, some are going to outperform and some under perform significantly. >> it's not impossible that we are in the early stages of finally shifting this to and an endemic instead of a pandemic. in which case the european economies will come roaring back because the european policy makers have tightened up recently it's not impossible by the end of january we're talking about an accelerating boom again, at least in the economic cycle. >> welcome back, if you're just tuning in to "worldwide exchange," for the first time this week that was a teaste of what's been discussed on the show you can still catch all of our interviews right now on we're not done just yet because our own brian sullivan had a chance to sit down with a big
5:44 am
name in finance to get her take on global markets in the 2022 and beyond >> we are very pleased to be joined by joyce chang, the chair of global research at j.p. morgan, also named one of finance's 25 most powerful women by american banker going back basically a decade i know you don't do a lot of tv, we lof you on "worldwide exchange." you have a global view, truly, thank you for coming on. 2022 just seems so hard to predict given all the things that we are seeing with covid, with omicron, with supply chain issues, with political issues in russia, ukraine, let's go country by country, but right now how do you see the world shaping up next year >> great to be with you, brian p. it's still a year above trend for growth globally. we do see that china is going to slow down in growth but europe
5:45 am
is going to outperform a recovery, and japanese growth. but even in china the worst is behind us as far as the third quarter. now higher inflation is still going to be with us, but we see it as an inflation rotation, rather than sustained, higher inflation across the board i think some of the supply chain shocks will be solved, but we will then have concerns about inflation in other areas, wage inflation, housing services and energy prices where i do think there's more upside in pressure. on the growth story i think it's above trend, i think the message from the fed was one the markets expected it led credibility to what the fed recognizes the challenges are they need to navigate, so it's a positive year for equities ahead still i think it's a year that the u.s. is not necessarily the outperformer i think international markets can outperform in 2022 >> the u.s. has been a money maker for so long, i understand your clients and our viewers
5:46 am
they get in these habits hey, if it doesn't stop working why not just ride it out but we're starting to see valuations near the higher ends historically as you look around the world do you see markets like a china, japan, ex-asia where the valuations and the growth stories and expectations seem, no knock on america, but they seem more reasonable or rational >>, you know, i think that, you know, for the s&p 500, we have 50/50 as the target. so that's still a good return but a more moderate return we are really looking at overall emerging market equities really to play catch up in 2022 but within that we actually th think that china will out perform after a challenging 2021 i think the bottom was the third quarter for growth we saw in china a 3.3% contraction we also saw all of the difficulties in the energy sector and the property sector
5:47 am
and i think you're going to see, you know, more stabilization in china, but also very attractive valuations here. so particularly, you know, after the olympics, i think that you could see sentiment improve and we see that the worst is probably behind us in some of the default numbers in the property sector as well as the decline we had in growth in the third quarter. looking at 4, 5% sequential growth over the first quarter of 2022 >> what about the headline risk on government regulation, overstep, over reach you wake up one morning and you hear the chinese government has forced out a ceo or done this, do you have to put a valuation discount on china because there could be like a didi, a delisting risk >> china is on a common prosperity agenda right now which goes to 2035, 2049, so
5:48 am
this is not going to go away we saw recently at the economic work conference they clarified that common prosperity means, for china, making the cake bigger and better before slicing the cake is the way they put it. i think this means the central government will aim to provide more what they call precise provisioning, i think that translates as some regulation in some of the basic public services, including education, health care and housing to continue so i don't see them shifting away so they set the rules in 2021, they're going to implement them in 2022. and that means that you have to be selective in what you look at in china right now the common prosperity is going to help certain sectors. it's going to help, i think, on the cyclicals, industrials materials, also some of the new electric vehicle supply chain, the renewables, a lot of the automation
5:49 am
a lot of what's driving common prosperity is china's demographics there is concern about that. but i think you want to be more underweight still on property, health care. you know, gaming i think is another sector that could be more vulnerable. so i think that china will, you know, not -- you're not going to see a reversal in how they're directing housing policy or decarbonization or the tech regulation i think you will see cyclicals and some of the consumer discretionary supported here. >> okay. and one of my predictions, which by the way are just done for fun they're not investment advice. you give real investment advice is about japan looking at earnings. i think japan, and other people -- you have written about it, jeffries has written about it, are you bullish on japan as well as china? >> we are bullish on japan, that's largely off the growth numbers. we had japan 3.7 growth last
5:50 am
year that's like around u.s. growth i think it's best economic growth for years i think a lot of it is the savings, the consumer spending that we see in place in japan. but the growth story is actually one in the fourth quarter is one of the strongest growth numbers we're seeing globally. so i see that consumer story as coming back and growth in japan for where they have been historically, one of the high prints in 2022 >> remarkable stuff in a nation that's had four or five recessions in the last 20 to 25 years. joyce chang head of global research from j.p. morgan. we appreciate you coming on. happy new year, best to you and your clients and everybody else. we hope to talk to you again soon. >> thank you, brian. happy holidays to you and everyone. >> thank you very much thanks to brian sullivan and j.p. morgan's joyce chang. as we head to break. take a look at futures
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gearing up for the final trading day of the month, quarter and year let's dig in with someone who has been right on a number of her stock picks throughout 2021. tiffany mcgee from pivotal advisers joining us by phone. tiffany, great to have you on. i'm looking at home depot, cisco
5:54 am
and united health. i'm tourcurious if if any of the stand out to you. >> absolutely. home depot and cisco have done well you have a little bit spoiled coming out of 2020 with these names that have done, you know, super high digits or triple digits but there are opportunities that we've seen this year where stocks have done well. macy's is one of them. i sent you guys a couple of different stocks that i've been -- that i've been talking about all year macy's is one i talked about last time i was on the show. that was a total turn around story, they're up around 138% this year. houlahan lokey is a smaller if you remember, it's up 55% for the year and we talk about the goldmans
5:55 am
and jps of the world but this is a smaller firm and it's done very, very well. >> i was going to take a step back futures are under a bit of pressure today it is the last and final trading day of the year, do you think we'll see tax selling today? >> possibly. you know, we've got the rest of the trading day, so we might see that i think, also, as far as individual investors that i work with a lot of investors, they have a couple more months to make retirement contributions but i think we'll see some of that today as well >> you love talking about the metaverse, that was an area of interest this year tell us why you say roblox is the best way to play the new market. >> i think for 2022, we talked all year about crypto but i think block chain is a technology that i'm really
5:56 am
excited about. so the collective term for all things block chain, you know, crypto is web three. i think that roblox is one of those stocks really well positioned, they're the lead metaverse country, over 200 million monthly users. they've made substantial investments into user identity that is one of the use cases that i'm interested in, excited about when it comes to block chain technology you and i, we own our digital identity, social media companies own our digital identity, we have log in with passwords and user names so block chain is, it's a foundation for all of us not having to do any of those things so roblox is really investing in that and doing exciting experiences
5:57 am
so they have 37 million attendees to a concert, raising over $10 million in virtual sales. so that's one to watch. >> tiffany great to see you, roblox up 123% that does it for us on "worldwide exchange. futures pointing to a lower open, i'm seema mody thank you for joining me "squawk box" is next moving is a handful. no kidding! fortunately, xfinity makes moving easy. easy? -easy? switch your xfinity services to your new address online in about a minute.
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good morning, and welcome to the final trading day of the year futures pointing to a slightly lower open right now we'll show you what's moving cruise stocks all sharply lower for the week after the cdc issued a warning against cruise travel, even for vaccinated people details straight ahead
6:00 am
plus senator bernie sanders asking warren buffett to step into a labor dispute by a company owned by berkshire how buffett responded. it's friday, december 31st, 2021 and "squawk box" begins right now. good morning, and welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm steve liesman along with wilfred frost, joe, becky and andrew are off today you're looking live at the new year's celebration in new zealand, a light show over the bridge pretty nice. >> do you know what -- >> traditional fireworks displayed cancelled this year due to covid >> i heard a lot of people were watching the light display


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