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tv   World One  CNN  May 17, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a bomb is defused as queen elizabeth heads to ireland. a visit a century in the making. >> for many, the queen's visit is about reconciliation but in some quarters it's also provoked anger. >> hello, it is 10:00 a.m. in dublin, 5:00 a.m. in new york. i'm monita rajpal. >> i'm zain vergee. you're watching "world one" live from london. the head the imf, for him
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there's no bail for dominique strauss-kahn. one of the world's top bankers is behind bars on sex assault charges. targeting tripoli, the area near moammar gadhafi's compound is hit again. in another night of nato air strikes. and thousands of flooded homes, thousands of people evacuated as the mississippi river levels continue to rise. we begin this hour in ireland where authorities say they have intercepted and defused a bomb on a bus headed for dublin, just hours before an historic visit to the capital by britain's queen elizabeth. irish police tell cnn the military found an explosive device not far from dublin late monday after someone phoned in a warning. police are now working to find out who placed it on the bus. a few hours ago officials say they got another call warning about a second device. when they checked it out, it turned out to be a hoax. well, the british government says the queen's visit to ireland will go ahead as
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planned. cnn's finnuala sweeney joins us. >> reporter: the queen is expected to be here in aprom matly three hours time. it's costing in the region of $42 million. every penny well spent, speaks the irish government, particularly after the hoax you reported just now, monita. we understand this was a private coach that was detained last night at around 9:00 in the evening, just outside dublin. there were 30 people on board. the hoax was found to be a device. it's expected there may be a number of devices such as these in and around dublin over the next few days but also in britain. yesterday there was a bomb scare in britain, police receiving in london a coded warning and a greed coded warning from irish
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republican disdents. i think security will be high on both sides of the irish border on this island and also in britain. >> fionnoula, give us an idea of how historic this day is. >> reporter: this visit would not be happening without the good friday agreement of 1997. it is thought the queen wanted to visit ireland for some time but it was the detail about policing in northern ireland that was a major stumbling block in the full implementation of the full friday agreement that prevented her visit up until now. over the next four days she will be going mainly in dublin but she will be visiting the garden of remembrance. she'll be going to lay a wreath for the 42,000 irish soldiers who fought in the first world war. it is an extremely contentious visit from the part of irish republicans. many in ireland having a benign,
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if not welcoming sense of the queen and wants her to come here, great respect for her as an individual. there is a sense somehow if she comes here, everything that was fought for to achieve this irish state will be lost. the irish government say it's the right time for this visit. it is indeed historic. the queen's -- was kill ed by te i.r.a. it demonstrates how far both nations have come. >> thank you so much. denied bail, the head of one of the world's biggest financial institutions is spending the next few days behind bars in a notorious new york prison, dominique strauss-kahn, the managing director of the international monetary fund has been locked newspaper rikers island jail after a judge decided he may go on the run rather than face charges of sexual assault. he's now in a cell that measures 3 1/2 by 4 meters.
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that's a far cry from the $3,000 a night manhattan hotel suite where a maid says he tried to rape her on saturday. the judge's decision to deny bail is an early setback for the defense team. they say he's innocent of all of charges against him and will prove it. cnn's richard roth has more from new york. >> reporter: a man quite used to high-end luxury living from first class airplane rides to hotel suites, now finds himself isolated in a prison cell on notorious rikers island off manhattan. dominique strauss-kahn was transported there following a monday criminal court hearing. strauss-kahn was hit with six criminal counts, the most serious could provide up to 25 years in jail if convicted. his attorneys say he is innocent of all the charges. he's accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in a times square luxury suite on saturday. strauss-kahn's lawyers argued vociferously for bail to be set
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and him go free. however, the prosecution said he's a flight risk, just like film director roman polanski who left charges in california and went to europe and never returned. the judge says she's a fair person and strauss-kahn should be treated like all the other defendants. she denied bail, deeming strauss-kahn indeed a flight risk. the high-powered imf director awaits a grand jury hearing before another court appearance here on friday. richard roth, cnn, new york. >> strauss-kahn's defense lawyer is really well known for handling celebrity criminal cases. legal analyst jeffrey toobin told cnn benjamin brafman is in a league of his own. >> he's the single best lawyer i've ever seen in a courtroom. >> really? >> absolutely. he has done -- >> what's so good about him? >> well, you know, he has -- there are a lot of flashy lawyers who are good at
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cross-examination but they don't prepare. he prepares like a boring sort of old school lawyer but he's got the flash and dash of sort of a courtroom performer. he is the best of both worlds. >> benjamin brafman has made a career out of representing high-profile clients. let's take a look at some of the well-known cases he's represented. he's advised mobsters such as sammie the bull gravano. he turned on gotti and turned on his lawyer. brafman represented sean p. diddy colmes as well. he also represented michael jackson in his trial for molestation. jackson was acquitted. rapper jay-z has been a client.
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he was charged with assaulting a record producer. he pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was given probation. zain? dominique strauss-kahn's political ambitions are now in doubt. he was expected to be a serious challenger in next year's presidential election. let's go jim bitterman. can his reputation be restored or is it over for him? >> reporter: boy, it certainly looks like it's over, zain. i have to say. here's what the socialist newspaper said this morning, ko, knocked out. that probably expresses the thoughts of a lot of his party supporters. they're meeting right now on the other side of paris. the meeting was previously scheduled. they moved it up a little bit. they're going to be talking almost entirely about this, even though that wasn't the subject on the agenda. otherwise, it's a blow for the party. party members are stressing that the party continues, the socialist party continues. there were a number of rivals
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who were right behind him. one is francois olan. he's moved up now. they'll find a candidate and one person said in some ways maybe it's good it's happening now, 11 months before the presidential elections. it gives us time to put someone else in place. nonetheless, a lot of people had their hopes that dominique strauss-kahn would there be to knock out, not himself but president sarkozy. zain? >> when you talk to people there in paris what about do they tell you about all this? >> reporter: i think they're shocked. one of the things they're getting a brutal look at, very hard look at, is this image of american justice, the idea there are cameras in the courtroom, they can see every movement of their guy who they thought, some people thought here, was beginning to be the next president of france as he's being taken away. it's a very harsh reality, i think for a lot of people. there's also a kind of sentiment
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that richard roth was talking about earlier, the idea that perhaps dominique strauss-kahn is paying for roman polanski and the idea that polanski had hitten out in the united states for so long -- in france rather and was not brought back to the united states for prosecution for lo long and a lot of people feel this is kind of an attempt by american justice, the american justice system to get back for the polanski affair. zain? >> cnn's senior international correspondent jim bitterman in paris. the imf has had a huge economic role to play over the past two years after country after country looked to it for help. we look at the allegations and what they could mean for all of europe and its debt crisis. you're watching "world one" live from london. >> nato has been saying it's cranking up the pressure on the libyan leader. >> in a minute, see the latest evidence of its aerial campaign against the gadhafi regime. and taking the might out of
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the libyan government says nato air strikes left two build innings flames early today in tripoli. an official says one of the buildings was the police headquarters. there's no word on casualties. let's get the latest from cnn's nima elbagir. nima? >> reporter: we're starting to feel the escalation here in tripoli. the strikes began yesterday, still within daytime hours on the compound. it was the second daylight strike and the second time that compound has been hit in less
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than a week. we continue to hear jets flying quite low overhead and then in the early hours of this morning we have two more explosions. that's seven strikes in one night here in tripoli. we were taken down to the scene of what we were told was a residential area and two government buildings had been hit. one they told us was the internal security of this with the investigative security office for the internal ministry and the other was the ministry for popular oversight across the street from each other. you can see in the pictures, in that investigative office, it seemed they had really been looking for something specific. it was the top floors that were in flames and the popular oversight ministry, i should say, we saw files, lots and lots of files being brought out and rescued. a government spokesman says his concern is that nato is being given faulty information by rebel leaders who had been part
2:16 am
of the gadhafi government. he said that the popular oversight of this, which also handles corruption cases, had been the sight for an investigation into corruption charges against rebel officials. he said that's where they've been keeping those files and clearly, he says, the rebels are nervous as to the reaction of the international community should that come out. definitely a continued intensification here in tripoli, monita. >> nima, while that is happening, we understand there's movement when it comes to four journalists who have been detained since april. >> yes. some good news here. we've been told to expect a trial, a possible fine an a release for them today. there is a little bit concern, these are four journalists, the government spokesman told us two spanish, two american. there is concern for a fifth journalist, a missing south african uk-based photographer. the committee for protection of
2:17 am
journalists say they have been told that he was safely in libyan government custody. the libyans say he is not with them, they only have four journalists they're releasing. we'll keep following that and hopefully there will be news on that fifth south african photographer. >> thank you so much. this is "world one" in london. it's a long way from trump tower foto the white house. and barack obama really is rich and powerful. light as air. we took out a heavy synthetic, and put in a light touch of cucumber. new natureluxe foundation. easy breezy beautiful... covergirl. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel.
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as paula hancocks shows us, some patients are willing to travel around the world just to find out. >> reporter: the word miracle is not a word that stanley jones uses. a spinal surgeon in texas, he prefers medical facts. >> i couldn't walk. my knee hurt so bad, i just barely got out of bed here. >> reporter: jones said he had a sudden onset of auto immune arthritis two years ago which affected his knees, hip and wrists. within a week he couldn't walk, he says and had to cancel 70% of his surgeries. >> i never considered stem cell therapy. i thought it was probably voodoo. >> reporter: fat cells were extracted from jones' abdomen in the u.s. and sent to south korea to be cultivated. he then travelled to japan to have the stem cells injected back into his body. compared to what you were? >> i feel great. i mean, i can jump, run, play.
2:21 am
i can dance again. i can walk without a limp. >> reporter: jones is now a man on a mission to put his home state of texas and countries around the world to increase them cell therapy. regulations here in south korea mean that stem cells can be cultivated and banked. clinical trials can take place in country but actual treatment is not allowed. rnl bio, the korean bio pharmaceutical company, once restrictions in korea relaxed so patients do not have to travel to japan for treatment. and this seoul press conference they introduced jones along with two other patients who say stem cell treatment cured their ailments to the media in the hope of boosting public support for stem cell therapy. >> i suspect that soon he will write prescriptions for stem cell therapy and that will be in
2:22 am
lieu of drugs that are potentially harmful. so my plea would be to have people accept this seamlessness, the simpleness, the easiness of the process. >> reporter: stem cell expert professor chris mason cautions the medical world of getting ahead of itself. >> the big temptation is not to public, for example, a negative clinical trial. maybe it didn't work out. you can learn an awful lot from the negative trials. positive trials tend to be published, negative trials, no, there is a risk of reinventing the wheel. >> reporter: rnl bio estimates over 120 million people worldwide could be treated with stem cell therapy if restrictions are lifted. until then, stanley jones says he's willing to be the public proof that it can work. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. more people in the southern united states have had to abandon their homes as floodwaters close in. authorities have been diverting
2:23 am
millions of gallons of water from the swollen mississippi river to spare cities downriver like new orleans and baton rouge. the water has to do somewhere and you're looking at it now. this is morgan city, louisiana. where people living in low-lying areas are getting out. with nine states affected, it is the biggest flood to hit the southern mississippi since 1937. let's find out more about the states and the floodwaters right now to our meteorologist jen delgado. jen? >> you're right. we're talking about record flooding across parts of the south, all along the mississippi river. we're still waiting for the mississippi river to crest, mississippi in greenville. we expect that to come later this morning, around 19.8 meters. if you want to know what that is in feet, we're talking about roughly 64 feet. incredible flooding. as we go over to video coming out of vicksburg, they are dealing with high water levels as well. you're looking at belongings floating down the river. very sad situation. keep in mind we're talking about
2:24 am
some of the poorest areas through parts of the u.s. dealing with the flooding there and then they have to come back and try to deal with rebuilding. you're also looking at a rail station that's virtually an island. as i take you back over, we're expecting the mississippi to crest in vicksburg may 19th. if you notice for new orleans, new orleans looks like it will be pretty good after they opened up the spillways over the weekend. it looks like things are going to be spared for parts of baton rouge as well as new orleans. as we go through the next 24 hours, really it's going to be dry across the midsection of the u.s. just rain over towards the east as well as over towards the west. now we take you up to canada and some incredible video from ved yesterday. now we have more video of what it looks like across part of alberta. nearly half an entire town actually was burned, this after fires were triggered by strong winds. we're talking about winds roughly right around 100 kilometers per hour. it kicked off on sunday.
2:25 am
officials weren't prepared for it and residents basically had to escape by their feet. you're looking at video of trees after that fire actually jumped over a highway and just started to spread. now people not only lost their homes, they lost their town. this graphic right here giving you an idea of the fires burning through alberta. you can see over towards the west, down towards the south of slave lake, those are the fires that hopped over and really just got out of control. and this image right here from nasa, showing you exactly the smoke plumes. scary situation. the good news is the fire threat is down for today and the next several days. monita? >> hopefully it will stay that way. thank you very much for that. >> you're watching "world one" from london. a managing director of the imf awaiting trial in new york. question is, who's going to take charge? building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity,
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hello, this is "world one," live from london, i'm monita rajpal. >> i'm zain vergee. here are our top stories this hour. irish police say they discovered and defused a bomb near dublin. it was found in the irish capital just hours before queen elizabeth was due to arrive in ireland. the head of the international monetary fund is being held in one of new york's most notorious jails. a judge has refused dominique strauss-kahn bail over concerns he may try to leave the united states. the 62-year-old is being held in rikers island jail complex. strauss-kahn was arrested on saturday with trying to sexually
2:30 am
assault a maid in a hotel. communities in low-lying areas are still at risk and have been fleeing their homes. it is the biggest flood to hit the mississippi river in more than 70 years. the libyan government is blaming nato for air strikes on two buildings in the capital, tripoli. an official says one of the buildings was the police headquarters while the other housed the government's anti-corruption body. explosions at those buildings followed five other blasts heard by journalists monday evening. >> claims that colonel gadhafi security forces were given viagra to help them use rape as a weapon of war are being investigated by the international criminal court in the hague. chief prosecutor campo describes the drug as a tool of massive rape. there are reports women with rebel flags were stopped at checkpoints, taken into police barracks and gang raped. britain's foreign office has
2:31 am
confirmed the queen's visit to ireland will go ahead as planned despite an unexpected bomb being found near dublin. cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson joins us here in our london studio. we've been talking about the dissident republican groups that might be responsible behind these devices that have been found. what do we know about them? how large of a group are they? >> reporter: we know they are the remnants of the i.r.a. that went on a cease-fire and then signed up to a peace agreement and politicians are now in government in northern ireland. the remnants were dissatisfied with that deal and they, over the past few years, particularly re-organized themselves, coalesced with other dissident republican groups. and have become much better at making bombs, at placing bombs, targeting and killing policemen and security personnel in northern ireland. and making their threat much bigger than it was right after
2:32 am
the peace deal was signed. they have threatened violence, their easter sunday speech in northern ireland, they threatened the queen and her visit to northern ireland. the result is what we're seeing today, perhaps. >> are these groups, these cell groups, do they work under the radar of the irish intelligence? are they well known, specifically the members well known to them? >> the leadership will be. the i.r.a. was completely compromised and riddled with intelligence operatives and spies and people giving information on them. that's one of the things that brought the i.r. averaa. to its. they realized they couldn't go forward as an organization. there are people who will be known but young recruits aren't. that's the difficulty for the security services. after the peace agreement, britain and northern ireland and ireland as well scaled down their intelligence operations against these republican
2:33 am
activists. >> who funded them, do you know? >> they have been known to be, i talked with former chief of police in northern ireland and he told me the dissident republicans had begun trying to get funds from the united states where the i.r.a. had been successful in the '70s and '80s getting funds for their terrorist operations. they've gone back to the same roots to try and get money to fund bomb building. these bombs are not expensive. and also a lot of them will be taken and will have been taken out of i.r.a. weapons dumps before the weapons dumps were decommissioned. nobody really knows how many weapons they've got, how much explosives they've got, the homemade fertilizer bombs are relatively easy and accessible to make. as a force, they've been getting stronger and more skilled because the more operations they do, the more skills their operatives have, the more successes they have, the more it encourages people to join them. >> i wonder if we'll be hearing
2:34 am
more about them in the days to come as the queen makes her visit to ireland. knick, thank you very much for that. the groups opposed to the northern ireland peace process had warned they would try to disrupt the visit. these are the groups against any irish cooperation with british rule in ireland. knick was talking about that. security analyst declan power joins me now, live from dublin. thanks so much for being with us. are we going to see more bombs, more bomb threats like what we've been seeing in the last few hours over the next few days? >> yeah, i think it's likely that you'll see ratcheting up of bomb threats, hoaxes, and indeed perhaps devices being found in various locations. various locations don't directly pertain to the royal visit because they're the soft underbelly. it's difficult to police against all these tasks. having said that, it should be remembered that the irish security forces, police and milita military, have been dealing with threats like this for quite some time. their forces have been equal to
2:35 am
the task. they've been dealing with the devices like this, over 200 of them in the last few years, this year alone, over 45 devices have been discovered. they'll continue to do so over the visit. >> how much support do dissident groups have in ireland today? >> very little. that's the issue here. what you're seeing here is a beast that's trying to fight for its relevancy in irish society, particularly the militant republican part of society. mainstream republicans in other organizations have bought into the peace process. what you have leading these splinter groups, it should be remembered they're constantly splintering, the east gang, there's a myriad of names, because they're getting smaller. they're getting smaller because they're terrified about being
2:36 am
penetrated by organizers. their ability to garner support on the ground at the moment is directly proportionate to the effects of the recession. males that are attracted to vialant lure and don't have living memory of the troubles. then you have the disenfranchised midlevel members of the provisional i.r.a. movement who were pretty much redundant with a disbandment of the i.r.a. it should be remembered, let's not get carried away by their ability to prosecute operations. they murdered ordinary policemen, membgoing to work on morning. they've been trying very hard to do that, intervene in five years. they've been trying hard to do a vort of things and they've been
2:37 am
stymied in their operations by members of the security forces, north and south and on both sides of the irish sea. if they could do something spectacular, they would. this is one of their last chances for them to make themselves seem relevant to the relationship between britain and ireland. they are struggling very hard to dominate the media landscape. it's a battlefield now that's of a media nature for these people. that this is why they're engaging in hoaxes and planting devices. they're trying to insinuate there's a sentiment of antipathy to this visit that doesn't actually exist. it's very important that they actually try and continue with that level of struggle. >> security analyst declan power in dublin. thanks. dominique strauss-kahn was supposed to be the main speaker at around economic forum in brussels on wednesday. now he's otherwise occupied. the head of the imf spent monday night in a cell at new york's rikers island prison.
2:38 am
he was denied bail after a hotel maid accused him of sexually assaulting her. in before us lts, the business of nursing europe through a long-running debt crisis does go on, however. while strauss-kahn was in court, eu ministers were discussing joint efforts with the imf to tackling the problem. jean-claude juncker had this to say. >> i didn't like the pictures i saw on the television. i was deeply saddened. strauss-kahn is -- of the american justice system. it's not up to comment on this. it makes me deeply, deeply sad. >> there's another whole issue to work out here, that is who will succeed dominique strauss-kahn as chief of the imf. even before his legal troubles it was thought he would step down this year to contest france's presidential election. could this be an opportunity for
2:39 am
a candidate from elsewhere? euro zone financial ministers continue their bailout talks in brussels today where we are joined by cnn's john defterios. hi, john, good to see you. bailouts are the official agenda. what about the unofficial one, who replaces strauss-kahn? >> reporter: it's fair to say it's the unofficial agenda which is dominating right now. if i can be candid providing the intrigue in the european capital of brussels. you heard junckers being quite surprised and dismaid because of dominique strauss-kahn situation and alluding to it as the walk of shame. there is an intense discussion in brussels and european capitals about the imf. some are saying it's not a discussion for now. it's clearly the case, the meetings are taking place behind that wall of offices right there. we have about another two hours on the agenda. it's the discussion in the
2:40 am
hallways here and the discussion behind closed doors. >> and john, is there talk about whether it will definitely be a european that replaces him or are they going to throw that out and maybe go for something they haven't before? >> reporter: well, don't bank on them throwing it out quickly. chancellor merkel of germany, the largest economy this europe, also positioned herself to lobby for the european candidate saying that an emerging market candidate could be possible in the midterm, she didn't even say medium term, midterm, which is vague. it's fair to say some of the emerging market countries might be offended by the comments. let's not forget going back to the financial crisis of 2008-2009, dominique strauss-kahn was a leader in moving from this g8 concept of the industrialized countries to the g20. in that process countries like china and saudi arabia, the big
2:41 am
surplus countries of the world today, put more money into the international monetary fund and they would argue at least for the number two post that john lifski should be considered at the very least. >> what are some of the other candidates being discussed. >> candidates from the traditional g7 or g8. leading that pack is someone in the meetings, christine lagarde, the finance minister of france is considered a leading contender. the french would like to hold on to the post. she has extremely good relations in germany, good relations with the united states and good relations within asia as well. former prime minister of the uk, gordon brown has had his eyes on this job for a long, long time. he reportedly does not have the support, though, of the current prime minister of britain, david cameron (. from the emerging markets, angel
2:42 am
gurria and perhaps for the number two position, trevor emanuel, within that context now, zain, of the g20. we've heard less known candidates being considered from india. it's also worth noting in the early part of this process, some of the early names that are put up, usually don't survive the process. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. because of the case of dominique strauss-kahn right now, we'll talk about it earlier rather than later, for sure. >> john defterios in brussels. thanks a lot, john. let's see what the papers around the world are saying. the australian has the headline, imf chief's arrest complicates the delegations. it will complicate fraught negotiations among european
2:43 am
governments as a sovereign crisis moves into yet another critical phase. "usa today" has the headline, leaders arrest could fetter imf. the weekend arrest of international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn could hamper efforts to prop up greece and prevent its debt crisis from spreading. and then "the wall street journal" asia edition has the headline "imf chief held without bail." it goes on to say his arrest could give critics of continued imf support for greece and the rest of the euro zone ammunition to push back. read all of those articles in full at coming up, from a luxury hotel suite to a solitary prison cell, the imf boss joins 14,000 inmates at a notorious new york prison. tiger woods sheds some light on his future schedule. will it include the u.s. open
2:44 am
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three years ago he won the u.s. open golf championship almost on one leg and tiger woods may need to repeat the feat this season. alex thomas is joining me with more on that and the rest of the rest of the sports action. >> i'll explain. golf's former number one must have a strong feeling of deja vu just four weeks away from the tournament. the tournament he won in 2008 despite playing with ligament damage and a double stress fracture in his left leg. woods has confirmed he'll compete this season even though he was forced to pull out of the tpc last week due to a new injury. he's dropped to anybody eight in
2:48 am
the world rankings but said he will be fit to compete in the u.s. open next month. many doubt whether he'll ever break jack nicklaus' record of 18 majors. paul azinger says he thinks woods will do it, as long as he seeks psychological help. he said, his world self-destructed. i think he needs help, whether it's professional help or a good friend he can communicate with. like woods, women's tennis star kim clijsters is braving an injury to take part in her second grand slam of the year. she'll return to the french open after a couple months on the sidelines with an ankle injury. it's a huge boost for the organizers who already are coping without either of the williams sisters or safina.
2:49 am
djokovic already qualifies for the atp world tour finals. he has enough points already to guarantee his place. the only other man who's qualified before the french open is rafa nadal two years ago. >> i've never made it a secret that i'm a huge federer fan and a huge supporter of rafael nadal. i still support them. djokovic, what a machine. >> he might win you over, yes? >> he already has. he's a machine, brilliant. love watching him. >> great season. >> that's my two cents. zain? >> he is say machine and he is trending on social media right now. at number three, novak djokovic, a lot of people are talking about online how he had this unbeaten start to the year. some of the chat on the web is about if, not when, he will
2:50 am
finally lose a max. then at number two, it's rikers island, new york's most notorious prison. for the next few days this is actually going to be home to the imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. he was denied bail as the judge in his case ruled that he was a flight risk. online people are talking about how he's traded a hotel suite for a prison cell. and at number one, you'll recognize this lady, the queen, today is a big day. she is visiting ireland. now, this is trending online in the uk with people talking about the trip and just how symbolic it is because it's the first time a british monarch has made a state visit since british rule ended 90 years ago. you're watching "world one," live from london. on the other side of the break, gunfire in pakistan. we have a live report on the latest clash in a place where tensions are already high. paint the desert. witnessed snowfall on the first day of spring. ♪ but the most beautiful thing i've ever seen
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welcome back.
2:53 am
this is "world one" live from london. >> we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. in new york, noon in berlin and 7:00 p.m. in tokyo. we got word of a cross-border firefight in pakistan involving nato forces and the pakistani military. nato says it's still assessing the situation. pakistan's already been angered by unwant international military moves on its territory. stan grant is at cnn in islamabad. stan, what happened near the border there? >> reporter: yes, zain, we're piecing this together on the run here as you say. they're still waiting to confirm exactly what happened from the afghan side, the nato side. pakistani military saying there was an incursion in the air space along the pakistan/afghanistan border. this in the northwest part of pakistan. they say the two helicopters came across there. they were fired upon by pakistan military, then they went back to the afghan side, came back again and fired then in retaliation. now, pakistan military is saying two of its members were injured in this firefight.
2:54 am
but we're still exactly assessing what the details of the situation was. now as far as nato is concerned on the afghan side, what we're hearing from spokespeople there who were saying that the forward operating base tillman had been coming under fire in the early hours of the morning. that may have precipitated this incursion into pakistan air space. all of this is still very, very fluid. what you've touched on is an important point, zain, the context right now. after the raid on osama bin laden, of course, the u.s. carrying out that raid without notifying pakistani officials. pakistan has condemned that and is very, very jealously guarding its own sovereignty right now. there has been a standing order issued to the members of the pakistan military to fire if there is any incursion into its space. zain. >> stan, how unpredictable and volatile does that make the situation on the border today?
2:55 am
>> reporter: yeah, very volatile situation. these sort of things have happened in the past. there have been incursions into pakistan space in the past, just last september there was another incident pretty much like this one. in that case, several members of the pakistan military were killed after being fired upon. but i think after the osama bin laden killing and the tensions that we're seeing now between the united states and pakistan, it is really raised this to a whole new level. and just yesterday, senator john kerry was here for talks with the leadership in pakistan. they were vowing to work together and to share intelligence to carry out these operations together. but just yesterday there was yet another drone strike in the area, killing a number of people and now this firefight today. it really adds to the overall situation here, the tension, just at a time when they are trying to get this relationship reset. zain? >> stan grant in islamabad. thanks a lot. let's recap our top stories for you right now.
2:56 am
irish police say they discovered and defused a bomb near dublin, found on a bus near the irish capital hours before britain's queen elizabeth is due to arrive. it's a landmark trip, the first by a british monarch since ireland gained independence. the head of the international monetary fund is being held in one of new york's most notorious jails. a judge refused dominique strauss-kahn bail over concerns he may try to leave the united states. the 62-year-old is being held in rikers island jail complex. strauss-kahn was arrested on saturday and charged with trying to sexually assault a maid in a manhattan hotel. he denies the charges. the libyan government says nato air strikes have left two build innings flames in the capital tripoli. an official says one of the buildings was the police headquarters while the other housed the government's anti-corruption body. there have been no reports of casualties. >> you're watching "world one," live from london. i'm zain vergee. >> i'm monita rajpal. the news continues here on cnn.
2:57 am
ahead on "american morning," a stunning admission from arnold schwarzenegger, the former california governor reportedly confirming that his marriage is over after he told maria schriver he fathered a child with a member of their household staff. we're live in los angeles with the latest. and pakistan is preparing to return the wreckage of that u.s. stealth helicopter that crashed during the raid on bin laden's complex. it's expected to happen sometime today. is it too late to resurrect an already fractured relationship? he's gone from a $3,000 a night suite to a prison cell at rikers island. bail denied for imf chief dominique strauss-kahn who's now facing charges of attempted rape. a lot going on. we have it all covered right now on this "american morning." s.
2:58 am
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