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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 9, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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historically, this phase has been a good time to buy, not a bad one. i think you have to buy this to sell the peak. it is something i tried to do ever since the first time he broke down in the early 1990s. i am betting this time will be no different. boy, does it never hurts to the and. the day after the raid on mar-a-lago, digging deeper i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the search warrant for documents allegedly taken to the palm beach mansion, but is the larger case actually about something else new reporting, and legal analysis the political fallout from the doj move >> trump 2024. >> the trump faithful demanding answers. >> i know doing this 90 days before an election wreaks of politics. >> calls for the justice department to explain what's happening. a break in the case of what
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authorities say they believed could be a serial killer four muslim men dead today a suspect captured and under arrest >> a tip from the community is what helped lead us to this subject. serena williams, ready to retire. >> i can't do this forever. >> what she's planning next, and why she says were she a man, the choice would be different. a new warning about the risk of nuclear fallout in ukraine. hunting pythons in the florida everglades >> hear him hissing? >> now i hear him hiss. and paris hilton betting big on the metaverse live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. good evening the fbi's unprecedented search of former president trump's home unleashing political and legal storm in its wake. could mr. trump be in serious
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legal jeopardy and will this be a rallying cry that fires up his supporters and emboldens mr. trump to run for president again in 2024? here's what we know now about yesterday's search at mar-a-lago nbc news has confirmed the search warrant related to classified documents that former president trump allegedly brought to his palm beach mansion when he left office. sources say fbi agents seized several boxes of documents yesterday. the fbi notified the secret service about the search just hours before agents arrived, and those agents spent the majority of the day at mar-a-lago former president trump was in new york city at the time. he says fbi agents broke into his safe mr. trump is calling it a raid but the feds are pushing back hard on that characterization. a u.s. official says it was an orderly execution of a search warrant. earlier this year "the
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washington post" reported that some of the records were so sensitive that they can't even be described in public the national archives has been fighting to get those records back months ago the national archives asked the justice department to investigate mr. trump's handling of the classified material that's according to "the washington post. the political backlash from yesterday's fbi search has been swift. many republicans rushing to defend mr. trump, and accusing democrats of weaponizing the doj. the top republican in the house, the majority -- the minority leader, kevin mccarthy, is vowing to investigate the justice department if the gop takes back the house in november in fact, he's warning the attorney general merrick garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar. tonight, a group of house republicans is set to meet with the former president for dinner in bedminster, new jersey, where the former president owns a golf club and has been spending the summer in a moment, we'll get legal analysis from the former federal
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prosecutor and discuss the political fallout with politico's national political correspondent. but first, cnbc's senior washington correspondent, eamon javers, with the latest as we have it on the investigation eamon. >> shep, i texted with the department of justice last night and this morning and they're being really tight-lipped here no comment at all from the doj you can understand why that would be former fbi director's james comey 2016 decision to publicly discuss the bureau's investigation into hillary clinton's email server was broadly blasted as an your fair departure from procedure that may have changed the course of the election so as best we can tell, this one is being conducted much more by the book as a result, there's a whole lot that we don't know here, including what specifically is in the classified documents that trump held at mar-a-lago, and why now? this issue has been brewing for months, so why do the search this particular week "the washington post" reported earlier this year that the national archives was feuding with trump aides at mar-a-lago
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over 15 boxes of documents, some marked top secret, that the president had moved from the white house to his post-presidential residence. by may, though, it was clear that a federal grand jury was investigating the situation. at that time a trump spokesman told "the post" that trump had handled all documents in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. trump's lawyers met with doj investigators in june at mar-a-lago to review materials in a storage area. now, according to trump's lawyer, the doj felt the area at that time was not properly secured, so they added a lock to the facility a trump lawyer was present through the search yesterday so something clearly has changed to spark that search last night. mishandling classified documents is a crime and the presidential records act sets rules on how former commanders in chief are supposed to handle these documents, shep. >> eamon, this has prompted a huge outcry from the political right. >> it really has
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it's been astonishing. we've seen users on pro-trump forums telling people to, quote, lock and load, calling for, quote, civil war and even urging pro-trump supporters to head to mar-a-lago one of the people posting on monday on these forums is a january 6th defendant who said online that he's awaiting sentencing for his role in the attack on the u.s. capitol now, all of that is raising fears of more january 6th type violence against law enforcement officials in support of trump. the white house press secretary, karine jean-pierre said today there's no place for political violence in this country although people have the right to speak out, she said, she said the white house is asking americans to remain peaceful in the wake of the fbi search, shep. >> eamon javers reporting, thank you very much. renato, this by all accounts was a dramatic step by the doj, but does the possibility of mishandled classified documents warrant all of this?
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or could there be far more to it than that? >> i think there's definitely more to it than just the mishandling of classified documents, shep. one of a few things has happened here either there is some plus factor, in other words, like willfully transferring classified material to a third party, destroying documents in some way or perhaps, you know, misusing them, leaving them in a spot where they could be captured by a foreign adversary, something along those lines. also -- there's also, i think, a possibility where, for example, given those negotiations with the justice department, perhaps his attorneys made representations that the justice department could determine were false about the documents and they were concerned about the safety of those documents as a result. >> republicans and even some democrats are asking for an immediate explanation from the doj. it's an ongoing investigation. that would be way outside the norm but could they, and should they?
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>> well, i have to say i do think that there's some -- i think that there is some reason for public concern here. that said, i think the example of james comey and his public statements really counsels against going outside of the justice department norm and making a bunch of statements regarding an ongoing investigation. i think the wisest course here is for the justice department to pursue the most conservative course possible in terms of statements to the public ultimately, obviously the trump team has the search warrant and the inventory of seized assets they certainly could reveal that if they wanted to. but in the meantime, i think the proper thing to do is to kind of take -- handle this by the book. >> renato, thanks very much. the former president is fund-raising off the fbi search. his team sent an email out today asking supporters to give money to stand up against what he
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calls the never-ending witch hunt republicans from all corners of the party coming to his defense. the florida governor, ron desantis, writing the raid of mar-a-lago is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the regime's political opponents. the georgia congresswoman, marjorie taylor greene, going further. defund the fbi even former vice president pence who was branded a traitor by the former president backed him up i share the deep concern of millions of americans over the unprecedented search of the personal residence of president trump. one top republican, however, has not commented at all, even when asked directly for his reaction. >> i'm here today to talk about the flood and the recovery from the flood. >> the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell there, choosing not to answer. the white house today rejecting any accusation that the search was politically motivated. >> he believes in the rule of law, in the independence of the
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justice department investigations, that those investigations should be free from political influence and he has held that commitment as president. >> the press secretary there adding that no one at the white house was made aware of the fbi's actions. let's turn to meredith mcgraw now, national political correspondent for politico meredith, we know former president trump has been considering a run for 2024 that is no secret. but would this speed up his decision as apparently so many in his inner circle are suggesting >> yeah, last night the former president was getting lots of encouragement from allies of his that he should jump in the race even sooner and announce a 2024 run. it was notable that one of his closest aides, dan scavino, put it out there on twitter, trump 2024 as he was making calls today, that was a continued sentiment that was shared. for people around trump and for trump himself, this search has been seen as a kind of
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politically galvanizing force for him ahead of any potential 2024 announcement. >> you know, there is a scenario, obviously, under which mr. trump and governor desantis could run against one another in the primary for president. what does that do -- what does this do to that dynamic? >> that's a good question. as i was talking to somebody close to trump last night, as all of this was unfolding, they did point later on to desantis' statement of support and outrage over this and said that this fbi search could end up being a unifying point for members of the republican party but i did hear from people around trump who said that they were disappointed in people like senator tim scott who was one of the more cautious republicans today and said that it was prudent to wait and see what happens here and let the legal system play itself out so even within the republican party, there are still divides on display when it comes to president trump. >> meredith mcgraw from politico, thanks congress is now a step
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closer to getting its hands on former president trump's tax returns. a federal appeals court ruling unanimously that the house ways and means committee can obtain mr. trump's tax records from the irs. democrats have been seeking them for years as part of an investigation into his company's finances the committee reports it expects to receive the requested tax returns immediately. but the court is giving the former president seven days to appeal before its ruling actually takes effect immediately. mr. trump has a couple of legal options here he can appeal directly to the supreme court or ask this circuit court to rehear his case. cops in new mexico say they have their primary suspect in the killings of four muslim men. the evidence, they say, links him to at least two of those crimes taiwan's foreign minister says china is now preparing for something a lot bigger and now the island nation is taking action on its own
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like you took care of me. te quiero, mamá. only at vanguard you're more than just an investor you're an owner. helping you take care of the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. police in albuquerque have arrested the primary suspect in the killings of four muslim men. they say he now faces charges in two of their deaths and that they're investigating whether he killed the other two men as well >> five days ago, we came to the public and asked you guys for help, just five days ago in five days we've identified 51-year-old mohammed sayeed as the person who perpetrated the two crimes >> police say that a tip led them to sayeed while they were getting ready, they saw him get into the car for which they were searching and leave the home
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they stopped that car and arrested him they say they found multiple guns, including one in his car and one in his home that they say tiehim to the two murders. the president of the islamic center of new mexico spoke to "the new york times. he said three of the victims attended that mosque he told "the times" authorities suggested the suspect, who's a sunni muslim, may have killed the victims because he was angry that his daughter married a shiite muslim. police responded to that report today. >> we do have some information about those events taking place, but we're not really clear if that was the actual motive, if it was part of the motive or there's a bigger picture that we're missing. >> the brother of one of the victims told nbc news he's relieved that cops arrested the suspect. he said to us, we can now take our kids to parks. we can go shopping we no longer feel that fear. a warning from taiwan's foreign minister now
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china is using its unprecedented military drills to prepare for a full-scale invasion of the self-governing island. he told reporters that china wants to establish its dominance in the western pacific that would include controlling the east and south china seas through the taiwan strait. the foreign minister says beijing is also planning to impose a blockade to prevent the u.s. and other allies from helping taiwan in the event of an attack. he did not offer a timeline on when he believes china would invade the island, but at the pentagon, officials insist beijing is not planning to invade taiwan, at least for the next two years this comes as china conducted more military drills around the island today beijing reports this video shows chinese warships and fighter jets encircling taiwan the drills were scheduled to end on sunday, but china extended them beijing considers taiwan of course a breakaway province that rightfully belongs to china.
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cnbc's eunice yoon is live in beijing for us eunice, taiwan now carrying out its own military drills. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, shep taiwan's military held live fire artillery drills on its southeastern coast officials say that the army will continue to train and accumulate strength to deal with the threat from china today taiwan's defense ministry said it detected ten chinese ships and 45 jets around the island china's military said it extended its war games around taiwan for a second day, focusing on containment and resupply logistics after earlier practicing anti-submarine and sea assault tactics in an apparent effort to target u.s. support. the pla is conducting live fire exercises for one month off the korean peninsula, close to japan. taiwan says so far no chinese forces have entered the island's territorial airspace or waters, so within 12 nautical miles of
7:18 pm
land, as had been feared china is now ramping up its propaganda campaign after online chinese map services featured taiwan in greater detail last week state media and diplomats have started to publish posts and articles highlighting signs of chinese culture in taiwanese cities, which they said bolstered beijing's claim of sovereignty. a video posted on the account of state broadcaster cctv showed street signs in taipei carrying the names of chinese cities and prov provinces. shep, taiwan's foreign minister said that beijing's efforts are really meant to harm the morale on the island, but he vowed that the island would not be intimidated and in fact taiwan is going to continue to carry out more drills this week. >> eunice yoon live this wednesday morning in beijing. at the white house today, president biden signed a
7:19 pm
landmark bill aimed at countering and competing with china. they're calling it the c.h.i.p.s. and science act the main goal, boost semiconductor chip making in the united states. the president described the bill as a once in a generation investment according to the white house right now, east asia produces 75% of all semiconductors worldwide. the u.s. produces only about 10%. president biden says this new legislation will help ease reliance on other countries. >> the future of the chip industry is going to be made in america. decades from now, people will look back at this week with all we've passed and all we moved on, that we met the moment at this inflection point in history. >> lawmakers worked on the bill for more than a year congress passed it last month with bipartisan support. it provides more than $50 billion for the u.s. semiconductor industry it also green lights another $200 billion for high-tech research and development
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anne heche crashed her car into a house and then the house caught on fire the actress survived, as did the tenant but now the cops have some questions. what they obtained a search warrant for, as we learn more about what else happened that day. plus, she conquered reality tv now she's eyeing the meta verse. cnbc talks with paris lthion about her big plans for the virtual world. on a comprehensive wealth plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect.
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paris hilton, she helped pioneer the age of reality tv. now she's taking on the virtual world, crowning herself queen of the metaverse. paris hilton says she has her own virtual clothing line and nft collection, even her own world. she gave cnbc's julia boorstin a personal tour. >> hey, guys it's paris hilton. welcome to the neon carnival in paris world. the hottest after-party in the
7:23 pm
metaverse. >> reporter: dubbed queen of the metaverse, paris hilton built her own world inside roblox, a platform for games and events, where her avatar dj is headlining a kneon carnival festival and a new year's eve party. >> new year's eve i was dj'ing in the maldives. there was more people at paris world than there was at new york or times square. i think it's just amazing how i'll be able to not have to travel so much being married now, i don't want to be on a plane 250 days out of the year. >> reporter: today she's announcing her expansion into another metaverse platform, the sand box here she'll sell paris-inspired nfts and host social events such as rooftop parties in her maldue mansion. >> right now we're focusing on the experiences and not the monetization because that's not the focus. but we're going to be doing digital wearables and working with different brands.
7:24 pm
>> reporter: she's selling digital track suits, ultimately imagining ways to link virtual and physical items. >> we want to be able to do where people could buy the track suit and also get a digital version for their avatar to wear. >> reporter: hilton is a long-time investor in crypto, and a backer of genies, allowing yorsz to create their own avatars. she sold a series of nfts, including one last year that went for over $1 million ultimately hilton sees these virtual worlds becoming the future of entertainment. >> imagine being like in a metaverse that looks like the moon or you're watching your favorite tv show you're in your living room but around you, you feel like you're in this magical place. i think that's really exciting. >> reporter: in the meantime, she's continuing to dj in the real world her goal, to reach as many people as possible, wherever they may be. >> not everyone is able to go to tomorrowland or go to these
7:25 pm
shows. it makes it accessible to so many people who aren't able to do that. >> reporter: roblox says 544,000 people have visited its paris world, though they don't report how much revenue it has generated. but hilton's company says that across its properties it will generate tens of millions of dollars in annual profit it is worth noting that hilton has promoted crypto and nfts since before that market dropped and of course it's still uncertain how metaverse investments will play out. shep. >> julia, are there any other celebrities that are this interested in the metaverse? >> we have seen various other celebrities make moves into the metaverse. justin bieber and travis scott have done virtual concerts in virtual worlds we've seen a number of other celebrities make investments such as snoop dogg did build his land in the sand box, which is where paris hilton is moving as of today we've seen investments preaunga chop ra and camilla cabelo
7:26 pm
>> julia boorstin, thanks very much. we're one year on from the u.s. pulling out of afghanistan. that country, of course, now in the hands of the taliban coming up, a marine who helped get people out describes the moments he will never forget. and cutting his testimony short. the demands a trump ally made to the january 6th committee that were rejected. and the late-breaking information about a trump confidant, one who was part of the attempt to overthrow the previous election, who just got a visit from investigators of his own. the news and the analysis as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. member ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. look what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance...
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daring or thoughtful. sensitive or strong. progress isn't either or. progress is everything. today a grand jury in mississippideclined to indict the white woman whose accusation led to the lynching of emmitt till nearly 70 years ago, carolyn bryant donham accused then 14-year-old emmitt till of making improper advances towards her. then donham's husband and brother-in-law kidnapped till, killed him and dumped his body in a river the sheriff arrested the two white men and charged them with murder then after a few hours of deliberation, an all-white jury infamously found both men not guilty at the time there was also a warrant out for donham's arrest,
7:29 pm
though we didn't know it until later. we now know police never took her into custody two months ago a team of researchers found the unserved warrant in a mississippi county courthouse emmitt till's family demanded that the state's justice system hold donham accountable. but after more than seven hours of testimony, a grand jury determined there wasn't enough evidence to indict today the last living witness of till's abduction, his cousin, called the decision unfortunate, but predictable. walmart is looking to join the streaming wars, and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. walmart is reportedly in talks to make a deal with some major media companies. that's according to "the new york times." it reports walmart has already had meetings with executives from paramount, disney, and cnbc's parent company, comcast walmart is apparently looking to eventually had movies and tv shows to its walmart plus
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membership bundle. coca-cola is going green the company debuting an eco-friendly packaging system in new york it will replace the plastic ring holders on its six-packs it's already in use in europe and is estimated to have eliminated 1500 tons of plastic last year. and the fast food chain sonic announcing it's bringing back the pickle juice slush. the drink first hit sonic's drive-through menu in 2018 and the restaurant reports it's been a fan favorite ever since. if that's not enough to satisfy your pickle craving, sonic is also adding the big dill cheeseburger to the menu both items available through august 28th. today at the pump, the average nationwide for a gallon of gas, $4.03. costs down every day for 56 straight days to the lowest level in five months still, a gallon costs 84 cents more than it did this time last year [ bell ringing ]
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on wall street, the dow down 58, s&p down 18, the nasdaq down 151. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news brand new tonight, the republican congressman scott perry of pennsylvania says the fbi agents have seized his cell phone. he says it happened today, one day after the fbi launched the unprecedented search of former president trump's home in florida. congressman perry is a staunch trump ally, who played a key role in the former president's efforts to overturn the election, according to the january 6th committee. the committee has also accused him of seeking a pardon from the trump white house after the deadly insurrection. in a statement to nbc news, congressman perry says three fbi agents approached him this morning while he was traveling with his family, handed him a warrant and told him to turn over his phone scott perry says he's outraged,
7:32 pm
though not surprised that the fbi under the direction of merrick garland's doj would seize the phone of a sitting member of congress donald ayre is back with us again, deputy attorney general in the first bush administration donald, thanks republicans pouncing and deflecting the process the house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, just moments ago accused the justice department of targeting members of congress and the former president but the context is first a document search at mar-a-lago last night or yesterday, now a phone seize with someone who attempted to help over turn the election are these dots connectible >> i think they're part of a process we've known has been going on quite a while and it's reached the phase where actions have to be taken that do become public it's our system and it has been throughout certainly my lifetime and yours that investigations
7:33 pm
take place and they're very much limited by the requirement in most cases of having to go and get a warrant from a judge and it's a detailed and a very rigorous process it applies to the search of mar-a-lago, it applies certainly to the seizure as congressman perry reported of his own phone. and that's how the process works. there's every reason to think that it's going forward in the appropriate way. the nature of the process is one where it's totally wrong and not the way we go at it to have public reports on why things are happening. that would be very unfair to the people who were being investigated, because you'd be spreading all sorts of information about suspicious conduct on the public record. >> of course in the normal world. but, donald, this is public not because of anything the government did, but because of
7:34 pm
who was searched donald trump is the one who released all of this and now the machine around him is ginning up all of this fury one side of this argument doesn't seem to understand the process. would a response of some sort, given these extraordinary circumstances, be responsible? >> well, i think -- i think that merrick garland has repeatedly, i think, educated the public and spoken on the issue of how this all works. he's said repeatedly that he is not going to be giving comments on the ongoing investigation, even though he's been clea there is an ongoing investigation. he's been clear, i think he said this is the most important investigation in the history of the department of justice. so he's given an explanation i really have to say i think it's only the people who willfully don't want to understand, but even more they don't want other people to understand what's going on here who are spreading the idea that
7:35 pm
there's something inappropriate. there's nothing inappropriate at all about what happened. >> well, you know that and everybody who knows anything about the legal system knows that but there are millions of people caught up in a certain media ecosystem who at this moment likely don't understand that at all. on top of the search of mr. trump's florida home, we've since learned according to trump's own lawyer that investigators visited mar-a-lago back in june reports are they padlocked an area because they don't want anybody getting in there does that raise any further questions for you about what may have precipitated this search? >> well, there's been a lot of talk today about what the search is about and is the search really a separate thing from the january 6th issues and is it only really limited to questions of document removal from the white house. i think -- i think the answer is i don't know and i don't think you know and i don't think we have a way to know exactly the ground because quite
7:36 pm
appropriately, again, the affidavit for the warrant hasn't been released. releasing the affidavit to tell the world about what went on would be highly unfair, among other things, to spread word of what suspicious things are out there. that's exactly what we don't do in order to be fair to the people who are being investigated so i think there are lots of issues that we're all curious about, but the way the process has always worked and quite properly is that we have to wait and see. we have a justice department that's doing its job in the right way, and the fact that there are a lot of people who want to scream about how inappropriate it is, as you say, there are people who don't want to understand and they don't want other people to understand. and i don't know what you can do about that you've got to do -- you've got to use the system the way it's designed and the way it works. >> i don't know what to do about
7:37 pm
it either. donald ayer, thank you so much again tonight. the former secretary of state, mike pompeo, testified in front of the january 6th committee. that's according to two sources familiar with the deposition the former white house aide, cassidy hutchinson, testified back in june that mike pompeo had reached out to her boss, the chief of staff, mark meadows she said after the insurrection, pompeo called to warn mark meadows that cabinet secretaries were discussing invoking the 25th amendment that move would have removed president trump from office. >> mr. pompeo reached out to have a conversation with mr. meadows in case he hadn't heard the discussions amongst the cabinet secretaries. from what i understand it was more of a this is what i'm hearing. i want you to be aware of it but i also think it's worth putting on your radar because you are the chief of staff you're technically the boss of all the cabinet secretaries. >> so that was from the january 6th committee. other testimony today in front
7:38 pm
of the committee was suddenly cut short. doug mastriano is the republican candidate for governor in pennsylvania he met with the panel less than 15 minutes his lawyer said he didn't answer any questions at all committee members said they wanted to question him about his efforts to help former president trump overturn the 2020 election now he's promising to take legal action against the committee mastriano offered to testify only if lawmakers allowed him to record the entire interview or if they waited until after his campaign ends. his attorney said the committee rejected those terms as president biden prepares to celebrate some of his enormous victories, he's about to be haunted by what critics call his biggest failure, that chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan which happened one year ago today the taliban had overrun six capitals and were closing in on kabul. less than a week later they reached the capital. the result, desperation from
7:39 pm
afghan civilians and allies seeking to catch a u.s. flight out. critics accused the white house of being unprepared and flat-footed, despite the early intelligence warnings that the afghan military would collapse and that kabul would fall. isis, of course action wepgt went on to carry out a bombing where thousands had gathered in a bid to escape. 11 marines, a soldier and a sailor all killed, and nearly 200 civilians all dead after the u.s.-led plane took off from kabul, the administration vowed to keep helping afghan allies leave. a year later, we have a report card the department of homeland security reports since last august it's resettled more than 80,000 afghan refugees in the united states. but many, many more are left behind in fact, a senior administration official tells nbc news as of last month, more than 70,000 afghans who applied for special
7:40 pm
immigrant visas before september of 2021 are still in afghanistan. elliott ackerman is with us now, marine veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan he helped get afghans out during the chaotic withdrawal and he's now the author of a new book "the final act, america's end in afghanistan. elliott, thanks so much. a year later, what's your assessment of the white house's efforts to get our allies, our partners in afghanistan out? >> well, unfortunately, you know, a year later there really is no method to get those afghans who are still trapped in the country under the taliban out. what we should really be focusing on as well is what we can do for the afghans who have come to the united states and there is legislation such as the afghan adjustment act that will make it easier for them to settle and work in the u.s but ultimately as you alluded to in the top of the piece, this is a massive failure for the united
7:41 pm
states and the biden administration how this withdrawal went one year ago >> you've said that you helped get some 200 people out. is there one who might stand out to you and a story you might share with our audience? >> when so much of this was happening, the word i've fallen onto is it was a collapse. one of the things for many veterans involved in this, it was a collapse of time and so in my own case, one of the two marine units that was stationed at the airport was my old unit from iraq. and i had a buddy of mine, we met in our early 20s in quantico he's now in his 40s. he commanded that unit he and his marines were able to help a number of afafghans, to include the family of one of my former interpreters get out in those chaotic two weeks before the final u.s. troops left at the end of august. >> elliott ackerman, thanks so much for your efforts and for joining us again tonight
7:42 pm
the head of the united nations is condemning the fighting around europe's largest nuclear plant in southeastern ukraine. he told reporters yesterday in tokyo that any attack on a nuclear facility is suicidal russian forces seized that power plant five months ago shortly after they invaded ukraine rockets have reportedly hit the nuclear power plant in recent days three of the guides there that tell us what the radiation levels are have been damaged recent days, russian and ukrainian officials have blamed each other for the attacks last week the head of the nuclear watchdog called on both countries to let experts visit the complex. he told the associated press the conditions are, in his words, completely out of control. a school district taking a stand in the debate over guns on campus deciding to have ar-15s at every school ready to go what led to the decision, and who will be responsible for using those weapons.
7:43 pm
plus, serena williams announces she's giving up the game her final tournament, the one record she regrets not breaking, and the moves she's mangn e sissorldki i
7:44 pm
7:45 pm
tennis fans are going to miss her serena williams says she's finally ready to step away from the game, the sport she's dominated more than two decades. in an essay published today in "vogue" magazine, serena williams wrote i have never liked the word "retirement." maybe the best word to describe what i'm up to is evolution. i'm here to tell you that i'm evolving away from tennis, toward other things that are important to me. serena williams turns 41 next month. she says it's time to focus on growing her family and her business serena williams is widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes ever. she's a 23-time grand slam champion, and a four-time olympic gold medalist.
7:46 pm
she has 73 singles titles and 23 doubles titles now serena williams says she plans to call it quits after the u.s. open set for later this month. outside the stadium in new york city, here's cnbc's valerie castro. >> reporter: this month's "vogue" cover featureding tennis superstar serena williams and her farewell to the sport, saying i'm terrible at good-byes. her 4-year-old daughter olympia also on the cover. williams says one reason she's stepping away from the game is the desire to expand her family, pointing out she can't do both if i were a guy i wouldn't be writing this because i'd be out there playing and winning while my wife was doing the physical labor of expanding our family, adding i definitely don't want to be pregnant again as an athlete. besides being a mother, her attention also turning to her growing venture capital company, serena ventures, raising millions for companies founded by women. >> she's an epitome and role model for women.
7:47 pm
>> reporter: dannette layton is ceo of the women sports foundation. >> i give her a lot of credit for talking about the importance of family and trying to strike that balance as well as being the competitive elite athlete that she's been for so long. now she wants to pay it forward. >> reporter: williams is the highest earning female tennis player ever, taking home $94 million in winnings. the former number one ranked player on pace to tie the record set by margaret court if she wins the u.s. open later this year her chance to beat it gone after losing wimbledon earlier this summer williams writing i'd be lying if i said i didn't want that record she hinted at her future plans monday following a win at the open in canada. >> what is it that continues to drive you or keeps you hungry in the sport? >> i don't know. i guess there's just a light at the end of the tunnel. i can't do this forever. so it's just like sometimes you
7:48 pm
just want to try your best to enjoy the moment and do the best that you can. >> reporter: and another tennis legend, billie jean king, is the founder of the women's sports foundation she issued astatement earlier today saying in part serena will forever be known as a champion who won on the court and raised the global profile of the sport off of it. the u.s. open here in queens is expected to be serena's last grand slam tournament and it kicks off in just a few weeks. shep. >> valerie castro, live at the usta billie jean king national tennis center in flushing. we're learning more about the moments that led up to the car crash that left actor anne heche in a coma. her representative gave new information about the actor's condition just yesterday he said heche is on a ventilator and will need surgery for her burns. anne heche rammed her car into a los angeles home now police are putting together a timeline of the day. here's what we have. just an hour before the crash,
7:49 pm
actually a half hour before the crash, heche visited a wig shop. the owner of the shop snapped this selfie with the actor, telling "the los angeles times" anne heche was acting like a sweet little girl. tmz obtained these images. it was around this time that witnesses say heche crashed into a garage at an apartment complex. they say they tried to help her before she sped off. then just one street away, this surveillance video reportedly captures heche's speeding car. moments later, she hit the house, her car bursting into flames you can see the damage to the vehicle there. cops say they got a warrant for the blood sample from the actor to test for drugs and alcohol, but that the results could take weeks. anne heche faces possible dui and hit-and-run charges according to cops. in a statement, a lawyer for a woman who was renting the home where heche crashed the car said in part that she's devastated by what happened to her on friday,
7:50 pm
not only because she and her pets lost their lives or almost did, but because all of her property was destroyed some students in north carolina are heading back to class in two weeks in schools where officers will have access to ar-15s. the sheriff in madison county on the border with tennessee says all six of the public schools there will have a semi-automatic gun on campus. he says the deadly shooting at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, prompted the move here's how the sheriff says it will work. school resource officers will have use of the rifles they are reportedly training to use them now they plan to lock the ar-15s inside a safe in each of the schools along with extra magazines with ammo and breaching tools to help break through barricaded doors, all to prepare for a possible active shooter situation. the school superintendent says he backs the plan but gun safety experts are slamming the move. they say more guns mean more
7:51 pm
violence we've got a lot of complaints the rent's too high, the internet's too slow. don't even get us started on air travel well, now the top consumer complaints are out so what did we collectively moan and groan about the very most over the past year plus, the mission, kill as many pythons in a ten-day window as you can so perry russom tagged along with one hunter who shows us how she does it, and the snakes are not going down without a fight >> that's going after it too. >> oh, yeah. they'll probably get me. he's a fiesty one. this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah only at vanguard you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too.
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find rewards like these and so many more in the xfinity app. it's python hunting season in the florida evereverglades. each year state wildlife officials hold the contest the goal, catch and humanely kill the most and the longest burmese pythons. they're an invasive species in florida. according to wildlife officials,
7:54 pm
pythons prey on native birds, mammals and reptiles, even gators in the dead of night, python hunters descend on the everglades to nab the nocturnal species. more than 800 competitors from 32 different states and canada have signed up cnbc's perry russom went into the swamp to tagalong with a woman who calls herself the python huntress. hi, perry. >> reporter: her name is amy and we spent seven hours with her overnight ending up at 2:30 in the morning. we traveled more than 30 miles here in the everglades looking and hunting for pythons. there's no sign for this, right place, right time and a lot of luck our day starts in the dark standing in the flatbed of a truck. we go 5 miles an hour. the road is a levy where two canals meet in the everglades. the web of a spider, the eyes of an alligator close by. >> i moved here specifically to hunt pythons.
7:55 pm
>> reporter: amy is our guide, a former real estate agent from indiana who moved south to catch apex predators in the wetlands. >> this is way more fun than selling houses although houses pay better than pythons, i will say that. >> reporter: in her hand a homemade lamp powered by the truck's engine, scanning the dark. >> don't take your eyes off the levy. >> i'm not. >> reporter: in the brush, something red. >> look at this little guy. >> reporter: a corn snake, native to florida, competing with pythons for food. >> and this guy is actually pretty skinny. >> reporter: we see something stretch across the road. >> first one of the night. >> reporter: a young python she will have to euthanize soon. >> hear him hissing? >> oh, now i hear him hissing. >> reporter: the python bites. and it draws first blood it goes into a pillow case and now rides in the back with us. minutes later -- >> yeah! >> reporter: another python. its stomach still swollen from a
7:56 pm
meal. >> how old do you think this one is >> maybe a month. >> reporter: another pillow case -- >> swoop him right in. >> reporter: and into the box. >> how much of a dent do you think the python hunting is actually doing in the python population here? >> there are between 100,000 and 300,000 pythons out here, right? and in five years, we've caught about 15,000 so it seems like it's this never-ending battle, that we'll never win. but you just don't know. 20 years from now we might have made a difference. >> reporter: you know, there's something a little unsettling about standing next to somebody who is laughing as a snake is biting them. just a little strange but you get used to it after a while shep, they make these pythons into belts i'm not sure what your waist size is, but shoot me a text and we'll finds you something nice for christmas. >> i'm going to pass i'm recoiled when she got bitten there. no thanks on the pythons perry, thanks for the trip,
7:57 pm
appreciate it. american consumers last year complained about car-related issues more than anything else car related. that's according to the consumer federation of america's latest consumer complaint survey. for the sixth year in a row, auto sales and repairs topped the list according to the survey, consumers complained pricing, mechanical defects and unfinished repairs coming in second, landlord and tenant disputes. rounding out the top three, home improvement repairs and contractors. a true act of sportsmanship on the little league diamond in the southwest region championship game. a texas east pitcher hit a batter in the helmet there the oklahoma player as you see collapsed at the plate before dusting himself off and heading down to first base but then the umpire called time and the pitcher, clearly upset it all happened. now watch what came next >> this is really cool because as a pitcher --
7:58 pm
>> you're doing great, let's go. he said that got both players a standing ovation from the crowd. 45 seconds on a race to the finish sources say the fbi search of former president trump's home in florida was related to classified documents that he allegedly brought with him when he left office the republican congressman scott perry says fbi agents seized his cell phone this morning. he's a staunch trump ally who played a key role in the former president's efforts to overturn the election according to the january 6th select committee. and police say they have arrested the primary suspect in the killings of four muslim men in albuquerque he's an immigrant from afghanistan and the motive may have been interpersonal conflict and now you know the news of this tuesday, august the 9th, 2022 i'm shepard smith. thanks for checking in we'll e u ckertorrseyoba he moow night. an't open a new shop or a new location without the right people in place. i couldn't keep up until i found ziprecruiter. ziprecruiter helps us get out there quickly and get us qualified candidates quickly. they sent us applicants that matched what i was looking for.
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