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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  January 5, 2022 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 in as as burry park, new jersey is the big little run done big tech taking a hit. apple caught flat footed as it prepares to jump into the ev space. >> some insider buying big name stocks we highlighted
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weeks ago up 20% beyond meat really cooking today. perhaps it has something to do with 11 herbs and spices it is wednesday, january 5 and this is "worldwide exchange. good morning good afternoon, good evening greetings. on this day 49 years ago, springsteen released his album, greetings from as burry park futures not giving us a clear indication they are mixed and some what slightly lower there is a big rotation in stocks the last few trading sessions in
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industrial and trade and tech not always but mostly being sold nasdaq the worst day since mid-december rising rates one big reason for the switch 5, 10, 30-year bond. when yields move up, it cuts the availability for some investors to handle higher valuations of tech stocks. some switching using tech to buy. arguably what may be the early stock story of the year. that is ford i know only two days into the year, ford shares are up 17% since monday ford stock up a full 20% since we featured on the december 17 insider buying segment when bill
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ford junior bought $8.5 million. we told you about it that stock has stored since then maybe one more reason to watch or listen to wex our global focus to juliana in london good morning >> brian, good morning i would certainly agree with you there. european markets are positive on the back foot. the majority of regions are trading higher italian, spannic and uk up higher continuing to watch covid case numbers rise that link between cases and fatalities seems to be
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broken one country is taking a big focus taking a different approach that is china. hong kong has announced it is tightening restrictions. the city is on the verge of another covid outbreak on january 8, flights from al around the world will be banned from arriving in the city. closing bars, gyms, nightclubs, shutting restaurants to 6:00 a.m. and limiting tables to two people the territory is sticking by its zero tolerance policy. the asia market did close up shop but it was a negative session. hong kong dollar holding steady versus the u.s. dollar we'll hand it over to you, brian. >> every time they go for the
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zero policy, it seems to work for a while and then it doesn't. it is a bizarre cycle there. thank you. >> getting to some other top stori stories. you have an update of course we do >> of course let's talk china mobil hong kong trading shares as well up almost 3% trading with the listing it will buy back less than 10% of its listed shares the cdc declining a negative
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test to end isolation in amending guidance. people who have contracted coronavirus can take a rapid antigen test if one is available and if they want to after five day isolation dropping short of making an outright recommendation to test >> approving new packages for key executives their salaries will increase to over $1 million and receiving stock awards between $23 million
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and $5 million split between performance base, equity and stock over time. i'm not sure how well that will go over with the rank and file because they were told they were getting automatic increases. >> i know you and i are a certain age we were probably in our late teen, early 20s when the internet was created i keep thinking, i should have been in the interpreter net. >> i moved into this industry because i wanted to be in the internet i did a streaming service. here we are. it is all hot again. >> don't lie to me i know you had a prodigy or a
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compuserve email >> an aol. >> some people -- my aunt still does works just fine. true story that stands for america online, folks. we certainly don't want to get way ahead of ourselves let's get way ahead of ourselves. why not? there is a wall street action that claims it will also end the year higher an 80% win rate going up the first five days of january, we end the year higher. still pretty good.
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it has failed twice. 2015 and 2018. by mentioning it, we jinxed it some people care some don't do you or is this some sort of historical thing we can do for fun? >> my family history, there's a lot of old wives tales i would put this there right along with them. it is something to talk about. an 80% win rate is good but it is interesting to talk about >> like the dog comes in on a wednesday before it is raining, it is going to snow on friday. there is some historical
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background. >> i think the momentum is there for this to be a positive year do i think we'll sit back in december 22 to be positive in the markets, no in the markets and the economy in general overall, i think we are set up for another positive year. >> any particular part of the market you like? are you a believer or a buyer in this rotation that we have seen
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in these last few years in tech or chevron you've got this rotation we still have the pent up demand issue. the rising pressure and supply chain comes to bear with some of the falloff. i think things are very positive for the names you are putting on the screen here. >> you wonder what the rate rise would be what we've learned about the bond market is that it doesn't move a lot but it sits there it doesn't move much but when it
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does, it moves in great weight do you think the 10-year will move higher? >> i think it will sit there like a super tanker for a while. for a year and a half, i would say listen, normal metrics wouldn't matter. the year 2022 is when we get back to normal metrics mattering and omicron and all those other variants, hopefully, fade into the background and this is the year we get to the other side of covid, if you will >> hard to see how we don't. trying to be sunny side up sullivan thank you for coming up. >> take care we have a lot more to do when we come back on this busy wednesday. why tesla needs to watch its
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back but maybe not from a company you would think. details in the beyond meat stock. later on, what's crypto going do this year and where this crazy world of nfts may be headed. reft ts.
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and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. welcome. las vegas is packed right now. some of you may be still up and
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watching the show. vegas not as crowdy as it could be but still very busy the 2022 consumer electronics show is going on despite those bailing out because of the pandemic. others are going to be there and in person. like the ces usually does, we are swimming in headlines. sony says it is creating a company to explore entering the ev market called sony mobility the group considering a concept called the vision s 2 and chrisler plans to go all electric in six years. not to be outdone, gm unveiled its ford lightening competitor, an all-electric silverado pickup new products from amv, nvidia
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and others like mattress maker sleep number all of this and more scott, i know you couldn't be there could see some big headlines, what are you most excited about? >> cs is a little weird because i feel like companies hold things back. companies like samsung talk about one thing but have a lot of events throughout the year. those that have pulled back their presence, it is more of a sense we'll see things in the weeks to come that we won't see here chips are always really big. we'll see the announcement and
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the amount people have been working from home the interest of how these will become available and everything involving the metaverse. ever since facebook renamed themselves we've been seeing a lot of movement sony talked about more details for its vr head set. and others talking about sunglasses and custom chips. nvidia sees its graphics being one of those things to build the 3 d metauniverse
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>> there's flot a lot of people to demo stuff. >> just reading, scott who is there, it is kind of going back to the future in a way. i feel like we are going back to almost a hard wear focus and who has the fastest internet wi-fi and who works from home, it goes through the trend. a lot of products and things because we are working from home, we suddenly realize, my gosh, my internet stinks.
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>> a lot of router talk. not just people working from home in the short term but a lot of movement in that space i think that is true >> as you pointed out, it is called sleep number. used to be select comfort. we've got a new mattress, new monitor and projector. we can just lay in bed all day and watch movies sounds good to me. do not miss cnbc's first on interview with gmc's mary barra at 2:15 p.m.
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coming up, the nightmare in virginia coming to an end. some drivers stuck in their cars nearly 30 hours after a snowstorm. hospitalized for covid or with covid, there is a big debate about the numbers. we'll go on the ground to one new jersey hospital and why omicron is not the strain you need to worry about and the odd stock warren buffett's number two man is buying at break neck pace more when we come back
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one of your big money makers is beyond meat with news it is teaming up with kfc. more on what will soon be hitting menus. >> kfc rolling out beyond meat chicken breast that will be available for the first time in nearly 4,000 locations i spoke with the kfc president and the mimicking. >> we didn't want to provide
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another form we wanted to get that muscle structure right so when they bite in, it has that similar tissue than when they bite into a chicken breast >> yum brought on two tyson execs. both beyond and kfc execs point to good timing in january for this anticipated product launch. >> 90% of customers who buy it also eat meat. >> chipolty also added a new plant-bas plant-based chirizzo to its lineup >> hungry for that >> getting to other top
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headlines. will be a tough day in chicago as schools close once again. we have that and more that's right. the teacher's union voted to temporarily transition to remote learning voting in favor to remote learning they decided to cancel classes they likened it to the movie ground hog day in virginia, a stand still caused by nearly a foot of snow. the roads are still dangerous and travel should be avoided hearing donald trump's
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thoughts about the january 6 riot canceling the press conference saying he would address these important topics at a rally in aishz on the 15th. now they want to talk to sean hannity saying he had advanced knowledge about president trump and his legal team plannings for january 6. revealing texts hannity sent to t mark meadows and that hannity is in possession of other important texts. novak djokovic drawing sharp
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will the great rotation roll on or will big tech make the start of the year. the cdc updating quarantine guidelines again we cut through the confusion your morning rbi backs up. residents are racing to get out. all happening on this wednesday, january 5 and this is "worldwide
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exchange." welcome. hope you are having a good start to your wednesday or maybe a good end we are just one minute over the half way mark 5:31 a.m. if you are counting. energy, industrials have been seeing buyers flock in the average oil and gas stock up in just a few days your top s&p 500, the top is ford we told you bill forward junior bought 8.5 million shares. if you followed the name sake, you are actually up 20%. your welcome
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second best, oxy petroleum, then discovery and shark sweek. general motors, halliburton and schmelecher. five out of six of those make sense. getting to other top headlines warren buffett's number two making a big bet this is not the kind of name i would have thought charlie munger would have been buying. >> nearly doubling its stake in ali baba raising its holdings and making its stake worth $207 million.
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munger has been bullish on china and applauded the country's crack down on jack ma's ant group. it did not change position on other investments like bank of america, u.s. ban corp or steel maker. boeing to make a deal for the 737 max jet. allegiant air reportedly ordering 50 of the planes. the move comes as the low-cost u.s. airline eyes a rebound in tourism and shifting from buying second-hand planes fed chairman jay powell to make his first public appearance of the new year when he goes before lawmakers next week. taking up powell's renomination and will hold another hearing to
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consider the nomination of said governor to be vice chair. while discussing the central bank, white house press secretary said president biden is making diversity a top priority picking other fed leaders. >> charlie munger and alibaba. we were at the nasdaq together when he said this, i don't buy stocks and companies i don't understand alibaba is one of the most difficult in the world to understand. >> go ahead. >> ladies first. >> i find it very interesting that even as he doubles down on
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alibaba, he was still saying it was okay to crack down on ant group. it is a real interesting way of views there. >> very interesting there. the changes of covid and constantly changing guidelines the cdcity rating, you do not need a negative covid test but amending that saying yes, you could take one if you want, if you can find one this latest twist comes as tests are difficult, if not impossible to find. walmart and kroger raising the price of their at-home covid test as they deal with the white house and the deal of the cost
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expired. the inax test rising from $14 to $20 and kroger pricing theirs at $24 in new jersey, a sharp increase of hospitalizations. rising above 5,000 since the earliest days of the pandemic. positive tests have tripled. and pediatrics seeing 176 kids admitted releasing data that the omicron variant is not the problem only accounting for 14% of new cases. joining us now to make sense of all of this, president of university hospital in newark. doctor, need your guidance and insight at this critical time. i don't know if you follow me on social media i'm trying to make sense of the
5:38 am
data what are you seeing on the ground right now >> thank you for having me first, with the omicron variant, it is a less severe variant. so tracking cases as the primary metric doesn't make any sense anymore in terms of society and health tracking hospitalizations and showing health care demand is more important than even when you look down at hospitalizations as of yesterday, our hospital had 115 people with covid out of 360 beds they happened to test positive because they were there for other things and 40% were actually sick. even within the hospital data,
5:39 am
if there was a better way of tracking illness and disease in terms of the case and the strain on hospitals we are facing a very significant staffing shortage anybody has to be out of work at least five days according to the new cdc guidelines to have staff taking care of you in a bed impacts the staff that's my immediate concern. >> this is so important. that first part about hospitalizations that cases are not a great metric anymore in your hospital and by the way, god bless you and all of those putting in the hours
5:40 am
how many of those covid patients are there because of covid or with covid and there with something else and an incidental positive test? >> there with something else with covid is a surprising 60% and 40% are there because of illness. that is a much different break down and something we are seeing earlier. something we have to admit, we are there with respiratory issues and other complications that speaks to the strain because logically, you are only concerned about that 40% that said, you still have to worry about isolating patients
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making sure they have the right ppe even if they are not there for the right reason you still have to track overall hospitalizations as well >> this is a critical point too. because 60% are with covid within that 60% but maybe covid has exacerbated them to go to the hospital it is not a clean-cut difference >> true. that 60% denominator could include folks that have a clinical problem eastbound after they got over their infection but that problem is related to having a fever, being at home
5:42 am
and maybe becoming dehydrated. the folks coming in with respiratory disease, low oxygen level in the blood, that break down has become a lot less, which is encouraging that has everything to do with ventilators and the icu demand >> you mentioned something at the top. it is easy to be confused. here is my question. if i break my legend i come in to your hospital if i need to stay overnight. i test positive for covid but i don't have any symptoms. you patch me up. fix my legend put the cast on, am i stuck at the hospital for
5:43 am
five days? >> absolutely not. when you are ready to be discharged and when it is safe for to you go home, we'll send you home whether that is day two, four or eight you are not bound to being in a hospital just because of the isolation guidelines is that is guidance for how long you should stay away from others at home or institution. >> the reason i was asking is i wondered if it was preventing you from discharging patients when they are ready. sounds likes that not the case >> exactly >> doctor, doing god's work. thank you so much. cutting through some confusion take care. coming up from covid to crypto bitcoin finding itself stuck in
5:44 am
a rut in a fight to get back to 50,000 again what might be in store for crypto and that funky nft market wells margo chief risk officer has announced she's stepping down walmart expanding fridge delivery service at home and hiring to support the expansion. and las vegas raiders weigh hiring wynn ceo as predesint it won't matter because they are going to lose to the chargers this week. we'll be right back.
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welcome back talking crypto bitcoin has been stuck the trading view shows it meez yours market cap dropped under 40% actually the lowest level since
5:48 am
2018 goldman has not done bitcoin adoption increases for what they call stored value take market share for gold nft and something else thank you for joining us here. a lot of our viewers in crypto have recently stuck out to you the most >> going mainstream. now not really about the next internet and crypto.20 that's happening all throughout crypto
5:49 am
the people who are bullish as you've heard with the army of investment advisors. you used to work at ibm and say you used to put this many in stocks and bonds are we seeing more adoption. these are like people's aunts that are saying i'm going to throw my 2% into a crypto fund they are mainstream. >> i am seeing more and more people never in crypto in tech adopting crypto. now as the next technology or the next internet. something wealth managers can't really ignore. the customers are coming in for
5:50 am
crypto >> i know it is early and web 3.0. tell us where things like ethereum 2.0 and nft may play in this web 3 that many really smart people are working to build out? >> if they are scaling with the 2.0 and tokens are building skarsity without trust this allows creatives to now partake in the internet. believing the token metric in the last few years that makes you one of the first players in the space. >> thank you have a great day >> you are welcome
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whether it's finding new ways to help you serve your customers, orchestrating a safe return to the office... wait. an office? what's an office? ...or solving a workplace challenge that's yet to come. wherever the new world of work takes your business, the world works with servicenow. let's bring in our friend. if you remember, a few weeks ago when everybody was grim before the rally. you said, folks stay long and strong and buy the dip you were right take the victory lap you deserve. >> i've been humbled many times over my career i think the biggest risk we saw in 2021 was not being invested
5:54 am
we see these opportunities and the spike. rotating we look at the themes. what a dispersion between energy and technology i think the opportunity in 2022 remaining constructive and optimistic is that you have to be exposed to certain sectors. look at 2021, owning utilities and consumer staples that was a lag to your portfolio. >> it has been amazing the average oil and gas stock up average oil and gas is unsustainable. >> nonetheless, if we look at the last five years. growth versus value.
5:55 am
up 22% versus value. think about a race car engine and all that torque built up it has to be released. you'll see a more severe sector rotation people are repositioning when you see those algorithms come in producing the acceleration it is buying the opportunity look at some of the names increase of transport. throwing away technology that we want to own for 2022 >> the greenland shark the world's longest living creatures. they barely move when they do, they can move quickly when they need to.
5:56 am
that feels like the bond market to me. the 10-year yield would balance. >> i believe in bond leadership. important to understand that bond leadership out of the severe move due to the move higher looking at the context still tethered by design due to the fact that they own moech. we don't talk about their $9 trillion balance sheet
5:57 am
302% the blue chip tangible names also on technology you have to be careful on how you own stock this year. a critical performance >> a great call in the middle of december when things were looking tough. gave us hope happy new year >> didn't have time for the rbi today. quk x"see you again for that "sawbo is next have a great one
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good morning pointing to more gains after two
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days of a record high. tech stock set to drag down the nasdaq again take a rapid test, end your covid quarantine if you want to. new guidance sparking anger and confusion. news out walmart expanding in home delivery to over 30 million households to food directly in your fridge. we'll show you how it works. "squawk box" begins right now. good morning welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc joe is off today we always start with the markets but there is good reon


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