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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  April 19, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to try but the one i will focus on is $30 billion in ad sales they reported in 2021, better than youtube generates amazon doesn't face the same privacy scrutiny as google. we'll see if they drop any bread crumps where they expect it to go. >> appreciate it that does it for overtime. fast starts now. live from the nasdaq marketsite in time square, this is "fast money". i'm melissa lee tonight's trader lineup guy adami, karen finerman, steve grasso, and pete najarian, co-foudner of ma right now jaw-dropping drop for netflix, losing subscribers for the first time in more than ten years. we're all over the report in the ripple effect, this after-hour shock on a day the market bucking all of the headwinds,
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rising rates and surging dollar and uber hawkish fed, we break it down next and twitter dropping on chatter and number of firms giving elon the inl financial cold shoulder meanwhile, netflix down 25%, streaming giant losing 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter and forecasting even more losses this quarter let's go inside the numbers now with our own julia boorstin, julia? >> that's right, melissa, we're seeing the netflix shares down 25% on a massive subscriber supply the company did lose 200,000 subscribers instead of adding 2.7 million which is what analysts projected they did note 700,000 were lost because the company stopped operations in russia and the company guided 2 million subs in the second instead of the guided
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2.6 million what analysis anticipated. the company cited competition, sluggish economic growth, inflation and password sharing, saying in addition to 220 million paying households being shared with over 100 million additional households including 30 million in canada they're working on those who are not paying and they're working to improve the quality of programming as well as recommendations. we're seeing other streamers falling, roku down 6.5%. disney down 5% paramount off 5% warner brothers discovery off more than 3% as we see the netflix shares pumping. >> and management speaks to the investment community at 6:00 a lot to digest, thanks for the round up, julia boorstin guy adami, a jaw-dropping drop
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for netflix. what do you make of this quarter? >> you see my jaw dropping, mel, i was trying to method-act there, the stan slos k i method. it's a disaster. no other way to put it there are some silver linings, last night i don't think any of us thought it would go down 20% but cautious going in, missed 13 of last 15, make it 14 of the last 16 now, but something weird happened on the way to the forum, as they say, this stock net traded 260 go back to december 2018 and fall 2019. this is where we bottomed both times. when netflix was a growth stock nobody cared about valuation and then it fell into no-man's land it wasn't growth any more, clearly wasn't value, guess what, despite obviously user growth which is wayning to say the least, you're going to hear people start talking about
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netflix as a value stock this stock will trade north of 80 million shares tomorrow, ten times the normal volume, i know i will be added on twitter around 260 level for a trade. >> hold on this is a value stock, where it is priced right here a value stock we're losing subscribers and will continue to lose subscribers in the current quarter and it is a value stock should be valued at 31 forward pe >> coming down mel. >> karen, is a value stock here? is going to come down enough for what it's posting? >> well, we'll see i mean, so, it's not just subscribers, right it's also revenue. and we know that they have priegs power pricing power and we also know they have this lever of shared passwords which is pretty meaningful with a lot of potential revenue which gets you to free cash flow growth,
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which gets you a better valuation. i agree with guy on that front this has never had a pe in front, you know, it's going to be a two handle. i don't know where it's going to open tomorrow. but i do think, just, you know, this is a shock. so at the moment before we hear anything on the call, i think it's more expensive where it cite here then it was you yesterday on this news. however i do think that you are -- look, i had my toe in the water going in, i am now minus one toe. but i'm intrigued here because i think you're going to see a three-day -- you know, this is a three-day rule one, do not buy this until day three you will see puke out, people who were here only for growth and now it's not there, they have to get out or want to get out, whatever it is. so i'm sort of intrigued if you listen to bill nygrin longer-term thinker how he views it on a lifetime subscription basis.
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i think we're now in a different phase. it was wide-open territory before and they were clearly the first mover and have the biggest share and now the field is starting to come into view a little bit more. there's a lot more competitors i think ultimately they will be the winner here. it's certainly not a surprise that all of the competitors are trading down, the disneys, paramounts, so on, that should happen but i think at the end of the day, it will be netflix, you know, i'm hoping it gets really puked out. i'm curious to see what bill ac ackman does. he doesn't need to file 13f until much later but i'd be interested to hear if he is buying or not. and i think we'll have a chance to get it at a good price. >> how much pricing power does this company have after having initiated a price increase not long ago, grasso, in an
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environment inflation is taking hold we had a study saying uk households are cutting the cord on netflix because of inflation. i'm just wondering where you think you growth will come from, besides the pricing increase even if they can convert those households that share a password, let's say they get 75% of those households, is going to be enough? to make it a growth stock again? >> i don't know how they would get those households i don't know what i.t. they'd put in place to put in households that share passwords but i think we used to do a segment on value trade or value trap am i hallucinating, we did have a segment on that did we not >> you're dreaming no, we had a segment on it, for real. >> we did, okay. so i see exactly what guy is talking about. i also see the level of 260. problem is, if i look at my screen, i see a level of 241
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back when he started his conversation in 2018 on net flex that to me is your ultimate three-day rule when karen brought up as well the reason is ran into the pandemic and during the pandemic is they were way ahead of everybody else they're not any more this actually should be a buying opportunity for disney because disney has many more levers to pull besides just streaming. problem is, disney has got itself into a war in florida so all of these become sells. this one, i think, going much lower, not a value trade as of yet. >> 2018 is an interesting date you guys mentioned in terms of the stock level because in the shareholder level netflix does say the streaming competition has really heated up in the past few years and that's around that time frame so if you look back to them things are different in
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terms of the back drop for growth for netflix where it is today do you think is an attractive opportunity. >> i think it does look attractive but i agree with the panel, you have to wait a few days to see how the dust settles down i don't think you'll miss a lot, mel. if you are bullish and think there is going to be movement that could go to the upside, i don't think it will absolutely explode just because it dropped 25% today. i will say i was one of those who thought they had pricing power, they have proven to us now not only do they not have the pricing power but the other issue is they've got to figure it out whether it's some sort of algorithmic thing or whatever it is, but they've got to figure it out as a company, they've talked about it a long time but haven't moved on it. there's a hundred million folks out there that is the estimate that are sharing
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so that is a huge number we're not talking about couple million we're talking about 100 million. if that is a realistic number or even close to that, that says a lot right there, it also tells us there's people out there who love the product and want to be part of it but are getting it at a huge discount and that's one of the biggest issues they face right now. the fact they tried the pricing power, it worked for a while, it looks like it's not working. why? the competition is fierce. it's not just one or two other, it's across the board everywhere where you are competing, it's something netflix didn't have to worry about for a long time. now they do. >> you got to wonder if the 100 million households if they would actually pay for netflix as opposed to getting it at a huge discount which is free right now, basically guy. i mean, the overtime show had a poll, how many plan to cut your netflix in the next 12 months, it was 61% said yes.
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granted it's a poll, whatever. but it's interesting that it was the majority that people are reconsidering what they have there's a lot of streaming service -- >> wait wait wait. >> okay, go, karen. >> i have a question. >> yes. >> is that would you cut a streaming service or would you cut netflix. >> a streaming service, i thought it said. >> oh, was it a streaming service, okay. maybe they'll cull hulu. i don't know [ laughter ] maybe they'll cut something else but people are looking at what they're paying for, and in light of the reopen trade, karen, you're hopped up on, you may go to a concert instead of staying home streaming bridgerton >> you keep bringing up bridgerton is there some reason. >> i watched it recently bridgerton on the brain. >> right the number of hours, millions of hours, 600, 700 plus millions of
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hours of bridgerton, that is kind of extraordinary. if shonda rhimes were a stock it would be through the roof. yeah, i do believe the re-open trade. i think in the letter they talked about trying to latin america to address this issue of household sharing. i don't know how they're doing it i don't know if we've seen the response, but to pete's point, 100 million is a gigantic number i he mean, imagine if they could capture a quarter of that. that would be -- that would be very big for them. >> yeah. let's bring in media mogul and cnbc contributcontributor, tom , executive chair of game media always great to speak with you. >> great to be with you, thanks melissa. >> netflix plan to accelerate revenue growth by continuing to
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grow all aspects also growing can they do this. >> first, in terms of the people disconnecting streaming service in the next 12 months. people are disconnecting streaming services all the time. the monthly churn on apple tv is 10%. the monthly churn on hbo max is 7% that's monthly think of that in a year. so there's something new about many people disconnecting some streaming service over the course of a year second thing i'd say is, as much as people are focused on streaming subscription services in a period of inflation and tightening pocket books, the real beneficiary of inflation, i think, is going to be netflix, why do i say that, because where people will cut back is their $100 cable or satellite package is going to go and the legacy media companies are making it a whole lot easier for people to get rid of those when they move things like "dancing with the
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stars" over to disney plus you can save a lot of money getting rid of that hundred dollars and picking up few streaming services and i think net flex will be a direct beneficiary of that and the legacy conditions will take a hit there. so i think the question with netflix is really this, it's obvious the bear case is dominating in the market now that netflix lost subs and the question is whether growth has slowed or its ultimate ability to get where people thought it could get as a several hundred million streaming service is still? still in fact of tact bu still in tact but will still get there. there's little here to suggest to me the preponderance of pay tv homes around the world of
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which there are 4 to 500 million, outside of russia and china, up for grabs for netflix or the 600 million broadband homers that are not mobile-only homes, aren't up for grabs so clearly growth is slow, it will take longer to get there but long term ark is streaming linear demise benefits netflix and end of the day they'll be much more valuable company than the market is suggesting right now. >> so tom, you've had extremely pressing calls over your whole career i agree with you that netflix should be the beneficiary of this, what levers can they pull now? do you think they go to a two-tier system where they have ads what can they do immediately on their behalf, not just the trend. >> a lot of people are pushing
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ads out. a lot of analysts on cnbc begged them to come up with an ad, i don't think they will go there quickly and the only really valuable in terms of that direction is u.s. and europe and in the u.s. at 84% penetration of pay tv subs, i don't think there's really that much upside from ad supported tier unless they really began to see churn. they have enviable churn it's the lowest in the industry. if they really see pricing driving an issue for them then i think they could consider a lower priced ad service. europe they're actually doing quite well and thing people should focus on in terms of europe and pricing and whether or not netflix has pricing 30ur. power. in the u.s. average cable bill
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is $100 and europe close to 26 dlrs and the comparison suggests the same number of subs in europe for netflix as in the u.s., some 75 million subs, they're doing extraordinarily well to price it that close to what people are pay forge their paid tv package. i'm not convinced they've demonstrated they don't have pricing power. they always face resistance when they do it but netting out f x effects over the course of this quarter their revenue per sub was up nicely in every region and i think that actually bodes well for their pricing and more importantly, when it comes to competition, their viewing audience even with the peacocks and paramounts and hulus lower distributed and therefore making greater sub-gains the amount of watched minutes on netflix has actually
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grown comparatively. that to me suggests that the competitive onslaught that people are talking about is really not all that meaningful relative to netflix subscribers. >> tom, it's always great to get your perspective thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. >> tom rogers, engine media. how do we trade this, aside, guy, from waiting a couple days to see how it shakes out what do you think is the range we'll see here >> woell, we've all spoke about the three-day role in place for years, without question. my point is this, i think tomorrow you'll see a huge volume day, anywhere from 10 to 12 times normal volume maybe you will see 250 print but i think it will close north of 260. for me that's good enough to say we traded down to the lows, again, december 2018, fall 2019, we held, this is an opportunity
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to look for a bounce if you start to look at the numbers this is about as cheap as the stock has ever been >> right we've got a lot more on netflix coming up later this hour, will be all over the news and keep you updated and believe it or not there's other news, ibm shares soaring shares soaring more "fast money" after this♪ nice suits, you guys blend right in. the world needs you back. i'm retired greg, you know this.
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welcome back to "fast money" we've got an earnings alert on ibm shares jumping after beating the top and bottom lines now seema with the details. >> the growing footprint of the cloud is a big topic of discussion hybrid cloud revenue reached $21 billion in the quarter, up 17% year-over-year cfo jim cavanaugh telling me acquisition remain key priority and they've acquired 18 companies since january 2021, $4 billion, and another three in the first quarter and can expect
5:23 pm
more on that front revenue and software makes up 40% of its revenue up double digits sequentially and year-over-year, given two-thirds of the business that come from non-u.s. dollars, currency headwinds remain a challenge and will be addressed on the call that's underway. the stock is down but has outperformed the s&p and nasdaq thus far as well as other tech heavy weights, meta and microsoft, analysts say in part due to 5.1% dividend morgan stanley calling it a good place to hide amid macro uncertainty and will have to take into account its growing share in the cloud business. shares up about 2% in extended trade. >> seema thank you guy, time for ibm to show progress in the turn around story.
5:24 pm
>> yeah. >> cloud growth, looks good in a down growth since 2013. good news stopped making lower lows a while ago. bad news, you still have sell rating eps it's hard you can't knock it on valuation. i don't think you're going to get killed here. the stock is able to close above 138 aways away, you might get a break out. i think it's a fine quarter. don't think there's anything to hate not a lot to love either other than the cloud growth. got to close above 138 in my opinion. >> is a read through for the cloud sub sector which has been clobbered this year. the cloud etf is down, what, 19% year-to-date is this a good thing or bad thing, pete? >> well, i think, that's a really good question when you look what they did with the cloud, hybrid cloud up 17% or
5:25 pm
cloud itself up 14%, mel, those are decent numbers, i'm pretty impressed. i think why they are pushed against other cloud companies those were a lot of names with extremely high pe's or no pe at all type of names in that category outside of microsoft and some others, it's an interesting or odd comparison to be honest with you because it lines up more when you look at the cloud side of companies you like amazon, microsoft, those kind of names. with the five percent dividend yield selling calls against it is why i'm in this stock it doesn't do a lot. it's not sexy. not everybody wants to talk about it a stock holding its own in the tech industry right now, i think this is a great buy right
5:26 pm
strategy stock selling against that stock position is a great method to enhance not only the 5% but turn that 5% maybe into 15% at the end of year. >> all right we're just getting started here on "fast money". here's what's coming up next. >> interest rate yields climbing to multi-year highs. is the danger zone for stocks? we're finding out. plus tesla earnings on deck. options traders plugging in for the big report details ahead. you're watching "fast money" financial advice from memes. [baby spits out milk] i'll get my onesies®. ♪ “baby one more time” by britney spears ♪ e*trade now from morgan stanley. in time square
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welcome back to "fast money" we are continuing to monitor netflix in the after-hours session, shares continuing to slide, we're down about 26% in the after-hours session. the company has lost about $40 billion in market cap. this after posting a subscriber loss for the first time in more than a decade. the conference call kicks off in just about half hour's time. karen, what do you want to the hear from the company to convince you that it is going to resume its growth path >> women, to me, i d . >> well, to me, i do want to hear about the issue about passwords, that's such a gigantic pool of untapped potential. you know, tom brought up a good point how they're actually gaining share. i want to hear about that. and how they view the competitive market play. they've always talked about competitors but now they're really nipping at their heels and want to hear how big a
5:30 pm
threat they think is and other threats as well we haven't discussed yet. >> the notion that its competition is just the streaming plays is maybe too narrow of a thought. tom had mentioned the real loser will be linear tv. cable services, people will look at the $100 cable bill and think that's what i'm going to cut, not the streaming service. guy, in terms of the range, if you bought it to 60 hi year level then what? >> yeah, i think it's trading 257 last night again, this is all predicated what i think will happen tomorrow but i think you're looking for a 15 to 18% bounce of 260 and that wouldn't be unreasonable in the environment we find ourselves in i think you'll flush a lot of people out tomorrow. volume is capitulation you will see it tomorrow and buy it for a trade. >> steve grasso, is there any reason why you would say don't wait for the three-day rule?
5:31 pm
>> i'm sure i haven't waited for the three-day rule in my history of trading, this one, i think you have to wait forty-three-day rule the risk is too violent. but to guy's point, the only time that i would risk the not waiting for the three-day rule is when it's at such an important level on the chart and it is, 260 is. but it can go lower. >> okay. we'll continue to monitor netflix here we're down 26% right now markets in rally mode today during the regular session nasdaq jumping more than 2%. major markets all putting in their best day in a month. big question, why? why? look at the headwinds in play. yields continuing to rise. 30-year treasury topping 3% for the first time in three years. the dollar hitting a two-decade high against the yen
5:32 pm
and of course the fed saying 75-basis point rate hike is not off the table. this is not usually a recipe for rally but we seen strength across the board from big cap tech, to home builders, banks, almost everything was up so pete, what did you make of this move today? >> yeah i thought it was pretty interesting, mel i really didn't expect it. in the pre-markets were relatively flat and soon as we got into the training day everything took off and continued to close virtually at the highs of the day consumer discretion was interesting, areas like in the nasdaq have been beaten up and they have been, but days like today, exhaustion of selling seem to be part of it. people going through the earnings, generally, not talking about netflix but earnings looking better than most expected as we started into the earnings season. so a lot of different reasons
5:33 pm
why. plus a little bit of relief in areas we were seeing them go up every day, whether crude, gold, silver, wherever you want the to look, we saw a little bit of the pull back there. so it was a lot of strength out of big names carrying the market look at tesla, look at amazon, so many big names a and big market cap names moving and giving the market a really nice lift. >> for all of the talk of bigger rate hikes however you characterize it, guy, with yields going higher. maybe the silver lining is the market is actually working through that notion. so maybe we are through peak rate-hike talk? >> yeah, i understand that and i saw marco on the ot with cq, and he spoke to that exact point. i don't think we are though. i think there's still growing pangs associated with it and doesn't rectify itself in a week or month i think it takes months if not longer again, i happen to think today
5:34 pm
was predicated on the fact that tax law selling is out of the rearview mirror, tax day being yesterday. those type of things pete mentioned over sold condition. i will buy that as well. i just think it's another one of those violent moves in a market that's heading lower >> karen, you would think house wag be dead now. the final nail would be in the coffin with rates this high with the average 30-year fix above 5% or so. but it's not. >> right that's not what we saw from the data i don't know how much of a lag there is but some of the permanent numbers were really good the housing trade has been hit really hard and maybe people think wow maybe it's over done because this say very different supply/demand dynamic than in 2008 we are still underhoused by quite a bit. i think that was part of it. i think there's residual excitement of the reopening
5:35 pm
trade gaining steam with the mask mandate lifted for airlines and we were down a lot maybe just the sellers got exhausted. we're only back to where we were middle of last week, maybe, but it just feels like a lot but the net change hasn't been that much. >> yeah. coming up, we are counting down the tesla earnings as ev-maker gears up to report tomorrow and options traders are plugged in and ready, we'll tell you how they play the name next. another rising level which names can akshe off the surge, traders have their picks. "fast money" back after this
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welcome back to "fast money" check out twitter dropping nearly 5% today after reports suggests musk's take over bid isn't drawing interest from potential backers, black stone and bookfield declining to support the bid according to the financial times. karen, you pointed out the irony the richest man nobody knows if his fund something for real. >> right i mean, it's not that i don't think elon is for real, himself,
5:39 pm
you know, we've seen him do extraordinary things, spacex, tesla, we can go on but the idea that the world's richest man has his bid treated like this, which means trading $8 under, that's -- that tells you people doubt whether he's real. i got a lot of ats oh, come on he is for real we don't know that we'll see. tomorrow is 4/20 right. anything can happen. i think that if he wants to show us he's real he can do that. he should launch a tender offer even though he knows he won't be able to close on it. but it would show that he's got the money. >> yeah, what do you think it means, grasso, for some of the other social media companies is a good thing, bad thing or does it not matter >> it was a good thing that elon musk was interested in twitter it's a bad thing that it's sort of falling apart at the seams here, to karen's point so i think they're all looking for a white night bid to come in
5:40 pm
here to have a competitive bid but with twitter talking about poison pills it makes it more difficult for that follow-on bid to actually take place that coupled with price targets in the name are substantially lower than where twitter is trading right now all are very negative for twitter and the social media space presently as long as elon musk doesn't ride in, then all of these are going much lower >> all right, all this action comes as we get ready for tesla's quarterly results due out tomorrow, ev maker getting nice bounce today ahead of the report and options traders with a ton of action, mike khouw >> they're always making noise for tesla always busy stock. fourth busiest today right now implying move of 6% by
5:41 pm
end the week larger than 4.1% in last eight quarters but less than 11.5% one-day move last quarter. most active are the 1050 strike calls seeing trade of $20 a contract buyers of those calls are risking under 2% of the current stock price to make a bullish bet that the stock will be up 4.3% by the end of the week. >> thanks mike khouw for the action there if elon musk does make a offer for twitter and angling for the social media company, is that bad for tesla shareholders or does it not matter? >> i don't know that it matters necessarily, mel it shows the competence he has probably even going into the tesla earnings obviously we're going to find out a lot about that tomorrow. there was some huge buying even last week. and today, monstrous paper
5:42 pm
29,000 of 1050 calls expire friday they were starting to buy those calls last week. gives an idea somebody out there is sniffing out that maybe tesla is in for a solid quarter. when they were buying those 1050s the stock were underneath a thousand and gives perspective where people were, what they think. i think the people are starting to understand in that live ted talk he had the other day, it was very interesting to listen to a lot of what elon musk had to say i never look past what this guy's capable of do, twitter, tesla, this guy doesn't need to sleep. he sleeps less than jim cramer probably is the way i would frame it. >> that's not a lot. for more options action tune in to the full show friday 5:30 >> coming up dollars to doughnuts, the names most likely to crush it as the dollar keeping climbing, traders give their picks next april is financial literacy
5:43 pm
month, here's more how financial education can protect you from inflation. >> financial literacy means to me safety, security, enjoy bement -- enjoyment. it's very important for people to feel in control of their environment and they're able to pay their bills and can you get there with steep knowledge and being financially literate
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from dreamworks animation who brought you shrek and kung fu panda. show the world you're more than just a scary stereotype. is an action-packed animated adventure. every will love. is it true sharks can smell blood a mile away? shark! no, that's freaky. welcome back to "fast money" the u.s. dollar continuing its march forward with the dixie hitting its highest level since march 2020 the move even notable against the yen where the green back was at a two-decade high so what's this move mean for the markets? in particular corporate earnings, guy? >> i don't think it's particularly good. president trump in my lifetime at least that was honest about a u.s. dollar being strong being a headwind for many multinationals he's right
5:47 pm
most administration wouldn't own up to it he did with that said each passing day the dollar goes higher created more headwind for multi nationals an the market in gebl general. a stronger dollar as counter intuitive as it may be is not good for the markets in my opinion. >> not good for corporate earnings either. grasso, what's your take, which companies can either whether this rise in the dollar best or maybe fall victim to this rise in the dollar. >> i'll be brief i think the utility space they have a predictable demand and with them predictable earnings as well. no one likes the lights going off in your house once you have lights in your house so whether it's the yield play or whether it's the predictability nature of it, those things are usually bought going into recession or during a rising rate environment and then the old stand byes, dollar gen,
5:48 pm
dollar tree, both names have a history of splitting stocks, both those names have been outperforming, both those names have skyrocketed in stock price, could you imagine where they would be if they announced stock split in either name, higher. >> karen, the other way to look at it is where do you get your sales? >> right. >> if it's overseas it might be a big headwind for you. >> of course, right, because you repatriate that money and get fewer dollars for whenever foreign currency you're repatriating, for for me, it would be mcdonald's with more than half the business outside the u.s. so they'd be the victim, if that's what we're playing, victim or beneficiary sometimes the market just looks through fs hits or benefits, and sometimes not. i don't know why that is we'll see as these fx changes
5:49 pm
come in. >> yeah. coming up what does netflix post-earnings move it have to do with kroger, devin energy and 'l wel tell saw, more (heartbeats) introducing icy hot pro. money" returns so you'll never sit this one out. new icy hot pro with 2 max-strength pain relievers.
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welcome back let's get another check on shares of netflix. the company has lost $40 billion in market cap in the after-hours session. that's about the size of one hp, one kroger, or one devin energy. that's a lot netflix conference call kicks off in a few minutes our next guest says these numbers are alarming, let's bring in jared weis feld with us >> good to be here. >> is your take this is on a path or on the other side of the growth trajectory. >> we're clearly in the camp of transitioning from growth to potential value looking at subscriber loss is alarming forecast of negative 2 million
5:53 pm
into june. couple things in perspective consensus at 5 million positive subscribers across two quarters cumulatively versus negative 2.2 million just reported so we're at the point of market saturation and more concerning within the first three sentences of the shareholder letter talking about increasing impact on the business. -- increasing competition impacting the business >> i think one point previous guests have made on the show is maybe we're looking at competition too narrowly maybe the competition is cable tv maybe linear tv is the loser in this whole thing and what push comes to shove people would choose netflix over a cable so maybe the competition isn't as stark as we all think. what are your thoughts on that sort of bullish take on things. >> i think that's overly optimistic if you look at the shareholder letter they talk about competing with amazon for the last 15
5:54 pm
years and specifically now talk about new streaming services and should be. apple just won a -- best motion picture at the oscars, even before amazon launching "lord of the rings" back half of the year so you have fierce competition to heavily subsidize the budgets and need to be appropriately in netflix valuation. >> they still have the secret weapon in the form of reid hastings one of the great ceos, i think, of my lifetime. is he able to pull another rabbit out of his hat, jared >> so there's a couple things they can pursue. all is not lost. i think there has to be a real conversation whether or not they can introduce advertise-supported tier, can they help increase the top of the funnel and accelerate the subscriber growth to bring them on pre-supported tier and eventually into a paid subscription offering is
5:55 pm
definitely possible. another thing to keep in mind. they've made a big push on gaming and can they leverage the gaming portfolio and think of others they can attack a agree you never want to count reid hastings out. he's one of the greatest of all time but it's a tough near-term for netflix as they face an increase in competition. >> thanks for phoning in, always good to hear from you. jared weisfed. feld. pete do you think gaming, ad-supported tier could help. >> that makes sense. i know hastings percolating that ad i know hastings is pushing for that a d, and i think he's one of the greats but i think he's going to have to move on that. >> karen, would you look ic to hear that from reid tonight? >> i guess so but i think the
5:56 pm
market reaction will make up -- the valuation change which is gigantic, is making up for a lot of the disappointment and miss. >> it went from 31 during the session today to 33. sub 24 sub forward pe. that conference call will start in 10 will start in 10 five minutes making sure everything is safe. secure. consistent. so log in from here. or here. assured that someone is here and i mean nobody... makes hybrid work, work better. we now find that 85% of individual in up next "final trades" are interested in sustainable investing. among millennials, the interest is even stronger. ♪♪
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welcome back united airlines out with earnings tomorrow after the bell we'll be joined by ceo scott kirby don't miss that first on interview right here on "fast money" time for "final trades". let's go around the horn steve grasso >> i'm going to go with what i said before, pricing power, rising rate environment, go with utility, so, southern company. >> pete najarian >> i'm gonna go with tesla mike, i think, was right from "options action", and i think the call buying it speaks for itself >> karen finerman? >> yeah, tomorrow we're going to see analysts just rushing for the exits as they slash growth and slash multiples on netflix and i am going to do my very, very best to try to buy nothing
6:00 pm
tomorrow and wait. >> guy adami >> you're fired up for playoff hockey, mel? >> 100. >> i know i am yeah, 100. heavy machinery, i know pete knows, caterpillar too cheap into earnings. >> thank you for watching "fast ney" see you again tomorrow at 5:00 for more fast. my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people make friends. i'm just trying to make you a little money my job is not just to entertain, but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. we should have bee


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