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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  January 14, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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lam research is up 4.5% at the moment and marvel up a little bit more than four applied materials better than 3.5. qualcomm up three. so those names we've been talking about the difference in software performance versus chips that continues and with that, let's get to the half and the judge. ♪ all right, judge welcome to "the halftime report." the tumultuous week for your money and where we learned where your stocks might head next. the investment committee here to debate the road ahead. joining me for the hour on this friday, degas wright, shannon saccocia, and jon najarian co-founder of market it's virtually flat on the session. watching the dow today, too. 35,846
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that's a loss of 268 the ten-year note yield at 175 i thought it would be constructive, guys, if we sort of take stock, if you will of what happened this week and where we think we're going from here i know it's a question on everybody's mind dr. j, i take a look at your newest moves in the market and it suggests you think we're going lower by virtue of the fact that you own puts in the russell now. talk to me >> well, and that was part of it, scott. the other part was the volumes were just so light on that rally. you and i talked about it just two days ago that the tuesday rally was significantly lower volume i think about 35 million lower option contracts and similar on the side, as well and you look at the sell-off. the last couple of days on sell-off and that was huge volume not blowout volume not saying that, but right back up there to 42, 43,000 option
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contracts and stronger volumes in the stocks, too that tells me that there are people that just want to sell the rips and they're not as aggressive about buying that dip. obviously, they did buy it on tuesday, whoever the they are that did that that had that bounce and both volume and volatility, those are two of the main things that we follow velocity is the third and very fast turnaround from a volatility last week in the 16 range to 23 on the sell-off and then back down to 17 and now we're seeing a little bit of a rise today, but not back towards that 23 level at all yet, scott. >> you own the russell -- the march 213 puts that's right >> yes, sir. >> that's correct. we were big buyers of those. i think 25,000 of those were purchased just the other day,
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scott. >> as i said, mr. wonderful. it's good to have you back it's been a while. i'd like to see your take on things and more volatility as jon was saying and he put a trade on to take advantage of where big bets are taking place. what are you doing >> so 2021, the hallmark of that year was no volatility even though it was horrific with other issues and more normal markets are now here and we're going to get volatility and i would say it's because the potential of a 20+ percent gain is there, maybe 1% in tdividend and you have lots of volatility and a print that's 7% inflation print. nobody thinks that's sustainable and that will put a bit of a spook on equities and you're seeing that manifest itself in
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the flattish to down nasdaq days, but the inherent growth in those companies is still there nothing has changed and i think it will sort itself out and i'm looking at muted returns with a lot more in the vix and we should get used to this. we're in a year where there is a midterm and i love the hearing to bash tech and we'll do that again and that will give you volatility names and it still gives you volatility so what i say, get over it and still allocate to equities because there's nothing else to do if you want to beat an inflation. 7% that's a lot it's kind of the frame of mind that professor segal was in earlier this week when he spoke with us when i said, so you're calling for all these rate hikes, does that mean you're selling everything >> he said, no, no there is no alternative to
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stocks and you don't want to own bonds. when i look at the specific moves you're making i can't help, but think you can't be too concerned with the environment here you bought procter & gamble. you bought more j&j. you bought home depot. you bought boeing and you bought schlumberger i would note these are more cyclical value-ish-type plays rather than going headlong into technology plays and this would suggest that you're taking advantage of the rotation out of technology and into other areas of the market that still look attractive >> i still own tech and i'm not being constructive right now my old friend, cash flow i love cash flow in times of volatility and every time they bought there, these are cash flow honey bunnies fantastic balance sheets and good places to hide in the weeds
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with 7% inflation. let's call that ticker 5.5 to 7% inflation. that means your cash is being taxed at 5% to 7% this year if you do nothing with it so where do you go you go with the cash flow and those are the names. i'm listening. safety safety fixed income is not an alternative. you don't want to put mono there. you'll get killed and that is the hallmark of this year. it's a good, strong balance sheet and another theme we'll talk about is europe i'm really licking my chops at some of the names over there >> you know, you're not the only one. bank of america, we like to look at their flow show note to find out where larger institutional and retail flows are going into the market they've seen the largest inflow to europe stocks since 2021. a couple of billion dollars. the largest inflow to emerging markets since march of '21,
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almost $7 billion and it gives you an idea of where people are sensing that there could be more value rather than in the united states shan, i also wonder that we've had the benefit of speaking to strategists and investors and not only on the program, but on the network at large and i've listened to a lot of what people have to say. listen to what brian belski told us of bmo who says i get all of this volatility and there is an adjustment period that needs to take place when you have interest rates going up and you have a change in fed policy and he's sticking with 5300 on the s&p this year. he's still looking for a decent year you can react to him on the other side let's take a listen. >> markets can and will go up. stocks, lead earnings which lead the economy and that's exactly what's going on with respect to the traditional formula, scott, and it doesn't mean that we're not going to be bumpy as the
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market transitions into the more fundamentally driven market and history shows that returns are much more volatile and that's why our theme for 2022 is prepare for the second derivative in terms of price performance, earnings growth and valuation spike and yes, inflation. we still think 5300 is doable. >> look, multiples need to adjust in some areas of the market and in some part they already have and they have to go through technology that got way overextended and the point's been made many times and it's a good one what do you make of belski is the market overdoing it the ten-year is at 174 today and by the way, i want to tell you what somebody else said about the fed after you answer this question >> the reason that's anticipated, it's the uncertainty of how much and how fast and whether, you know, we
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talk about contrarian views or what is consensus. consensus is somewhere around three rate hikes this year, right? maybe it could be four i would argue if it's three or four, it really doesn't matter are there three or four subsequent rate hikes or does the fed remain patient and watch this transmit through the economy? i would agree with belski. i think if we look at the second half of the year we're nowhere near the cpi in my view, we are absolutely going to see the fed hold and see those rate hikes transmit through to the economy before they get even more aggressive and i think we'll see some pressure on the dollar which again to b of a's flow show, you will continue to see money flow into the united states and not large-cap stocks so this choppy period that many of us were anticipating is likely to extend for the next several months and the
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accelerating economic growth that we're experiencing and the fact that we'll get good earnings growth this year is going to lead stocks higher. i think what you need to do is think about your time horizon. over the next several months, if you're looking for these high valuation tech stocks to deliver a significant upside of the values that you've fallen to, you're probably looking in the wrong place. some of the stocks may take several years to where they're worth holding in your portfolio, but there is a lot of opportunity here and i think what we need to understand is that the second half of the year is going to represent something different and you have to hold some of the names in the volatility to position for that period >> so i'm looking at a stock, vmw, vmware back to where it was in april a year ago.
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you bought it. it's a new buy for you i'm curious as to why you decided to buy that one? >> so if you look at things that were pressured scott, you talk about the cloud and it's ethereal for all kinds of things names like adobe and salesforce. vmware is a hybrid platform that is looking to move to a sass model, and so if you think -- kevin made a great point cash flow. this company is looking to create a model whereby they have more recurring cash flow, and if we look at something that we're looking at over the course of the next couple of years is this hybrid approach is going to continue not everything is going up into the cloud. and so a mix of both hybrid computing options and some of the cloud-based infrastructure that we like, we think is the best way to take advantage of the higher i.t. spend that we're anticipating continuing through the next three or four years
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>> so degas, good to have you back with us today, as well. i mentioned these voices that have been on the network this week and today and there was another good one on "squawk on the street" today, it was adam parker, trivariant we loved talking to him, as well and i thought he said something interesting today where he suggested the market went from zero to 100 miles an hour seemingly overnight on what the fed was going to do, and he poured cold water on that in a conversation with the gang earlier. i want you to listen to what he said on the idea of whether the market's just gotten way, way ahead of itself and is having a fit over something that hasn't even happened yet. let's listen. >> people are really out of their minds if they think the fed will raise four or five times this year or four or five times next year. i don't want see how that will happen i was saying maybe they can do zero maybe they can do one. i don't think anyone know, but if they're looking at full
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employment and stable pricing explain how 699% is full employment and if they want stable pricing we'll see i'll take the hawkishness for sure all right, degas, what do you think? he's calling their bluff he said i don't want care what happens today or tomorrow and two entirely different things. is the market too far ahead of itself >> i would agree that the market did take a leap above where the market should be right now because ultimately this is a tough environment and we're seeing all sectors going down, but as a professor segal talked about where are you going to put your investment dollars? so you have to be in equities and you have to look at pricing power. what happens to inflation. if you have companies that have pricing power you will come out
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ahead and also if you look at your companies and you start ordering them around valuation one thing that was mentioned earlier was cash flow. if you look at free cash flow yield rate your companies from the highest to the lowest. look at profitability and the return on investor capital, highest to lowest expectation and look at sustainability is the company checking off and doing those things and if you start ordering those companies that way you get a better picture of your portfolio. >> kevin o'leary so obviously, the point of concern has been most acute in the nasdaq you know, nasdaq's 8% off of its high 65% of the nasdaq 100 is 10% or more below the 52-week high and you're starting to get into the pelotons and the teledocs and we know about the way those things have gotten run over by an 18-wheeler
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i'm talking about microsoft. microsoft is 12% off of its 52-week high and that's in correction territory and amazon is 15% do we need to worry about these stocks that we haven't had to worry about them at all. this reflects the com pregd of price earnings rareio of instability and knowledge. is it true three or four hikes. i doubt that that brings risk and pe and why i continue to buy those names when i'm adding technology upon the with us case head used it. i still use ashlgs toby and iius all of it and keep buyinger mo
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of it because they change. >> that doesn't mean they deserve ever-expanding multiples. i get it you use it weigh all use it that doesn't mean the multiples deserve to keep expanding no matter where the other environment is no matter what the growth environment will look like maybe these stocks, too, have to have a little bit of a reckoning. >> let's go to 30,000 feet and see what happened in this quarter. because of the concerns that we just listed and there is a shopping list to worry about now you've got them. we took down gdp growth something to nine and change i bet when we print this quarter we'll be back up north to five where will you get explosion in p-e? it will be the names people will say wait a second, the economy is not dead? i'll go back to microsoft and go back to adobe and back to
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amazon >> every time we've said, every time it corrects in people it's over, you is been wrong because the underlying economy remains incredibly strong and i think we'll burn this virus out july, august, i hope so. how many variants do you get in each new variant is less painful in terms of what it does to the economy. if i want growth i'll just get it in tech you're just flat-out wrong >> speaking of tech, as we sort of look at the nasdaq we see where it's trading today and wondering is the bounce legit? selling the rips rather than buying the dips and we witnessed that a bit in the nasdaq and it bounced back and then it's come under pressure yet again here we are today and it's back
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in the red at 14,790 200-day moving average and you're 70 points away or whatever it is on the nasdaq josh brown was with us yesterday. i know he's watching the nasdaq closely, and i know our viewers are. here we are on a friday arch, soon to be afternoon and let's take a look at what josh was watching and i think it's relevant to this conversation that we're having now. >> the next time the nasdaq gets back below the 200 day and if it stays there through a friday afternoon, i think you're going to see -- i think you're going to see the type of selling activity where we will concede the word puking becomes the actual correct technical term. so what we're talking about in that type of scenario is the sort of indiscriminate selling in the top 100 nasdaq names that really hasn't happened yet doc, you know, i want your
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thoughts on that and the idea of whether you think the nasdaq is still vulnerable or we can get some sort of substantive and sustainable bounce once we've gotten through some of the carnage that we've already felt. >> well, i would say, scott that we are likely to test the 200-day moving average and i would not be the guy selling out and running around with what little hair i have on fire that's why i'm not loaded up on qqq puts he should be in those and i'm in the iwms because i think those small caps are more vulnerable and they've been dropping faster so that's where i am obviously none of us have that crystal ball that's perfect, but as far as the top stocks in that nasdaq 100, when we get there, i don't know that we see those
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fund managers pulling the trigger on apple and amazon and microsoft which you just named microsoft has already had a 12% correction do they really want to slam it out if it's, at that point, say down 15% or so, scott? that individual stock, that is do i want to slam that one out or is that one i want to buy i think that would be a buying opportunity that 200 day for the nasdaq so i'll respectfully take the other side of josh's trade >> even, shan, you come into a day like today, at least we can hang our hat on the financials at least i can go to energy. energy is up unbelievably this year and financials have been on a great run and then they report earnings today and one of your names, j.p. morgan is laying in it today i mean, they guided lower and wages and yrg wise as positive
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as jamie dimon was earlier in the week or last week on the overall outlook of the economy going strong they're dealing with issues luke a lot of other businesses and certain parts of their business and there's j.p. morgan down almost 6%. what do we do with a name like this when you get selling on the news like you are in every single bank stock today and ex wells fargo the last i checked and maybe that's changed too >> these stocks are supposed to be the port in the storm as we're, you know, staring down higher interest rates and i think you make a great point, scott, and they're dealing with grappling with the same pressures that you're seeing elsewhere and we're seeing 11 million job openings and m and a activity was a huge boost for j.p. morgan this quarter and i would reckon that's not going to be the same level of revenue coming into 2022 given the environment that we're facing and the lack of support for growth stocks. trading revenue certainly down, and i think this is, again about
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expense management and this is something that we've been talking about for six months and expense management is going to be increasingly important. where are your expenses and how variable are they and i think this overarching excuse, if you will, about quote, unquote, inflation is going start to fall on deaf ears because there are companies that are navigating this period better and back to kevin's point about tech that's an area where i think we are going to see great expense management so i would caution, we are very light in money center banks. j.p. morgan is our name there, and i'm disappointed in the report today, obviously, but this is indicative of some of the reports that we might be seeing over the next few weeks around expense management and how company management is handling that. >> kevin o'leary, maybe you're feeling like mr. miserable today instead of mr. wonderful when you look at your own j.p. morgan
12:23 pm
holding, too [ laughter ] >> well, jamie dimon is well touted as the best manager in banking stateside and it's probably still true, but what we learned today was a little bit of the king has no clothes because there's no accounting and the reserves that were packed on during the pandemic are being reversed here and there are a significant portion of these earnings and the truth is you strip out all of the noise and there's no growth in earnings and maybe the reason you should think that through a bit is during the period of basically zero interest rates the banks are under pressure to continue to deliver margin, but if you really thought that rates would go up with four fed hikes you would be constructive with j.p. morgan and all of the banks. they're almost like the canary in the coal mine the fact that they're the number one bank is down 6% today, money center bank tells you that most people do not believe that the
12:24 pm
fed will move aggressively and that's why i think it's a great tell for the losses in banking i think probably you'll get p-e expansion back in tech to go back to where they just revisited. i just think this is a seminal moment in the whole let's be constructive on banking and let's go use it as a safe place to hide. if you were hiding in it yesterday you just lost 6% that's brutal for a huge name like that and i don't think the slaughterfest is over. i think people will think this through when they look at the earnings with the noise gone and the accounting gone and realize that j.p. morgan made the same money this quarter than three years ago or it looks like it will make the same this year as three years ago. there's no growth. i can only imagine what degas is thinking after he sees not only the earnings, but the reaction in the stocks today and says oh, my god, i have morgan stanley
12:25 pm
and they're going to report next wreak? oh, man, what am i going to be in for are any of these a tell on that -- >> scott, the difference is -- >> sorry >> no, i was going to say the difference with morgan stanley for next week it has a much different business model than the banks they reported right now and it has a much more diversified revenue stream and it's not only focused on the capital markets, but also corporate lending and also the acquisition of eaton vance and e trade. morgan stanley will have a much better outcome with the business model and i also owned regional banks and they'll do much better than the big center banks and i'm looking forward to this announcement period for my regional banks and morgan stanley. >> i'm looking forward to my
12:26 pm
stock summit picks and i may have cheated and looked a little ahead to what's coming down the pike stay with me on that by the way, the wells fargo cfo will be on "the closing bell." it will be a first on cnbc interview so you will get a real world view of what the environment is being looking like we'll take a quick break john thhas unusual activity kevin o'leary has his picks. we're back in two minutes. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back i'm rahel solomon and here is our cnbc news update at this hour the white house says russia is trying to set up a pretext for a larger invasion of ukraine multiple reports has said that russia will send operatives to prepare sabotage operations with forces supported by russia it is setting up a social media misinformation campaign to frame the ukrainian government as the aggressor. the kremlin is using the reports as baseless. they're helping ukraine recover from the attacks on government websites and to also support the investigation into the source of the attacks.
12:30 pm
president biden was briefed on cyber attacks earlier today. the white house threatening back to take $180 million of stimulus funding from the state of arizona. the money will not go go to school districts with mask requirements >> the white house announcing $27 million in funding to fix the nation's bridges the money comes from the infrastructure law passed last november you are now up-to-date scott, i will send it back to you. >> all right, rahel. appreciate that. have a good weekend. rahel solomon. mr. wonderful, kevin o'leary, i want to go through your picks now. coinbase number one. bitcoin has been volatile lately speaking of volatility in the markets and it's pulled back quite a bit and why coinbase bitcoin has been very volatile and so if you want to play in the crypto and the digitization of payment universe you want to find the exchanges that are indifferent to volatility that pick up eight to 20 with every
12:31 pm
trade regardless of price. in fact, volatility is your friend and the stock has had a really rough go of it that they just purchased the derivative exchange and it's very lucrative and very good in volatility and my theme on crypto is no longer by bitcoin i've been around the world and finding companies that are public that are given licenses for exchanges and the united arab emirates they granted tw licenses and in canada, they've allowed for two different etfs and one with ethereum and bitcoin and they just granted the very first license and a company bought it out last week and everywhere i'm going to go, the number one right now that's public stateside is coinbase ftx, i also bought is a private company and not public, so if you want exposure to the theory of getting through these
12:32 pm
exchanges and picking up basis points regardless of price you have to go infrastructure. that's why i have a very constructive position on coinbase and boy has that stock corrected and nice entry point here >> yeah. you're buying more, i should mention that a new buy for you and we mentioned energy at the very top of the show in terms of schlumberger chevron, you bought it around december 27th. that's your second pick. >> yeah. i remember president biden, and i owned chevron and it was so unconstructioned for hydrocarbons and that ended up being a policy mistake and the price of oil is going up because we're no longer energy independent and i think most people think the policy was brought on too quickly and how do you play that we can argue one balance sheet against the other and the biggest balance sheet i've ever
12:33 pm
seen is chevron. my bet is i'll buy a ton of stock back and it's got mi special friend in there, cash flow and it's a proxy on the price of oil which i personally think will spike to 100 and it will be reflected. a lot of people say you put this on at the end of last year, that's true and there's still a lot of upside still to go. the trend is your friend i like energy because it's a mistake the government is making about policy >> you like momentum, too. let's not kid ourselves. energy is up 12% on the year you're a canadian guy. you understand hockey. you go where the puck is going if oil's going to 100 you will skate there. that's what you're doing, and i get it >> want the fundamentals to be working for me, too. you'll make me blush i like momentum like everybody else, but i like cash flow >> i know you do >> you're talking your own book
12:34 pm
here >> i am, and i agree i can't find an index that takes up the european banks and i don't want to own them let me rattle off name, lvmh, unlever, novartis, i'm reading down the l siemens, diageo, the yogurt company dannon they're all european stocks inside that index and they're trading at a discount to the counterpart stateside and the reason money is flowing with b of a is these companies have spectacular balance sheets and they're in recovery med over there and these are household name products stateside. some cases half of their sales are in the u.s so everybody hates the european postal code. they hate it, they always have, but it's outperforming the u.s. right now so yeah, i'll put a dollop of dannon over there. i'll eat nestle chocolates and i hate the european banks. you think morgan stanley or j.p.
12:35 pm
morgan has rough return on assets and you should see what they're flat lining and these guys look like they're dead. how is health care as a sector pick, why health care over everything else? >> because we're all getting old and crusty and the demographic is your friend on this one >> speak for yourself. speak for yourself, o'leary. >> yeah! >> the rest of us are all young and vibrant. >> yes >> i totally agree with that i'm just saying that elective surgeries at the back end of this year are going to explode you want to own the strikers and you want to own the medical supplies and everyone waiting, you don't want to go to the hospital because it's teaming with covid and there are a joints that have to be picked and it's a great sector and my number one pick and everybody wants to just continue to try and live the best quality of life they can and that points you to health care, longevity,
12:36 pm
surgery, elective surgery, and it hasn't happened in the last two years. love it. >> okay. >> i appreciate those picks. thank you for sharing. degas, get ready you're next after this break feel stuck with your finances? move your money to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ move your money to sofi. you could earn up to $2,230 when you download the app, and feel what it's like to get your money right.
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degas was up with the stock summit picks and he was up with kevin o'leary with health care and why he favors it and it's the number one pick on my list and united health coming off of a fabulous year. why that one >> exactly let's talk about the list. united health received 75% of their revenue from insurance, but they're the only health insurance firm that's in 130 countries. their international revenues are growing and second, they make 25% of the revenue from optum health and it's the technology platform and if you think about it, you go to the doctor's office and they hand you a clip board. they may not have tied records
12:40 pm
and so united health is doing, they're introducing that and they're going to be doing something with block chain around health records. great valuation and revenues, that's why we like it. >> i teased earlier when we were having that conversation about financials i peaked ahead and saw the regional bank on the list. it's keycorp >> yeah. we really like keycorp once again, we believe that regional banks will be the investment into the banks. as interest rate goes up, banks will do better and so with keycorp it has about a 6% loan growth 8% deposit growth and is very unique in its acquisition strategy it recently acquired a business to business digital platform and it has an analytical consulting firm, plus it has an additional lending platform it is going to meet the customer
12:41 pm
where they are we like the valuation on this. it has growing revenues and earnings so this say company that we really like and the sustainability is doing well >> intuit, the final of your three picks. >> intuit, the catalyst. there's over 700,000 new businesses starting each year, and intuit is the -- for the entrepreneur and the new business owner it's the ecosystem for success. if you think about their products, accounting they have quick books, turbotax, they have for credit and lending information, credit karma and recently purchased mailchimp which is a small business marketing platform witness again, another growth engine is that they have sales internationally in france, in brazil and india once again, great valuation on this company, strong profitability and growing
12:42 pm
revenue of 27% annually. >> you're not running away from technology either. that's your sector pick. interesting been given the times that we're in right now and what we think may hold for the remainder of this year given a whole number of factors. why is technology your top sector >> because as we're looking at profitable technology, so what we're seeing is that this is meeting a trend. that trend being the millennial, growth in millennials and the purchasing power and also the increase in crowd formation and also the use of artificial intelligence and all of that really lines up to say that technology, innovation and growth is where we'll find those type of opportunities. we're seeing the eps growth of 40% in the overall sector so we feel very strongly that selecting stocks that are profitable in the technology space is definitely going to be a way of rewarding investors
12:43 pm
>> all right good stuff thank you for that up next, we have trades on some of the biggest analyst calls we need to have a battle over at disney, and we got a downgrade and it was reiterated a top pick and almost everyone has a position in it in some form or fashion. we'll talk about it next
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powering possibilities. >> all right i mentioned before the break we had conflicting calls on the street disney shy of 4%. downgraded at guggenheim price target gets cut to 165 from 205 all right? that's still obviously above where we are now we raised our content expense forecast to better align with the company's commentary and its 10k, right that's the view that disney's in a good spot, but they need to spend a lot more on content to compete with some of the others to get subscribers for disney plus then that's view and then it was reiterated the top pick at j.p. morgan overweight target stays at 220 kevin o'leary, you own disney. i mentioned almost everybody does, but you do admit that it might be in the lockbox for the
12:47 pm
time being >> it is it's in the lockbox because there are two pivots that move this name. one is coming out of the pandemic so you know the theme parks will increase cash flow because right now you have constraints on how many people can go to these and not just domestically, in china, you have issues, too and then the whole issue of how much capex goes into the stream, but the reason i favor going on to the name with the safety in the weeds is that when you criticize the fact that disney is focused on family and children specifically, that's probably the wrong way to think about it the most stable content driver is children's programming because a 50-year-old cartoon is watched a hundred times by a 5-year-old and it's going to be the same in 20 years everybody knows that you park your kids in front of disney and they just keep watching it over and over again that's very, very stable cash flow no other streaming service has that kind of equity in its content, and i think the films
12:48 pm
that they have and the franchises will continue to grow for adult programming. so i don't know how you can be negative in terms of the equity of this, and then you have the bonus come july and august when the current variant burns out. these parks including here in florida will be jam-packed and i think you'll get a bump in the back end of the year disney, for me is -- i think they'll make 9%, 10% toward the back end of this year. >> worst dow performer last year dr. j, you own disney calls. >> i do, scott, but, boy, it's been a painful ride down i just keep rolling them down and selling more aggressively at the money calls. this is my last roll if this one doesn't go, scott, i'm just like that guy at the tables in vegas. i'm going to walk away because it looks like today certainly felt like it wanted to hit that 142 low. that's the 52-week low, i think,
12:49 pm
scott, 142, and it certainly felt like it wants to get there. i won't wait for that. if we can't hold right about where we are at 149, 150-ish, i'm out. >> lastly, kevin o'leary and really quick on ford which you own. downgraded today and we note that it has had a great run. yeah i'm not selling for it including tesla in the mix no other truck is as popular as the lightning. you want an electric pickup truck? you want a ford. so do 48,000 other people. add to that a ceo that's finally delivering the goods on executional excellence this company will be a go-to ev name and a long-term hold. i'm not selling it and i bought it when i couldn't even get a gas guzzler. i tried to get a 150 and i couldn't get it and the ceo itself reached out and said i'll solve your problem
12:50 pm
i like that. i bllike a guy that's listeningo his customers. >> you called him out on live television you don't think he's going to reach out to you i don't think mr. and mrs. public willand mrs. public will have the same access to do >> the only reason i have a 150 is you, my friend. i thank you. >> you're welcome. you're welcome my check is in the mail. doc has unusual activity next.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
all right. we have to be quick today with unusual. tell us. >> dollar again, scott, dg the stock is $216, buying the $210 puts in february. i guess they think they won't be able to pass along many more price hikes. seconds trade, lvs they're buying upside calls. this one i'm soy delighted it is crushing it today. it is up over 11%. the stock, they were buying all the way up to the january 46, expires next friday, scott >> good stuff. lvs, kp eeour eyes on that "final trades" after this break. ,
12:54 pm
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all right. let's do final trades. degas, you're up first today >> yes infsys based in india, the global leader in i.t. outsourcing and consulting >> okay. thank you. shannon? >> salesforce. they're definitely have an opportunity to start into this position this quarter with a sell-off in cloud. >> all right mr. w. >> coin baste. tired of volatility in bitcoin make money going either way. volatility is your friend and it is part of the infrastructure of the internet and they just bought a derivative exchange that's even more profitable. >> okay. dr. j. >> e-commerce luxury goods retailer, scott, far fetch i bought at-the money calls today. >> one last check of the market. did note the dow has taken a bit of a turn lower. lows of the day for the dow as we watch that, tumultuous week
1:00 pm
for stocks for certain there you go last i saw it was down about 420-ish. so keep your eyes on the markets. i know "the exchange" will have a great, long weekend. i will send it over to the folks at "the exchange." it begins now. ♪ thank you, scott hi, everybody. ahead on"the exchange," earnin season is starting off on the wrong food financials, one of the best performers since turn of the year, dragging on the dow. we will look at what went wrong. meanwhile, the worst sector this year, technology. the nasdaq jumped at the open but fell off those levels. we will get some tips on how to ride this out. in rapid fire we are sharping for bargains. stocks that are down big this week, and plenty to choose from. are they buys at these levels or down for good reason first to dom chu with the numbers. >> the numbers this friday afternoon are not looking great because we see the lows of the sessions thereabouts right now


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