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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  January 27, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and make profits of it investing in weaker companies always making excuses. that's what we'll do together. i promise to find you the bull market "mad money. see you tomorrow the news with shepard smith starts now >> stormy daniels in federal court says she speaks to dead people and talks to a haunted doll michael avenatti's fraud trial gets spooky. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> i will select the nominee worthy of justice breyer's legacy of decency. >> filling the vacancy, the president outlining when and how he'll make his choice as stephen breyer delivered a message to america. >> waiting on putin, the russian president weighing his next move after america's response to his demands appears to fall flat
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one of the most unpredictable storms in recent years. a bomb cyclone stumping forecasters as millions brace for a dusting or a blizzard. can you believe this they were openly advertising they were selling dope on dating apps >> operation swipe left for meth inside the major undercover sting. >> here's the criminal history of the people we arrested. >> the fbi's hunt for a serial bank robber dubbed the green gator bandit >> michael avenatti faces off in court with stormy daniels. >> and houston, we have a problem. not enough astronauts. >> live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. good evening president biden will put forward the first black woman nominee for the nation's highest court the president confirmed he'll
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keep that promise at the white house as outgoing stephen breyer announced his retirement the predicize the historic move is long overdue. >> a person i will nominate will be someone of extraordinary qualifications, character, experience, and integrity, and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. >> with justice breyer at his side for the announcement, the president says he plans to pick somebody who lives up to his le legacy he called him the model public servant in a time of great division the justice himself gave perspective on the divisions calling the united states a complicated country. he recited excerpts from the gettysburg address, a speech president lincoln gave in the civil war. >> we're now engaged in a great civil war. to determine whether that nation
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or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure >> he noted that the founders thought of this as a great experiment he said he believes our country still is just that and that its fate relies on the next generation of americans >> they'll determine whether the experiment still works and of course i am an optimist and i'm pretty sure it will. >> pretty sure it will cnbc's senior white house correspondent, kayla tausche on our top story tonight. ka kayla. >> shep, a momentous and at times emotional occasion for two friends and former colleagues standing side on side, reflecting on justice breyer's legacy as he gives biden a chance to shape his. >> choosing someone to sit on the supreme court i believe is one of the most serious constitutional responsibilities a president has. our process is going to be rigorous i will select the nominee worthy of justice breyer's legacy of
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excellence and decency >> president biden has already been reviewing candidates and their legal writings and will be consulting in the coming days with outside advocates, attorney advisers and key members of the administration a small sounding board that includes vice president kamala harris, chief of staff ron klain, cedric richmond who managed public engagement as well as the top legislative director and legal counsel senator dick durbin who chairs the judiciary committee says klain called him yesterday to inform him of justice breyer's retirement >> i asked, do you have a nominee? he said we're in the process no one has been chosen yet it's a little early to predict the timetable for this hearing >> since 1975, 17 jurists have been nominated with an average of 68 days from selection to final senate vote. there's about twice that amount of time between february to the end of the court's current term. the justices confirmed by
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president obama and trump ranged from nearly three months for justices kagan and kavanaugh to a lightning fast 27 days for justice amy coney barrett. it will be a swift and politically fraught stretch. president biden's own supreme court commission report noting the partisan conflict is especially bitter in election years. shep >> kayla tausche, thank you. russia wants to reframe its aggression around ukraine as u.s. and western aggression. despite the fact that the russians are the ones with 120,000 troops on the border of a country that russia invaded in 2014 and has been at war with ever since and to that end, russia is acting decidedly displeased with america's response to its demands over ukraine the u.s. ambassador to russia hand delivered the written responses yesterday after the reading them, the kremlin says there was not much cause for optimism vladimir putin's spokesman left
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the door open for more dialogue with the u.s he says the russian president needs time to study the responses and won't rush to any conclusions. the biden administration publicly rejected some of russia's demands, like barring ukraine from ever joining nato meanwhile, russia continues to ramp up military forces near ukraine. this is new video from today of russian tank and artillery drills near the ukrainian border russian war ships deployed to the baltic sea for target practice, as they put it the baltic sea surrounded by six nato countries russian state media reports the ships wiped out all of the aerial targets even more russian fighter jets have arrived in belarus. that's a close russian ally that also borders ukraine belarus insists the russian forces are there only for joint military exercises, and they will leave once they're complete new satellite images taken just yesterday show russian tanks and military vehicles massed at a
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training area that's only a few hours' drive from the ukrainian border and then just hours ago, president biden called the ukrainian president zelensky, the white house says he warned him about the distinct possibility that russia might invade next month. and reassured him the united states has ukraine's back. the united states is now calling for an urgent u.n. security council meeting to confront russia over the ukraine crisis andrea, former cia analyst and deputy national intelligence officer for russia and eurasia in the office of the director of national intelligence. andrea, that quote, distinct possibility that russia might invade next month, what does the u.s. need to do now to be ready for that >> so i think we're already seeing the united states shift into a different posture to approach this conflict as it becomes increasingly likely that russia will invade you can see this week, president biden put 8500 troops on high
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readiness, as did our nato allies we're shifting now, i think, from a posture where we tried to create space for diplomacy, where we were working through deterrence by punishment, through sanctions to this more active posture where i think we are stepping up our preparedness for what looks like conflict >> so we're clear, the time for diplomacy is over? >> not quite in your segment there, you talked about the fact russia was in fact disappointed with the response their heard prim primarily, they were disappointed by the fact the u.s. response didn't address the ukraine question ukraine getting into nato. but it isn't dead. but as you pointed out, their forces continue to build up on the border, and i think most people are growing relatively pessimistic that there is a diplomatic off ramp here >> andrea, our viewers should know you led the strategic analysis on russia, and i ask you this for that reason
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is the biden administration approaching vladimir putin correctly as we play his game? >> you know, i think they have done an incredible job managing a really difficult situation they have clearly laid out the costs that president putin would face they're talking now about export controls on things that would matter dearly to putin like his ability to innovate in areas like a.i. and quantum computing. we have also continued to equip the ukrainians, sending more aid this year than in any year since 2014 and they have also kept the door to diplomacy open. so i think so far they have done a strong job at managing a very difficult situation. >> andrea kendall-taylor, thank you. bomb cyclone more than 40 million americans are under a winter storm watch tonight, forecasters say a powerful nor'easter could pound the northeast and mid-atlantic as what they call a bomb cyclone beginning tomorrow night but right now, the models are
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giving all these mixed messages. and that means snow totals, the predictions, are fluctuating wildly take new york city, for example. forecasters say some areas could get as much as 20 inches or they could get just a dusting the same area. same situation in boston the city could get anywhere from 8 inches to a foot and a half of snow they just don't know for sure. still, the national weather service warns people should prepare for possible blizzard conditions and dangerous subzero windchills adam dell roso tracking the storms senior meteorologist at accuweather. adam, bomb cyclone >> shep, it's just a fancy word for an area of low pressure that strengthens quickly. this is a very complex forecast, as you hinted at we already have winter storm watches from north carolina coast all the way up to maine. even some warnings from southern delmarva peninsula up along the jersey shore we'll see a lot more of though warnings as the storm gets
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closer into our friday night the ingredients certainly going to be there. we have this big southward dip in the jet stream pulling in all of that arctic air, that wave of low pressure going to develop off the coast. right over the gulf stream that warm water is going to help aid the strengthening of that. it's also going to pull in a lot of moisture. everything is going to come together here for some of that heavy snow, strong winds, and combine them, and it's going to lead to blizzard conditions. especially along the new england coast. the big question is, where exactly does this low track? if it goes farther off to the west, closer to the coast, the heavier snore is going to make it more inland but models have been trending farther off to the east, adjust smidge it doesn't take much to alter the forecast totals. right now, we're thinking some extremely heavy snow along the coast from the mid-atlantic up toward new england where we are going to see blizzard conditions through our saturday and into our saturday night, especially from the tip of long island up into down east maine amounts impressive that darker shade of blue from
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rhode island through boston into portland, maine, 18 to 24 inches new york city, best guess right now for us is 8 to 12 inches of snow 3 to 6 for philadelphia. 2 to 4 for d.c. and baltimore. this is a great time to check out the wintercast on the accuweather website because it gives you the amount of confidence in the forecast boston, upwards of two feet of snow if things were to change, it would be lower again, those wind gusting even upwards of 70 miles per hour it's going to be a mess, shep. have to stay safe and warm >> all right, adam it's not your fault. thank you. >> a sad update on a story we reported here last night the coast guard is calling off its search for dozens of people lost at sea after a boat cap sized off the florida coast. the coast guard officials today say they found four more bodies bringing the total to five, but they say 34 people are still missing, and that it is unlikely anyone else survived crews were able to rescue only
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one person, this man found two days ago, clinging to the overturned boat about 40 miles off force pearce he and 39 other migrants set out for florida from the island of bimmeny in the bahamas homeland security officials are actively investigating it as a human smuggling operation. >> can police officers police each other that is the central question being argued in a minneapolis courtroom right now. and the answer could have a huge impact on the way future interactions between cops and the community are handled. the leader of the militia group, the oath keepers, denied bail what he has underneath and around his home that made a federal judge call him a flight risk and multiple lawsuits in the michigan school shooting that left four students dead. a lot of people from the alleged shooter to school officials are named as defendants, and now, now lawyers for the accused
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ the woman formerly in charge of training minneapolis cops says officers did not follow their training during george floyd's arrest in may of 2020. the former commander of the city's training division took the stand today in the trial against three former officers involved in george floyd's arrest they're accused of violating his civil rights by not providing george floyd with medical aid. the commander testified officers are trained to use the least amount of force necessary. she said they had a duty to intervene asgeorge floyd was dying. all three former officers have pleaded not guilty the trial comes about nine months after a jury convicted their then-colleague here, derek chauvin, of murder and manslaughter video showed him kneeling george floyd's neck for more than nine minutes.
7:16 pm
george floyd saying dozens of time he could not breathe. let's bring in cnbc contributor and former detroit police chief isaiah mckinnon. you know, it looks like the way police approach suspects is actually what's on trial here, along with the individual officers themselves. >> there's no question and it's important for what the training commander said that the world and the jury knows that we're not taught to do those kinds of things. and this is an anomaly that what happened there and let's hope this is the last time we'll see one who reacts or the four that react that way >> beyond the training, though, doesn't common sense play in here i know that they were subordinate in some way to derek chauvin, but still, common sense. >> one of the most important things as a law enforcement officer or anyone else in these kinds of jobs, i have always said, is common sense. my father always said you can't teach common sense that's important to recruitment
7:17 pm
process we have. what kind of person do you want to be a law enforcement officer or to be one who can potentially take someone's life? common sense is so important >> are cop shops everywhere watching this? could the outcome of this case change how police approach situations like this in the future >> you know, shep, i hope so because look, i have been around in law enforcement since 1965. and i continue to see these kinds of things over and over and over again and no one steps up and says, look, enough is enough that commander in minneapolis, she said that. and let's hope that others will continue to say something like that also. >> isaiah mckinnon, thank you. a judge has denied bail for the leader of the right-wing militia group, the oath keepers. she called him a flight risk, get this, because he has an elaborate escape tunnel in his back yard. the judge also noted that this guy, stewart rhodes, had a stash
7:18 pm
of unregistered cars in the woods by his home and had purchased razor wire to set up on his property in montana because he apparently lived in fear of being picked up by the feds rhodes and other oath keepers are facing seditious conspiracy charges for their roles in the january 6th insurrection here's that militia group moving through the mob in military formation, decked in tactical gear the feds say rhodes bought and stockpiled $40,000 worth of guns, ammo, and equipment in the days leading up to the capitol riot and in a plot to stop the peaceful transfer of power rhodes has pleaded not guilty. >> the 15-year-old accused of owning fire in his michigan high school, killing four students, is planning to pursue an insanity defense his lawyer submitted a court filing today it's expected to lead to a mental health exam for the suspect. he's also facing a new civil lawsuit. a lawyer announced the families of multiple students are suing
7:19 pm
him and others for at least $25,000. the suit also names as defendants, the suspect's parents, oxford high school's dean of students, two counselors and three teachers ternallies and representatives for the students couldn't immediately be reached for response 16-year-old tate mere died in the shooting his family, part of the lawsuit. today, at a news conference, his father cried while describing how his family feels every single day >> we're sad hurt heartbroken our lives are forever changed. our family will never be the same >> prosecutors say on the day of the shooting, the suspect and his parents met with school officials after a teacher reported what they called concerning behavior. but when his parents refused to
7:20 pm
send him home, school officials sent him back to class the suspect is facing murder, assault, and weapons charges his parents facing involuntary manslaughter charges they have all pleaded not guilty new york city's palace theater, home to decades of rich history and now the famed building is growing. not out but up and not in the way you probably think. the engineering experiment taking place in times square and tesla is working on a new project. one that elon musk says will be its most iorntmpta ever. and it's not a car
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a remarkable engineering feat is under way at one of broadway's most iconic venues. the palace theater a slew of famous performers have taken the stage there, liza minnelli, frank sinatra, so many now developers say they need to make room for retail stores and a redeveloped hotel, but they're not tearing down the legendary theater. they're lifting it up, a few stories. valerie castro was there tonight. >> in new york city's theater district, a performance of another kind is taking place >> what we're doing is we're taking a 100-year-old landmark theater and raising it up 30 feet we have gone about three to four
7:24 pm
inches so far. >> times square is prime real estate, so finding new space for development demanded creativity. >> it was really critical to lift the theater in order to unlock that ground floor and also unlock the whole potential of the overall building. >> making sure the landmark palace theater's auditorium stays intact demanded meticulous engineering and hydraulics but day one of the lift began with the push of a button was that moment sort of a holding your breath type of situation? >> yes, absolutely we're lifting a 14 million pound structure that's 100 years old the threaded rods are really what's taking the load, and the post pushes it up. so the top plate goes up, and then you lock the bottom nuts down, and then you lower the top plate and do it again. it's very slow type of process there theater itself a broadway main stay since it opened in 1913 >> vaudeville was in its golden era. >> first home to vaudeville
7:25 pm
performances >> once you have made it there, you knew that you had arrived in show business. >> theater historian john kendrick knows it well >> while the orchestra session is tremendous, it's the mezzanine that just goes on and on it's a tsunami of seats. >> beneath those seats, construction crews have found remnants of the past an old program from the 1920s and a ladies paper fan on the back, advertising the space as cool, inviting, and always interesting among its famed performers, judy garland, who some say remains here in ghostly form >> you suddenly just see this whisp of something move through the room, and for some reason, they assume it's judy garland. >> the palace theater's storied past to be preserved for audiences of the future who will experience broadway here at new heights. >> so it really will be a really functional theater for the 21st century while also preserving the beautiful historic elements from the theater box >> and the theater is not just
7:26 pm
being raised up. it's also getting a $50 million face lift and that renovation will include a new marquee and a grand entrance the lift portion of the project will take four to six weeks to complete, and the whole development should be done by early next year. >> 14 million pounds, that's crazy. thank you so much, valerie castro >> online dating can be complicated, i'm told. is the person going to look like their picture? what if they don't like you? and will they try to sell you drugs? the undercover operation asking love sick criminals to swipe left for meth. . and omicron no match for our spending habits. the economic growth firing up prchhe rick santelli, as we apoa t bottom of the hour and the top of the news first in business worldwide
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7:29 pm
>> the strong pace, as he put it, led by a hot fourth quarter. consumer spending increasing as the delta spike subsided and more americans shopped and dined out, acted normal and such >> north carolina, from kitty hawk to supersonic jets. the aviation start-up called boom is bringing the fast flyers to greensboro. with them, a $500 million production facility to get ultra high speed commercial flights back off the ground. boom's passenger jet set to carry up to 88 people, set to travel at more than 1300 miles an hour. twice the speed of today's fastest airliners. the project set to take off in 2024 and a robot named optmous. prime to be tesla's most important product in development this year. more than electric vehicles. that's according to elon musk himself. the ceo tells investors the
7:30 pm
tesla bot's first application would help solve labor shortages. surely that will work out well for humanity on wall street, the dow down 7. the s&p down 23. the nasdaq down 189. i'm shepard smith. on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news >> panic buttons and bomb sniffing dogs. after recent attacks on houses of worship, the security measures that are getting a major upgrade. >> once they were aligned against president trump. now they're adversaries in federal court. michael avenatti and his former client stormy daniels face off but first -- >> swipe left for meth >> you heard it right. swipe left for meth. detectives in central florida using dating apps to bust people
7:31 pm
who say they are brazenly buying and selling drugs on the apps. it's part of a six-month-long undercover sting investigation the polk county florida sheriff says they have arrested at least 60 people so far in all, detectives filed nearly 160 felony charges and more than 70 misdemeanors. cnbc's perry russom now with the details of operation swipe left for meth >> this is the most bizarre thing we have seen in a while. >> polk county sheriff grady judd said they uncovered a drug ring >> can you believe this? they were openly advertising they were selling dope on dating apps >> judd said it was happening across three apps but mostly grindr code words and emojis would be used including ice cream cones, birthday cakes and the name tina >> i found that interesting. that's my administrative assistant's name that didn't mean tina the administrative assistant to the sheriff. it meant tina was
7:32 pm
methamphetamine. >> deputies say the suspects were selling meth, cocaine, fentanyl, lsd, and marijuana >> there's those who still call it low-level nonviolent dope low-level nonviolent dope. well, for those dingalings, what is this? >> judd said the investigation started with a single anonymous tip to their crime stoppers program. >> this is the criminal histories of the 60 people that we arrested in this operation. they're not new to the system. >> sheriff judd is known for his distinctive presentations, holding up mugshots with colorful comments. >> this guy is only 56 he looks like he's 156 it took us all of an hour to find him you know, he's not houdini as we say in my world, that's
7:33 pm
crazy stuff. >> judd said they have arrest warrants for eight more people and made this promise. >> if you sell your drugs on the app, know one thing. my detectives who are simply the very best in the business, are going to swipe left for meth and then we're going to swipe you up and put you in the county jail >> no response from grindr when looking for a comment. the sheriff said people were using their real faces in the profiles and not a single one was looking for a date shep >> america's sheriff has now been named perry russom, thank you. the fbi is accusing an ex-con of selling a gun to the terrorist who took hostages at a texas synagogue earlier this month. henry williams facing a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm the feds say williams sold the pistol to the hostage taker just two days before the stand-off.
7:34 pm
according to the investigators, williams says malik akram told him he was going to use the gun for intimidation, to collect money from somebody with an outstanding debt in the wake of the texas hostage crisis, jewish communities across america are re-evaluating safety afftheir synagogues and temples. seema modi shows us how some places of worship are ramping up security >> jewish leader across the nation are on high alert >> i have spoken to many of my colleagues they're all going to the drawing board, some in many places thinking about what to do in light of colleyville, texas. >> the attack in texas prompting rabbi philip bazley in new jersey and other jewish leaders to figure out how to ramp up security while also keeping their doors open >> wrestling with this tension of how do we stay safe and secure but also how do we not give up some of the values we hold tear that make us a
7:35 pm
community that is loving, that is supportive, that is opening, that is welcoming. >> panic buttons, lockdown systems, bomb sniffing technology are a few of the updates temples are making not always visible to the eye, but deeply effective in thwarting an attack. >> nobody wants to go to a synagogue or another temple that feels like a prison. the key is to try to use technologies that still allow for a warm, inviting community and at the same time have more than meets the eye >> dr. joshua, a trained intelligence and counterintelligence analyst has been advising religious leaders on how to be better prepared >> it's not necessary to live in fear in this country it's necessary to be prepared. >> as temples review all options, the anti-defamation league and other advocacy groups are pushing washington to increase federal funting for grants used for security >> the issue is finding money. resources. >> a call for more funding, with
7:36 pm
data from the fbi revealing over half of religious based hate crimes in 2020 targeted jews this as more bad actors move online >> since covid started, many zoom bombing incidents happened in synagogues and those zoom bombing incidents often result in nazi imagery flashing across the screen >> for many jewish americans security at temple is normal, but many institutions are offering training alongside law enforcement to better recognize suspicious behavior, strategies to protect themselves from violence contact your local synagogue or county official for more information. shep >> seema modi, thank you police in texas have arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing a houston deputy officers found this guy, 51-year-old oscar rozals yesterday in mexico. they brought him back to the harris county processing center. he's accused of killing a 12-year veteran of the force
7:37 pm
on sunday morning, corporal galloway pulled over a car the driver got out and opened fire hitting corporal galloway again and again. that driver who police believed to be rosales faces a capital murder charge. we have not confirmed whether he has a lawyer police arrested him using the handcuffs of the deputy he's accused of killing a funeral for corporal galloway is scheduled for tuesday a public viewing today for the new york police officer jason rivera the 22-year-old shot and killed in the line of duty. parts of midtown manhattan shut down as the procession made its way to st. patrick's cathedral this is where tomorrow's funeral will be held officer rivera and his partner, will mrt mora, were shot on friday while responding to a call at an apartment in harlem a third officer shot the
7:38 pm
suspect, as he tried to leave that apartment the suspect died on monday from his injuries officer rivera pronounced dead at the hospital on friday. his partner, officer mora, taken off life support four days later. mora's funeral will be held next week and now, the federal court story of the day stormy daniels questioned about seeing and speaking to dead people about x-ray vision, and about a relationship with a haunted doll again, in federal court. and all in the first few minutes of michael avenatti's cross-examination of the former adult film star, his former friend and client. highlights, if you want to call them that, from the fraud trial, next and a bank robber who just won't quit this guy 14 suspected heists in all tonight, what the fbi is asking for catching the one they call the green gator bandit
7:39 pm
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stormy daniels taking the
7:41 pm
stand and testifying against michael avenatti at his fraud trial. the adult film actress and her former lawyer who once stood side by side and sued former president trump now facing off in a federal courtroom avenatti accused of swiping $300,000 that stormy daniels was supposed to get for a book deal and using it on stuff like a ferrari, hotel stays, and pay roll at his law firm stormy daniels told the court avenatti repeatedly lied to her and told her the book publisher hadn't sent money. she alleged avenatti already spent it she testified avenatti was not supposed to get a cut of her book deal and he even promised her that he would never take a penny because she was courageous and earned it and deserved it. avenatti is representing himself. and today, he started to cross-examine stormy daniels but only got ten minutes into the thing before the court adjourned for the day. he told the court he plans to question his former client
7:42 pm
stormy daniels for six hours as avenatti put it, he's completely innocent of the wire fraud and identity theft charges against him. nbc news legal analyst danny cevallos here. pretty unusual to have avenatti defend himself here. >> it said that a lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client i'm not so sure that is the case here yet that remains to be seen. but it appears at least from filings and questions so far that avenatti's theory of the case is that, look, i'm a lawyer i was supposed to get paid she doesn't have any document that says that she wasn't going to give me money from this book advance. so there's reasonable doubt that she was supposed to pay me quick problem with that, though. it went in and out of client trust accounts allegedly, and that is a huge no-no for lawyers. >> right i have to read you this moment from the court transcripts avenatti to daniels, you have also claimed that you have the
7:43 pm
ability to see and speak to dead people haven't you? daniels, yes, i have said that avenatti, and you also claim to have the ability to have xri vision and to be able to look into residences from the outside with your vision, haven't you? >> daniels, that's not x-ray vision then avenatti asks her about a haunting doll. isn't it true, ms. daniels, you have claimed you have the ability to speak to the doll and she speaks back cross to you, yes or no? daniels, yes, she even has her own instagram. danny, what is happening here? >> this is an example of someone going pro se, and criminal defense attorneys will tell you clients will hyperfocus on mun min minutia, and that's what avenatti, an experienced trial attorney, is doing here, at least it appears he thinks he's going to hit her with this major blockbuster that maybe, what, she's a little kooky, but the reality is the government has so much in the way of whatsapp messages,
7:44 pm
emails, all kinds of other documents that he's dpeeg have to make a lot other headway than maybe she's into talking with dead people. he's going to have to confront her over whether or not she agreed to pay him, and then that it went in and out of accounts it never should have been in >> avenatti wants six hours of this tomorrow. the judge, he didn't say yes or no, but he didn't sound like that was okay. >> six hours for a cross-examination of a major witness isn't that crazy and avenatti might have just been leaving himself some cushion, but you're right in that federal courts, they like to move a lot more quickly than state courts like to so don't be surprised if the judge starts playing the oscars wrap it up music and suggesting not so gently that it's time to move on and close it down for avenatti >> were you representing stormy daniels, how would you approach it >> if i were representing stormy daniels in this case, you know, she is really just a witness
7:45 pm
she seems to have been prepared at least so far, but if i were michael avenatti and representing myself, i would probably just make a call to lawyers and not represent myself >> wow danny suincevallos, thank you. >> the fbi is trying to catch a serial bank robber tonight, they're asking for the public's help. the bureau calls him the green gator bandit, after a green nick gator that some people pull up and pretend it a mask but isn't. investigators believe this man has attempted at least 14 bank robbirys in the past three months from torance to huntingten beach, holding up some banks twice the most recent attempt was just last week. the fbi says the guy has a bunch of gators in a lot of colors but it appears to them thefavore he's a white guy between 50 and 60 years old and about 6 feet tall they just described me, but i
7:46 pm
have never owned a green gator or any gator the real green gator bandit typically demands cash from the bank tellers and leaves on foot. the fbi says anybody with information about the green gator bandit should contact law enforcement. team usa on its way to china right now for the olympics in beijing. about 100 athletes took off on a charter flight from l.a.x. this morning. u.s. olympians don't usually travel as a team, but it's weird times. organizers say this charter makes things a little easier with covid and the travel restrictions and all the rest. another 100 or so american athletes schedule today fly to beijing on separate flights. today, u.s. olympians reflected on the challenges of preparing for these games. >> it's been hard this year for sure we have been just being super cautious wearing masks everywhere, staying in our bubble. >> it's definitely been unique and different. you know, a team sport, you really need to have those interactions with 1 another, but
7:47 pm
we have risen to the occasion. >> hard to hear, but we love them all the winter olympics opening ceremony a week from tomorrow. you can watch starting february 3rd on the networks of nbc universal and streaming on peacock, free as a bird. >> ben roethlisberger officially is retiring from the nfl he tweeted a video saying he's calling it quits after 18 s seasons at the quarterback of the steelers >> the time has come to clean out my locker, hang up my cleats, and be all i can be to my wife and children i retire from football a truly grateful man >> this is a two-time super bowl champion who racked up the fifth most passing yards in league history, and he's never had a losing season. statistically speaking, many analysts say the 39-year-old deserves a spot in the nfl hall of fame. but of course, roethlisberger's career has been clouded by two separate accusations of sexual assault. one in 2009, another a year
7:48 pm
later. roethlisberger was never charged with a crime, but the league still suspended him for the first four games of the 2010 season ben roethlisberger has denied both accusations nasa has a lot of plans for space travel, but not a lot of people to get there. turns out there's a shortage not of space but of astronauts at least astronautswho know what they're doing >> and the golden arches has a new idea up its cheese covered sleeve, and mcdonald's can't say i'm loving it. is trending. just ask stepping outside his comfort zone dan... okay, i don't- i don't know where the hole for this is. ...or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... you just made me miss her best line, so now i'm going to have to start it again ...even insisted he didn't need directions dan. okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. that said, do you know where i am? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle.
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an out of control spacex rockets is about to slam right into the moon. in 2015, the spacex falcon 9 rocket launched flawlessly its mission, bring the deep space climate observatory into space. the satellite is still out there orbiting about a million miles from earth, but then there was a problem. the rocket didn't have enough fuel to make it back to earth, so for the past few years, it's been like floating and following what the meteorologists call a chaotic orbit. scientists say it's likely the rocket will crash into the moon on march 4th that would make it the first accidental impact of a sparkt that we know of into the moon. objects hit the moon all the time, though the craters, they have craters that's what they're from scientists say there's no need for concern but it is a reminder that space junk is a growing
7:52 pm
problem. another problem for space exploration, a potential shortage of astronauts according to a recent report from nasa's inspector general, the current corps numbers just 44 people, down from a peak of 150 in the year 2000 could this slow new missions to the moon and beyond? here's cnbc's morgan brennan >> step off the land now >> many factors must come together for america to return to the moon. a rocket, a crew capsule, a lunar lander, and the team but nasa's internal watchdog warns the agency may not have enough people. the concern, the corps could fall below the minimum manifest requirement needed to adequately support international space station and artemis missions to the moon a shortage that could manifest as soon as this year but retired astronaut chris hatfield who flew on two space shuttle missions and served as iss commander says this may be par for the course >> we're talking like a
7:53 pm
five-year lead time, a five-year crystal ball that the program manager has to try to sort out and get the right number of people for that. and it's been a problem since the very first mercury 7 in 1959 how many astronauts do we need, what skills do they have, and what vehicles will they be flying >> nasa concurs with the report's recommendations saying we have a sufficient number of astronauts to achieve our missions and ten new astronaut candidates who have begun training this year, noting it plans to as soon as the spring assign the artemis 2 crew that will fly around the moon in 2024 and there is no lack of interest w w >> in 2013, they had over 6,000 people apply for eight positions. in 2017, they had 18,000 people apply for 12 positions and in 2021, the brand-new class, they had 12,000 people apply for ten positions. >> the skill sets are evolving
7:54 pm
as well. as retired astronaut scott altman who has flown to space on board the shuttle four times including twice as mission commander points out >> there's always a place for test ulpilots and people with a military background who understand how to do operations but we also have a bigger need than ever for things like geologists, we have had veterinarians in space, doctors in space, obviously scientists and engineers. but the range of backgrounds that we'll need to do great things, permanent base on the moon, setting the stage for taking people to mars, is just much wider than what it was when i was there. >> morgan says much hinges on money, though. the experts say if nasa is fully funded, the u.s. has realistic although an ambitious shot of putting boots back on the moon in 2025. >> jeopardy's second longest streak snapped last night when the champ amy schneider was defeated after 40 games. the brady engineering manager fell short to a rival librarian,
7:55 pm
but not before netting more than a million dollars in jeopardy winnings joe fryer now on her groundbreaking run >> you are our new jeopardy champion >> overnight, a historic jeopardy winning streak snapped. amy schneider's 40-game run ending in dramatic fashion >> thank you for the two months you spent with us. it was very special. it was remarkable. >> the engineering manager who earned more than $1.3 million notched the second most wins ever behind champ ken jennings, one of the current hosts of the show she was narrowly defeated by a librarian in a thrilling finish. >> a lot hinges on this category we're going to be dealing with countries of the world >> with schneider leading by $10,000 entering final jeopardy, win 41 was anything but guaranteed last clue stumped schneider, but not tals ma who entered
7:56 pm
correctly for the monumental victory. >> schneider, the show's highest earning female competitor ever, and first transgender contestant to qualify for the tournament of champions recently told abc news -- >> you know, i think that the best part for me has been being on tv, you know, as my true self, expressing myself and representing the entire community of trans people. >> for the news, i'm joe fryer ♪ mcdonald's is our kind of place ♪ >> such a happy place. that's the mcdonald's jingle of my childhood they had it right. mcdonald's was my kind of place. it was such a happy place. i loved it we had to drive 45 minutes to get to the closest one, usually on the way to the orthodontist, but i digress. i still love mcdonald's, but i'm mad at them now. they're doing another one of their stunts to get on the news. you're welcome but this time, they're telling
7:57 pm
us they're hacking their menu. like combining things. a mcmuffin with a hash brown in there. or what they call a crunchy double, which is like a double cheeseburger with mcnuggets stuck inside these are actual menu items starting next month. they're okay, i guess, because you do you, but the other two? hard pass. surf and turf. a double cheeseburger with a fillet of fish patty also. no or get this, the land, sea, and air. it's a big mac and a chicken patty and a fish patty who does this? and here's the most ridiculous, the most ridiculous part of all, they want to sell us the separate things with the patties and the bread and the special sauce or whatever, and we have to put it together ourselves literally, they have like run out of people to work there, and they want us to do it and do it completely wrong, and be happy about it land, sea, and air
7:58 pm
mcdonald's, stop it. stop it right now. 70 second left on a race to the finish president biden says he will fulfill his campaign promise and nominate a black woman to be the supreme court and fill justice breyer's seat when he retires. >> the white house says president biden warned the leader of ukraine in a phone call today that there's a distinct possibility that russia could invade next month. russia continued to amass troops near ukraine's border but denies plans for an attack. >> now, you know the news of mcdonald's on this thursday, january 27th, literal menu items, land, sea, and air. you're not fooling anybody i do love that mcrib come on, now it can all add up. kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection...
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