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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 16, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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winds on its final historic voya voyage. this view looking down the external fuel tank. traveling 4,000 miles per hour. down range. 3:15 into the flight. all three main engines still looking in good shape. hydraulic systems and electrical systems on board the orbitter. systems on board the orbitter. >> -- captions by vitac -- ap and good morning to yo.
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let's listen in. >> all three are still in good shape as are all of the other sims aboard the orbiter. a team of flight controllers watches over all the systems. 4:20 into the flight. "endeavour's" traveling 5500 miles per hour. altitude 63 miles traveling downrange, about 335 feet in altitude. environmental and control systems officer here reporting a good flash evaporator system reporting cooling to equipment aboard the vehicle. traveling into space on the forward flight deck is mark kelly and greg johnson. between and behind them, flight engineer -- >> to ato.
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rog roger. >> "endeavour" can reach orbit on two engines, however, all three are still performing as planned. foistal heading to the international space station for the first time. making the first voyage on the space shuttle after flying to the international space station after soyous spacecraft previously. >> "endeavour," single engine up three. >> that call indicates that "endeavour" could reach a transatlantic abort site on one engine if it lost two of the three although all three are in good shape. 5:50 into the flight.
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>> "endeavour" -- 104. >> several calls there. "endeavour" can reach a safe orbit on two engines. the guidance is controlling the engine to a head-up system to optimize the communications through a satellite network. flight controllers reporting to richard jones they're in good shape. >> set down plane is nominal. >> build the pitch. >> "endeavour," single engine press, 104.
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>> "endeavour" can reach orbit on one engine should two fail. all three in good shape. the two main engines are flowing fuel through their power systems at a rate equivalent to draining a backyard swimming pool in 25 seconds. 7:20 into the flight. altitude 64 miles down range from the kennedy space center, 660 miles. traveling 1300 miles per hour. throttling on the three main engines to maintain the three times gravity load on the vehicle and the crew. >> a successful la fuful launchf the "endeavour." mark kelly, the astronaut in command. his wife watching from the
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ground. john zarrella is at the kennedy space center. michael goode is with him and sanjay gupta is standing by to tell us more about gabrielle. let's start with you, sanjay. mark kelly actually gave his wedding ring to his wife before takeoff. >> which is unusual because he had taken hers into space. this is a little change of custom for them. in fact, her chief of staff said the ring was too big for her finger, so they actually finding a chain for her to wear it around her neck, but yeah, it is a touching thing. as you know, she did make it to florida last time around as well. but then the launch got scrapped. went back to houston and now back again. which is a good sign medically. she's medically stable, they say. and this is part of her rehab. her getting up these stair,
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meeting new people. >> the astronauts are also wearing wristbands in her honor. >> everyone i think has been touched by this and for mark kelly, the commander, this was going to be his last time commanding a shuttle into space. wasn't sure he was going to be able to do this. he was in the middle of training when this tragic shooting occurred in january, so it was very touch and go for some time. then p touch and go whether she would be able to attend the launch. even a couple of days before the last time, doctors were still sort of weighing the pros and cons of that. still getting rehab for her speech and strength on the right side of her body, but it's coming around. >> those wristbands, love, peace, gabby. >> let's check in with john. where is gabrielle giffords watching the launch from? >> reporter: she's watching about 300 or so yards from us. on top of the launch control
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complex off to my right and you know, nasa put up a curtain all around that area so that you really can't see anything over there. any camera men or women with long lenses wouldn't be able to get a shot her of the other families up there. mike and i were just talking, you just had separation from the external tank, so literally, they're in space. >> they're on their own. gotten rid of the motors, just the orbiter for the next 16 days. >> that tank has an interesting history, right? >> that thing goes back aways. the one that survived the katrina hurricane. >> it was damaged during katrina out in louisiana at the plant and nasa had to go back, refurbish the tank and get it ready for this flight. it's actually the very last tank that came off the assembly line before that plant pretty much
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finished all they do there. the tanks that's going to fly on "atlantis" was actually manufactured before and they did a switch and any way. it flew pretty well. worked fine. >> those guys are really unsung heroes. those guys literally stayed with that tank throughout the storm and that was the only places in the city that was dry. >> another piece of history's going to happen here tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. shuttle "atlantis" that you flew on twice is going to roll from the orbiter processing facility to the assembly building, where it will be taken vertical. >> it's getting ready for its last flight. >> the last orbiter to fly. what do you want to do? shuttle is done. this flight and one more. you're not flying on a shuttle
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anymore. >> although i am available. >> in case they need you. >> what do you want to do in the future? >> well, i've just taken a two-year assignment in colorado springs, so i'm still with nasa. the liaison at peterson air force base. just a career broadening move. you want to fly on the soyous up to the space station. they are in space. the "endeavour" crew beginning the 16-day mission. when "endeavour" comes back, 115 million miles it will have flown carrying 139 different astron t astronau astronauts. >> one last question for sanjay. her husband is going to be up there for an extended period of time. i'm sure they'll remain in contact. will this help her in her recovery? >> i think this process of getting her to flooz will.
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he he has been a big advocate for her in her recovery, so i think him not being there day-to-day, i wouldn't say that would help her. i think she needs those advocates, but her being able to see this launch really boosted her overall. she's still got months left. this is a milestone, but in terms of her getting some of that speech and strength back, you measure these things in months, not days and weeks. >> thanks so much. coming up, if you didn't know who the head of the international monetary fund was, you do now. dominique strauss-kahn headed to a new york courtroom to face a sexual assault charge. we'll have a live report in four minutes. and people in louisiana's cajun country are waiting for the flood. they know it's coming. they don't know how much it's going to be, how much it's going to disrupt their lives. we'll have a live report for you just ahead. >> 8, 7, 6 -- 4, 3, 2, zero and
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morganza spillway. it is now flooding much of south central louisiana and forcing nearly 4,000 people from their homes. the international criminal court is expected to issue an arrest warrant for moammar gadhafi. the warrant is expected to charge him with crimes against humanity. and we could soon be learning what brought down the flight off brazil in june 2009. investigators have recovered the information if the flight data recorder. 228 people were killed. one day, dominique strauss-kahn is a high pro file head of the international monetary fund and potential french presidential candidate and the next moment, a suspect in a sexual assault case. this morning, strauss-kahn is expected to plead not guilty to assaulting a hotel maid in his $3,000 a night new york hotel
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suite. the maid telling police when she went into his suite, strauss-kahn emerged from a room naked and ran after her and pulling her into a bedroom and attacking her. richard, what kind of legal battle does he face? >> reporter: well, this is the beginning of the legal process in effect here at a manhattan new york state court. strauss-kahn expected to appear for his arraignment, his attorneys deny the charges. strauss-kahn, the most powerful man really in world global financial business, i'm sure he did not think he would be here when he was getting up saturday morning in his new york city times square hotel. new york newspapers having a field day. of course, he's french toast screamed "the daily news" on sunday and french whine. his attorneys sunday evening after a long day of debate
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explained what was happening with their client. >> our client consented to an examination tonight at the request of the government. that's being done in light of the hour, we've agreed to postpone the arraignment until tomorrow morning and expect to be in court with him tomorrow. >> how is your client doing? >> tired, but fine. >> reporter: cnn was told that the maid, hotel maid who has accused him of attempted sexual rape has identified him in a police lineup. his passport has been taken. we're going to find out what will happen after this court proceedings if he is posted bail and will emerge before dozens of international cameras standing here in the rain. back to you. >> richard roth live in new york. he was considered the strongest potential challenger to president sarkozy, but not now. >> carol, needless to say, newspapers around the world are
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reporting and reacting to this as a headline. from austral area, this headline. imf chief on maid sex assault charngs. goes on to say a reputation as a letharo. has long been known and widely tolerated by the french generally has been used by political enemies in the past. "wall street journal," imf chief held on rape charge. says dominique strauss-kahn was expected to be arraigned on charges of rape, unlawful -- and could hamper the imf's ability to help manage europe's debt crisis. "the independent" has this headline -- the article goes on to say whatever the outcome, the consensus in france yesterday was that mr. strauss-kahn's
6:18 am
hopes as yet undeclared of challenging nicolas sarkozy next spring are dead. >> his wife is coming to her husband's defense. she is an american-born journalist and hosted one of france's most popular political tv shows for 13 years. covered the 2008 presidential race and released this statement -- coming up in about 30 minutes, i'll ask our legal contributeor for "in session" about what strauss-kahn faces today. president obama hoping to provide comfort to victim of that massive flooding along the mississippi river. he leaves for memphis, tennessee, in just about 30 minutes. before the flooding starts, mr. obama had been scheduled to give the commencement address at a high school.
6:19 am
he has adjusted his schedule to meet with families affected by the flooding. families in cajun country are waiting for the flood to engulf their homes. a spillway was opened over the weekend in the hopes of saving areas like baton rouge. ed is live in butte la rose, where people are wondering how much of their community and way of life, is it going to survive, ed? >> reporter: the president here in butte la rose says he has no doubt that people will come back even though right now, he estimated about 90% of the population here is gone. that is river you see behind me. as the flood gates are opened up, it's all getting poured into here and keep following the river this way, you'll end up in the gulf of mexico, but along the way, there's so much water
6:20 am
here starting to rise that it's getting pushed back into smaller trip catears and creeks. that's what's going to cause the flooding along this spillway. we've seen mandatory evacuation orders and people heeding those warnings, packing up everything they can. some moving their homes off the foundation and taking it to higher ground. but the parrish president here in butte la rose says that standing here and watching this water rise is a slow and painful process. >> i guess the sentiment of people here and just the atmosphere is just that people just know it's coming. they're nervous about it and they're watching it very closely and we know that we're going to get the water. just a matter of when it's going to be here and i don't know, it's just a weird feeling. that you know, here it is. sitting on this beautiful, cool morning, watching this beautiful sunrise and we're going to be knee deep in water right here
6:21 am
before long. >> reporter: now, a few days ago, residents here in butte la rose were told to expect so much worst case scenario, 15 feet of water. we've set up a web cam, giving you a round the clock look here in butte la rose. set it up with a vantage point of the river. you'll be able to watch what it will look like when the flood waters start to rise. go to to follow that as you wish. carol? >> that's unbelievable. it's the slowest moving natural disaster i think in history, ed. thanks so much. that cam is fascinating. we'll be eager to see what happens in the coming days. up next, newt gingrich is carrying some baggage as he hits the white house trail. and president obama says he will not release pictures of osama bin laden's body. coming up, we'll talk with a man who thinks they should be made public. in fact, his watchdog group is suing to make that happen.
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mike huckabee's decision over the weekend to seek is white house has shaken up the gop playing field. paul stein howser is here to talk about that. paul, who are the winners and losers?
6:25 am
>> the state of iowa is the biggest winner. huckabee won iowa last time around. with him out of the field, i guess that helps iowa. candidates will now flock to iowa and who else? people like michele bachmann and tim pawlenty, the former governor of minnesota. with huckabee out, they're helped. also, rick santorum. with social conservatives, now maybe santorum has an edge, maybe, with some of the social conservatives. without huckabee in the race, this is a national poll. and look who's on top according to our pop. mitt romney. with huckabee out, it's a whole different ball game, i guess you can say. >> newt gingrich is trying to help himself and move up. he keeps talking about this baggage he's carrying. >> yeah. today, gingrich starts, where is he? iowa, of course. got a week long tour. he was on the sunday shows
6:26 am
yesterday talking about his three marriages and affair. listen to what he said. >> i clearly have done things that were wrong. i've clearly had to seek god's forgiveness. i believe people have to decide whether or not what i've said and done the real. and i think that if people watch me and talk with me and get to know me, my hope is that a majority of americans will decide that i can help this country get back on track in a way no one else can. >> that's the big question. will social conservatives like gingrich -- especially in states like iowa and south carolina. he also talked about paul ryan's gop house medicare plan and took issue with it saying it's too big a jump. that may not play well with others in the republican party, so a lot of stuff going on. >> keeps you busy. that's a good thing. many thanks. we'll have your next political update in an hour and for all the latest political news, go to
6:27 am
our website. checking stories across-country. in california, the giants fan beaten outside the stadium will be transferred to a san francisco hospital today. he was taken out of a coma a week ago and his pasht parents are now talking about his condition. >> if he turns his eyes open, if you touch him or play music, his mouth will move. >> i just want to see him, his eyes open and maybe a smile or say hi, mom or dad. >> and police still have not found the people who did this to stow. a remarkable moment for uc berkeley graduate taking his first steps in almost four years after being in a car crash. he can thank the robotics and engineering team who made an
6:28 am
exostel ton for him. in connecticut, the senior who got banned to the prom can go to the dance. officials originally said the stunt was trespassing, now, the headmaster is reversing her decision because of the international notoriety it caused. he wasn't working a day job or earning a paycheck, so how was he supporting a compound full of people? and we'll ask a man why his watchdog group is so determined to get bin laden's death pictures public. it's taken the matter to court. s network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible.
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after a sweep through afghanistan, john kerry is in pakistan today meeting with the prime minister and other leaders. his focus, what they knew about osama bin laden and where the u.s.-pakistan relationship is going now. some members of congress accused pakistan of supporting the insurgency and want to cut off u.s. aid. speaking of money in pakistan, how was osama bin laden able to support his family and himself and his lifestyle? not to mention al-qaeda's cost. stan grant has been following the money. >> reporter: carol, al-qaeda is not just a terror network. it's a business. and a business that costs tens of millions of dollars each year to run.
6:32 am
to support the various insurgencies around the world associated with it. u.s. treasury officials are hoping to break what they call the golden chain of dome and to do that, they're zeroing in on the files and the papers and information seized in the raid on bin laden's compound when he was killed here in pakistan. there's another clue also coming from a taliban official in afghanistan who's been quoted as saying he was in regular contact with bin laden and he knows that bin laden was having face to face meetings inside pakistan with rich men from the gulf area and also from saudi arabia. that would be a very risky strategy, coming out into the open, meeting people with the possibility of being detected. goes to show just how keen he was for the money to keep flowing. now, where does the money actually come from? it was bin laden's own personal wealth, but a lot of speculation, that money come frg
6:33 am
the likes of saudi arabia, iraq, sudan and the united arab emirates. now, civil cases in the united states since 9/11 have also raised questions about various islamic charity groups and islamic youth groups. then there was the question of money coming from within pakistan. it's long been speculated that the military and intelligence here have funneled funds from the united states into the hands of the injusurgent movement itself. if you draw a line back to the 1980s and the battle against the sovie sovie soviets, at that time, funds were coming from the cia to pakistan and afghanistan. speculated that some of that money ended up in al-qaeda hands. it is a very complex weapon here. how did he survive? how did he keep the money flowing. they're hoping to break that cycle, to answer those questions and further choke off the
6:34 am
al-qaeda network. carol? >> stan grant reporting live. thank you. president obama has decided the pictures of osama bin laden's body should not be made public. he's got support from democrats and republicans on that front. but not christopher farrell. he's with the conservative legal watchdog group judici, judicial and the group is suing to get those photos released. welcome, mr. farrell. why do you need to see the pictures to believe bin laden is dead? >> well, there's a law, freedom of information act. a federal law that governs all government records and these photos are government record that is the public has a right to see and now about. arguab arguably, the most important historical event in the last generation. a law governing it. >> defense secretary gates said last week the death pictures could be photo shopped and misused to provoke violence overseas and endanger american
6:35 am
troops and civilians. doesn't that bother you? >> it does not. there's a number of different photos that can be photo shopped here. the issue here is that there's a law. if administration wishes to with hold those, then they can envoek to properly with hold, but instead of doing that, the administration has elected to sort of have a cavalier approach, well, we don't wish to do it. then they should exercise the law and say to a court, no, and here's the reason why and abide by the law, but they're choosing not to do that. the department of defense wrote a letter to us and said we don't anticipate being able to comply, period. just said they didn't want to comply with it. >> does your group believe osama bin laden is dead? >> yes.
6:36 am
>> then why do we need to see the pictures? >> because again, this is not a matter of opinion or belief or mood. the law requires those records be made available to the public and so we're simply asking they comply with what is an open orders, transparency law that this administration has been proud of trumpeting. they're making it more con terrence and drawing more traengs to the issue by doing this yes, but no approach. >> but if they're saying, if members of the administration are saying that releasing the photos will endanger americans, isn't that a good enough reason? >> if they make one of the claims under the law that says yes, for national security reasons, we are not going to release them, then fine. they can do that. but they're deliberately not
6:37 am
doing that, we've made the question. they could say, look, it's a national security issue. exception b1 applies, but they haven't done that. really the question is why aren't you complying with the law. and simply not release it that way. if the mrks wanted to get the pictures out, if they don't wish to get the records out, they won't. we're simply exercising the law to try to bring you know, transparency and accountability for the american people. and the government can do what it wishes to. >> many thanks. we'll check back and see what happens. >> thank you very much. start wg the head of the international monetary fund, dominiq dominique strauss-kahn facing arraignment in new york city. he was pulled off a paris-bound jet and charged with sexual assault. the vatican has new guidelines dealing with sex
6:38 am
abuse by priests. the rules tells bishops they should cooperate with police. and "endeavour" is on it way to the international space station for the its final mission. left the launch pad about 30 minutes ago. congresswoman gabrielle giffords made the trip to see her husband off. he is leaving the mission. one of the biggest rivalries in sports. the red sox and yankees going to war in yankees stadium last night. the red sox david ortiz sends the ball to right field and that broke a tie in the fifth inning. besides this home run, the big papi had a single and double. the winning run for the sox comes in the seventh inning on an error by rodriguez. goes under a-rod's glove and pedroia scores.
6:39 am
red sox win 7-5 and sweep the series. the bulls shut down the heat in the opening game of their playoff series. more sports in 20 minutes. good news for a change about the american job market. >> the amount of jobs is going to bring in. the potential for growth, it's an incredible opportunity. we'll tell you about a plant in chattanooga that's hiring 11,000 workers as part of cnn's in depth coverage of america's job hunt. that's coming up after a break. yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship. see how jaguar outperforms the competition at or visit your local jaguar dealer. nope.
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cnn in depth. it is no secret times are tough for people out of work, but companies are hiring in some industries and job opportunities are better in some states than in others. and cnn money have teamed up for a look at america's jobs situation right now. poppy harlow joins us. which companies are hiring? >> it was amazing to me looking at this. what cnn money did is a big in depth look at all sorts of fortune 100 companies where they're hiring, how many. i want you to look at these numbers. i was shocked when i saw how many openings. jpmorgan, 15,550. 12,000 in the u.s.
6:43 am
best buy, almost 14,000 openings. they're looking for retail associates, managers, even folks for their geek squad. and general electric, over 8,000 openings there. everything from engineering to finance to hr. you've got big fortune 100 companies, thousands of openings, but you've also got foreign companies making major investments here in the u.s. we spent a day a few weeks ago at vw's billion dollar plant in chattanooga, tennessee. they are hiring 2,000 workers for the plant alone. 11,000 jobs in chattanooga are going to be created just because of this one plant. i want you to take a listen to some of the employees we had a chance to talk to. these are people that weren't auto workers who have a whole new career now because of this plant. take a listen. >> the economy, it had went down for so long, but this boosted it up so much. i was even thinking of relocating before i got this job. >> really? >> yes.
6:44 am
it made me feel like i had something to be here for. >> what do you have to say to those folks who say the auto industry's dead? >> for me, it's awesome we have this opportunity to say to people. we are manufacturing in america. >> so, i think for all the nay sayers out there who say we're not manufacturing in america, think again. the south is becoming a very attractive place to build cars. vw there, hyundai, mercedes. they're spending billions there and hiring thousands of workers. >> when you look at best buy hiring 13,000 people, that's country wide, which means the jobs are really spread out, so maybe it's not that many. >> you know, it could be they are spread out, but what's interesting, when you look at what they're hiring, not just entry positions. managers, people to run their stores. i want to show you some sectors
6:45 am
that we found by looking at 140 different sectors, not hit during the recession. health care, since the beginning of the recession, has added a million jobs. the federal government, if you take out census workers and postal workers, they have added 779,000 positions since december 2007. education, when you look at private educational services in some colleges, 300,000 positions and no surprise here, energy. coal and oil companies have done some major hiring and you know what that's done for north dakota, it has given north dakota about a 3.5% unemployment rate, the lowest in the country. thanks to oil drilling. >> many thanks. live in new york. you can find out everything you need to know about america's job market on the cnn website on what jobs are in demand, where they're located, how to reinvent yourself for a new career. just go to coming up at 11:00 eastern,
6:46 am
more cnn news in depth. we're going take a look at the tough time older americans are having trying to find a job. the head of the international monetary fund accused of sexual assault. we'll look at the investigation and some of the legal angles, next. losing weight clicked for me
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accused an international political player. dominique strauss-kahn case is making waves around the world. he is expected in court today to face sexual assault charges after the woman's accusation on saturday, new york cops pulled him off a flight for paris. sunny, welcome. >> thank you. >> we know strauss-kahn cannot claim diplomatic immunity because he was here on personal business, so it's likely he will be tried here in the united states. he did agree to forensic testing, what are investigators looking for? >> well, it's likely that he agreed to have his blood drawn. it's likely that means his body was examined for possible injuries consistent with the victim's statements. also possible his body was photographed, looking for
6:50 am
birthmarks or unique fiphysical characteristics that a person who had seen him naked would be familiar with. that probably is where the investigation was headed yesterday since his attorneys indicated he did agree to these examinations. >> the thing that brings to mind -- he has some pretty high powered employ, right? >> he sure does. he hired benjamin broffman and william taylor. he's represented plaxico burress, p. diddy sean combs, certainly, he has lawyered up and this is the team you want when facing charges like this. >> the victim, a 32-year-old maid. she has a teenage daughter. she immediately told her supervisors that she had been attacked. she didn't wait. does that make it more difficult for strauss-kahn's lawyers to
6:51 am
defend? >> it certainly makes it difficult. there was this conspiracy that the french confired for him because he was a possible front-runner for the french presidency. and they said would he get the go-ahead to have port authority police officers snatch him off of an airplane, someone of his stature, without a credible victim statement. that says something about how credible this woman is. she did pick him out of lineup initially. certainly, i think it's a bit difficult to defend. it's certainly one of those he said/she said cases unless they do find forensic and scientific evidence. >> sunny hostin, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. senator john kerry on the ground some pakistan asking questions about osama bin laden he wants to know who knew when and what. our stan graham is out of a press conference.
6:52 am
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here's a look at stories makes news later today. a big day for former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. he's being sworn in as chicago's
6:55 am
first new mayor in 22 years. the newseum in washington is dedicating it to journalists killed. and at noon eastern, president obama gives the commencement address at booker t. washington high school. the school won the race to the top challenge. let's check in with richard roth in new york. >> reporter: one the world's most powerful business figures stands ready for personally face the charges here at a new york state courthouse. i'm richard roth, we'll have details at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm ed lavandera in butte la rose, louisiana. behind us is the river where waters are starting to swell and making their painful process through. we'll have that story. >> reporter: i'm dan loathian at
6:56 am
the white house. with gas prices continuing to go up. president obama responds by tweaking his energy policy. we'll have that story at the top of the hour. also next hour, you will meet a man who catches baseballs better than anybody off the field. zack hample snagged three foul balls at a baltimore orioles game. but that's nothing. he's caught nearly 5,000 balls at major league parks. he'll disclose his secrets if you want to catch a foul ball, he'll tell you how. with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship. see how jaguar outperforms the competition at or visit your local jaguar dealer.
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6:59 am
-- captions by vitac -- the nba conference battle with the miami heat. derek rose for 28 points. ap and tand the bulls pull miap miami in the second ha assisassists bu assists but ot frp from chicafrom chicago wiwith p withwith a monst regame. game two wednesday night in chicago. more nmore nbap more nbmo cityp citycity's westbroo c feedip feeding kevin durant baskets there. westbrowestbrook hap westb. 39 points. tthe thunder beat memphis 104-90. nice passing into the game-winning goal by henry.
7:00 am
there he goes. it comes just 78 seconds after the canucks tied it. >> toronto's jose batista is the best home run hitter -- oh, boy, batista comes back in the next inning and macs another ball into the left field bleachers. and then in the sixth inning, he does it for a third time. a right field smash. bautista had 16 homers for the year. the j's beat minnesota 11-3. it is now 10:00 a.m. in the east. 7:00 in the west on this monday. good morning to you. here's a look at the three big stories we're following a midair scare for passengers on a pacific light out of singapore.
7:01 am
a stall forced pilots to bring it back to the airport for an emergency landing. no injuries to the 136 passengers or crew members. the head of the international monetary fund is expected to plead not guilty to sexually assaulting a maid in his new york hotel suite. dominique strauss-kahn was taken off a flight bound for paris yesterday. zero and liftoff for the final launch of "endeavour." expanding our knowledge, expending our lives in space. >> space shuttle "endeavour" is on its way for its final mission. congresswoman gabrielle giffords made the trip to see her husband off. later on, we'll talk to bill nye, the science guy about what's going on. on saturday he was head of the international monetary fund and a possible candidate for
7:02 am
president for france. by sunday night, dominique strauss-kahn was accused by a hotel maid cleaning his $3,000 a night suite. just what is the international monetary fund? let's answer that question first. it's kind of like the world's savings and loan. its goal is to assure the stability of the international monetary fund part of the united nations. all of those billions of dollars coming from 187 nations, including the united states. cnn's richard roth at the courthouse will strauss-kahn will enter a not guilty plea. richard, what do we expect him in court? >> reporter: well, it could be in just a few hours. court officers have told cnn that dominique strauss-kahn is here, he was held overnight in his cell, and he's just adjacent to the courtroom which is packed with international journalists for this stunning case. now, police say he went for physical examinations, dna,
7:03 am
blood tests, all of this in presenting a case following the allegations made by a maid in a hotel in midtown manhattan, regarding an alleged sexual assault by one of the world's most powerful businessman. last night, after hours of delay for arraignment, his lawyers talked to reporters. >> our client willingly consented to a scientific and forensic examination. >> can't hear what you're saying, sir. >> our client consented to an examination tonight at the request of the government. that's being done in light of the hour we agreed to postpone the arraignment until tomorrow morning, and we expect to be here in court tomorrow. >> how is your client doing? >> he's tired, but he's fine. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> not before 11:00 tomorrow. >> not before 11:00. >> are you going to vigorously defend these charges? >> yes, he intends to vigorously
7:04 am
defend these charges and denies any wrongdoing. >> reporter: now, he does not have diplomatic immunity. according to the police, the victim say 32-year-old black woman. one newspaper report said that she was an immigrant. the hotel told susan candiotti that she's a very good employee, work is very satisfactory. the incident happened in one of the suites of the hotel there. >> richard roth reporting live. we told what you the imf is about, now about background about dominique strauss-kahn, he was also known by his initials dfk. he's known for including the bailouts of greece and ireland. our chief business correspondent ali velshi has more. >> reporter: strauss-kahn say member of the socialist party in france, over the years, he's been appointed to committees back to the senate in 1997.
7:05 am
now prior for this weekend's incident, strauss-kahn was considered a top candidate for the president of france in the elections next year. richard was talking about that. a french opinion poll published on sunday taken before the scandal broke showed him in first place among six hypothetical candidates, including the current president nicolas sarkozy. let me tell you about the man himself. strauss-kahn is married to an american-french journalist, ann sinclair. they live in d.c. she issued a statement this weekend defending her husband. >> we also have a statement from his wife, ann sinclair. i want to read it to you now. it says, quote, i do not believe for one second the accusations brought against my husband. i have no doubt his innocence will be established. she's a journalist, by the way. calling this a critical moment for u.s./pakistani ties, senator john kerry is in islamabad. he's been meeting with military
7:06 am
leaders. his focus of about what they knew about osama bin laden and what she see in pakistan's future. >> ultimately, the pakistani people will decide what kind of country pakistan becomes. whether it is a haven for extremists, or the tolerant democracy. >> our stan grant was just at that news conference. he's joining us live now. so, stan, we're hearing that secretary clinton will visit, too? >> reporter: yeah. that's moved for a little bit later once they start to recalibrate this relationship. this is a relationship that's hit a rocky patch. the killing of osama bin laden has shown a lot of cracks have appeared as a result of that. what senator kerry was doing today is stressing wait forward. he was saying that the relationship is going to be
7:07 am
re-set. and that's why they try to continue this dialogue. he did, however, come here with tough words as well. he said there were very, very hard questions being asked in the united states right now about what pakistan, what its officials, what its military, what its intelligence knew or did not know about osama bin laden living in pakistan. he didn't actually have any answers to that. i put the question to him directly, do you trust them? he said, i'm not going to speculate. there's no evidence to suggest that they were co-lott. when they carried out this raid on bin laden in secret. and this is how senator kerry responded. >> my goal has been to talk with the leaders here about how to manage this critical more effectively. about how to open up the opportunities to put this relationship back on track.
7:08 am
where isolated episodes, no matter how profound, don't jeopardize the larger relationship and the larger goal. >> reporter: now, the bottom line here, he says, is that pakistan and the united states share a common enemy, pakistanis are also dying, as a result of this battle, with the insurgencies, and they need to be able to focus on what binds them and not what separates them right now, carol. >> stan grant reporting live, thanks. president obama is talking about boosting oil production here at home. the administration is no doubt feel something heat over the cost of gas. >> i'm directing the department of interior to conduct annual lease sales in alaska's national petroleum reserve while respecting certain areas and to speed up oil and gas resources in the mid and south atlantic. we plan to lease new areas in
7:09 am
the gulf of mexico as well and work to create new incentives for industry to develop unused leases both on and offshore. >> national average for gas today, $3.95 a gallon. just a penny cheaper than last week. let's check in with cnn's dan loathian at the white house. dan, is the president changing his tune, is he saying drill, baby, drill? >> reporter: it's not going that far but certainly making tweaks. the energy policy because there's been pressure about gas prices hovering or topping $4 a gallon over the last several weeks and also oil prices, we've seen over the last 12 months or so increase by about 30%. the president saying that this problem is one of the biggest burdens over the last several weeks. so that's why you're seeing the president making these revisions, if you will, to his domestic oil-drilling policy. this is something, though, that he's also getting pressure from republicans up on capitol hill who feel that the administration
7:10 am
should be pushing much harder to opening up domestic oil drilling. in fact, one top republican pointing fingers at the white house saying that they've been keeping domestic resources under, quote, lock and key. both pressure from capitol hill and also those spiking -- the spike in the gas prices, influencing the president's decisions. i should point out, though, we haven't seen a big pushback from environmentalists who often see these kinds of moves as harmful. they have expressed safety concerns, especially using exhibit number 1, the bp oil spill, how that was devastating not only as an environmental disaster, but also devastating for the economy. what the house is tried to make the case here, is that you can have domestic exploration but also have some safety mechanisms in place to prevent something like that from happening again. >> dan loathian reporting live from the white house. thank you. coming up, zach hemple
7:11 am
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the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel. haagen-dazs. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing
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the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. this just into cnn. we have reached the debt ceiling. so what is congress doing? not much. the republican house speaker suggests he and the president get to work. >> i mean, this conversation's been going on for quite a while. i've offered to the president, i said, mr. president, come on, you and i, let's lock arms and we'll jump out of the boat
7:14 am
together. i'm serious about dealing with this. and i hope he's just as serious. no gimmicks. and no automatic clawbacks, i've had it with all of that. we know what needs to be done. let's just do it. >> treasury secretary timothy geithner had told congress he believes he can juggle some things so we can pay our bills for 11 weeks but we've reached the debt ceiling and we're maybe set to raise it. we don't know. we'll see how things go on in capitol hill and have more on that later. the show will go on with or without the donald. nba says "celebrity apprentice" will stay in the prime time lineup even if donald trump hits the campaign trail. "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammeham hammer is here. a.j., what's the scoop? >> maybe donald trump isn't as important to the show as he believes he is. "celebrity apprentice" will stay
7:15 am
on the air even if trump decides to hit the campaign trail, that's according to nbc. and hints about the network's new fall schedule before they unveil it officially in new york city. here's what he said about "celebrity apprentice" and trump. if he decides to run for president and is unavailable to do the show, we will bring the show back and there will be somebody's sitting at the head of the boardroom table, who that is, i'm not entertaining that. as we all know, trump has been flirting with the 2012 presidential bid. nbc confirmed it hassan enjoyed the ratings bump from the buzz. nbc also confirmed that the show will fill the 8:00 p.m. slot on nbc schedule. carol for the 2011-2012 season i for one thing with the right person in place the show could be successful. >> ashton kutcher, he could fill in for donald trump.
7:16 am
>> why not. >> hey, i understand you know where we could get a really cool hat? >> yeah, the hat worn by britain's princess beatrice to last month's royal wedding called a royal stir. and it launched a facebook page. it has about 140,000 fans. thousands of questions, is it a bird, a bow, is it a pretzel? now, they've donated the unique headpiece to an online auction for charity. the ebay auction ends on may 22nd. it's having proceeds go to a charity set up by beatrice. bidding has gone up to 11,000 british pounds that is $7,800 u.s. and ground rules, you got to be afruvd bid on this thing and at
7:17 am
least 18 years old. >> i'm going to do it. just take the time and do it, why not. carlos santana, he made waves at a baseball game, and he wasn't singing. >> no he wasn't. we're talking about the legendary rock guitarist carlos santana. he's being honored for an beacon change award. he called the immigration anti-american. he took his podium at the field in a pregame ceremony before the braves/philly game to criticize the immigration bill which was just signed into law by the georgia governor. on friday, he took the microphone and said arizona and the city of atlanta should be ashamed. he was booed by fans at turner field as you might expect. now, this law will allow immigration officials to check the immigration status of some.
7:18 am
and new hires. it's pretty bold of him. i've always known carlos santana to be a guy who speaks his mind, regards of the circumstances. >> a.j., many thanks. if you want information, a.j.'s got it tonight on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 p.m. zach hemple is a legend, he's not a player, but a fan. he's got a hall of fame statistic, nearly 5,000 balls caught in the stands. he will pass the secrets on to you in less than ten minutes. >> to me, that would be unsettling, hey, we got to get out of our house, where are we going? what are we going to do? this is not going to be over in 90 minutes. this is going to last for weeks. and people in louisiana's cajun country are waiting for the flood. they know it's coming. what they don't know is how much it's going to disrupt their lives. we'll have a live report. kenny, 1995 was the year the song came out. it was '93. that was your 5th year of high school.
7:19 am
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7:21 am
people living in the louisiana cajun country know the water is coming they just don't know when and how much.
7:22 am
their homes are in the flood plain where the army corps created a spill bed. ed lavandera live in beauty la rose, louisiana, where people are wondering when they'll be under water. >> reporter: they are trying to figure that out. they were told here in butte la rose a few days ago to expect as much as 15 feet of water. you talk to people around here, not everyone believes it will be that bad. they will take on water, though. obviously, the people preparing for the worst. the parish president here in butte la rose told us a while ago, he believes 90% have evacuated. there were mandatory evacuation orders that went out yesterday. we saw several hundred people collecting their homes and getting out. this is the river.
7:23 am
all of the water from the morganza spillway has been dumped into the river. what happens is as it comes down the streams, it turns the bends and heads into the tributaries and small creeks. and it's that backwater flooding that many residents are worried about here. but this will take a long time to happen. in fact, the parish president here in butte la rose says it say slow and painful thing to watch this river slowly rise. >> i guess the sentiment of the people here and just the atmosphere is that people just know it's coming. they're nervous about it. and they're watching it very closely. and we know that we're going to get the water. it's just a matter of when it's going to be here. i don't know, it's a weird feeling. here it is, sitting on this beautiful cool morning, watching this beautiful sunrise, we're going to be knee deep in water here before too long. >> reporter: and we'll give everybody a chance to watch the waters here in butte la rose
7:24 am
rise slowly as well. if you go to, we hooked up a webcam here in the butte la rose community. you can see the perspective that we have there. you can see part of the water and the homes that could very well be flooded out by this. we'll see how long we'll be able to watch that as the floodwaters rise in. the parish president said he will issue mandatory evacuation orders by the end of the week. checking stories across country in minnesota, a spoke person says a captain from air tran was removed from a plane for suspicion of being drunk. police were alerted after a tsa sergeant said the captain smelled like alcohol. shirley sherrod it back to work at the usda. sherrod was fired ars director of rural development in july, after a misleading videotape showed her making racially insensitive remarks. in connecticut, the senior who got banned from the prom
7:25 am
after taping 12-inch letters to the side of the school can now go to the dance. school officials originally said his nighttime stunt was trespassing now the headmaster is reversing her decision because of the international notoriety it caused. if baseball fan has a hall of fame, zach hemple would have his own wing. hemple has made a career out of hanging out at ballparks and snagging balls. he caught three foul balls at the orioles game last week. three foul balls. he's closing in on a milestone, 5,000 baseballs caught. zack has written a book "the baseball" which includes snagging balls at major league games. zack joins us to impart some of thats withsome. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> first of all, why do you enjoy catching foul balls so much? >> i just love baseball more than words can describe.
7:26 am
and call me spoiled, but even as a fan, i guess i like to be a participant. and baseball more than any other sport allows me to do that. i just -- i feel really connected to the game when i catch one. >> but, i mean, how many do you need to catch? >> you know, i just -- my goal when i was little was just to catch one baseball. i went to a game when i was 6 but i didn't catch one until i was 12. when you're little and you experience something great, you just want to do it more and more. i have an obsessive personality in general so i've stuck with it. >> you've done it more than 4,000 times. so, how do you position yourself in the ballpark to catch a foul ball? >> the number one rule is to have some room to run left or right. the worst mistake to make it to be trapped in the middle of a long row of fans. camden row in baltimore say great way to catch a baseball.
7:27 am
there's a cross aisle that runs between the seats. a lot of new ballparks are being built without standing room and cross aisles so you don't have the chance to move around. beyond that i just try to position myself position myself differently for left-handed and right-handed batters. if a guy throws really slow, i'll know that the batters going to pull the ball. if he throws a 96-mile-an-hour fastball in the zone, guys are more likely to foul it back. you kind of look at the game like that. >> interesting. do you have to fight off other fans? >> you know, there's a misconception that i must have -- if i've caught over 5,000 balls that i must have knocked down 5,000 kids. i've never knocked down everybody. i've given a lot of baseballs away to kids. sometimes, isn't the heat of the moment, there's some scuffles that go on. i always seem to be at the bottom of it and not the one
7:28 am
causing the problems. >> good luck in catching your 5,000th ball. somehow, i think you're going to make it. thank you. we have on-the-field sports highlights ahead. including the chicago bulls in the nba playoff series with miami. and jose batista, isn't he amazing three home runs in one game? and two hot questions in two of the brightest, savvy minds on television, actually three. a comedian. he's described as a would-be offspring of will rogers. ♪
7:29 am
♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan from ge healthcare. a pocket sized imaging device that will help change the way doctors see patients. that's better health for more people.
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7:31 am
checking our top stories. now the head of the international monetary fund is expected to plead not guilty to sexually assaulting a maid in his new york hotel. dominique strauss-kahn was taken off a flight bound for paris yesterday. the vatican has new guidelines for dealing with sex abuse by priests. the rules tell bishops they should cooperate with police investigating. the credit sicks say the rules are meaningless. and the windy city has its first new mayor in 22 years. rahm emanuel is being sworn in this morning. among those attending, vice president joe biden. it's always been a symbiotic relationship between politicians and those who make a living trying to make you laugh. this weekend, "saturday night
7:32 am
live" took another political shot, this time at the president. >> we aren't sure if you heard the news, we killed bin laden. yes. great to be back here in texas, the lone star state. home of george w. bush, the 43rd president. the 43rd president to not kill bin laden, that is. we got him, we got bin laden! >> a perfect setup for our "political buzz." a lightning fest hitting us today. dana loesch is a tea party supporter. and carter lend, and john boehner, the house speaker says he wants to lock arms with the president. the tax hikes are off of the table. we're talking about the budget. what exactly does locked arms look like, cornell? >> well, in this case, it's
7:33 am
really good political posturing because lock arms in this case means if i don't get to play exactly where i want to play, i'm going to throw the ball over the fence and go home. no new taxes. he's not locking arms. to me, this is just political theater. >> dana? >> i think speaker boehner wants to lock arms with the president to get serious about spending and this means reform. according to irs statistics, those who make the pomost. and you see that tax cuts actually increase government revenue. >> pete. >> mean the speaker meant to say lock horns instead of lock arms. or maybe, carroll, speaker boehner and president obama are going to negotiate while square dancing and at the end, the
7:34 am
speaker will cry. according to a new poll in politico, the majority of americans disapprove of president obama's handling of the economy. but, 59% still say they will vote for him. make sense of that, dana. >> i saw that poll, and i'm interested in seeing the makeup of it. politico didn't publish that. it's interesting because a week prior, there was a poll saying that the majority approved the president's performance but yet 50% wouldn't vote for him. i think this shows there's a really, really long way to go and we can't hedge our bets just yet. >> cornell? >> well, the trend here is fairly clear in poll after poll. the president continues to do well, in fact, continues to lead all republicans by double-digit margins. what this means, the president is going to own the economy. americans don't blame him for the economy. in this case, you don't have to be really great on the economy, you just have to be more
7:35 am
believable and trustworthy. >> we got your drift, though. pete? >> carol, presidential polls are not unlike beauty pageants. they take into consideration a number of categories. one poll says president obama as a person, over 70% like the guy. what we should be looking at is congress's poll. americans rate congress lower than libyans rate gadhafi. >> presidential candidates are also judged upon, well, their judgment, shall we say. we're going to save the third question later. we're going to talk about newt gingrich who has been married three times and head keeps apologizing about it. our buzzer beater after the break. ♪ oh, bayer aspirin? oh, no, no, no... i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. trust me. it works great for pain. [ male announcer ] nothing's proven to relieve pain better than extra strength bayer aspirin. it rushes relief to the site of pain. no matter where you're hurting. thanks for the tip. [ male announcer ] for powerful pain relief, use bayer aspirin. and coming soon. bayer advanced aspirin.
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7:38 am
let's bring our political buzz panelists back for one final question. on the right, radio host dana loesch. polster cornell and poot. newt gingrich announce head was running for president and sunday, he told "meet the press" that he knows his past will be a factor in the campaign. >> i've clearly done things wrongs. i've had to seek forgiveness. people have to decide whether or not what i've said and what i've done is real. i think if people watch me, talk with me, get to know me, my hope is that the majority of
7:39 am
americans will believe that i can help this country get back on track the way no one else has. >> mr. gingrich has walked down the aisle three times. do you think our americans are ready for a thrice-married president, cornell? >> i think there's a fire alarm going on here at cnn in washington. the answer is no. i probably have to evacuate the building before i catch fire. >> those are always fake. i always ignore themselves myself. dana. >> well, we went through bill clinton and the politically changing definition of sex and the blue dress and everything else so i don't see why not. really the thing that intriguing me more about newt gingrich is the insane comments he made about entitlement reform. that concerns me more than his being married three times at this point. >> pete? >> yeah, newt gingrich has been marry three times.
7:40 am
so has trump. you know who has been married and cheat, john mccain. i don't think people care much. we care about gas prices. our jobs. what i'm concerned about newt gingrich, he's got a giants, giant head which means there's a lot of brains in there. >> enough said. pete, dana, i think cornell has clear -- oh, cornell, you stayed. you are a brave man. and i admire you. i do so get the heck out of there right now. we'll let you go. thanks to all our political buzz panelists. i'm sure it's just a false alarm. here's a look at stories making news later today. at 11:00 a.m. eastern the newseum in washington is dedicating a memorial to journalists killed on assignment, the 59 journalists killed just last year. at noon eastern, president obama gives a commencement address to booker t. washington.
7:41 am
and a ceremony recognizing the university of connecticut's men's basketball team, uconn is this year's ncaa champions. space shuttle "endeavour" has begun its latest and final mission. >> zero and liftoff for the final launch of "endeavour." expanding our knowledge and expanding our lives in space. >> so we'll talk about some of that knowledge and how it affects our lives. and how we'll keep learning after the shuttle program ends. bill nye, the science guy, next. ? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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the second time was a charm for the space shuttle en it blasted off this morning, right on special. a short time later, it was on its own. >> -- separation from the external tank. >> "endeavour" should dock with the international space station wednesday morning. this is its final mission and the second to last mission for the shuttle program. let's talk to bill nye, the science guy, he's with the plan tear society. welcome. >> well, good morning. >> good morning, it was sort of a romantic journey because mark kelly, in charge of the mission, gave his wedding ring into congresswoman gabrielle giffords has he blasted off in space.
7:45 am
the giffords drama is kind of overshadowing this last exploration of "endeavour." >> for some. it's a great thing, though, in order for the world's largest space agency, nasa, to move forward, we have to retire the shuttle. we at the planetary society, we're getting this and what we're getting to the moon and mars in november. so this is a good taking care of science loose epsds. >> yeah, but, bill, let's be honest. how many americans do you think remember anything that any shuttle mission accomplished in space? >> well, what people remember is the hubble. new, the hubble was defective, was not built properly, and it
7:46 am
was designed to be repaired by people in space suits. and that's what people remember. and it was repaired, and it was a great thing. because now the hubble images are everybody's. they're not just for a single government or a single agency. they're for everyone in the world. and that's a good accomplishment. >> it is. >> but you hit the nail on the head -- well, the last 30 years have really been engineering accomplishments. and i'm an engineer, hey, hey, sigh love engineering accomplishments but they haven't been going anyplace new and exciting. so, now that this is being wrapped up, we'll be able to use those resources to go out deeper and farther and make discoveries. it's the end of an era, and it is, as you say, poignant, but it's a necessary step. and i'm delighted that people are so engaged by the human story, by commander kelly at the helm. >> yeah, it just makes it -- i don't know, it somehow connects
7:47 am
you more to the program to think about the actual people on board and stuff like that. >> well, when you want to do exploration, you need humans. >> what's the next step? i mean, where does the space program go? >> the next couple of steps are, first of all, we're going to be sending curiosity, the next rover to mars. it leaves in november. and we're going to send the sample return mission called "grunt" which is the russian word for soil and also the moon of mars. and the reason you go to mars is because it's not impossible that we will find evidence of living things. and if you found evidence of living things on another planet, it will change this planet. i'll tell you, it will be like
7:48 am
capurnicus or galileo. did you know th" -- you maintaia presence at same as way as antarctica. in the meanwhile, use some of your resources as a wealthy society and intellectually curious society, to do exploration, deeper in space, to find these things that may hit the earth and take us all out, the way the ancient dinosaurs were taken. >> oh, don't say that. >> this is worthy stuff. >> that would be a worthy thing it would be. >> well, you'd wapnt to keep an eye on things. it's part of what you 0 do in society. to explore space. you know why we're exploring space, you know what we're going to find there? >> what? >> nobody knows that's why we're
7:49 am
exploring. it's important to get out of lower orbit. you talk about the private sector, space exploration, the space-x company and boeing are going to get contracts to take people to the international space station. >> bill nye, the science guy, many thanks as always. of course, as i said there was a lot of emotion wrapped around this launch bought because nasa will retire "endeavour" after this trip, congresswom wowoman gabrielle gs was there to see her husband off on the mission. he made the trip after recovering from the gunshot wound to the head. te team giffords sent out this tweet, godspeed, we'll see new about two weeks. and going after moammar gadhafi, more on the warrants he's seeking and the libyan
7:50 am
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the chief prosecutor at the international criminal court is seeking arrest warrant for moammar gadhafi, his son and his brother-in-law. he says he's got a pile of evidence that libyans have
7:53 am
committed war crimes. nic robertson live from the hague, the headquarters. nic, what exactly are the accusations? >> reporter: well, crimes against humanity, murder and persecution, what the chief prosecutor is saying that gadhafi has absolute power in the country and through his son saif islam who he described as the intelligence chief also his brother-in-law, they are essentially carrying out gadhafi's orders which is widespread intimidation and attacks on the civilian population. this decision he says, was taken by the regime to defend the regime's position. and he even says, saif gadhafi was recruiting mercenaries a month before the protests began. he says he has hard evidence.
7:54 am
he's had calls from the senior libyan officials in the regime today are willing to offer evidence against gadhafi. carol. >> i know the prosecutors presented evidence to the judges today and they decide whether or not to take that to court, you know, actually try the case. how long will that process take? >> reporter: it could take a couple of months. and i asked the chief prosecutor about that. was he confident that the judges will act and issue these arrest warrants, and essentially mean anywhere in the world that moammar gadhafi and the other two go that they could be arrested. and he said every arrest warranting that is requested from the judges here, that's been 24 until now, every one of them has been issued so he fully expects this to go ahead. he said the importance of doing it and getting it under way quickly, even though gadhafi is still arresting people in tripoli, still persecuting people, still murdering people are responsible for those orders. that's why he says it's
7:55 am
important to get this moving now. >> nic robertson live at the hague. the television series "star trek" inspired her interest in space. may jemaahson became the first african-american woman in space. next hour, suzanne malveaux talks to her. ♪
7:56 am
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curtis: welcome back to geico it's savings, on the radio. gecko: hello clarence from stevens point. clarence: ok, you know the grapes at the grocery ore? clarence: well, sometimeyoone. take it foa terive, see that's stealing.rence: s i say it's sampling. what do you think? gecko: yeah, um, listen clarence, i can't really speak to the moral bit, but if you switch to geico, you could save hundreds of dollars on yinsurance. you could buy a whole heap of grapes. how's that? vo: geico.cosa yo% more insurance. you could save hundreds of dollars on yinsurance. the chicago bulls drew first blood in the nba eastern
7:58 am
conference battle with the miami heat. the league's mvp derek rose, he was awesome. he scored 28 points for the bulls as they pulled away from miami in the second half. rose also led the team in assists. others contributes for chicago like taj gibson with the monstrous stop. bulls won 1203-82. toronto, jose bautista. my goodness, he's the best home run hitter in baseball right now. the third inning shot against the twins, reaching the second deck there. bautista comes back and smacks another one in the left field bleachers. then in the six inning, he does it for a third time. jays beat minnesota 11-3. let's talk about the 2012 race. the president is adding to his campaign conference. while there are changes to the gop field. our senior political editor mark preston is here with that and
7:59 am
more. hey, mark. >> good morning, carol, yes, the march for the billion-dollar campaign continues tonight. president obama here in washington, d.c. will hold two fund-raisers. tickets for the fund-raisers range from $44 all the way up to the legal maximum of $35,800. at tonight's fund-raisers, two people of note are going to be there. the new dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz, he's the florida congresswoman. as well as ernie green, he was one of the eight students made famous by the little rock nine. he help desegregate the all-white school. and one out, mike huckabee, but another one is getting in. >> kane, he was an executive at pillsbury and coca-cola. on saturday, he's going to be right outside where you're sit right now in centennial park. now herman kane would be making historif


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