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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 27, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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out of my cousin's mother. nothing else has changed. somewhere and i promise to find it here for you on "mad money.". "the news with shepard smith" starts now to decide who could control the united states senate, the chair recognizes the people of pennsylvania i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc who should be involved in an abortion decision. >> i want local polite cam leaders. >> you said you don't support fracking. >> i don't -- i don't -- i support fracking and i stand and i do support fracking. >> pennsylvania's choice could decide control of washington who's taking pictures of voters at ballot drop boxes. >> every deputy i'm pulling off
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the street to baby-sit a drop box or polling site is one less deputy to go to a call. >> the dangers of deeply divided politics. historic swings in costs and demand where will it go from here we'll ask the ceo of redfin live. sailing into the eye of a hurricane. >> i really believed i was saving lives. >> wait until you see how they're getting storm info now the live saving technology and what it's revealing. miss usa, y'all. >> is it rigged. >> the miss usa president suspended. >> too much evidence of favoritism. investigating a woman's claim that her dad was a serial killer. and want to quit smoking are mushrooms the magic? live from cnbc, the facts. the truth. "the news with shepard smith." and good evening could a single debate in a
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single state determine which party controls the united states senate it could with just 13 days to go until election day, that is the critical question after last night's senate debate in the commonwealth of pennsylvania democrat john fetterman and the republican mehmet oz faced off for the first and only time and it was different fetterman suffered with his speech showing the effects of the stroke he suffered five months ago when the moderator repeatedly asked if he would release his health records, he opted not to. >> i've been very transparent about the fact that i've been open, i'm using captioning the real doctors, they all believe i'm ready to be served. >> i didn't hear you say you would release your full medical records. why not? you have 30 seconds. >> my doctor believes i'm fit to be serving and that's where i believe where i'm standing. >> translate, no records
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meanwhile mehmet oz added them an attack ad on a platter. he turned them into a 30-second spot >> this is who dr. oz wants in charge of women's health care decisions. >> i want women, doctors, local political leaders. local political leaders. local political leaders. >> oz would like politicians like doug mastery an know ban aboriton without exceptions. >> that was quick, right most likely voters in pa had already made up their mind 90% said they were sure who would get their vote only 9% said their minds might change cnbc's senior congressional correspondent ylan mui tracked the event. >> reporter: even fetterman's campaign is not trying to claim they won the debate.
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they are trying to capitalize on it his office said they raised $2 million since last night they plan to use the money to help pay for the attack ad that you just played. oz has plenty of material to work with as well, like this exchange when the moderators asked fetterman to explain his apparent flip flopping on fracking. >> mr. oz, i want to clarify something. you're saying tonight you support fracking, that you've always supported fraging the 2018 interview you said i don't support fracking at all. how do you support the two >> i -- i -- i do support fracking and i don't -- i don't -- i support fracking and i stand -- and i do support fracking >> reporter: fetterman's campaign laid some of the stumbling on the closed captioning system. he said it was riddled with errors that next star pointed
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the finger right back and accused fetterman of only going to one of the two rehearse alls. know each committed to backing their party's presumptive nominees fetterman got behind biden and today the candidates are back in their respective comfort zones oz appeared with nikki haley where he slammed fetterman as soft on crime. meanwhile, fetterman will be at a get out the vote rally in pittsburgh with the dave mathews band shep, there's not much time to make their pitch. >> thanks very much. let's turn to kevin madden kevin, thanks so much. very few undecided voters left in pennsylvania but if you get all of that 9%, that could be a thing. i mean, could last night have done that or no? >> absolutely. this race could be decided by, you know, a couple -- 10,000
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voters that are still undecided. you know, if you're an undecided voter, you haven't been yet persuaded by the avalanche of ads you've seen. you haven't yet been persuaded by some of the media coverage that's been nonstop around the state so you're looking at a debate that's your probably best last chance to compare the candidates so one of the difficult things for the fetterman campaign when you have as lopsided a debate performance as this, oz coming out as the clear winner and in many cases fetterman having a hard time demonstrating any command on many of the issues that really matter, it really could make a big difference in this race. a race that's only going to be decided by about 1 or 2%. >> of course, fetterman did try to make the oz abortion line stick. he already has that ad out is that a play that lands really beyond pennsylvania? >> look, it's really outside -- if you're looking where that ad's going to probably have the most impact, it's the suburban
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women voters that have a swing voter profile in the state the other thing if you look at this tactically, when you have a debate performance that was as poor as fetterman had, the number one thing have you to do is change the conversation change the subject put the -- go on the attack against your opponent. so this ad, you know, with the money that he's raised today, is really going to be one of the last best chances that fetterman has to really reverse some of the momentum that oz has picked up as a result of this debate. >> you know, in nearly all of these debates there are those questions about former president trump. here's one exchange last night from the gubernatorial debate in new york. >> is donald trump a great president? >> i worked closely with him on -- >> yes or no yes or no? >> he's allowed to have a minute like you. >> you don't get a yes or no on that congressman zeldin didn't answer he rattled on about the accomplishments in the trump years. you wonder, are these democrats doing the right thing with that? or are they looking forward to some future time in a democrat's
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dream where there's bars and chains what is this >> yeah, totally they're convinced that the profile of donald trump is toxic. inside the suburban areas. nassau county, even some of the counties, collared counties, upstate metropolitan areas like syracuse, they're convinced that's the way you make the -- you put your opponent on defense if you're republican zeldin and others have been very adept at focusing on the big picture. it's a mid term decided less by donald trump's profile in the suburbs and defined by the kitchen table issues economy, inflation that's what's going to drive the vote. >> kevin madden as always, appreciate ya. >> great to be with you. another woman has come forward now, another one against
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her shell walker 1993 herschel walker, the gop's anti-abortion candidate in georgia's crucial senate race, he's the -- he's calling the latest accusation a lie and foolis foolishness. he went on to fox news. >> we have to address the elephant in the room today, and that is another accuser has come forward. how do you respond to na >> well, that's a lie and i've said that's a lie. i hope people can see right now that raphael warnock and the left will do whatever they can to win this seat back. >> you're saying you don't know this person? >> what i'm saying, this is a lie and i have said it once and i moved on my cam pin, my campaign moved on. >> this latest accuser did not show her face or reveal her name but today she did speak at a news conference. the woman said she had an affair with herschel walker in the late '80s and early '90s.
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claimed she became pregnant. walker gave her money for an abortion when she got to the clinic she got too emotional and backed out. >> when i told her shell what had happened, he was upset and said that he was going to go back with me to the clinic the next day for me to have an abortion he then drove me to the clinic the following day, and waited for hours in the parking lot until i came out he pressured me to have an abortion and personally ensured that it occurred by driving me to the clinic and paying for it. >> well, the accuser's attorney is gloria allred she showed greeting cards and pictures this latest accuser told "the daily beast" and "new york times" that her shell walker pressured her to get an abortion, urged her to get a
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second abortion and she refused and had that child herschel walker also repeatedly denied those claims. as the nmid-terms clear, they're worried about the process. investigating lots of reports of stroet er -- voter intimidatin they said vigilantes, their word, were seen loitering around ballot boxes. >> reporter: amid complaints of armed masked groups wearing tactical gear and recording voters, a sheriff has stepped up security at balance loss boxes. >> it troubles me others feel okay to act out in criminal threats trying to undermine democracy under this cloak of patriotism and in doing so what they're doing is they're
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destroying the most important institution in our nation, the freedom and right to vote. >> reporter: his office is investigating this incident captured on cell phone video where a woman tried to take a picture of one of their license plates and was pushed. we spoke with the woman. she asked us not to use her name or show her face for fear of backlash. >> a lot of people are intimidating when people are standing around with handguns on them and sometimes tactical gear, you know, it really does scare the average person. >> reporter: at least six complaints of alleged voter intimidation here have now been referred to a state attorney general's office and the department of justice. across the country election threats are ramping up ahead of the mid-terms. >> a lot of these are fueled by mis and disinformation. >> the justice department has an obligation to guarantee a free and fair vote. >> reporter: back in arizona, republican election officials
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are calling these armed drop box watchers uninformed vigilantes >> it's been an interesting last two years and for the party of facts and logic at times we have fallen short in my estimation on facts and logic. >> for the news, i'm gabe gutierrez. the man who drove his suv through the christmas parade will spend his life in prison. >> we the jury find the defendant, darryl e. brooks, guilty. >> the killer kept his head down resting on his hands for much of the verdict. he murdered six people including an 8-year-old boy and hurt dozens of others when he sped through that christmas parade in waukesha nearly a year ago tyler pudliner, he spoke after the verdict today. >> it's been a difficult thing
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i know this this at this will g us healing this is another step we've been resilient one of the things i've said we're stronger than him and it's been proven today. >> the trial lasted four weeks, became erratic at times. he dismissed his public defenders and chose to represent himself. he argued wet judge and she removed him time and again at one point the convicted man tried to get the case dismissed. the judge has not set a sentencing date but the killer faces a mandatory life sentence for each of the six homicide convictions. mortgage rates go up, demand for mortgages goes down. the next line is normally home prices go down, but, no, not this time. in our strange current whack normal what's a home seeker to do i'll ask the ceo of redfin when
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he joins us live kanye west today he's out shopping for support as more companies cut ties with him. the surprise appearance he made at one sneaker kind of place when he did not get the response he likely desired. reports that tesla is under criminal investigation what the department of justice has a question or two about.
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hi. i'm shannon storms bador. when we started selling my health products online our shipping process was painfully slow. then we found shipstation. now we're shipping out orders 5 times faster and thanks to shipstation's discounted rates we're saving a ton. honestly, we couldn't do it without shipstation join over 100,000 online sellers who get ship done with shipstation go to /tv and get 2 months free. mortgage demand continues to crater as interest rates hit their highest level in more than two decades. according to new data from the mortgage bankers association, it's at a quarter century low. demand for mortgages from home buyers dropped 2% from last week and more than 40% year over year
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demand to refinance, unsurprisingly that's even worse. those applications down more than 80% from the same time last year who would, with historically low interest rates just behind us, and now rates topping 7% well, you'd think home prices would dive, right? of course they haven't according to the s&p core logic kay schiller home price index, prices in july were up more than 15% compared to the same time last year when they were crazy high in august they were still up but just a smidge less up 13%, which is actually the biggest monthly drop since the index launched 35 years ago. glen kehlman is with us now, the ceo of redfin. glen's waiving and thanks for joining us according to new data, the number of sellers that dropped their selling price quadrupled are these people that had unrealistic list prices for what the market is now or are you
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seeing some sort of meaningful drop in home prices? >> i think it's both people have come to jesus about the housing market the folks still on the market heading into thanksgiving are anxious to sell but most people are just withdrawing their listings there's trillions of dollars of equity in the housing market which means that most of us don't have to sell our homes today and we'll wait for a better day to do it. it's the builders and the i piers pie e buyers are creating liquidity. >> prices start dropping when in a word >> they've already started dropping going from july to august you see some of the air has come out of the balloon the fact -- >> it's still a big balloon. i hear you though. >> yeah. yeah yeah. >> the mortgage bankers association predicts rates will fall to 5.4 or so next year if a recession takes hold do you see that happening or no? >> i don't think anybody sees
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that happening it's really hard to -- >> mortgage banker's association does. >> ukraine, gas prices and all the rest. >> no, i hear you. that is what the mortgage bankers association put and i was surprised myself >> right it's just a very unpredictable time the fed doesn't really have control of the situation it's the inflation numbers that are driving the whole market so it just really depends on whether consumers keep spending and whether gas prices remain high. >> inventory so low. when we read that, we were like, okay, if rates do retreat, won't buyers just get off the sideline and jump back in aren't we back to square one and first-timers still locked out? >> i don't know if we'll go all the way back to square one, but i do think there's some demand that's waiting on the sidelines. you have millennials coming of home buying age so there's a demographic bump then there's also the pandemic
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so plenty of people don't have to come into the office. they can move anywhere in america. they are looking for a home. so, yes, realtors always say that you should date the rate and marry the house. there are plenty of people trying to buy right now and if they could afford it, they would. >> date the rate, marry the house. thank you so much. president biden's cracking down on so-called junk fees. have you heard about this? of course, he's doing it less than two weeks before the mid-terms, but even so think of the fees tacked on to the end of your vacation, or the processing fee for tickets or even a flight. the president announces banks cannot tack on fees. >> each year we have junk fees in addition that companies charge cost americans tens of billions of dollars weighing down family budgets and making
4:21 am
it harder for people to pay their bills. >> look at this, $15 billion that's roughly what banks collectively charge dmums overdraft and bounced check fees before the pandemic. that's according to the consumer financial protection bureau. eliminating three of these you'll save billions of dollars a year. a woman from iowa said her dad took dark secrets to his grave. what the daughter told the sheriff next police trying to make a traffic stop get more than they bargain for when the man they just tased burst into flames spontaneous combustion no something he was carrying.
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there's a woman in iowa
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making a gruesome and horrifying claim about her own dad. she says her now deceased father was a serial killer who murdered as many as 70 women over three decades and had his children help bury the bodies on family property the local sheriff is now investigating her claims in the rural farming community of thurman, iowa. 30 miles south of omaha, nebraska the woman told newsweek when she was a girl they dumped most of the bodies in a well her father was donald d.studey if his daughter's accusations were true, that would make him one of the most prolific serial killers.
4:25 am
she claims her dad kept cold tea as trophies and he would tell the kids to go to the well when he wanted them to dispose of the bodies they would use a wheelbarrow to move them and a sled in the wintertime it's clearly a sensational story, but the sheriff is far from ruling it out in fact, he says he believes there may be bodies on that property cnbc's valerie castro now on the investigation to find the truth. >> reporter: could these woods and iowa farm land be the final burial grounds for women missing for over decades the daughter telling newsweek the answers and victims they're looking for are all right there. >> we will try everything we can to prove or disprove this. as of now, we do not have a crime scene. we do not have victims, bodies, nothing. >> reporter: lucy studey saying she and her siblings helped her
4:26 am
father bury remains on the property, at times burying them in a well. he murdered several women a year these photos show her standing between a sheriff and cadaver dog. they hit on the scent of possible human remains a dig will be too costly for the county and he's looking for other options. >> we will get some different dogs to try it that will be one thing if we do find a site, we could use metal detectors to see, ground penetrating radar that's a tool we have. >> reporter: lucy studey saying they were slender and short around 20 to 30 and typically had dark hair. she claimed most were sex workers or transients picked up in nebraska. studey had a prison record and
4:27 am
spent time in jail for petty larceny and drunk driving. it remains to see if he went to his grave a mass murderer. a woman said the story is fabricated local authorities say they do not have an extense such list of missing persons during that time frame. they're still trying to establish credibility in the claims and find any evidence of buried bodies. >> valerie castro. >> thank you word from spotify ceo whether the company is going to be taking down all of his music. nearly every state has them. laws to prevent people from voting but few as strict as missi mississippi. mississippi. the push to get a jim crow law when we started selling my health products online our shipping process was painfully slow.
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then we found shipstation. now we're shipping out orders 5 times faster and we're saving a ton. go to /tv and get 2 months free. ah, these bills are crazy. she has no idea she's sitting on a goldmine. well she doesn't know that if she owns a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more she can sell all or part of it to coventry for cash. even a term policy. even a term policy? even a term
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policy! find out if you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free the feds are stopping tesla. u.s. department of justice investigating tesla. the doj is looking to claims that the company's electric vehicles can drive themselves. the department launched a probe after dozens of crashes involving the auto pilot system. apple confirming it will comply with the eu's requirement
4:30 am
to have a standard port under the common charger law in europe by 2024 most will have to support usb-c chargers nearly all other smart phones on the market have a usb-c cord. while news broke that one of his companies is under investigation, elon musk visited another one today that he may soon own musk waltz into twitter, no lawyers, not even a box of donuts for the staff instead, he was carrying a sink, a porcelain bathroom sink. let that sink in with musk, we have no clue he has until friday to complete the twitter deal. on wall street the dow up 2. the s&p down 29. the nasdaq off 228 more than 2%
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i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news allegations of eavesdropping. why cops are now involved in the leaked racist conversation that led the la city council president to resign. a girl escapes an attempted kidnapper twice. the search for the man responsible and the tricks he used to try to get her in his car. but first, a new push to roll back controversial voting restrictions on convicted felons nationwide, 4.6 million people are ban from casting ballots in the mid-terms this month. that's 1 of every 50 u.s. adults almost every state does have laws or policies on the books that block americans with felony convictions from voting. mississippi has some of the toughest restrictions. more than 10% of the adults
4:32 am
there are banned from voting the number is higher for african americans. one group has our details. then i'll feel complete as a citizen. >> because of his criminal record, roy harness doesn't have the right to vote. >> it makes you feel sad because of everything that's going on i can't make no decisions. >> reporter: he became addicted to cocaine in 1977 he says he owed drug dealers money, wrote bad checks and in the late '80s was convicted of forgery spending nearly two years in prison. when he got out he said he turned his life around earning a bac bachelor's and degree. he now helps veterans overcome drug and substance abuse. >> i make change in my life and
4:33 am
i'm paying taxes and i feel like i need a soaked chance. >> reporter: the state isn't giving him a second chance people convicted of lesser crimes such as forgery, theft, embez embezzlement the law added rape and murder to the list but the rest remain. >> we have a law still in effect in mississippi's constitution that is a relic of white supremacy. >> reporter: robert mcdid you have is an attorney with a civil rights organization. he sued on behalf of harness several years ago to challenge the law but the fifth circuit court of appeals upheld it. >> it was adopted for discriminatory reasons and it's time to strike it from the mississippi constitution once and for all. >> do you think you'll be able
4:34 am
to vote again? >> i hope so so i can have part of the outcome of the elections >> reporter: now a spokesperson for the fifth circuit court of appeals says they will not count on issued opinions meanwhile, the attorney plans to appeal the lower court's ruling petition to the supreme court tomorrow behind me, however, there is no guarantee that the supreme court will hear the case >> shomari stone, thank you. the court's leaked abortion opinion made them target they called the leak a great betrayal of trust. >> the leak made those of us who were thought to be m -- in
4:35 am
majority targets for assassination. it gave people a rational opinion to not let that happen by killing us. >> the court also overturned the related 1992 decision from plant resident protesters interrupting an l.a. city council meeting for the second day in a row. now they're demanding two council members resign after they participated in a leaked racist manner. >> second. >> thank you, mr. bonen. >> there's a significant disruption by a small number of people. >> the protesters didn't stop.
4:36 am
they had the room cleared and continued the business without the demonstrators. >> today they wanted to censure gill sedilla the los angeles police chief said his department is offering a criminal investigation into the leaked recording under california law, anybody who wants to record a conversation needs to p participate. police in south florida are searching for a man they say tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl not once but twice in two days the incidents happened last week in ft. lauderdale. cops released this surveillance camera video of the second kidnapping attempt appears to show a girl running
4:37 am
away from the man on the street. they say this suspect tried to lure a girl into a van a day earlier. they say he offered her candy and money and when that didn't work he tried to grab her. a local nonprofit group is offering $5,000. local station from florida. >> reporter: the video is haunting you can see a tiny 10-year-old running down the swidewalk at bennett elementary she pauses to catch her breath on the right of the screen, a man dressed in all black seen walking towards her and turning back around before disappearing around the corner. the ft. lauderdale police officers passed out flyers and describing the suspect as 35 years old, 5'10", short brown
4:38 am
hair that is so close to home especially you should be in a safe neighborhood. a lot of families here. >> reporter: he was seen in a black cargo van with possible damage to the rear taillight he made it both times he got away >> what are you looking for? >> somebody has to go through, you know, the procedures of trying to lure kids in by giving them candy, that's a sick individual. >> reporter: police say seconds before you see her running a passerby stepped in telling the girl to run and alert police neighbors say if he comes back, they'll be watching. >> catch up with him sooner or later. somebody will see him. kanye west showed up all hello at skechers headquarters
4:39 am
unannounced, uninvited they say kanye was immediately escorted out of their building they have no intention of working with ye as he calls himself now. the fallout is building. new today, t.j. max announced it's cutting its ties. they don't tolerate discrimination, harassment or hate of any kind t.j. maxx parent company operates mash shalgs and home goods. ye's basketball academy banned organizers announced kanye's words and actions violate it in london they removed this figure of ye the guardian said they took it to an archive room as for ye, they say his comments are just awful but they won't remove his music unless his
4:40 am
record label requests it russia practiced launching a massive nuclear strike today they sent us this helpful video. the drills came in an incredibly intense time vlad putin has made thinly veiled threats of using nukes. concerns are growing he might be planning some sort of false flag attack to give russia an excuse to do something to escalate the war. ukrainian troops are saying they will use a dirty bomb on their soil the dirty bomb is transparently false. they're trying to do something
4:41 am
that will not create a long time flooding disaster. they say they're planning to blow it up and blame ukraine. a man in arkansas tasered by cops and then he burst into flames. level up why video games might be good for your brain after all and they're half drone, half boat and 100% hard
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are tasers safe? depends on the gas situation here's the story a guy running from cops, they tased him, he burst into flames. arkansas state troopers say it happened two weeks ago, 1:00 in the morning. troopers tried to pull over a 35-year-old guy, christopher guy lor. he took off.
4:44 am
then he dished his motorcycle and started running and then troopers went after him yelling for him to get on the -- hear him? get on the ground. when one trooper fired his t taser, he burst into flames. he had a gallon of gas in his backpack you can see him run while flaming and such then like the psa, he stops, drops and rolls on the grass troopers spray him with a fire extinguisher the police records show he's facing multiple charges including felony fleeing, first degree reckless driving. flaming is not a charge but driving with a suspended license is. >> gamers rejoice. turns out all of those late night hours may have been good for you. according to a study by the national institutes of health, children who play video games for 3 or more hours a day perform better with impulse control and memory tests than kids who didn't play video games
4:45 am
at all the young gamers had higher levels of activity for areas with attention and memory. not so fast. researchers stopped short saying there's a link between gaming and cognitive skills we cannot say whether playing video games regularly caused superior neurocognitive performance, it is an encouraging finding and one that we must continue to investigate. remember this navy video from august? the pentagon says it shows iranian forces trying to steal u.s. sea drones from sble international waters they're made by a company called sail drones. they're teaming up with researchers and sending these unmanned sailboats of the future to hunt for hurricanes here's cnbc's contessa brewer. >> reporter: this is footage filmed from inside one of the most dangerous environments imaginable, a category 4
4:46 am
hurricane caught on camera. >> we saw wave heights of 100 feet that is three times the height of this building. >> reporter: richard jenkins is the founder and ceo of sail drone. the company uses a fleet of high-tech, self-sailing research vessels to soar and collect climate data in places too risky for this we're able to go out into the field for a year >> reporter: these bright orange floating robots are powered by the sun, propelled by the wind and filled with more than a dozen censors fading back data in real time. >> this is what it looks like 2,000 miles off shore right now. >> reporter: richard said the secret to the craft's durability is this, the main sail built out of reinforced fiberglass it looks and functions more like
4:47 am
an airplane wing and the sale. >> reporter: dr. greg foltz from noaa says they're actively using these sail drones this hurricane season and have collected information from multiple monster storms including hurricane ian and fiona. >> we're hoping to analyze it. >> dr. fultz said it can predict another deadly byproduct >> a surveyor. it measures the depth of the ocean. >> the shower her the -- they say these will transform our
4:48 am
understanding of hurricanes ultimately giving people on the ground more time to get out of the way. >> i really believe we are saving lives if we keep doing this, we'll get a good picture of how they work and how it affects lives. >> reporter: how much does all of this valuable weather data cost it's a quarter million per drone. >> thanks. daylight savings times ends next sunday do you hate that so dark so early in mexico they're about to turn the clock back for the last time the senate is going to cancel daylight savings time. it lets some cities and towns near the border keep it open the senate passed the sunshine protection act
4:49 am
it would make daylight saving time permanent dark in the winter and more light in the afternoon this shows how early the sun would rise in different parts of the country. for now we'll fall back and gripe about it at 2 a.m. >> shroms, hash. i got a hell ya from the floor the government is interested in getting in on the whole experience or some of it for the first time in 50 years it's using federal money to study the psychedelic drug as a treatment. what researchers are hoping shrooms are hoping to treat. plus, a shocker. this, some big controversy bubbling up in the pageant world. why miss u
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
america's education system's facing a critical moment of truth. that's the message from the education secretary, miguel cardona. he spoke with teachers in d.c. just two days after the data showed young students fell way behind in math and reading after the pandemic. >> these results should surprise no one and alarm everyone. they're appalling and unacceptable if this report doesn't move us to bold action, what will? >> secretary cardona insisted they cannot go back to the systems they used before covid the nation needs change now. >> we must fight complacency with the same urgency we fought covid for the last few years yes, lives do depend on it. >> he added america has a unique opportunity to use the money from the american rescue plan to
4:53 am
invest in students and teachers. is the fix in on the miss u.s.a. pageant they say the judges decided the winner before the competition even started and now the entire pageant is in jeopardy here's stephanie gosk. >> miss u.s.a., miss texas. >> reporter: after arbony gabriel was crowned miss u.s.a., there were immediate signs of trouble. many of her rivals can be seen leaving the stage without the usual congratulatory hugs for the winner what quickly followed, ugly allegations of favoritism, conflicts of interest and cheating that are only growing louder the miss u.s.a. pageant looking into claims by several contestants that it was rigged by miss u.s.a. president
4:54 am
they wrote in part, it has decided to suspend miss brand immediately adding the miss universe organization will be taking over the miss u.s.a. program while a comprehensive third party investigation is conducted. >> miss u.s.a., y'all. >> gabriel's crowning moment some say was no surprise according to "insider" they said this year's pageant was rigged or either heavily favored gabriel. she had connections to pageant sponsors and a judge miss montana heather lee convinced the fix was in. >> i truly think she could have won fair and square but there's just too much evidence of favoritism to let this go unnoticed. >> while miss u.s.a. sponges sort all contestants, she believes they were more
4:55 am
favorable to gabriel >> i want to start by saying, it was not rigged because i would never enter any pageant or any competition that i know i would win. i have a lot of integrity. >> reporter: stewart-haas also denied any wrongdoing telling insider before she was suspended the allegations before the miss u.s.a. are misleading. as a miss u.s.a. contestant, stewart tripped on stage but bounced back to win the competition. now after a different kind of fall for miss u.s.a.'s, the pageant's crown may forever be tarnished. >> nbc news reached out to kristie stewart and the miss u.s.a. organization for comment on this organization they both said they aren't commenting right now nearly two weeks ago stewart told nbc news she takes the allegations very seriously and will cooperate
4:56 am
the thai businesswoman and transgender advocate bought the organization for $20 million that's according to her company called jkn global group. she's now the first woman to ever own the pageant. ever tripped on shrooms? think magic mushrooms could help smokers kick their hab bits. they issued a grant to see whether psychedelics could help smokers quit it's the first time federal money will be used to study a drug in a study published in august, it found the hallucinogenic ingredient in shrooms helps.
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in it they need to quit within at least a year. ever have a roommate and the vibe was just off? like you wanted to barricade yourself in the corner of the room and not deal. nibby here feels you she's great with the sticks. and a good thing because nibby god air roommate so when the humans took it away, you can gather them and dam off the door like a beaver do can't get outside buff roomy. 60 seconds left on the race to the finish. john fetterman raised more than $1 million after last night's
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debate with mehmet oz according to his campaign. the debate is on the man who drove his suv into a crowd in waukesha, guilty of murder. tesla in trouble it doesn't really self-drive, does it? but they claim it -- there's a lawsuit. no speaking. coming up tonight, a new episode of "jay leno's garage" with special guest president joe biden. biden. that starts 10:00 stn, my name is ashley cortez
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