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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  January 5, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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users are a different story here, but this is a tactic, carl, that big tech companies aren't fooling anyone like amazon and facebook. they want recused. >> especially for a non-profitable tech. we'll watch that all eyes will be on the fed minutes this afternoon the s&p was green for about five minutes. cramer is with the judge let's get to the half. ♪ carl, thanks so much welcome to "the halftime report." i'm scott wapner front and center, your money, your market and where stocks are heading in the weeks ahead, whether this rally is about to run out of gas we'll debate that with jim cramer and the investment committee. jim also giving his own stock summit picks today and we're excited about that stephanie link, joe teranova, jon najarian co-founder of market and jim cramer, the host of "mad money" and the cnbc investment club i can go on and on and on. the dow is green, and not at the best levels.
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as carl said, the s&p is negative and there's the ten-year note yield 167 and jim cramer, welcome. nice to see you. >> thank you so much, judge. great to be on the show. this week has been incredible. i scribbled down idea after idea as people come prepared. >> this week is really all about ideas. first and foremost, i want to know from you, what's the most important thing you're watching today. is it rates? what is it >> no. i'm watching salesforce. let's get right to it. >> really? >> yeah. i've been trying to think what's the key to this market, so to speak. i want stocks that are in this cohort of companies that are high-priced servings and multiple for sales which i don't want or for earnings which salesforce has and waiting for the sellers to finish. so when you ask me what i'm looking at, i need the sellers to finish before i jump in scotty, one thing i know is that if you get in front of the freight train you will get run over these stocks will signal when
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they should be bought and right now they are still in freefall >> it usually takes three days woo we're in three days. >> when you tweeted out, you need to wait out the sellers and many big cap tech started to get intriguing and they've not pulled the trigger on the investment club. are you thinking of stocks like sales force? >> absolutely. i read the salesforce note. >> the downgrade >> yeah, the downgrade after you've had 70 to 80 points of decline then the analysts start coming up with sales checks that they made and that kind of thing including mule soft savage, which is the whole enterprise of cloud strategy and then they say, you're right. maybe there's damage that has already been done and by the way, i think salesforce will still grow 18% to 20%. i'm not even in the camp that says it's slowing so now you have to start separating you have to say, wait a second nvidia gave a great talk
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yesterday at ces that shouldn't be thrown out like the others and i'm calling, i'm going through it i'm saying these companies that are selling at price to sales, i have no interest in. price to earnings and profitable companies i'm varied >> stephanie link, if i recall correctly, weren't you the one who was selling salesforce or at least sold it and we discussed that at one of the last appearances that they have was that you that was you >> no. no i have owned salesforce in the past and if it comes down substantially from here i'll take a look at it again because i totally believe in the story, and i like the management team they've done an amazing job in terms of excecution and everybod didn't believe in the m and a story they were focused on i like it. it's still too expensive for me, so what i gravitate toward i'm underweight tech and com services by 10 percentage pointses >> wow >> well, if you add up tech and you add up com services that's
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30% of the s&p. >> steph, aren't you worried -- that's a big group. >> you know that. >> i was thinking cisco was the key and i saw salesforce having another leg down are you against the ciscos of the world? >> no, no, no. i'm totally overweight cisco i'm overweight ibm and overweight hp and really, really overweight semiconductors and i know you are, too. >> value tech. that's what you're talking about. >> i like everything she meant ibm i want to see that quarter first, steph. >> you have to wait for a couple of quarters. i'll bet you if you wait a year from now i think you will be very pleased they want to sell watson health care >> i'm more focused on how we'll have the bye to go to the super bowl. >> hey, wild card teams have made it to the super bowl plenty of times we know that. >> joe teranova, what are you
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watching relative to what you've heard from jim and steph >> well, i'll give adobe, intuit and cisco is the three names and it's value tech what i'm doing right now. i'll be being looking at those three names as jim suggested when the sellinging subsided, but you're seeing right now. >> sorry to interrupt you. ubs, this was part of the paredowngrade with sales force was a doeb ebdobe today goes to5 >> no way. totally disagree with that call, but i think the rotation that's going on right now, value, growth you know, you've basically had s&p value outperform s&p growth by 3%. so far year to date, scott, what i'm really looking at is i'm looking at yields and i'm saying to myself why are we making such a dramatic pivot towards value is it on inflation expectations
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or is it on growth expectations. well, let me tell you this, if you're making that pivot towards value, you better believe that it's on growth expectation and i'm not necessarily sure that that's the right approach to have >> dr. j >> it's both don't you think it's both, joe it's inflation and it is growth. omicron will hurt first-quarter growth it will probably snap back some time in the second quarter and in the second half above trend growth in gdp and you have above-trend growth in inflation and not runaway inflation and you can make the case easily to see the yield curve steepen which is why you want to own some of the value names in tech and financials, et cetera >> i don't disagree with that. what was interesting yesterday and not to go too deep into the treasury yield market, but you saw that real yields, it wasn't really break evens that were rallying so to me, that's telling this growth story i agree with you and until you
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can get oil to kind of relax this -- this unprecedented appreciation of the last couple of week, your inflation expectation concerns are warranted. oil is the key that's the wild card as it relates to inflation steph, i want to be sure that i've got growth here and i don't know if we've got growth i'm suspicious of that >> the growth projections for the quarter are,a i don't know, what are they? 7% >> that's huge growth. >> that's the last quarter >> i'm looking forward, scott. that's the last quarter. >> do you mean we're not going to have growth in the first quarter? >> not like you did in the fourth not like you did in the fourth quarter, scott no, you're not you're not going to have the growth that you've had in the fourth quarter. >> you need 7% growth to make you feel better? >> no, i don't need 7% growth and if growth is decelerating
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that's just basic. >> doc, what are you watching? >> just real quick, scott. when jimmy was talking about salesforce, brett taylor's been the co-chairman or whatever the role is now with benioff just for a month and that was announced december 1st or thereabouts. i'm with jim, i think you will get a great entry here patience is a virtue. >> yes >> people who are patient in this one will be paid off, but this is a guy that i think the whole company will really benefit from having both of their eyes and their leadership. so i think this is one you definitely have on your watch list, if not on your buy list on days like today. as far as what i'm trading and so forth today, scott, steel stocks were just runaway i mean, they were all over the place today all to the upside. the only one that wasn't was the biggest global one, natal, but
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you look at letter x u.s. steel or nucor. both of those -- or cliffs, clf, all three of those were up just moving to the upside strong. institutional money flowing into those names right now. that's, you know, rotation -- >> teranova money is flowing into those names because he bought nucor today >> i'm trimming. i've got restrictions, but i think we brought a lot of nucor near the end of the year when people said it was going to be a terrible year. i do want to point out that the analysts are using an incredibly low number it was $12 and now up to 17. most people believe that they're going to have a down year because of pricing and judge, if we think about the idea of infrastructure build if we think about the idea that the economy is going come back autos will be in short supply,
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that's nucor and they also do oil piping and nucor, sometimes things get too big and one of the things that stephanie talked about was that tech -- she's underweight tech and we were afraid of overweighting our portfolio for people at home thinking that we like nucor as much at 124 as much as we did in the 90s, but the story, joe, is so intact. this is just portfolio management i just feel we can't be the nucor fund >> joe, give me the skinny on why this is a new buy for you. >> absolutely. >> okay. so we've owned it in joet, and i've watched it with skepticism, and steel prices, they peaked out in, what august last earnings report on december 15th when jimmy was buying it which was the right time to buy it that earnings report was not a good earnings report i've been watching the stock and now you're getting this technical breakout and with mark fisher back in the day we always
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used to have something that was called the liquidation of pessimism. that's an actual trade and that's exactly what's going on in nucor we've lowered the expectation and we've lowered the setup for 2022 we don't think steel prices will recover and we don't think nucor will improve the balance sheet as they are. this is a cheap stock and this is a stock that's breaking out technically and it's liquidating the pessimism. i'm very willing to step into that trade rate here with the stock trading somewhere around 125. i think it goes a lot higher i really do. >> it was a top ten name in growth in 2021 and what people have to realize when you talked to leo, the ceo, or to d'amico they have had two giant years, not one. once they get going, once nucor gets going it's very hard to stop nucor is part of the trust, the
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charitable trust. >> yes >> which by the way, the performance over the last month has been fabulous. 30 of 35 stocks are up eight of the 35 are up at least double digits nucor among them. >> don't miss me here. for football, it just cameout and just says covid. >> i saw that. add it to the covid list >> we enter a new year, it could be more volatile there are a lot of potential headwinds. are you thinking about different kinds of stocks that you need to own versus over the prior set of months >> yes i've been struggling because what i would say is too much thin tech and not enough banctec meaning banks that are very good to watch >> i think the banks will do great.
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i saw someone just downgrade bank of america. that's intriguing to me. the fed will add a cycle and i own morgan stanley for the trust and i own wells fargo for the trust and frankly, i don't think, i kept trying to buy some morgan stanley as it dipped in the '90s, but these stocks are just juggernauts this year, and i'm thinking, you know what? this pnc, it's killing me that we don't own it and wells is so big and we bought it so much lower, but i've got to tell you, stephanie, the multiple in goldman and i don't know the thesis for goldman, but i don't want to sell it at seven times earnings >> goldman, steph, is up 6% over a month. i know you don't own it. you own bank of america, wells, morgan stanley and prudential. the xlf, big winner, up 7% >> there you go. she's so right >> im, you can own goldman or morgan if you believe that the m and a trend will stay strong
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do you see those numbers in the financial times over the weekend and 5.8 in m and a in 2021 that is a record of all time you go back four decades will that keep up? of course, not it's going to be strong and it tells you that the fourth quarter numbers will be strong. >> yes >> you know the guidance and they're wishy washy and they have a lot of tailwinds in their favor. bank of america is the rate play and they're the most in terms of sensitive to higher rates and steeper yield curve, but he's done a good job on the efficiency ratio 739 basis points year over year last quarter is that sustainable? no they get it. they have to cut costs and as you see demand goes higher and you know the wells story just as well as do i and it's doing a terrific job i do think it's interesting that the risk manager, head of risk is leaving and he's retiring and in june, i wonder if that helps them in the asset cap lift and think, as we just talked about morgan stanley i do like american, press
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because everyone has written off business travel and everyone just has to be patient. >> bny mellon calls, visa, global payments, affirm. so you're in obviously financials and thin tech is a hot space for you? >> scott, look at that global payments, gpn that you just talked about i believe we mentioned it just days ago that stock explodes from -- what 136 to 145 or higher yeah this is an area that i want to concentrate on i'm still a big believer in paypal especially if you bought it right on that significant dip. i didn't buy it at 175 and that was a gift with all of the 383 million people that they've got on that platform with 29 million businesses i mean, you can go on and on those stocks are all going to do
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well >> it's a huge position for my trust. dan schulman came on "mad money," drew a line in the sand saying this is ridiculous. we will have great growth. why does the stock -- why can't it get out of its way even when ngp is moving up >> that's a great question, jim. i don't have a great answer for that except you and i both know that what's coming their way with venmo and ebay with venmo and so forth i'm sorry, amazon with venmo and so forth is going to be huge for them going forward. >> maybe it's a 40 p-e >> maybe it's a near 40 p-e. >> 29 on next year >> 29. >> but when you look, jim, at some of these stocks, say box. the former square, for example you can put that out there these
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kinds of stocks have been hit pretty hard and buying the name and she's buying robinhood more, more roblox, more draft kings and it makes me think about when you said in the beginning of the show that some of these mega-cap techs need to come down a little bit before you're comfortable getting in have some of these high growth techs that you're doing it >> this is one of the problems with the lumping in factor 90 times earnings, so why should we confuse that with paypal that's 40 times and literally half and next year it will be 828 and one of the things i've learned together is that the 90
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multiple stocks are not the same as the 40 multiple stocks and we all trade them together so that makes them that stock picking doesn't make sense and in this year, it will. >> you know, jim, i think of meta and facebook in the same way because it only trades at 20 times for 30% growth. >> so to me, of the faang. of all of the faang and i know we're talking about paypal and i'm switching just because it's the same concept amazon is expensive on a p-e basis. i get the sum of the part, right? i know google also, it's not as expensive, but it's still expensive and an apple at 31 times and i think meta is the one that's the value of the faang which is why it's the only overweight name in faang they own and it's overweight by a wide margin. >> i mentioned some of these kinds of names like robinhood, for example, that cathie wood has been buying more of in the last 24 hours or so.
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it does get named one of rosenblatt's top 2022 picks today along with so phi. you own robin. joe, you go first. sofi did an overhang and it's for existing shareholders. this is going to be a multi-quarter recovery if, in fact, it's going to unfold into a position that i'm maintaining and not a good one, and not happy with it, but it will have to play out over the last couple of quarters. i don't have high expectation for it >> how about that secondary? let's talk about that for a second they crushed the stock with that, but they got out how did they get away from getting the big block out of there. what happened there? >> that's a good friend for our good friend and the existing shareholders to your point, they weren't able to get out. i mean, you know, they were able to find their way out and now it goes back to understanding the
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business are you going to get growth in the student loan business? that will be incredibly important and how is anthony going to position this company for 2022 in a rising rate environment? is that going to lend itself favorably to the business. hopefully it should. the stock was at 24, 25, jim just about six weeks ago it was looking fantastic sometimes you have to set expectations on positions when they're disappointing and they're losing ones and this is a great example of it. >> not getting out, though >> let me point out the dow hitting another record high. we're getting close to 37,000 on the dow jones industrial average. you have a gain of 135 so we've added some momentum to the dow since we've come on the air here today jim cramer, you've made the case heading into this year that you like the setup, maybe principally because so many others don't. >> yes >> you've got a number of targets out today of 5100 for year end whether it's city or costin over at goldman
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tom lee is out with a positive note relative to how he finished out '21 and the momentum there when you see the dow pushing 37 what are your thoughts >> i look at the dow and it happens to be uniquely exactly where you have to be with the exception of verizon look, i watched home depot not that strong because it was the best performer in the dow, but i look at those stocks and i salivate at most of them i kaebts believe boeing even pulled one out of the hat with the allegiant deal that was amazing you have the best banks in there and the only one that -- i don't know if anyone has something positive about it, let me know because my father once worked for it was 3m, because i just -- that's the one that i'm most troubled by in dow and verizon that's the most that i like. >> steph >> we'll get to honeywell.
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stephanie, i'm sorry we'll get to that one, but it is a nice winner today, as well it looks like honeywell is up about 3% steph? >> i was just going to say it tends to be defensive in terms of the industrials and we'll see if it lasts or not, but look at deere. look at cat in addition to boeing, but look at ge there are plenty of industrials that have lagged, by the way, all of last year that have done such remarkable things including honeywell, but my point is i think there are a lot of other names that have more operating leverage and they're tied more to the economy and how the economy does in terms of growth, so if you believe in above-average growth and they've got pricing power and they cut costs and its all part of the value trade, as well >> what i want to know, doc is whether you think this move to value which has obviously picked up steam as you've seen the dow hit that new record high yet again, are we once again, we're
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asking the same question does it have staying power or is it simply a matter that rates run out of the burst of momentum they have here and then we're right back into the growth stocks >> we might be right back into them, scott. that's the big question right now in the short term is how long do people decide that they'd like to switch out of some of their gains in some of the really highfliers like tesla. when you and i talked about it and exploded all of the way to 1200 just two days ago when we were saying all those calls that were bought in that one. are you really comfortable after that kind of a run to just hold it or do you need to get to the sideline a little bit and then look at some of these things, honeywell, caterpillar, having a big day today. you look at the -- i can't if it was ups or fedex, guy, but one of them was having a strong day and counted in that xli.
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so industrials, yeah they don't terribly excite me scott, and your question was how long does that continue and i just don't know, and i'm trading those rather than buying them and establishing long-term positions. >> i got you >> we should call them value or should we just call them companies that make money and do things that's what i've been focused on they make money. they do things that's what they do. i mean, look at qualcomm today qualcomm is up big this company's in town they make things and they add the software license and they do things and they're very profitable i don't want to call it a value name and it's a company that makes a lot of money yesterday deer was at 16 times earnings and 17 now. they make a lot of money and i'm looking at companies that make a lot of money and make shares. >> how do you view intuitive
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surgical and joe teranova bought that off the open today. joe, why don't you give us a quickie on that quick and then cramer i want to hear from you on it. >> owned it, and i have my eyes on it and the market mentality right now is to sell the winners. i believe in the surgical robotics and the da vinci robotics that isig has in a post-covid environment and that's going to be accretive to the growth that they'll experience it's got a 70% profit margin and the valuation is somewhat reasonable for me at 70 times and i stepped into the position today. >> cramer? >> i liked isrg for -- i don't know, ever since i gave it to a fund-raiser, and the chief aspect of what they were saying, why your supporters said it was cutting edge and it was da vifrpy and da vinci was cutting
12:26 pm
edge and it's remarkable to ever be unseeded. i think it's a great idea. let's take a quick break we'll come back and the stock summit continues what's the one sector he really likes? we'll get the committee's takes on his picks and hisake ton theirs i can't wait for that in two minutes.
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♪ ♪ you saw that new high for the dow, about 50 point away from 37,000. so we're continuing to watch the dow march higher by the moment, really all right. let's do our 2022 stock summit it continues today our honorary investment committee member jim cramer -- honorary are you the chairman of the committee? the non-executive chairman what do you want to be >> i still have a corner office down the hall. you can come in and see me kind of like howard schultz, no longer like bob iger and the green bay packer fan i think he'll go all of the way. >> the road to the super bowl goes through lambeau at least through the nfc. your picks >> i tried to come in with three that were down, and i got two of them that were down. i've got lilly, and i do a lot of work with two different brain foundations for things that are,
12:30 pm
unfortunately, wrong with my brain, but it should be like your liver or elbow, and everyone is pretty positive that i talked to about what's going on with lilly and alzheimer's. i think that that's very important and they've got a diabetes drug that will be big and everybody hates the drug, so i come in with that one and i like it and i came in with honeywell and almost makes me feel like that's the end of the rotation into earnings stocks. that's the last one to go. it makes me keep an eye on salesforce and whether we should be starting to think about buying those stocks because honeywell was the last and you finally see the laggards grow, then that is the third and last day of this location i like chevron because i just think that oil is still undervalued even if the last year and the oil companies have new-found discipline and i raised my price target for bausch for the investment club and the reason why i did that
12:31 pm
and why i like it for the investment club, he's splitting the company into three nobody seems to care about it. it has got no sponsorship whatsoever and he's cut debt by $10 billion. the fundamental piece that you'll get is still the premium and the mercedes of i-care i really like their skin program because there, a lot of people don't understand it, but once we beat covid, people will want to look better and that's a key part and then they have a driven pharmaceutical business that i can do without, but i like a big breakup story and i think that will be the breakup story of the day and ge and bausch, and i like bausch has the best breakup. >> let's take these to the committee. joe, my memory sometimes fails me, but i think you owned honeywell at one point maybe that was within the past few years, two or three years. i don't know if you own it anymore, but what do you think
12:32 pm
about jim's pick >> honeywell is like saying the patriots will make the playoffs. it's a reliable, consistent and expected outcome so i love that pick. >> chevron, mike worth, he's the best executive in the energy business by far. bausch, the management of the balance sheet and they're reducing debt and carl icahn has a big allocation in this stock, as well. >> the one that's interesting to me, eli lilly. sorry, jim i would move in another direction with that one. >> really? >> merck, pull up a chart of merck today. merck is breaking out, the growth portfolio is complete pleacompletely undervalued and merck is the best setup for large-cap healthcare >> some of the things that are going on with the alzheimer's
12:33 pm
drug versus the biogen drug is a farce. it should never have been approved by a very rogue agency which is the fda the rogue -- there isn't anything that they're not doing is rogue and no one knows what they're up to and it's a travesty and even though the committee of tencent said it wasn't worth anything and i think it's going to be one of the biggest stories for 2022 and 2023 >> link, stephanie link? the linkster, you own chevron. >> i do. i've owned it for a very long time and it has lagged exxon by 30%. it's like headscratching i love the pick. i think it plays catch-up, jim you know they have great assets and not only in the perm on, gulf of mexico, they've done smart m and a and the capex is on the low end and the buyback news of 3 to 5 billion of this year, i think they can get to 8 billion by 2025 and their break even is 50 a barrel so i like
12:34 pm
the pick very much and by the way, it is my largest energy position and i'm 300 overweight. >> don't forget the esg from 3 billion to 10 billion, because mike her, watch what happened to exxon and they're not throwing money away they want to make money with the 10 billion my worth is cut of a different cloth. scott sheffield, terrific at pioneer, but the rest of them are just kind of -- they're followers and mike is the leader. >> let me ask you this, jim, because what i want yed you to o as the non-executive of the committee is critique the stock summit >> we talked about bank of america which is one of stephanie link's picks she does have ibm as one of her three. what do you think? >> ibm's had a fabulous run. >> no. ibm has had a fabulous run i mean, i cannot believe where it's come from in a very short period of time
12:35 pm
this stock was in the teens. it just went to 141. i have to see this quarter this quarter should still be a mess because of the split up with kendril i think at 120 it was worth the risk you said you have to wait until the end of theiary this stock may be jumping the gun, stephanie >> 13.5 times earnings, 4.8% dividend yield while you wait for the restructuring and you know better than anybody restructurings take a long time. look at what happened with ge, that's been a three-year turnaround and they're making progress, and the stocks works in lumps nobody owns this thing and there are two or three buys from the sell side and everybody else has a hold, and i think this ceo has done a great job in terms of m and a especially high growth, and high margin areas and again,
12:36 pm
cloud, ai and block chain and quantum computing. everybody is all jazzed up about quantum computing. they're focused on that piece, too. they're not getting credit nor should they and they'll be making baby steps throughout the year and nobody owns it and by the way, $40 billion between key cash flows and optionality and they'll be buying back a ton of stock or maybe they'll be increasing dividend while you wait. >> don't you have to worry about price. honestly, this is about the run and it worries me about the stocks that i'm watching the run is so great that at this point i have to caveat how much i like ibm and i've spent a lot of time with the company and i like it, but i have to let price dictate to me a little bit i just -- say i like it, and i pound the table and it goes to 127 and i'm just saying that, well, it could -- the spike may not be sustainable
12:37 pm
how about that >> from 112 to 146. >> in how many days? t that's the 2-week spread and the point's well taken and what about, jim, some of the gaming plays that wea've gotten jon najarian picked mgm. >> i have a position in wynn i've been -- i've been very upset about it, and i think he's great. seconds the chinese crackdown is so for real that they've really both in terms of rich people junkets although wynn is on a 16% junket and they're trying to stop covid and what happened here is that the united states is very good versus las vegas sands because they've been trending out of u.s., but it's just not enough to offset, and, scott, when you have a stock like this and i write this for the investor club notes, you're
12:38 pm
heartsick. i'm heartsick about where this is i didn't see omicron coming and i didn't see the chinese crackdown coming i've been wrong. i think the valuation is crazy and 10 billion, it will cost you 13 billion to give you all of that i'm wrong, and i'm to say here's how i screwed up and that's where i am with wynn right now >> who is signing either of those? i don't know anybody who did >> let me ask you this, lastly, before you go. teranova picks health care as his sector >> juggernaut! >> i don't have the performance right in front of me it's beautiful >> there's a lot of interest in humana a lot of people are focused on humana, too. that's an interesting name >> why >> i like -- why don't you own united health, jim because i'm not as smart as i'd
12:39 pm
like to be i've written many times i have a piece tonight saying how did i miss it? i've been waiting for a five-day period of the decline, and it doesn't give you that. so the answer is why am i not united health? because i was not thoughtful enough to say, you know what i'm not going to wait for a dip. i'm just going to buy it but now, is it too expensive it's gone too far for you to recommend buying it here is that what you would also say? >> i think it should buy some here >> okay. >> yeah. you know, i was wrong. i bought wynn, and i'm wrong to wait on united health, but i don't want to the wait too long because united health and steph, you know this, united health is not that expensive on earnings >> not for the number one in the industry who continuously raises their earnings, raises their buybacks, beats -- consistently. it's almost one that you can kind of -- i don't want to say
12:40 pm
this, really, it's one you can sleep at night with just because the management is so amazing and they've done a great bench and they've done a great job on the mlr and in terms of the pbn business >> i'm saying to jeff marx who worked the trust with me let's just pull the trigger as soon as we can let's just give up look at the number, but united health and i'm writing to him rid now. >> do it in the break. >> no! this is before the break i'm berift >> start writing it now. >> i want two omelets in my face right now. >> we'll continue tomorrow the investment committee has ckre of their pis. jon najarian has unusual activity coming up today we're back right after this.
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welcome back i'm rahel solomon. we begin in philadelphia, at least 13 people killed in a house fire including seven children there were four smoke detectors in the building although none worked one senior fire official struggled to find the words. >> it was a -- it was terrible
12:44 pm
most -- i've been around for 30 -- 35 years now, and this is probably one of the worst fires i've ever been through >> on the news tonight team coverage of the fire and a look at other deadly house fires in philadelphia that's tonight at 7:00 eastern in kazakhstan, meantime, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets and set fire to the presidential palace. the capitol's airport has also been seized and the governor has resigned in response the demonstrations were sparked by a sharp rise in gas prices. >> tennis star novak joefdjokovc may not defend his title he will not be allowed to enter the country. official his granted him a vaccine exemption yesterday. more halftime report after this.
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12:48 pm
it is the nasdaq that's melting a little bit as interest rates continue to tick higher. jim, 168 on the ten-year note and the nasdaq's down 200 points can you give me a quick thought on that relationship before i go to you quickly on this new investment club? >> sure. there's just the playbook of most, and those years aren't worth as much. things are much more uncertain and they'd rather have something and a bird in the hand versus two in the bush and that's really ailing these stocks in terms of being revenue orientation. no, we need earnings period >> there you see the ten-year note moving in positive territory during the program 168. danaher, after you receive this e-mail we'll be buying 75 shares of danaher you told your committee. >> what we do, and people who are members of the club know this and stephanie who has worked with me knows this, my previous employee, perhaps
12:49 pm
thinking of starting to buy it danaher was part of the growth trade meaning sell growth that has great earnings and it sells at 30 times earnings it's life science diagnostics and those are two unbelievable growth areas and you very rarely ever see it down so we decide to pull the trigger not seeing it down now seeing it move higher. by the way, the cnbc investing club with jim cramer, there is the qr kwoed and go there. we'll come back with jon's unusual trades o you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. making sure you have the right balance of risk and reward. and helping you plan for future generations. this is "the planning effect" from fidelity.
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unusual, dr. j what do we see today >> well, scott, we're seeing some unusual activity in an lng play golar which is glmg. kind of makes it easy to figure out what they do, doesn't it that particular one, scott, the stock was $13 this morning many they were buying the march 15 calls, bought about 7,500 of those. paid about 75 cents for them, i think. i like that one. i am in it that's nearly a three-month-out trade, so that gives me a lot of time to be right the other one is zendesk if people have, you know, gone back and forth with various chats, automated chats and so forth, that's what zendesk does. this one, scott, they're buying with the stock just beneath 100.
12:53 pm
they're buying the march 115 they're projecting a lot of rally over the next three months both are march trades. these calls were trading for about $3.75. i am in both trades but buying lower stock trades in the case of zendesk >> appreciate it very much we will come back and do final trades on the other side
12:54 pm
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12:59 pm
which is according to steve he believes the high for that contract, the two-year hitting its highest level of the pandemic, 80 basis points. keep your eyes there about an hour away from fed minutes. what do you have coming up tonight? >> one of my favorite stock historians is larry williams he has a website he had the best call i have seen he said it will be an amazing christmas rally and we will go back to him, go back to the well and see what he is thinking. he is legendary. he is a market historian i love. 60 years he has been in the business >> good stuff. it has been good having you with us super fun. so glad it was the stock summit and you were here. >> thank you >> our new nonexecutive member of the committee what is your final trade >> i had to go with nvidia i listened -- when i listened to talking about disease, i said, listen, nvidia made a presentation today it was amazing jpmorgan, i love her yesterday made a presentation on
1:00 pm
gaming, ces. look, if you think they're going to turn, nvidia is going to turn big. >> good stuff. steph quick, then joe and john >> cigna, a laggard in the hmo space. >> intel, small position, tight stop >> star wood, stwd, 7% dividend yield. >> good stuff. thanks for watching. the stock summit continues tomorrow "the exchange" begins right now. ♪ yes, it does thank you, scott hi, everyone i'm kelly evans. ahead today, the great dispersion continues into the third trading session of the year high p/e stocks suffering. low p/e stocks, outperforming. value over growth. materials over tech. should you chase these moves or fade them? we will discuss. the last remaining blackberry phone stopped working yesterday, but the company moved on long ago. it is now focused on software for cybersecurity and for evs. we will talk to the ceo about


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