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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  April 28, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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not bad, kandi not bad, kandi >> that's the second you hear that sound? >> i hear that sound we're on to the second choice. >> the pick is in. now on the clock is former macy's ceo terry lundgren. you are so thrilled you're with us today, terry. is it going to be macy's i think they're on the list or do you go it another direction terry, what do you have today? >> my first pick is retail, but it's pet retail. i'm going with chewy >> oh, geez! >> what does that say about macy's >> hear me out hear me out. >> i'm listening. >> the pet industry had an amazing year, right? they had an amazing year people bought more pets than ever before during the pandemic. they were clearly one of the winners. those pets are going to need food those pets are going to need supplies and i think chewy will be all over that stuff, and i also think that people will spend more money on dogs and cats and their pets than they are on themselves. so i think this will be a winner
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and i'm excited about my first draft pick >> chewy, jim. >> it is a very good execution for them and it's been very poor we, too, started chewy with our two mutts, okay? and we rapidly pivoted melissa, we rapidly pivoted when we got ragu, all right and we got marley and we went back to amazon and we were happy customers. >> what does this tell you, if you're a macy's shareholder that terry lundgren did not pick macy's >> i think that jeff gwinnett. macy's was on your list. >> but not terry's very tough act to follow, but i got my first credit card at macy's and i'm partial to it >> palo alto off the board chewy off the board and there's that sound again, kelly. >> on the clock now, and next up here with our picks, delanno
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sapporo and a track record delano, say it's a good year for the retail investor and what will you do for the upcoming year to say the pros, we're getting back in the game >> i'mgoing to go with amazon, kelly. i like what they were mentioning about it before with the retail business i think consumes are will be spending more. the cloud business has been growing very well and they've raised membership prize and i think that's another potential tailwind and i'm going with amazon >> amazon is delano's pick that's been a flattish stock >> yeah, but i really like this and it's one of the largest positions in my charitable trust. i have to tell you, betting against amazon is not over the long term, and i kind of like that he's catching it low and that's where the game theory comes in ahead of the quarter. so what are you thinking the
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quarter says a good one, then otherwise he's in the hole because it's at the close. there's an andrew ross sorkin. >> yeah. >> jassy was terrific. it happened to be the same day that there was turmoil on twitter, and if you listen to jassy and if you parsed his words you would say this guy has more game than you would ever believe and the only thing about him that i don't like is he is such a tie hard giant fan that i think he did not pick philadelphia for the hub because it would have been saying, listen, i like the eagles more than the giants and that's the only thing i don't like about jassy. everything else i love. >> it is very telling that you chose amazon and not chewy because you pivoted to amazon with the new dogs. >> chewy is great, but amazon's price. >> can't beat them pep >> no. the bell rang. >> the bell just rang and we're going to go now to the st.
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peters team who made such a historic run in the ncaa playoffs welcome. your pick is -- >> microsoft >> microsoft explain why. >> they always are incredibly competitive and they spend an incredible amount of money on rnd and we think they have a great outlook for the future >> all right there you go >> jim, what do you think there of microsoft >> there wasn't a single thing wrong with it. as a matter of fact, the only thing wrong with it was the news headlines got it wrong and it was a miss and they gave me an incredible opportunity to make money and it was all while you were on air and your people correctly were acting nice >> it was a great quarter and it should trade higher. >> and your show got people in when the headlines got them out. congratulations. >> i hope so >> but in terms of where it's
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positioned here, they reported earnings so you do have the benefit of knowing that they had a good quarter >> but i would say, remember, the stock's still down substantially and even after today's rally, i think you get it at a nice discount for where it was now, i mean, look. we look at these situations and we say to ourselves, winner, winner, but this is the kind of thing that i'm talking about this year they think that ty alluded to, which is you're not going to catch and double. this is not a meme stock those people went home >> but this is going to keep you steady in this portfolio of two stocks. >> every day it will be interesting. >> was this on your list >> i did not pick it because it had just had a great quarter. >> ooh that's the theory involve would in the stock draft. >> it had a great quarter and that bothered me >> all right thanks very much, kcourtney, as well we'll be back to the st. peters
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university investment club a little later she talks on tiktok and her team is called girls talk stocks. pretty self-explanatory. kayla, welcome to the stock draft. you are on the clock what is your pick? >> all right so i actually obviously had a ticket to tiktok for those of you that know i'm pretty new to trading so i don't have a whole lot of financial analysis that goes into a lot of things and i just heard someone say this if you have a theory behind it, odds are that it's already priced in to where it is at right now so this is from one of the tiktok comments. i chose this one for two reasons and it is a volatile choose and the second reason is because a tiktok comment said ethereum with no financial analysis done to come to this conclusion and i think that is the best way to start with me. >> no analysis-ethereum. do you invest in crypto at all
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yourself or have you safrmelled it >> i do. >> you do? >> yes >> which one >> ethereum. >> you do nfts which are -- >> sorry >> yeah. so ethereum nfts and yeah, that was my major pick. >> those were your major picks and so without any further analysis, jim cramer, she goes with ethereum. >> i have a big position in ethereum >> you do? >> yeah, i do. >> does that mean it's a good pick for the draft >> yes it was my number serven. i didn't think anyone was going to go for it i took a big gain in another cr crypto i bought a farm with it. >> a place in pennsylvania right here where i was born, and then i took what was left and i bought ethereum. had is, like, you know, we're talking money and it's okay to say hey, listen, i made money
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and i think ethereum is terrific i'm a believer and you can easily get 35%, 40%. >> can i ask, jim, where bitcoin is on your list? >> no. it was one and done. bitcoin never looked back and it was the pomp that got me in it >> anthony pampliano at the end of the show i told him i dare you to put $100,000 into this thing and i said you know what? done >> so you should call the farm pomp farms >> that's not a bad idea that's not a bad idea. >> that sound means the next pick is in and we turn to stephanie link the strongest link is her team name and hightower capital and cnbc contributor a bravo round for you. so what is your pick today >> meta, so facebook and i'm sure jim will -- i'm
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sure jim will not be surprised the stock is up a lot today, it's up by 18% because they had a better-than-expected quarter and the stock is down 38% year to date. it trades at 13 times earnings and eight times ebitda at 45% discount to its historical average. they have just under 2 billion daily average users, just under 3 billion in average monthly users. why is that important? because they have 10 million advertisers that are looking for higher rois, return on investments, and with numbers like these, i think they will remain very supportive of facebook and then you have a kicker in the second half of the year and hopefully they can get reelz back on track. we do know that it was better than expected in the quarter that they just reported, but i think that this is a nice catalyst to hopefully propel the stock higher. >> you can't see him, but we showed jim in a split screen with you and his head is in his hands. listen, stephanie, by the way, if we'd given you yesterday to
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make this pick maybe you'd win the whole thing -- >> on one day. >> exactly >> there you go. they're buying back a ton of stock. 30 billion in the last two quarters and they have 20 billion more i need them all in, too. >> with the seventh pick on the clock, ryan reynolds, we can't wait to see what he picks and let's go to melissa and jim. >> it was my number one. >>. >> with an 18%. >> it doesn't matter to me and steph. we've always thought a lot alike. we also like oils. you're just not going to top her work and she really understands. zuckerberg is back he had a little over confident thing that i like about him. the buyback is good, but it was a dead winner, untold, great cfo, calmly laying things out. they didn't need to spend money. tiktok will be number two, second banana to reelz by
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december >> i'm not kidding instagram reelz. >> no kidding. >> up 18% today. >> we have the stock draft off and running, six picks are in so far. coming up, we have david robinson, the nba legend and a legend in his own mind, mr. wonderful, kevin o'leary rocking the pink blazer today. that is fantastic and up next making his final preparations is ryan reynolds and he is also a businessman and he'll put his acumen on the line when the stock draft rolls on this year you can get in on the action with the cnbc stock draft challenge. the challenge gives you $100,000 in virtual money to buy and sell asses and in the process win some prizes. for more information go to
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2:15 pm
say kudos on your superhero music. i know superhero music and that is bargain basement superhero music. i love it. my first pick is going to be netflix. >> why >> for all of the irrational piling on. it's still the largest streamer. it will be introducing an ad-supported tier, you know, and i have got to be -- full disclosure, i have three movies on netflix that are top ten and i'm legally obligated to make this pick. >> you are dining at the right table. >> tell us about your partnership and your business with your friend ryan and how did you come together to form mountain, what it does, and think, we're familiar with it and a lot of viewers might not be. >> i met ryan a year ago we teamed up on mountain to basically bring television to every advertiser, anybody of any size can now reach television as opposed to just the world's largest advertisers before, and i want to also add to ryan's
2:16 pm
comment. you had me on cnbc last week and i was buying cnbc while i was on i'm buying netflix, i should say, while it was on, and we are absolutely 100% bullish on netflix. i would watch more today all in there >> did you guys huddle on this peculiar or did you even need to if you are so aligned here it's like a mind meld. [ laughter ] >> he has three of the biggest movies ever onnetflix. so that's a pretty easy -- we're betting -- we're betting on ryan and that's a bet i would always take >> and he was the sexiest man alive at one time. i'm told we can move on now that i've mentioned that. >> pardon me, ryan >> i think it was the 1940s. >> oh, yeah. >> the first issue >> i've always had a beef with them i've never won it. >> jim, what do you think? >> netflix down, down, down opinion. >> first, i want to say that my
2:17 pm
27-year-old daughter just found outside i have a tv show and she put it on and ryan reynolds is on, and she said i bet he picks netflix. you have the second derivative trade that she got right >> wow >> -- he's the only guy that has made me a gym-soaked vegetable with his incredible jim. this is the kind of pick that you really want to roll with because reed hastings is not someone you can pan out for a full year. i like this call i think a lot of people are wondering what the heck? how did he get there that was more wall street moving it down, and i am with him >> this is a swing from the fences play. this is a $700 stock at one point, not too long ago. all you need is a little bit higher >> there are three hits. >> can it do three hits? >> three hits. >> i think it can. >> by the way, can i just say canadian mountie's son one of my absolute heros in
2:18 pm
business and he also has this film thing going >> this acting thing on the side >> and any guy who likes gin is a friend of mine, man. >> his gin >> time now for a stock draft veteran, tim seymour to step up with his pick this year. tim, you have the first pick last year and took bitcoin it was -- it didn't quite work out. further down in the order this time around and what did you go with >> tough to follow the green lantz earn, but with the eighth pick in the cnbc stock draft i'm going in a similar way, i'm going with paypal and ultimately as melissa and the fast money crew hear me say all of the time, you make a lot of money when things go from terrible to bad, and this is the case with the company that's reset the quarter. a lot of problems, but i think a lot priced into this stock if you're not buying a stock in this draft down 50% or more, you're playing the wrong game?
2:19 pm
wow! paypal, david robinson, the admiral is now on the clock with the next pick. let's talk about in a list of companies here, all of the companies that we had to pick from, there's plenty of other stocks down in the range of 70%. so why paypal? >> there's a whole other round give me some time, kelly i just think that again, this is one of the premiere payment companies in the world, a strategic brand, about 25 times 2023 earnings. this is a $135 stock and that's a very different downgrade from where we were a year ago and they're growing mid-teens and this is a company that is a premiere, premiere tech company that's been destroyed in what's been a tech market crash >> melissa >> it's been a thin tech disaster has the stock been re-rated enough >> no. it was one of the worst mistakes i ever made. i believe when it was right here and i spoke with dan schulman
2:20 pm
who is the ceo who came on "mad money" when i was here and he came with a great story and they've reset twice since then, and i just think that this is a company that is deeply challenged in an industry, frankly, where we are back in the visas and the mastercards. >> you also wonder what their strategy is given that they wanted to buy pinterest and how would that have worked with them so you question what their strategy is for growth john rainy, the ye went to walmart and i have great faith in him. >> thanks, jim that was a somber analysis >> it really was. >> almost killed the mood, huh >> we can bring it back. >> i don't usually hear jim so somber >> you haven't heard me lose that much money. >> all right >> if anyone can pick up the mood, our next guest -- >> he should be able to. up to the ninth pick now in the
2:21 pm
first round. it was from this position, david robinson that andre iguodala won last year's 2021 draft, another nba legend gets that spot and that's david robinson who was picked first in the 1987 nba draft. what is your, david, first pick in the 2022 stock draft? ♪ ♪ >> all right first pick in the 2022 stock draft, i think i'm going to go with chipotle. i think it's more of an emotional pick just because my kids love it and i always follow the trend of the youngsters. >> are you a fan yourself, david, of chipotle >> i am. absolutely see, ryan said he had three movies on netflix. i had three meals at chipotle this week, so i have to go with that. >> you have to go with chipotle. >> let's go over to jim cramer for his thoughts on david's pick. >> brian nichols is genius i believe that this was a
2:22 pm
breakout quarter for them. they're doing chipotle and they're doing the actual score, of course, and they're doing direct to consumer they have pricing power. they were not hurt by the fact that avocados literally doubled in the last year most importantly the stuff taste great and the people who work there get promoted, no unions. there is a joy to chipotle it is one of my favorite companies and it can go back to 1900 and i don't know if it gets to 2,000 >> we like that. on the clock was mr. wonderful, and i guess it's time to turn to the pink blazered man. >> his pick is in and his fifth stock draft, by the way. i think that makes him our longest serving, do we say, member >> and most tiresome one because he always complains about how we don't roll in the dividends, right, kevin >> it's even worse than that i want to complain about my position in this year's draft. what am i?
2:23 pm
am i chopped liver here? i'm number ten and i've been serving faithfully to the league and i get thrown up behind the barn it was an outrage. >> isn't it a compliment if you're low in the draft? >> chu did it. blame him. >> it is dom >> dou tell, we can't wait >> i have to swing for the fences i have to take something that's been taken out behind the barn and shot, not just once, twice, and it's got to be ark that fund has been slaughtered and i'm still a believer in tech this is a very concentrated index. the top ten positions are 51% and tesla is at the top of the pick, and we have shopify and roku i'm betting that these tech names come back and i beat everybody even from the back of the car race, like everybody is in a formula one and i'm in a g caterpillar back here. >> that does it for first-round picks and let ate go to melissa and jim for some talks
2:24 pm
i cannot wait to hear this ark is his pick. >> it's been taken to the wood shed here. this is either going to work or not work >> i think she bought a huge amount, and you have is in there if it was clear and it wasn't. i would say the last seven or ateities and a lack of knowing >> teledoc, roku, hood which laid off 9% of its workforce because it's been pummeled and the retail investor is out >> this is the kind of shoddy work i'm not used to in a confessional >> all right >> kevin, i don't think jim likes the pick to say the least >> jim, i'm -- >> that's not a really bad
2:25 pm
whisk. >> jim >> yes >> i am going to crush you like a cockroach on this. watch what happens. >> cockroaches are able to grow three-quarters the size of their body >> them are fighting words the first round of the 2022 stock draft in the books and a little trash talking, too. the teams are getting ready for their second picks and we'll take a quick break when we come back, kandi burruss will kick off the second round you are watch happening the 2022 stock draft. don't go anywhere.
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welcome back to the 2022 cnbc stock draft we want to get you caught up on some of the market action right now. what you're seeing is pretty much session highs for the market overall as you might expect the nasdaq is the outperformer on the day up roughly 3% at this point which now puts the overall drawdown from record highs in that composite trade, down roughly 21%. so still a lot of ground to make up every sector is in positive territory today, led by, you guessed it communication services and technology those two, by far, the best performers energy is in third place right
2:29 pm
now. that comes as com services and tech are being led by none other than meta platforms. the company formerly known as facebook leading the way in the nasdaq 100 and the s&p 500 other beaten up names as of late also getting a bounce. check paypal check nvidia, netflix and of course, teledoc off session lows and still shedding 41% on the day after an earnings miss and weaker than expected guidance for that telehealth company. so, melissa, as you look at the beaten-up names i know some of them are taken up and that's the market action and i'll hand things back over to you. >> to jim's dismay, i might add. we've reached the halftime of the 2022 stock draft each team has made one pick so far. jim, i know you love stephanie link's pick. >> of course of course. >> because your mind melded with yours. >> as always, serve ven years working together there is a man out there, a person, i don't want to be
2:30 pm
sexist, who is now being valued at $79 per sub and that man is ryan reynolds and the stock is netflix. ryan, i have to tell you, if you did not worry about antitrust you'd think that there was at least a half dozen companies to buy it just for the list, wouldn't they? >> i think so. yeah i think that's fair to say >> think about it. you're not going to get that kind of -- cable's not going to give you that. people worldwide and they've got you. they've got you for three movies that we're all going to be talking about. >> well, i'd like to think so. look, netflix at its heart is story telling and that's something that is never, ever going to go out of fashion it's something that i'm lucky enough to be a part of in a number of different ecosystems and businesses at the end of the day on the storytelling and i don't think you sleep on reed hastings and this group and i think they're
2:31 pm
incredibly smart and i would never bet against them independent of me being involved with the company. >> there's the one that you would say, melissa, you can game it that that stock has fallen so hard that i think people think it's toxic, but it won't be toxic in three months. >> as we are on the cusp of the second half of the stock draft. which is the stock still on the board? >> disney. right now it's in the crosshairs of of a lot of politic, but you can't get into the theme parks the shifts are coming back >> that's gold >> folks can think about that one, ty. >> somebody ask me before going in what would my first pick be going in i said disney. i said disney. would anyone take jim's advice on that? a whole other round of the draft is coming right up kandi burruss is on the clock, the second rndou of the cnbc stock draft starts after this.
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chose palo alto for her first pick jim cramer liked it a lot. kandi, your second pick and it is your time to shine. >> okay. so my second pick is zoom i decided on zoom because, i mean, it change the way we work and we really depended on it these last few years. it's growing rapidly and it has very little debt >> all right >> that's pretty good. do you zoom a lot? >> yes i'm using it right now [ laughter ] >> should have known dumb me. jim, what do you think of this one? this is another been that's a fallen star. >> i had them on recently. they need to do something with all of that cash and no debt and they were able to make an acquisition that could compliment them, i think fine, otherwise it is still based on earnings per share in the mid-30s, price to earnings multiple and you know, melissa, without any real growth you can't have that high price
2:36 pm
range. >> who doesn't have zoom at this point is the question? >> i know. >> what could they buy, do you think, that would make them more attractive >> i thought a lot about that and it was something involving sports and gambling. >> no one's doing sports and gambling at work, jim. i don't know what you're talking about. >> certainly not terry lundgren. >> the second pick is in and mr. lundgren did not pick macy's terry, who number two for you? >> first of all, i ut that i was being strategic. i thought my first pick would be gone by the time i got around to my second pick, but without question, i was always counting on picking macy's as my second pick, and it's not in order. it's strategic i thought i could get macy's i didn't think i could get the other, but anyway, i have a lot of faith in jeff and they've made great investments during
2:37 pm
the pandemic i like what they're doing and they've rationalized that physical space and they have one of the best omni channel business in the entire industry, and you have a five p-e, come on five let's go. >> you just acknowledged that you knew no one else was going to take it >> i checked out who i was betting against and shame on you, i'm all over it >> all right delanno is on the clock right now as we turn to melissa and jim. >> he picked it. maybe we shamed him into picking it >> i had it as my number three because of low p-e that terry mentioned because jeff's made it a very exciting place to shop and it's still got plenty of real estate. many things to do. you get a stronger -- you get any sort of stronger cross border and people love to come to new york and herald square. i bought these rockports on the unbelievably good website, and i
2:38 pm
checked another rival that's bigger >> did you get star rewards with that >> actually, my wife every year at the end of the year she goes to bloomingdale's. she has a personal shopper and she gets gifts for everybody and she has the person wrap them and it's one of the greatest services in the world and people should be available to those who have problems picking gifts for people. >> that was your third pick going into this. >> all right >> delaneo sapporo is ready wit his second pick in the 2022 draft. what is it, delano >> at the risk of upsets jim who i obviously admire i went with draft kings with more value after taking a safe pick i want to take a shot here the thing about the draft kings and it's a few of the stocks that has an addressable market that could be growing. there are 23 states that have
2:39 pm
the online sports betting. that could be growing and the customer acquisition cost goes down over time and they'll be able to get more from the customer and they have the gaming portion as well, so i'm going with draft kings >> it's not just fan duel. it's mgm and caesar's. it's all kinds of different folks. >> 100%, tyler what will differentiate is you're seeing the big marketing rush and the winners in this space are the ones that will win that market rush and continue to draw value from the people that they bring in and draft kings will do that >> st. peter's is on the clock and jim and melissa, your reaction to draft kings. >> i like it very much and frankly the idea with zoom is to put zoom together with draft kings to be able to do parties where you can gamble here, gamble here, and go against each other and the problem is you mead to bet that in the other end the guys are wiped out and
2:40 pm
he's up believably good. so it's a double or nothing pick last hand standout is definitely better than stock. the students took microsoft in the first round. lots of excitement about the next election. we will be right back. >> peacocks! peacocks
2:41 pm
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- retire better. welcome back to the 2022 stock trdraft, everybody the students of st. peters university is on with the next pick they picked microsoft for the next round and here to select is tevin igalo. welcome. what is your selection >> thank you so much the selection is apple >> ooh apple, why >> the reason we went with apple was because how solid of a company it seems to be with a really solid consumer base that's been keeping amount with
2:44 pm
its massive amount of products coming out and overall consisting reporting of profits it seems like a really good choice with consistency and longevity in the market. >> was there a fight about this one and what were some of the stocks left on the cutting room floor, tevin >> there was -- there was a few issues here and there. there was disney was a big one disney was up there. on top of that, we had the other financial firms like goldman sachs and j.p. morgan. there were a few left on the cutting room floor, but after analyzing all of it it came down to apple. >> no one's picked financials and no one's picked energy who is on the clock now? >> apple reports earnings after the bell today, jim. what do you make of this pick? >> apple is on the trade and i think it goes up over time it is not a classic stock draft stock. >> it's not. >> but at the same time it's been my largest with my charitable trust for years, and you just want to own tim cook.
2:45 pm
>> for the long run. >> but for the year. >> it's not an nfl. >> you what it reminds me of it's an offensive line it's a hall of fame offensive liner, but it's not going to be tom brady. it's not a goat. a goat is a stock, but not as in a season -- it's a longe season >> all right >> the phillies -- are they going to pick a wide receiver? >> no. we'll go lower and take a corner >> you have the good wide receiver from alabama last year. >> oh, my god. i have an autographed jersey, and i haven't watched it >> you wear it every weekend during the season. >> i have to because it's good luck that's how i made the playoffs because i wore the jersey. >> you want to hire tevin? >> i think he's coming up. >> i think you should hire him
2:46 pm
>> done. >> done. >> all right, i guess up now with the fifth pick in the second round is kayla kilbride picked ethereum in the first round and jim called it a terrific choice and your second-round pick i hope it is backed up by as much sheer, dogged analysis as your first one. >> i love it >> i will say that st. peter said it was on the chopping block so it seems it's a popular one and it's not the one that i chose, this one i did do a little more analysis on. i actually was looking for anything that had just the major beatdown, like, absolutely ridiculous unfortunately, netflix is off of the table and so is facebook and although peloton kind of falls into that range i don't trust the stationary bike to go uphill again and my choice is specifically trading where it was after the crash of 4/20.
2:47 pm
>> very interesting choice a down week this week and that one takes some nerve, kayla. >> chasing fear in the market. that's what we do, right >> jim melissa? >> this is a self-inflicted beatdown not just macro >> no. this is not unlike the forecast that mr. t gave rocky a long time ago which was pain. i've got to tell you maybe she's relying on the fact that there will be a change at the top, a change at the board, but they may have to do an equity offering and the execution was miserable. miserable. >> what do you think of her overall basket, though, with ethereum and boeing. >> well, look, you want to roll the dice this is a dice roll. >> boeing needs to be in the s&p 200. i own it, and do you want me to trash it hey, this is stupid all over sorry. it's okay to be stupid if you're stupid. >> we'll leave it right there
2:48 pm
because our next pick is in and we'll turn to the next two names in the stock draft stephanie link, we almost should have guessed that meta would be her first pick what would i guess that stephanie would about with, and we haven't heard anyone take an energy stock what's pick number two for you in. >> it's an energy stock and it is chevron yes. it is -- this one is a quality integrated oil company with a good dividend yield, excellent assets and they've been shedding divestitures and paying non-core businesses that are paying down debt and they'll do $10 billion of a buyback this year and they make money at $40 oil so you can imagine the free cash flowing in their way. >> chevron and met ar the portfolio. do you think those will go well together, steph? >> i tried to do one that was off the beaten path with the facebook because we're waiting on them to fix reelz and other things and chevron is a steady
2:49 pm
eddy, and we do believe in the oil story and we do have years to go with higher oil prices and oil stocks >> we don't have on the list, to be fair, a stock that is more leveraged to the diamondback, but frankly, i really like this pick and we've got a reallied if report coming up on friday it is a terrific stock so do -- so do reels and oils mix? we shall find out in a bit ryan, you picked last time, mike douglas. ryan chose netflix and it was a mind meld there and both of you agreed mike, why don't you take the second swing >> all right well, we'll pick ford motor company. it's an iconic brand
2:50 pm
best-selling part in america for 40 years i love the car i think everyone's going to love it it will be the best-selling car for the next few years so we're going all in. >> did you know, mark, that for them last year when you made this pick? >> that makes me feel better. >> yeah, it makes you feel better >> i, like mark, have an unquenchable thirst for jim's validation ford has been around for a hundred years. i'm also very excited about the new lightning and that's exactly where we are at mountain, what we're doing to elevate television ads i just love -- i love that ford has that same sort of ethos about it. >> i think -- let's see who's on the clock? i think tim seymour is on the
2:51 pm
clock. jim and melissa, do you still love ford as much? >> absolutely. i was in the f-150 lightning today and i just love it i was writing a piece in the break do not bet against farley. i think the stock is incorrect, it should be at 15.5 this pick is going to be a winner it's going to be a winner. >> do you have an unending, unquenchable thirst for ryan reynolds' approval >> absolutely. my wife told me -- my wife said go up and tell him he's the greatest i don't think he's going to be there. it doesn't matter. find out where he is so lisa says hi. >> all right hi, lisa, how are you? >> oh, my god, she's going to love that! >> she's melting as we speak. >> i did it. i got it done. >> impressive. >> i guess tesla just doesn't have the same value appeal to anybody these days
2:52 pm
all right, ford is the pick. tim seymour's pick is in your first was paypal. jim called the company deeply challenged what is your second pick here? >> it was a disaster, which also was doordash seymour alpha is here to win now. they just announced fourth quarter, growth up 36% it's actually a profitable tech company. i know people don't think that they are covid changed the way delivery goes forever and their three-sided marketplace, they have north of 50% market share so down 70%, along with every other high multiple tech company. i think i've got room to run. >> doordash is pick number two by the way, david robinson is on the clock with admiral's crew. >> i feel like tim wanted to pick draftkings but that was picked up beforehand that's just a guess.
2:53 pm
>> you felt me >> i know you well >> nice pick, delano. >> dash, jim. >> i like tony, he's got a lot of character i think i would have gone in that ilk and would have gone with airbnb because i think cheske is a winner but i'm not going to fight tony, i think he's a remarkable man. >> are you surprised that the more back-to-normal stocks are not picked up, the disneys, airbnbs, royal caribbeans? >> i frankly believe those would be -- the reopening stocks would be the first of someone's pick i do believe as we heard from so many different banks, people wanting to travel, do things and go out but this group is unique because they watch cnbc all day. >> on zoom apparently. on zoom. >> the ring is in and that means david robinson is on
2:54 pm
you won two titles with the spurs. free throw shooting in front of 20,000 you thought was simple or pressure but now you've got new pressure chipotle in your first round your second round pick is? >> well, my second round pick is rivian i felt like i had to swing for the fences a little bit. i know they have gotten beaten up a little bit and are in a good battle with ford, but i do like the energy around the electric cars. i'm hoping that they can come up big. >> rivian. we're getting into those areas now, ford and rivian, but tesla still on the board david, you were one of the 75 greatest players in nba history, congratulations on that accolade of the teams that are remaining, the lakers are out, the nets are out. who do you like to win it all? >> wow, with the way giannis is playing right now, i'd say the
2:55 pm
bucks are in the driver's seat but injuries have played a big role in this postseason. you know, as great as phoenix played during the season, it looks like they have an uphill battle now. >> they're missing booker, their guard, and milwaukee is missing middleton, their guard/forward so it will be interesting. mr. wonderful -- >> may i -- before we move along. david robinson, you picked rivian we just heard ryan reynolds pick ford are you an electric car guy? give us a little glimpse here. you like chipotle because you like the food. >> i am, yeah. i have an electric car i absolutely love it my brother just bought a tesla i have the tycan and wouldn't go back every car i buy from now on will be electric. i do like the energy around it so i think it's here to stay. >> how's the leg room, david
2:56 pm
>> for me? it's always challenging. i'm not the right one to ask >> jim, melissa, what do you think of rivian? >> down 70%, jim >> well, i think the last few points have been because ford pretty much indicated that it will register its rivian position but the rivian ads are running and quite attractive i drove in a rivian. >> what about the missteps in pricing? >> missteps in pricing and misstepping about execution. this is one where you have to believe that everything has to go right, and that's a tall order. >> that's a lot. >> so it's a swing for the fences but a lot of things have to -- >> you've got to get everything right and he's not musk. there is no one like musk. >> all right the bell has rung. kevin o'leary, you are on. sir, your second pick? first pick was the ark innovation fund.
2:57 pm
your second pick is? >> yeah, from number 10, last pick position in the go-cart back here. here's what i'm thinking i'm taking something with tremendous upside with potential. moderna. if you don't think we're going to have new viruses and covid 21, 22, 23, who's going to save us this technology. i think next time we get a variant, people will be thinking about moderna again so that's my plan between ark and moderna, i'm going to clean up. finally i'll come back and win again. >> you have been a previous winner jim, melissa, the final pick, moderna. >> i like moderna because it does have a lot of cash and it absolutely has -- it will have a vaccine, a cancer vaccine at this time next year and look, the chinese decided 1.2 billion people should be saved all they have to do is call them and it will happen. >> what do you think is the best stock that is still left what should somebody have picked >> the fact that disney wasn't
2:58 pm
picked is quite an insult i think, to bob chapek i think chap ek has the support of the board and the support of america. you can't get into a theme park, it costs a fortune but this is a great american brand that is so down on its luck that it's extraordinary. >> how about the streaming side of the story you believe that netflix still has a good business and therefore it's not an indictment on the streaming business overall or the streaming industry. >> this is what destroyed disney, not disney plus. the fact that they paid $71 billion for fox, which i think is probably worth maybe $15 billion. that's what destroyed disney nothing to do with chapek. >> which team looks the best to you? because this is a team competition, kevin o'leary has ark and moderna. stephanie balances things out with the meta, chevron. >> i've got to go with candy
2:59 pm
i happen -- palo alto was my pick i think that cybersecurity unfortunately is the gift that keeps on giving. i know the people at zoom very, very well. my stepson worked for zoom they are a brilliant company but they need to make a deal they have a guy from jpmorgan they brought in for m & a. i think he's going to be brilliant, he'll merge it with draftkings and then we'll have a winner. >> but you hated zoom. >> well, zoom is going to do something. >> it's going to do something? >> it's going to do something. there's too much cash. the zoom you see today will not be the zoom we see a year from now. >> and obviously you love ryan reynolds and his portfolio. >> i would have just oengd shares in ryan reynolds. >> the ryan reynolds spac. give me you as a spac and i'll just buy you. >> i don't know if you've been paying attention, but i am for sale. the real fun begins tracking the stocks throughout the
3:00 pm
season follow all year long at and at you can play a very, of our game and compete for prizes. >> thanks to everybody for participating. to aur all of our teams, to jim and melissa and thanks to everybody for watching. >> "closing bell" starts right now. hard to top that, so good, so entertaining, guys. call it the ryan reynolds rally. stocks are surging on another choppy session here on wall street we are at the highs of theday. will the rally hold into the close? the most important hour of trading starts now welcome, everyone, to "closing bell." i'm sara eisen take a look and where we stand in the market, up 600 opponents on the dow the s&p is up 2.7% the nasdaq really climbing back today, 3.3%. we're now positive for the week after all that small caps up 2%


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