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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 28, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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really feels like she -- she really wants to grow the company. yeah, you can tell that she wants to partner with us. the commission that makes the vast changes across america since the supreme court's land mark ruling on abortion i am shepard smith this is the news on cnbc the scramble to action after the overturn of roe v. wade. >> do we believe people have a rate that's been taken away but we are going to fwarnt in the state of illinois. >> new legal challenges to state' abortion prohibitions the. the surprise hearing announced for the january-6th committee. the mystery of new evidence and
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who will testify. plus, the fbi paid a visit to trump lawyer john eastman a football coach not to pra on the field at a public school. today, the supreme court sided him. >> it is a further erosion of the separation of church and state. and amtrak passenger train derails in missouri on a trip from l.a. to chicago hundreds of passengers onboard the casualties and the investigation. russian missiles hit a shopping mall in ukraine airline chaos. will your holiday travel be grounded and a navy destroys from world war ii becomes the deepest shipwreck ever discovered. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with sheshepar smith. >> good evening. stays are now grappling with the supreme court's historic decision to overturn roe v.
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wade the ruling leading to immediate abortion bans in some states, confusion and others and some where abortion is still legal, a preparation for influx of patients from other states since the ruling came out on friday, new polling shows majority of americans disagree 59% of americans disapprove according to a cbs news poll taken friday and saturday. 41% approval of the ruling here is where with we stand tonight. at least seven states have new bans on abortions. three set strigzs -- ohio, mississippi, and text. and mississippi and texas have -- both have trigger laws that are set to take effect within a matter of weeks that will pan abortions and 12 other states have bans or restrictions that have not -- filing lawsuits across the country trying to block some of the laws in law law today, a judge temporarily halted that state's
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trigger ban. abortions immediately resumed there with a hearing set for july the 8th similarly, in utah, a judge there handed down a two-week restraining order on that state's near-total abortion ban. also tonight, south carolina attorney general confirmed that state's fetal heartbeat act is now in effect. it bans abortions at around six weeks -- before many women know they are pregnant. protests planned for tonight, after tens of thousands demonstrated across the country over the weekend most opposing the ruling and the pans that followed it is an issue animating voters ahead of the midterm elections we have two reports tonight eamon javers on the plig ramifications but first, perry russom perry? >> reporter: days after this monumental decision, protests hear outside of chicago where hundreds of people are gathering on the streets to have their voices heard
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protestors coast to coast gathering against the ruling on row v. wade. >> we were morning friday night and now it's monday morning, let's get to work by striking. >> >> reporter: a doctor at a clinic in nebraska where the procedure is legal says he has gone from 30 patients a week to 30 pastients a day. >> we are seeing oklahoma and texas patients. >> people breaking down, crying. >> pacific northwest states are expecting an influx of patients. washington state, oregon, and call creating an abortion safe-haven partnership. >> i will approximate issuing an executive order to the washington straight patrol not to cooperate in investigation of other states that would violate the rowe versus wade decision. >> in california, a proposed amendment to the state constitution would ban the state from deny org interfering with abortions. lawsuits are being filed to block states from implementing abortion bans including texas, idaho, kentucky, and florida. >> you may proceed questioning
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>> reporter: today, hearings in florida where lawyers for planned parenthood argues the state constitution guarantees a right to privacy. >> including abortion. >> to destroy a human life is a crime that cries out to heaven. >> pugh research finds white evangelicals are post opposed in the country, with 74% saying it should be illegal in most places across the cases pastors sunday. >> we should sell plate and praise god for the crucial step we saw taken friday. >> we have prayed for an end to -- to abortion. >> thank the lord we saw the overturning of what is not only constitutional but, more importantly, un-godly. >> reporter: here in illinois anyway, governor pritzker says 20,000 women cross the state border every year to get an abortion so he can calling to expand access to illinois including healthcare workers. >> perry russom live amid protests tonight
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activists and democratic lawmakers have upon been calling for abortion clinics on federal lands. today, the white house appeared to shoot down that deal. vice president kamala harris telling cnn's data bash it is not something being discussed. a white house official tells nbc news the proposal could put women and providers at risk. the pressure on the administration comes as tell kr democrats make to look abortion a key issue in their midterm fight. cnn senior wash correspondent eamon javers tracking the political fallout. >> shep, the one thing clear today is that this decision is unpopular with the majority of americans. now, what isn't clear is exactly how that is going to change american politics. democrats are hoping for a real burst of voting enthusiasm among their base in november and republicans are hoping to be rewarded for their long sought victory on abortion. but that new npr/pbr/marist poll
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finds 78% of democrats say the court decision makes them more likely to vote in the fall that is 24 point is higher than for republicans. now, that would seem to favor the democrats but the political landscape, overall, could fair favor republicans. "the associated press" found today more than 1 million voters, particularly those in the kmushl suburbs, have switched to the republican party over the last year, that is more than flipped the other way at the same time, politicians are already jockeying for position within their respective parties. for hutchinson this weekend, this means preserving as much space for disagreement on the issue as possible. >> it's important in the republican party we are a broad-base party and we are going to have people dis disagree on this issue and this is healthy for debate. we are not going to start
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excluding different people because they might have a different nuanced view on this. >> and for new york congresswoman alex ocasio-cortez means pushing her toert to what we sees nostalgia for a more gentle era in politics. >> i do believe that has been a weak democratic strategy in the past and we cannot continue to use those same playbooks right now, as -- as i say, this is overtime for our knodemocrac and we must be aggressive. >> shep, republican leader mitch mcconnell indicated today there is not going any any legislation on the national side because neither side can muster the 60 votes it would need to break a filibuster on this moment. >> eamon javers, thanks very much three people dead tonight after a train hit a dump truck and derailed in central missouri that is according to local police say they two people died inside the train, and another in the truck that it hit.
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officials report they have no idea how many people are injured. the missouri highway patrol reports eight cars derailed. amtrak reports 243 passengers and 12 crew many besser on board at the time. first responders said over a radio this afternoon, there was one woman around the train and a man trapped in a bathroom. they said another person needed the jaws of life these are images from the derailment you can see people sitting waiting for help the cross-country train was going from los angeles to chicago. here is a video from inside it after it rolled over the car turned upside down rob nightingale took that phone. he is on the phone with us anyway how are you doing now? >> caller: little bit in shock skill. >> what did you see and hear through this >> i was just off before my lunch reservation and was 1:30 and that -- the train -- all the
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sud upon, it felt like a big rumble like a boom or something and i woke up from my nap and it was rocking back and forth lights were flickering and then all the sudden i knew it went off the tracks because i fetal like the travel -- the train was running on the gravel and then it started to tilt and turn and fall on -- on my side. >> that's had i saw all the dirt coming against my inwindow i was in a sleeper and i shimmy upd to the side side away from the window in case it broke out. and then, it just stopped like slow motion. slow motion and surreal. >> what did you see and hear from people in that moment around you >> it was silent and then -- then all the sudden i heard a little girl crying from another sleeper. and -- and then, i opened up my door to climb up through the -- into the hall and then i saw a family's feetgoing into anothe
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sleeper car above us and then, i saw the light of an open window and they crawled out and then i called out and sat on top of the side of the car. >> our viewers should know this happen happened just this afternoon how long did you wait for stronders to get there >> maybe half an hour but it happened in the fiddle of a cornfield so it took a while because of where it's located and then before you know it, they were there. everyone was helping each other out and there were people helping people that were trapped. school buses started to arrive and they took us to a local school gymnasium and all the locals in this town came and brought food and everything. it was really nice. >> still emotional, huh? >> yeah. >> i guess it's shocking. >> no, no, it just was slo-motion i don't even want to say a dream. it was surreal
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it was just really surreal. >> did you see -- the authorities say they don't know how many people were injured we saw dozens, as many as 50 did you see people injured >> yes, i saw people blood and cuts probably cuts from glass and things like that um, probably from the dining car and sightseer car, a lot of grass and such. >> train cars turned upside down unbelievable rob nightingale. >> well, on its -- on its side yeah. >> but particularly, i hope -- i hope you and yours are well and you get through this and we will update as we hear from the ntsb ask others on the train derailment this afternoon. thank you. federal agents are investigating january 6th and they are now moving closer toward the former-president's inner circle one of the key figures behind the plot to overthrow the legz, nlegz, election, now complaining about having his phone seized. it is a new development as the
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january 6th committee makes unexpected announcement. what with we know about foreman's last minute hearing. >> michigan school shooting suspect will take the stand but not in his own trial his decision today by lawmakers -- wait, the decision by lawyers who represent his parents. and uncle sam wants any -- anyone, the troubling every anyone, the troubling every branch of the mita is [whistling] when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things. [whistling] >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite.
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challenging that warrant's legitimacy in it, he asked the court to force the feds to lreturn his phone. according to eastman, six fbi agents stopped him while he was walking to his car after dinner at a restaurant. eastman said agents patted him down and forced him to unlock his phone before taking it the seizure happened the same day that the feds searched jeffrey clark's home -- a jump tr justice department official. the actions part of the investigation into efforts by trump allies to up undo the election meanwhile, the january-6th committee just issued -- or scheduled a surprise last-minute hearing for tomorrow the panel announced it this afternoon. the reason the committee wants to present what it calls "recently obtained evidence "lawmakers also teased new testimony from a witness but no word on who the witness might be mystery move comes just days after the chairman, bennie
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thompson, said it would sometime infect month so far, they have held five hearings each aimed at a case of building a case against former-president trump and his infl influence the insurrection. >> viewly, really unusual for in committee. >> shep in the last five hearings, we got notice of them at least a couple days, including subjects or topics, including focusing on former-vice president mike pence, including president trump and az hl allies had on local-election officials, zwrus tis department, and so on. but tomorrow's hearing really catching everybody off guard reminder, the house is out, as is the senate of course. july 4th recess well underway. they have something so pressing they could not wait even a single day longer to hold this hearing. like you mentioned we don't know
12:17 am
who the witness will be yet but do know it could be somebody the committee spoke to behind closed doors. they have 140,000 pages of documents and issued subpoenas to a hundred other people. it could be somebody like alex holder who bennie thompson, the chair, said last week they need more time as they look over his footage. he is a documentary filmmaker that was planned to come out about the trump family and it could be someone like pat cipollone, who we know tcommitte is interested in hearing from. but i want to leave you with a historical fact that i saw from zwron jon dean, a former white house lawyer who testified of course against president nixon in 1973. he tweeted tonight saying the only surprise difference during those watergate hearings was the man who revealed those infamous-nixon tapes. >> and that person showed up with no warning at all
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julie, thanks. again, the january every of 6th committee hearing, newly schedule tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, 1:00 eastern time full coverage tomorrow night on the news. a teenager in michigan could be a witness in his parents' trial. jennifer and james crumbley are facing unvo luntary manslaughter shooting in that they also asked the judge to move their case to a different location away from all the publicity in the case. the judge said no to that. police say the crumbley's son shot and killed four students at oxford high school 40 miles north of detrial last november they say seven we areser with hurt in theshooting. prosecutors accused crumbleys of ignoring warning signs their son was in mental distress they also say the crumbleys did not properly store the gun used in the shooting. they pleaded not guilty. their trial is set to begin in
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just more than a year now since the surfside condo collapse in florida and families have sill staefrping for answers. officials say the investigation is ongoing but the cause remains a mystery. 98 people died when the building crumbled overnight cnbc as shomari stone. ers he is mentally drained one year after his son survived the
12:22 am
condo collapse. >> constantly make sure my son checking in with him and making sure he is okay. >> reporter: in the predawn destruction, cameras captured an early glimmer of hope. rescue crews pulling neil's then 15 yaeld son yskr onah from concrete, mangled metal and debris the mother heard a loud boom outside the condo. around seven minutes later, the floor sud lip gave way and they fell ten stories a man walking his dog heard jonah yelling for help after first responders carefully pulled him and stacey out, jonah called his father who listened nearby. >> he goes did you hear the bui building collapse? >> i am like har you talking ant? i'm like, no where are you i am in the grass across the street they had up some like triage
12:23 am
contrary. >> stacey died at hospital that night. she was 54 years old. >> when i told him his mom didn't make it, he said everything happens for a reason, right? dad? i couldn't believe he understood that at 15 years old. >> he asked if the $1 billion settlement for the families of syringe tims brings him a sense of closure. >> i'd rather have stacey calling me. >> now, he is recovering from a fractured life and rebuilding life with his father. >> he has good days and not-such-good days you know, he's -- he's been in therapy since it happened. >> reporter: jonah still has flashbacks when he heared loud thunderstorm, it reminds him of that loud boom a year ago. he and his father started a nonprofit organization called "phoenix life project" to help raise money for victims and first responders
12:24 am
shep >> shomari stone. >> another attack in ukraine this time, hitting a mall with reported more than thousand people inside. now, the biden administration preparing another military package. since the supreme court overturned roe, at least seven states have outlawed abortions now, some laws state challenges and some women who cross state lines to get the procedure lines to get the procedure we tag along i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ yeah, i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin ♪ ♪ yeah, that's all me ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin, that's my new plan ♪ ♪ nothing is everything ♪ keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. most who achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months had lasting clearance through 1 year. in another study, most people had 90% clearer skin at 3 years. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses.
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wildfires are burning more and more of the united states. in the past seven years, wildfire scorched more than 8 million acres a year on average -- more than double the amount 20 years ago. that is accordling to the national interagency fire center the wildlife impact on forest lands and national parks is really devastating so restoring these forests is vital in the fight against climate change diana olick reports oh on one company flying to the rescue diana? >> that's right, shep. drone seed is a seattle-based startup does claims it can begin to quickly restore wildfire ravaged land just 30 days after
12:27 am
the fire is out. drone seed likened its fleet of drones to bees each aircraft can plant three-quarters after anticer per flight. >> the aircrafts themselves -- they are not what you can get at best buy they are 8 feet in time ter. they dairy a 57-pound pay load we offer them in groups of throw to five and they ever grog out and dropping sea vessels on to the landscape. >> key to drone seed ease's model is the seedling production which has been a major bare drer due to supply chain issues drone seed purchased silva seed upon, one of the oldest in the nation, it is now expanding to become one of the largest bank in theest, growing millions of new seedlings. how does it fay for that all that >> a ton of carbon allow them to deact vise while others come online.
12:28 am
>> shopify, a global commerce software company bought enough to remove 50,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. and in turn, drone seed is replanting 300 forest lost in orange's creek fire years ago. >> that benefit planting trees and drawing down carbon is what we are purchasing through our carbon credit purchase an and is so, that allows us unabatable missions. >> panic bached by social capital, spiro, and tech stars forest restoration is increasingly pofrpt because of now climate change is increasing the severely of tooe fires in the pant, less severe fires would leave soil n tops of trees but the increased temperatures
12:29 am
burn all the way up to tops of trees and destroy steeds in the soil so there is much more less naurn generation, shep diana olick, thank you a historic dead default what is what is topping cnpc's "on the money. russia defaulted on its foreign debt the russians missed an overdue interest payment on two foreign ko kournsy bonds. they total about $100 million but erns have the cash but westerns cutthem out of international payment systems. nearly two thirds of the u.s.' doult population is living paycheck to paycheck according to a new report of the lend club. 58% of the more than 4,000 say they are strapped for cash the high earners apparently making the squeeze, too.
12:30 am
making 250,000 or more finding not much left after the bills are paid does there is a new king at the box office the elvis biopic debuted this weekend, pulling in 31 million at the theaters. "maverick" still soaring though, in five weeks, the "top gun" sequel has raked in more than a billion dollars world wld. today at the pump, national for gas $4.89 a gallon now, 12 cents from the record but still up 13 cents from last month and a buck 80 this time last year. on wall street, s&p down 12, nasdaq down 83 i am shepard smith on cc it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news
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russian missiles hit a shopping center full of civilians in ukraine. seven people on a fishing trip when lightning strikes. what happened after they realized the only way back to shore was through the storm? but first, crossing state lines with women in search of ap abortion abortion rights activists say many people will have to travel hundreds of miles to get an abortion as more states pass bans in texas, they already will. last year, the state passed a ban on abortion after isn't weeks, that's before many women over know they are pregnant. a the state has also -- has a tliger raw that is said to make nearly all abortions illegal there. nbc's yasmin vossoughian went to texas just days before the court handed down this ruling. she talked to other states in the states to get abortion >> reporter: 20 young women meet
12:32 am
in texas for one reason -- they will travel to mexico ask get an abortion. >> i can't put another kid that what the two i already have are going through. it is not an option light now. not more foe, not him, there is like no support system for him rye not. >> the new mexico religious coalition foe reproductive christ and the first union church of dallas are helping these young women leave texas. a straight with one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. >> we are aliving at the ar port here in dams this is just the first leg of a very long day for some of these women. >> texas has banned the procedure after sixth weeks does now, approximate protections gone, traveling across state lines will be the reality for so
12:33 am
many women. >> seeing this as a major victory, hoping to constitute similar laws with the overturn of roe on this trip, all the women are bee love the poverty line and six to 11 weeks pregnant ask without help, would not be able to make this journey o only emmy will sally asked to be seen. >> how do you feel unleg down? you are now here >> it's almost over. um -- >> dr. curtis poid started this clinic in new mexico and another in dallas. he is one of the oldest ab aborabortion doctors in the country.
12:34 am
>> you may swallow that with some water now, what -- what i'm going to tell you that's it. >> they make it your choice. they make it reasonable and wise this is a -- a decision that these ibm are making according to our falgt values. it is our duty as a faith organization, who trust what came from god and support it. >> half came across state lines to take a pill the other half, for a ten-minute pril pledge. you have i am out there who don't have anybody or they did it with the long person or they are just not ready you can't make women be ready
12:35 am
for fwgrnd kids and that type of huge step. >> the church where are they began their journey helped roe v. wade to the supreme, and is now fighting the texas' law. >> we are going to see a public-health crisis in this country. but a lot of people don't even ant to think about it because they don't think it affects them but what affects one affects the other and this is where our faith also comes back into play. what i see is human life in front of me and that's what is important. >> our thanks to yasmin vossoughian. other significant ruling today from the supreme court rmt one that could have broad implications for spree speech and expression 6 had 3 sidings with a former high school football coach after he refused to stop pray ongoing the field after fwanl games.
12:36 am
joe kennedy used to teach a the a public high school in washington state it essentially boils town this had. coach den ken say said they valt violates his religious freedom the school district argues it put pressure on kids to protect them and our nbc afatal in seattle folk and coach den atoday after the decision. >> i am just so freightful that long-hard fought is finally over. >> thank god and everybody that supported me throughout this i mean, tt just great new the for the entire nation. >> nbc's justice correspondent petal with yams now on the potential impact of this ruling. >> the shep, the school district told them to find some place
12:37 am
privately because the strict said am that would violate-let ban on government endorsement. open though the coach iz still in uniform and some team members bury still onto field. he was acting not as an authority. the court said he was informing official taughts once the game ended. justice net gorsuch said they were not publicly prod cast or ocited to a natural audience he said the constitution no zt require the fwoofrmt to single out for special disfavor but the court's three dits centers wrien for the three justice son yot somt somt calls
12:38 am
the ruling sis dfrs to school sels to the loond dmg standing commitment to separation of church and state so because it hinges on the coach conclusion that he was knotting at the time he topped to one knee and prayed the court, in reeptd years, it has been especially attentive to the claims fwofrmt violates religious freedom. just last week, from a tuition program thoo uses taxpayer' money. so it is another decision long those lines. >> thpete, thank you. two russian missile strikes slams in a shopling center in ukraine today. it at least killed at least ken
12:39 am
people nshlged dozens offers. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says more than a thousand people were in the spoping center a need nation center describes the attack as horrible in kyiv, a russian missile strike at this apartment building yesterday crews rescued a 7-year-old girl from the rubble. it killed the father and another resident as fighting wages in ukraine, buzz president biden met with g7 leaders in grerm think today this as another military package. traveling the president in germany, kayla tausche. >> shep, biden administration is finallying the new palk for uchain and it will be the same sophisticated missile defense
12:40 am
system that is used to protect the air spice around the white house and u.s. capitol and also i indelude am digz the group of seven enrishest countries this year alone sendling about 30 blars dollars in hue pan tarn aid. it will also use nf tfr opposite waush goods to send more foins to ukraine to keep punishing russia several banning the purchase of shaush gold. a senior u.s. official tells me the west wants to shft the messaging out away from outray rite pans cuckoo drive prices open higher. today, zels zels today they should maximize levers over the
12:41 am
next duh months and in an interview for the ask the requested tsz vts ral, stels zels said there will be many suffer bug udrain will toe noirs. >> the g7, in a statement, the laeer said it beis up to ukraine free from external pressure or influence. to to shep >> dately tau she listen for us thank you. plit think greener's trial finally ready to start on thursday you can see griner here in this video in the courthouse. hae positive tan bee taned since february and today russian courts tack opd additional six months deluding the duration of
12:42 am
her drywall. kugz rop say voi thaupd hash oil vape cartridges in her luggage the state clae fs ryed diner as wrongfully detained. today. >> it spoded to the trial department brightling in part we have no high ever security of u.s. sit zep overseas. well-continue to press for reer lee cease. if quicked kts she could fis up two 10 years in zblprison the new lawsuit filed today against the houston texans cha it dhams the team new about ae former star's bevi. hey businesses! you all deserve something epic! so we're giving every business, our best deals on every iphone - including the iphone 13 pro with 5g. that's the one with the amazing camera? yep! every business deserves it...
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a woman suing the house tb texans for de-san watson's conduct. that is according to a lawsuit in texas the woman accusing the team of turning a blind eye to his behavior during massage therapy sessions including rooms set up at the estonian motel, and a nondisclosure agreement provided to him from the head of texan security the houston texans issuing a statement, writing in part, we have pulley supported and supplied law enforcement we will continue to take steps to address the necessary steps against the allegation sat last week, he settled with 20 accusers who sued him for
12:46 am
sexual misconduct. four other cases remain to be solved that is according to the attorney for the women some claimed he exposed themselves and touched t inkroeptly he now prays foreign cleveland browns, potentially facing a suspension for violating the league as policy every branch of the military is struggling to meet recruiting goals this-fiscal year that, from fult approximately military and tefs officials. last month, army chief of staff, general james mcconville tifed before congress. he said only 23% of americans aged 17 to 24 are qualified to serve with a waiver to join. this is down 79% in recent years. the military hasn't had such a hard time in getting recruits in 50 years back then, the vietnam war and
12:47 am
draft were both ending and while he doesn't believe a revival of the draft is coming, he does say the military will question the sustainable of the all-volunteer force this year. >> here is nbc's courty kube. >> shep, of those 23% of americans eligible for service, this dod survey found that only 9% of them are even considering entering the military but wasn't the only statistic that really stood out in this survey of these americans asked about service in this key demographic. 57% said that they worried that if they served in the military, they would come out with either emotional or psychological problems and nearly half of those surveyed said that they worried that they would come out f physical ailments so the question is what is the pentagon going to do about it defense and military officials said first awful, they are looking at things like adhd and
12:48 am
asthma, and in the past, if a recruit came in with symptoms be any kind of ailments like that, they would be disqualified from severing without a waiver. now, now the pentagon is looking at whether they can shorten that period so someone may be enter military service without a waiver in cases like that. and in some other military ailment. in addition to that, the military is now specifically targeting those influencers -- parents, teachers, school-guidance counselors, to try to encourage them to help students -- to -- to push them towards potentially entering a career in the military now, the military is looking toward things like "maverick, top gun," treem sli popular movie came out gist just about recently both are looking at premieres and showings of that movie as a atto bring new recruits. >> courtney, thanks. is. national weather service calls florida the lightning
12:49 am
capital of the u.s. and you can thank all the water around there for helping thunderstorms for. this weekend miles off the coast, a fishing tournament, a boat took a direct hit nbc kerry sanders now on the rescue at sea. >> reporter: a bolt of lightning sending shock waves tlau group of family and friends enjoying a day on the water near clear water, florida. >> i have had lightning around me in the past but nothing like this. >> uh-huh. >> this was something that i've never experienced. >> co-captain glenn and his sister sherry kelly set out before sunrise saturday morning as a part of a fishing tournament but then -- a storm unuexpectedy swept in they were facing wind gusts up to 35 miles aen hour, six-foot waves, and nonstop light inning when suddenly, a zrdirect hit t
12:50 am
the bloat. >> it sproeded into splinters and we were completely dead in the water. >> sherry rushed to help the other passengers get below deck, including one who am who is pregnant. >> every really held it together. >> glenn immediately sent out a disguess signal using a radio beacon to alert the koeb guard. >> we had their location immediately. >> part of the four-person searc search-and-rescue crew to reach the boat some 100 miles offshore. >> everybody on the boat -- >> we started crying >> reporter: the coast guard team literally diving into action. >> i put brian down and he swam over to the boat assessed the situation
12:51 am
he told bring back, get down one by one, the seven people. >> all seven passengers airlifted to safety. >> i love 'em all. >> they are all angels. >> the finishing story that is not exaggerated. >> morning nature has a way with us. >> but we had got as backing and he -- he blessed us and everybody is safe at home and nobody hurt and that, right there, in itself -- >> for the news, i am kerry sanders. >> shocking on a boat. but in the air, delays, cancellations, and phigh prices. major airlines have all three problems right now with a big-holiday weekend just around the corner, what the airlines are doing about it and what you can do to get around some of the headaches. west dow >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over.
12:52 am
>> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ [whistling] when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things. [whistling]
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. another weekend of flight cancellations. now, ahead of the fourth holiday, airlines are slashing their schedules in and drabtcally reducing fights overall, airline flight schedules are down 17% compared to the plan they put out at the start of the year. that is according to research from oag it is a service that tracks airline flight schedules america announcing it is zaling back its july schedule by 24%. united trimming it by 22%. so what does it mean for weekend travel plans cnn's phil lebeau covers for us. is this about crew shortage or weather or what is it? >> all of it, shep all of it is kribtding to what we see at airports and airlines. but here is the thing, you would hear people especially on social media saying worst summer ever we have never seen anything like
12:55 am
this at airports really we checked numbers and we are comparing what we are seeing now with june of 2019 -- before pat de pandemic there more cancellations but not dramatically so. look at delays they have increased but again, not by a large amount. and by the way, average delay, about 5, 51mosts so the bottom line right now, flying now is not fun but we have seen this before, it is just getting more attention than ever right now. >> i see complaint numbers are way up i guess we are just getting better at complaining? >> little bit of that. yeah we are getting better at complaining and it brings up what happens if you are on a flight that gets cancelled or a delays are so much that you miss a connecting flight. that is the first thing you should to. go to the app, that's where u going to get help immediately. t fly to flight first flight in the morning, that is crucial because they back up later in the day.
12:56 am
and then finally, if you really are not comfortable get travel insurance. you will have little bit of peace of mind, you will pay for it but if you have a cancelled flight -- and i have been on a cancelled flight, it is nice to have travel insurance. >> thanks very much, phil lebeau a navy destroy you now believed to be the deepest shipwreck located more than 4 miles down divers took six trips to find it it lay broken in half more than 22,000 feet below the water surfwas. an american explorer working a british diving company found it off the japanese coast 89 of its 224 crew members killed in that fight the diving company reports all the data from the discover why will be donated to the u.s. navy the colorado after large are the stanley cup champions.
12:57 am
it their first title in 21 years and it was convincing. the afb lafrm knocked off two-time defending champion tampa bay. lightning lost in game six last night. final score, 2-1 it caps off california's journey back to the top of the league. just five years ago. the avalanche were worst team in the nhl. college baseball crowned a national champion yesterday as well the ole miss rebels, last team in the tournament, they are now the men's college world series champions. but ent on a skid after some injuries but a late-season sweep of miss his and first ever sweep at hated lsu dot themmen ontrack and sneaked into the playoffs. miami, arizona, southern miss, auburn, arkansas, and in the finals, omaha, back to back. they were all no match
12:58 am
rebels landed back home in oxford, mississippi early this afternoon, to the adheres of thousands. a national championship parade is in works for wednesday in -- on town square for the first time in program history. ole miss rebels, my ole miss rebel are the kings of college baseball wow, still can't believe it. one minute on race to the finish new polling since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, nearly 60% of americans tis ag americans disagree with the decision that is according to a cbs news poll taken. and the january-6th committee with a last-minute public hearing set for tomorrow public hearing set for tomorrow 1:00 eastern
12:59 am
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everything you've seen me do was made possible by what you don't see. ♪♪ we all have the strength to see what's possible. it's up to us to unlock it. tonal. be your strongest. it's up to us to unlock it. >> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... kwame kilpatrick... the youngest mayor in the history of detroit. >> i was elected mayor at age 31 years old because i dared mighty things for the citizens of my city. >> there were many people who believed that he was the next generation of leadership. >> narrator: a leader who many hope will bring the swagger back to the motor city. >> he was the hip-hop mayor. he was hanging out with the athletes. >> narrator: but his outrageous temptations lead to unimaginable corruption. >> from the day he walked in, this was about, "how can i make kwame kilpatrick, my family, and my friends richer?" >> the may h $


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