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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  January 6, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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say at it. we'll see over the next couple of months whether they'll get spooked by the stock market moves or continue to focus on the stock market economy. >> a lot of people think they are dictated in some parts by the s&p 500 and we see more tough days like this it could be harder for them to carry out their business, not to mention it's a mid-term election year it's going to hurt the economy. >> negative day for the s&p 500 but not too tough. just down 10 basis points. we're out of time on "closing bell." "fast money" starts right now. tonight on "fast" we are breaking down the banks. the financials on fire our traders are playing this trade. plus, sheep in wolves' clothing they're dressed like big, bad growth names and later the bitcoin breakdown. the cryptocurrency lower today it's now lost a quarter of its value in the past two months i'm melissa lee.
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tonight's trader lineup, guy adami, nadine turman gamestop is getting in on the nft and crypto markets julia boorstin has more on this. julia? >> reporter: well, melissa, cnbc has confirmed with a source familiar with the situation that the video game retailer is launching a division dedicated to nfts and to cryptocurrencies. our source tells us that the company has hired more than 2 dozen people to focus on these new areas and to build an online platform to buy and sell nfts of virtual video game goods including avitar skins and weapons asking developers to list nfts on this new marketplace. now our source also tells us that gamestop is close to signing partnerships with two different crypto companies to partner on among other things developing games that use the blockchain as well as nft
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technology saying they do expect to work with a dozen or more crypto companies and potentially invest tens of millions of dollars in these platforms in this next year now the company is at nearly 660% in the past 12 months has been struggling to turn a profit this is one new area for it to focus and to tap into its meme trade appeal, but i do have to note this meme stock move into the buzzy areas echos moves of another meme stock, melissa, amc which has been pushing into the crypto space as well >> julia, thank you. julia boorstin, amc is up 16% in the after hours. cost is up 15% in the after hours. all of these meme stocks are getting a little bit of boost off of the gamestop news karen finerman, important to note that this stock in particular, gamestop, has lost 22% of its value in the past months up 30% it's still getting a
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frkifrk i fraction of what it lost back. >> i look at it as multiples of where it started a year ago. this announcement is sort of interesting but seemingly out of thin air they've created about $2.5 billion of market cap which is kind of extraordinary i mean, i get that it's a really sexy space a lot of interesting stuff going on, but that seems to build in a lot of success maybe that happens i just -- you know, i think the stock needed something to reignite it and this is perfect. it's perfect. >> it's like -- >> but it's not for me. >> it's like in the dotcom era when you announced whatever dotcom, nadine, your stock got rerated. here we have the video game retailer getting a rerating, again. >> you're right, mel radioshack was going crypto. this week we've got gamestop going into nfts and crypto and i have a feeling next week
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blockbuster is coming back into blockchain it seems like every week someone has an announcement. at the end of the day, you have to have a business that's what karen's getting at you have to have a business, a plan, a cash flow. you have to announce things. a couple dozen people isn't a lot of people to enter this space. i think there's a lot more wood shops and information to be gathered to understand obviously the opportunity is big. you have to execute. you have to have something. >> i noted the other notable moves in the after hour session of the meme stocks, tim. i wonder how you interpret this whole sort of group moving on en masse on back of a gamestop specific announcement. >> there's a herd mentality here we can buy pop corn and bitcoin at amc i think this is lunacy i really do. what makes this platform anymore meaningful than any other platform it's not as if gamestop has a sticky clientele and a lot of people returning to their site on a daily basis this company has a different
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balance sheet, clearly has been reinvigorated and has a very loyal retail fan base. yes, i do think that there is a follow-on effect there are a handful of stocks and there is some crowd noise right now, but if you look at what's been going on with that group and you look at the 52-week where they are relative to 52-week highs, most of these stocks are being treated like they are high multiple tech stocks that are also not seeing the same kind of love from the same group of people. >> ryan cohen had the magic touch with chewy and he sold that puppy, no pun intended, for $3.3 billion he has been in this stock and chairman of the board for quite some time. we haven't really seen what his grand plan is. we've gotten snippets of growth areas, et cetera this is the latest in theory there is some talent here that could potentially move this company in another direction. >> it brought in a lot of really interesting people
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we talked about them we actually compared them to the late '70s new york cosmos if you recall. >> spot on. >> i won't go down that. i'll spare you but -- exactly but what i will say is you wonder how long they've been holding back on this they picked in terms of the stock, they couldn't have picked a better day to make this announcement you asked me yesterday if there was more pain in these names and i said yes gamestop closed at 129 and change traded down to 121 amc traded down to $20ish. both are bouncing now. this is sort of what i envisioned they made this grand announcement, we're getting into nfts they closed the door and goes, what does nft mean i don't think it's that farfetched you throw it up against the wall in this environment and things work is there more room to the up side i don't know again, i don't think that says anything about the fundamentals of the company, it has everything to do with the
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fundamentals of how the stock is trading. >> let's talk about other companies that have fundamentals check out the big banks breakout it's ripping higher. it pays for its best week since last february. take a look at some of the names posting some of the biggest games svb, signature back. all up more than 5%. as you get ready for the banks to kick off earnings season next week are you banking on these names? karen, you know, i feel like it's almost a choose your own adventure here in terms of how you interpret what the fed gave us in the minutes yesterday and the rising yield curve if you are to believe that the fed isgoing to be raising rate into a slowing economy, is that a good environment for banks or are we expecting raising rates into a good economy? which would be a great scenario for banks. >> i think we're looking at the latter i mean, because of omicron is the economy slowing from sort of a -- you nope, heading for a
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blistering pace a month or two ago? >> the combination of the fed raising rates, hopefully it means with loan growth as well, that sets up nicely for banks. even though we focus on the 210 spread, it's not set up. sentiment is set up that way i hate it when they run up to earnings invariably whatever they report isn't good enough for what that run up is expecting. but i'm in these for the long term it reports in a couple of weeks.
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they spoke at a goldman sachs and they talked about the new pivot they're making i'm with karen in terms of the big name banks. >> what do you want to hear from the big name bank ceos when they report next week >> well, i think one thing because karen's spot on also about how banks rally into their numbers. banks sell off on their numbers. that's what they've done the last six quarters. they start roaring we want to hear about commercial industrial long growth
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they're low on a relative basis. i think we're in an environment where they have been getting signs. this is starting to pick up. a name like citi bank which has wickedly performed bank of america or wells fargo by 50% they have a lot to do with buying back and sternly what they can do the dividend within the construct of what they're allowed to do. this is what i want to hear. they've got a big investor day coming up in march as well and i think they're going to detail it be careful net interest margins from a -- you know, a steep curve is not necessarily the same thing
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>> the fintech names and the rise in the traditional banking names, nadine, what's the better trade in your view shorting those fintech names and the firm, sofi, it's a square or block now, et cetera being long in the traditional banks. >> mel, we talked a few weeks about trimming the tree in tech, but now you have already done that and people started piling into it. the trade is mostly done, i think, and we get some details from the different custodians and plan brokers we work with. they're saying a lot of hedge funds are under weight tech. i don't think this is the time to go start shorting something that is falling on its chin. we see maybe a little bit more up side for financials we are more heavily into european financials but you have to start trimming here, too. they're not at over valued
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levels yet what happened is when you started getting paid and over paid, then you want to be bottom fishing in the best names of what you're talking about in fin tech not all names but phishing. >> hedge funds ending on this past tuesday so not including wednesday's selloff. the dollar amount of technology sold is the highest level in about a decade do you think the selloff that we've seen in a firm which is down about 26% over the past month, is that sort of pain over in that trade? are the valuations still over stretched? >> i think the valuations are still over stretched of course it could trade at any price. it could trade up sharply, that could happen, but i think these stocks look like they're attractive given how far they have come down from where they were insane. so that doesn't make them to be a good valuation i think there's a lot of froth in there you know, i just look at the
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valuation of much more old line legacy banks and that valuation, even though it's moved up a little bit, is still to me very attractive iam short some idb because i d have bank stock exposure there, but i would not anywhere close to getting on board with some of these fin techs. >> is that how you should look at it, traditional banks fintech or is fintech in other places of technology, tim? >> look, jpmorgan is a fintech bank, let's be clear they're digital business their ability to navigate into a lot of these platforms that i think not only are more efficient but in some cases offering higher margin they are fintech banks old is new, new is old.
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>> guy >> you know, it's interesting. tim calls this a fintech and he's spot on jamie dimon was arming himself for exactly that it's interesting we've talked about this. dan nathan was early on this one. morgan stanley, which was floundering, and i'm using that word by choice, for years. they finally figured it out. they got themselves into three very distinct business verticals and they're killing it right now. in terms of the legacy banks, i think morgan stanley continues to set up really well. >> coming up, another big bright spot in the market energy fueling higher. the traders are playing the moves plus sheep in wolves' clothing innocent value stocks dressed up as big, bad growth names
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performing stocks today, hess, marathon oil, diamondback, apa and devon. this trade is up 9%. best performing sector so far in 2022, tim. you're a believer though >> well, i'm a believer because as i've said, i think the companies are run differently. i'm also a believer because i think we've gone from traders in the space to investors in the space. i'm also a believer because i think the equities are now outperforming the underlying if you look at a move from brent from december 3 interday lows when we were questioning opec's resolve and just some of the headwinds from omicron, you have a 20% movie sensely in present this is very well ahead on eps they are in a period of gone from investment into free cash flow this is a company that will be paying big dividends
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eog, two or three upgrades the street is chasing the trade. eog will have $5.5 billion of free cash trade like they did last year. i think that's the story. >> yeah. guy? >> not a trace of doubt in my mind, mel. i'm a believer i know tim seymour is nodding his head written in piece "fast money. a lot of things tim talked about. >> and old courses and it's a winning
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>> first and all of that shriner. >> see what's working now. >> that was a quick talk other parts of the complex >> you know, we have a lot of positions. a lot have been in the final trades, bp, shell. we've got some canadian positions. some positions over the orld i'm trimming a bit now so when i look at -- just look at the xle. let's say it's 60, spot 50 our low end of the range is fifty-four sixty-seven high end is about sixty-three. that's 4% up side.
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it's 10% down side so i still think there's room to run in these names but we've seen a really big change, right? so you had capital flows that are causing this and once you -- you're not going to have that continuing so then it's really going to come down picking those businesses, which i think that's what tim's getting at that are going to continue to form, have fundamentals that's what we're choosing it's not such an outsized position for us as it was last year. >> all right we are just getting started here on "fast money." here's what's coming up next a sheep in wolves' clothing. value stocks like a big, bad growth name. which one can you trust? the traders lay out their picks next plus, the crypto collapse. bitcoin continuing its plunge. what's next for the crypto space? there's more "fast money" coming up
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welcome back to "fast money. the claws are out. stocks giving up their gains today after an attempted comeback earlier in the session. some sheep in wolves' clothing swept up in the recent selling innocent value plays getting punished as though they're big, bad growth stocks. each of the traders has one of these on their radar guy has been counting sheep although i don't think you have problems falling asleep at night. what's your pick, guy? >> oh, i'm sorry, mel. i apologize. >> wake up. >> no, my bad. paypal i don't know if it necessarily fits the description but everybody loved paypal the summer $310 stock fell on hard times a lot is self-imposed. the news about pinterest didn't
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help they came off a ridiculously bad quarter. the 157, 52 week low, we bounced back we found support on good volume. at 35 times next year's numbers, i'm going to say this. it's not crazy expensive given some of the growth they still expect although it doesn't necessarily fit this description to a t, i think paypal's going to start to accelerate into earnings. >> 35 times next year's numbers. that's like microsoft. >> yeah. that's correct that is -- that's correct and i know it's crazy. it's cheaper now it has sold off and is cheaper than it was a couple of months ago. >> karen, do you find value in paypal i'm going to sneak this would you rather 35 times next year's earnings, would you rather be in a soft like microsoft >> i'll talk my book, i am in microsoft and not into paypal so, yes, i would rather be in microsoft. >> nadine, your thoughts
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>> i get what guy's saying the thing has been so beaten down, there's some gems in there. it's about execution over time i think it can work, but i will say just like karen, we have positionin microsoft >> all right not with guy there tim, what is your sheep, baaaaa? >> i am the shepherd watching over carmax, okay? kmx. this is an auto retailer omni channel retailer. by the way, trades at 17 times just reported great third quarter numbers. only 9% of that is online. in a world where anyone that goes online or companies that are eretailers have enormous multiples, this one does not it has the tail wind for being a seller of cars even if it's a secondary market seller of cars but, again, 9% of their sales last quarter up 16% year over
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year was online. i think this car -- this company is punished. it had a great run it's not expensive i think that's really the whole story. the wolf is the expensive company with no -- you know, with no earnings this is a company that's actually not expensive, being treated like a tech stock. it's down 25% or so in the last 40 sessions along with the other tech stocks that have sold off at the exact same time because it's perceived as an eretailer that has a crazy multiple. >> guy, do you like carmax >> tim is spot on. it's not expensive not sold off $155 stock last i looked now it's 119 on valuation you can make a compelling case. my only concern would be it had an astronomical runup. have we given enough back in this environment that would be my push back he nailed it in terms of it being a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> karen, what's your sheep? >> my sheep is just the warm and
5:28 pm
cuddly facebook meta platforms so i look at this and i look at valuation always first and, you know, with the, you know, price to earnings growth about 1 and, you know, a cash hoarde that is enormous gamestop announces they're getting into nft and crypto and facebook is already -- they're already in the meta verse, right? they've been there for a while with oculus. i think we're going to see a lot with them. they changed their name to meta platform as an indication of one pr spin and, two, getting into the meta verse and yet, you know, the stock hasn't really moved so that is my sheep. i'm long it. i really like it the valuation is -- it's so cuddly it makes me just feel warm >> does meta make you feel warm and fuzzy, tim >> no, i do not want to cuddle meta or facebook or whatever and
5:29 pm
the womlf is probably -- facebok may be a sheep in valuation. karen is right to want to snuggle with that one, but the wolf is in dc. the wolf is in esg the wolf is in advertisers that are going to have some other place to go. for now if this was a sheep in wolves' clothing, yes,that was the game we're playing here, you know, the valuation means this is absolutely sheep. so nice job, karen >> nadine, what is your sheep? >> so my sheep is -- last week we were talking about how real estate was over bought so now i'm saying we have -- you know, the rates popping up now real estate is at a more attractive level and it's equinix. they're going to continue to deliver increasing free cash flow ala tim's point about cash flow and solid businesses they have great management of the company. we've been holders all along the way since 2013 they're a global player that benefits from tech but they're
5:30 pm
not air tech player. they're a mission critical digital infrastructure player. where would i want it? i would like to go fishing and buy it at 768. our top end is 852 it has 1.7% down side. i like those odds. so it's that gift today that we didn't have last week and i would enter that one. >> guy, do you like this one >> it's expensive on a dollar basis. she's swimming in the deep end of the pool. it is also expensive, i think nadine would agree, on valuation. it's hard to argue with the performance of the stock over the past couple of weeks i would say what did you say cuddling with facebook i'd rather eat one of those kfc niblets than cuddle with anything facebook. >> this is the fifth mention of your constitution in the first four trading days of the year. >> we're on to something.
5:31 pm
>> we're on to something coming up, a metal mining mystery. one lithium miner with a$4 billion valuation but just one thing, they haven't produced one ounce of lithium so how do you justify that valuation. the company ceo will join us exclusively. shopping time. retail names ripping higher. which ones are worth a buy we will break that down next >> announcer: get your trades to go with a "fast money" podcast catch us any time, anywhere. follow today on your favorite podcasting app we're ba rhtft ts.ckig aerhi ear,
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welcome back to "fast money. they're all surging in today's trade. it's been a long, rough year for many of these names. is this a turning point. karen or dead cat pounce what do you think? >> all retailers are not created alike. i think there's a lot of value in the space one of the things that sort of caused a knock on it is the idea that gross margins will be up
5:35 pm
next year. that's true because they've been able to sell so much not on sale it hasn't been a promotional environment. for me, i don't own the stitch fixes. albirds, i didn't listen to my son or bitcoin i do have capri, target, home depot or lowe's are somewhat of a different bet. i also have walmart as well and i have some foot locker which is just ridiculously cheap. >> guy, where do you find value here >> in karen's kids clearly there are four of them, maybe the other two can tell me something. dollar general, it's interesting. wells fargo downgraded dollar gen and target good for them for stepping up. dollar gen's been trading very quietly, very well over the last couple of weeks. they report in early march i think dollar general is still worth a look flirting with their all-time high i think we're going to power through. >> nadine, this earnings season
5:36 pm
should be very good. we'll get the true read of what the consumer was doing. >> i know you love the puns 34e8 i think you've got to thread that needle that this quarter will be good for many retailers. they didn't have to discount you'll still see decent margins but over the course of theyear a lot of people are going to have excess inventory, they're going to get rid of that they're not going to keep the prices that they had before. you'll have to be selective of who you're keeping she's got a lot of names that we have and she's -- other than foot locker, but keeping in the -- that tone you either want luxury people who will pay for higher prices or people who might buy up that excess inventory leak a tjx. when you look at stitch fix, sell the news. repurchase if you can't do something better with your capitol, that's worrisome. bed, bath & beyond, they have losses, years of under investments versus something like walmart and costco, stick with the quality
5:37 pm
>> inventory does sound like it could be a problem for some retailers who ordered early, anticipating supply chain issues not selling as much because of omicron. macy's comes to mind i want to make this be clear this is not any knowledge that i have of their supply chain but in the past inventory has been an issue for macy's. >> it has been, and it will be very tricky because a lot of these folks were off sides on supply chain issues. as we gotthrough the holidays and the holiday season where a lot of the buying was early. i think if you think about where macy's has progressed and where they changed their businesses, not only has their inventory management been important but their inventory management has been important and that's given them a sense of where their inventory management is and where the consumer is. the ultimate value in retail is walmart. it deserves more than an ecommerce multiple
5:38 pm
trading 25 times forward the big headwind for them will be labor costs i think they're able to pass on costs for anybody they want or squeeze their suppliers in an environment that also looks very uncertain. that's probably where i'd leave. stitch fix having a big day down 85 on a 52-week basis coming into this. that's the wolf in sheep's clothing i would stay away from it. >> speaking of retail, do not miss the ceo of bed, bath & beyond crypto getting hit hard again. bitcoin is now down more than 35% since the november peak. the broader cryptocurrency space also getting slammed this comes on the back of a hawkish fed meeting where officials said they may need to scale back support of monetary policy karen, should we be concerned about bitcoin? i mean, it -- it's scared of the fed basically. >> it's scared of the fed in that, you know, part of the
5:39 pm
underlying theory is when inflation runs amuck, that's great for bitcoin but another part is that it's sentiment and it's sort of getting pretty crowded for sentiment in the last couple of months, right we saw institutional adoption and so a lot of money being thrown at it all that having been said though, i'm long bitcoin, long many other currencies and staying long this is sort of a garden variety selloff to this point. we'll see. of course, there could be tons more down side i'm sticking with the long-term thesis here. it's not just about inflation, it's about a digital currency and a better way to transact in a world. >> the number two, ethereum. jpmorgan had a note out about how they were losing in d phi. as an ethereum holder, are you concerned about that there are other coins,
5:40 pm
independent block chains that are not built on the ethereum network, layer one network that ethereum provides that are competitors at this point. >> no question part of ethereum's success was it was the deep vine platform to build on with the recent upgrade, this was only going to cement their position let's see, i am a shareholder. i do think that part of the trade in the entire crypto space is trying to understand where some of these trades are going to broaden and where you're going to find adoption and follow through so i think there are a ton of institutions that are waiting for pull backs here and the pull backs that we've seen so far, i'm not even sure i'd link them to the fed i think they are somewhat more related to rotation and asset flows we've seen here. there's a lot of people. what we've seen, the last two big pull backs there's a lot of institutional absorption and i think we're going to see it again. >> nadine, you're buying gold? >> gold. you know, one of the things we
5:41 pm
have to remember is that a lot of these cryptos trade like commodities, right so if you believe the path that karen put out that maybe the economy is going to be strong, rates are going to go up, you want to own banks, crypto should do well. but if we're a little bit on the opposite side, by the middle of the year we think the growth of gdp is going to be decelerating and growth of inflation is going to be decelerating, that tends not to be right for crypto we have to think it's something more that we trade versus that we own and hoddle and own for years. that's how we think about it it's a little different than looking at fundamentals or strategy of a coin it's really how it trades. am could go up, forget heavy metal. light metal is where investors are finding real opportunities the ceo of lithium is on with us ibm losing some steam. more pain ahead. asmoy"etnse enwn that tradwh
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playback! ♪ woo ♪ the feel great hit of the holidays is still in theaters. ♪ yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. ♪ yeah. and on friday, you watch at home too. time to show the world what we're made of. activating "piggy power." welcome back to "fast money. lithium demand shooting through the roof in 2021 showing no signs of letting up that's the valuation of one
5:45 pm
lithium miner to $3.5 billion. here's the catch it hasn't produced an ounce of lithium. let's bring in jonathan evans, lithium america ceo. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, melissa. >> when will you produce the first ounce of lithium >> later next year we have a late-term project in argentine na it will be the largest lithium project in decades it will come into production late this year and we will be starting construction in our other asset in nevada. we are recently closing on another asset which is fairly close to our first project in argentina. very excited to get into servicing this sector, which is going to be very challenging over the next decade. >> there are a lot of estimates in how many evs are projected to be on the road i'm sure you've done the math.
5:46 pm
how short would the world be of lithium? let's say the projections of 230 million ev vehicles on the road by 2030 is right on, how much lithium would that require and how much would we be short can you give us a sense of the shortage >> yeah, ee sentenceessentially today we need to expand it five times. which is unprecedented we're a little less than 500,000 tons lithium isn't exactly rare, but it is rare to find deposits that are economic it takes a time to build these and capital investment is healthy, too we're talking hundreds of millions to a billion dollars. there's a lot of work to do. luckily there are several companies in the sector like ours that are ready for the challenge. >> capital intensive do you have the capital that you need to fully bring all of these assets up to speed and up to production that you own? >> for our first asset we do
5:47 pm
we have funding requirements for our asset in nevada which will likely take the form of a partnership and perhaps even some government-backed loans by the department of energy in argentina, the new asset we'll be closing on, we'll be putting a funding plan together for that. >> in some of the notes i got with a conversation you had with one of the producers here, john, you had indicated you thought there is trader and investor enthusiasm around your stock because one of your assets is in nevada fairly close to tesla's giga factory do you have any relationship with tesla to produce lithium for them >> we have many nda both u.s., european and asian. >> in argentina, i have to ask you. seems like argentina, chile, these are the mines of the world
5:48 pm
for lithium. they have huge deposits of lithium in this area of south america. the argentinian government wants to be more involved in lithium production itself, even perhaps mining it itself what kinds of guarantees do you have for your two projects in argentina that you will be able to produce those mines and sell that lithium without having to make any sort of concessions in the future to the government >> we have a tax stability agreement with the government and there's a long history, at least in lithium i was with a former company fmc which has been operating in argentina for decades. it's the best jurisdiction given the challenges in chile with the redrafting of their constitution and the history of bolivia we feel very confident with the federal and provincial level it's great place to be developing assets.
5:49 pm
>> thanks. tim seymour, if you are a believer in the ev trade, shouldn't you be a believer in the lithium trade? >> you should be these have been ten baggers in the last 12 months i do think there's a dynamic where there will be more players. we still don't really know where the lithium batty is going to end up no question about the demand cycle. all we've done is talk about what's going on in ev land so this reminds me a lot of the e uranium trade or gold trade. i warn investors to be very careful. i'm not suggesting this company is that, i'm suggesting there are a lot of smaller cap names, there have been a couple of companies that have despacced and the moves in these stocks have been astronomical for companies that don't make money. >> guy >> well, i mean, going to bolivia didn't work out too well for butch and sundance, but that
5:50 pm
notwithstanding, they have $500 million in cash and cash equivalents on their balance sheet. he talked about the ndas they are under. if you get a headline they are in talks with tesla, the stock goes back to current levels back to $41 so i think the risk/reward. this is the deep end of the pool, $100 table but you have to like these names given what the potential is moving forward. >> yeah. nadine >> i agree with guy. it's riskier you'll see some headline i can't say i wouldn't trade something like this. when mp materials yesterday was on sale yesterday, i bought it we ran it up and sold it this is not one of those things you buy and sit on because sometimes you will have crazy down days and crazy up days but the point of the fundamentals is the price of batteries remains
5:51 pm
strong despite a decade of falling prices demand is outstripping supply and then supplies likely to remain constrained because the big chinese producers, they continue to grapple with energy restrictions and they cover 65% of global battery production so i can see fundamentally why you own it operationally we haven't seen anything yet i'd be careful very small trade. >> would that be the number one issue for you, karen the fundamentals do point to a thriving lithium industry in theory but this company hasn't produced any lithium yet although it will later this year. >> right you know what yogi berra says. in theory there's no difference in theory and practice but in practice there is. to me it's this evolution from in the mine to, okay, we actually have a product, we have a working mine to harvest, mine it, however they refer to it that's not going to go smooth as
5:52 pm
slick silk no problems there will be ups and downs. i couldn't agree with everyone you have to trade around it but i won't even trade around it it's too -- i don't have the constitution for it. >> coming up, shares of ibm dropping today and that's had traders piling in. we will tell you how they are ataying this one th's next. don't go anywhere, "fast money" is back in 2 up to 10 times the speed at zero extra cost. our 5g data is foreals unlimited no matter how much you use. (mary) did you just say foreals? (vo) sorry. let's put it to work with six premium entertainment subscriptions included! (mary) shhh, i'm in the lead. (vo) go on, watch all you want. (mary) i love this show. (vo) and because a better plan deserves a better phone... how about a new one on us? (mary) seriously? (vo) yep, it's our best plan ever. verizon is going ultra, so you can too. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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check out ibm getting hit hard for the second day in a row even as the broader tech stabilizes the action has betters seeing there will be problems ahead mike khouw joins us. >> ibm we saw two times the average daily volume that was true of calls and puts. some of that call activity were sellers. one of the options seeing a lot of opening activity. the january 14th 135 strike puts and an average price of $1.83. prior to those puts are believing action we pull the into that is it could be lower and a week from this coming friday i would point out the options market was caught off side by the nearly 20% gain we saw off
5:56 pm
of november. it was only implying a 20% implied volatility options prices are about 50% higher than they were then it is expecting some volatility going forward. >> mike khouw, thank you for > n. >>upext, final trades. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform. it's an entire trading experience. with innovation that lets you customize interfaces, charts and orders to your style of trading. personalized education to expand your perspective. and a dedicated trade desk of expert-level support. that will push you to be even better. and just might change how you trade—forever. because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪♪♪ there's no going back. at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan it is expecting some volatility
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check out gamestop still up sharply on news that it is starting a division to launch an nft marketplace and form some crypto alliances up 26% still in the after hours session. time for the final trade tim seymour. >> in that energy trade eog should be a core long-term holding. free cash flow makes them better. >> karen >> yes in that same vein, the o in zombie trades oih should do well in production increases. >> nadine terman. >> i'm going the opposite. gold is oversold so the gold etf gld if you can buy it 166 spot 80 or below then you're
6:00 pm
entering the nonconsensus play. >> gia dad my. >> butch and sundance met their untimely demise in bolivia, mel. if you have to explain apa corp >> thanks for watching "fast money. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i try to make you money. my job is not to just make you money, call me or tweet me when can you be sure that you have a real bottom i


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