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tv   World One  CNN  May 18, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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blud bloody sunday revisited as queen elizabeth steps on the site of a british injustice in ireland. you're watch willing "world 1" live from london. also ahead, a political power
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couple uncoupled. we look behind the breakup of maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger. the road to nowhere. the mississippi's rising water levels turned river side communities into ghost towns as thousands are forced to get out. and meet a real hamburger fan with an appetite for big macs that is undiminished after 39 years. to heal the past, queen elizabeth's visit to ireland moves into what could be the most significant day with a visit to the site of a british massacre. hours from now all of ireland will be watching as the queen visits a stadium where in 1920 british troops opened fire on a crowd watching a football match. 14 people were killed. it was a key moment for the irish independence struggle and came to be known as bloody sunday. for many, the sight of a british monarch walking on to the pitch
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will be a deeply symbolic moment. mr. cameron is due to talk business and politics with irish prime minister. on such a big day, the queen might light some dutch courage. in about a half hour she has a chance to sample a pint of stout at the guinness brewery, one of ireland's top tourist destinations. let's go to cnn's nula sweeney. >> reporter: the queen is due today in her engagements to go to the guinness factory. one of ireland's most famous exports. the guinness family is an old anglo irish family. and the fact i have one of the legacies here at sir james' gate
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in dublin. heads of state don't apologize for past doings or wrongdoings. and so no apologies expected here. that's left up to prime ministers and heads of government. but essentially people will be watching to hear what the queen has to say. today, as you pointed out, one of the most significant moments of this visit. you pointed out that 14 spectators at the football game were killed by british force onz that day, bloody sunday, during the height of the civil war. it was in retaliation of the killings of 14 british int intelligence officers earlier in the day. but the authorities on both sides of the irish seat are happy with how the visit has gone so far. of course, dublin still in a state of lockdown really. security is parra mouir paramou visit. they're talking about how this
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is not so much the ending of a chapter but the opening of a new one. >> so we had seen in the last day that there had been small dman stra demonstrations. on the other side of that, have we seen large crowds of supporters? >> large crowds of supporters are not encouraged on to the streets here because of the paramount emphasis on security. there were small pockets of demonstrations yesterday, 50 to 100 people demonstrating against the visit. 20 arrests were made. but essentially because of the security situation, this queen is traveling down roads but not really meeting anybody on those routes. the main roads she's travel ago long are blocked off. the adjacent roads are also sealed off. >> all right. thank you for that. of course, we'll check in with you later on. the queen's first ever visit to ireland is a popular online topic in europe.
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let's see what some people are saying on twitter. let's start here in ireland and adrian says "i genuinely hope the queen of england has a pleasant stay in ireland and there is no drama. we have come a long way." also going on here in ireland. "kind of scared to be living in ireland this week because the queen is visiting and loads of irish people don't seem to like that." we saw that video there. some small pockets of demonstrators. and in britain, "the irish in me is smiling. the english in me is cheering. about time the queen gets to ireland. we all know she'll love it." and then on the continent, let's go to germany. "the queen is as welcomed as foreign investment and tourist revenue. hope ireland does well." questions are being raised over the whereabouts of libya's oil minister amid reports he may have quit gadhafi's government. a north african news agency says
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that he crossed into tune eeisi after the week end. he checked into a hotel on an island off tunisia. if he has left his job, it puts further pressure on colonel gadhafi who already had one top minister defect and just this week a chief prosecutor at the international criminal court said he is seeking an arrest warrant for the libyan leader on suspicion of committing more crimes. on the other side of the world, canadian authorities in ottawa expelled five libyan diplomats saying behavior was inappropriate. the five men were all working at the libyan embassy. they and their families have been told to leave within days. the canadian government hasn't given any further details. but recent media reports suggest some libyan nationals in canada who were speaking out against the gadhafi regime had been threatened and intimidated. back in libya, there's been more fighting between rebels and
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forces loyal to colonel gadhafi in the west. opposition fighters are calling for help after coming under heahe heavy bombardment. let's bring in our reporter who is in the capital, tripoli, with more on that. tell us a little bit about the latest that is taking place right now. of course, let's begin with the diplomats that have been expelled. >> reporter: there is definitely a sense here that the libyan government is feeling that pressure. there's a lot of pressure being placed internationally on them and that that pressure is definitely starting to yield a few results here on the ground. overed weekend we saw the u.n. envoy here in tripoli to discuss a u.n. brokered cease-fire. now there's a lot of distance between what the rebels want in terms of negotiation and what the government wants in terms of negotiations for that cease-fire. but what the u.n. had said when we were arriving here in tripoli
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is that what we want to do is they put out a buffer zone which at the moment is being discussed as a cease-fire and then sort out the difference. and the fact that the libyan government played host to the envoy even though his position very different from theirs i think is very telling. and the fact that libyans were telling us that they were the ones who invited that envoy. and i think perhaps gives people a little bit of hope that we are moving towards a place in spite of the hostilities on going in the east whether the libyan government is seeking to try to find a political way through this. >> are we seeing, i guess, a different phase now of this offensive taking place now? on the one hand we spoke there of the oil minister reportedly defecting, although, we don't know where he is. and now there are reports that gadhafi is using another type of mortar. is there a sense he is upping the ante now?
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>> there is definitely a sense that he's trying while there is had pursuit of the political route through that he's definitely trying to break the impasse perhaps to insure that the position of the libyan government when they sit down and negotiate say it is a strong one. there is a little bit of a stalemate on both sides. the territory has been taken is very much the territory as it stands now and as it stood for quite a while now. so we've had these conflicting reports over who has power over the court, the airport and just the territory that the area around the capital. they're trying to breakthrough that and negotiate. >> all right. thank you for that. now it may come as no surprise that the al qaeda terror group is moving on.
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it's been more than two weeks since osama bin laden's killed by u.s. forces inside pakistan. and now a source with detailed knowledge of al qaeda says the group has a new interim leader, egyptian former special forces saif-al-adel, one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists. according to reformed ex-militants, the interim appointment may be a way to measure reaction to a leader from beyond the arabian peninsula, a region holy to all muslims. you're watching "world one" live from london. surging south. we're tracking the wall of water sweeping through communities in the mississippi valley. and what pushes the rich and powerful to cheat on their partners? the high profile husbands who stray. hey, i'm troy polamalu,
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ireland takes her to a symbol of irish independence from british rule. in a few hours from now, she'll walk on the pitch of the stadium later. british monarch will may a speech at a state banquet. austria's finance minister is urging him to consider his position after being charged in new york with attempted rape. with strauss-khan in jail, the imf should appoint someone to step in. >> he's obviously not in a position to run the imf. i think it's important that the board of the imf formally put in place for an interim period somebody to act as managing director. and they have the constitutional order of succession but the
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legal order of succession. he has experience. >> strauss-khan was due to speak in brussels this wednesday. a source close to arnold schwarzenegger told cnn he is doing everything he can to take the spotlight off his family. it follows revelations he cheated on his wife and fathered a child outside the marriage. the source also said the former california governor has put two movie projects on hold and that the whole scandal has been very hard for him. the actor and his wife separated earlier this year. >> human beings in our relationships, we tend to think that we can control the other person or cure them or we believe that as time goes on because of love, because of responsibility they'll become much more mature. arnold swarts neger is not that young guy we saw in "terminator one." this is a very mature individual. and with the amount of responsibility he now has that
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he would control more of the impulses. >> politicians caught cheating and lying, nothing new. some experts believe the desire to be famous or power or both is the impulse that drives them to cheat. and tom foreman says it certainly seems that way when you look at the best known cases. >> reporter: even in the midst of the sex scandal, the former california governor has plenty of company. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: ever since president clinton caught fooling around 13 years ago internet rumors, cameras everywhere, and the public appetite for dirt have outed dozens of public figures for indiscretions. among republicans, scandals have had particular impact. former house speaker now presidential contender newt gingrich led the charge against clinton but twice had affairs of his own. senators david vitter and john
2:17 am
ensign and vitter was linked to prostitutes and ensign cheated on his wife. and mark sanford was found with his argentine mistress, not on the appalachian trail -- >> i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> reporter: his wife suggested he take a hike. >> i didn't know where he was. >> reporter: it's not as if republicans cornered the market on indiscretion. >> because i did not want the public to know what i had done. very simple. >> reporter: former vice-presidential candidate john edwards talked to "nightline" about his affair with this woman. she claimed they had a love child, something edwards denied. >> you denied having a relation with rielle hunter. did you tell the truth then? >> yes. >> reporter: he later came clean and his wife elizabeth took their kids and left him.
2:18 am
eliot spitzer paid for he is cords. former new jersey governor jim mcgreevey cheated with another man. but it's not just politics. in sports, quarterbacks brett favre and beth roethlisberger were accused of but never charged with misconduct. tiger woods went into the rough over extramarital playing partners. >> i was unfaithful. i had affairs. >> reporter: and in entertainment, scandals have enenvelope opened david letterman, hugh grant, george michael and jesse james just to name a few. so the former california governor can take consolation knowing as a politician, an athlete and entertainer he's not alone. but then when you think about it, that was the whole problem. tom foreman, cnn, washington. this is "world one" live from london. the queen of england and johnny depp. on the surface, they don't have much in common. but dig deeper and there may be closer bonds than you imagine. and what would happen to you
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haagen-dazs. welcome back. you're watching "world one" on cnn. floodwaters in the southern united states continue to surge towards the gulf of mexico and while most of the levees appear to be holding, the wall of water has already swept through several communities in the mississippi valley. this is how it looks in louisiana. the worst expected this weekend when floodwaters are expected to reach record levels. and as if they didn't have enough to worry about, people in the area have been warned to watch out for venomous snakes which have been disturbed by the flooding. is there any relief in sight? let's go to our meteorologist with more.
2:22 am
>> we are tracking all that water that is moving down the mississippi. we continue to deal with flood warnings. we're going to be dealing with this for about the next month. we're seeing anywhere in green and that extends all the way down towards new orleans. we're still waiting for many areas to crest and that includes greenville. vicksburg expected at 17.5 meters. we're talking record flooding across parts of the south. we're talking louisiana as well as mississippi. and then for new orleans, looking pretty good. they opened up that morganza spillway. that happened over the weekend. by opening that up, that actually released and displaced many wild animals. and we're also talking about snakes. yes, the venomous snakes, copper heads, cotton mouth. in fact, we do have an advisory in place. we're talking snake advisory in place for parts of louisiana f you're walking around that wear the, really this is very dangerous. we're talking about wildlife all over the place.
2:23 am
black bears, alligators, snakes, deer, hogs. and if you need anywhere information and you're thinking i do want to feed the animals? no, you don't. stay away. certainly this can be very dangerous situation. let's go to some video. we want to show you exactly the snakes actually just whipping around in the water. this is actually mississippi. now the snakes are moving downstream. again, very dangerous. copper heads not something you want to encounter. as i take you back over to our graphic here, looking at parts of the uk and then we're also looking at ireland, notice we have scattered shower activity. much of this is not making it to the surface. why are we talking about this? of course for the queen's visit in dublin. how is the weather going to look for the next 48 hours? overall, we're dealing with clouds around and just a chance for a few scattered showers for the next two to three hours. high temperatures today roughly right around 13 degrees. that works up to 55. so while she's visiting, it looks like the weather is going to cooperate. and that is actually a miracle
2:24 am
for ireland. the weather is not always so pleasant there as we both know. >> but it's gorgeous. >> it is gorgeous. >> all the same. >> lovely. >> here's the stories that we're talking about. the next time you see queen elizabeth, take a closer look at her face. does it remind you of anyone? johnny depp perhaps? now if that clicks with you, then you picked up on something. word has it that the british monarch and the pirates of the caribbean star are related. according to a report in britain's daily mail, he is her cousin 20 times removed. few would describe the bernie madoff case as a good year. but that's how it is marketed by a new york auction house. the famous fraudster's wine collection is going under the hammer. they're bidding for a case of wine is expected to start at well over $3,000.
2:25 am
>> what would you like to be famous for? climbing a mountain? reading a book? eating thousands of big macs. this man beat you to it. he's been eating one mcdonald's hamburger a day for 39 years. he received a letter of congratulations from the fast food chain when he hit the 25,000 milestone on tuesday. maybe he thought he would get a free hamburger. "you're watching world one" live from london. ryker's island home to new york's hardest men. for the moment, one of the world's most powerful. what life was like on the inside. that is just ahead. then, some black brew for britain's monarch. queen elizabeth zbeegears up fo stomp on the guinness brewery. , and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most.
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hello. this is "world one" live from london. our top stories this hour -- queen elizabeth's visit to ireland will take her to a symbol of irish independence from british rule. this afternoon she'll walk on the pitch of the sports stadium in central dublin. right now it's time for a pick-me-up, though. the queen is due any second at one of ireland's most popular tourist destinations, the guinness brewery in dublin. the libyan government is denying its oil minister defected to tunisia that, is despite reports from officials who say he left libya at the weekend. the news agency says he is staying at a hotel on an island off the coast. a defection would put further
2:30 am
pressure on colonel gadhafi. he already had one top minister walk out on his regime. a television journalist detained by authorities in syria three weeks ago is safe, well, and returning home. that's according to her employer. dorothy parvaz is in doha and will fly back to vancouver soon. friends and supporters launched an international campaign for her release on facebook and twitter. pressure is building for dominique strauss-khan to be replaced as head of the international monetary fund either temporarily or for good. austria's finance minister is asking him to consider his position and tim geithner says the imf should appoint someone to fill his shoes. strauss-khan is charged with sexually assaulting a maid in a new york hotel on may 15th. while the u.s. judicial process moves forward,
2:31 am
strauss-khan is coming to grips with an entirely new reality, living inside new york's once infamous ryker's island jail. mary snowshoes us around. >> reporter: inside these walls, dominique strauss-khan now spends his day in an 11 by 13 foot cell, most prisoners share barracks with about 50 beds in them. because of his high profile, a prison spokesman says he is separated from other inmates. it's a far cry from the luxury suite at new york's hotel where he stayed before his arrest. some rooms going for as much as $3,000. while hotel guests there were offered a breakfast choice of a five ounce black angous sirloin steak with eggs along with a morning cocktail such as a $20 glass of champagne, breakfast at riker's consists of an apple, about a nonyashgs mini wheets
2:32 am
wheats cereal, coffee or tea. he won't have contact with other prisoners who on 13,000 or 14,000 on any given day. ron kuby who is visiting clients for decades says things changed since violence dominated the jail in the early 90s. >> it's name is synonymous in popular culture with brutality, with corruption, with jail breaks, with people banging cups on bars none chf is true anymore. it still exercises a powerful hold on the imagination. >> reporter: mostst inmates there are waiting to go on trial and can range from low-level drug dealers to murderers. mark david chapman who killed john lennon was once held there, so was david berkowitz, the son of sam serial killer. in recent years, little wayne spent time there on a weapons possession charge. strauss-khan is able to leave his jail cell says a prison spokesman and can go outside for an hour a day. it will be escorted by a correction's officer. inside, he's allowed to periodically walk around his housing area corridor where he
2:33 am
watches tv. >> everything is difficult. and the most difficult thing i think for any particular person is to deal with the dehumanization because you're just one of 13,000 people. and to deal with being cut off from the outside world. >> reporter: in his first day at rikers, strauss-khan had one visitor. inmates can have three visits per week, up to three people per visit and that is not including attorneys who are given access to their clients on any given day. mary snow, cnn, new york. we want to take you back to ireland now where queen elizabeth is beginning the second day of a visit with a trip to the guinness brewery in dublin. our reporter joins us now from ireland. >> reporter: within the last couple of moments, queen elizabeth and her husband arrived at the guinness factory. the infamous guinness factory, of course, one of ireland's best
2:34 am
known exports. the guinness family, an old historical anglo initienglish f. she is being shown around that factory. she will be going on to more serious engagements during the day at least in terms of diplomatic importance. and let's bring in the editor of the irish independent newspaper. thanks very much for joining us. day one. how did it go? >> i think it went extraordinarily well. in many ways it was perhaps getting a visit of the troublesome inlaws finally back into the family home. and there was initial unease and i suppose tension, one could say. but as the day continued, and one thing became perfectly clear, both sides were absolutely determined to make it work. in historical terms, it could be described as a very long period apart. >> there does seem to be a guilty pleasure among irish people for the royal family such as the huge numbers that watch
2:35 am
the royal's wedding. >> i think there hauls has been that dichotomy in the irish psyche. on the one hand, there was the symbolism, if you like, of the british royal family at the apex of what used to be described as the old enemy. and then there was, shall we say, private pleasure taken in the other side of the british royals in which they're the great soap operas of the modern world. >> later today she goes to ireland bridge which is the war memorial to the 42,000 irish people who died in world war i. this is something that's been quite con temperatutemptuous. >> of course. i mean irish history like the history of all countries is multilayered. and, again, ireland bridge is huge list symbolic in that it does commemorate the irish men
2:36 am
that died in the first world war and there is a long tradition over the centuries indeed and over the last 50 years of irishmen joining the british army for various reasons. and in the early years of the state here, ireland bridge is monument to the irishmen who died in the first world war was allowed to go into disrepair. but it was modernized and brought up to, i think, a very good standard when there was the anniversary of the battle of the sun where a huge number of irishmen from both sides of the border died for britain. and i think one of the things about this whole visit is that it has been really a triumph of really careful planning. i think this shows the intent, the really strong intent of both sides to really make it work. i mean the queen has come on the one hand to the garden of remembrance and that i suppose what in many ways is the ultimate and most poignant moment of the entire visit, the moment of silence for the
2:37 am
republican side. and now she is going to ireland bridge today which has been a part of irish life where up until relatively recently many irish people tried to ignore. >> let me ask you about david cameron's comments that he wants to see this as the not only the end of the chapter but the beginning of a new one. the world is changing. europe is changing. irish relations are chachgingin clearly. how do you see the relationships going forward after the visit, given the backdrop of the economic climate? >> well, i think in many ways ireland and brittage geographically and as many people mentioned over the last 48 hours culturally and philosophically and linguistically, i mean share absolutely a similar moment in history so to speak. and as the modern age has moved on, an actual fact our shared interests in the economic and cultural sphere have gone more and more closer.
2:38 am
and as europe grapples with an economic down turn and particularly ireland and recent events have shown that in actual fact we're more economically fused together than ever. and there is, in fact, a mutual alt of interest economically. i think this is underpinning perhaps more than anything else what david cameron rightly refers to as a new chapter and new dawn. >> it's all in the timing. thank you very much, indeed, for joining us here today. well, the visit continues after she, the queen, visits the guinness factory. she will then go to government buildings where she will meet the new prime minister. the last building that was under british rule here at the beginning of the last century. and then it's on to, as we mentioned, island bridge where she'll lay a memorial for those who fought in the irish side in the first world war and the estate dinner later on this evening. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's soo what newspapers around the world are saying
2:39 am
about. this "the wall street journal" europe edition has the headline, "queen visits ireland amid vast security." they go on to say "close trade ties and british aid during ireland's financial troubles show that the modern relationship has moved on from the once violent struggle by southern ireland. the queen's visit is seen as a last part of an official process of reconciliation over the peace process in northern ireland." the scottsman has this headline. "history united states ireland and england." it says "the past is not forgotten and cannot be forgotten. but reconciliation and the recognition that there is more binding ireland to the nations that make up the united kingdom than dividing them is the message which president mcaleese's visit conveys." and "not the end of one chapter but the start of another." the headline on a guest editorial by david cameron writes, "queen elizabeth's visit to ireland this week is a hugely
2:40 am
significant moment for both our countries. just a few years ago such an event would have been impossible or even improbable." one issue many of you can read at this is world one" live from london. is there any way to overcome every driver's nightmare? parking spaces everywhere and all of them full? parentally help is at hand. we'll explain in just a moment. plus, in the nba, dirk was d dazzling in game one. stay with us for a record-breaking performance. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before
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news that she may be pregnant. the french first lady's see let was revealed by her father-in-law. people are gossiping on the web about what the baby might be named. and number two in a galaxy far, far away, scientists have found a new planet that might be able to support human life. it is the first planet outside of our solar system that may have clouds, oceans, even rainfall. people are chatting online about how it could one day host a human colony. and number one, may 21st is judgment day? one man certainly thinks so. he predicted this is the day the world comes to an end. the president of the christian radio station in the united states claims that giant earthquakes will consume the planet at around 6:00 p.m. on may 21st. people are searching online for this and chatting about how they would spend their last day. wasn't that a film, a movie or something? now it's an experience most drivers are all too familiar
2:45 am
with, you arrive at your destination right on time only to discover that there are no free parking spaces. so you drive around and around and around. but now a new smart phone app is promising to make that experience a thing of the past. >> if you live in a big city like san francisco, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to find a meter's parking spot. san francisco has done something innovative. i want to show you how the technology works. it begins with what you're seeing here. this is a censor embedded in the street. it tells whether or not this parking space is free. that information ultimately gets uploaded to a smart phone app. when you fire it up, you can see a map of the city. dark means there are plenty of spots. light blue means it is getting tight. red means you can forget it. there is one word of caution though. when you're using this smart phone app, you definitely don't want to be driving at the same time. it can solve one of our most vexing problems. >> so the idea was to find a way to get people quickly into a
2:46 am
porking spot. that helps us speed up our transit system, helps us with green house emissions and helps us with overall congestion. >> it is estimated that in san francisco aloerngs people circling around the block looking for parking spots, that accounts for 30% of couldn't jegs. >> dan simon. apparently, kate, this app can only be use philadelphia you're not driving. you're not supposed to use it while driving. >> it defeats the purpose. >> let's talk about the nba. what's going on there? >> the western conference finals, the game one was the first of the series that was last night. you know the nice thing for the dallas mavericks is they had this long nine-day break. but the team they were playing, they only had a two-day break. now the thing is it was the two days that they only had to recover. so the weary legs that they may have had or whether the inability to handle dirk nowitzki, the thunder, they couldn't keep up with the mavs in game one. dirk nowitzki was in masterful form. he made an impact right from the beginning of this game knocking
2:47 am
down 10 of his first 11 shots. it really was an incredible performance from the power forward. this is a german power house again getting the ball on the block and banking home the fallaway jumper. in the fourth quarter, dallas making a big contribution off the break. splits the lane and finishes with a scoop and the foul. 21 points from him. and the mavs with a nice lead, nine points up. the thunder did keep it close enough thanks to this man, kevin durant with a 40-point performance. dallas, though, has an answer. no surprise it came from that man there, dirk nowitzki. finishing with 48 points. the thund ver to improve how they contain the big german. jason terry had great numbers as well, 24 from him. the mavs win game one 121-112. >> really looking for my shot
2:48 am
early was working a lot on my shot. obviously, we had a week off. i was in the gym a lot every night and it paid off. had some really luck from my shot early and able to get a good rhythm. when the first couple go in, that's even better for the confidence. and just attack from there. so it was a good game. >> all right. worth noting as well that it's a very big day for fans of portuguese football with not one but two portuguese sides about to head in the final of the league. the red hot porter will battle it out in dublin. porto looking for a historic game this season. they're aiming to emulate the feat of winning the league, the portuguese cup and the europe league. on the other side, a team
2:49 am
playing in the first ever european final. they met twice this season in portugal with porto winning both those games. you know, they just have such a great season, porto, it's going to be hard for them to be beaten, i think. >> should be an exciting match. >> all right. >> you're watching "world one" live from london. ahead, a rare reztipresidential appearance as many will have a hint who will be running for president in 2012. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, take care of your heart with cheerios. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. love your heart so you can do what you love. [ male announcer ] visine-a is clinically proven to relieve all your worst eye allergy symptoms. it goes right where you need it, relieving allergy eyes in minutes. get visine-a. the most complete allergy eye drop.
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welcome back. this is "world one" live from london. we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. in new york, noon in berlin and 7:00 p.m. in tokyo. want to recap our top stories for you. queen elizabeth continues hir landmark tour of ireland today with a visit to the site of a historic massacre by british
2:52 am
soldiers. she'll head to a stadium in dublin where in 1920 british troops opened fire on a crowd watching a football match. 14 people were killed. pressure is building for dominique strauss-khan to be replaced as head of the imf. he's being urged to consider his position and timothy geithner says the imf should appoint someone to fill his shoes. strauss-khan is charged with sexually assaulting a maid in a new york hotel on may 14th. he denies the charges. police in pakistan say 60 militants attacked a security checkpoint in the northwest of the country killing two security officers. ten militants also died in the gun battle. the violence comes just a day after clashes erupted close by between pakistani soldiers and nato aircraft. there's been a change of plan in the cleanup timetable of japan's crippled nuclear power plant. worse than expected damage in
2:53 am
the number one reactor at fun sheema daiichi means that officials have to revise the cooling technique. they still expect to achieve a complete cold shutdown by january. meantime, officials are preparing to dump radioactive water from the plant into a giant storage barge. you see it arriving here at the port. officials say they'll dump contaminated water into the mega barge to make room for clean water to cool the reactors. japan's earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear disaster on march 11th crippled the country's tourism industry. before the quake, japan's tourist agency predicted that more than nine million people would visit the country this year compared to the 8.6 million that vacationed there in 2010. but now those numbers are only a memory. according to, tourism is still on its knees. travel for march was down more than 50% with more than 326,000
2:54 am
fewer visitors that month compared to the same time last year and 47% fewer visitors just from south korea where the majority of japan's tourists come from. check out to read more. we take you to moscow where a lot of people are wondering who will run for the presidency at the elections in 2012. the topic is in the spotlight as the president is holding a q&a session with the media. cnn's international correspondent is in moscow monitoring this unique occasion. we call it unique, matthew, because mr. medvedev doesn't hold press conferences, does he? >> reporter: no. he's been in power in the office of the president of russia since 2008. this is the first time he's given one of the full wide-ranging press conferences. it's only a format adopted by prime minister putin who was, of course, the president before medvedev and now the prime minister of the country. he is normally the figure that stands up on national television
2:55 am
and answers these questions from journalists. this time it is medvedev, clearly trying to show he is national leader of equal status, perhaps, of putin. but what he didn't do and what many people are watching this for both in russia and around the world is some indication as to whether he would or not stand for president -- for the office of president again in 2012 with those elections coming up a few months away now. although, president medvedev refusing to be drawn on what his plans might be. take a listen to what he had to say. >> translator: this kind of decision should be made at the time when that situation is right. when this has -- when this would have final political effect. so to announce such a decision, you need a different format, not
2:56 am
a press conference. although, it looks very nice and attractive maybe. but, still, this kind of decision should be made in a different situation and should be announced in a different way. >> reporter: medvedev adding when he was ready to make the statement about whether or not he would stand for re-election in 2012 he would go ahead and do that, but not in a press conference. >> matthew chance in moscow, thank you. you're watching "world one" live from london. thanks for joining us. we want to leave you now with a look at pictures of the endeavor's last mission. the shut sl on final course to link up with the international space station. this is "world one" on cnn. -- captions by vitac --
2:57 am
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